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RPM of Group Applications/System

cas-1.0-12.fc27 Tool to analyze and configure core file environment
cciss_vol_status-1.11-6.fc27 Show status of logical drives attached to HP SmartArray controllers
cdpr-2.4-13.fc27 Cisco Discovery Protocol Analyzer
cdrkit-1.1.11-37.fc27 A collection of CD/DVD utilities
certmaster-0.28-15.fc27 Remote certificate distribution framework
check-create-certificate-0.5-13.20140409gitd0971ba.fc27 A non-interactive script that creates an SSL certificate if it does not exist
chkrootkit-0.52-3.fc27 Tool to locally check for signs of a rootkit
clamav-unofficial-sigs-3.7.2-4.fc27 Scripts to download unoffical clamav signatures
clamtk-5.25-2.fc28 Easy to use graphical user interface for Clam anti virus
clpbar-1.10.9-16.fc27 Show information about a data transfer
clpeak-0.1-16.20170711git8edab23.fc27 Find peak OpenCL capacities like bandwidth & compute
collectl-4.2.0-2.fc27 A utility to collect various Linux performance data
compiz-manager-0.7.0-5.fc27 A wrapper script to start compiz with proper options
condor-8.6.5-3.fc28 HTCondor: High Throughput Computing
congruity-18-13.fc27 Applications to program Logitech Harmony universal remote controls
conman-0.2.8-3.fc27 ConMan - The Console Manager
conmux-0.0-31.493svn.fc27 ConMux - The Console Multiplexor
connect-proxy-1.100-16.fc27 SSH Proxy command helper
console-setup-1.169-1.fc28 Tools for configuring the console using X Window System key maps
contextkit-0.5.41-16.fc28 Contextual information collection framework
cowpatty-4.6-15.fc27 WPA password cracker
cpmtools-2.20-5.fc27 Programs for accessing CP/M disks
cpulimit-0.2-5.20151118gitf4d2682.fc27 CPU Usage Limiter for Linux
crack-5.0a-26.fc27 Password cracker
cronolog-1.6.2-23.fc27 Web log rotation program for Apache
crudminer-0.3.2-11.fc27 Find and report insecure web software in a web root
crypto-utils-2.5-1.fc28 SSL certificate and key management utilities
cryptsetup-2.0.0-0.4.fc28 A utility for setting up encrypted disks
cstream-3.1.1-10.fc27 General-purpose stream-handling tool
csync2-1.34-21.fc27 Cluster synchronization tool

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