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Packages beginning with letter F

facter-1.6.5-1.fc15 Ruby module for collecting simple facts about a host operating system linux/noarch
faenza-icon-theme-1.1-1.fc15 Icon theme designed for Equinox GTK theme linux/noarch
fbg2-0.3-2.fc15 A falling block stacking game linux/armv5tel
fbg2-debuginfo-0.3-2.fc15 Debug information for package fbg2 linux/armv5tel
fedora-cert- Fedora certificate tool and python library linux/noarch
fedora-easy-karma-0-0.15.20110825git36efb338.fc15 Fedora update feedback made easy linux/noarch
fedora-gnat-project-common-2.4-1.fc15 Files shared by Ada libraries linux/noarch
fedora-kickstarts-0.15.6-1.fc15 Official Fedora Spins linux/noarch
fedora-logos-15.0.1-1.fc15 Fedora-related icons and pictures linux/noarch
fedora-package-config-apt-15.00-1 Fedora configuration files for the apt-rpm package manager linux/noarch
fedora-packager- Tools for setting up a fedora maintainer environment linux/noarch
fedora-release-notes-15.1.0-1.fc15 Release Notes linux/noarch
fedora-review-0.1.2-1.fc15 Review tool for fedora rpm packages linux/noarch
fedpkg-1.1-1.fc15 Fedora utility for working with dist-git linux/noarch
feh-1.14.1-1.fc15 Fast command line image viewer using Imlib2 linux/armv5tel
feh-debuginfo-1.14.1-1.fc15 Debug information for package feh linux/armv5tel
ferm-2.1-1.fc15 For Easy Rule Making linux/noarch
fetch-crl-3.0.7-1.fc15 Downloads Certificate Revocation Lists linux/noarch
fetchmail-6.3.20-1.fc15 A remote mail retrieval and forwarding utility linux/armv5tel
fetchmail-debuginfo-6.3.20-1.fc15 Debug information for package fetchmail linux/armv5tel
filesystem-2.4.41-1.fc15 The basic directory layout for a Linux system linux/armv5tel
findthatword-0.1-4.fc15 A word search maker linux/noarch
fldigi-doc-3.21-1.fc15 Documentation for the Fldigi project linux/noarch
fop-1.0-17.fc15 XSL-driven print formatter linux/noarch
fop-javadoc-1.0-17.fc15 Javadoc for fop linux/noarch
fpaste-0.3.7-1.fc15 A simple tool for pasting info onto linux/noarch
fpaste-server-0.2-1.fc15 Fedora Pastebin linux/noarch
fprintd-0.4.1-1.fc15 D-Bus service for Fingerprint reader access linux/armv5tel
fprintd-debuginfo-0.4.1-1.fc15 Debug information for package fprintd linux/armv5tel
fprintd-devel-0.4.1-1.fc15 Development files for fprintd linux/noarch
fprintd-pam-0.4.1-1.fc15 PAM module for fingerprint authentication linux/armv5tel
freehdl-0.0.8-1.fc15 GPLed free VHDL linux/armv5tel
freehdl-debuginfo-0.0.8-1.fc15 Debug information for package freehdl linux/armv5tel
freemedforms-0.5.9-0.1.alpha1.fc15 An open Electronic Medical Record Manager linux/armv5tel
freemedforms-debuginfo-0.5.9-0.1.alpha1.fc15 Debug information for package freemedforms linux/armv5tel
freemedforms-devel-0.5.9-0.1.alpha1.fc15 Development files for freemedforms linux/armv5tel
freemind-0.9.0-5.fc15 Free mind mapping software linux/noarch
freemind-javadoc-0.9.0-5.fc15 API documentation for freemind linux/noarch
freetype-2.4.4-5.fc15 A free and portable font rendering engine linux/armv5tel
freetype-debuginfo-2.4.4-5.fc15 Debug information for package freetype linux/armv5tel
freetype-demos-2.4.4-5.fc15 A collection of FreeType demos linux/armv5tel
freetype-devel-2.4.4-5.fc15 FreeType development libraries and header files linux/armv5tel
fswebcam-20110717-1.fc15 Tiny and flexible webcam program linux/armv5tel
fswebcam-debuginfo-20110717-1.fc15 Debug information for package fswebcam linux/armv5tel
fuse-s3fs-0.7-6.fc15 FUSE filesystem using Amazon Simple Storage Service as storage linux/noarch
fusioninventory-agent-2.1.12-1.fc15 FusionInventory agent linux/noarch
fusioninventory-agent-yum-plugin-2.1.12-1.fc15 Ask FusionInventory agent to send an inventory when yum exits linux/noarch
fwbackups-1.43.4-3.fc15 A feature-rich user backup program linux/noarch
fwsnort-1.6.1-1.fc15 Translates Snort rules into equivalent iptables rules linux/noarch

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