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RPM of Group Applications/Engineering

c-graph-2.0-7.fc22 A tool for visualizing convolution
calc- Arbitrary precision arithmetic system and calculator
cddlib-094g-11.fc22 A library for generating all vertices in convex polyhedrons
chntpw-0.99.6-24.110511.fc22 Change passwords in Windows SAM files
clac-005-7.fc21 Command Line Advanced Calculator
clapham-0.1.003-11.fc21 Railroad diagram generator for computer languages
cliquer-1.21-8.fc22 Find cliques in arbitrary weighted graphs
cloudy-13.03-5.fc22 Spectral synthesis code to simulate conditions in interstellar matter
coin-or-Alps-1.4.10-5.fc22 COIN-OR High-Performance Parallel Search Framework
coin-or-Bcp-1.3.8-3.fc22 Branch-Cut-Price Framework
coin-or-Bcps-0.93.12-4.fc22 Part of the COIN High Performance Parallel Search Framework
coin-or-Blis-0.93.11-4.fc22 BLIS (BiCePS Linear Integer Solver)
coin-or-Bonmin-1.7.4-3.fc22 Basic Open-source Nonlinear Mixed INteger programming
coin-or-Cbc-2.8.12-3.fc22 Coin-or branch and cut
coin-or-Cgl-0.58.9-2.fc22 Cut Generation Library
coin-or-Clp-1.15.10-2.fc22 Coin-or linear programming
coin-or-CoinMP-1.7.6-3.fc22 C-API interface to CLP, CBC and CGL
coin-or-CoinUtils-2.9.15-2.fc22 Coin-or Utilities
coin-or-DyLP-1.9.4-3.fc22 Implementation of the dynamic simplex algorithm
coin-or-Ipopt-3.11.10-3.fc22 Interior Point OPTimizer
coin-or-Osi-0.106.9-2.fc22 COIN-OR Open Solver Interface Library
coin-or-SYMPHONY-5.5.7-3.fc22 Solver for mixed-integer linear programs
coin-or-Sample-1.2.9-1.fc22 Coin-or Sample data files
coin-or-Vol-1.4.4-3.fc22 Vol (Volume Algorithm)
coot-0.7.2-2.fc21 The crystallographic object-oriented toolkit
covered-0.7.10-5.fc22 Verilog code coverage analyzer
cp2k-2.5.1-9.fc22 Ab Initio Molecular Dynamics
csisat-1.2-16.fc22 Tool for LA+EUF Interpolation
cvc3-2.4.1-10.fc22 Validity checker of many-sorted first-order formulas with theories

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