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RPM of Group User Interface/Desktops

PyKDE4-4.7.4-1.fc16 Python bindings for KDE4 linux/s390
WindowMaker-0.95.3-2.fc16 A fast, feature rich Window Manager linux/s390
abrt-cli-2.0.7-3.fc16 abrt's command line interface linux/s390
abrt-desktop-2.0.7-3.fc16 Virtual package to install all necessary packages for usage from desktop environment linux/s390
abrt-gui-2.0.7-3.fc16 abrt's gui linux/s390
aldabra-theme-gnome-3.2.2-1.fc16 Aldabra theme pack for GNOME linux/noarch
blueman-nautilus-1.23-2.fc16 Blueman Nautilus plugin linux/s390
caledonia-kde-theme-1.2.0-1.fc16 An elegant dark theme for Plasma linux/noarch
caribou-0.4.1-3.fc16 A simplified in-place on-screen keyboard linux/s390
caribou-antler-0.4.1-3.fc16 Keyboard implementation for caribou linux/s390
cinnamon-1.4.0-8.UP1.fc16 Window management and application launching for GNOME linux/s390
clipit-1.4.2-1.fc16 A lightweight, fully featured GTK+ clipboard manager linux/s390
control-center-3.2.3-1.fc16 Utilities to configure the GNOME desktop linux/s390
e16-1.0.11-1.fc16 The Enlightenment window manager, DR16 linux/s390
e16-epplets-0.14-1.fc16 Epplets for Enlightenment, DR16 linux/s390
e16-themes-1.0.1-1.fc16 Themes for Enlightenment, DR16 linux/noarch
egtk-common-3.1-1.fc16 Files common to eGTK themes linux/noarch
egtk-gtk2-theme-3.1-1.fc16 The eGTK theme for GTK+2 linux/noarch
egtk-gtk3-theme-3.1-1.fc16 The eGTK theme for GTK+3 linux/noarch
egtk-metacity-theme-3.1-1.fc16 The eGTK theme for Metacity linux/noarch
egtk-xfwm4-theme-3.1-1.fc16 The eGTK theme for Xfwm4 linux/noarch
eterm-0.9.6-5.fc16 Enlightened terminal emulator linux/s390
faenza-icon-theme-1.1-1.fc16 Icon theme designed for Equinox GTK theme linux/noarch
fbdesk-1.4.1-12.fc16 Icon Manager for Fluxbox linux/s390
fluxbox-1.3.2-2.fc16 Window Manager based on Blackbox linux/s390
fluxbox-pulseaudio-1.3.2-2.fc16 Enable pulseaudio support linux/noarch
fluxbox-vim-syntax-1.3.2-2.fc16 Fluxbox syntax scripts for vim linux/noarch
fonts-tweak-tool-0.0.5-1.fc16 Tool for customizing fonts per language linux/noarch
gdesklets-0.36.3-6.1.fc16 Architecture for desktop applets linux/s390
gdesklets-goodweather-0.31-8.fc16 Themeable weather and condition display for gdesklet linux/noarch
gedit-beesu-plugin-0.4-7.fc16 Allows normal users to open files in gedit as root linux/s390
gmrun-0.9.2-25.fc16 Lightweight "Run program" dialog box with search history and tab completion linux/s390
gnome-applet-sensors-3.0.0-1.fc16 Gnome panel applet for hardware sensors linux/s390
gnome-icon-theme- GNOME icon theme linux/noarch
gnome-icon-theme-legacy- Old names for icons in gnome-icon-theme linux/noarch
gnome-shell- Window management and application launching for GNOME linux/s390
gnome-shell-extension-alternate-tab-3.2.3-2.fc16 Classic Alt+Tab behavior. Window based instead of app based linux/noarch
gnome-shell-extension-alternative-status-menu-3.2.3-2.fc16 For those who want a power off item visible at all the time linux/noarch
gnome-shell-extension-apps-menu-3.2.3-2.fc16 Application menu for GNOME Shell linux/noarch
gnome-shell-extension-auto-move-windows-3.2.3-2.fc16 Assign specific workspaces to applications linux/noarch
gnome-shell-extension-calc-0-0.3.git2fca097.fc16 A simple calculator in the search overview linux/noarch
gnome-shell-extension-common-3.2.3-2.fc16 Files common to GNOME Shell Extensions linux/noarch
gnome-shell-extension-cpu-temperature-0-0.7.gite1777e6.fc16 A gnome-shell extension to show the current temperature of CPU linux/noarch
gnome-shell-extension-dock-3.2.3-2.fc16 Shows a dock-style task switcher permanently linux/noarch
gnome-shell-extension-drive-menu-3.2.3-2.fc16 Disk device manager in the system status area linux/noarch
gnome-shell-extension-gpaste-2.2.1-1.fc16 GNOME Shell extension for GPaste linux/noarch
gnome-shell-extension-icon-manager-0-0.4.gitc34779c.fc16 A gnome-shell extension to manage icons in top bar linux/noarch
gnome-shell-extension-native-window-placement-3.2.3-2.fc16 Arrange windows in overview in a more native way linux/noarch
gnome-shell-extension-noripple-2.0-1.fc16 A gnome-shell extension to disable hot corner ripple effects linux/noarch
gnome-shell-extension-places-menu-3.2.3-2.fc16 Places menu indicator in the system status area linux/noarch
gnome-shell-extension-presentation-mode-0-0.3.gitbe7e0ae.fc16 A gnome-shell extension to control the screen saver linux/noarch
gnome-shell-extension-remove-accessibility-icon-20111008-1.fc16 A gnome-shell extensions for removing the accessibility icon linux/noarch
gnome-shell-extension-remove-bluetooth-icon-0.3.0-1.fc16 A gnome-shell extension for removing the bluetooth icon linux/noarch
gnome-shell-extension-remove-volume-icon-0.4.0-1.fc16 A gnome-shell extension for removing the volume icon linux/noarch
gnome-shell-extension-sustmi-historymanager-prefix-search-3.0-6.git72282ce.fc16 Use PageUp and PageDown to move in the log according the prefix linux/noarch
gnome-shell-extension-sustmi-windowoverlay-icons-3.0-6.git72282ce.fc16 Viewing the app icons over the window in the windows overview linux/noarch
gnome-shell-extension-systemMonitor-3.2.3-2.fc16 Monitor your system status linux/noarch
gnome-shell-extension-user-theme-3.2.3-2.fc16 Lets the user select a custom theme for the shell linux/noarch
gnome-shell-extension-windowsNavigator-3.2.3-2.fc16 Keyboard selection of windows and work-spaces in overlay mode linux/noarch
gnome-shell-extension-workspace-indicator-3.2.3-2.fc16 Workspace Indicator linux/noarch
gnome-shell-extension-xrandr-indicator-3.2.3-2.fc16 Monitor status indicator linux/noarch
gnome-shell-search-fedora-packages-0.1-4.fc16 Search the fedora-packages webapp from the gnome-shell linux/noarch
gnome-shell-theme-atolm-3.2-1.fc16 The Atolm gnome-shell theme linux/noarch
gnome-shell-theme-elementary-3.2-1.fc16 The Elementary gnome-shell theme linux/noarch
gnome-shell-theme-smooth-inset-3.2-1.fc16 The Smooth-Inset gnome-shell theme linux/noarch
gnome-theme-curvylooks-0.4-0.2.rc2.fc16 A modern Clearlooks theme using a Bluecurve-like color scheme linux/noarch
gnote-0.8.2-1.fc16 Note-taking application linux/s390
gpaste-2.2.1-1.fc16 Clipboard management system linux/s390
gxneur-0.16.0-1.fc16 GTK front-end for X Neural Switcher (xneur) linux/s390
humanity-icon-theme-0.6.1-1.fc16 Humanity icon theme linux/noarch
icewm-1.3.7-7.fc16 Light and configurable window manager linux/s390
icewm-clearlooks-1.3.7-7.fc16 Clearlooks like theme for IceWM linux/noarch
icewm-gnome-1.3.7-7.fc16 GNOME menu support for IceWM window manager linux/s390
icewm-xdgmenu-1.3.7-7.fc16 Automatically generate the main IceWM menu linux/noarch
jwm-2.1.0-1.fc16 Joe's Window Manager linux/s390
kcm-gtk-0.5.3-10.fc16 Configure the appearance of GTK apps in KDE linux/s390
kde-l10n-4.8.5-2.fc16 Internationalization support for KDE linux/noarch
kde-l10n-Arabic-4.8.5-2.fc16 Arabic language support for KDE linux/noarch
kde-l10n-Basque-4.8.5-2.fc16 Basque language support for KDE linux/noarch
kde-l10n-Bosnian-4.8.5-2.fc16 Bosnian language support for KDE linux/noarch
kde-l10n-Brazil-4.8.5-2.fc16 Brazil Portuguese language support for KDE linux/noarch
kde-l10n-British-4.8.5-2.fc16 British English support for KDE linux/noarch
kde-l10n-Bulgarian-4.8.5-2.fc16 Bulgarian language support for KDE linux/noarch
kde-l10n-Catalan-4.8.5-2.fc16 Catalan language support for KDE linux/noarch
kde-l10n-Catalan-Valencian-4.8.5-2.fc16 Catalan (Valencian) language support for KDE linux/noarch
kde-l10n-Chinese-4.8.5-2.fc16 Chinese (Simplified Chinese) language support for KDE linux/noarch
kde-l10n-Chinese-Traditional-4.8.5-2.fc16 Chinese (Traditional) language support for KDE linux/noarch
kde-l10n-Croatian-4.8.5-2.fc16 Croatian language support for KDE linux/noarch
kde-l10n-Czech-4.8.5-2.fc16 Czech language support for KDE linux/noarch
kde-l10n-Danish-4.8.5-2.fc16 Danish language support for KDE linux/noarch
kde-l10n-Dutch-4.8.5-2.fc16 Dutch language support for KDE linux/noarch
kde-l10n-Estonian-4.8.5-2.fc16 Estonian language support for KDE linux/noarch
kde-l10n-Farsi-4.8.5-2.fc16 Farsi language support for KDE linux/noarch
kde-l10n-Finnish-4.8.5-2.fc16 Finnish language support for KDE linux/noarch
kde-l10n-French-4.8.5-2.fc16 French language support for KDE linux/noarch
kde-l10n-Galician-4.8.5-2.fc16 Galician language support for KDE linux/noarch
kde-l10n-German-4.8.5-2.fc16 German language support for KDE linux/noarch
kde-l10n-Greek-4.8.5-2.fc16 Greek language support for KDE linux/noarch
kde-l10n-Hebrew-4.8.5-2.fc16 Hebrew language support for KDE linux/noarch
kde-l10n-Hungarian-4.8.5-2.fc16 Hungarian language support for KDE linux/noarch
kde-l10n-Icelandic-4.8.5-2.fc16 Icelandic language support for KDE linux/noarch
kde-l10n-Indonesian-4.8.5-2.fc16 Indonesian language support for KDE linux/noarch
kde-l10n-Interlingua-4.8.5-2.fc16 Interlingua language support for KDE linux/noarch
kde-l10n-Irish-4.8.5-2.fc16 Irish language support for KDE linux/noarch
kde-l10n-Italian-4.8.5-2.fc16 Italian language support for KDE linux/noarch
kde-l10n-Japanese-4.8.5-2.fc16 Japanese language support for KDE linux/noarch
kde-l10n-Kazakh-4.8.5-2.fc16 Kazakh language support for KDE linux/noarch
kde-l10n-Khmer-4.8.5-2.fc16 Khmer language support for KDE linux/noarch
kde-l10n-Korean-4.8.5-2.fc16 Korean language support for KDE linux/noarch
kde-l10n-Latvian-4.8.5-2.fc16 Latvian language support for KDE linux/noarch
kde-l10n-Lithuanian-4.8.5-2.fc16 Lithuanian language support for KDE linux/noarch
kde-l10n-LowSaxon-4.8.5-2.fc16 Low Saxon language support for KDE linux/noarch
kde-l10n-Norwegian-4.8.5-2.fc16 Norwegian (Bokmaal) language support for KDE linux/noarch
kde-l10n-Norwegian-Nynorsk-4.8.5-2.fc16 Norwegian (Nynorsk) language support for KDE linux/noarch
kde-l10n-Polish-4.8.5-2.fc16 Polish language support for KDE linux/noarch
kde-l10n-Portuguese-4.8.5-2.fc16 Portuguese language support for KDE linux/noarch
kde-l10n-Punjabi-4.8.5-2.fc16 Punjabi language support for KDE linux/noarch
kde-l10n-Romanian-4.8.5-2.fc16 Romanian language support for KDE linux/noarch
kde-l10n-Russian-4.8.5-2.fc16 Russian language support for KDE linux/noarch
kde-l10n-Serbian-4.8.5-2.fc16 Serbian language support for KDE linux/noarch
kde-l10n-Sinhala-4.8.5-2.fc16 Sinhala language support for KDE linux/noarch
kde-l10n-Slovak-4.8.5-2.fc16 Slovak language support for KDE linux/noarch
kde-l10n-Slovenian-4.8.5-2.fc16 Slovenian language support for KDE linux/noarch
kde-l10n-Spanish-4.8.5-2.fc16 Spanish language support for KDE linux/noarch
kde-l10n-Swedish-4.8.5-2.fc16 Swedish language support for KDE linux/noarch
kde-l10n-Tajik-4.8.5-2.fc16 Tajik language support for KDE linux/noarch
kde-l10n-Thai-4.8.5-2.fc16 Thai language support for KDE linux/noarch
kde-l10n-Turkish-4.8.5-2.fc16 Turkish language support for KDE linux/noarch
kde-l10n-Ukrainian-4.8.5-2.fc16 Ukrainian language support for KDE linux/noarch
kde-l10n-Uyghur-4.8.5-2.fc16 Uyghur language support for KDE linux/noarch
kde-l10n-Vietnamese-4.8.5-2.fc16 Vietnamese language support for KDE linux/noarch
kde-l10n-Walloon-4.8.5-2.fc16 Walloon language support for KDE linux/noarch
kde-plasma-daisy- A versatile application launcher linux/s390
kde-plasma-runcommand-2.4-1.fc16 Simple plasmoid to run commands without using terminal or KRunner linux/s390
kde-plasma-smooth-tasks-0.0.1-0.5.20120313hge8a97edfdebc.fc16 KDE taskbar replacement with window peeking ability linux/s390
kde-plasma-yawp-0.4.3-1.fc16 Yet Another Weather Plasmoid linux/s390
kde-style-phase-4.8.5-1.fc16 Classic GUI style for KDE linux/s390
kdeaccessibility-4.8.5-1.fc16 KDE Accessibility linux/noarch
kdeadmin-4.8.4-1.fc16 KDE Administrative tools linux/s390
kdeartwork-4.8.5-1.fc16 Additional artwork for KDE linux/s390
kdebase-4.7.4-2.fc16 KDE Core Applications linux/s390
kdebase-runtime-4.7.4-2.fc16 KDE Runtime linux/s390
kdebase-runtime-flags-4.7.4-2.fc16 Geopolitical flags linux/noarch
kdebase-workspace-4.7.4-9.fc16 KDE Workspace linux/s390
kdebase-workspace-ksplash-themes-4.7.4-9.fc16 KDE ksplash themes linux/noarch
kdeplasma-addons-4.8.5-1.fc16 Additional plasmoids for KDE linux/s390
ksysguard-4.7.4-9.fc16 KDE System Monitor linux/s390
ksysguard-libs-4.7.4-9.fc16 Runtime libraries for ksysguard linux/s390
libkworkspace-4.7.4-9.fc16 Runtime libkworkspace library linux/s390
libreport-cli-2.0.10-3.fc16 libreport's command line interface linux/s390
libreport-gtk-2.0.10-3.fc16 GTK front-end for libreport linux/s390
libreport-newt-2.0.10-3.fc16 libreport's newt interface linux/s390
light-gtk2-theme- Ambiance and Radiance GTK+2 themes linux/noarch
light-gtk3-theme- Ambiance and Radiance GTK+3 themes linux/noarch
light-metacity-theme- Ambiance and Radiance Metacity themes linux/noarch
light-theme-gnome- Ambiance and Radiance GNOME themes linux/noarch
lxappearance-0.5.1-1.fc16 Feature-rich GTK+ theme switcher for LXDE linux/s390
lxappearance-obconf-0.1.2-0.2.20120304git5fad8207.fc16 Plugin to configure Openbox inside LXAppearance linux/s390
lxdm-0.4.1-1.fc16 Lightweight X11 Display Manager linux/s390
lxinput-0.3.1-1.fc16 Keyboard and mouse settings dialog for LXDE linux/s390
lxpanel-0.5.10-3.fc16 A lightweight X11 desktop panel linux/s390
lxpolkit-0.1.0-1.fc16 Simple PolicyKit authentication agent linux/s390
lxrandr-0.1.2-1.fc16 Simple monitor configuration tool linux/s390
lxsession-edit-0.2.0-1.fc16 Simple GUI to configure whatâs automatically started in LXDE linux/s390
lxshortcut-0.1.2-1.fc16 Small utility to edit application shortcuts linux/s390
lxtask-0.1.4-2.fc16 Lightweight and desktop independent task manager linux/s390
lxterminal-0.1.11-1.fc16 Desktop-independent VTE-based terminal emulator linux/s390
mate-file-manager-1.5.2-1.fc16 File manager for MATE linux/s390
minbar-0.2.1-12.fc16 Athan call and prayer times notification software linux/s390
mono-icon-theme-4.8.5-1.fc16 Mono icon theme linux/noarch
monochrome-icon-theme-0.0.42-1.fc16 Icons for the panel, designed in a simplified monochrome style linux/noarch
muffin-1.0.2-2.fc16 Window and compositing manager based on Clutter linux/s390
musca-0.9.24-3.fc16 A simple dynamic window manager fox X linux/s390
mutter-3.2.2-1.fc16 Window and compositing manager based on Clutter linux/s390
nautilus-actions-3.2.2-1.fc16 Nautilus extension for customizing the context menu linux/s390
nautilus-beesu-manager-1.7-7.fc16 Utility to add beesu scripts to nautilus linux/noarch
nuvola-icon-theme-4.8.5-1.fc16 Nuvola icon theme linux/noarch
openbox-3.5.0-5.fc16 A highly configurable and standards-compliant X11 window manager linux/s390
openbox-gnome-3.5.0-5.fc16 GNOME integration for openbox linux/s390
openbox-kde-3.5.0-5.fc16 KDE integration for openbox linux/s390
orage-4.8.3-1.fc16 Time-managing application for Xfce4 linux/s390
oxygen-cursor-themes-4.7.4-9.fc16 Oxygen cursor themes linux/noarch
oxygen-gtk-1.2.0-2.fc16 Oxygen GTK theme linux/noarch
oxygen-gtk2-1.3.1-1.fc16 Oxygen GTK+2 theme linux/s390
oxygen-gtk3-1.1.1-1.fc16 Oxygen GTK+3 theme linux/s390
oxygen-icon-theme-4.8.5-1.fc16 Oxygen icon theme linux/noarch
pcmanfm-1.1.0-1.fc16 Extremly fast and lightweight file manager linux/s390
pekwm-0.1.16-1.fc16 A small and flexible window manager linux/s390
pinot-0.97-2.fc16 Personal search and metasearch for the Desktop linux/s390
plasma-applet-kimpanel-4.8.5-1.fc16 Plasma applet for input methods linux/s390
plasma-scriptengine-python-4.7.4-9.fc16 Plasma scriptengine for python linux/s390
plasma-scriptengine-ruby-4.7.4-9.fc16 Plasma scriptengine for ruby linux/s390
plasma-wallpaper-marble-4.8.5-1.fc16 Marble wallpaper for kde-plasma linux/s390
qt-config-4.8.4-1.fc16 Graphical configuration tool for programs using Qt 4 linux/s390
qt3-config-3.3.8b-37.fc16 Graphical configuration tool for programs using Qt 3 linux/s390
qtcurve-gtk2-1.8.14-1.fc16 This is a set of widget styles for Gtk2 based apps linux/s390
qtcurve-kde4-1.8.11-1.fc16 This is a set of widget styles for Qt4/KDE4 based apps linux/s390
ristretto-0.3.6-1.fc16 Image-viewer for the Xfce desktop environment linux/s390
seahorse-3.2.2-1.fc16 A GNOME application for managing encryption keys linux/s390
shared-desktop-ontologies-0.8.1-1.fc16 Shared ontologies needed for semantic environments linux/noarch
sound-theme-acoustic-1.0-1.fc16 Sound theme made on an acoustic guitar linux/noarch
starcal-2.0.2-1.fc16 A full-featured international calendar written in Python linux/noarch
tango-icon-theme-0.8.90-5.fc16 Icon theme from Tango Project linux/noarch
the-board-nautilus-0.1.3-2.fc16 Nautilus extension for the-board linux/s390
tigervnc-1.1.0-3.fc16 A TigerVNC remote display system linux/s390
tracker-evolution-plugin-0.12.10-1.fc16 Tracker's evolution plugin linux/s390
tracker-nautilus-plugin-0.12.10-1.fc16 Tracker's nautilus plugin linux/s390
tracker-ui-tools-0.12.10-1.fc16 Tracker search tool(s) linux/s390
uim-gnome-1.8.3-1.fc16 GNOME Applet for Uim linux/s390
uim-gtk2-1.8.3-1.fc16 GTK+2 support for Uim linux/s390
uim-gtk3-1.8.3-1.fc16 GTK+3 support for Uim linux/s390
uim-kde-1.8.3-1.fc16 KDE Applet for Uim linux/s390
uim-kde3-1.8.3-1.fc16 KDE3 Applet for Uim linux/s390
uim-qt-1.8.3-1.fc16 Qt4 support for Uim linux/s390
uim-qt3-1.8.3-1.fc16 Qt3 support for Uim linux/s390
wallpapoz-0.5-10.fc16 Gnome Multi Backgrounds and Wallpapers Configuration Tool linux/noarch
x-tile-2.5-1.fc16 A GTK application to tile windows in different ways linux/noarch
xfce-utils-4.8.3-2.fc16 Utilities for the Xfce Desktop Environment linux/s390
xfce4-clipman-plugin-1.2.2-1.fc16 Clipboard manager plugin for the Xfce panel linux/s390
xfce4-kbdleds-plugin-0.0.6-1.fc16 Xfce panel plugin to show the state of keyboard LEDs linux/s390
xfce4-netload-plugin-1.1.0-1.fc16 Network-load monitor for the Xfce panel linux/s390
xfce4-notifyd-0.2.2-6.fc16 Simple notification daemon for Xfce linux/s390
xfce4-power-manager-1.0.10-2.fc16 Power management for the Xfce desktop environment linux/s390
xfce4-session-4.8.3-1.fc16 Xfce session manager linux/s390
xfce4-session-engines-4.8.3-1.fc16 Additional engines for xfce4-session linux/s390
xfce4-smartbookmark-plugin-0.4.4-1.fc16 Smart bookmarks for the Xfce panel linux/s390
xfce4-time-out-plugin-1.0.1-2.fc16 Xfce panel plugin for taking breaks from the computer linux/s390
xfce4-weather-plugin-0.8.2-1.fc16 Weather plugin for the Xfce panel linux/s390
xfce4-xkb-plugin- XKB layout switcher for the Xfce panel linux/s390
xfdesktop-4.8.3-3.fc16 Desktop manager for the XFce Desktop Environment linux/s390
xfwm4-4.8.3-1.fc16 Next generation window manager for Xfce linux/s390
xneur-0.16.0-1.fc16 X Neural Switcher linux/s390
xpad-4.1-1.fc16 Sticky notepad for GTK+2 linux/s390
xsettings-kde-0.12.3-3.fc16 XSettings Daemon for KDE linux/s390
zeitgeist-0.9.0-1.fc16 Framework providing Desktop activity awareness linux/s390
zeitgeist-datahub-0.8.2-1.fc16 The zeitgeist engine data logger linux/s390

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