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Packages beginning with letter W

w3c-markup-validator-1.3-3.fc18 W3C Markup Validator linux/noarch
w3c-markup-validator-libs-1.3-3.fc18 SGML and XML DTDs for the W3C Markup Validator linux/noarch
w3m-0.5.3-10.fc18 A pager with Web browsing abilities linux/armv5tel
w3m-debuginfo-0.5.3-10.fc18 Debug information for package w3m linux/armv5tel
w3m-img-0.5.3-10.fc18 A helper program to display the inline images for w3m linux/armv5tel
w_scan-20130331-1.fc18 Tool for scanning DVB transponders linux/armv5tel
w_scan-debuginfo-20130331-1.fc18 Debug information for package w_scan linux/armv5tel
waf-1.7.13-1.fc18 A Python-based build system linux/noarch
waf-doc-1.7.13-1.fc18 Documentation for waf linux/noarch
waf-python3-1.7.13-1.fc18 Python3 support for waf linux/noarch
wallaby-0.16.3-3.fc18 HTCondor pool configuration service with QMF interface linux/noarch
wallaby-http-server-0.16.3-3.fc18 Wallaby web service interface linux/noarch
wallaby-utils-0.16.3-3.fc18 Utilities to interact with the Wallaby service linux/noarch
wallpaperd-0.2.1-1.fc18 Background setter supporting random images and per-workspace images linux/armv5tel
wallpaperd-debuginfo-0.2.1-1.fc18 Debug information for package wallpaperd linux/armv5tel
wallpapoz-0.6.2-4.fc18 Gnome Multi Backgrounds and Wallpapers Configuration Tool linux/noarch
wammu-0.36-1.fc18 Mobile Phone Manager - Gammu GUI linux/noarch
wannier90-2.0.0-1.fc18 Maximally-localised Wannier functions linux/armv5tel
wannier90-debuginfo-2.0.0-1.fc18 Debug information for package wannier90 linux/armv5tel
wannier90-devel-2.0.0-1.fc18 Development modules for Wannier90 linux/armv5tel
wannier90-doc-2.0.0-1.fc18 Documentation for Wannier90 linux/noarch
warzone2100-3.1.0-1.fc18 Innovative 3D real-time strategy linux/armv5tel
warzone2100-debuginfo-3.1.0-1.fc18 Debug information for package warzone2100 linux/armv5tel
warzone2100-sequences-3.1.0-1.fc18 Video file for warzone2100 linux/noarch
wayland-1.0.5-1.fc18 Wayland Compositor Infrastructure linux/armv5tel
wayland-debuginfo-1.0.5-1.fc18 Debug information for package wayland linux/armv5tel
wayland-devel-1.0.5-1.fc18 Common headers for wayland linux/armv5tel
wbox-5-5.fc18 HTTP testing tool and configuration-less HTTP server linux/armv5tel
wbox-debuginfo-5-5.fc18 Debug information for package wbox linux/armv5tel
wcd-5.2.4-1.fc18 Chdir for DOS and Unix linux/armv5tel
wcd-debuginfo-5.2.4-1.fc18 Debug information for package wcd linux/armv5tel
weasyprint-0.19.2-3.fc18 Utility to render HTML and CSS to PDF linux/noarch
web-assets-devel-4-3.fc18 RPM macros for Web Assets packaging linux/noarch
web-assets-filesystem-4-3.fc18 The basic directory layout for Web Assets linux/noarch
webalizer-2.23_05-6.fc18 A flexible Web server log file analysis program linux/armv5tel
webalizer-debuginfo-2.23_05-6.fc18 Debug information for package webalizer linux/armv5tel
webkitgtk-1.10.2-3.fc18 GTK+ Web content engine library linux/armv5tel
webkitgtk-debuginfo-1.10.2-3.fc18 Debug information for package webkitgtk linux/armv5tel
webkitgtk-devel-1.10.2-3.fc18 Development files for webkitgtk linux/armv5tel
webkitgtk-doc-1.10.2-3.fc18 Documentation for webkitgtk linux/noarch
webkitgtk3-1.10.2-3.fc18 GTK+ Web content engine library linux/armv5tel
webkitgtk3-debuginfo-1.10.2-3.fc18 Debug information for package webkitgtk3 linux/armv5tel
webkitgtk3-devel-1.10.2-3.fc18 Development files for webkitgtk3 linux/armv5tel
webkitgtk3-doc-1.10.2-3.fc18 Documentation files for webkitgtk3 linux/noarch
weechat-0.4.2-4.fc18 Portable, fast, light and extensible IRC client linux/armv5tel
weechat-debuginfo-0.4.2-4.fc18 Debug information for package weechat linux/armv5tel
weechat-devel-0.4.2-4.fc18 Development files for weechat linux/armv5tel
wemux-2.2.0-1.fc18 A tool help improve multi-user terminal multiplexing linux/noarch
wesnoth-1.10.6-7.fc18 Turn-based strategy game with a fantasy theme linux/armv5tel
wesnoth-data-1.10.6-7.fc18 Turn-based strategy game with a fantasy theme linux/noarch
wesnoth-debuginfo-1.10.6-7.fc18 Debug information for package wesnoth linux/armv5tel
wesnoth-server-1.10.6-7.fc18 Turn-based strategy game with a fantasy theme linux/armv5tel
wesnoth-tools-1.10.6-7.fc18 Turn-based strategy game with a fantasy theme linux/armv5tel
weston-1.0.5-1.fc18 Reference compositor for Wayland linux/armv5tel
weston-debuginfo-1.0.5-1.fc18 Debug information for package weston linux/armv5tel
wget-1.14-5.fc18 A utility for retrieving files using the HTTP or FTP protocols linux/armv5tel
wget-debuginfo-1.14-5.fc18 Debug information for package wget linux/armv5tel
wgrib2-1.9.7a-2.fc18 Manipulate, inventory and decode GRIB2 files linux/armv5tel
wgrib2-debuginfo-1.9.7a-2.fc18 Debug information for package wgrib2 linux/armv5tel
whatsup-1.14-1.fc18 Node up/down detection utility linux/armv5tel
whatsup-debuginfo-1.14-1.fc18 Debug information for package whatsup linux/armv5tel
whatsup-pingd-1.14-1.fc18 Pingd daemon for whatsup linux/armv5tel
whenjobs-0.7.3-4.fc18 Replacement for cron with dependencies linux/armv5tel
whois-5.0.26-1.fc18 Improved WHOIS client linux/armv5tel
whois-debuginfo-5.0.26-1.fc18 Debug information for package whois linux/armv5tel
wicd- Wireless and wired network connection manager linux/armv5tel
wicd-common- Wicd common files linux/noarch
wicd-curses- Curses client for wicd linux/noarch
wicd-gtk- GTK+ client for wicd linux/noarch
will-crash-0.4-1.fc18 Set of crashing executables written in various languages linux/armv5tel
will-crash-debuginfo-0.4-1.fc18 Debug information for package will-crash linux/armv5tel
willie-3.2.0-1.fc18 Simple, lightweight and easy-to-use IRC Utility bot linux/noarch
wine-1.6.1-1.fc18 A compatibility layer for windows applications linux/armv5tel
wine-alsa-1.6.1-1.fc18 Alsa support for wine linux/armv5tel
wine-capi-1.6.1-1.fc18 ISDN support for wine linux/armv5tel
wine-cms-1.6.1-1.fc18 Color Management for wine linux/armv5tel
wine-common-1.6.1-1.fc18 Common files linux/noarch
wine-core-1.6.1-1.fc18 Wine core package linux/armv5tel
wine-courier-fonts-1.6.1-1.fc18 Wine Courier font family linux/noarch
wine-debuginfo-1.6.1-1.fc18 Debug information for package wine linux/armv5tel
wine-desktop-1.6.1-1.fc18 Desktop integration features for wine linux/noarch
wine-devel-1.6.1-1.fc18 Wine development environment linux/armv5tel
wine-filesystem-1.6.1-1.fc18 Filesystem directories for wine linux/noarch
wine-fixedsys-fonts-1.6.1-1.fc18 Wine Fixedsys font family linux/noarch
wine-fonts-1.6.1-1.fc18 Wine font files linux/noarch
wine-ldap-1.6.1-1.fc18 LDAP support for wine linux/armv5tel
wine-marlett-fonts-1.6.1-1.fc18 Wine Marlett font family linux/noarch
wine-ms-sans-serif-fonts-1.6.1-1.fc18 Wine MS Sans Serif font family linux/noarch
wine-openal-1.6.1-1.fc18 Openal support for wine linux/armv5tel
wine-pulseaudio-1.6.1-1.fc18 Pulseaudio support for wine linux/armv5tel
wine-small-fonts-1.6.1-1.fc18 Wine Small font family linux/noarch
wine-symbol-fonts-1.6.1-1.fc18 Wine Symbol font family linux/noarch
wine-system-fonts-1.6.1-1.fc18 Wine System font family linux/noarch
wine-systemd-1.6.1-1.fc18 Systemd config for the wine binfmt handler linux/noarch
wine-sysvinit-1.6.1-1.fc18 SysV initscript for the wine binfmt handler linux/noarch
wine-tahoma-fonts-1.6.1-1.fc18 Wine Tahoma font family linux/noarch
wine-tahoma-fonts-system-1.6.1-1.fc18 Wine Tahoma font family system integration linux/noarch
wine-twain-1.6.1-1.fc18 Twain support for wine linux/armv5tel
wine-wingdings-fonts-1.6.1-1.fc18 Wine Wingdings font family linux/noarch
wine-wow-1.6.1-1.fc18 Files for wine wow separation linux/armv5tel
wings-1.4.1-6.git9a2473e.fc18 3D Subdivision Modeler linux/armv5tel
wings-debuginfo-1.4.1-6.git9a2473e.fc18 Debug information for package wings linux/armv5tel
wings-docs-1.4.1-6.git9a2473e.fc18 Documentation for Wings 3D linux/armv5tel
wireshark-1.10.2-4.fc18 Network traffic analyzer linux/armv5tel
wireshark-debuginfo-1.10.2-4.fc18 Debug information for package wireshark linux/armv5tel
wireshark-devel-1.10.2-4.fc18 Development headers and libraries for wireshark linux/armv5tel
wireshark-gnome-1.10.2-4.fc18 Gnome desktop integration for wireshark linux/armv5tel
wkhtmltopdf-0.11.0-0.2.rc1.fc18 Simple shell utility to convert html to pdf linux/armv5tel
wkhtmltopdf-debuginfo-0.11.0-0.2.rc1.fc18 Debug information for package wkhtmltopdf linux/armv5tel
wkhtmltopdf-devel-0.11.0-0.2.rc1.fc18 Development files for wkhtmltopdf linux/armv5tel
wmpager-1.2-1.20130401git88ece7e5.fc18 Simple pager docklet for the Window Maker linux/armv5tel
wmpager-debuginfo-1.2-1.20130401git88ece7e5.fc18 Debug information for package wmpager linux/armv5tel
wmudmount-1.13-4.fc18 A WindowMaker filesystem mounting dockapp using udisks linux/armv5tel
wmudmount-debuginfo-1.13-4.fc18 Debug information for package wmudmount linux/armv5tel
wmvolman-2.0.1-1.fc18 Window Maker Volume Manager linux/armv5tel
wmvolman-debuginfo-2.0.1-1.fc18 Debug information for package wmvolman linux/armv5tel
wondershaper-1.2.1-2.fc18 Simple Network Shaper linux/noarch
wordpress-3.7.1-1.fc18 Blog tool and publishing platform linux/noarch
wordpress-plugin-bad-behavior-2.2.13-1.fc18 Bad Behavior plugin for WordPress linux/noarch
workrave-1.9.911-0.1.20130107git6f9bc5d.fc18 Program that assists in the recovery and prevention of RSI linux/armv5tel
workrave-debuginfo-1.9.911-0.1.20130107git6f9bc5d.fc18 Debug information for package workrave linux/armv5tel
workrave-devel-1.9.911-0.1.20130107git6f9bc5d.fc18 Development files for workrave linux/armv5tel
wpa_supplicant-1.1-2.fc18 WPA/WPA2/IEEE 802.1X Supplicant linux/armv5tel
wpa_supplicant-debuginfo-1.1-2.fc18 Debug information for package wpa_supplicant linux/armv5tel
wpa_supplicant-gui-1.1-2.fc18 Graphical User Interface for wpa_supplicant linux/armv5tel
wqy-unibit-fonts-1.1.0-11.fc18 WenQuanYi Unibit Bitmap Font linux/noarch
wqy-zenhei-fonts-0.9.46-9.fc18 WenQuanYi Zen Hei CJK Font linux/noarch
wss4j-1.6.10-1.fc18 Apache WS-Security implementation linux/noarch
wss4j-javadoc-1.6.10-1.fc18 Javadoc for wss4j linux/noarch
wt-3.2.3-1.fc18 C++ library for developing web applications linux/armv5tel
wt-dbo-3.2.3-1.fc18 Wt::Dbo ORM library and Sqlite3 back-end linux/armv5tel
wt-dbo-postgres-3.2.3-1.fc18 PostgreSQL back-end for the Wt::Dbo ORM library linux/armv5tel
wt-debuginfo-3.2.3-1.fc18 Debug information for package wt linux/armv5tel
wt-devel-3.2.3-1.fc18 Libraries and header files for witty web development linux/armv5tel
wt-doc-3.2.3-1.fc18 Documents for the Wt toolkit linux/noarch
wt-examples-3.2.3-1.fc18 Examples for Wt linux/armv5tel
wxmacmolplt-7.4.4-1.fc18 A graphics program for plotting 3-D molecular structures and normal modes linux/armv5tel
wxmacmolplt-debuginfo-7.4.4-1.fc18 Debug information for package wxmacmolplt linux/armv5tel
wxpdfdoc-0.9.3-1.fc18 A library for creating PDF documents in C++ with wxWidgets linux/armv5tel
wxpdfdoc-debuginfo-0.9.3-1.fc18 Debug information for package wxpdfdoc linux/armv5tel
wxpdfdoc-devel-0.9.3-1.fc18 Development files needed for the wxPdfDocument library linux/armv5tel
wxsqlite3-3.0.5-1.fc18 C++ wrapper around the SQLite 3.x database linux/armv5tel
wxsqlite3-debuginfo-3.0.5-1.fc18 Debug information for package wxsqlite3 linux/armv5tel
wxsqlite3-devel-3.0.5-1.fc18 Development files for wxsqlite3 linux/armv5tel
wxsqlite3-doc-3.0.5-1.fc18 Documentation files for wxsqlite3 linux/noarch

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