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anaconda-gui-31.9-1.fc31 RPM for x86_64

From Fedora Rawhide for x86_64 / a

Name: anaconda-gui Distribution: Fedora Project
Version: 31.9 Vendor: Fedora Project
Release: 1.fc31 Build date: Thu Apr 18 17:27:30 2019
Group: Unspecified Build host:
Size: 2507061 Source RPM: anaconda-31.9-1.fc31.src.rpm
Packager: Fedora Project
Summary: Graphical user interface for the Anaconda installer
This package contains graphical user interface for the Anaconda installer.




GPLv2+ and MIT


* Thu Apr 11 2019 Martin Kolman <> - 31.9-1
  - Remove the function get_structure (vponcova)
  - Remove the function apply_structure (vponcova)
  - Remove the decorator (vponcova)
  - Add the class DBusData (vponcova)
  - Give payload a hook for adding disabled repos. (riehecky)
  - Extend the function generate_string_from_data (vponcova)
  - Blivet-GUI should wait for the storage threads to finish (#1696478)
  - network: do not pass None value from NM device object to data holder
    (#1695967) (rvykydal)
  - Handle bytes and strings from RPM (#1693766) (vponcova)
  - network module: add network module unit tests (rvykydal)
* Tue Apr 09 2019 Martin Kolman <> - 31.8-1
  - network: create systemd .link files for ifname= boot options (#1695894)
  - Bump Workstation root partition max size to 70 GiB (klember)
  - Add DBus support for finding optical media (vponcova)
  - Add DBus support for handling a device (vponcova)
  - Do not use ISO source as install tree root (#1691832) (jkonecny)
  - Fix bad assumption about base repo identification (#1691832) (jkonecny)
  - network tui: fix updating of a connection from UI (#1692677) (rvykydal)
  - network: fix copying of resolv.conf for cases where target /etc does not
    exist (#1695990) (rvykydal)
  - network: fix crash ensuring single connections for unplugged devices
    (#1695899) (rvykydal)
  - Add support for skipping attributes in the string representation (vponcova)
  - Raise the UnknownDeviceError exception (vponcova)
  - Add DBus support for resolving devices (vponcova)
  - Add DBus support for the available space (vponcova)
  - Move GetRequiredDeviceSize to the device tree module (vponcova)
  - Create the device tree module (vponcova)
  - Don't set the __repr__ methods of data classes (vponcova)
  - network: for vlan set DEVICE only if interfacename is specified in kickstart
  - Change fips package requirement reason (jkonecny)
  - payload: raise exception on invalid Languages (jkonecny)
  - payload: Mark DefaultEnvironment API as temporary (jkonecny)
  - payload: fix default values for packages section (jkonecny)
  - Remove unused import for DNF (jkonecny)
  - payload: add converter for kickstart groups (jkonecny)
  - payload: switch multilib policy to names (jkonecny)
  - payload: add rest of the DNF/Packages attributes (jkonecny)
  - payload: add packages controlling properties (jkonecny)
  - payload: add package groups interface to Packages (jkonecny)
  - payload: adjust packages section attributes (jkonecny)
  - payload: move %packages parsing to DNF/Packages (jkonecny)
  - payload: add DBus packages dnf submodule (jkonecny)
  - payload: add the empty DNF handler (jkonecny)
  - payload: create internal Packages class (jkonecny)
  - payload: parse %packages section in module (jkonecny)
* Tue Apr 02 2019 Martin Kolman <> - 31.7-1
  - Create the initialization config in _get_initialization_config (vponcova)
  - Remove config from InstallerStorage (vponcova)
  - Update DiskInitializationConfig only before clearpart (vponcova)
  - Create the method can_initialize (vponcova)
  - Remove should_clear from InstallerStorage (vponcova)
  - Remove clear_partitions from InstallerStorage (vponcova)
  - Replace StorageDiscoveryConfig (vponcova)
  - Update the protected devices in the Storage module (vponcova)
  - Import the bootloader classes on demand (vponcova)
  - Remove bootloader_device from InstallerStorage (vponcova)
  - Remove update_bootloader_disk_list from InstallerStorage (vponcova)
  - Remove boot_fstypes of InstallerStorage (vponcova)
  - Remove set_up_bootloader from InstallerStorage (vponcova)
  - Define all bootloader attributes in the __init__ method (vponcova)
  - Remove workarounds for the unset bootloader (vponcova)
  - Clean up the do_it method of the storage (vponcova)
  - Validate the GRUB2 configuration in the Bootloader module (vponcova)
  - Add DBus support for the bootloader arguments (vponcova)
  - Add DBus support for detecting Windows OS (vponcova)
  - Add DBus support for EFI (vponcova)
  - Add DBus support for the bootloader installation tasks (vponcova)
  - Add DBus support for usable disks (vponcova)
  - Apply the disks selection in the partitioning modules (vponcova)
  - Remove the function get_available_disks (vponcova)
  - Organize actions in InteractivePartitioningTask (vponcova)
  - Add DBus support for device actions (vponcova)
  - Simplify ActionSummaryDialog (vponcova)
  - Set up the clearpart command from the storage (vponcova)
  - payload: request /usr/bin/fips-mode-setup (zbyszek)
  - Fix the entry for swap in /etc/fstab (#1258322) (vponcova)
  - Add DBus support for disk images (vponcova)
  - Remove askmethod flag (jkonecny)
  - Fix two typos (zbyszek)
  - Disable updates-testing (#1670091) (vponcova)
  - network module: return slaves in set and order them predictably in generated
    ks (rvykydal)
  - network module: update unit tests for getting ifcfg file on s390
  - network module: fix getting ifcfg file for s390 (rvykydal)
  - network module: remove unused functionality from get_ifcfg_file (rvykydal)
  - network module: unit tests for update onboot functions in (rvykydal)
  - network module: add TODO to tests (rvykydal)
  - network module: tests - no need for ifcfg for vlan bound to device
  - network module: add unit tests (rvykydal)
  - network module: do not try to generate ksdata from wireless device ifcfg
  - network module: fix a typo in function name (rvykydal)
  - network module: allow to generate ifcfg files in optional root (rvykydal)
  - network module: fix thinko (rvykydal)
  - network module: rename _ifcfg_files method (rvykydal)
  - network module: fix a super call (rvykydal)
  - Fix the unit tests (vponcova)
* Thu Mar 21 2019 Martin Kolman <> - 31.6-1
  - Test the DBus support for the device tree (vponcova)
  - Add DBus support for the device tree (vponcova)
  - Fix the initialization of BootInfo (#1599378) (vponcova)
  - network module: update module API unit tests (rvykydal)
  - network module: guard some methods on NM availability (rvykydal)
  - Remove useless swapoff (vponcova)
  - Always specify the LUKS version in CustomPartitioningSpoke (#1689699)
  - Remove the property free_space_snapshot from InstallerStorage (vponcova)
  - network: fix setting of NetworkDeviceInfo from NM Device (rvykydal)
  - Hide the encryption checkbox for the interactive partitioning (vponcova)
  - Deprecate DBusObjectObserver (vponcova)
  - Remove DBusCachedObserver (vponcova)
  - Add the method get_file_system_free_space to InstallerStorage (vponcova)
  - Use get_disk_free_space and get_disk_reclaimable_space in StorageSpoke
  - Use get_disk_free_space in ResizeDialog (vponcova)
  - Use get_disk_free_space in CustomPartitioningSpoke (vponcova)
  - Use get_disk_free_space in SelectedDisksDialog (vponcova)
  - network: adapt a unit test to get_supported_devices change (rvykydal)
  - Don't estimate the free space based on the clearpart settings (vponcova)
  - Update the kickstart data for iSCSI and NVDIMM during the installation
  - network: share single NM Client in anaconda (rvykydal)
  - network: handle ONBOOT in ifcfg by network module (rvykydal)
  - network: cleanup (rvykydal)
  - Don't generate temporary kickstart in the Storage module (vponcova)
  - Remove attributes for autopart encryption from the InstallerStorage
  - Make invalid installation from HDD more visible (jkonecny)
  - network module: fix updating of ONBOOT value on installed system (rvykydal)
  - network: remove (rvykydal)
  - network: use libnm to get device IP addresses (rvykydal)
  - network: use libnm to get ntp servers from dhcp options (rvykydal)
  - network module: provide and use GetActivatedInterfaces (rvykydal)
  - network: remove unused stuff from (rvykydal)
  - network: use GetSupportedDevices API (rvykydal)
  - network module: provide GetSupportedDevices (rvykydal)
  - Remove the encrypted_autopart property of the InstallerStorage (vponcova)
  - Remove the autopart_type property of the InstallerStorage (vponcova)
  - Remove the autopart_requests property of the InstallerStorage (vponcova)
  - Remove the do_autopart property of the InstallerStorage (vponcova)
  - Move the support for scheduling partitions to the Storage module (vponcova)
  - Move do_autopart to the Storage module (vponcova)
  - Move do_reqpart to the Storage module (vponcova)
  - Add a new task for interactive auto partitioning (vponcova)
  - Replace the function do_kickstart_storage (vponcova)
  - Replace partitioning executors with tasks (vponcova)
  - Move partitioning executors to the Storage module (vponcova)
  - Move swap_suggestion to (vponcova)
  - network: remove ifcfg.log (rvykydal)
  - network module: log configuration state after installation task (rvykydal)
  - network: remove low-level debug logging on IfcfgFile modifications (rvykydal)
  - network module: use module for logging of configuration state (rvykydal)
  - network module: move ifcfg logging into the module (rvykydal)
  - network module: do not log secrets (rvykydal)
  - network module: rename and add doc to network initialization task interface
  - network module: guard initialization tasks by anaconda system configuration
  - network: log network initialization better (rvykydal)
  - network module: use task to dump missing ifcfg files (rvykydal)
  - network module: use task to set real onboot values (rvykydal)
  - network module: use task for initramfs connections consolidation (rvykydal)
  - network module: use task for apply kickstart (rvykydal)
  - payload: separate blivet.utils & blivet.arch call (jkonecny)
  - Improve content of the top-level README file (mkolman)
* Tue Mar 12 2019 Martin Kolman <> - 31.5-1
  - Don't run the storage checker to check autopart (vponcova)
  - Remove the SnapshotValidateTask class (vponcova)
  - Validate post-installation snapshot requests with the storage checker
  - Add a new type of the installation system for the initial setup (vponcova)
  - Simplify update_storage_ksdata (vponcova)
  - Don't set anything if the partitioning fails (vponcova)
  - Reset the bootloader with reset_bootloader (vponcova)
  - Add support for scanning all devices in the system (vponcova)
  - Add the ExclusiveDisks property (vponcova)
  - Move tests for the disk selection module to a new file (vponcova)
  - Replace initialize_storage with reset_storage (vponcova)
  - Remove the shutdown method (vponcova)
  - payload: don't force host-only mode when executing dracut (javierm)
  - Simplify the code for protected devices (vponcova)
  - Define the quit message in TUI (#1686116) (vponcova)
  - efi: don't include the grub2-pc package on EFI installs (javierm)
  - Small optimization in boot arg parsing method (jkonecny)
  - Fix bad --addrepo command line parsing (jkonecny)
  - Raise correct exception on bad addrepo boot param (jkonecny)
  - payload: migrate TUI software spoke to pep8 (jkonecny)
  - payload: switch from CamelCase in software spoke (jkonecny)
  - payload: remove unused radio button (jkonecny)
  - payload: solve basic pep 8 errors (jkonecny)
* Wed Mar 06 2019 Martin Kolman <> - 31.4-1
  - Add tests for UnsupportedPartitioningError (vponcova)
  - Handle missing support for Blivet-GUI in the Storage module (#1685645)
  - Create the default partitioning requests on demand (vponcova)
* Tue Mar 05 2019 Martin Kolman <> - 31.3-1
  - Fix live payload error introduced by clean-up (#1685258) (jkonecny)
* Mon Mar 04 2019 Martin Kolman <> - 31.2-1
  - Get the summary about selected disks from a function (vponcova)
  - Replace warnings about disks with constants (vponcova)
  - Rename and reorganize members of the storage spoke in TUI and GUI (vponcova)
  - Add tests for the Blivet partitioning module (vponcova)
  - Add DBus support for Blivet-GUI (vponcova)
  - Create the Blivet partitioning module (vponcova)
  - Don't override bg color of gtk-themes (mate)
  - Fix the import of ZFCP (#1684583) (vponcova)
  - Set up the disk initialization module from the partitioned storage (vponcova)
  - Move the tests for the disk initialization module (vponcova)
  - Set the default filesystem type for /boot in the Storage module (vponcova)
  - Replace the default autopart type in the Storage module (vponcova)
  - Set the correct attribute of the bootloader kickstart data (vponcova)
  - network: Get FCoE nics from the DBus module (vponcova)
  - Set up the kickstart partitioning from the storage by default (vponcova)
  - Get the required device size for the given space from DBus (vponcova)
  - network module: remove DisableIPV6 API (rvykydal)
  - network module: fix disabling of ipv6 (rvykydal)
  - Fixes for pylint-2.3.0 (vponcova)
  - network module: remove API for applying boot options (rvykydal)
  - network: use DEVICETYPE for team when updating virtual slaves ifcfgs
  - dracut/parse-kickstart: Set DEVICETYPE instead of TYPE in a team master ifcfg
    file (ptalbert)
  - network module: take DEVICETYPE for team into account (rvykydal)
  - payload: fix pep8 errors in TUI source spoke (jkonecny)
  - network: fix network spoke status message (rvykydal)
  - payload: switch source spoke from CamelCase (jkonecny)
  - payload: solve pep8 errors in GUI source spoke (jkonecny)
  - network module: fix missing argument in a log message (rvykydal)
  - network module: honor ifname boot option for kickstart %pre and missing
    ifcfg (rvykydal)
* Mon Feb 25 2019 Martin Kolman <> - 31.1-1
  - Use apply_disk_selection (vponcova)
  - Use filter_disks_by_names (vponcova)
  - Exclude zFCP and NVDIMM devices in is_local_disk (vponcova)
  - Move code from pyanaconda.ui.lib.disks (vponcova)
  - Remove the support for fake disks (vponcova)
  - Add tests for the Snapshot module (vponcova)
  - Remove the extra code for protecting live devices (vponcova)
  - payload: switch from CamelCase in (jkonecny)
  - payload: switch from CamelCase in (jkonecny)
  - payload: switch from CamelCase in (jkonecny)
  - payload: switch from CamelCase in (jkonecny)
  - payload: switch from CamelCase in (jkonecny)
  - payload: switch from CamelCase in the (jkonecny)
  - payload: move versionCmp to a separate file (jkonecny)
  - payload: convert manager states to enum (jkonecny)
  - payload: use ABCMeta for abstract classes (jkonecny)
  - payload: move manager to a separate file (jkonecny)
  - payload: remove ImagePayload abstract class (jkonecny)
  - payload: move requirements code to a separate file (jkonecny)
  - payload: move requirements exception to payload.errors (jkonecny)
  - payload: import exceptions directly in dnf payload (jkonecny)
  - payload: move exceptions to a separate file (jkonecny)
  - payload: remove unused code parts (jkonecny)
  - payload: fix pep8 issues (jkonecny)
  - Specify the sysroot when you call the DBus method InstallWithTasks (vponcova)
  - Remove the obsolete check for unknown sources (vponcova)
  - network tui: guard use of NMClient by system configuration (rvykydal)
  - network tui: handle device configuration in proper spoke (rvykydal)
  - Use unformatted DASDs for the partitioning (vponcova)
  - Fix the storage reset in TUI (vponcova)
  - Use the Snapshot module in UI (vponcova)
  - Use the Snapshot module in the Storage module (vponcova)
  - Create a task for creation of snapshots (vponcova)
  - Create a task for validation of snapshot requests (vponcova)
  - Handle the command snapshot in the Snapshot module (vponcova)
  - Create the Snapshot module (vponcova)
  - network: rename sanityCheckHostname function (rvykydal)
  - network: remove code which is no more needed/used with network module
  - network ui: share some code (will be provided by module) (rvykydal)
  - network gui: update model instead of recreating it on config changes
  - network gui: connect to network module DeviceConfigurations (rvykydal)
  - network: use NM Client for networking status message (rvykydal)
  - network tui: use NetworkDeviceConfiguration structure (rvykydal)
  - network tui: let network module handle updating kickstart data (rvykydal)
  - network: remove no more used code (rvykydal)
  - network tui: use network module and libnm (rvykydal)
  - Add tests for the NVDIMM module (vponcova)
  - Use the NVDIMM module in the NVDIMMDialog (vponcova)
  - Create a task for the NVDIMM namespace reconfiguration (vponcova)
  - Move the support for setting NVDIMM namespaces to use on DBus (vponcova)
  - Move the support for updating NVDIMM actions on DBus (vponcova)
  - Move the support for ignoring NVDIMM devices on DBus (vponcova)
  - Create the NVDIMM module (vponcova)
* Tue Feb 19 2019 Martin Kolman <> - 30.25-1
  - Remove one more obsolete group tag (mkolman)
* Tue Feb 19 2019 Martin Kolman <> - 30.24-1
  - Add tests for the bootloader installation tasks (vponcova)
  - Move the bootloader tests to a new file (vponcova)
  - Create the DBus installation tasks for the bootloader (vponcova)
  - Check for dirinstall target on s390 (bcl)
  - Remove the menu_auto_hide attribute from Bootloader (vponcova)
  - Remove the efi_dir attribute from EFIBase (vponcova)
  - Clean up the Anaconda class (vponcova)
  - Move pyanaconda.ihelp (vponcova)
  - Update the stylesheet data (vponcova)
  - Add tests for new methods of the Storage module (vponcova)
  - Apply the partitioning in the Storage module (vponcova)
  - Fix missing space in translatable string (mail)
* Wed Feb 13 2019 Martin Kolman <> - 30.23-1
  - Reorganize the code for the boot loader installation (vponcova)
  - Remove a useless argument from write_boot_loader (vponcova)
  - Remove useless arguments from methods of the kickstart commands (vponcova)
  - Create installation tasks for the Storage module (vponcova)
  - Add tests for the custom partitioning module (vponcova)
  - Create the custom partitioning module (vponcova)
  - Process the btrfs command in the Storage module (vponcova)
  - Remove the data from the execute method of the partitioning executors
  - Remove unmaintained signal handler (#1676683) (vponcova)
  - Change a confusing message for headless systems (vponcova)
  - Mount the file systems in a different installation task (vponcova)
  - Write the escrow packets later (vponcova)
  - Replace the writeStorageEarly and writeStorageLater methods (vponcova)
* Tue Feb 12 2019 Martin Kolman <> - 30.22-1
  - Don't use the network manager client in a mock environment (vponcova)
  - Don't load storage plugins in dir installations (#1674605) (vponcova)
  - Test the storage configuration and validation in the Storage module
  - Implement configuration and validation in the partitioning modules (vponcova)
  - Create the storage validation task (vponcova)
  - Create the storage configuration task (vponcova)
  - Create base classes for the partitioning modules (vponcova)
  - Check if we can access a DBus service (vponcova)
* Thu Feb 07 2019 Martin Kolman <> - 30.21-1
  - Drop the temporary anaconda-live dependency (mkolman)
  - network module: update tests for generating dracut arguments (rvykydal)
  - network_module: return set from function for getting dracut arguments
  - network module: pass ifcfg to the function for getting dracut arguments
  - network module: split add_connection_from_ksdata function (rvykydal)
  - network module: split bind_connection function (rvykydal)
  - network module: move looking for first device with link into a function
  - network module: split and fix device configuration functions (rvykydal)
  - network module: fix device configuration update for GUI (rvykydal)
  - network module: add docstring to (rvykydal)
  - network module: use super() (rvykydal)
  - network module: update docstrings and style of (rvykydal)
  - network module: do not generate kickstart data for onboot value tweaking
  - network module: decide better when to apply onboot policy (rvykydal)
  - network module: move functions getting network data to better places
  - network module: update docstrings of installation task methods (rvykydal)
  - network module: remove unused return values from installation task methods
  - network module: fix ONBOOT log message for installation task (rvykydal)
  - network module: remove devel debugging log messages (rvykydal)
  - network module: transform device configurations to structures in interface
  - network module: update doc strings for DeviceConfigurations API (rvykydal)
  - network module: connect DisableIPv6 to implementation signal (rvykydal)
  - network module: fix generating of kickstart --activate option (rvykydal)
  - network module: clean up typos and style (rvykydal)
  - network module: use already existing function (rvykydal)
  - Reset the storage object in the Storage module (vponcova)
  - Protect devices in the Storage module (vponcova)
  - Create the storage object in the Storage module (vponcova)
  - Initialize Blivet in the Storage module (vponcova)
  - Create a task with a result in the Baz module (vponcova)
  - Allow to publish a task with a different interface (vponcova)
  - Add the GetResult method (vponcova)
  - Add the Succeeded signal (vponcova)
  - network module: update unit tests (rvykydal)
  - newtork module: put use of NM client under control of network module
  - network module: use constant for nm connection uuid length (rvykydal)
  - network module: use network module to get dracut arguments (rvykydal)
  - network module: add support for getting dracut arguments (rvykydal)
  - network module: support renaming of devices with ifname= boot option
  - network module: generate kickstart from network module (rvykydal)
  - network module: set current hostname using network module directly (rvykydal)
  - network module: remove dependency of configuration task on nm_client
  - network module: use module task for network configuration writing (rvykydal)
  - network module: cleanup (rvykydal)
  - network module: dump missing ifcfg files via network module (rvykydal)
  - network module: add support for dumping missing ifcfg files (rvykydal)
  - network module: set real ONBOOT values via network module (rvykydal)
  - network module: add support for updating ONBOOT ifcfg value (rvykydal)
  - network module: apply kickstart via network module (rvykydal)
  - network module: fix list of devices for which kickstart was applied
  - network module: work with ifcfg file objects, not paths (rvykydal)
  - network module: set bootif kickstart value from boot options (rvykydal)
  - network module: provide apply_kickstart (rvykydal)
  - network module: consolidate initramfs connections via Network module
  - network module: provide initramfs connections consolidation (rvykydal)
  - network module: set default value for missing network --device from ksdevice.
  - network module: handle default network --device value (rvykydal)
  - network module: handle hostname only network commands correctly (rvykydal)
  - network module: use DBus Structure for DeviceConfiguration (rvykydal)
  - network module: provide dbus API for DeviceConfigurations (rvykydal)
  - network module: fix looking up vlan parent if specified by UUID (rvykydal)
  - network module: fix kickstart generating for vlan interface name (rvykydal)
  - network module: generate kickstart data from DeviceConfigurations (rvykydal)
  - network module: add a module providing NM.Client (rvykydal)
  - network module: connect DeviceConfigurations to signals from NM (rvykydal)
  - network module: add DeviceConfigurations for persistent config state
* Wed Feb 06 2019 Martin Kolman <> - 30.20-1
  - Remove obsolete Group tag & obsolete scriptlets (mkolman)
  - Move the write method of the InstallerStorage class (vponcova)
  - Clean up the reset method of the InstallerStorage class (vponcova)
  - Allow non-ASCII characters in passphrases again (#1619813) (vponcova)
  - Remove the argument protected from initialize_storage (vponcova)
  - Remove multiboot support for tboot (javierm)
  - Move the code for ignoring disks labeled OEMDRV (vponcova)
  - Set default entry to the BLS id instead of the entry index (javierm)
  - Remove the ksdata argument from the initialize_storage function (vponcova)
  - Remove the ksdata attribute from the InstallerStorage class (vponcova)
  - Move the code for ignoring nvdimm devices to
  - Use new ssl certificate kickstart options (lars)
  - Remove the data argument from the do_autopart function (vponcova)
  - Call refreshAutoSwapSize from the do_autopart function (vponcova)
  - Move getAvailableDiskSpace to (vponcova)
  - Move lookupAlias to (vponcova)
  - Move getEscrowCertificate to (vponcova)
  - Move get_ignored_nvdimm_blockdevs to (vponcova)
  - Remove update_ksdata from the InstallerStorage class (vponcova)
  - Remove obsolete ldconfig scriptlets (mkolman)
  - Do not try to use disks without partition slots for autopart (vtrefny)
  - dracut: Add deps for fetch-kickstart-disk (walters)
* Mon Jan 28 2019 Martin Kolman <> - 30.19-1
  - Move code for the storage creation (vponcova)
  - Move code for the storage initialization (vponcova)
  - Remove the GRUB class (javierm)
  - Remove support for deprecated bootloaders (javierm)
  - Spelling fix in Boot Options documentation (josephvoss14)
  - Put 'lock' checkbox under 'Confirmation field' (frederic.pierret)
  - Don't create an extra instance of the bootloader (vponcova)
  - Remove the preStorage method in payload (vponcova)
  - Use LUKS2 by default (vponcova)
  - Clean up the space checkers (#1520749) (vponcova)
  - Don't show time and date controls in live installations (#1510425) (vponcova)
  - anaconda: add option to lock root account (frederic.epitre)
* Mon Jan 21 2019 Martin Kolman <> - 30.18-1
  - Relabel X11/xorg.conf.d directory (#1666892) (jkonecny)
  - Reorder items in selinux relabeling post script (#1666892) (jkonecny)
  - Fix jumping boxes in root password spoke (jkonecny)
  - Move the execute method of the bootloader command (vponcova)
  - Remove ksdata from the execute method of the bootloader command (vponcova)
  - Move writeBootLoader to pyanaconda.bootloader.installation (vponcova)
  - Move EXTLINUX to pyanaconda.bootloader.extlinux (vponcova)
  - Move ZIPL to pyanaconda.bootloader.zipl (vponcova)
  - Move Yaboot to pyanaconda.bootloader.yaboot (vponcova)
  - Move EFIBase to pyanaconda.bootloader.efi (vponcova)
  - Move GRUB2 to pyanaconda.bootloader.grub2 (vponcova)
  - Move GRUB to pyanaconda.bootloader.grub (vponcova)
  - Move Bootloader to pyanaconda.bootloader.base (vponcova)
  - Move BootLoaderImage to pyanaconda.bootloader.image (vponcova)
  - Create the pyanaconda.bootloader module (vponcova)
  - Tweak tests documentation (jkonecny)
  - Fix requires in dependency solver (jkonecny)
  - Remove the unused method add_re_check (vponcova)
  - Remove the unused attribute _lHome (vponcova)
  - Remove the unused attribute _actionStore (vponcova)
  - Remove unused constants ERROR_WEAK and ERROR_NOT_MATCHING (vponcova)
  - Remove the unused attributes _repoNameWarningBox and _repoNameWarningLabel
  - Remove the unused attribute _configureBox (vponcova)
  - Remove the unused attribute _addDisksButton (vponcova)
  - Remove the unused attribute orig_fstab (vponcova)
  - Remove the unused attribute ignore_disk_interactive (vponcova)
  - Remove the unused class TarPayload (vponcova)
  - Remove the unused method environmentGroups (vponcova)
  - Remove the unused exception NoSuchPackage (vponcova)
  - Remove the unused function get_locale_territory (vponcova)
  - Remove the unused variable upgrade_log (vponcova)
  - Remove unused classes RegexpCheck and FunctionCheck (vponcova)
  - Remove the unused property check_request (vponcova)
  - Remove the unused constant PASSWORD_DONE_TO_CONTINUE (vponcova)
  - Remove the unused constant SECRET_MIN_LEN (vponcova)
  - Remove the unused variable bugzillaUrl (vponcova)
  - Remove the unused attribute stage1_device_types (vponcova)
  - Move attributes from the Blivet class to Anaconda (vponcova)
  - Remove the Blivet's gpt flag (vponcova)
  - Set Automatic Installation Media for HDD not ISO (jkonecny)
  - Adapt old code to new partition name translation (jkonecny)
  - Fix source spoke status for expanded tree on HDD (jkonecny)
  - Enable installation from install tree on HDD (jkonecny)
  - Remove the unused class IPSeriesYaboot (vponcova)
  - Fix the name of the attribute stage2_device_raid_levels (vponcova)
  - Remove the useless attribute stage2_max_end_mb (vponcova)
  - Remove the unused attribute problems (vponcova)
  - Remove the unused logger to stderr (vponcova)
  - Move the code from format_by_default to the storage checker (vponcova)
  - Move the code from must_format to the storage checker (vponcova)
* Wed Jan 09 2019 Martin Kolman <> - 30.17-1
  - Fix anaconda-live package temporary Requires: (mkolman)
  - Add a new configuration option allow_imperfect_devices (vponcova)
  - Remove the selinux flag (vponcova)
  - Rename the Services section (vponcova)
  - Fix Arm EFI package selection and 32 bit status (pbrobinson)
  - Remove support for the undocumented option force_efi_dir (vponcova)
  - Remove the flag extlinux (vponcova)
  - Remove the flag nombr (vponcova)
  - Remove the flag leavebootorder (vponcova)
  - Remove the flag nonibftiscsiboot (vponcova)
* Tue Jan 08 2019 Martin Kolman <> - 30.16-1
  - Use the file system type provided by Blivet by default (#1663585) (vponcova)
  - Move remaining GUI related files to anaconda-gui (mkolman)
  - Create anaconda-live sub-package (mkolman)
  - Don't acquire the imp's lock (#1644936) (vponcova)
* Thu Jan 03 2019 Martin Kolman <> - 30.15-1
  - Remove install classes from the code (vponcova)
  - Remove files with install classes (vponcova)
  - Use the Anaconda configuration to configure the storage (vponcova)
  - Use the Anaconda configuration to configure the bootloader (vponcova)
  - Use the correct name of the variant AtomicHost (vponcova)
  - Use the Anaconda configuration to configure payload (vponcova)
  - Use the Anaconda configuration to configure network devices (vponcova)
  - Use the Anaconda configuration to customize the user interface (vponcova)
  - Use the Anaconda configuration to show EULA (vponcova)
  - Use the Anaconda configuration to detect unsupported hardware (vponcova)
  - Remove the kickstart command installclass (vponcova)
  - Fix the anaconda documentation (vponcova)
  - Add support for inst.product and inst.variant (vponcova)
  - Use the product configuration files in Anaconda (vponcova)
* Wed Jan 02 2019 Martin Kolman <> - 30.14-1
  - Require password confirmation in GUI (#1584064) (mkolman)
  - Run zipl again after generating initramfs (#1652727) (vponcova)
  - Preserve the boot option zfcp.allow_lun_scan (#1561662) (vponcova)
  - Don't allow /boot on LVM (#1641986) (vponcova)
  - The encoding should be always set to UTF-8 (#1642857) (vponcova)
  - Make sure fips is correctly enabled on target system (#1619568) (mkolman)
  - Remove workaround for bd_s390_dasd_online (vponcova)
  - Clean up /run/install (#1562239) (vponcova)
  - Make it possible to exit empty user spoke (#1620135) (mkolman)
  - Don't allow to use LDL DASD disks (#1635825) (vponcova)
  - Remove initThreading method from pyanaconda.threading (vponcova)
  - Drop the inst.noblscfg option (javierm)
* Tue Dec 04 2018 Martin Kolman <> - 30.13-1
  - Extend tests for the configuration support (vponcova)
  - Split the Anaconda configuration handler to more files (vponcova)
  - Add tests for the product configurations (vponcova)
  - Read only *.conf files from /etc/anaconda/conf.d (vponcova)
  - Create the product configuration loader (vponcova)
  - Disable BLS config if new-kernel-pkg script is installed (javierm)
  - Drop xorg-x11-server-Xorg check from graphical target detection (#1583958)
  - Create a basic structure of the product configuration files (vponcova)
  - Fix pylint errors (vponcova)
  - dracut/parse-kickstart: don't abort on --device=link (lkundrak)
  - Add provides_network_config system property (rvykydal)
  - Get rid of network system capability which does not make sense. (rvykydal)
  - Prohibit network configuration on Live OS. (rvykydal)
  - Use check_supported_locales to filter unsupported locales (vponcova)
  - Replace filterSupportedLangs and filterSupportedLocales (vponcova)
  - Remove help-related constants from install classes (vponcova)
  - Remove setup_on_boot from the install classes (vponcova)
  - Convert a keymap into a list of layouts (vponcova)
  - RPM: anaconda-core requires dbus-daemon (awilliam)
  - Remove use_geolocation_with_kickstart from install classes (vponcova)
* Thu Nov 22 2018 Martin Kolman <> - 30.12-1
  - Simplify the task Activate filesystems (vponcova)
  - Remove the flag livecdInstall (vponcova)
  - Overwrite network configuration for the live image payload (vponcova)
  - Write tests for the installation system configuration (vponcova)
  - Resolve the name conflicts in (vponcova)
  - Use the Anaconda configuration in the network module (vponcova)
  - Revert "Don't try to get hostnamed proxy in non-installer-image environments
    (#1616214)" (vponcova)
  - Remove the function can_touch_runtime_system (vponcova)
  - Add rules for the installation system (vponcova)
  - Configure the installation system (vponcova)
  - Replace setNetworkOnbootDefault (vponcova)
  - Add tests for the FCoE module (vponcova)
  - Discover an FCoE device with a DBus task (vponcova)
  - Reload the FCoE module on the storage reset (vponcova)
  - Let the FCoE module to provide the dracut arguments (vponcova)
  - Let the FCoE module to write the configuration (vponcova)
  - Move kickstart support to the FCoE module (vponcova)
  - Create the basic structure for the FCoE module (vponcova)
* Mon Nov 19 2018 Martin Kolman <> - 30.11-1
  - Install grubby-deprecated when using the extlinux bootloader (javierm)
  - Remove configurePayload (vponcova)
  - Resolve the name conflicts with conf (vponcova)
  - Write tests for the target support (vponcova)
  - Simplify the code (vponcova)
  - Replace the dirInstall flag (vponcova)
  - Replace the imageInstall flag (vponcova)
  - Configure the installation target (vponcova)
  - Write tests for the default partitioning (vponcova)
  - Define the default partitioning statically (vponcova)
  - Remove l10n_domain from the install classes (vponcova)
  - Re-generate BLS loader file snippets on live installs (#1648472) (awilliam)
  - Remove the attribute bootloaderTimeoutDefault (vponcova)
  - Remove the attribute bootloaderExtraArgs (vponcova)
  - Remove the method setPackageSelection (vponcova)
  - Remove the setStorageChecker method (vponcova)
  - Remove the getBackend method (vponcova)
  - Add doc to make a release in a mock environment (jkonecny)
  - Support in our scripts creating release in a mock (jkonecny)
  - Add dependencies to make a new release to dependency_solver (jkonecny)
* Tue Nov 06 2018 Martin Kolman <> - 30.10-1
  - Make the pyanaconda/ more pep8 (jkonecny)
  - Test image repodata folder based on treeinfo file (jkonecny)
  - Use var instead of strings in findFirstIsoImage (jkonecny)
  - Use new InstallTreeMetadata instead of TreeInfo (jkonecny)
  - Add InstallTreeMetadata class (jkonecny)
  - Move DEFAULT_REPOS to the constants (jkonecny)
  - Don't check for firmware compatibility to enable BootLoaderSpec support
  - Update kernel command line parameters in BLS files (javierm)
  - Add support for GRUB_ENABLE_BLSCFG and inst.noblscfg (pjones)
  - Get rid of new-kernel-pkg invocations (pjones)
  - Minor pylint cleanups (pjones)
* Mon Nov 05 2018 Martin Kolman <> - 30.9-1
  - Load configuration files from /etc/anaconda/conf.d (vponcova)
  - Let the DBus launcher to set up the modules (vponcova)
  - Start modules that are enabled in the configuration file (vponcova)
  - Enable the DBus modules and addons via the configuration file (vponcova)
* Thu Nov 01 2018 Jiri Konecny <> - 30.8-1
  - Remove flags from anaconda_logging (vponcova)
  - Remove blivet-specific flags from pyanaconda.flags (vponcova)
  - The armplatform option is deprecated (vponcova)
  - Create a class for the Anaconda bus connection (vponcova)
  - Fix local repo files aren't enabled (#1636739) (jkonecny)
  - Write RPM tests for the Anaconda configuration file (vponcova)
  - Write tests for the configuration support (vponcova)
  - Create a class for handling the Anaconda configuration (vponcova)
  - Provide a better support for handling the configuration files (vponcova)
  - Create the Anaconda configuration file (vponcova)
* Thu Oct 18 2018 Martin Kolman <> - 30.7-1
  - installclass: fix variant string for Atomic Host (#1640409) (dusty)
  - Remove EXPERIMENTAL label for mountpoint assignment in TUI (#1636940)
* Mon Oct 15 2018 Martin Kolman <> - 30.6-1
  - nvdimm: update ks data for actions in UI (rvykydal)
  - nvdimm: use pykickstart constant for setting reconfigure mode (rvykydal)
  - Revert "Don't allow booting from nvdimm devices" (rvykydal)
  - Add --no-pip to setup-mock-test-env script (jkonecny)
  - Fix error message in setup-mock-test-env script (jkonecny)
  - Add shortcut function to get dependency script (jkonecny)
  - Add install-pip parameter to setup-mock-test-env (jkonecny)
  - Small optimalization in setup-mock-test-env (jkonecny)
  - Add package installation from pip for test script (jkonecny)
  - Fix wrong pylint false positive regex (jkonecny)
* Mon Oct 08 2018 Martin Kolman <> - 30.5-1
  - Adjust to some DNF 3.6 changes (#1637021) (mkolman)
  - Ignore errors when trying to activate unsupported swaps (#1635252) (vtrefny)
  - Add option to set kernel.hung_task_timeout_secs option (rvykydal)
  - Move the glade adaptor to a separate plugin (dshea)
* Wed Oct 03 2018 Martin Kolman <> - 30.4-1
  - Fix strings not marked for translation (jkonecny)
  - Drop attempt to add 'nocrypto' to tsflags (awilliam)
  - Fix librepo logging with new DNF (jkonecny)
  - Revert "Remove librepo imports from Anaconda (#1626609)" (jkonecny)
  - Set the VNC password directly (#1592686) (vponcova)
  - Update the spoke for unsupported hardware in TUI (#1601545) (vponcova)
  - Update the dialog for unsupported hardware in GUI (#1601545) (vponcova)
  - Support detection of kernel taints (vponcova)
  - Fix the rescue mode (#1631749) (vponcova)
  - Fix the sanity check verify_gpt_biosboot (#1593446) (vponcova)
  - Flags shouldn't process the kernel options (vponcova)
  - Fully support the inst.gpt option (vponcova)
  - Don't set Anaconda-specific flags in Blivet (vponcova)
  - Remove the class for kernel arguments from pyanaconda.flags (vponcova)
  - Remove unused false positives (vponcova)
  - Don't connect to signals of the Network Manager DBus objects (#1582233)
  - Fix documentation for setting Pykickstart command version (mkolman)
  - Don't try to get hostnamed proxy in non-installer-image environments
    (#1616214) (rvykydal)
  - Use realm data in UI (vponcova)
  - Use realm data in the DBus module (vponcova)
  - Create a DBus structure for realm data (vponcova)
  - Add support for DBus structures (vponcova)
  - docs/commit-log.rst: Don't wrap example firstlines (ferdnyc)
  - Detect that there is not enough space on a device (#1613232) (vponcova)
  - Add Silverblue InstallClass (jkonecny)
* Tue Sep 11 2018 Martin Kolman <> - 30.3-1
  - Save lsblk output to the Anaconda traceback file (vtrefny)
  - Remove librepo imports from Anaconda (#1626609) (jkonecny)
  - DNF 3.5 compatibility (mkolman)
  - Use the default LUKS version for auto partitioning (#1624680) (vponcova)
  - Remove the testing flag (vponcova)
* Thu Aug 30 2018 Martin Kolman <> - 30.2-1
  - Add initial 32-bit ARMv7 EFI support (pbrobinson)
  - Drop legacy get_arm_machine pieces (pbrobinson)
  - arch: arm: drop omap checks and specifics (pbrobinson)
* Mon Aug 27 2018 Martin Kolman <> - 30.1-1
  - Fix the processing of the live CD source (#1622248) (vponcova)
* Wed Aug 22 2018 Martin Kolman <> - 29.24-1
  - Fix crash in tui when default partitioning scheme is not supported.
  - Fix pylint errors (vponcova)
  - Add libtool build dependency (jkonecny)
  - Remove shebang from DUD test (jkonecny)
  - Add inst.addrepo documentation for HD variant (jkonecny)
  - Warn when repo names are not unique (jkonecny)
  - HD addon repos have mount directories permanent (jkonecny)
  - Unmount hard drive additional repositories (jkonecny)
  - Move RepoData copy creation to the RepoData class (jkonecny)
  - Show empty file protocol on HD addon repo fail (jkonecny)
  - Mount and use HDD additional repositories (jkonecny)
  - Separate _find_and_mount_iso from _setup_media (jkonecny)
  - Load hard drive repo type from inst.addrepo (jkonecny)
  - Do not fail if .discinfo file can't be read (jkonecny)
  - Use productmd to parse .discinfo file (jkonecny)
  - Add payload sources tests (jkonecny)
  - Cleanup payload tests source file (jkonecny)
  - Add documentation for inst.addrepo boot option (jkonecny)
  - Add additional repositories to KS data (jkonecny)
  - Use new source solution (jkonecny)
  - Add payload sources implementation (jkonecny)
  - Don't resize a device if the size is same as the old size (#1572828)
  - Mark disks with additional repos as protected (jkonecny)
  - Support boot args parsing to list (jkonecny)
  - Add inst.addrepo new options (jkonecny)
  - Make parenthesis consistent (jkonecny)
  - Remove unused parameter from live_startup method (jkonecny)
  - Disable treeinfo based repos only once (jkonecny)
  - Disable treeinfo repos when base repo change (jkonecny)
  - Treeinfo repos can't be changed nor removed (jkonecny)
  - Add all repositories from the treeinfo file (jkonecny)
  - Load base repository location from treeinfo (jkonecny)
  - Add limited file:// protocol to GUI Source spoke (jkonecny)
  - Add BaseOS between default base repositories (jkonecny)
  - Split _setupInstallDevice method in payload (jkonecny)
  - Check the LUKS2 memory requirements (vponcova)
  - Add an option for choosing version of LUKS in GUI (vponcova)
  - Add tests for LUKS2 in the auto partitioning module (vponcova)
  - Apply the LUKS2 options from the auto partitioning module (vponcova)
  - Support LUKS2 options in the auto partitioning module (vponcova)
  - Support LUKS2 options in logvol, part and raid commands (vponcova)
  - Enable to set a default version of LUKS (vponcova)
  - Update dependencies and kickstart commands to support LUKS2 (#1547908)
  - Revert back to running DNF in a subprocess (mkolman)
  - Use SimpleConfigFile to get PLATFORM_ID from /etc/os-release (mkolman)
  - Fix a 5 year old typo in the spec file (mkolman)
  - Use wwn attr instead of removed wwid. (#1565693) (dlehman)
* Tue Aug 07 2018 Martin Kolman <> - 29.23-1
  - Bump required DNF version (mkolman)
  - Fix some small issues with the platform id patch (mkolman)
  - Set platform id for DNF (mkolman)
  - Fix crash when software environment is False (jkonecny)
  - Allow to delete all file systems used by Unknown (#1597199) (vponcova)
  - DD: Use text mode when calling tools with subprocess (rvykydal)
  - Update RHEL placeholder names (mkolman)
  - Typo fixup (rvykydal)
  - Define if blivet-gui is supported via installclasses (rvykydal)
  - Offer Blivet-GUI partitioning only if supported (rvykydal)
  - Only show the "closest mirror" source option where appropriate (mkolman)
  - Starting from 3.0 DNF expects strings in comps queries (mkolman)
  - Use the manual partitioning module in TUI (vponcova)
  - Use the manual partitioning module in UI (vponcova)
  - Add tests for the manual partitioning module (vponcova)
  - Create the manual partitioning module (vponcova)
  - Reserve enough static space for 2 lines in spoke status on hub (#1584160)
  - Fix disable additional repositories (jkonecny)
  - Show better messages for NoSuchPackage and NoSuchGroup (#1599190) (vponcova)
  - Bootloader stage2 can't be on btrfs on rhel (#1533904) (rvykydal)
* Fri Jul 27 2018 Martin Kolman <> - 29.22-1
  - Handle new module specific error states (mkolman)
  - Handle missing package errors reported by the install_specs() function
  - Initial module enablement and installation support (mkolman)
  - Use productmd library to parse .treeinfo (#1411673) (jkonecny)
  - Import kickstart classes as version-less in the dracut script (vponcova)
  - Use only version-less kickstart classes (vponcova)
  - Define version-less variants of kickstart classes (vponcova)
* Wed Jul 25 2018 Martin Kolman <> - 29.21-1
  - Pylint should skip the file (vponcova)
  - Fix pylint errors (vponcova)
  - Change the pop-up text with the pre-release warning (#1542998) (vpodzime)
  - Sort categories on the hub by defined order (#1584160) (rvykydal)
  - Show a note about EULA where relevant (mkolman)
  - Change message log level to INFO when adding repo (jkonecny)
  - Set packaging log level to DEBUG by default (jkonecny)
  - Remove the python-wrapt dependency (vponcova)
  - Do not use capitals for spoke names (#1584160) (rvykydal)
  - Wrap category label and add space between columns (#1584160) (rvykydal)
  - Use 32 px icons (instead of 16 px) on hubs (#1584160) (rvykydal)
  - Replace deprecated dracut options for booting with ibft. (rvykydal)
  - Improve handling of unsupported filesystems in UI. (rvykydal)
  - Reserve two lines for status message (#1584160) (rvykydal)
  - Use three spoke columns on hub for better scaling (#1584160) (rvykydal)
* Wed Jul 18 2018 Martin Kolman <> - 29.20-1
  - Make pyanaconda.dbus.typing work with Python 3.7 (#1598574) (awilliam)
  - Protected devices might be hidden (#1561766) (vponcova)
  - fstab: include a note about systemctl daemon-reload (zbyszek)
  - Access the ZFCP module only on s390x (vponcova)
  - Tell libreport if it is a final release or not (#1596392) (vpodzime)
  - bootloader: GRUB2: Set menu_auto_hide when enabled by the instClass
  - installclass: Add bootloader_menu_autohide property (hdegoede)
  - Add tests for the zFCP module (vponcova)
  - Handle the zfcp command in the zFCP module (vponcova)
  - Use the zFCP discovery task in UI (vponcova)
  - Create the zFCP discovery task (vponcova)
  - Create the zFCP module (vponcova)
* Wed Jun 27 2018 Martin Kolman <> - 29.19-1
  - DNF 3: progress callback constants moved to dnf.transaction (awilliam)
  - DNF 3: Update size calculations for transaction item changes (awilliam)
  - DNF 3: config substitutions moved from dnf to libdnf (awilliam)
* Mon Jun 25 2018 Martin Kolman <> - 29.18-1
  - Add tests for the DASD module (vponcova)
  - Run the DASD formatting task in UI (vponcova)
  - Extend the sync_run_task method with a callback (vponcova)
  - Create a task for formatting DASDs (vponcova)
  - Run the DASD discovery task from UI (vponcova)
  - Create a task for discovering DASDs (vponcova)
  - Create the DASD module (vponcova)
  - Add tests for the language installation task (vponcova)
  - Run an installation task to install a language (vponcova)
  - nvdimm: fix crash on non-block devices (rvykydal)
* Tue Jun 12 2018 Martin Kolman <> - 29.17-1
  - Wait for kickstart modules to quit (vponcova)
  - Ask for a default passphrase if required (vponcova)
  - Add support for setting different types of passwords in TUI (vponcova)
* Thu Jun 07 2018 Martin Kolman <> - 29.16-1
  - Add tests for changes in tasks and the install manager (vponcova)
  - Add a simple installation task in the Baz module (vponcova)
  - Update the boss classes (vponcova)
  - Update the base clases for modules (vponcova)
  - Use the system installation task in the install manager (vponcova)
  - Add the system installation task (vponcova)
  - Add methods for running remote DBus tasks (vponcova)
  - Improved base clases for DBus tasks (vponcova)
  - Do not manually create LUKSDevice when unlocking a LUKS format (vtrefny)
  - Fix pylint errors (vponcova)
  - Skip the pylint check for the (vponcova)
  - Enable DNF depsolver debugging in debug mode (mkolman)
  - Don't reset locale of our DBus daemon (vponcova)
  - Close the DNF base later (#1571299) (vponcova)
  - Add 10% for storage metadata to the total required space (#1578395)
  - Add hook to prevent mistake upstream pushes (jkonecny)
  - Revert "WIP" (vponcova)
  - WIP (vponcova)
  - Set locale to en_US.UTF-8 in every module (#1575415) (vponcova)
  - Move initial module configuration to the init function (vponcova)
  - Fix the mount command (vponcova)
  - Use the auto partitioning module in UI (vponcova)
  - Only check space during a tui kickstart if ksprompt is enabled (bcl)
  - Fix can't exit TUI storage spoke (jkonecny)
  - Remove not required PROCESSED return (jkonecny)
  - Remove PROCESSED from refresh method (jkonecny)
* Wed May 16 2018 Martin Kolman <> - 29.15-1
  - nvdimm: make debug messages more clear (rvykydal)
  - nvdimm: use libblockdev enum to check namespace mode (rvykydal)
  - Add data loss warning to nvdimm reconfigure dialog. (rvykydal)
  - Add UI feedback for disk repopulating after nvdimm reconfiguration.
  - Fix ignoring of nvdimm devices (rvykydal)
  - Don't allow booting from nvdimm devices (rvykydal)
  - Improve UI feedback for invalid boot on non-iBFT iSCSI devices. (rvykydal)
  - Add inst.nonibftiscsiboot boot option. (rvykydal)
  - Use only devices specified by nvdimm command for installation. (rvykydal)
  - Add option to reconfigure nvdimm devices into sector mode. (rvykydal)
  - Allow only devices in sector mode to be selected. (rvykydal)
  - Add nvdimm devices to Advanced Storage spoke. (rvykydal)
  - Add kickstart support for nvdimm reconfiguration to sector mode. (rvykydal)
  - Ignore nvdimm disks which are not in sector mode. (rvykydal)
  - Do not ignore nvdimm (pmemX) devices (rvykydal)
  - Update the pykickstart commands (vponcova)
  - Fix firewall DBUS module API usage (#1577405) (mkolman)
  - Fix formatting in the TUI storage spoke (jkonecny)
  - Fix TUI crash in mountpoint assignment (#1564067) (jkonecny)
  - Fix KS logvol metadata and chunksize parameters (#1572511) (jkonecny)
  - Show correct bootloader error on the MacEFI platform (vponcova)
  - Revert "Fix broken kickstart command test" (rvykydal)
  - Support fcoe --autovlan option (#1564096) (rvykydal)
* Fri May 04 2018 Martin Kolman <> - 29.14-1
  - Increase module startup timeout to 600 seconds (mkolman)
  - Fix name of the Zanata Python client package (mkolman)
  - Add tests for the auto partitioning module (vponcova)
  - Create the auto partitioning module (vponcova)
  - Add the firewall submodule (mkolman)
  - Once again fix cmdline error handling. (#1360223) (sbueno+anaconda)
  - Extend the timeout period to 180s in the case of cmdline error. (#1360223)
  - Fix the clearpart test with disklabel option (vponcova)
  - The specified nosetests failed to run (vponcova)
* Tue Apr 24 2018 Martin Kolman <> - 29.13-1
  - Show correct root account locked status in reconfig mode (#1507940) (mkolman)
  - Add missing lines and modularization only log to test coverage (jkonecny)
  - Remove makebumpver dependency from spec file (jkonecny)
  - network module: use connectivity checking in anaconda (rvykydal)
  - network module: add connectivity checking (rvykydal)
  - Permit adding disabled external repos to installation. (riehecky)
  - Handle empty active attribute for consoles (#1569045) (mkolman)
  - Support temporary kickstart generating (vponcova)
  - Create the dynamic module User (vponcova)
  - Select Workstation install class for Workstation live (#1569083) (awilliam)
  - Rename the main module User to Users (vponcova)
* Thu Apr 19 2018 Martin Kolman <> - 29.12-1
  - Save logs to result folder after rpm-tests (jkonecny)
  - Add Installed pyanaconda tests (jkonecny)
  - Fix name of the RPM test (jkonecny)
  - Support running just chosen rpm test (jkonecny)
  - Add test cache files to gitignore (jkonecny)
  - Move test install test from Makefile to rpm tests (jkonecny)
  - Create structure to run rpm tests (jkonecny)
  - Move all nosetests to separate directory (jkonecny)
  - Fix broken kickstart command test (jkonecny)
  - Fix broken kickstart command test (jkonecny)
  - localization: use LanguageKickstarted module property (#1568119) (rvykydal)
  - Start only the specified kickstart modules (#1566621) (vponcova)
  - Use the Bootloader module in UI (vponcova)
  - Add tests for the bootloader module (vponcova)
  - Create the bootloader module (vponcova)
  - rpmostreepayload: do not require network for dvd installation (#1565369)
  - Fix double logging to stdout (vponcova)
  - Don't try to create required partitions if there are none (vponcova)
* Thu Apr 12 2018 Martin Kolman <> - 29.11-1
  - Add anaconda-install-env-deps as dependency of the anaconda package (mkolman)
  - Add %files for install-env-deps so it actually exists (awilliam)
* Tue Apr 10 2018 Martin Kolman <> - 29.10-1
  - Bump simpleline version (mkolman)
  - Do not redraw screen after text YesNo dialog (#1557951)(jkonecny)
  - Revert "Adapt to a new simpleline changes (#1557472)(jkonecny)
  - authselect: enable silent last log (pbrezina)
  - authselect: fix typo to enable fingerprint authentication (pbrezina)
* Mon Apr 09 2018 Martin Kolman <> - 29.9-1
  - Move install time dependencies to a metapackage (mkolman)
* Thu Apr 05 2018 Martin Kolman <> - 29.8-1
  - Fix forgotten usage of the selinux kickstart command (vponcova)
  - Fix tests for the storage module (vponcova)
  - Use the disk selection and initialization modules in UI (vponcova)
  - Enable to use object identifiers instead of object paths (vponcova)
* Thu Mar 29 2018 Martin Kolman <> - 29.7-1
  - Add Makefiles for disk initialization and selection modules (vponcova)
  - Remove the invalid self argument (vponcova)
  - Run all unit tests (vponcova)
* Tue Mar 27 2018 Martin Kolman <> - 29.6-1
  - Create the disk initialization and disk selection modules (vponcova)
  - Use watch_property to watch changes of DBus properties (vponcova)
  - Better organize the base classes for modules (vponcova)
  - Fixed KS forcing zerombr onto RO disk (japokorn)
  - Add tests for the kickstart specifications (vponcova)
  - Standardize calls to parent via super() (riehecky)
  - Fix 'isDisk' property name (#1558906) (vtrefny)
  - Make the class for removed kickstart commands more strict (vponcova)
  - Fix the progress bar steps (vponcova)
  - Use enum for the first boot action (vponcova)
  - Use enum for the SELinux modes (vponcova)
  - datetime spoke: still pass ksdata to NTPconfigDialog (UIObject) (rvykydal)
* Mon Mar 19 2018 Martin Kolman <> - 29.5-1
  - Write rootpw command to kickstart (#1557529) (mkolman)
  - Don't make safe to observe services on buses that don't run (vponcova)
  - Add the LanguageKickstarted property (vponcova)
  - Don't autoquit by default if the last hub is empty (#1553935) (mkolman)
  - Use the Services module in UI (vponcova)
  - Create the Services module (vponcova)
  - Enable hibernation only on x86 (#1554345) (vponcova)
  - Add the Storage module with no API (vponcova)
  - Add the Payload module with no API (vponcova)
  - Remove DBus modules Foo and Bar (vponcova)
  - network module: fix accessing org.freedesktop.hostname1 for current hostname
* Mon Mar 12 2018 Martin Kolman <> - 29.4-1
  - network module: add basic test (rvykydal)
  - Add prepare command to setup-mock-test-env script (jkonecny)
  - Mark partition live device's disk protected. (#1524700) (dlehman)
* Fri Mar 09 2018 Martin Kolman <> - 29.3-1
  - Remove useless constants from pyanaconda.dbus.constants (vponcova)
  - Use identifiers to get observers and proxies (vponcova)
  - Remove the publish method from DBus interfaces (vponcova)
  - Replace constants in publish and register methods (vponcova)
  - Replace constants in DBus interface names (vponcova)
  - Define DBus errors with the dbus_error decorator (vponcova)
  - Use namespaces and identifiers to describe Anaconda DBus objects (vponcova)
  - Add support for identification of DBus objects and services (vponcova)
  - User module should parse only rootpw for now (#1553488) (vponcova)
  - localization module: plug localization module into keyboard GUI spoke
  - localization module: add KeyboardKickstarted property (rvykydal)
  - localization module: add KS support for keyboard command (rvykydal)
  - localization module: don't use Kickstarted so another command can be added
  - Fix release docs (mkolman)
  - network: set TYPE value in ifcfg from kickstart in initrmfs (rvykydal)
  - Make formatting consistent in AnacondaWidgets.xml (riehecky)
* Mon Mar 05 2018 Martin Kolman <> - 29.2-1
  - Use the user DBUS module in the UI (mkolman)
  - Use the user DBUS module for the rootpw command in (mkolman)
  - Add initial user DBUS module (mkolman)
  - Add tests for the Security module (vponcova)
  - Use the Security module in UI (vponcova)
  - Don't send empty kickstart to DBus modules (vponcova)
  - Add the Security module (vponcova)
  - Fix makeupdates script to work with new DBus structure (jkonecny)
  - Fix Makefile of the kickstart manager (vponcova)
  - Fix check if dbus daemon quit properly (jkonecny)
  - Remove check if dbus is running (#1551096) (jkonecny)
  - Use Anaconda's special env variable for dbus address (#1551096) (jkonecny)
  - Migrate Anaconda to our private dbus session (#1551096) (jkonecny)
  - localization module: use l12 shortcut for module name in UI (rvykydal)
  - localization module: replace ksdata.lang with the module in anaconda.
  - localization module: add KS support for lang command (rvykydal)
  - Return restorecon utility to Fedora 28 mock (jkonecny)
  - Include dbus.log when exporting logs (mkolman)
  - Reorganize pyanaconda.modules.boss (vponcova)
  - Move all DBus errors to pyanaconda.modules.common.errors (vponcova)
  - Move common classes and functions to pyanaconda.modules.common (vponcova)
  - Close DBus log file when quitting DBus session (jkonecny)
  - Enable payload configuration for Install classes (jkonecny)
  - Rename files that provide kickstart specifications (vponcova)
  - Move the kickstart specification to pyanaconda.core.kickstart (vponcova)
  - Start and quit Boss properly (jkonecny)
  - Make class from dbus.launcher module (jkonecny)
  - Add the kernel option resume= by default (#1206936) (vponcova)
* Wed Feb 28 2018 Martin Kolman <> - 29.1-1
  - Use observers to access the hostname service (vponcova)
  - Make safe to observe services on buses that don't have to run (vponcova)
  - DBus logs are now saved to /tmp/dbus.log (jkonecny)
  - Add tests for toplevel installclass attribs (riehecky)
  - Wait for DBus modules for longer time (vponcova)
  - Drop dependency on authselect and firewalld (vponcova)
  - Fix kickstart version test (vponcova)
  - Authconfig is replaced with authselect (#1542968) (vponcova)
  - Add support for different message buses (vponcova)
  - Fix makeupdates script (vponcova)
  - Set up basic logging for DBus modules (vponcova)
  - Remove get_dbus_module_logger (vponcova)
  - Fix logging of the DBus modules (vponcova)
  - Fix the reimport error (vponcova)
  - Fix the network module specification (vponcova)
  - network module: update_network_data test (rvykydal)
  - network module: use Module.Kickstarted instead of ksdata.seen (rvykydal)
  - network module: use for hostname in tui (rvykydal)
  - network module: handle current hostname (rvykydal)
  - network module: handle (rvykydal)
  - network module: add module skeleton (rvykydal)
  - Log changes in the kickstart modules. (vponcova)
  - Use the Timezone module in UI. (vponcova)
  - Start Boss from Anaconda (jkonecny)
  - Do not use System DBus (jkonecny)
  - Remove anaconda-boss.service (jkonecny)
  - Move Anaconda dbus services and confs to session dbus (jkonecny)
  - Run DBus session if not present (jkonecny)
  - Change pykickstart version (vponcova)
  - Move system-logos dependency from anaconda-core to anaconda-gui (mkolman)
  - makebumpver: fix parsing of -m option (rvykydal)
  - makebumpver: fix -i option (rvykydal)
  - Fix tests of the Timezone module (vponcova)
  - installclass: add comments to server install class (dusty)
  - Don't use deprecated formatErrorMsg (vponcova)
  - Use the KickstartError attributes (vponcova)
  - kickstart: "clearpart --list" does not work (#1410335) (marcel)
  - Use handler in the Timezone module (vponcova)
  - Fix the specification of the Bar module (vponcova)
  - Use the KickstartHandler class (vponcova)
* Mon Feb 19 2018 Martin Kolman <> - 28.22-1
  - Prevent anaconda-core requiring gjs-console (awilliam)
  - Temporarily don't test versions of specified kickstart objects (vponcova)
* Mon Feb 19 2018 Martin Kolman <> - 28.21-1
  - Explain when run dependency_solver without options (jkonecny)
  - Clean dd_test code (jkonecny)
  - We can't set file permission mode for .so in dd test (jkonecny)
  - Rename installclass_atomic to Fedora Atomic Host (jkonecny)
  - Support running only nosetests or only some nosetests (jkonecny)
  - Do not run tests as root (jkonecny)
  - Save start and end time for pylint run (jkonecny)
  - Separate grab-logs from ci target in Makefile (jkonecny)
  - Remove false positive but disable Pylint in makeupdates script (jkonecny)
  - Add copyright to scripts in ./scripts/testing (jkonecny)
* Thu Feb 15 2018 Adam Williamson <> - 28.20-2
  - Prevent anaconda-core requiring gjs-console (awilliam)
* Fri Feb 09 2018 Martin Kolman <> - 28.20-1
  - Check the proxy attribute before accessing it (vponcova)
  - Check the noverifyssl attribute before accessing it (vponcova)
  - Don't access the url attribute (#1530428) (vponcova)
  - Use Fedora Server default partitioning in Atomic (jkonecny)
  - Clean code of Atomic install class (jkonecny)
  - Migrate Atomic install class (#1491287) (jkonecny)
  - Move Atomic install class to Anaconda (#1491287) (#1536853) (jkonecny)
  - Make sure that fetch_url is defined. (vponcova)
* Mon Feb 05 2018 Martin Kolman <> - 28.19-1
  - Change pykickstart version. (vponcova)
  - Do not deepcopy the kickstart data in the storage (vponcova)
  - Replace deepcopy of the method command (vponcova)
  - Use pykickstart 3 (vponcova)
  - Provide comprehensive log messages about the display mode (vponcova)
  - Fix missing logging in some cases of update of ONBOOT value. (rvykydal)
  - Fix tests for the timezone module. (vponcova)
  - Add the Kickstarted property to the kickstart modules. (vponcova)
  - Connect to the observed service and other stuff. (vponcova)
  - Prevent 99-copy-lgs.ks from exiting with a 1 (bcl)
  - Rename SetUTC to SetIsUTC in the timezone module. (vponcova)
* Thu Jan 18 2018 Martin Kolman <> - 28.18-1
  - Move how to use setup-mock-test-env script to help (jkonecny)
  - Add --init as new parameter to setup-mock-test-env (jkonecny)
  - Initialize the thread manager at the first import. (vponcova)
  - Added tests for the timezone module and other. (vponcova)
  - Remove 'i' from iutil module (jkonecny)
  - Remove 'i' from isignal module (jkonecny)
  - Move isignal module to core/isignal (jkonecny)
  - Extract process watch functions to a static class (jkonecny)
  - Move regexes module to core/regexes (jkonecny)
  - Move i18n module to core/i18n (jkonecny)
  - Move constants module to core/constants (jkonecny)
  - Move iutil module to core/iutil (jkonecny)
  - Move async_utils to core/async_utils (jkonecny)
  - Replace gobject GLib by our core/glib (jkonecny)
  - Rename run_in_main_thread to run_in_loop (jkonecny)
  - Add Timer and PidWatcher abstraction above GLib (jkonecny)
  - Create abstraction above GLib event loop (jkonecny)
  - Add core/glib module for GLib access (jkonecny)
  - Ignore errors for KickstartSpecificationHandler. (vponcova)
  - Try to use the PropertiesChanged signal. (vponcova)
  - Add timezone module. (vponcova)
  - Collect properties changes before emit. (vponcova)
  - Use Ping method from the standard interface. (vponcova)
  - Recognize members of standard interfaces. (vponcova)
  - Add an object observer with cached properties (vponcova)
  - Rename modules with Fedora install classes. (vponcova)
  - Add support for Variant in .buildstamp (vponcova)
  - Fix the Bar module. (vponcova)
  - Add pykickstart version to branching policy doc (jkonecny)
  - Remove `unstable` branch from documentation (jkonecny)
  - Move system-logos to anaconda-core (#1529239) (bcl)
* Fri Jan 05 2018 Martin Kolman <> - 28.17-1
  - Modules should use the proxy pattern. (vponcova)
  - Variants need to be instances of the Variant class (vponcova)
  - kickstart: support firewall --use-system-defaults (#1526450) (dusty)
  - Check payload is set before accessing its data (#1524785) (mkolman)
  - Do not fail when test are failing in setup-env script (jkonecny)
  - Support running multiple commands at once (jkonecny)
  - Support copy Anaconda result dir out of mock (jkonecny)
  - Remove dependencies from Makefile (jkonecny)
  - Add path to Anaconda in mock to constant (jkonecny)
  - Properly exclude packages from the install set (ngompa13)
  - Add the _prepare_command helper function to setup-test-env (jkonecny)
  - Add run-tests parameter to setup-test-env script (jkonecny)
  - Remove /anaconda in mock before copying new one (jkonecny)
* Tue Jan 02 2018 Martin Kolman <> - 28.16-1
  - Improve password checking status and error messages (mkolman)
  - Spin kickstarts shouldn't be test dependency (jkonecny)
* Wed Dec 20 2017 Martin Kolman <> - 28.15-1
  - Remove spurious echo call from tmux service file (#1526861) (mkolman)
  - Restore fix for RHBZ #1323012 (`set_name` not `setName`) (awilliam)
  - Fix Makefile for modules/[foo,bar]/tasks and for install_manager (rvykydal)
  - Make passing kickstart to boss more visible. (rvykydal)
  - Add tests for KickstartManager. (rvykydal)
  - Add kickstart dispatching to anaconda. (rvykydal)
  - Add kickstart dispatching to local boss run script (rvykydal)
  - Add KickstartManager for Boss. (rvykydal)
  - Add method for getting line mapping from kickstart elements to kickstart
  - Add info about handled kickstart commands to modules (rvykydal)
  - Add missing Makefile for kickstart_dispatcher (rvykydal)
* Mon Dec 18 2017 Martin Kolman <> - 28.14-1
  - Use observers in the install manager (vponcova)
  - Modify readme file for tests (jkonecny)
  - Do not bump version when testing installation (jkonecny)
  - Add set up test environment script (jkonecny)
  - Add dependency solver script (jkonecny)
  - Differentiate upstream and build-time version (#1493952) (mkolman)
  - Fix bad bash '*' expansion when loading kernel modules (#1525841) (jkonecny)
  - Fix connection to a signal in the install manager (vponcova)
  - Use the InterfaceTemplate in the InstallationInterface (vponcova)
  - Use the InterfaceTemplate in the TaskInterface (vponcova)
  - Add a base class for DBus interfaces (vponcova)
  - Update module manager to use observers (vponcova)
  - Add DBus observers for better access to proxies. (vponcova)
  - Remove running CI in mock from Makefile (jkonecny)
  - Add xfsprogs and git to the test requirements (jkonecny)
  - The gettext-devel is required by autogen (jkonecny)
  - Remove kickstart-test dependencies from test requires (jkonecny)
* Tue Dec 12 2017 Martin Kolman <> - 28.13-1
  - Unregister and unpublish all DBus services and objects (vponcova)
  - Add tests for InstallManager (jkonecny)
  - Add tests for Tasks (jkonecny)
  - Add run_in_glib decorator for tests (jkonecny)
  - Instantiate and publish InstallManager in Boss (jkonecny)
  - Add Makefile for install_manager (jkonecny)
  - Implement InstallManager with interface (jkonecny)
  - Init threading in modules (jkonecny)
  - Provide installation tasks from modules (jkonecny)
  - Remove *.Anaconda.Modules interface from Boss (jkonecny)
  - Implementing example tasks for modules (jkonecny)
  - Add Makefile for Task (jkonecny)
  - Base implementation of Task (jkonecny)
  - Add Task interface class (jkonecny)
  - Remove in-memory kickstart representation from traceback file (#1519895)
  - Support call_when_thread_terminates in ThreadManager (jkonecny)
  - Change gtk_action_wait/nowait as general use decorators (jkonecny)
  - Add controllable loop to run_boss_locally script (jkonecny)
  - Tweak run_boss_locally script (jkonecny)
  - Enable SE/HMC file access to repo (vponcova)
  - Change string formatting to format method (jkonecny)
  - Pass handler instance, not class to SplitKickstartParser (rvykydal)
  - Add kickstart parser for splitting kickstart (rvykydal)
* Thu Dec 07 2017 Martin Kolman <> - 28.12-1
  - Fix unit tests (mkolman)
  - Fixes in makefiles (vponcova)
  - Use the input_checking module for TUI password validation (mkolman)
  - Use the input_checking module for user checking (mkolman)
  - Use the input_checking module for root password checking (mkolman)
  - Use the input_checking module for checking the LUKS passphrase (mkolman)
  - Reflect GUISpokeInputCheckHandler changes in installation source spoke
  - Convert the input checking helpers to use the input_checking module (mkolman)
  - Provide more robust method of using the warning message bar (mkolman)
  - Remove the validatePassword() method (mkolman)
  - Add new input checking module (mkolman)
  - fixup! Migrate Workstation InstallClass to anaconda (sgallagh)
  - Handle an invalid install class style sheet (vponcova)
  - Enhance password checking constants (mkolman)
  - Fix interactive defaults (mkolman)
  - Modify the PYTHONPATH in run_boss_locally (vponcova)
  - Replace get_bus with the class DBus (vponcova)
  - Migrate Workstation InstallClass to anaconda (sgallagh)
  - Point at new path for fedora-server.css (sgallagh)
  - Rename dbus_constants to constants (vponcova)
  - Add the boot option inst.ks.all (vponcova)
  - Add the boot option inst.stage2.all (vponcova)
  - Remove errors for mounting and unmounting (vponcova)
  - Override the right method in the task (vponcova)
  - Remove useless code (vponcova)
  - Support timeout and retries options in %packages section (vponcova)
  - Fix device_name_is_disk to fully support raid devices (vponcova)
  - Onlyuse devices of the ignoredisk command should be only disks (vponcova)
  - Add the boot option inst.xtimeout (vponcova)
  - Do not shadow build-in module variable (jkonecny)
  - Module manager is replaceable (jkonecny)
  - Remove pyanaconda.constants_text module (vponcova)
* Mon Nov 27 2017 Martin Kolman <> - 28.11-1
  - Bump Blivet GUI version (mkolman)
  - Change path to start-module script when running locally (mkolman)
  - Handle DBUS module related files in makeupdates (mkolman)
  - Handle DBUS_STARTER_ADDRESS not being defined (mkolman)
  - Use start-module script in DBUS service files (mkolman)
  - Add a DBUS module startup script (mkolman)
  - Add for DBUS modules an addons (mkolman)
  - Add the setup-updates script (mkolman)
  - Add file to anaconda/modules (mkolman)
  - Add a unit file for Boss startup (mkolman)
  - Really install all the right packages on Mac UEFI installs (awilliam)
  - Refactor DASD formatting and support detection of LDL DASDs. (vponcova)
  - Remove unused import sys from run_boss_locally script (jkonecny)
  - Fix blivet imports in the Fedora Server install class (#1513024) (vponcova)
  - Update the use of suggest_container_name method (vponcova)
  - Devicetree doesn't have protected_dev_names (vponcova)
  - Add pyanaconda.dbus to Makefile (vponcova)
  - Add to Makefile (#1511735) (vponcova)
  - network: GUI, be more robust when displaying vlan parent and id (#1507913)
  - network: GUI, fix lookup of existing device configurations (#1507913)
  - network: GUI, don't crash on added vlan without device name specified
    (#1507913) (rvykydal)
  - Add a script for running Boss & modules locally (mkolman)
  - Add an example addon (mkolman)
  - Add DBUS module examples (mkolman)
  - Add Boss (mkolman)
  - Add a base class for DBUS modules (mkolman)
  - Add .service and .conf files for the DBUS modules (mkolman)
  - Add constants for DBUS module namespaces (mkolman)
  - Add support for logging from DBUS modules (mkolman)
  - Add the get_bus() method (mkolman)
  - Remove storage check for too small swap (#1466964) (vponcova)
  - Migrate fedora-server installclass into the anaconda repository (#1466967)
* Thu Nov 09 2017 Martin Kolman <> - 28.10-1
  - Bump required Blivet version to 3.0 (mkolman)
  - Add modular server repo to the base repositories (#1506894) (jkonecny)
  - Split addon and environment refresh in software TUI (jkonecny)
  - Fix changing source don't erase old environment TUI (#1505090) (jkonecny)
  - Add logging to TUI software selection spoke (#1505090) (jkonecny)
  - Do not try to use protected disks for autopart (vtrefny)
  - Adapt new storage tui spoke to storage code move. (dlehman)
  - Update blivet upstream URL in testing README. (dlehman)
  - Adapt to devicefactory API change. (dlehman)
  - Adapt to removal of default rounding in blivet.size.Size. (dlehman)
  - Use anaconda's logic for ostree sys/physical root. (dlehman)
  - Adapt to removal of blivet.udev.device_is_realdisk. (dlehman)
  - Adapt to move of disklabel type logic into DiskLabel. (dlehman)
  - Move blivet.partspec into (dlehman)
  - Move blivet.platform to pyanaconda.platform. (dlehman)
  - Fix traceback from mocked partitions in clearpart test. (dlehman)
  - Move blivet.osinstall to (dlehman)
  - Move autopart from blivet to (dlehman)
* Thu Oct 26 2017 Martin Kolman <> - 28.9-1
  - Mac EFI installs need grub2-tools (#1503496) (awilliam)
  - network: create default ifcfg also for missing default NM connection
    (#1478141) (rvykydal)
  - Print screen stack next to exception in TUI (jkonecny)
  - Enable Custom GRUB2 Password Utility (#985962) (rmarshall)
* Tue Oct 17 2017 Martin Kolman <> - 28.8-1
  - Bump simpleline version requires (jkonecny)
  - Remove DataHolder class (jkonecny)
  - Remove EditTUISpoke EditTUIDialog and EditTUISpokeEntry (jkonecny)
  - Replace EditTUI* from the TUI Storage spoke (jkonecny)
  - Replace EditTUI* from the TUI User spoke (jkonecny)
  - Replace EditTUI* from the TUI Source spoke (jkonecny)
  - Replace EditTUI* from the TUI Network spoke (jkonecny)
  - Password spoke is using PasswordDialog now (jkonecny)
  - Return default policy if nothing match (jkonecny)
  - Add Dialog and PasswordDialog TUI objects (jkonecny)
  - Remove EditTUIDialog from time_spoke (jkonecny)
  - packaging: clear downloaded packages repo cache before using it (#1480790)
  - Do substitutions only after translating the string (mkolman)
  - Fix a translation check error (mkolman)
  - Do not run commands in messages in Makefile (jkonecny)
  - Fix storage spoke completeness checking (#1496416) (rvykydal)
* Thu Oct 12 2017 Martin Kolman <> - 28.7-1
  - Mark the mount point assignment in TUI as experimental (vpodzime)
  - Reset storage on change in text mode (vpodzime)
  - Only allow the supported file systems in text mode (vpodzime)
  - Textual configuration of mount points (vpodzime)
  - Add support for the new 'mount' kickstart command (vpodzime)
  - Fix dnf exception repository not set (#1495211) (jkonecny)
  - Add logging of complete spokes in GUI. (rvykydal)
  - Do not execute storage when the spoke is left with no selected disk
    (#1496327) (rvykydal)
  - Reflect building from master branch in the release docs (mkolman)
  - Add checks for group names (#1497676) (vponcova)
  - Add new checks for user names (#1491006) (vponcova)
* Fri Sep 29 2017 Martin Kolman <> - 28.6-1
  - Add changelog entries from the unstable branch (mkolman)
  - Log when we are executing command in chroot (jkonecny)
  - Use name instead of index in TUI env selection (#1495204) (jkonecny)
  - Fix missing container in TUI source spoke (#1494801) (jkonecny)
  - Add MOCK_EXTRA_ARGS to Makefile (jkonecny)
  - tui source spoke: initialize nfs values when switching to nfs (rvykydal)
  - Deselect encryption when switching to blivet-gui partitioning (vtrefny)
  - Add 2 spaces between functions in iutil (jkonecny)
  - rpmostreepayload: Fix logic for copying of EFI data (walters)
  - rpmostreepayload: Avoid recursing for fstab mounts (walters)
  - payload: Add handlesBootloaderConfiguration(), teach (walters)
* Thu Sep 21 2017 Martin Kolman <> - 28.5-1
  - Fix missing id to name environment transition (#1491119) (jkonecny)
  - Fix test for unset TUI software environment (#1491119) (jkonecny)
  - Rename processingDone to processing_done variable (jkonecny)
* Mon Sep 18 2017 Martin Kolman <> - 28.4-1
  - network: add support for kickstart --bindto=mac for virtual devices
    (#1328576) (rvykydal)
  - network: support mac bound network settings as first class (#1328576)
  - network: add support for kickstart --bindto=mac for wired devices (#1328576)
  - Don't setup the hub twice (#1491333) (vponcova)
  - rpmostreepayload: Substitute ${basearch} in ostreesetup ref (walters)
  - Perform repo checks only when there are checks available. (rvykydal)
  - Add support for repo --metalink (GUI) (#1464843) (rvykydal)
  - Add support for repo --metalink (kickstart, tui) (#1464843) (rvykydal)
  - Add inst.notmux option (dusty)
* Mon Sep 11 2017 Martin Kolman <> - 28.3-1
  - Add missing dot to the availability status message (mail)
  - Bump Simpleline version (jkonecny)
  - Make EFIGRUB._efi_binary a property, not a method (awilliam)
  - Better storing logs from build and tests (jkonecny)
  - Provide a default install class. (vponcova)
  - Do not use hidden install classes. (vponcova)
  - Make geolocation with kickstart possible (#1358331) (mkolman)
  - Run python-meh as modal in TUI (jkonecny)
  - Use GLib event loop in the simpleline (jkonecny)
  - TUI progress reporting is handled by show_all (jkonecny)
  - Add efi_dir to the BaseInstallClass (#1412391) (vponcova)
  - Use /usr/bin/python3 shebang once again (miro)
* Mon Sep 04 2017 Martin Kolman <> - 28.2-1
  - Fix catch TUI not main thread exceptions (jkonecny)
  - Document Anaconda branching workflow (mkolman)
  - Use constants for version number bumps and additions (mkolman)
  - Fix closest mirror now needs network (jkonecny)
  - Fix restart payload thread in Network spoke GUI (#1478970) (jkonecny)
  - Network spoke freeze when testing availability (#1478970) (jkonecny)
  - Add support for adding version numbers to makebumpver (mkolman)
  - Add support for major version bump to makebumpver (mkolman)
  - Fix proxy settings badly used when testing repos (#1478970) (jkonecny)
* Tue Aug 29 2017 Martin Kolman <> - 28.1-1
  - Remove the metacity theme. (vponcova)
  - Add the option inst.decorated to allow title bar in GUI (vponcova)
  - Move python3-gobject Requires to core (jkonecny)
  - Return simpleline removed ipmi calls back (jkonecny)
  - Use new list container from Simpleline (jkonecny)
  - Remove old simpleline from anaconda (jkonecny)
  - Ask multiple times for wrong input (jkonecny)
  - Show TUI exception only first time (jkonecny)
  - Add simpleline logger to the Anaconda (jkonecny)
  - Modify TUI to use new Simpleline package (jkonecny)
  - Make 64-bit kernel on 32-bit firmware work for x86 efi machines (pjones)
  - Add missing gtk3 required version to spec file (jkonecny)
  - Sort spec required versions alphabetically (jkonecny)
  - Fix testing of the kickstart version (vponcova)
  - Move the installclass command to the %anaconda section. (vponcova)
  - Fix SL install class to use right efi dir (riehecky)
  - Fix accelerator key for blivet-gui partitioning (#1482438) (vtrefny)
  - Add blivet-gui logs to python-meh file list (vtrefny)
  - Remove the title bar in anaconda by default (#1468801) (vponcova)
  - Add simple script to read journal with message code source and thread info.
* Mon Aug 14 2017 Martin Kolman <> - 27.20-1
  - Add support for automatic generating of DBus specification. (vponcova)
  - Add support for generating XML (vponcova)
  - Add support for DBus typing system (vponcova)
  - dnfpayload: do not try to contact disabled repo (artem.bityutskiy)
  - Add message to setup-test-env is ran (jkonecny)
  - Use SHA256 instead of MD5 for repoMDHash (#1341280) (bcl)
  - Add lorax-packages.log to bug report. (rvykydal)
  - Use SHA256 instead of MD5 for repoMDHash (#1341280) (jkonecny)
  - 80-setfilecons: Add a few paths (/var/run, /var/spool) (walters)
  - Also capture anaconda-pre logs if they exist (riehecky)
  - Don't mock modules with sys in unit tests (vponcova)
  - logging: replace SyslogHandler with JournalHandler (rvykydal)
  - Add setup-test-env target to the Makefile (jkonecny)
  - Add tests for the install class factory (vponcova)
  - Support for the installclass kickstart command (vponcova)
  - Modules with install classes should define __all__ (vponcova)
  - Refactorization of the (vponcova)
  - docs: minor fixups of release document (rvykydal)
  - rescue: add RTD documentation (rvykydal)
  - rescue: clean up method for mounting root (rvykydal)
  - rescue: separate UI and execution logic (rvykydal)
  - Make kickstart rescue command noninteractive. (rvykydal)
  - Remove unused argument and code. (rvykydal)
* Thu Jul 27 2017 Radek Vykydal <> - 27.19-1
  - rpmostreepayload: Set up /var first (walters)
  - rpmostreepayload: Explicitly create /var/lib before tmpfiles (walters)
  - rpmostreepayload: Rework mount setup to support admin-defined mounts
  - rpmostreepayload: try to verify local ostree repo cache (dusty)
  - rpmostreepayload: ignore <F25 location, support RHEL (dusty)
  - rpmostreepayload: use correct secondary url location (dusty)
  - Add tracking of requirements application to requirements container.
  - Add langpacks via payload requirements (rvykydal)
  - Add NTP_PACKAGE via installation requirements (rvykydal)
  - timezone: simplify kickstart setup metod (rvykydal)
  - Store payload (packages, groups) requirements in a container. (rvykydal)
  - Fix anaconda --help fail with traceback (#1470514) (jkonecny)
  - rpmostreepayload: Do /sysroot mount non-recursively (walters)
  - Add isolated-test makefile target (jkonecny)
  - gui: show supported locales on Atomic Host installs (jlebon)
* Mon Jul 03 2017 Martin Kolman <> - 27.18-1
  - rpmostreepayload: Reuse the local repo as a cache (walters)
  - Document how to create Anaconda releases and package builds (mkolman)
* Sat Jul 01 2017 Martin Kolman <> - 27.17-1
  - Require "blivet-gui-runtime" instead of "blivet-gui" (vtrefny)
  - Fix a typo in python-meh initialization (#1462825) (mkolman)
* Mon Jun 26 2017 Martin Kolman <> - 27.16-1
  - Install class shouldn't set the default boot fstype (#1463297) (vponcova)
  - Store testing logs properly (jkonecny)
  - Fix location of the blivet-gui user help (vtrefny)
  - netowrk: fix noipv6 option check regression (#1464297) (rvykydal)
  - Refactor imports in (jkonecny)
  - Use context manager to check KickstartError (jkonecny)
* Wed Jun 21 2017 Martin Kolman <> - 27.15-1
  - Honor --erroronfail kickstart option in cmdline mode (rvykydal)
  - Fix import from a renamed module (#1462538) (vponcova)
  - Fix the 'non-ASCII characters in password' checks (#1413813) (awilliam)
  - Move mock config files to slaves (jkonecny)
* Thu Jun 15 2017 Martin Kolman <> - 27.14-1
  - Bump version of Pykickstart and Blivet (#1113207) (jkonecny)
  - Add XFS uuid changer (#1113207) (jkonecny)
  - Support --when parameter in snapshot (#1113207) (jkonecny)
  - Add snapshot support (#1113207) (jkonecny)
* Wed Jun 14 2017 Martin Kolman <> - 27.13-1
  - Fix renaming mixup (#1461469) (mkolman)
  - Separate blivet-daily builds in mock config (jkonecny)
  - network: bind to device name (not hwaddr) when dumping connections (#1457215)
* Tue Jun 13 2017 Martin Kolman <> - 27.12-1
  - Show warning if swap is smaller then recommended (#1290360) (vponcova)
* Tue Jun 06 2017 Martin Kolman <> - 27.11-1
  - Fix renaming error (mkolman)
  - Add a getter for the Anaconda root logger (mkolman)
  - Disable test-install in Makefile (jkonecny)
* Thu Jun 01 2017 Martin Kolman <> - 27.10-1
  - Bump Blivet version (mkolman)
  - Remove GUI logging prefixes from Network spoke (mkolman)
  - Rename TUI spokes (mkolman)
  - Rename GUI spokes (mkolman)
  - Rename to (mkolman)
  - Rename to (mkolman)
  - Rename to (mkolman)
  - Rename to (mkolman)
  - Get special purpose loggers from anaconda_loggers (mkolman)
  - Use structured logging in Anaconda modules (mkolman)
  - Use unique 3 letter log level names (mkolman)
  - Use constants for special purpose logger names (mkolman)
  - Add the anaconda_loggers module (mkolman)
  - Rename to (mkolman)
  - Add support for structured logging to the anaconda logger (mkolman)
  - Make it possible to set filters for file handlers (mkolman)
  - Add custom filter and formatter support for the syslog handler (mkolman)
  - Add AnacondaPrefixFilter (mkolman)
  - Fixes for Pylint 1.7 (vponcova)
  - Add support for IPoIB in tui (#1366935) (rvykydal)
  - Fix pylint unused import error (jkonecny)
  - network: handle multiple connections for one device better (#1444887)
  - Fix setting errors and warnings in the StorageCheckHandler (vponcova)
  - Add inst.waitfornet option (#1315160) (rvykydal)
  - network: catch exception when reading in-memory connection being removed
    (#1439220) (rvykydal)
* Thu May 25 2017 Martin Kolman <> - 27.9-1
  - Add support for DNF-2.5.0 (jkonecny)
  - Fix simpleline_getpass related Pylint warning (mkolman)
  - Provide access to simpleline App instance (mkolman)
  - Make it possible to use a custom getpass() (mkolman)
  - Set the default filesystem type from a kickstart file (vponcova)
  - Adapt to our new daily builds of Anaconda (jkonecny)
  - Provide access to simpleline App instance (mkolman)
  - Make it possible to use a custom getpass() (mkolman)
  - Perform recursive copying of driver disk RPM repo contents (esyr)
  - network: fix setting hostname via boot options (#1441337) (rvykydal)
  - Fix a typo in an error message (esyr)
  - Use the function we already have for applying disk selection (#1412022)
  - Ignore disks labeled OEMDRV (#1412022) (rvykydal)
  - network: create dracut arguments for iSCSI root accessed via vlan (#1374003)
  - Test if Anaconda can be installed inside of mock (jkonecny)
  - Remove run_install_test test (jkonecny)
  - rpmostreepayload: Handle /var as a user-specified mountpoint (walters)
  - Fix the addon handlers for the checkbox (#1451754) (vponcova)
  - Show the text of completions in the datetime spoke. (vponcova)
  - Use new daily-blivet copr builds (jkonecny)
  - Prevent TUI from crashing with a single spoke on a hub (mkolman)
* Tue May 09 2017 Martin Kolman <> - 27.8-1
  - Bump Pykickstart version (mkolman)
* Fri May 05 2017 Martin Kolman <> - 27.7-1
  - Make some missed adjustments to blivet API changes. (#1440134) (dlehman)
  - Bump required version for blivet-gui (vtrefny)
  - BlivetGuiSpoke: Set keyboard shortcuts for blivet-gui (#1439608) (vtrefny)
  - BlivetGuiSpoke: Refresh blivet-gui UI after spoke is entered (vtrefny)
  - Really fix with tmux 2.4 (version comparison was busted) (awilliam)
  - Show or hide the content of the expander on Fedora (vponcova)
  - itertools.chain can be iterated only once (#1414391) (vponcova)
* Fri Apr 28 2017 Martin Kolman <> - 27.6-1
  - Use `time.tzset()` to apply timezone changes when we can (awilliam)
  - Tweak epoch definition to fix system clock setting (#1433560) (awilliam)
  - Optimize payload thread restart on network change (jkonecny)
  - Add unit test for RepoMDMetaHash object (#1373449) (jkonecny)
  - Make the formating in payload consistent (#1373449) (jkonecny)
  - Fix Anaconda forces payload restart when network (not)change (#1373449)
  - Catch race-condition error reading from in-memory connection being removed
    (#1373360) (rvykydal)
  - network tui: fix changing ipv4 config from static to dhcp (#1432886)
  - Allow setting up bridge for fetching installer image from kickstart
    (#1373360) (rvykydal)
* Thu Apr 27 2017 Martin Kolman <> - 27.5-1
  - make anaconda working back again with tmux2.4 (pallotron)
  - Trigger the entered signal only once the screen is shown (#1443011) (mkolman)
  - Use constants in storage checker constraints. (vponcova)
  - Gtk: Fix creating images from resources. (vponcova)
  - Fix partial kickstart software selection in GUI (#1404158) (jkonecny)
  - Removed unused code in the Software spoke (#1404158) (jkonecny)
  - Fix selection logic in Software spoke (#1404158) (jkonecny)
  - Fix Driver Disc documentation (#1377233) (jkonecny)
  - Support DD rpm loading from local disk device (#1377233) (jkonecny)
  - Gtk: Replace deprecated get_misc_set_alignment in widgets. (vponcova)
  - Gtk: Replace deprecated Gtk.Viewport.get_v/hadjustment. (vponcova)
  - Gtk: Replace deprecated methods. (vponcova)
  - Set the info bar only once if the partitioning method changes. (vponcova)
  - Fix pylint issue Catching too general exception Exception (jkonecny)
  - Support --noboot and --noswap options in autopartitioning (#1220866)
  - Support --nohome option in the autopartitioning (vponcova)



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