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UpTools-8.6.3-3.fc20 C++ library for HPC, parallel processing, networking, DB, memory, etc linux/ppc64
UpTools-devel-8.6.3-3.fc20 Header files and examples for UpTools C++ library linux/ppc64
ubu-keyring-2012.05.19-3.fc21 GnuPG keys of the Ubuntu archive linux/noarch
ubuntu-title-fonts-002.000-8.fc21 A titling decorative font to create the lettering of the Ubuntu logo linux/noarch
ucs-miscfixed-fonts-0.3-12.fc21 Selected set of bitmap fonts linux/noarch
uddi4j-2.0.5-10.fc21 Universal Description, Discovery and Integration registry API for Java linux/noarch
uddi4j-javadoc-2.0.5-10.fc21 Javadocs for uddi4j linux/noarch
uima-addons-2.3.1-3.fc21 Apache UIMA Addons components linux/noarch
uima-addons-javadoc-2.3.1-3.fc21 Javadoc for uima-addons linux/noarch
uima-parent-pom-8-5.fc21 Apache UIMA Parent POM linux/noarch
uima-pear-maven-plugin-2.5.0-3.fc21 Apache UIMA Maven Pear Plugin linux/noarch
uimaj-2.5.0-3.fc21 Apache UIMA is an implementation of the OASIS-UIMA specifications linux/noarch
uimaj-javadoc-2.5.0-3.fc21 Javadoc for uimaj linux/noarch
ukij-tuz-fonts-3.10-7.fc22 Uyghur Computer Science Association (UKIJ) Unicode fonts linux/noarchNew
ulogd-2.0.4-2.fc21 Userspace logging daemon for netfilter linux/ppc64
ulogd-libdbi-2.0.4-2.fc21 Libdbi framework output plugin for ulogd linux/ppc64
ulogd-mysql-2.0.4-2.fc21 MySQL output plugin for ulogd linux/ppc64
ulogd-pcap-2.0.4-2.fc21 PCAP output plugin for ulogd linux/ppc64
ulogd-pgsql-2.0.4-2.fc21 PostgreSQL output plugin for ulogd linux/ppc64
ulogd-sqlite-2.0.4-2.fc21 SQLITE output plugin for ulogd linux/ppc64
ultimaker-marlin-firmware-13.12-2.fc21 Ultimaker firmware for the 3D printer linux/noarch
ultimaker2-marlin-firmware-14.06.1-2.fc21 Ultimaker2 firmware for the 3D printer linux/noarch
umit-1.0-3.fc21 Nmap front-end linux/noarch
umlgraph-5.6-8.fc21 Automated Drawing of UML Diagrams linux/noarch
umlgraph-javadoc-5.6-8.fc21 Javadoc for umlgraph linux/noarch
umph-0.2.5-5.fc21 Command line tool for parsing video links from Youtube feeds linux/noarch
un-core-batang-fonts-1.0.2-0.23.080608.fc21 Un Core fonts - UnBatang linux/noarch
un-core-dinaru-fonts-1.0.2-0.23.080608.fc21 Un Core fonts - UnDinaru linux/noarch
un-core-dotum-fonts-1.0.2-0.23.080608.fc21 Un Core fonts - UnDotum linux/noarch
un-core-fonts-common-1.0.2-0.23.080608.fc21 Common files of Un Core fonts linux/noarch
un-core-graphic-fonts-1.0.2-0.23.080608.fc21 Un Core fonts - UnGraphic linux/noarch
un-core-gungseo-fonts-1.0.2-0.23.080608.fc21 Un Core fonts - UnGungseo linux/noarch
un-core-pilgi-fonts-1.0.2-0.23.080608.fc21 Un Core fonts - UnPilgi linux/noarch
un-extra-bom-fonts-1.0.2-0.19.080608.fc21 Un Extra fonts - UnBom linux/noarch
un-extra-fonts-common-1.0.2-0.19.080608.fc21 Common files for the Un Extra font set linux/noarch
un-extra-jamobatang-fonts-1.0.2-0.19.080608.fc21 Un Extra fonts - UnJamoBatang linux/noarch
un-extra-jamodotum-fonts-1.0.2-0.19.080608.fc21 Un Extra fonts - UnJamoDotum linux/noarch
un-extra-jamonovel-fonts-1.0.2-0.19.080608.fc21 Un Extra fonts - UnJamoNovel linux/noarch
un-extra-jamosora-fonts-1.0.2-0.19.080608.fc21 Un Extra fonts - UnJamoSora linux/noarch
un-extra-pen-fonts-1.0.2-0.19.080608.fc21 Un Extra fonts - UnPen linux/noarch
un-extra-penheulim-fonts-1.0.2-0.19.080608.fc21 Un Extra fonts - UnPenheulim linux/noarch
un-extra-pilgia-fonts-1.0.2-0.19.080608.fc21 Un Extra fonts - UnPilgia linux/noarch
un-extra-shinmun-fonts-1.0.2-0.19.080608.fc21 Un Extra fonts - UnShinmun linux/noarch
un-extra-taza-fonts-1.0.2-0.19.080608.fc21 Un Extra fonts - UnTaza linux/noarch
un-extra-vada-fonts-1.0.2-0.19.080608.fc21 Un Extra fonts - UnVada linux/noarch
un-extra-yetgul-fonts-1.0.2-0.19.080608.fc21 Un Extra fonts - UnYetgul linux/noarch
uncommons-maths-1.2.3-2.fc21 Random number generators library for Java linux/noarch
uncommons-maths-javadoc-1.2.3-2.fc21 Javadoc for uncommons-maths linux/noarch
undertow-1.0.15-1.fc21 Java web server using non-blocking IO linux/noarch
undertow-javadoc-1.0.15-1.fc21 Javadocs for undertow linux/noarch
unicode-ucd-7.0.0-1.fc21 Unicode Character Database linux/noarch
unifrakturmaguntia-fonts-0-0.2.20140706.fc22 Font that provide a Fraktur typeface that may be embedded on websites linux/noarch
unifying-receiver-udev-0.2-4.fc21 udev rules for user access to Logitech Unifying Receiver linux/noarch
unlambda-0.1.3-5.fc21 Unlambda interpreter linux/ppc64
unoconv-0.6-11.fc21 Tool to convert between any document format supported by LibreOffice linux/noarch
unp-0.3-1.fc22 A command line tool that can unpack archives easily linux/noarch
upnp-inspector-0.2.2-10.fc21 UPnP Device and Service analyzer linux/noarch
urdfdom-headers-devel-0.3.0-2.fc21 The URDF (U-Robot Description Format) headers linux/noarch
urw-fonts-1.10-1.fc22 Free versions of the 35 standard PostScript fonts. linux/noarch
usb_modeswitch-data-20140327-2.fc21 USB Modeswitch gets mobile broadband cards in operational mode linux/noarch
utf8cpp-devel-2.3.4-5.fc21 Header files for utf8cpp linux/noarch
uthash-devel-1.9.9-8.fc22 Development files for uthash linux/noarch
util-linux-2.25-2.fc22 A collection of basic system utilities linux/ppc64New
uuidd-2.25-2.fc22 Helper daemon to guarantee uniqueness of time-based UUIDs linux/ppc64New

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