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Packages beginning with letter U

uboot-beagle-2012.04.01-1.fc17 u-boot bootloader binaries for beagleboard linux/armv7hl
uboot-origen-2012.04.01-1.fc17 u-boot bootloader binaries for origenboard linux/armv7hl
uboot-panda-2012.04.01-1.fc17 u-boot bootloader binaries for pandaboard linux/armv7hl
uboot-tools-2012.04.01-1.fc17 U-Boot utilities linux/armv7hl
uboot-tools-debuginfo-2012.04.01-1.fc17 Debug information for package uboot-tools linux/armv7hl
ucarp-1.5.2-3.1.fc17 Common Address Redundancy Protocol (CARP) for Unix linux/armv7hl
ucarp-debuginfo-1.5.2-3.1.fc17 Debug information for package ucarp linux/armv7hl
ucommon-5.2.3-1.fc17 Runtime library for portable C++ threading and sockets linux/armv7hl
ucommon-bin-5.2.3-1.fc17 ucommon system and support applications linux/armv7hl
ucommon-debuginfo-5.2.3-1.fc17 Debug information for package ucommon linux/armv7hl
ucommon-devel-5.2.3-1.fc17 Headers for building uCommon applications linux/armv7hl
ucommon-doc-5.2.3-1.fc17 Generated class documentation for uCommon linux/armv7hl
uddi4j-2.0.5-4.fc17 Universal Description, Discovery and Integration registry API for Java linux/noarch
uddi4j-javadoc-2.0.5-4.fc17 Javadocs for uddi4j linux/noarch
udev-182-3.fc17 A rule-based device node and kernel event manager linux/armv7hl
udev-debuginfo-182-3.fc17 Debug information for package udev linux/armv7hl
udisks2-1.94.0-11.fc17 Disk Manager linux/armv7hl
udisks2-debuginfo-1.94.0-11.fc17 Debug information for package udisks2 linux/armv7hl
ufraw-0.19.2-2.fc17.1 Raw image data retrieval tool for digital cameras linux/armv7hl
ufraw-cinepaint-0.19.2-2.fc17.1 CinePaint plugin to retrieve raw image data from digital cameras linux/armv7hl
ufraw-common-0.19.2-2.fc17.1 Common files needed by UFRaw linux/armv7hl
ufraw-debuginfo-0.19.2-2.fc17.1 Debug information for package ufraw linux/armv7hl
ufraw-gimp-0.19.2-2.fc17.1 GIMP plugin to retrieve raw image data from digital cameras linux/armv7hl
uget-1.10.3-1.fc17 Download manager using GTK+ and libcurl linux/armv7hl
uget-debuginfo-1.10.3-1.fc17 Debug information for package uget linux/armv7hl
uhd-3.4.3-1.fc17 Universal Hardware Driver for Ettus Research products linux/armv7hl
uhd-debuginfo-3.4.3-1.fc17 Debug information for package uhd linux/armv7hl
uhd-devel-3.4.3-1.fc17 Development files for UHD linux/armv7hl
uhd-doc-3.4.3-1.fc17 Documentation files for UHD linux/noarch
uhd-firmware-3.4.3-1.fc17 Firmware files for UHD linux/noarch
uim-1.8.5-2.fc17 A multilingual input method library linux/armv7hl
uim-anthy-1.8.5-2.fc17 Anthy support for Uim linux/armv7hl
uim-canna-1.8.5-2.fc17 Canna support for Uim linux/armv7hl
uim-debuginfo-1.8.5-2.fc17 Debug information for package uim linux/armv7hl
uim-devel-1.8.5-2.fc17 Development files for the Uim library linux/armv7hl
uim-gnome-1.8.5-2.fc17 GNOME Applet for Uim linux/armv7hl
uim-gtk2-1.8.5-2.fc17 GTK+2 support for Uim linux/armv7hl
uim-gtk3-1.8.5-2.fc17 GTK+3 support for Uim linux/armv7hl
uim-kde-1.8.5-2.fc17 KDE Applet for Uim linux/armv7hl
uim-kde3-1.8.5-2.fc17 KDE3 Applet for Uim linux/armv7hl
uim-m17n-1.8.5-2.fc17 m17n-lib support for Uim linux/armv7hl
uim-qt-1.8.5-2.fc17 Qt4 support for Uim linux/armv7hl
uim-qt3-1.8.5-2.fc17 Qt3 support for Uim linux/armv7hl
uim-skk-1.8.5-2.fc17 SKK support for Uim linux/armv7hl
ultimaker-marlin-firmware-12.12-0.5.RC1.fc17 Ultimaker firmware for the 3D printer linux/noarch
ultimatestunts-0.7.7-1.fc17 Remake of the famous DOS-game Stunts linux/armv7hl
ultimatestunts-debuginfo-0.7.7-1.fc17 Debug information for package ultimatestunts linux/armv7hl
umph-0.2.5-1.fc17 Command line tool for parsing video links from Youtube feeds linux/noarch
unbound-1.4.19-1.fc17 Validating, recursive, and caching DNS(SEC) resolver linux/armv7hl
unbound-debuginfo-1.4.19-1.fc17 Debug information for package unbound linux/armv7hl
unbound-devel-1.4.19-1.fc17 Development package that includes the unbound header files linux/armv7hl
unbound-libs-1.4.19-1.fc17 Libraries used by the unbound server and client applications linux/armv7hl
unbound-munin-1.4.19-1.fc17 Plugin for the munin / munin-node monitoring package linux/noarch
unbound-python-1.4.19-1.fc17 Python modules and extensions for unbound linux/armv7hl
uncrustify-0.60-2.fc17 Reformat Source linux/armv7hl
uncrustify-debuginfo-0.60-2.fc17 Debug information for package uncrustify linux/armv7hl
unicode-ucd-6.2.0-3.fc17 Unicode Character Database linux/noarch
unison227-2.27.57-17.fc17 Multi-master File synchronization tool linux/armv7hl
unison227-debuginfo-2.27.57-17.fc17 Debug information for package unison227 linux/armv7hl
unison240-2.40.102-1.fc17 Multi-master File synchronization tool linux/armv7hl
unison240-debuginfo-2.40.102-1.fc17 Debug information for package unison240 linux/armv7hl
unlambda-0.1.3-1.fc17 Unlambda interpreter linux/armv7hl
unzip-6.0-6.fc17 A utility for unpacking zip files linux/armv7hl
unzip-debuginfo-6.0-6.fc17 Debug information for package unzip linux/armv7hl
uperf-1.0.4-1.fc17 Network performance tool with modelling and replay support linux/armv7hl
uperf-debuginfo-1.0.4-1.fc17 Debug information for package uperf linux/armv7hl
upower-0.9.19-1.fc17.1 Power Management Service linux/armv7hl
upower-debuginfo-0.9.19-1.fc17.1 Debug information for package upower linux/armv7hl
upower-devel-0.9.19-1.fc17.1 Headers and libraries for UPower linux/armv7hl
uptimed-0.3.17-1.fc17 A daemon to record and keep track of system up times linux/armv7hl
uptimed-debuginfo-0.3.17-1.fc17 Debug information for package uptimed linux/armv7hl
uptimed-devel-0.3.17-1.fc17 Development header and library for uptimed linux/armv7hl
urdfdom-headers-devel-0.2.2-2.fc17 The URDF (U-Robot Description Format) headers linux/noarch
urw-fonts-2.4-14.fc17 Free versions of the 35 standard PostScript fonts. linux/noarch
usb_modeswitch-1.2.4-1.fc17 USB Modeswitch gets mobile broadband cards in operational mode linux/armv7hl
usb_modeswitch-data-20120815-1.fc17 USB Modeswitch gets mobile broadband cards in operational mode linux/noarch
usb_modeswitch-debuginfo-1.2.4-1.fc17 Debug information for package usb_modeswitch linux/armv7hl
usbmuxd-1.0.8-2.fc17 Daemon for communicating with Apple's iPod Touch and iPhone linux/armv7hl
usbmuxd-debuginfo-1.0.8-2.fc17 Debug information for package usbmuxd linux/armv7hl
usbmuxd-devel-1.0.8-2.fc17 Development package for usbmuxd linux/armv7hl
usbredir-0.4.4-1.fc17 USB network redirection protocol libraries linux/armv7hl
usbredir-debuginfo-0.4.4-1.fc17 Debug information for package usbredir linux/armv7hl
usbredir-devel-0.4.4-1.fc17 Development files for usbredir linux/armv7hl
usbredir-server-0.4.4-1.fc17 Simple USB host TCP server linux/armv7hl
usbview-2.0-1.fc17 USB topology and device viewer linux/armv7hl
usbview-debuginfo-2.0-1.fc17 Debug information for package usbview linux/armv7hl
userspace-rcu-0.7.3-1.fc17 RCU (read-copy-update) implementation in user space linux/armv7hl
userspace-rcu-debuginfo-0.7.3-1.fc17 Debug information for package userspace-rcu linux/armv7hl
userspace-rcu-devel-0.7.3-1.fc17 Development files for userspace-rcu linux/armv7hl
util-linux-2.21.2-4.fc17 A collection of basic system utilities linux/armv7hl
util-linux-debuginfo-2.21.2-4.fc17 Debug information for package util-linux linux/armv7hl
uucp-1.07-37.fc17 A set of utilities for operations between systems linux/armv7hl
uucp-debuginfo-1.07-37.fc17 Debug information for package uucp linux/armv7hl
uuid-1.6.2-11.fc17 Universally Unique Identifier library linux/armv7hl
uuid-c++-1.6.2-11.fc17 C++ support for Universally Unique Identifier library linux/armv7hl
uuid-c++-devel-1.6.2-11.fc17 C++ development support for Universally Unique Identifier library linux/armv7hl
uuid-dce-1.6.2-11.fc17 DCE support for Universally Unique Identifier library linux/armv7hl
uuid-dce-devel-1.6.2-11.fc17 DCE development support for Universally Unique Identifier library linux/armv7hl
uuid-debuginfo-1.6.2-11.fc17 Debug information for package uuid linux/armv7hl
uuid-devel-1.6.2-11.fc17 Development support for Universally Unique Identifier library linux/armv7hl
uuid-perl-1.6.2-11.fc17 Perl support for Universally Unique Identifier library linux/armv7hl
uuid-pgsql-1.6.2-11.fc17 PostgreSQL support for Universally Unique Identifier library linux/armv7hl
uuid-php-1.6.2-11.fc17 PHP support for Universally Unique Identifier library linux/armv7hl
uuidd-2.21.2-4.fc17 Helper daemon to guarantee uniqueness of time-based UUIDs linux/armv7hl
uvcdynctrl-0.2.2-1.fc17 Command line interface to libwebcam linux/armv7hl
uvcdynctrl-data-0.2.2-1.fc17 XML control file for the uvcdynctrl package linux/noarch

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