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Packages beginning with letter N

n2n-2.1.0-9.fc24 A layer-two peer-to-peer virtual private network linux/s390
nacl-20110221-15.fc24 Networking and Cryptography library linux/s390
nacl-devel-20110221-15.fc24 Development files linux/s390
nacl-static-20110221-15.fc24 Static version of the NaCl library linux/s390
naev-0.6.1-2.fc24 2d action, RPG space game linux/s390
naev-data-0.6.1-2.fc24 Data files for NAEV linux/noarch
nafees-naskh-fonts-2.01-11.fc24 Nafees naskh font for writing Urdu in the Naskh script with full aerab support linux/noarch
nafees-nastaleeq-fonts-1.02-10.fc24 Nafees nastaleeq font for writing Urdu in the Nastaleeq script linux/noarch
nafees-pakistani-naskh-fonts-2.01-11.fc24 Nafees pakistani naskh font for writing Urdu in the Naskh script linux/noarch
nafees-pakistani-web-naskh-fonts-2.0-9.fc24 Nafees pakistani web naskh font for writing Urdu linux/noarch
nafees-riqa-fonts-1.0-10.fc24 Nafees riqa font for writing Urdu in the Riqa script linux/noarch
nafees-tehreer-naskh-fonts-1.0-10.fc24 Nafees tehreer naskh font for writing Urdu in the Naskh script linux/noarch
nafees-web-naskh-fonts-1.2-15.fc24 Nafees Web font for writing Urdu in the Naskh script linux/noarch
naga-3.0-7.82svn.fc24 Simplified Java NIO asynchronous sockets linux/noarch
naga-javadoc-3.0-7.82svn.fc24 Javadocs for naga linux/noarch
nagi-2.06-17.fc24 An interpreter for AGI games linux/s390
nagios-4.0.8-2.fc24 Host/service/network monitoring program linux/s390
nagios-common-4.0.8-2.fc24 Provides common directories, uid and gid among nagios-related packages linux/s390
nagios-devel-4.0.8-2.fc24 Provides include files that Nagios-related applications may compile against linux/s390
nagios-lcgdm-0.9.5-6.fc24 Configuration files for a (DPM/LFC) site monitored using LCGDM nagios probes linux/s390
nagios-plugins-2.1.1-1.fc24 Host/service/network monitoring program plugins for Nagios linux/s390
nagios-plugins-all-2.1.1-1.fc24 Nagios Plugins - All plugins linux/s390
nagios-plugins-apt-2.1.1-1.fc24 Nagios Plugin - check_apt linux/s390
nagios-plugins-bacula-7.4.0-4.fc24 Nagios Plugin - check_bacula linux/s390
nagios-plugins-bdii-1.0.15-5.fc24 Nagios Plugin - check_bdii_entries linux/s390
nagios-plugins-bonding-1.4-6.fc24 Nagios plugin to monitor Linux bonding interfaces linux/s390
nagios-plugins-breeze-2.1.1-1.fc24 Nagios Plugin - check_breeze linux/s390
nagios-plugins-by_ssh-2.1.1-1.fc24 Nagios Plugin - check_by_ssh linux/s390
nagios-plugins-check-updates-1.6.15-1.fc24 A Nagios plugin to check if Red Hat or Fedora system is up-to-date linux/s390
nagios-plugins-cluster-2.1.1-1.fc24 Nagios Plugin - check_cluster linux/s390
nagios-plugins-dbi-2.1.1-1.fc24 Nagios Plugin - check_dbi linux/s390
nagios-plugins-dhcp-2.1.1-1.fc24 Nagios Plugin - check_dhcp linux/s390
nagios-plugins-dig-2.1.1-1.fc24 Nagios Plugin - check_dig linux/s390
nagios-plugins-disk-2.1.1-1.fc24 Nagios Plugin - check_disk linux/s390
nagios-plugins-disk_smb-2.1.1-1.fc24 Nagios Plugin - check_disk_smb linux/s390
nagios-plugins-dns-2.1.1-1.fc24 Nagios Plugin - check_dns linux/s390
nagios-plugins-dpm-disk-0.9.5-6.fc24 Nagios probes to be run in the DPM disk nodes linux/s390
nagios-plugins-dpm-head-0.9.5-6.fc24 Nagios probes to be run in the DPM head node linux/s390
nagios-plugins-dummy-2.1.1-1.fc24 Nagios Plugin - check_dummy linux/s390
nagios-plugins-file_age-2.1.1-1.fc24 Nagios Plugin - check_file_age linux/s390
nagios-plugins-flexlm-2.1.1-1.fc24 Nagios Plugin - check_flexlm linux/s390
nagios-plugins-fping-2.1.1-1.fc24 Nagios Plugin - check_fping linux/s390
nagios-plugins-fts-3.2.0-3.fc24 Nagios probes to be run remotely against FTS3 machines linux/noarch
nagios-plugins-game-2.1.1-1.fc24 Nagios Plugin - check_game linux/s390
nagios-plugins-hpjd-2.1.1-1.fc24 Nagios Plugin - check_hpjd linux/s390
nagios-plugins-http-2.1.1-1.fc24 Nagios Plugin - check_http linux/s390
nagios-plugins-icmp-2.1.1-1.fc24 Nagios Plugin - check_icmp linux/s390
nagios-plugins-ide_smart-2.1.1-1.fc24 Nagios Plugin - check_ide_smart linux/s390
nagios-plugins-ifoperstatus-2.1.1-1.fc24 Nagios Plugin - check_ifoperstatus linux/s390
nagios-plugins-ifstatus-2.1.1-1.fc24 Nagios Plugin - check_ifstatus linux/s390
nagios-plugins-ircd-2.1.1-1.fc24 Nagios Plugin - check_ircd linux/s390
nagios-plugins-lcgdm-0.9.5-6.fc24 Nagios probes to be run remotely against DPM / LFC nodes linux/s390
nagios-plugins-lcgdm-common-0.9.5-6.fc24 Common libraries and files to all LCGDM nagios packages linux/s390
nagios-plugins-ldap-2.1.1-1.fc24 Nagios Plugin - check_ldap linux/s390
nagios-plugins-lfc-0.9.5-6.fc24 Nagios probes to be run in the LFC node linux/s390
nagios-plugins-load-2.1.1-1.fc24 Nagios Plugin - check_load linux/s390
nagios-plugins-log-2.1.1-1.fc24 Nagios Plugin - check_log linux/s390
nagios-plugins-mailq-2.1.1-1.fc24 Nagios Plugin - check_mailq linux/s390
nagios-plugins-mrtg-2.1.1-1.fc24 Nagios Plugin - check_mrtg linux/s390
nagios-plugins-mrtgtraf-2.1.1-1.fc24 Nagios Plugin - check_mrtgtraf linux/s390
nagios-plugins-mysql-2.1.1-1.fc24 Nagios Plugin - check_mysql linux/s390
nagios-plugins-nagios-2.1.1-1.fc24 Nagios Plugin - check_nagios linux/s390
nagios-plugins-nrpe-2.15-8.fc24 Provides nrpe plugin for Nagios linux/s390
nagios-plugins-nt-2.1.1-1.fc24 Nagios Plugin - check_nt linux/s390
nagios-plugins-ntp-2.1.1-1.fc24 Nagios Plugin - check_ntp linux/s390
nagios-plugins-ntp-perl-2.1.1-1.fc24 Nagios Plugin - linux/s390
nagios-plugins-nwstat-2.1.1-1.fc24 Nagios Plugin - check_nwstat linux/s390
nagios-plugins-openmanage-3.7.12-4.fc24 Nagios plugin to monitor hardware health on Dell servers linux/s390
nagios-plugins-oracle-2.1.1-1.fc24 Nagios Plugin - check_oracle linux/s390
nagios-plugins-overcr-2.1.1-1.fc24 Nagios Plugin - check_overcr linux/s390
nagios-plugins-perl-2.1.1-1.fc24 Nagios plugins perl dep. linux/s390
nagios-plugins-pgsql-2.1.1-1.fc24 Nagios Plugin - check_pgsql linux/s390
nagios-plugins-ping-2.1.1-1.fc24 Nagios Plugin - check_ping linux/s390
nagios-plugins-procs-2.1.1-1.fc24 Nagios Plugin - check_procs linux/s390
nagios-plugins-radius-2.1.1-1.fc24 Nagios Plugin - check_radius linux/s390
nagios-plugins-real-2.1.1-1.fc24 Nagios Plugin - check_real linux/s390
nagios-plugins-rpc-2.1.1-1.fc24 Nagios Plugin - check_rpc linux/s390
nagios-plugins-sensors-2.1.1-1.fc24 Nagios Plugin - check_sensors linux/s390
nagios-plugins-smtp-2.1.1-1.fc24 Nagios Plugin - check_smtp linux/s390
nagios-plugins-snmp-2.1.1-1.fc24 Nagios Plugin - check_snmp linux/s390
nagios-plugins-snmp-disk-proc-1.3.1-2.fc24 Nagios SNMP plugins to monitor remote disk and processes linux/s390
nagios-plugins-ssh-2.1.1-1.fc24 Nagios Plugin - check_ssh linux/s390
nagios-plugins-swap-2.1.1-1.fc24 Nagios Plugin - check_swap linux/s390
nagios-plugins-tcp-2.1.1-1.fc24 Nagios Plugin - check_tcp linux/s390
nagios-plugins-time-2.1.1-1.fc24 Nagios Plugin - check_time linux/s390
nagios-plugins-ups-2.1.1-1.fc24 Nagios Plugin - check_ups linux/s390
nagios-plugins-uptime-2.1.1-1.fc24 Nagios Plugin - check_uptime linux/s390
nagios-plugins-users-2.1.1-1.fc24 Nagios Plugin - check_users linux/s390
nagios-plugins-wave-2.1.1-1.fc24 Nagios Plugin - check_wave linux/s390
nagstamon-1.0.1-2.fc24 Nagios status monitor for desktop linux/noarch
nailgun-0.9.1-1.fc22 Framework for running Java from the cli without the JVM startup overhead linux/s390
nailgun-javadoc-0.9.1-1.fc22 Javadocs for nailgun linux/noarch
nall-1.0-14.fc24 A simple, non-intrusive, everything notifier in the system tray linux/s390
nano-2.5.3-1.fc24 A small text editor linux/s390
nar-maven-plugin-3.0.0-11.fc24 Native ARchive plugin for Maven linux/noarch
nar-maven-plugin-javadoc-3.0.0-11.fc24 Javadoc for nar-maven-plugin linux/noarch
narayana-5.0.0-5.fc24 Distributed Transaction Manager linux/noarch
narayana-javadoc-5.0.0-5.fc24 Javadocs for narayana linux/noarch
narcissus-app-0.9.1-5.fc24 WSGI app for Narcissus, realtime log visualization linux/noarch
nas-1.9.4-7.fc24 The Network Audio System (NAS) linux/s390
nas-devel-1.9.4-7.fc24 Development and doc files for the NAS linux/s390
nas-libs-1.9.4-7.fc24 Run-time libraries for NAS linux/s390
nasm-2.12-2.fc24 A portable x86 assembler which uses Intel-like syntax linux/s390
nasm-doc-2.12-2.fc24 Documentation for NASM linux/noarch
nasm-rdoff-2.12-2.fc24 Tools for the RDOFF binary format, sometimes used with NASM linux/s390
native-maven-plugin-1.0-0.11.alpha.8.fc24 Native Maven Plugin linux/noarch
native-platform-0.10-8.fc24 Java bindings for various native APIs linux/s390
native-platform-javadoc-0.10-8.fc24 Javadoc for native-platform linux/noarch
native2ascii-maven-plugin-1.0-0.12.beta1.fc24 Native2Ascii Maven Plugin linux/noarch
native2ascii-maven-plugin-javadoc-1.0-0.12.beta1.fc24 Javadoc for native2ascii-maven-plugin linux/noarch
naturette-1.3-12.fc24 An AGI adventure game linux/noarch
nautilus-3.20.0-1.fc24 File manager for GNOME linux/s390New
nautilus-beesu-manager-1.8-27.fc24 Utility to add beesu scripts to nautilus linux/noarch
nautilus-devel-3.20.0-1.fc24 Support for developing nautilus extensions linux/s390New
nautilus-extensions-3.20.0-1.fc24 Nautilus extensions library linux/s390New
nautilus-font-manager-0.7.2-4.fc24 Nautilus extension for Font Manager linux/noarch
nautilus-image-converter-0.3.1-0.10.git430afce31.fc24 Nautilus extension to mass resize images linux/s390
nautilus-pastebin-0.5.0-13.fc24 Nautilus extension to send files to a pastebin linux/s390
nautilus-phatch-0.2.7-24.fc24 Nautilus extension for phatch linux/noarch
nautilus-python-1.1-10.fc24 Python bindings for Nautilus linux/s390
nautilus-python-devel-1.1-10.fc24 Python bindings for Nautilus linux/s390
nautilus-search-tool-0.3.0-22.fc24 A Nautilus extension that makes searching for files easier linux/s390
nautilus-sendto-3.8.3-1.fc24 Nautilus context menu for sending files linux/s390New
nautilus-terminal-1.0-1.fc24.6 Terminal embedded in Nautilus linux/noarch
naver-nanum-barun-gothic-fonts-3.020-16.20140930.fc24 Nanum fonts Barun Gothic font faces linux/noarch
naver-nanum-barun-pen-fonts-3.020-16.20140930.fc24 Nanum fonts Barun Pen font faces linux/noarch
naver-nanum-brush-fonts-3.020-16.20140930.fc24 Nanum fonts Brush font faces linux/noarch
naver-nanum-fonts-common-3.020-16.20140930.fc24 Common files of naver-nanum-fonts linux/noarch
naver-nanum-gothic-fonts-3.020-16.20140930.fc24 Nanum fonts Gothic font faces linux/noarch
naver-nanum-myeongjo-fonts-3.020-16.20140930.fc24 Nanum fonts Myeongjo font faces linux/noarch
naver-nanum-pen-fonts-3.020-16.20140930.fc24 Nanum fonts Pen font faces linux/noarch
navilu-fonts-1.2-7.fc24 Free Kannada opentype sans-serif font linux/noarch
nawk-20121220-6.fc24 "The one true awk" descended from UNIX V7 linux/s390
nazghul-0.7.1-16.20120228gitb0a402a.fc24 A computer role-playing game (CRPG) engine linux/s390
nbd-3.11-2.fc24 Network Block Device user-space tools (TCP version) linux/s390
nbdkit-1.1.10-2.fc23 NBD server linux/s390
nbdkit-devel-1.1.10-2.fc23 Development files and documentation for nbdkit linux/s390
nbdkit-plugin-curl-1.1.10-2.fc23 HTTP/FTP/SSH (cURL) plugin for nbdkit linux/s390
nbdkit-plugin-examples-1.1.10-2.fc23 Example plugins for nbdkit linux/s390
nbdkit-plugin-file-1.1.10-2.fc23 File serving plugin for nbdkit linux/s390
nbdkit-plugin-gzip-1.1.10-2.fc23 GZip file serving plugin for nbdkit linux/s390
nbdkit-plugin-libvirt-1.1.10-2.fc23 Libvirt plugin for nbdkit linux/s390
nbdkit-plugin-perl-1.1.10-2.fc23 Perl plugin for nbdkit linux/s390
nbdkit-plugin-python-1.1.10-2.fc23 Python plugin for nbdkit linux/s390
nbdkit-plugin-streaming-1.1.10-2.fc23 Streaming file serving plugin for nbdkit linux/s390
nbdkit-plugin-xz-1.1.10-2.fc23 XZ file serving plugin for nbdkit linux/s390
nbtscan-1.5.1-15.fc24 Tool to gather NetBIOS info from Windows networks linux/s390
nc6-1.0-23.fc24 Netcat with IPv6 Support linux/s390
ncbi-blast+-2.2.31-3.fc24 NCBI BLAST+ finds regions of similarity between biological sequences linux/s390
ncdc-1.19.1-5.fc24 A modern and lightweight direct connect client linux/s390
ncdu-1.11-3.fc24 Text-based disk usage viewer linux/s390
ncftp-3.2.5-11.fc24 Improved console FTP client linux/s390
ncid-0.83-10.fc24 Network Caller ID server, client, and gateways linux/s390
ncid-client-0.83-10.fc24 NCID (Network Caller ID) client linux/noarch
ncid-kpopup-0.83-10.fc24 NCID kpopup module displays caller ID info in a KDE window linux/noarch
ncid-samba-0.83-10.fc24 NCID samba module sends caller ID information to windows machines linux/noarch
ncid-speak-0.83-10.fc24 NCID speak module speaks caller ID information via voice synthesis linux/noarch
ncmpc-0.24-2.fc23 A curses client for the Music Player Daemon (MPD) linux/s390
ncmpcpp-0.7.3-3.fc24 Featureful ncurses based MPD client inspired by ncmpc linux/s390
nco-4.5.5-2.fc24 Suite of programs for manipulating NetCDF/HDF4 files linux/s390
nco-devel-4.5.5-2.fc24 Development files for NCO linux/s390
nco-static-4.5.5-2.fc24 Static libraries for NCO linux/s390
ncompress- Fast compression and decompression utilities linux/s390
ncrack-0.4-0.10.ALPHA.fc24 High-speed network auth cracking tool linux/s390
ncurses-6.0-4.20160116.fc24 Ncurses support utilities linux/s390
ncurses-base-6.0-4.20160116.fc24 Descriptions of common terminals linux/noarch
ncurses-compat-libs-6.0-4.20160116.fc24 Ncurses compatibility libraries linux/s390
ncurses-devel-6.0-4.20160116.fc24 Development files for the ncurses library linux/s390
ncurses-libs-6.0-4.20160116.fc24 Ncurses libraries linux/s390
ncurses-static-6.0-4.20160116.fc24 Static libraries for the ncurses library linux/s390
ncurses-term-6.0-4.20160116.fc24 Terminal descriptions linux/noarch
ncview-2.1.5-4.fc24 A visual browser for netCDF format files linux/s390
ndisc6-1.0.2-3.fc24 IPv6 diagnostic tools linux/s390
ndjbdns-1.06-5.fc24 New djbdns: usable djbdns linux/s390
ndoutils-2.0.0-11.fc24 Stores all configuration and event data from Nagios in a database linux/s390
ndtpd-1.0-24.fc24 Network Dictionary Transfer Protocol server linux/s390
neXtaw-0.15.1-25.fc24 Modified version of the Athena Widgets with N*XTSTEP appearance linux/s390
neXtaw-devel-0.15.1-25.fc24 Development files for the neXtaw library linux/s390
neap-0.7-4.fc24 Notification area (systray) pager linux/noarch
nebula-0.2.3-13.fc24 Intrusion signature generator linux/s390
nec2c-1.3-4.fc24 Translation of NEC2 antenna modeling tool from FORTRAN to C linux/s390
nedit-5.6-3.fc24 A GUI text editor for systems with X linux/s390
neethi-3.0.1-11.fc24 Web Services Policy framework linux/noarch
neethi-javadoc-3.0.1-11.fc24 API documentation for neethi linux/noarch
nekobee-dssi-0.1.7-14.fc24 Acid sounds synthesizer linux/s390
nekohtml-1.9.22-2.fc24 HTML scanner and tag balancer linux/noarch
nekohtml-demo-1.9.22-2.fc24 Demo for nekohtml linux/noarch
nekohtml-javadoc-1.9.22-2.fc24 Javadoc for nekohtml linux/noarch
nekovm-2.0.0-8.fc24 Neko embedded scripting language and virtual machine linux/s390
nekovm-devel-2.0.0-8.fc24 Development files for nekovm linux/s390
nemiver-0.9.6-4.fc24 A GNOME C/C++ Debugger linux/s390
nemo-2.8.7-1.fc24 File manager for Cinnamon linux/s390
nemo-beesu-manager-1.8-27.fc24 Utility to add beesu scripts to nemo linux/noarch
nemo-compare-2.8.x-8.fc24 Context menu comparison extension for nemo linux/noarch
nemo-devel-2.8.7-1.fc24 Support for developing nemo extensions linux/s390
nemo-emblems-2.8.x-8.fc24 Emblem support for nemo linux/noarch
nemo-extensions-2.8.7-1.fc24 Nemo extensions library linux/s390
nemo-fileroller-2.8.x-8.fc24 File Roller extension for Nemo linux/s390
nemo-font-manager-0.7.2-4.fc24 Nemo extension for Font Manager linux/noarch
nemo-image-converter-2.8.x-8.fc24 Nemo extension to mass resize images linux/s390
nemo-pastebin-2.8.x-8.fc24 Pastebin extension for Nemo linux/noarch
nemo-preview-2.8.x-8.fc24 A quick previewer for Nemo linux/s390
nemo-python-2.8.x-8.fc24 Python bindings for Nemo linux/s390
nemo-python-devel-2.8.x-8.fc24 Python bindings for Nemo linux/s390
nemo-rabbitvcs-2.8.x-8.fc24 RabbitVCS extension for Nemo linux/noarch
nemo-terminal-2.8.x-8.fc24 Embedded terminal window for Nemo linux/noarch
neon-0.30.1-4.fc24 An HTTP and WebDAV client library linux/s390
neon-backgrounds-0.0.1-13.fc24 Neon desktop backgrounds linux/noarch
neon-devel-0.30.1-4.fc24 Development libraries and C header files for the neon library linux/s390
nepomuk-music-kio-slave-0.1.0-9.fc24 Nepomuk Music KIO Slave linux/s390
nepomukshell-0.8.0-10.fc24 Nepomuk maintenance and debugging tool for developers linux/s390
nepomuktvnamer-0.2.0-10.fc24 Nepomuk TV shows manager linux/s390
nes_ntsc-0.2.2-12.fc24 Provides a NES NTSC video filtering library linux/s390
nes_ntsc-demos-0.2.2-12.fc24 Examples using nes_ntsc linux/s390
nes_ntsc-devel-0.2.2-12.fc24 Development files for nes_ntsc linux/s390
nesc-1.3.5-2.fc22 Compiler used by TinyOS linux/s390
neso-2.6.0-6.fc24 Standalone Client/Server for the Tryton Application Platform linux/noarch
nessus-client-2.2.11-17.fc24 Text client interface for nessusd linux/s390
nessus-core-2.2.11-17.fc24 Network vulnerability scanner linux/s390
nessus-core-devel-2.2.11-17.fc24 Header files for plugin development linux/s390
nessus-gui-2.2.11-17.fc24 GTK client interface for nessusd linux/s390
nessus-libraries-2.2.11-12.fc24 Support libraries for nessus linux/s390
nessus-libraries-devel-2.2.11-12.fc24 Development package for nessus-libraries linux/s390
nessus-server-2.2.11-17.fc24 nessusd is the server part of the nessus client-server model linux/s390
nested-1.2.2-17.fc24 A specialized editor focused on creating structured documents linux/noarch
net-snmp-5.7.3-9.fc24 A collection of SNMP protocol tools and libraries linux/s390
net-snmp-agent-libs-5.7.3-9.fc24 The NET-SNMP runtime agent libraries linux/s390
net-snmp-devel-5.7.3-9.fc24 The development environment for the NET-SNMP project linux/s390
net-snmp-gui-5.7.3-9.fc24 An interactive graphical MIB browser for SNMP linux/s390
net-snmp-libs-5.7.3-9.fc24 The NET-SNMP runtime client libraries linux/s390
net-snmp-perl-5.7.3-9.fc24 The perl NET-SNMP module and the mib2c tool linux/s390
net-snmp-python-5.7.3-9.fc24 The Python 'netsnmp' module for the Net-SNMP linux/s390
net-snmp-utils-5.7.3-9.fc24 Network management utilities using SNMP, from the NET-SNMP project linux/s390
net-tools-2.0-0.37.20160329git.fc24 Basic networking tools linux/s390New
net6-1.3.14-12.fc24 A TCP protocol abstraction for library C++ linux/s390
net6-devel-1.3.14-12.fc24 Development libraries for net6 linux/s390
netatalk-2.2.3-11.fc21 Daemon which provides POSIX-compliant *NIX/*BSD systems with the ability to share files and printers with Apple Macintosh linux/s390
netatalk-devel-2.2.3-11.fc21 Headers for Appletalk development linux/s390
netbeans-javaparser-8.0.1-3.fc24 NetBeans Java Parser linux/noarch
netbeans-resolver-6.7.1-12.fc24 Resolver subproject of xml-commons patched for NetBeans linux/noarch
netbeans-resolver-javadoc-6.7.1-12.fc24 Javadocs for netbeans-resolver linux/noarch
netbeans-svnclientadapter-7.3.1- Subversion Client Adapter linux/noarch
netbeans-svnclientadapter-javadoc-7.3.1- Javadoc for netbeans-svnclientadapter linux/noarch
netbsd-iscsi-20080207-16.fc24 User-space implementation of iSCSI target from NetBSD project linux/s390
netcdf-4.4.0-3.fc24 Libraries for the Unidata network Common Data Form linux/s390
netcdf-cxx-4.2-15.fc24 Legacy netCDF C++ library linux/s390
netcdf-cxx-devel-4.2-15.fc24 Development files legacy netCDF C++ library linux/s390
netcdf-cxx-static-4.2-15.fc24 Static libraries for legacy netCDF C++ library linux/s390
netcdf-devel-4.4.0-3.fc24 Development files for netcdf linux/s390
netcdf-fortran-4.2-9.fc19 Fortran libraries for NetCDF-4 linux/s390
netcdf-fortran-devel-4.2-9.fc19 Development files for Fortran NetCDF API linux/s390
netcdf-fortran-mpich-4.2-9.fc19 NetCDF Fortran mpich libraries linux/s390
netcdf-fortran-mpich-devel-4.2-9.fc19 NetCDF Fortran mpich development files linux/s390
netcdf-fortran-mpich-static-4.2-9.fc19 NetCDF Fortran mpich static libraries linux/s390
netcdf-fortran-static-4.2-9.fc19 Static library for Fortran NetCDF API linux/s390
netcdf-java-4.6.2-3.fc24 Java interface to NetCDF files linux/noarch
netcdf-mpich-4.4.0-3.fc24 NetCDF mpich libraries linux/s390
netcdf-mpich-devel-4.4.0-3.fc24 NetCDF mpich development files linux/s390
netcdf-mpich-static-4.4.0-3.fc24 NetCDF mpich static libraries linux/s390
netcdf-perl-1.2.4-22.fc24 Perl extension module for scientific data access via the netCDF API linux/s390
netcdf-static-4.4.0-3.fc24 Static libs for netcdf linux/s390
netcdf4-python-1.1.0-2.fc22 Python/numpy interface to netCDF linux/s390
netcdf4-python3-1.1.0-2.fc22 Python/numpy interface to netCDF linux/s390
netcf-0.2.8-4.fc24 Cross-platform network configuration library linux/s390
netcf-devel-0.2.8-4.fc24 Development files for netcf linux/s390
netcf-libs-0.2.8-4.fc24 Libraries for netcf linux/s390
netdump-server-0.7.16-41.fc24 Server for network kernel message logging and crash dumps linux/s390
netgen-1.3.7-29.fc24 LVS netlist comparison tool for VLSI linux/s390
nethack-3.4.3-34.fc24 A rogue-like single player dungeon exploration game linux/s390
nethack-bitmap-fonts-3.4.3-34.fc24 Bitmap fonts for Nethack linux/noarch
nethack-bitmap-fonts-core-3.4.3-34.fc24 X11 core fonts configuration for nethack-bitmap linux/noarch
nethack-vultures-2.1.2-16.fc24 NetHack - Vulture's Eye and Vulture's Claw linux/s390
nethogs-0.8.2-3.20160101snap.fc24 A tool resembling top for network traffic linux/s390
netlabel_tools-0.21-1.fc24 Tools to manage the Linux NetLabel subsystem linux/s390
netmask-2.4.3-2.fc24 Utility for determining network masks linux/s390
netmonitor-0.5-17.fc24 The free linux network bandwidth monitor linux/s390
netpanzer-0.8.4-14.fc24 An Online Multiplayer Tactical Warfare Game linux/s390
netpbm-10.71.02-2.fc24 A library for handling different graphics file formats linux/s390
netpbm-devel-10.71.02-2.fc24 Development tools for programs which will use the netpbm libraries linux/s390
netpbm-doc-10.71.02-2.fc24 Documentation for tools manipulating graphics files in netpbm supported formats linux/s390
netpbm-progs-10.71.02-2.fc24 Tools for manipulating graphics files in netpbm supported formats linux/s390
netplug- Daemon that responds to network cables being plugged in and out linux/s390
netsed-1.2-6.fc24 A tool to modify network packets linux/s390
netsniff-ng-0.6.1-1.fc24 Packet sniffing beast linux/s390New
netstat-monitor-1.1.1-6.fc24 A command line tool to monitor network connections linux/noarch
netstat-nat-1.4.10-10.fc24 A tool that displays NAT connections linux/s390
netsurf-buildsystem-1.5-1.fc24 Makefiles shared by NetSurf projects linux/noarch
nettee- Network "tee" program linux/s390
nettle-3.2-2.fc24 A low-level cryptographic library linux/s390
nettle-devel-3.2-2.fc24 Development headers for a low-level cryptographic library linux/s390
netty-4.0.28-3.fc24 An asynchronous event-driven network application framework and tools for Java linux/s390
netty-javadoc-4.0.28-3.fc24 API documentation for netty linux/s390
netty-tcnative-1.1.30-3.fc24 Fork of Tomcat Native with improved OpenSSL and mavenized build linux/s390
netty-tcnative-javadoc-1.1.30-3.fc24 API documentation for netty-tcnative linux/noarch
netty-xnio-transport-0.1.1-0.7.CR2.fc24 Netty Transport powered by XNIO linux/noarch
netty-xnio-transport-javadoc-0.1.1-0.7.CR2.fc24 Javadoc for netty-xnio-transport linux/noarch
netty3-3.9.3-4.fc24 An asynchronous event-driven network application framework and tools for Java linux/noarch
netty3-javadoc-3.9.3-4.fc24 API documentation for netty3 linux/noarch
network-manager-applet-1.2.0-0.3.beta3.fc24 A network control and status applet for NetworkManager linux/s390New
neverball-1.6.0-8.fc24 Common files for neverball and neverputt linux/s390
neverball-neverball-1.6.0-8.fc24 Roll a ball through an obstacle course linux/s390
neverball-neverputt-1.6.0-8.fc24 Minigolf like game linux/s390
newlisp-10.6.0-5.fc24 Lisp-like general purpose scripting linux/s390
newsbeuter-2.9-2.fc24 Configurable text-based feed reader linux/s390
newscache-1.2-0.24.rc6.fc24 Free cache server for USENET News linux/s390
newsx-1.6-24.fc24 NNTP news exchange utility linux/s390
newt-0.52.18-5.fc24 A library for text mode user interfaces linux/s390
newt-devel-0.52.18-5.fc24 Newt windowing toolkit development files linux/s390
newt-python-0.52.18-5.fc24 Python 2 bindings for newt linux/s390
newt-python3-0.52.18-5.fc24 Python 3 bindings for newt linux/s390
newt-static-0.52.18-5.fc24 Newt windowing toolkit static library linux/s390
nex-20151213-1.fc24 A lexer generator for Go that is similar to Lex/Flex linux/s390
nexcontrol-0.2-12.fc24 Software to control your Celestron NexStar Telescope linux/noarch
nf3d-0.8-5.fc24 3D Netfilter visualization utility linux/noarch
nfacct-1.0.1-5.fc24 Command line tool to create/retrieve/delete accounting objects linux/s390
nfdump-1.6.13-3.fc24 NetFlow collecting and processing tools linux/s390
nfft-3.3.0-3.fc24 Nonequispaced fast Fourier transform linux/s390
nfft-devel-3.3.0-3.fc24 Development files for nfft linux/s390
nfft-doc-3.3.0-3.fc24 Documentation for nfft linux/noarch
nfoview-1.18-2.fc24 A viewer for NFO files linux/noarch
nfs-ganesha-2.4.0-0.3dev12.fc24 NFS-Ganesha is a NFS Server running in user space linux/s390New
nfs-ganesha-ceph-2.4.0-0.3dev12.fc24 The NFS-GANESHA's CEPH FSAL linux/s390New
nfs-ganesha-gluster-2.4.0-0.3dev12.fc24 The NFS-GANESHA's GLUSTER FSAL linux/s390New
nfs-ganesha-mount-9P-2.4.0-0.3dev12.fc24 a 9p mount helper linux/s390New
nfs-ganesha-nullfs-2.4.0-0.3dev12.fc24 The NFS-GANESHA's NULLFS Stackable FSAL linux/s390New
nfs-ganesha-proxy-2.4.0-0.3dev12.fc24 The NFS-GANESHA's PROXY FSAL linux/s390New
nfs-ganesha-utils-2.4.0-0.3dev12.fc24 The NFS-GANESHA's util scripts linux/s390New
nfs-ganesha-vfs-2.4.0-0.3dev12.fc24 The NFS-GANESHA's VFS FSAL linux/s390New
nfs-ganesha-xfs-2.4.0-0.3dev12.fc24 The NFS-GANESHA's XFS FSAL linux/s390New
nfs-utils-1.3.3-7.rc4.fc24 NFS utilities and supporting clients and daemons for the kernel NFS server linux/s390
nfs4-acl-tools-0.3.3-19.fc24 The nfs4 ACL tools linux/s390
nfs4-acl-tools-gui-0.3.3-19.fc24 The nfs4 ACL editing GUI linux/s390
nfsometer-1.8-1.fc24 NFS Performance Framework Tool linux/noarch
nfspy-1.0-4.fc23 An ID-spoofing NFS client linux/noarch
nfswatch-4.99.11-10.fc24 An NFS traffic monitoring tool linux/s390
nftables-0.5-2.fc24 Netfilter Tables userspace utillites linux/s390
nghttp2-1.7.1-1.fc24 Experimental HTTP/2 client, server and proxy linux/s390
nginx-1.8.1-2.fc24 A high performance web server and reverse proxy server linux/s390
nginx-filesystem-1.8.1-2.fc24 The basic directory layout for the Nginx server linux/noarch
nginx-mimetypes-2.1.45-2.fc24 MIME type mappings for nginx linux/noarch
ngircd-23-2.fc24 Next Generation IRC Daemon linux/s390
ngrep-1.45-20.git20131221.16ba99a.fc24 Network layer grep tool linux/s390
ngspice-26-3.fc24 A mixed level/signal circuit simulator linux/s390
nhn-nanum-gothic-coding-fonts-2.000-6.fc24 Nanum Gothic Coding family of Korean TrueType fonts linux/noarch
nhn-nanum-gothic-light-fonts-1.000-7.fc24 Nanum Gothic Light family of Korean TrueType fonts linux/noarch
nickle-2.77-7.fc22 A programming language-based prototyping environment linux/s390
nickle-devel-2.77-7.fc22 Include files for Nickle linux/s390
nicotine+-1.2.16-12.fc24 A client for the SoulSeek file sharing network linux/noarch
nicstat-1.95-4.fc24 CLI utility that prints out network statistics for all network interface linux/s390
nifticlib-2.0.0-12.fc24 A set of i/o libraries for reading and writing files in the nifti-1 data format linux/s390
nifticlib-devel-2.0.0-12.fc24 Libraries and header files for nifticlib development linux/s390
nifticlib-docs-2.0.0-12.fc24 Documentation for nifticlib linux/s390
nightfall-1.86-3.fc24 Nightfall is an astronomy application for emulation of eclipsing stars linux/s390
nightview-0.3.3-22.fc24 A general astronomical software package to control of a CCD camera linux/s390
nightview-cli-0.3.3-22.fc24 Non-GUI tools from NightView suite linux/s390
nightview-doc-0.3.3-22.fc24 Documentation for NightView suite linux/s390
nightview-gui-0.3.3-22.fc24 GUI tools from NightView suite linux/s390
nightview-server-0.3.3-22.fc24 Server-side tools from NightView suite linux/s390
nikto-2.1.5-12.fc24 Web server scanner linux/noarch
nilfs-utils-2.2.3-3.fc24 Utilities for managing NILFS v2 filesystems linux/s390
nilfs-utils-devel-2.2.3-3.fc24 NILFS2 filesystem-specific headers linux/s390
nimbus-icon-theme-0.1.4-12.fc24 Icons for nimbus linux/noarch
nimbus-metacity-theme-0.1.4-12.fc24 Metacity theme for nimbus linux/noarch
nimbus-theme-gnome-0.1.4-12.fc24 Desktop theme from Sun linux/noarch
ninja-build-1.6.0-3.fc24 A small build system with a focus on speed linux/s390
ninja-ide-2.3-6.fc24 Ninja IDE for Python development linux/noarch
ninvaders-0.1.1-13.fc24 Space Invaders clone written in ncurses for cli gaming linux/s390
nip2-8.2-2.fc24 Interactive tool for working with large images linux/s390
nipy-data-0.2-2.fc24 Test data and brain templates for nipy linux/noarch
nitrogen-1.5.2-17.fc24 Background browser and setter for X windows linux/s390
njam-1.25-25.fc24 Maze-game, eat all the cookies while avoiding the badguys linux/s390
nkf-2.1.4-2.fc24 A Kanji code conversion filter linux/s390
nled-2.52-15.fc24 Nifty Little EDitor linux/s390
nload-0.7.4-7.fc24 A tool can monitor network traffic and bandwidth usage in real time linux/s390
nm-connection-editor-1.2.0-0.3.beta3.fc24 A network connection configuration editor for NetworkManager linux/s390New
nmap-7.12-1.fc24 Network exploration tool and security scanner linux/s390New
nmap-frontend-7.12-1.fc24 The GTK+ front end for nmap linux/noarchNew
nmap-ncat-7.12-1.fc24 Nmap's Netcat replacement linux/s390New
nmbscan-1.2.6-11.fc24 NMB/SMB network scanner linux/noarch
nmh-1.6-4.fc24 A capable mail handling system with a command line interface linux/s390
nml-0.4.4-1.fc24 NewGRF Meta Language compiler linux/s390New
nmon-16d-2.fc24 Nigel's performance Monitor for Linux linux/s390
nntpgrab-0.7.2-13.fc24 Download files from the usenet linux/s390
nntpgrab-core-0.7.2-13.fc24 NNTPGrab Core library linux/s390
nntpgrab-devel-0.7.2-13.fc24 Development files for NNTPGrab linux/s390
nntpgrab-gui-0.7.2-13.fc24 GUI Frontend of NNTPGrab linux/s390
nntpgrab-gui-base-0.7.2-13.fc24 Libraries required for the NNTPGrab GUI and NNTPGrab Server linux/s390
nntpgrab-gui-qt-0.7.2-13.fc24 GUI Frontend of NNTPGrab (Qt version) linux/s390
nntpgrab-php-0.7.2-13.fc24 PHP module which allows PHP scripts to communicate with NNTPGrab linux/s390
nntpgrab-server-0.7.2-13.fc24 NNTPGrab server (Console version) linux/s390
nntpgrab-server-gtk-0.7.2-13.fc24 NNTPGrab server (GTK GUI version) linux/s390
nntpgrab-server-qt-0.7.2-13.fc24 NNTPGrab server (Qt GUI version) linux/s390
node-0.3.2-19.fc24 Simple node front end, modelled after the node shells of TheNet and G8BPQ nodes linux/s390
nodm-0.11-4.fc24 A display manager automatically starting an X session linux/s390
nodoka-filesystem-0.3.90-12.fc24 The directory infrastructure for Nodoka linux/noarch
nodoka-metacity-theme-0.3.90-12.fc24 The Nodoka theme for Metacity linux/noarch
nodoka-theme-gnome-0.3.90-12.fc24 The Nodoka Theme Pack for Gnome linux/noarch
noggit-0.7-2.fc24 JSON streaming parser linux/noarch
noggit-javadoc-0.7-2.fc24 Javadoc for noggit linux/noarch
nogravity-2.00-25.fc24 Space shooter in 3D linux/s390
nogravity-data-2.00-14.fc24 Data files for No Gravity linux/noarch
noip-2.1.9-17.fc24 A dynamic DNS update client linux/s390
nomacs-3.0.0-4.fc24 Lightweight image viewer linux/s390
nomarch-1.4-15.fc24 GPLed Arc de-archiver linux/s390
non-daw-1.2.0-7.git13c3ca8.fc24 A digital audio workstation for JACK linux/s390
non-mixer-1.2.0-7.git13c3ca8.fc24 A digital audio mixer for JACK linux/s390
non-ntk-1.3.0-0.7.20130730gitd006352.fc22 A fork of FLTK for the non audio suite linux/s390
non-ntk-devel-1.3.0-0.7.20130730gitd006352.fc22 Development files for the non-ntk GUI library linux/s390
non-ntk-fluid-1.3.0-0.7.20130730gitd006352.fc22 Fast Light User Interface Designer linux/s390
non-sequencer-1.2.0-7.git13c3ca8.fc24 A MIDI sequencer for JACK linux/s390
non-session-manager-1.2.0-7.git13c3ca8.fc24 A session manager for JACK linux/s390
non-session-manager-1.0.0-0.7.gitae6b78cf.fc22 A session manager for JACK linux/s390
nopaste-1.004-4.fc24 Access pastebins from the command line linux/noarch
nordugrid-arc-5.0.5-2.fc24 Advanced Resource Connector Grid Middleware linux/s390
nordugrid-arc-acix-cache-5.0.5-2.fc24 ARC cache index - cache server linux/noarch
nordugrid-arc-acix-core-5.0.5-2.fc24 ARC cache index - core linux/noarch
nordugrid-arc-acix-index-5.0.5-2.fc24 ARC cache index - index server linux/noarch
nordugrid-arc-arcproxyalt-5.0.5-2.fc24 ARC proxy client based on canl linux/s390
nordugrid-arc-arex-5.0.5-2.fc24 ARC Remote EXecution service linux/s390
nordugrid-arc-aris-5.0.5-2.fc24 ARC local information system linux/noarch
nordugrid-arc-ca-utils-5.0.5-2.fc24 NorduGrid authentication tools linux/noarch
nordugrid-arc-cache-service-5.0.5-2.fc24 ARC cache service linux/s390
nordugrid-arc-client-5.0.5-2.fc24 ARC command line interface linux/s390
nordugrid-arc-datadelivery-service-5.0.5-2.fc24 ARC data delivery service linux/s390
nordugrid-arc-devel-5.0.5-2.fc24 ARC development files linux/s390
nordugrid-arc-doc-2.0.6-2.fc24 Advanced Resource Connector Documentation linux/noarch
nordugrid-arc-egiis-5.0.5-2.fc24 ARC EGIIS service linux/s390
nordugrid-arc-gangliarc-1.0.0-3.fc24 Ganglia monitoring for ARC services linux/noarch
nordugrid-arc-gridftpd-5.0.5-2.fc24 ARC gridftp server linux/s390
nordugrid-arc-gridmap-utils-5.0.5-2.fc24 NorduGrid authorization tools linux/noarch
nordugrid-arc-hed-5.0.5-2.fc24 ARC Hosting Environment Daemon linux/s390
nordugrid-arc-java-5.0.5-2.fc24 ARC Java wrapper linux/s390
nordugrid-arc-ldap-infosys-5.0.5-2.fc24 ARC LDAP information service linux/noarch
nordugrid-arc-ldap-monitor-5.0.5-2.fc24 ARC LDAP monitor service linux/noarch
nordugrid-arc-misc-utils-5.0.5-2.fc24 NorduGrid misc tools linux/s390
nordugrid-arc-nagios-plugins-1.8.4-4.fc24 Nagios plugins for ARC linux/s390
nordugrid-arc-nagios-plugins-doc-1.8.4-4.fc24 HTML documentation for the ARC Nagios plugins linux/noarch
nordugrid-arc-nagios-plugins-egi-1.8.4-4.fc24 EGI configuration and dependencies for the ARC Nagios plugins linux/noarch
nordugrid-arc-plugins-gfal-5.0.5-2.fc24 ARC GFAL plugins linux/s390
nordugrid-arc-plugins-globus-5.0.5-2.fc24 ARC Globus plugins linux/s390
nordugrid-arc-plugins-needed-5.0.5-2.fc24 ARC base plugins linux/s390
nordugrid-arc-plugins-xrootd-5.0.5-2.fc24 ARC xrootd plugins linux/s390
nordugrid-arc-python-5.0.5-2.fc24 ARC Python wrapper linux/s390
nordugrid-arc-python3-5.0.5-2.fc24 ARC Python wrapper linux/s390
nordugrid-arc-ws-monitor-5.0.5-2.fc24 ARC WS monitor service linux/noarch
normaliz-2.12.2-8.fc24 A tool for mathematical computations linux/s390
nosync-1.0-5.fc24 Preload library for disabling file's content synchronization linux/s390
not-yet-commons-ssl-0.3.17-3.fc24 Library to make SSL and Java Easier linux/noarch
not-yet-commons-ssl-javadoc-0.3.17-3.fc24 API documentation for not-yet-commons-ssl linux/noarch
notification-daemon-3.18.2-1.fc24 Desktop Notification Daemon linux/s390
notification-daemon-engine-nodoka-0.1.0-22.fc24 The Nodoka theme engine for the notification daemon linux/s390
notify-python-0.1.1-30.fc24 Python bindings for libnotify linux/s390
notmuch-0.21-3.fc24 System for indexing, searching, and tagging email linux/s390
notmuch-devel-0.21-3.fc24 Development libraries and header files for the Notmuch library linux/s390
notmuch-mutt-0.21-3.fc24 Notmuch (of a) helper for Mutt linux/noarch
notmuch-vim-0.21-3.fc24 A Vim plugin for notmuch linux/s390
novacom-1.1.0-0.11.rc1.git.ff7641193a.fc24 Utility to connect to WebOS devices linux/s390
novacom-client-1.1.0-0.11.rc1.git.ff7641193a.fc24 Client for utility to connect to WebOS devices linux/s390
novacom-server-1.1.0-0.14.rc1.fc24 Service for utility that connects to WebOS devices linux/s390
novnc-0.5.1-4.fc24 VNC client using HTML5 (Web Sockets, Canvas) with encryption support linux/noarch
novprog-3.1.0-2.fc24 Tool to graph your progress in writing a NaNoWriMo style novel linux/s390
npth-1.2-3.fc24 The New GNU Portable Threads library linux/s390
npth-devel-1.2-3.fc24 Development files for npth linux/s390
npush-0.7-15.fc24 A logic game similar to Sokoban linux/s390
nqc-3.1.7-18.fc24 Not Quite C compiler linux/s390
nqc-doc-3.1.7-18.fc24 English Documentation for NQC linux/s390
nqc-doc-de-3.1.7-18.fc24 German Documentation for NQC linux/s390
nqc-doc-es-3.1.7-18.fc24 Spanish Documentation for NQC linux/s390
nqc-doc-it-3.1.7-18.fc24 Italian Documentation for NQC linux/s390
nqc-doc-ja-3.1.7-18.fc24 Japanese Documentation for NQC linux/s390
nqc-doc-nl-3.1.7-18.fc24 Dutch Documentation for NQC linux/s390
nqc-doc-pt-3.1.7-18.fc24 Portuguese Documentation for NQC linux/s390
nqc-doc-th-3.1.7-18.fc24 Thai Documentation for NQC linux/s390
nrg2iso-0.4-15.fc24 Convert Nero Burning Rom image files into ISO linux/s390
nrpe-2.15-8.fc24 Host/service/network monitoring agent for Nagios linux/s390
ns-bola-fonts-20080203-11.fc24 Chunky Geometric Fonts linux/noarch
ns-tiza-chalk-fonts-20080210-11.fc24 Chalky slab-serif fonts linux/noarch
nsca-2.9.1-13.fc24 Nagios Service Check Acceptor linux/s390
nsca-client-2.9.1-13.fc24 Client application for sending updates to a nsca server linux/s390
nscd-2.23.1-5.fc24 A Name Service Caching Daemon (nscd). linux/s390
nsd-4.1.8-1.fc24 Fast and lean authoritative DNS Name Server linux/s390
nsnake-2.0.5-5.fc24 The classic snake game with textual interface linux/s390
nspr-4.12.0-1.fc24 Netscape Portable Runtime linux/s390
nspr-devel-4.12.0-1.fc24 Development libraries for the Netscape Portable Runtime linux/s390
nss-3.23.0-1.2.fc24 Network Security Services linux/s390
nss-altfiles-2.18.1-7.fc24 NSS module to look up users in /usr/lib/passwd too linux/s390
nss-devel-3.23.0-1.2.fc24 Development libraries for Network Security Services linux/s390
nss-gui-0.3.10-21.fc24 GUI to manage contents of an NSS database linux/s390
nss-mdns-0.10-17.fc24 glibc plugin for .local name resolution linux/s390
nss-pam-ldapd-0.8.14-6.fc24 An nsswitch module which uses directory servers linux/s390
nss-pkcs11-devel-3.23.0-1.2.fc24 Development libraries for PKCS #11 (Cryptoki) using NSS linux/s390
nss-softokn-3.23.0-1.0.fc24 Network Security Services Softoken Module linux/s390
nss-softokn-devel-3.23.0-1.0.fc24 Development libraries for Network Security Services linux/s390
nss-softokn-freebl-3.23.0-1.0.fc24 Freebl library for the Network Security Services linux/s390
nss-softokn-freebl-devel-3.23.0-1.0.fc24 Header and Library files for doing development with the Freebl library for NSS linux/s390
nss-sysinit-3.23.0-1.2.fc24 System NSS Initialization linux/s390
nss-tools-3.23.0-1.2.fc24 Tools for the Network Security Services linux/s390
nss-util-3.23.0-1.0.fc24 Network Security Services Utilities Library linux/s390
nss-util-devel-3.23.0-1.0.fc24 Development libraries for Network Security Services Utilities linux/s390
nss_updatedb-10-11.fc24 Maintains a local cache of network directory user and group information linux/s390
nss_wrapper-1.1.3-1.fc24 A wrapper for the user, group and hosts NSS API linux/s390New
ntfs-3g-2016.2.22-1.fc24 Linux NTFS userspace driver linux/s390New
ntfs-3g-devel-2016.2.22-1.fc24 Development files and libraries for ntfs-3g linux/s390New
ntfsprogs-2016.2.22-1.fc24 NTFS filesystem libraries and utilities linux/s390New
ntl-9.6.4-1.fc24 High-performance algorithms for vectors, matrices, and polynomials linux/s390
ntl-devel-9.6.4-1.fc24 Development files for ntl linux/s390
ntop-5.0.1-7.fc24 A network traffic probe similar to the UNIX top command linux/s390
ntp-4.2.6p5-38.fc24 The NTP daemon and utilities linux/s390
ntp-doc-4.2.6p5-38.fc24 NTP documentation linux/noarch
ntp-perl-4.2.6p5-38.fc24 NTP utilities written in Perl linux/noarch
ntpdate-4.2.6p5-38.fc24 Utility to set the date and time via NTP linux/s390
ntsysv-1.7-2.fc24 A tool to set the stop/start of system services in a runlevel linux/s390
nullmodem-0.0.6-14.fc24 A utility to loopback pseudo-terminals linux/s390
numlockx-1.2-9.fc24 Turns on NumLock after starting X linux/s390
numptyphysics-0.4-0.10.20151231gitc0abd47.fc24 A crayon-drawing based physics puzzle game linux/s390
nuntius-0.2.0-3.fc24 Get notifications from the phone or tablet linux/s390
nut-nutrition-19.2-8.fc24 A nutritional Software linux/s390
nuttcp-6.1.2-14.fc24 Tool for testing TCP connections linux/s390
nuvola-icon-theme-15.08.3-2.fc24 Nuvola icon theme linux/noarch
nuxwdog-1.0.3-6.fc24 Watchdog server to start and stop processes, and prompt for passwords linux/s390
nuxwdog-client-java-1.0.3-6.fc24 Nuxwdog Watchdog client JNI Package linux/s390
nuxwdog-client-perl-1.0.3-6.fc24 Nuxwdog Watchdog client perl bindings linux/s390
nuxwdog-devel-1.0.3-6.fc24 Development files for the Nuxwdog Watchdog linux/s390
nvi-1.81.6-14.fc24 4.4BSD re-implementation of vi linux/s390
nvme-cli-0.5-1.fc24 NVMe management command line interface linux/s390New
nwipe-0.17-4.fc24 Securely erase disks using a variety of recognized methods linux/s390
nwsclient-1.6.4-13.fc24 NetWorkSpaces Client for Python linux/noarch
nwsserver-2.0.0-11.fc24 NetWorkSpaces Server for clustering of scripting languages linux/noarch
nx-libs- NX X11 protocol compression libraries linux/s390
nx-libs-devel- Include files and libraries for NX development linux/s390
nx-proto-devel- Include files for NX development linux/s390
nxagent- NX agent linux/s390
nxauth- NX Auth linux/s390
nxproxy- NX Proxy linux/s390
nxt_python-0.7-16.fc24 Nxt_python is a package for controlling a LEGO NXT robot using python linux/noarch
nxtrc-2.3-12.fc24 Program to interact with LEGO NXT via BlueTooth linux/s390
nxtvepg-2.8.1-16.fc24 A nexTView EPG decoder and browser linux/s390
nyquist-3.09-2.fc24 Sound synthesis and composition language with a Lisp syntax linux/s390
nyxmms2-0.8-33.fc24 Commandline client for XMMS2 linux/s390

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