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RPM of Group System Environment/Shells

bash-4.3.42-3.fc24 The GNU Bourne Again shell linux/ppc64
busybox-1.22.1-4.fc23 Statically linked binary providing simplified versions of system commands linux/ppc64
busybox-petitboot-1.22.1-4.fc23 Version of busybox configured for use with petitboot linux/ppc64
caja-terminal-0.9-1.fc24 Terminal embedded in Caja linux/ppc64
dash-0.5.8-3.fc23 Small and fast POSIX-compliant shell linux/ppc64
fish-2.2.0-5.fc24 A friendly interactive shell linux/ppc64
kitutuki-0.9.6-10.fc23 Shell script language linux/ppc64
ksh-20120801-28.fc24 The Original ATT Korn Shell linux/ppc64
mc-4.8.15-1.fc24 User-friendly text console file manager and visual shell linux/ppc64
mintmenu-5.6.5-2.fc24 Advanced Menu for the MATE Desktop linux/noarch
mksh-52b-1.fc24 MirBSD enhanced version of the Korn Shell linux/ppc64
nautilus-search-tool-0.3.0-21.fc24 A Nautilus extension that makes searching for files easier linux/ppc64
nautilus-terminal-1.0-1.fc23.5 Terminal embedded in Nautilus linux/noarch
rc-1.7.4-2.fc23 Re-implementation for Unix of the Plan 9 shell linux/ppc64
saphire-3.6.5-7.fc23 Yet another shell linux/ppc64
tcsh-6.19.00-4.fc24 An enhanced version of csh, the C shell linux/ppc64
votca-csg-bash-1.3-1.fc24 Bash completion for votca linux/noarchNew
yash-2.40-2.fc24 Yet Another SHell linux/ppc64
ytree-1.97-8.fc23 A filemanager similar to XTree linux/ppc64
zsh-5.2-4.fc24 Powerful interactive shell linux/ppc64New
zsh-html-5.2-4.fc24 Zsh shell manual in html format linux/ppc64New

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