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RPM of Group Applications/Multimedia

GraphicsMagick-1.3.18-2.fc19 An ImageMagick fork, offering faster image generation and better quality linux/armv7hl
OpenLP-2.0.3-1.fc19 Open source Church presentation and lyrics projection application linux/noarch
aj-snapshot-0.9.6-1.fc19 Restores ALSA and JACK connections linux/armv7hl
alsa-utils- Advanced Linux Sound Architecture (ALSA) utilities linux/armv7hl
ardour3-3.5.380-1.fc19 Digital Audio Workstation linux/armv7hl
asunder-2.5-1.fc19 A graphical Audio CD ripper and encoder linux/armv7hl
audacious-3.4.3-1.fc19 Advanced audio player linux/armv7hl
audacious-plugins-3.4.3-1.fc19 Plugins for the Audacious audio player linux/armv7hl
audacious-plugins-amidi-3.4.3-1.fc19 Audacious input plugin for MIDI linux/armv7hl
audacious-plugins-exotic-3.4.3-1.fc19 Optional niche market plugins for Audacious linux/armv7hl
audacious-plugins-jack-3.4.3-1.fc19 Audacious output plugin for Jack Audio Connection Kit linux/armv7hl
audacity-2.0.4-2.fc19 Multitrack audio editor linux/armv7hl
audacity-manual-2.0.4-2.fc19 manual for Audacity - offline install linux/noarch
autotrace-0.31.1-36.fc19 Utility for converting bitmaps to vector graphics linux/armv7hl
blender-2.68a-5.fc19 3D modeling, animation, rendering and post-production linux/armv7hl
blenderplayer-2.68a-5.fc19 Standalone blender player linux/armv7hl
calibre-1.21.0-1.fc19 E-book converter and library manager linux/armv7hl
cdrskin-1.3.6-1.fc19 Limited cdrecord compatibility wrapper to ease migration to libburn linux/armv7hl
cinepaint-1.4-5.fc19 Painting and image retouching program linux/armv7hl
clementine-1.2.1-1.fc19 A music player and library organizer linux/armv7hl
dcraw-9.20-2.fc19 Tool for decoding raw image data from digital cameras linux/armv7hl
din-5.2.1-1.fc19 A musical instrument using multiple Bezier curves linux/armv7hl
dmapd-0.0.55-2.fc19 A server that provides DAAP and DPAP shares linux/armv7hl
drumkv1-0.3.5-2.fc19 An old-school drum-kit sampler linux/armv7hl
dvb-apps-1.1.2-6.1488.f3a70b206f0f.fc19 Utility, demo and test applications using the Linux DVB API linux/armv7hl
dvd+rw-tools-7.1-13.fc19 Toolchain to master DVD+RW/+R media linux/armv7hl
easytag-2.2.2-2.fc19 Tag editor for MP3, Ogg, FLAC and other music files linux/armv7hl
entangle-0.5.3-2.fc19 Tethered shooting & control of digital cameras linux/armv7hl
espeak-1.47.11-2.fc19 Software speech synthesizer (text-to-speech) linux/armv7hl
exaile-3.3.2-1.fc19 A music player linux/noarch
exfalso-3.1.1-1.fc19 Tag editor for various music files linux/noarch
flite-1.3-20.fc19 Small, fast speech synthesis engine (text-to-speech) linux/armv7hl
fmtools-2.0.7-1.fc19 Simple Video for Linux radio card programs linux/armv7hl
fmtools-tkradio-2.0.7-1.fc19 Python/Tk wrapper for fmtools linux/noarch
fotoxx-13.04-4.fc19 Photo editor linux/armv7hl
geomorph-0.60.1-2.fc19 A height field editor for Linux linux/armv7hl
gimp-2.8.10-4.fc19 GNU Image Manipulation Program linux/armv7hl
gimp-gap-2.7.0-8.GITe75bd46.fc19 The GIMP Animation Package linux/armv7hl
gimp-help-browser-2.8.10-4.fc19 GIMP help browser plug-in linux/armv7hl
gimp-separate+-0.5.8-10.fc19 Rudimentary CMYK support for The GIMP linux/armv7hl
gladish-2-1.3.gitfcb16ae.fc19 GTK ladish front end linux/armv7hl
gliv-1.9.7-8.fc19 Image viewing utility linux/armv7hl
gmusicbrowser-1.1.12-1.fc19 Jukebox for large collections of music files linux/noarch
gnomeradio-1.8-22.fc19 Graphical FM-Tuner program for GNOME linux/armv7hl
gphoto2-2.5.3-1.fc19 Software for accessing digital cameras linux/armv7hl
graphviz-2.30.1-12.fc19 Graph Visualization Tools linux/armv7hl
graphviz-R-2.30.1-12.fc19 R extension for graphviz linux/armv7hl
graphviz-devil-2.30.1-12.fc19 Graphviz plugin for renderers based on DevIL linux/armv7hl
graphviz-gd-2.30.1-12.fc19 Graphviz plugin for renderers based on gd linux/armv7hl
graphviz-graphs-2.30.1-12.fc19 Demo graphs for graphviz linux/armv7hl
graphviz-guile-2.30.1-12.fc19 Guile extension for graphviz linux/armv7hl
graphviz-java-2.30.1-12.fc19 Java extension for graphviz linux/armv7hl
graphviz-lua-2.30.1-12.fc19 Lua extension for graphviz linux/armv7hl
graphviz-ocaml-2.30.1-12.fc19 Ocaml extension for graphviz linux/armv7hl
graphviz-perl-2.30.1-12.fc19 Perl extension for graphviz linux/armv7hl
graphviz-php-2.30.1-12.fc19 PHP extension for graphviz linux/armv7hl
graphviz-python-2.30.1-12.fc19 Python extension for graphviz linux/armv7hl
graphviz-ruby-2.30.1-12.fc19 Ruby extension for graphviz linux/armv7hl
graphviz-tcl-2.30.1-12.fc19 Tcl extension & tools for graphviz linux/armv7hl
grilo-plugins-0.2.8-3.fc19 Plugins for the Grilo framework linux/armv7hl
gst-entrans-1.0.2-1.fc19 Plug-ins and tools for transcoding and recording with GStreamer linux/armv7hl
gstreamer1-plugins-entrans-1.0.2-1.fc19 GStreamer plug-ins from GEntrans linux/armv7hl
gtkpod-2.1.4-1.fc19 Graphical song management program for Apple's iPod linux/armv7hl
guayadeque-0.3.6-17.svn1887.fc19 Music player linux/armv7hl
guitarix-0.28.2-3.fc19 Mono amplifier to JACK linux/armv7hl
icedax-1.1.11-19.fc19 A utility for sampling/copying .wav files from digital audio CDs linux/armv7hl
icoutils-0.31.0-1.fc19 Utility for extracting and converting Microsoft icon and cursor files linux/armv7hl
jpeginfo-1.6.1-1.fc19 Error-check and generate informative listings from JPEG files linux/armv7hl
jpegoptim-1.4.1-1.fc19 Utility to optimize JPEG files linux/armv7hl
kamoso-2.0.2-14.fc19 Application for taking pictures and videos from a webcam linux/armv7hl
kdegraphics-4.11.5-1.fc19 KDE Graphics Applications linux/noarch
ladish-2-1.3.gitfcb16ae.fc19 LADI Audio session handler linux/armv7hl
ladspa-caps-plugins-0.9.10-1.fc19 The C* Audio Plugin Suite linux/armv7hl
ladspa-guitarix-plugins-0.28.2-3.fc19 Collection of Ladspa plug-ins linux/armv7hl
lmms-0.4.15-1.fc19 Linux MultiMedia Studio linux/armv7hl
lv2-artyfx-plugins-1.1-0.1.20140317git1dc4f00.fc19 A collection of LV2 RT plugins linux/armv7hl
lv2-drumkv1-0.3.5-2.fc19 An LV2 port of drumkv1 linux/armv7hl
lv2-fabla-1.1-1.3.20131003git5f2cb26.fc19 An LV2 drum sequencer linux/armv7hl
lv2-guitarix-plugins-0.28.2-3.fc19 Collection of LV2 guitarix plug-ins linux/armv7hl
lv2-samplv1-0.3.5-1.fc19 An LV2 port of samplv1 linux/armv7hl
lv2-synthv1-0.3.5-1.fc19 An LV2 port of synthv1 linux/armv7hl
lv2-x42-plugins-0.1.1-0.3.20131005git7db99d5.fc19 A number of LV2 plugins linux/armv7hl
mediainfo-0.7.69-1.fc19 Supplies technical and tag information about a video or audio file (CLI) linux/armv7hl
mediainfo-gui-0.7.69-1.fc19 Supplies technical and tag information about a video or audio file (GUI) linux/armv7hl
mediatomb-0.12.1-31.fc19.20120403gitb66dc1 MediaTomb - UPnP AV Mediaserver for Linux linux/armv7hl
mkvtoolnix-6.4.1-1.fc19 Matroska container manipulation utilities linux/armv7hl
mkvtoolnix-gui-6.4.1-1.fc19 Graphical interface for Matroska container manipulation linux/armv7hl
mt-daapd- An iTunes-compatible media server linux/armv7hl
mtpaint-3.40-12.fc19 Painting program for creating icons and pixel-based artwork linux/armv7hl
mtpaint-handbook-3.40-12.fc19 Handbook for the mtpaint painting application linux/noarch
mup-6.2-1.fc19 A music notation program that can also generate MIDI files linux/armv7hl
musique-1.3-1.fc19 A music player designed by and for people that love music linux/armv7hl
netpbm-doc-10.61.02-7.fc19 Documentation for tools manipulating graphics files in netpbm supported formats linux/armv7hl
netpbm-progs-10.61.02-7.fc19 Tools for manipulating graphics files in netpbm supported formats linux/armv7hl
non-daw-1.2.0-1.1.git13c3ca8.fc19 A digital audio workstation for JACK linux/armv7hl
non-mixer-1.2.0-1.1.git13c3ca8.fc19 A digital audio mixer for JACK linux/armv7hl
non-ntk-1.3.0-0.5.20130730gitd006352.fc19 A fork of FLTK for the non audio suite linux/armv7hl
non-ntk-fluid-1.3.0-0.5.20130730gitd006352.fc19 Fast Light User Interface Designer linux/armv7hl
non-sequencer-1.2.0-1.1.git13c3ca8.fc19 A MIDI sequencer for JACK linux/armv7hl
non-session-manager-1.2.0-1.1.git13c3ca8.fc19 A session manager for JACK linux/armv7hl
openfst-tools-1.3.4-1.fc19 Command-line tools for working with FSTs linux/armv7hl
openslide-tools-3.4.0-1.fc19 Command line tools for openslide linux/armv7hl
parole-0.5.4-2.fc19 Media player for the Xfce desktop linux/armv7hl
perl-Image-ExifTool-9.60-1.fc19 Utility for reading and writing image meta info linux/noarch
pogo-0.8.1-4.fc19 Probably the simplest and fastest audio player for Linux linux/noarch
pogo-zeitgeist-0.8.1-4.fc19 Zeitgeist module for Pogo linux/noarch
pragha-1.2-2.fc19 Lightweight GTK+ music manager linux/armv7hl
puddletag-1.0.3-1.fc19 Feature rich, easy to use tag editor linux/noarch
qmmp-0.7.1-2.fc19 Qt-based multimedia player linux/armv7hl
qmmp-plugin-pack-0.7.1-1.fc19 A set of extra plugins for Qmmp linux/armv7hl
qsynth-0.3.7-1.fc19 Qt based Fluidsynth GUI front end linux/armv7hl
quodlibet-3.1.1-1.fc19 A music management program linux/noarch
radiotray-0.7.3-2.fc19 Radio Tray is a streaming player for listening to online radios linux/noarch
rawtherapee-4.0.11-1.fc19 Raw image processing software linux/armv7hl
rawtherapee-doc-4.0.11-1.fc19 Documentation for RawTherapee linux/noarch
rosegarden4-13.10-1.fc19 MIDI, audio and notation editor linux/armv7hl
rygel-0.18.4-1.fc19 A collection of UPnP/DLNA services linux/armv7hl
rygel-tracker-0.18.4-1.fc19 Tracker plugin for rygel linux/armv7hl
samplv1-0.3.5-1.fc19 A polyphonic sampler synthesizer with stereo fx linux/armv7hl
shotwell-0.14.1-1.fc19.1 A photo organizer for the GNOME desktop linux/armv7hl
shutter-0.90.1-1.fc19 GTK+ 2.0 screenshot application written in perl linux/noarch
snappy-player-1.0-1.fc19 An open-source Gnome media player linux/armv7hl
solfege-3.22.2-1.fc19 Music education software linux/armv7hl
sonata- An elegant GTK+ client for the Music Player Daemon (MPD) linux/armv7hl
sonic-visualiser-2.1-1.fc19 A program for viewing and exploring audio data linux/armv7hl
sox-14.4.1-4.fc19 A general purpose sound file conversion tool linux/armv7hl
sphinxtrain-1.0.8-9.fc19 Acoustic model trainer for CMU's Sphinx tools linux/armv7hl
subtitleeditor-0.41.0-2.fc19 GTK+2 tool to edit subtitles for GNU/Linux/*BSD linux/armv7hl
sxiv-1.1.1-1.fc19 Simple (or small or suckless) X Image Viewer linux/armv7hl
synthv1-0.3.5-1.fc19 A 4-oscillator subtractive polyphonic synthesizer linux/armv7hl
tagtool-0.12.3-16.fc19 Ogg Vorbis and MP3 tag manager linux/armv7hl
tellico-2.3.8-1.fc19 A collection manager linux/armv7hl
ufraw-0.19.2-10.fc19 Raw image data retrieval tool for digital cameras linux/armv7hl
ufraw-cinepaint-0.19.2-10.fc19 CinePaint plugin to retrieve raw image data from digital cameras linux/armv7hl
ufraw-common-0.19.2-10.fc19 Common files needed by UFRaw linux/armv7hl
ufraw-gimp-0.19.2-10.fc19 GIMP plugin to retrieve raw image data from digital cameras linux/armv7hl
uniconvertor-2.0-0.2.svn344.fc19 Universal vector graphics translator linux/armv7hl
vdr-skinsoppalusikka-2.0.2-1.fc19 The "Soppalusikka" skin for VDR linux/armv7hl
vdr-vnsiserver-1.1.0-2.fc19 VDR plugin to handle XBMC clients via VNSI linux/armv7hl
vips-tools-7.32.4-1.fc19 Command-line tools for vips linux/armv7hl
vorbis-tools-1.4.0-10.fc19 The Vorbis General Audio Compression Codec tools linux/armv7hl
w_scan-20140118-1.fc19 Tool for scanning DVB transponders linux/armv7hl
wavpack-4.70.0-1.fc19 A completely open audiocodec linux/armv7hl
wings-1.5.2-1.fc19 3D Subdivision Modeler linux/armv7hl
wings-docs-1.5.2-1.fc19 Documentation for Wings 3D linux/armv7hl
xfig-3.2.5-38.b.fc19 An X Window System tool for drawing basic vector graphics linux/armv7hl
xfig-common-3.2.5-38.b.fc19 Common xfig files linux/armv7hl
xfig-plain-3.2.5-38.b.fc19 Plain Xaw version of xfig linux/armv7hl
xmms-1.2.11-20.20071117cvs.fc19 The X MultiMedia System, a media player linux/armv7hl
xmp-plugin-audacious-4.0.0-0.5.20131127gitff91487.fc19 Multi-format module playback plugin for Audacious using libxmp linux/armv7hl
xnoise-0.2.21-1.fc19 Tracklist-centric Media Player linux/armv7hl
xpaint- An X Window System image editing or paint program linux/armv7hl
xsane-0.999-12.fc19 X Window System front-end for the SANE scanner interface linux/armv7hl
xsane-common-0.999-12.fc19 Common files for xsane packages linux/armv7hl
xsane-gimp-0.999-12.fc19 GIMP plug-in providing the SANE scanner interface linux/armv7hl
yagf- Graphical front-end for cuneiform linux/armv7hl

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