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Packages beginning with letter W

waf-1.6.11-1.fc15 A Python-based build system linux/noarch
waf-docs-1.6.11-1.fc15 Documentation for waf linux/noarch
waf-python3-1.6.11-1.fc15 Python3 support for waf linux/noarch
wallaby-0.12.4-1.fc15 Condor pool configuration service with QMF interface linux/noarch
wallaby-http-server-0.12.4-1.fc15 Wallaby web service interface linux/noarch
wallaby-utils-0.12.4-1.fc15 Utilities to interact with the Wallaby service linux/noarch
wallpapoz-0.5-10.fc15 Gnome Multi Backgrounds and Wallpapers Configuration Tool linux/noarch
wbfs-manager-0.1.12-2.fc15 A WBFS manager for Linux using GTK+ linux/armv5tel
wbfs-manager-debuginfo-0.1.12-2.fc15 Debug information for package wbfs-manager linux/armv5tel
wfmath-0.3.11-2.fc15 WorldForge client math libraries linux/armv5tel
wfmath-debuginfo-0.3.11-2.fc15 Debug information for package wfmath linux/armv5tel
wfmath-devel-0.3.11-2.fc15 Development files for wfmath linux/armv5tel
whohas-0.29-1.fc15 Command line tool for query package lists linux/noarch
wifiroamd-1.15-1.fc15 Automatic WiFi connection (re)establishment daemon linux/noarch
wlmproxy-0.2.0-0.1.20110630gite9e6af2.fc15 An advanced proxy for the MSN Messenger protocol linux/armv5tel
wlmproxy-debuginfo-0.2.0-0.1.20110630gite9e6af2.fc15 Debug information for package wlmproxy linux/armv5tel
wmSun-1.03-4.fc15 Rise/Set time of Sun in a dockapp linux/armv5tel
wmSun-debuginfo-1.03-4.fc15 Debug information for package wmSun linux/armv5tel
wmbinclock-0.5-2.fc15 Dockapp which shows the actual system time as binary clock linux/armv5tel
wmbinclock-debuginfo-0.5-2.fc15 Debug information for package wmbinclock linux/armv5tel
wmblob-1.0.3-3.fc15 Dockapp which shows funny moving `blobs' linux/armv5tel
wmblob-debuginfo-1.0.3-3.fc15 Debug information for package wmblob linux/armv5tel
wmcalc-0.3-4.fc15 Calculator in a WindowMaker dockapp linux/armv5tel
wmcalc-debuginfo-0.3-4.fc15 Debug information for package wmcalc linux/armv5tel
wmcube-0.98-2.fc15 Dockapp with a rotating 3d-object and the current CPU load linux/armv5tel
wmcube-debuginfo-0.98-2.fc15 Debug information for package wmcube linux/armv5tel
wmeyes-1.2-3.fc15 Dockapp with moving eyes that follow mouse movement linux/armv5tel
wmeyes-debuginfo-1.2-3.fc15 Debug information for package wmeyes linux/armv5tel
wmname-0.1-1.fc15 Prints/sets the EWMH WM name property linux/armv5tel
wmname-debuginfo-0.1-1.fc15 Debug information for package wmname linux/armv5tel
wodim-1.1.11-8.fc15 A command line CD/DVD recording program linux/armv5tel
wordpress-3.3.1-1.fc15 Blog tool and publishing platform linux/noarch
wqy-microhei-fonts-0.2.0-0.8.beta.fc15 Compact Chinese fonts derived from Droid linux/noarch
writetype-1.2.130-7.fc15 Light word processor linux/noarch

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