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RPM of Group Development/Tools

Cython-0.19-1.fc18 A language for writing Python extension modules linux/s390
Mars-4.3-1.fc18 An interactive development environment for programming in MIPS assembly language linux/noarch
anjuta-3.6.2-2.fc18 GNOME IDE for various programming languages (including C/C++, Python, Vala and JavaScript) linux/s390
ant-1.8.4-5.fc18 Build tool for java linux/noarch
ant-antlr-1.8.4-5.fc18 Optional antlr tasks for ant linux/noarch
ant-apache-bcel-1.8.4-5.fc18 Optional apache bcel tasks for ant linux/noarch
ant-apache-bsf-1.8.4-5.fc18 Optional apache bsf tasks for ant linux/noarch
ant-apache-log4j-1.8.4-5.fc18 Optional apache log4j tasks for ant linux/noarch
ant-apache-oro-1.8.4-5.fc18 Optional apache oro tasks for ant linux/noarch
ant-apache-regexp-1.8.4-5.fc18 Optional apache regexp tasks for ant linux/noarch
ant-apache-resolver-1.8.4-5.fc18 Optional apache resolver tasks for ant linux/noarch
ant-apache-xalan2-1.8.4-5.fc18 Optional apache xalan2 tasks for ant linux/noarch
ant-commons-logging-1.8.4-5.fc18 Optional commons logging tasks for ant linux/noarch
ant-commons-net-1.8.4-5.fc18 Optional commons net tasks for ant linux/noarch
ant-javamail-1.8.4-5.fc18 Optional javamail tasks for ant linux/noarch
ant-jdepend-1.8.4-5.fc18 Optional jdepend tasks for ant linux/noarch
ant-jmf-1.8.4-5.fc18 Optional jmf tasks for ant linux/noarch
ant-jsch-1.8.4-5.fc18 Optional jsch tasks for ant linux/noarch
ant-junit-1.8.4-5.fc18 Optional junit tasks for ant linux/noarch
ant-manual-1.8.4-5.fc18 Manual for ant linux/noarch
ant-scripts-1.8.4-5.fc18 Additional scripts for ant linux/noarch
ant-swing-1.8.4-5.fc18 Optional swing tasks for ant linux/noarch
ant-testutil-1.8.4-5.fc18 Test utility classes for ant linux/noarch
antlrworks-1.4.3-7.fc18 Grammar development environment for ANTLR v3 grammars linux/noarch
arduino-1.0.5-1.fc18 An IDE for Arduino-compatible electronics prototyping platforms linux/noarch
arduino-core-1.0.5-1.fc18 Files required for compiling code for Arduino-compatible micro-controllers linux/noarch
arduino-doc-1.0.5-1.fc18 Documentation for the Arduino micro-controller platform linux/noarch
atf-0.17-1.fc18 Automated Testing Framework linux/s390
atf-tests-0.17-1.fc18 Automated Testing Framework - Test suite linux/s390
avr-libc-1.8.0-3.fc18 C library for use with GCC on Atmel AVR microcontrollers linux/noarch
avr-libc-doc-1.8.0-3.fc18 AVR C library docs in html and pdf format linux/noarch
babeltrace-1.1.1-1.fc18 Trace Viewer and Converter, mainly for the Common Trace Format linux/s390
be-1.1.1-1.fc18 Bugs Everywhere, a distributed bug tracker linux/noarch
binutils- A GNU collection of binary utilities linux/s390
binutils-aarch64-linux-gnu- Cross-build binary utilities for aarch64-linux-gnu linux/s390
binutils-alpha-linux-gnu- Cross-build binary utilities for alpha-linux-gnu linux/s390
binutils-arm-linux-gnu- Cross-build binary utilities for arm-linux-gnu linux/s390
binutils-avr32-linux-gnu- Cross-build binary utilities for avr32-linux-gnu linux/s390
binutils-bfin-linux-gnu- Cross-build binary utilities for bfin-linux-gnu linux/s390
binutils-c6x-linux-gnu- Cross-build binary utilities for c6x-linux-gnu linux/s390
binutils-cris-linux-gnu- Cross-build binary utilities for cris-linux-gnu linux/s390
binutils-frv-linux-gnu- Cross-build binary utilities for frv-linux-gnu linux/s390
binutils-h8300-linux-gnu- Cross-build binary utilities for h8300-linux-gnu linux/s390
binutils-hppa-linux-gnu- Cross-build binary utilities for hppa-linux-gnu linux/s390
binutils-hppa64-linux-gnu- Cross-build binary utilities for hppa64-linux-gnu linux/s390
binutils-ia64-linux-gnu- Cross-build binary utilities for ia64-linux-gnu linux/s390
binutils-m32r-linux-gnu- Cross-build binary utilities for m32r-linux-gnu linux/s390
binutils-m68k-linux-gnu- Cross-build binary utilities for m68k-linux-gnu linux/s390
binutils-microblaze-linux-gnu- Cross-build binary utilities for microblaze-linux-gnu linux/s390
binutils-mips64-linux-gnu- Cross-build binary utilities for mips64-linux-gnu linux/s390
binutils-mn10300-linux-gnu- Cross-build binary utilities for mn10300-linux-gnu linux/s390
binutils-openrisc-linux-gnu- Cross-build binary utilities for openrisc-linux-gnu linux/s390
binutils-powerpc64-linux-gnu- Cross-build binary utilities for powerpc64-linux-gnu linux/s390
binutils-ppc64-linux-gnu- Cross-build binary utilities for ppc64-linux-gnu linux/s390
binutils-s390x-linux-gnu- Cross-build binary utilities for s390x-linux-gnu linux/s390
binutils-score-linux-gnu- Cross-build binary utilities for score-linux-gnu linux/s390
binutils-sh-linux-gnu- Cross-build binary utilities for sh-linux-gnu linux/s390
binutils-sh64-linux-gnu- Cross-build binary utilities for sh64-linux-gnu linux/s390
binutils-sparc64-linux-gnu- Cross-build binary utilities for sparc64-linux-gnu linux/s390
binutils-tile-linux-gnu- Cross-build binary utilities for tile-linux-gnu linux/s390
binutils-x86_64-linux-gnu- Cross-build binary utilities for x86_64-linux-gnu linux/s390
binutils-xtensa-linux-gnu- Cross-build binary utilities for xtensa-linux-gnu linux/s390
blender-rpm-macros-2.68a-5.fc18 RPM macros to build third-party blender addons packages linux/noarch
bmake-20130123-1.fc18 The NetBSD make(1) tool linux/s390
boom-0.5-2.fc18 Simple HTTP Load tester linux/noarch
boost-build-1.50.0-7.fc18 Cross platform build system for C++ projects linux/noarch
boost-jam-1.50.0-7.fc18 A low-level build tool linux/s390
bzr-2.5.1-12.fc18 Friendly distributed version control system linux/s390
cairo-tools-1.12.14-2.fc18 Development tools for cairo linux/s390
ccache-3.1.9-1.fc18 C/C++ compiler cache linux/s390
cgit-0.9.2-1.fc18 A fast web interface for git linux/s390
checksec-1.5-2.fc18 Tool to check system for binary-hardening linux/noarch
cloc-1.60-1.fc18 Count lines of code linux/noarch
cmake-2.8.11-1.fc18 Cross-platform make system linux/s390
cmake-gui-2.8.11-1.fc18 Qt GUI for cmake linux/s390
codemod-1.0-1.20130508giteac2165.fc18 A tool to assist with large codebase refactors linux/noarch
create-tx-configuration-0.3-4.fc18 An easy way to create Transifex client configuration files linux/noarch
cross-binutils-common- Cross-build binary utility documentation and translation files linux/noarch
cryptopp-progs-5.6.2-2.fc18 Programs for manipulating cryptopp routines linux/s390
csmith-2.1.0-9.fc18 Tool to generate random C programs for compiler testing linux/s390
cvs-1.11.23-31.fc18 Concurrent Versions System linux/s390
cvs-contrib-1.11.23-31.fc18 Unsupported contributions collected by CVS developers linux/noarch
cvs-inetd-1.11.23-31.fc18 CVS server configuration for xinetd linux/noarch
cxxtest-4.1-4.fc18 A JUnit-like testing framework for C++ linux/noarch
debconf-1.5.49-3.fc18 Debian configuration management system linux/noarch
debconf-doc-1.5.49-3.fc18 Debconf documentation linux/noarch
debconf-i18n-1.5.49-3.fc18 Full internationalization support for debconf linux/noarch
debconf-utils-1.5.49-3.fc18 This package contains some small utilities for debconf developers linux/noarch
debhelper-9.20120909-1.fc18 Helper programs for Debian rules linux/noarch
devtodo2-2.1-4.20120711git8dee6.fc18 Manage a prioritized list of to do items organized by directory linux/s390
dfu-util-0.7-1.fc18 USB Device Firmware Upgrade tool linux/s390
dh-make-0.61-1.fc18 Tool that converts source archives into Debian package source linux/noarch
drm-utils-2.4.46-1.fc18 Direct Rendering Manager utilities linux/s390
drupal7-rpmbuild-7.23-3.fc18 Rpmbuild files for drupal7 linux/noarch
dtc-1.4.0-1.fc18 Device Tree Compiler linux/s390
dumpasn1-20130113-2.fc18 ASN.1 object dump utility linux/s390
eclipse-cdt-8.1.2-1.fc18 Eclipse C/C++ Development Tools (CDT) plugin linux/s390
eclipse-checkstyle-5.1.0-8.fc18 Checkstyle plugin for Eclipse linux/noarch
eclipse-eclemma-2.2.0-1.fc18 Java code coverage tool plugin for Eclipse linux/noarch
eclipse-egit-2.2.0-1.fc18 Eclipse Git Integration linux/noarch
eclipse-equinox-osgi-4.2.2-8.fc18 Eclipse OSGi - Equinox linux/s390
eclipse-jbosstools-4.0.0-1.fc18 Eclipse plugins that support JBoss and related technology linux/noarch
eclipse-jbosstools-archives-4.0.0-1.fc18 JBoss Archives Tools linux/noarch
eclipse-jbosstools-as-4.0.0-1.fc18 JBossAS Tools linux/noarch
eclipse-jbosstools-cdi-4.0.0-1.fc18 JBoss CDI Tools, Apache Deltasipke Tools, Seam 3 Tools linux/noarch
eclipse-jbosstools-common-4.0.0-1.fc18 JBoss Tools common Eclipse tools linux/noarch
eclipse-jbosstools-freemarker-4.0.0-1.fc18 FreeMarker IDE linux/noarch
eclipse-jbosstools-jmx-4.0.0-1.fc18 Eclipse tools for interacting with JMX connections linux/noarch
eclipse-jbosstools-jst-4.0.0-1.fc18 JBoss Tools Java Standard Tools linux/noarch
eclipse-jbosstools-parent-4.0.0-1.fc18 JBoss Tools Parent linux/noarch
eclipse-jbosstools-runtime-4.0.0-1.fc18 JBoss Runtime Detection linux/noarch
eclipse-jbosstools-usage-4.0.0-1.fc18 JBoss Tools Usage Reporting linux/noarch
eclipse-jbosstools-ws-4.0.0-1.fc18 JBoss WebServices Tools and JBoss JAX-RS Tools linux/noarch
eclipse-jdt-4.2.2-8.fc18 Eclipse Java Development Tools linux/s390
eclipse-jgit-2.2.0-1.fc18 Eclipse JGit linux/noarch
eclipse-m2e-core-1.2.0-4.fc18 Maven integration for Eclipse linux/noarch
eclipse-mpc-1.1.1-4.fc18 Eclipse Marketplace Client linux/noarch
eclipse-nls-4.2.0.v20121120043402-1.fc18 Babel language packs for the Eclipse platform and various plug-ins linux/noarch
eclipse-pde-4.2.2-8.fc18 Eclipse Plugin Development Environment linux/s390
eclipse-platform-4.2.2-8.fc18 Eclipse platform common files linux/s390
eclipse-ptp-6.0.5-2.fc18 Eclipse Parallel Tools Platform linux/noarch
eclipse-pydev-2.7.3-2.fc18 Eclipse Python development plug-in linux/noarch
eclipse-pydev-mylyn-2.7.3-2.fc18 Pydev Mylyn Focused UI linux/noarch
eclipse-swt-4.2.2-8.fc18 SWT Library for GTK+-2.0 linux/s390
eclipse-tests-4.2.2-8.fc18 Eclipse Tests linux/s390
eg- Git for mere mortals linux/noarch
erlang-rebar-2.1.0-0.6.fc18 Erlang Build Tools linux/s390
evemu-1.1.0-1.fc18 Event Device Query and Emulation Program linux/s390
evemu-devel-1.1.0-1.fc18 Event Device Query and Emulation Program Development Package linux/s390
fakeroot-1.18.4-2.fc18 Gives a fake root environment linux/s390
fakeroot-libs-1.18.4-2.fc18 Gives a fake root environment (libraries) linux/s390
fedora-easy-karma-0-0.19.20130707git121694f6.fc18 Fedora update feedback made easy linux/noarch
fossil-1.25-2.20130216000435.fc18 A distributed SCM with bug tracking and wiki linux/s390
gcab-0.4-1.fc18 Cabinet file library and tool linux/s390
geany-1.23.1-1.fc18 A fast and lightweight IDE using GTK2 linux/s390
geany-devel-1.23.1-1.fc18 Header files for building Geany plug-ins linux/s390
geany-plugins-addons-1.23-1.fc18 Miscellaneous Addons for Geany linux/s390
geany-plugins-codenav-1.23-1.fc18 Navigate through your source code easily linux/s390
geany-plugins-commander-1.23-1.fc18 Control Geany using commands from a command panel. linux/s390
geany-plugins-common-1.23-1.fc18 Common files used by all geany plugins linux/s390
geany-plugins-debugger-1.23-1.fc18 enables debugging in Geany linux/s390
geany-plugins-geanydoc-1.23-1.fc18 Call documentation from within Geany linux/s390
geany-plugins-geanyextrasel-1.23-1.fc18 Additional features for selecting code linux/s390
geany-plugins-geanygendoc-1.23-1.fc18 Automatically generate documentation source code linux/s390
geany-plugins-geanyinsertnum-1.23-1.fc18 Insert huge number ranges with small efforts linux/s390
geany-plugins-geanylatex-1.23-1.fc18 LaTeX support for Geany linux/s390
geany-plugins-geanylipsum-1.23-1.fc18 Lorem Ipsum generator for Inserting Placeholder Text linux/s390
geany-plugins-geanylua-1.23-1.fc18 Lua Scripting for Geany linux/s390
geany-plugins-geanymacro-1.23-1.fc18 User defined Macros for Geany linux/s390
geany-plugins-geanyminiscript-1.23-1.fc18 Geany Mini-Script filter plugin linux/s390
geany-plugins-geanynumberedbookmarks-1.23-1.fc18 Provide users 10 numbered Bookmarks linux/s390
geany-plugins-geanypg-1.23-1.fc18 encrypt, decrypt and verify signatures with GnuPG linux/s390
geany-plugins-geanyprj-1.23-1.fc18 Provides an alternate project management tool for Geany linux/s390
geany-plugins-geanysendmail-1.23-1.fc18 Send E-Mails from within Geany linux/s390
geany-plugins-geanyvc-1.23-1.fc18 Version Control for Geany linux/s390
geany-plugins-geniuspaste-1.23-1.fc18 Use nopaste services directly from within Geany linux/s390
geany-plugins-gproject-1.23-1.fc18 Extension of Geany's project management linux/s390
geany-plugins-markdown-1.23-1.fc18 Real time preview for Markdown documents linux/s390
geany-plugins-multiterm-1.23-1.fc18 Multiple terminals inside of Geany linux/s390
geany-plugins-pretty-printer-1.23-1.fc18 XML pretty printing plugin for Geany linux/s390
geany-plugins-scope-1.23-1.fc18 Graphical GDB front-end linux/s390
geany-plugins-shiftcolumn-1.23-1.fc18 Move Blocks of Text horizontally linux/s390
geany-plugins-spellcheck-1.23-1.fc18 Spellcheck Text in Geany using the Enchant Library linux/s390
geany-plugins-tableconvert-1.23-1.fc18 Helps on converting a tabulator separated selection into a table linux/s390
geany-plugins-treebrowser-1.23-1.fc18 Alternate file browser plugin providing a tree view of directories linux/s390
geany-plugins-updatechecker-1.23-1.fc18 Automatically check for Geany updates linux/s390
geany-plugins-webhelper-1.23-1.fc18 Preview and Debug Web documents from within Geany using WebKit linux/s390
geany-plugins-xmlsnippets-1.23-1.fc18 Extends XML/HTML tag autocompletion provided by Geany linux/s390
gedit-valencia-0.3.0-14.20120919git97087fc.fc18 A gedit plugin providing lightweight Vala IDE linux/s390
gimp-devel-tools-2.8.10-4.fc18 GIMP plugin and extension development tools linux/s390
git- Fast Version Control System linux/s390
git-all- Meta-package to pull in all git tools linux/noarch
git-bugzilla-0-0.9.20091211git.fc18 Attach patches to a bugzilla bug linux/noarch
git-cvs- Git tools for importing CVS repositories linux/noarch
git-daemon- Git protocol dæmon linux/s390
git-email- Git tools for sending email linux/noarch
git-extras-1.9.0-1.fc18 Little git extras linux/noarch
git-gui- Git GUI tool linux/noarch
git-p4- Git tools for working with Perforce depots linux/noarch
git-svn- Git tools for importing Subversion repositories linux/s390
gitk- Git revision tree visualiser linux/noarch
gitstats-0-0.4.20130723gita923085.fc18 Generates statistics based on GIT repository activity linux/noarch
gitweb- Simple web interface to git repositories linux/noarch
glade2-2.12.2-13.fc18 User Interface Designer for GTK+ 2, legacy version linux/s390
glibc-utils-2.16-34.fc18 Development utilities from GNU C library linux/s390
globus-core-8.16-1.fc18 Globus Toolkit - Globus Core linux/s390
glue-schema-2.0.10-1.fc18 LDAP schema files for the GLUE 1.3 and GLUE 2.0 Schema linux/noarch
gnustep-make-2.6.4-1.fc18 GNUstep makefile package linux/s390
graphite2-1.1.1-4.fc18 Font rendering capabilities for complex non-Roman writing systems linux/s390
grfcodec-6.0.3-1.fc18 A suite of programs to modify Transport Tycoon Deluxe's GRF files linux/s390
grid-packaging-tools-3.6.7-1.fc18 Grid Packaging Tools (GPT) linux/noarch
groovy-javadoc-1.8.9-2.fc18 API Documentation for groovy linux/noarch
gtranslator-2.91.6-1.fc18 Gettext po file editor for GNOME linux/s390
guilt-0.35-6.fc18 Scripts to manage quilt-like patches on top of git linux/noarch
gwsmhg-0.13.1-1.fc18 A PyGTK GUI wrapper for hg and mq linux/noarch
gyp-0.1-0.10.1617svn.fc18 Generate Your Projects linux/noarch
heimdall-1.4.0-1.fc18 Flash firmware on to Samsung Galaxy S devices linux/s390
heimdall-frontend-1.4.0-1.fc18 Qt4 based frontend for heimdall linux/s390
help2man-1.41.2-1.fc18 Create simple man pages from --help output linux/noarch A set of scripts to work locally on subversion checkouts using mercurial linux/noarch
highlight-3.13-1.fc18 Universal source code to formatted text converter linux/s390
highlight-gui-3.13-1.fc18 GUI for the hihghlight source code formatter linux/s390
html-xml-utils-6.3-1.fc18 A number of simple utilities for manipulating HTML and XML files linux/s390
icu-49.1.1-12.fc18 International Components for Unicode linux/s390
jakarta-commons-httpclient-demo-3.1-12.fc18 Demos for jakarta-commons-httpclient linux/noarch
java-1.5.0-gcj-devel- JPackage development compatibility layer for GCJ linux/s390
java-1.7.0-openjdk-devel- OpenJDK Development Environment linux/s390
jets3t-app-0.9.0-1.fc18 Graphical and command-line tools for Amazon S3 and CloudFront linux/noarch
jgit-2.2.0-1.fc18 Java-based command line Git interface linux/noarch
kdevelop-4.6.0-2.fc18 Integrated Development Environment for C++/C linux/s390
kdevplatform-1.6.0-1.fc18 Libraries for use by KDE development tools linux/s390
kdiff3-0.9.97-5.fc18 Compare + merge 2 or 3 files or directories linux/s390
kup-0.3.4-1.fc18 Uploader linux/noarch
kup-server-0.3.4-1.fc18 Uploader - server utilities linux/noarch
kup-utils-0.3.4-1.fc18 Uploader - extra utilities linux/noarch
lcov-1.10-1.fc18 LTP GCOV extension code coverage tool linux/noarch
libatf-c-0.17-1.fc18 Automated Testing Framework - C bindings linux/s390
libatf-c++-0.17-1.fc18 Automated Testing Framework - C++ bindings linux/s390
libatf-c++-devel-0.17-1.fc18 Automated Testing Framework - C++ bindings (headers) linux/s390
libatf-c-devel-0.17-1.fc18 Automated Testing Framework - C bindings (headers) linux/s390
libatf-sh-0.17-1.fc18 Automated Testing Framework - POSIX shell bindings linux/s390
libatf-sh-devel-0.17-1.fc18 Automated Testing Framework - POSIX shell bindings (headers) linux/s390
libdwarf-tools-20130126-1.fc18 Tools for accessing DWARF debugging information linux/s390
libindicator-gtk3-tools-12.10.1-1.fc18 Shared functions for Ayatana indicators - GTK3 Tools linux/s390
libindicator-tools-12.10.1-1.fc18 Shared functions for Ayatana indicators - Tools linux/s390
libkkc-tools-0.2.6-1.fc18 Tools for libkkc linux/s390
libnatspec-0.2.6-6.fc18 Library for national and language-specific issues linux/s390
libnfc-examples-1.7.0-1.fc18 Examples using libnfc linux/s390
libuv-0.10.20-1.fc18 Platform layer for node.js linux/s390
libuv-devel-0.10.20-1.fc18 Development libraries for libuv linux/s390
libvirt-sandbox-0.1.1-3.fc18 libvirt application sandbox framework linux/s390
libvpx-utils-1.2.0-1.fc18 VP8 utilities and tools linux/s390
libwebp-tools-0.2.1-1.fc18 The WebP command line tools linux/s390
logback-1.0.9-2.fc18 A Java logging library linux/noarch
make-3.82-15.fc18 A GNU tool which simplifies the build process for users linux/s390
makeself-2.2.0-2.fc18 Make self-extractable archives on Unix linux/noarch
mapserver-6.2.1-1.fc18 Environment for building spatially-enabled internet applications linux/s390
marisa-tools-0.2.2-1.fc18 Tools for marisa linux/s390
maven-3.0.4-21.3.fc18 Java project management and project comprehension tool linux/noarch
maven-doxia-sitetools-1.2-5.fc18 Doxia content generation framework linux/noarch
mediawiki119-1.19.3-3.fc18 A wiki engine linux/noarch
meld-1.8.2-1.fc18 Visual diff and merge tool linux/noarch
mercurial-2.4.1-1.fc18 Mercurial -- a distributed SCM linux/s390
mercurial-hgk-2.4.1-1.fc18 Hgk interface for mercurial linux/s390
mercury-1.0-0.12.alpha6.fc18 Replacement for the Maven Artifact subsystem linux/noarch
mock-1.1.32-1.fc18 Builds packages inside chroots linux/noarch
mock-scm-1.1.32-1.fc18 Mock SCM integration module linux/noarch
monkeystudio- Free cross-platform Qt 4 IDE linux/s390
mspdebug-0.21-2.fc18 Debugger and gdb proxy for MSP430 MCUs linux/s390
mtn-browse-1.10-2.fc18 Application for browsing Monotone VCS databases linux/noarch
nasm-rdoff-2.10.07-1.fc18 Tools for the RDOFF binary format, sometimes used with NASM linux/s390
ninja-build-1.3.4-2.fc18 A small build system with a focus on speed linux/s390
odb-2.2.2-1.fc18 Object-relational mapping (ORM) system for C++ linux/s390
openCOLLADA-utils-0-15.git9665d16.fc18 XML validator for COLLADA files linux/s390
openocd-0.7.0-1.fc18 Debugging, in-system programming and boundary-scan testing for embedded devices linux/s390
osc-0.140.1-107.1.1.fc18 The openSUSE Build Service Commander linux/noarch
pax-utils-0.5-1.fc18 PaX aware and related utilities for ELF binaries linux/s390
pcre-tools-8.31-5.fc18 Auxiliary utilities for pcre linux/s390
pcsc-cyberjack-examples-3.99.5final.SP03-12.fc18 Sample code linux/s390
pencil-2.0.4-1.fc18 A sketching and GUI prototyping tool linux/noarch
php-pear-PHP-CodeSniffer-1.4.5-1.fc18 PHP coding standards enforcement tool linux/noarch
php-pear-phing-2.5.0-2.fc18 A project build system based on Apache Ant linux/noarch
piklab-0.16.1-3.fc18 Development environment for applications based on PIC & dsPIC microcontrollers linux/s390
plague- Distributed build system for RPMs linux/noarch
plague-builder- Builder daemon for Plague builder slaves linux/noarch
plague-client- Package queueing client for the Plague build system linux/noarch
plague-common- Common resources for the Plague build system linux/noarch
plague-utils- Utility programs for the Plague build system linux/noarch
po-debconf-1.0.16-2.nmu2.fc18 Tool for managing templates file translations with gettext linux/noarch
poedit-1.5.4-4.fc18 GUI editor for GNU gettext .po files linux/s390
proguard-4.8-2.fc18 Java class file shrinker, optimizer, obfuscator and preverifier linux/noarch
proguard-gui-4.8-2.fc18 GUI for proguard linux/noarch
pss-0.35-3.fc18 A power-tool for searching inside source code files linux/noarch
pv-1.4.6-1.fc18 A tool for monitoring the progress of data through a pipeline linux/s390
pyicu-1.4-2.fc18 Python extension wrapping IBM's ICU C++ libraries linux/s390
python-ptrace-0.6.5-1.fc18 Debugger using ptrace written in Python linux/s390
python-unipath-1.0-1.fc18 Alternative to Python modules os, os.path and shutil linux/noarch
python3-Cython-0.19-1.fc18 A language for writing Python extension modules linux/s390
python3-ptrace-0.6.5-1.fc18 Debugger using ptrace written in Python 3 linux/s390
python3-sip-4.14.6-1.fc18 SIP - Python 3/C++ Bindings Generator linux/s390
python3-unipath-1.0-1.fc18 Alternative to Python modules os, os.path and shutil linux/noarch
qbzr-0.23.1-1.fc18 Bazaar plugin for Qt interface to most Bazaar operations linux/s390
qemu-1.2.2-14.fc18 QEMU is a FAST! processor emulator linux/s390
qemu-common-1.2.2-14.fc18 QEMU common files needed by all QEMU targets linux/s390
qemu-img-1.2.2-14.fc18 QEMU command line tool for manipulating disk images linux/s390
qemu-system-alpha-1.2.2-14.fc18 QEMU system emulator for Alpha linux/s390
qemu-system-arm-1.2.2-14.fc18 QEMU system emulator for ARM linux/s390
qemu-system-cris-1.2.2-14.fc18 QEMU system emulator for CRIS linux/s390
qemu-system-lm32-1.2.2-14.fc18 QEMU system emulator for LatticeMico32 linux/s390
qemu-system-m68k-1.2.2-14.fc18 QEMU system emulator for ColdFire (m68k) linux/s390
qemu-system-microblaze-1.2.2-14.fc18 QEMU system emulator for Microblaze linux/s390
qemu-system-mips-1.2.2-14.fc18 QEMU system emulator for MIPS linux/s390
qemu-system-or32-1.2.2-14.fc18 QEMU system emulator for OpenRisc32 linux/s390
qemu-system-ppc-1.2.2-14.fc18 QEMU system emulator for PPC linux/s390
qemu-system-s390x-1.2.2-14.fc18 QEMU system emulator for S390 linux/s390
qemu-system-sh4-1.2.2-14.fc18 QEMU system emulator for SH4 linux/s390
qemu-system-sparc-1.2.2-14.fc18 QEMU system emulator for SPARC linux/s390
qemu-system-unicore32-1.2.2-14.fc18 QEMU system emulator for Unicore32 linux/s390
qemu-system-x86-1.2.2-14.fc18 QEMU system emulator for x86 linux/s390
qemu-system-xtensa-1.2.2-14.fc18 QEMU system emulator for Xtensa linux/s390
qemu-user-1.2.2-14.fc18 QEMU user mode emulation of qemu targets linux/s390
qgit-2.5-1.fc18 GUI browser for git repositories linux/s390
rapidsvn-0.12.1-1.fc18 Graphical interface for the Subversion revision control system linux/s390
rpm-build- Scripts and executable programs used to build packages linux/s390
rpmlint-1.5-6.fc18 Tool for checking common errors in RPM packages linux/noarch
rpmrebuild-2.9-1.fc18 A tool to build rpm file from rpm database linux/noarch
rubygem-kgio-2.8.0-2.fc18 Kinder, gentler I/O for Ruby linux/s390
rubygem-rhc-1.14.7-1.fc18 OpenShift Express Client Tools linux/noarch
rubygem-ronn-0.7.3-4.fc18 Manual authoring tool linux/noarch
samba-pidl-4.0.11-1.fc18 Perl IDL compiler linux/s390
scummvm-tools-1.6.0-1.fc18 Tools for scummVM / S.C.U.M.M scripting language linux/s390
siege-3.0.0-2.fc18 HTTP regression testing and benchmarking utility linux/s390
sip-4.14.6-1.fc18 SIP - Python/C++ Bindings Generator linux/s390
sip-macros-4.14.6-1.fc18 RPM macros for use when working with SIP linux/s390
sparse-0.4.5.rc1-2.fc18 A semantic parser of source files linux/s390
spe-0.8.4.h-12.fc18 Python IDE with UML,PyChecker,Debugger,GUI design,Blender & more linux/noarch
srecord-1.62-1.fc18 Manipulate EPROM load files linux/s390
stgit-0.16-2.fc18 Patch stack for Git repositories linux/noarch
subversion-1.7.14-1.fc18 A Modern Concurrent Version Control System linux/s390
subversion-api-docs-1.7.14-1.fc18 Subversion API documentation linux/noarch
subversion-devel-1.7.14-1.fc18 Development package for the Subversion libraries linux/s390
subversion-gnome-1.7.14-1.fc18 GNOME Keyring support for Subversion linux/s390
subversion-kde-1.7.14-1.fc18 KDE Wallet support for Subversion linux/s390
subversion-libs-1.7.14-1.fc18 Libraries for Subversion Version Control system linux/s390
subversion-tools-1.7.14-1.fc18 Supplementary tools for Subversion linux/s390
teamgit-0.0.12-1.20130626.fc18 Visual tool for Git linux/s390
tig-1.2.1-1.fc18 Text-mode interface for the git revision control system linux/s390
timetablemate-0.10-0.7.20111204git.fc18 Little IDE for publictransport plasmoid accessors linux/s390
tito-0.4.18-1.fc18 A tool for managing rpm based git projects linux/noarch
tog-pegasus-devel-2.12.0-7.fc18 The OpenPegasus Software Development Kit linux/s390
topgit-0.9-1.fc18 A different patch queue manager linux/noarch
tortoisehg-2.6.2-2.fc18 Mercurial GUI command line tool thg linux/noarch
tortoisehg-nautilus-2.6.2-2.fc18 Mercurial GUI plug-in to the Nautilus file manager linux/noarch
uglify-js-2.2.5-1.fc18 JavaScript parser, mangler/compressor and beautifier toolkit linux/noarch
uglify-js1-1.3.4-1.fc18 JavaScript parser, mangler/compressor and beautifier toolkit linux/noarch
uncrustify-0.60-2.fc18 Reformat Source linux/s390
urjtag-0.10-5.fc18.20111215gite1a4227 A tool for communicating over JTAG with flash chips and CPUs linux/s390
vcsh-1.20131214-1.fc18 Version Control System for $HOME linux/noarch
viewvc-1.1.21-1.fc18 Browser interface for CVS and SVN version control repositories linux/noarch
viewvc-httpd-fcgi-1.1.21-1.fc18 ViewVC configuration for Apache/mod_fcgid linux/noarch
viewvc-httpd-wsgi-1.1.21-1.fc18 ViewVC configuration for Apache/mod_wsgi linux/noarch
waf-1.7.13-1.fc18 A Python-based build system linux/noarch
waf-doc-1.7.13-1.fc18 Documentation for waf linux/noarch
waf-python3-1.7.13-1.fc18 Python3 support for waf linux/noarch
will-crash-0.4-1.fc18 Set of crashing executables written in various languages linux/s390
xmlbeans-scripts-2.6.0-2.fc18 Scripts for xmlbeans linux/noarch
xmlunit-1.4-1.fc18 Provides classes to do asserts on xml linux/noarch
yum-langpacks-0.3.1-1.fc18 Langpacks plugin for yum linux/noarch
yum-utils-1.1.31-10.fc18 Utilities based around the yum package manager linux/noarch
zanata-client-2.2.0-4.fc18 Zanata client module linux/noarch
zanata-python-client-1.3.13-1.fc18 Python Client for Zanata Server linux/noarch

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