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RPM of Group Applications/Text

OmegaT-2.3.0_06-6.fc18 Computer Aid Translation tool linux/armv5tel
aspell-fi-0.7-2.fc18 Finnish dictionaries for Aspell linux/armv5tel
aspell-la-20020503-1.fc18 Latin dictionaries for Aspell linux/armv5tel
ddate-0.2.1-1.fc18 Convert Gregorian dates to Discordian dates linux/armv5tel
diffpdf-2.1.3-2.fc18 PDF files comparator linux/armv5tel
diffutils-3.2-12.fc18 A GNU collection of diff utilities linux/armv5tel
docbook-style-xsl-1.78.1-1.fc18 Norman Walsh's XSL stylesheets for DocBook XML linux/noarch
docbook-utils-0.6.14-34.fc18 Shell scripts for managing DocBook documents linux/noarch
docbook-utils-pdf-0.6.14-34.fc18 A script for converting DocBook documents to PDF format linux/noarch
docbook5-style-xsl-1.77.1-3.fc18 Norman Walsh's XSL stylesheets for DocBook 5.X linux/noarch
ed-1.8-1.fc18 The GNU line editor linux/armv5tel
gpsbabel-1.4.4-5.fc18 A tool to convert between various formats used by GPS devices linux/armv5tel
hunspell-nb-2.1-4.fc18 Bokmaal hunspell dictionaries linux/noarch
hunspell-nn-2.1-4.fc18 Nynorsk hunspell dictionaries linux/noarch
hunspell-or-0.03-1.fc18 Oriya hunspell dictionaries linux/noarch
hyphen-nb-2.1-4.fc18 Bokmaal hyphenation rules linux/noarch
hyphen-nn-2.1-4.fc18 Nynorsk hyphenation rules linux/noarch
liblouis-utils-2.4.1-3.fc18 Command-line utilities to test liblouis linux/armv5tel
malaga-suomi-voikko-1.14-1.fc18 A description of Finnish morphology written in Malaga (Voikko edition) linux/armv5tel
mawk-1.3.4-1.20130219.fc18 Interpreter for the AWK programming language linux/armv5tel
mecab-0.996-1.fc18 Yet Another Part-of-Speech and Morphological Analyzer linux/armv5tel
mecab-java-0.996-1.fc18 Java binding for MeCab linux/armv5tel
multitail-5.2.13-1.fc18 View one or multiple files like tail but with multiple windows linux/armv5tel
mythes-nb-2.1-4.fc18 Bokmaal thesaurus linux/noarch
mythes-nn-2.1-4.fc18 Nynorsk thesaurus linux/noarch
nawk-20121220-1.fc18 "The one true awk" descended from UNIX V7 linux/armv5tel
nkf-2.1.3-1.fc18 A Kanji code conversion filter linux/armv5tel
opencc-doc-0.4.3-1.fc18 Documentation for OpenCC linux/armv5tel
opencc-tools-0.4.3-1.fc18 Command line tools for OpenCC linux/armv5tel
par-1.52-10.fc18 Paragraph reformatter, vaguely like fmt, but more elaborate linux/armv5tel
perl-NKF-2.1.3-1.fc18 Perl extension for Network Kanji Filter linux/armv5tel
perl-mecab-0.996-1.fc18 Perl binding for MeCab linux/armv5tel
poppler-demos-0.20.2-17.fc18 Demos for poppler linux/armv5tel
poppler-utils-0.20.2-17.fc18 Command line utilities for converting PDF files linux/armv5tel
python-mecab-0.996-1.fc18 Python binding for MeCab linux/armv5tel
ruby-mecab-0.996-1.fc18 Ruby binding for MeCab linux/armv5tel
skf-1.99.6-1.fc18 Utility binary files in Simple Kanji Filter linux/armv5tel
skf-common-1.99.6-1.fc18 Common files for Simple Kanji Filter - i18n kanji converter linux/armv5tel
sphinx-2.0.7-1.fc18 Free open-source SQL full-text search engine linux/armv5tel
tomcat-docs-webapp-7.0.42-1.fc18 The docs web application for Apache Tomcat linux/noarch
w3c-markup-validator-libs-1.3-3.fc18 SGML and XML DTDs for the W3C Markup Validator linux/noarch
xmlstarlet-1.5.0-1.fc18 Command Line XML Toolkit linux/armv5tel

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