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Packages beginning with letter I

i3-4.2-1.fc17 Improved tiling window manager linux/armv7hl
i3-debuginfo-4.2-1.fc17 Debug information for package i3 linux/armv7hl
i3-doc-4.2-1.fc17 Documentation for i3 linux/noarch
i3lock-2.4.1-5.fc17 Simple X display locker linux/armv7hl
i3lock-debuginfo-2.4.1-5.fc17 Debug information for package i3lock linux/armv7hl
i3status-2.5.1-1.fc17 Generates a status line for dzen2 or wmii linux/armv7hl
i3status-debuginfo-2.5.1-1.fc17 Debug information for package i3status linux/armv7hl
ibus-1.5.2-4.fc17 Intelligent Input Bus for Linux OS linux/armv7hl
ibus-anthy-1.5.3-1.fc17 The Anthy engine for IBus input platform linux/armv7hl
ibus-anthy-debuginfo-1.5.3-1.fc17 Debug information for package ibus-anthy linux/armv7hl
ibus-anthy-devel-1.5.3-1.fc17 Development tools for ibus linux/armv7hl
ibus-chewing-1.4.3-1.fc17 The Chewing engine for IBus input platform linux/armv7hl
ibus-chewing-debuginfo-1.4.3-1.fc17 Debug information for package ibus-chewing linux/armv7hl
ibus-debuginfo-1.5.2-4.fc17 Debug information for package ibus linux/armv7hl
ibus-devel-1.5.2-4.fc17 Development tools for ibus linux/armv7hl
ibus-devel-docs-1.5.2-4.fc17 Developer documents for ibus linux/armv7hl
ibus-gnome3-1.5.2-4.fc17 IBus gnome-shell-extension for GNOME3 linux/armv7hl
ibus-gtk2-1.5.2-4.fc17 IBus im module for gtk2 linux/armv7hl
ibus-gtk3-1.5.2-4.fc17 IBus im module for gtk3 linux/armv7hl
ibus-hangul-1.4.1-4.fc17 The Hangul engine for IBus input platform linux/armv7hl
ibus-hangul-debuginfo-1.4.1-4.fc17 Debug information for package ibus-hangul linux/armv7hl
ibus-kkc-1.5.10-1.fc17 Japanese Kana Kanji input method for ibus linux/armv7hl
ibus-kkc-debuginfo-1.5.10-1.fc17 Debug information for package ibus-kkc linux/armv7hl
ibus-libpinyin-1.4.93-4.fc17 Intelligent Pinyin engine based on libpinyin for IBus linux/armv7hl
ibus-libpinyin-debuginfo-1.4.93-4.fc17 Debug information for package ibus-libpinyin linux/armv7hl
ibus-libs-1.5.2-4.fc17 IBus libraries linux/armv7hl
ibus-m17n-1.3.4-3.fc17 The M17N engine for IBus platform linux/armv7hl
ibus-m17n-debuginfo-1.3.4-3.fc17 Debug information for package ibus-m17n linux/armv7hl
ibus-mozc-1.5.1090.102-2.fc17 Open-sourced Google Japanese Input engine for IBus input platform linux/armv7hl
ibus-pinyin-1.5.0-1.fc17 The Chinese Pinyin and Bopomofo engines for IBus input platform linux/armv7hl
ibus-pinyin-debuginfo-1.5.0-1.fc17 Debug information for package ibus-pinyin linux/armv7hl
ibus-qt-1.3.2-2.fc17 Qt IBus library and Qt input method plugin linux/armv7hl
ibus-qt-debuginfo-1.3.2-2.fc17 Debug information for package ibus-qt linux/armv7hl
ibus-qt-devel-1.3.2-2.fc17 Development tools for ibus qt linux/armv7hl
ibus-qt-docs-1.3.2-2.fc17 Development documents for ibus qt linux/armv7hl
ibus-skk-1.4.1-2.fc17 Japanese SKK input method for ibus linux/armv7hl
ibus-skk-debuginfo-1.4.1-2.fc17 Debug information for package ibus-skk linux/armv7hl
ibus-sunpinyin-2.0.4-0.1.fc17 Sunpinyin input method engine for ibus linux/armv7hl
ibus-table- The Table engine for IBus platform linux/noarch
ibus-table-chinese-1.4.6-1.fc17 Chinese input tables for IBus linux/noarch
ibus-table-chinese-array-1.4.6-1.fc17 Array input methods linux/noarch
ibus-table-chinese-cangjie-1.4.6-1.fc17 Cangjie based input methods linux/noarch
ibus-table-chinese-cantonese-1.4.6-1.fc17 Cantonese input methods linux/noarch
ibus-table-chinese-easy-1.4.6-1.fc17 Easy input method linux/noarch
ibus-table-chinese-erbi-1.4.6-1.fc17 Erbi input method linux/noarch
ibus-table-chinese-quick-1.4.6-1.fc17 Quick-to-learn input methods linux/noarch
ibus-table-chinese-scj-1.4.6-1.fc17 Smart Cangjie linux/noarch
ibus-table-chinese-stroke5-1.4.6-1.fc17 Stroke 5 input method linux/noarch
ibus-table-chinese-wu-1.4.6-1.fc17 Wu pronunciation input method linux/noarch
ibus-table-chinese-wubi-haifeng-1.4.6-1.fc17 Haifeng Wubi input method linux/noarch
ibus-table-chinese-wubi-jidian-1.4.6-1.fc17 Jidian Wubi 86 input method, JiShuang 6.0 linux/noarch
ibus-table-chinese-yong-1.4.6-1.fc17 YongMa input method linux/noarch
ibus-table-code- Ibus-Tables for Latex, CNS11643 & Emoji linux/noarch
ibus-table-cyrillic- Ibus-Tables for Cyrillic linux/noarch
ibus-table-devel- Development files for ibus-table linux/noarch
ibus-table-latin- Ibus-Tables for Latin linux/noarch
ibus-table-mathwriter- Ibus-Tables for Unicode mathematics symbols linux/noarch
ibus-table-others- Various tables for IBus-Table linux/noarch
ibus-table-translit- Ibus-Tables for Russian Translit linux/noarch
ibus-table-tv- Ibus-Tables for Thai and Viqr (Vietnamese) linux/noarch
ibus-typing-booster-1.2.1-1.fc17 A typing booster engine for the IBus platform linux/noarch
icaro-1.0.2-2.fc17 Robotic Educational Project linux/noarch
icc-profiles-basiccolor-printing2009-1.2.0-1.fc17 The OpenICC profiles from basICColor linux/noarch
ice-3.4.2-15.fc17 ZeroC Object-Oriented middleware linux/armv7hl
ice-csharp-3.4.2-15.fc17 C# runtime for Ice applications linux/armv7hl
ice-csharp-devel-3.4.2-15.fc17 C# tools for developping Ice applications linux/armv7hl
ice-debuginfo-3.4.2-15.fc17 Debug information for package ice linux/armv7hl
ice-devel-3.4.2-15.fc17 C++ tools for developing Ice applications linux/armv7hl
ice-java-3.4.2-15.fc17 Java runtime for Ice applications linux/armv7hl
ice-java-devel-3.4.2-15.fc17 Java tools for developing Ice Applications linux/armv7hl
ice-php-3.4.2-15.fc17 PHP runtime for developping Ice applications linux/armv7hl
ice-php-devel-3.4.2-15.fc17 PHP tools for developping Ice applications linux/armv7hl
ice-python-3.4.2-15.fc17 Python runtime for Ice applications linux/armv7hl
ice-python-devel-3.4.2-15.fc17 Python tools for developping Ice applications linux/armv7hl
ice-ruby-3.4.2-15.fc17 Ruby runtime for Ice applications linux/armv7hl
ice-ruby-devel-3.4.2-15.fc17 Ruby tools for developping Ice applications linux/armv7hl
ice-servers-3.4.2-15.fc17 ICE SysV style services linux/armv7hl
icecast-2.3.3-1.fc17 ShoutCast compatible streaming media server linux/armv7hl
icecast-debuginfo-2.3.3-1.fc17 Debug information for package icecast linux/armv7hl
icedax-1.1.11-14.fc17 A utility for sampling/copying .wav files from digital audio CDs linux/armv7hl
icedtea-web-1.3-1.fc17 Java browser plug-in and Web Start implementation linux/armv7hl
icedtea-web-debuginfo-1.3-1.fc17 Debug information for package icedtea-web linux/armv7hl
icedtea-web-javadoc-1.3-1.fc17 API documentation for IcedTea-Web linux/noarch
icegrid-gui-3.4.2-15.fc17 IceGrid Admin Tool linux/armv7hl
icewm-1.3.7-9.fc17 Light and configurable window manager linux/armv7hl
icewm-clearlooks-1.3.7-9.fc17 Clearlooks like theme for IceWM linux/noarch
icewm-debuginfo-1.3.7-9.fc17 Debug information for package icewm linux/armv7hl
icewm-gnome-1.3.7-9.fc17 GNOME menu support for IceWM window manager linux/armv7hl
icewm-xdgmenu-1.3.7-9.fc17 Automatically generate the main IceWM menu linux/noarch
icoutils-0.31.0-1.fc17 Utility for extracting and converting Microsoft icon and cursor files linux/armv7hl
icoutils-debuginfo-0.31.0-1.fc17 Debug information for package icoutils linux/armv7hl
icu- International Components for Unicode linux/armv7hl
icu-debuginfo- Debug information for package icu linux/armv7hl
idjc-0.8.7-2.fc17 DJ application for streaming audio linux/armv7hl
idjc-debuginfo-0.8.7-2.fc17 Debug information for package idjc linux/armv7hl
idzebra-2.0.52-2.fc17 High performance structured text indexing and retrieval engine linux/armv7hl
idzebra-debuginfo-2.0.52-2.fc17 Debug information for package idzebra linux/armv7hl
iguanaIR-1.0.3-1.fc17 Driver for Iguanaworks USB IR transceiver linux/armv7hl
iguanaIR-debuginfo-1.0.3-1.fc17 Debug information for package iguanaIR linux/armv7hl
iguanaIR-devel-1.0.3-1.fc17 Library and header files for iguanaIR linux/armv7hl
iguanaIR-firmware-1.0.3-1.fc17 Firmware and reflasher for Iguanaworks USB IR transceiver linux/noarch
ikiwiki-3.20130518-1.fc17 A wiki compiler linux/noarch
ikiwiki-w3m-3.20130518-1.fc17 Ikiwiki w3m cgi meta-wrapper linux/noarch
ilbc-1.1.1-3.fc17 Internet Low Bitrate Codec linux/armv7hl
ilbc-debuginfo-1.1.1-3.fc17 Debug information for package ilbc linux/armv7hl
ilbc-devel-1.1.1-3.fc17 development files for ilbc linux/armv7hl
im-chooser- Desktop Input Method configuration tool linux/armv7hl
im-chooser-common- Common files for im-chooser subpackages linux/armv7hl
im-chooser-debuginfo- Debug information for package im-chooser linux/armv7hl
im-chooser-xfce- XFCE settings panel for im-chooser linux/armv7hl
imapsync-1.547-1.fc17 Tool to migrate email between IMAP servers linux/noarch
impressjs-0.5.3-1.20130412gitgedff5a0.fc17 Javascript presentation framework linux/noarch
imsettings-1.2.9-3.fc17 Delivery framework for general Input Method configuration linux/armv7hl
imsettings-debuginfo-1.2.9-3.fc17 Debug information for package imsettings linux/armv7hl
imsettings-devel-1.2.9-3.fc17 Development files for imsettings linux/armv7hl
imsettings-gnome-1.2.9-3.fc17 GNOME support on imsettings linux/armv7hl
imsettings-libs-1.2.9-3.fc17 Libraries for imsettings linux/armv7hl
imsettings-lxde-1.2.9-3.fc17 LXDE support on imsettings linux/armv7hl
imsettings-mate-1.2.9-3.fc17 MATE support on imsettings linux/armv7hl
imsettings-qt-1.2.9-3.fc17 Qt support on imsettings linux/armv7hl
imsettings-xfce-1.2.9-3.fc17 Xfce support on imsettings linux/armv7hl
imsettings-xim-1.2.9-3.fc17 XIM support on imsettings linux/armv7hl
inadyn-mt-2.24.36-5.fc17 Dynamic DNS Client linux/armv7hl
inadyn-mt-debuginfo-2.24.36-5.fc17 Debug information for package inadyn-mt linux/armv7hl
indefero-1.3.3-1.fc17 Simple code and project management linux/noarch
infinoted-0.5.3-1.fc17 Server for the infinote protocol linux/armv7hl
iniparser-3.1-1.fc17 C library for parsing "INI-style" files linux/armv7hl
iniparser-debuginfo-3.1-1.fc17 Debug information for package iniparser linux/armv7hl
iniparser-devel-3.1-1.fc17 Header files, libraries and development documentation for iniparser linux/armv7hl
initscripts-9.37.2-1.fc17 The inittab file and the /etc/init.d scripts linux/armv7hl
initscripts-debuginfo-9.37.2-1.fc17 Debug information for package initscripts linux/armv7hl
initscripts-legacy-9.37.2-1.fc17 Support for legacy booting methods linux/armv7hl
inkscape-0.48.4-1.fc17 Vector-based drawing program using SVG linux/armv7hl
inkscape-debuginfo-0.48.4-1.fc17 Debug information for package inkscape linux/armv7hl
inkscape-docs-0.48.4-1.fc17 Documentation for Inkscape linux/armv7hl
inkscape-sozi-13.05-1.fc17 Inkscape extension for creating animated presentations linux/noarch
inkscape-view-0.48.4-1.fc17 Viewing program for SVG files linux/armv7hl
innotop-1.9.0-2.fc17 A MySQL and InnoDB monitor program linux/noarch
ino-0.3.5-1.fc17 Command line toolkit for working with Arduino hardware linux/noarch
input-pad-1.0.2-1.fc17 On-screen Input Pad to Send Characters with Mouse linux/armv7hl
input-pad-debuginfo-1.0.2-1.fc17 Debug information for package input-pad linux/armv7hl
input-pad-devel-1.0.2-1.fc17 Development tools for input-pad linux/armv7hl
input-pad-eek-1.0.2-1.fc17 Input Pad with eekboard extension linux/armv7hl
input-pad-pygobject2-1.0.2-1.fc17 Input Pad for Python GObject2 linux/armv7hl
input-pad-xtest-1.0.2-1.fc17 Input Pad with XTEST extension linux/armv7hl
insight-7.4.50-8.20120403cvs.fc17 Graphical debugger based on GDB linux/armv7hl
insight-debuginfo-7.4.50-8.20120403cvs.fc17 Debug information for package insight linux/armv7hl
iok-2.1.3-1.fc17 Indic Onscreen Virtual Keyboard linux/armv7hl
iok-debuginfo-2.1.3-1.fc17 Debug information for package iok linux/armv7hl
iowatcher-1.0-1.fc17 Utility for visualizing block layer IO patterns and performance linux/armv7hl
iowatcher-debuginfo-1.0-1.fc17 Debug information for package iowatcher linux/armv7hl
ipa-ex-gothic-fonts-002.01-1.fc17 Japanese Gothic-typeface OpenType font by IPA linux/noarch
ipa-ex-mincho-fonts-002.01-1.fc17 Japanese Mincho-typeface OpenType font by IPA linux/noarch
ipe-7.1.2-1.fc17 Drawing editor for creating figures in PDF or PostScript formats linux/armv7hl
ipe-debuginfo-7.1.2-1.fc17 Debug information for package ipe linux/armv7hl
ipe-devel-7.1.2-1.fc17 Development files and documentation for designing Ipelets linux/armv7hl
ipe-doc-7.1.2-1.fc17 Documentation of Ipe linux/noarch
ipmitool-1.8.11-11.fc17 Utility for IPMI control linux/armv7hl
ipmitool-debuginfo-1.8.11-11.fc17 Debug information for package ipmitool linux/armv7hl
ipplan-4.92-6.b.fc17 Web-based IP address manager and tracker linux/noarch
iproute-3.3.0-6.fc17 Advanced IP routing and network device configuration tools linux/armv7hl
iproute-debuginfo-3.3.0-6.fc17 Debug information for package iproute linux/armv7hl
iproute-devel-3.3.0-6.fc17 iproute development files linux/armv7hl
iproute-doc-3.3.0-6.fc17 ip and tc documentation with examples linux/armv7hl
ipset-6.14-1.fc17 Manage Linux IP sets linux/armv7hl
ipset-debuginfo-6.14-1.fc17 Debug information for package ipset linux/armv7hl
ipset-devel-6.14-1.fc17 Development files for ipset linux/armv7hl
ipset-libs-6.14-1.fc17 Shared library providing the IP sets functionality linux/armv7hl
iptables-1.4.14-2.fc17 Tools for managing Linux kernel packet filtering capabilities linux/armv7hl
iptables-debuginfo-1.4.14-2.fc17 Debug information for package iptables linux/armv7hl
iptables-devel-1.4.14-2.fc17 Development package for iptables linux/armv7hl
iputils-20101006-16.fc17 Network monitoring tools including ping linux/armv7hl
iputils-debuginfo-20101006-16.fc17 Debug information for package iputils linux/armv7hl
iputils-sysvinit-20101006-16.fc17 SysV initscript for rdisc daemon linux/armv7hl
irclog2html-2.11.0-1.fc17 Script to convert IRC logs to HTML and other formats linux/noarch
iris-1.0.0-0.14.20110904svn812.fc17 A library for working with the XMPP/Jabber protocol linux/armv7hl
iris-debuginfo-1.0.0-0.14.20110904svn812.fc17 Debug information for package iris linux/armv7hl
iris-devel-1.0.0-0.14.20110904svn812.fc17 Development file for iris linux/armv7hl
irqbalance-1.0.3-7.fc17 IRQ balancing daemon linux/armv7hl
irqbalance-debuginfo-1.0.3-7.fc17 Debug information for package irqbalance linux/armv7hl
is-interface-1.14.0-0.fc17 Information service library for the lcg bdii system linux/armv7hl
is-interface-debuginfo-1.14.0-0.fc17 Debug information for package is-interface linux/armv7hl
is-interface-devel-1.14.0-0.fc17 Development files for is-interface linux/armv7hl
isdn4k-utils-3.2-84.fc17 Utilities for configuring an ISDN subsystem linux/armv7hl
isdn4k-utils-debuginfo-3.2-84.fc17 Debug information for package isdn4k-utils linux/armv7hl
isdn4k-utils-devel-3.2-84.fc17 Header files for capi development linux/armv7hl
isdn4k-utils-doc-3.2-84.fc17 Documentation for isdn4k-utils linux/armv7hl
isdn4k-utils-static-3.2-84.fc17 Static library for capi development linux/armv7hl
isdn4k-utils-vboxgetty-3.2-84.fc17 ISDN voice box (getty) linux/armv7hl
isns-utils-0.91-6.fc17.1 The iSNS daemon and utility programs linux/armv7hl
isns-utils-debuginfo-0.91-6.fc17.1 Debug information for package isns-utils linux/armv7hl
isync-1.0.6-1.fc17 Tool to synchronize IMAP4 and Maildir mailboxes linux/armv7hl
isync-debuginfo-1.0.6-1.fc17 Debug information for package isync linux/armv7hl
iverilog-0.9.20120609-1.fc17 Icarus Verilog is a verilog compiler and simulator linux/armv7hl
iverilog-debuginfo-0.9.20120609-1.fc17 Debug information for package iverilog linux/armv7hl
ivykis-0.30.5-1.fc17 Library for asynchronous I/O readiness notification linux/armv7hl
ivykis-debuginfo-0.30.5-1.fc17 Debug information for package ivykis linux/armv7hl
ivykis-devel-0.30.5-1.fc17 Development files for the ivykis package linux/armv7hl
iwidgets-4.0.2-8.fc17 A set of useful widgets based on itcl and itk linux/noarch
iwl100-firmware- Firmware for Intel(R) Wireless WiFi Link 100 Series Adapters linux/noarch
iwl1000-firmware- Firmware for Intel® PRO/Wireless 1000 B/G/N network adaptors linux/noarch
iwl105-firmware- Firmware for Intel(R) Centrino Wireless-N 105 Series Adapters linux/noarch
iwl135-firmware- Firmware for Intel(R) Centrino Wireless-N 135 Series Adapters linux/noarch
iwl2000-firmware- Firmware for Intel(R) Centrino Wireless-N 2000 Series Adapters linux/noarch
iwl2030-firmware- Firmware for Intel(R) Centrino Wireless-N 2030 Series Adapters linux/noarch
iwl3945-firmware- Firmware for Intel® PRO/Wireless 3945 A/B/G network adaptors linux/noarch
iwl4965-firmware- Firmware for Intel® PRO/Wireless 4965 A/G/N network adaptors linux/noarch
iwl5000-firmware- Firmware for Intel® PRO/Wireless 5000 A/G/N network adaptors linux/noarch
iwl5150-firmware- Firmware for Intel® PRO/Wireless 5150 A/G/N network adaptors linux/noarch
iwl6000-firmware- Firmware for Intel(R) Wireless WiFi Link 6000 AGN Adapter linux/noarch
iwl6000g2a-firmware- Firmware for Intel(R) Wireless WiFi Link 6005 Series Adapters linux/noarch
iwl6000g2b-firmware- Firmware for Intel(R) Wireless WiFi Link 6030 Series Adapters linux/noarch
iwl6050-firmware- Firmware for Intel(R) Wireless WiFi Link 6050 Series Adapters linux/noarch

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