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RPM of Group Development/Libraries

389-adminutil-1.1.23-8.fc29 Utility library for 389 administration linux/ppc64
389-adminutil-devel-1.1.23-8.fc29 Development and header files for 389-adminutil linux/ppc64
389-ds-base-devel- Development libraries for 389 Directory Server linux/ppc64New
Agda-stdlib-0.13-3.fc27 Agda standard libraries linux/ppc64
Agda-stdlib-docs-0.13-3.fc27 Agda standard libraries documentation linux/noarch
AllegroOGG-devel-1.0.3-20.fc28 Developmental libraries and include files for AllegroOgg linux/ppc64
AntTweakBar-devel-1.16-8.fc28 Header files for AntTweakBar linux/ppc64
Box2D-2.3.1-8.fc28 A 2D Physics Engine for Games linux/ppc64
Box2D-devel-2.3.1-8.fc28 Development files for Box2D linux/ppc64
CBFlib-devel- Header files and library for developing programs with cbf linux/ppc64
CCfits-2.5-9.fc29 A C++ interface for cfitsio linux/ppc64
CCfits-devel-2.5-9.fc29 Headers for developing programs that will use CCfits linux/ppc64
CGAL-devel-4.12-1.fc29 Development files and tools for CGAL applications linux/ppc64
CQRlib-devel-1.1.2-14.fc28 Development tools for compiling programs using CQRlib linux/ppc64
CTL-devel-1.4.1-29.fc28 Development files for CTL linux/ppc64
CUnit-devel-2.1.3-17.fc28 Header files and libraries for CUnit development linux/ppc64
CVector-devel- Development tools for compiling programs using CVector linux/ppc64
Canna-devel-3.7p3-53.fc29 Header file and library for developing programs which use Canna. linux/ppc64
CharLS-1.0-16.fc28 An optimized implementation of the JPEG-LS standard linux/ppc64
CharLS-devel-1.0-16.fc28 Libraries and headers for CharLS linux/ppc64
ClanLib-devel-2.3.7-14.fc28 Development Libraries and Headers for ClanLib linux/ppc64
ClanLib06-devel-0.6.5-42.fc28 Development Libraries and Headers for ClanLib 0.6 linux/ppc64
ClanLib1-devel-1.0.0-27.fc29 Development Libraries and Headers for ClanLib linux/ppc64
Coin2-devel-2.5.0-33.fc28 Development files for Coin linux/ppc64
Coin3-devel-3.1.3-22.fc28 Development files for Coin linux/ppc64
DecodeIR-devel-2.45-10.fc28 Development files for DecodeIR linux/ppc64
DevIL-ILUT-devel-1.7.8-28.fc28 Development files for the libILUT component of DevIL linux/ppc64
DevIL-devel-1.7.8-28.fc28 Development files for DevIL linux/ppc64
Falcon-devel- Development files for Falcon linux/ppc64
FreeSOLID-devel-2.1.1-30.fc29 Development files for FreeSOLID linux/ppc64
GConf2-devel-3.2.6-20.fc29 Headers and libraries for GConf development linux/ppc64
GLC_lib-devel-2.2.0-17.fc27 Development files for GLC_lib linux/ppc64
GraphicsMagick-c++-devel-1.3.29-1.fc29 C++ bindings for the GraphicsMagick library linux/ppc64
GraphicsMagick-devel-1.3.29-1.fc29 Libraries and header files for GraphicsMagick app development linux/ppc64
GtkAda-devel-2.24.2-28.fc28 Development files for GTKada 2 linux/ppc64
GtkAda3-devel-2017-5.fc28 Development files for GTKada 3 linux/ppc64
HepMC-devel-2.06.09-19.fc28 C++ Event Record for Monte Carlo Generators - development files linux/ppc64
Hermes-devel-1.3.3-30.fc28 Development libraries and header files for Hermes linux/ppc64
ImageMagick-c++-devel- C++ bindings for the ImageMagick library linux/ppc64
ImageMagick-devel- Library links and header files for ImageMagick app development linux/ppc64
InsightToolkit-devel-4.9.1-8.fc29 Insight Toolkit linux/ppc64
InsightToolkit-vtk-devel-4.9.1-8.fc29 Libraries and header files for development of ITK-VTK bridge linux/ppc64
Inventor-devel-2.1.5-66.fc28 SGI Open Inventor (TM) development files linux/ppc64
Inventor-examples-2.1.5-66.fc28 SGI Open Inventor (TM) source code examples linux/ppc64
InventorXt-devel-2.1.5-66.fc28 SGI Open Inventor (TM) Motif bindings linux/ppc64
Io-language-devel-20151111-0.e64ff9.fc28.11 Development files for Io-language linux/ppc64
L-function-devel-1.23-22.fc28 Development libraries/headers for L-function linux/ppc64
LogService-devel-2.8.0-15.fc28 Development files for LogService linux/ppc64
MUMPS-5.1.2-5.fc28 A MUltifrontal Massively Parallel sparse direct Solver linux/ppc64
MUMPS-common-5.1.2-5.fc28 Documentation files for MUMPS linux/noarch
MUMPS-devel-5.1.2-5.fc28 The MUMPS headers and development-related files linux/ppc64
MUMPS-examples-5.1.2-5.fc28 The MUMPS common illustrative test programs linux/ppc64
MUMPS-mpich-5.1.2-5.fc28 MUMPS libraries compiled against MPICH linux/ppc64
MUMPS-mpich-devel-5.1.2-5.fc28 The MUMPS headers and development-related files linux/ppc64
MUMPS-mpich-examples-5.1.2-5.fc28 The MUMPS MPICH common illustrative test programs linux/ppc64
MUMPS-openmp-5.1.2-5.fc28 MUMPS libraries with OpenMP support linux/ppc64
MUMPS-openmp-devel-5.1.2-5.fc28 The MUMPS headers and development-related files linux/ppc64
MUMPS-openmp-examples-5.1.2-5.fc28 The MUMPS OpenMP common illustrative test programs linux/ppc64
MUMPS-openmpi-5.1.2-5.fc28 MUMPS libraries compiled against openmpi linux/ppc64
MUMPS-openmpi-devel-5.1.2-5.fc28 The MUMPS headers and development-related files linux/ppc64
MUMPS-openmpi-examples-5.1.2-5.fc28 The MUMPS OpenMPI common illustrative test programs linux/ppc64
ModemManager-devel-1.8.0-1.fc29 Libraries and headers for adding ModemManager support to applications linux/ppc64
ModemManager-glib-1.8.0-1.fc29 Libraries for adding ModemManager support to applications that use glib. linux/ppc64
ModemManager-glib-devel-1.8.0-1.fc29 Libraries and headers for adding ModemManager support to applications that use glib. linux/ppc64
ModemManager-vala-1.8.0-1.fc29 Vala bindings for ModemManager linux/ppc64
NearTree-devel-3.1.1-8.fc21 Development tools for compiling programs using NearTree linux/ppc64
NetworkManager-libnm-1.12.0-0.1.fc29 Libraries for adding NetworkManager support to applications (new API). linux/ppc64New
NetworkManager-libnm-devel-1.12.0-0.1.fc29 Header files for adding NetworkManager support to applications (new API). linux/ppc64New
OCE-devel-0.18.3-1.fc28 OpenCASCADE CAE platform library development files linux/ppc64
ORBit2-devel-2.14.19-19.fc28 Development libraries, header files and utilities for ORBit linux/ppc64
OpenColorIO-devel-1.1.0-6.fc29 Development libraries and headers for OpenColorIO linux/ppc64
OpenEXR_CTL-devel-1.0.1-28.fc28 Development files for OpenEXR_CTL linux/ppc64
PEGTL-devel-2.4.0-1.fc29 Development files for PEGTL linux/ppc64
PragmARC-devel-20130728-16.fc28 Development files for PragmARC linux/ppc64
PySBIG-0.04-21.fc28 PySBIG can read SBIG CCD files linux/ppc64
PythonCard-0.8.2-21.fc29 PythonCard GUI construction toolkit linux/noarch
QMsgBox-qt5-0-13.20130830git94677dc.fc29 Qt5 version of QMsgBox linux/ppc64
QMsgBox-qt5-devel-0-13.20130830git94677dc.fc29 Development files for QMsgBox using Qt5 linux/ppc64
QuantLib-devel-1.12.1-1.fc29 QuantLib development files linux/ppc64
R-Biostrings-devel-2.48.0-1.fc29 Development files for R-Biostrings linux/ppc64
R-BufferedMatrix-devel-1.44.0-1.fc29 Development files for R-BufferedMatrix linux/ppc64
R-IRanges-devel-2.14.10-1.fc29 Development files for R-IRanges linux/ppc64
R-Rsolid-devel-0.9.31-24.fc29 Development files for R-Rsolid linux/ppc64
R-mvtnorm-devel-1.0.7-1.fc29 Development files for R-mvtnorm linux/ppc64
R-preprocessCore-devel-1.42.0-1.fc29 Development files for R-preprocessCore linux/ppc64
R-zoo-devel-1.8.1-1.fc29 Development files for R-zoo linux/ppc64
SAASound-devel-3.2-20.fc28 Development files for SAASound linux/ppc64
SDL_Pango-devel-0.1.2-26.fc28 Development files for SDL_pango linux/ppc64
SDL_gfx-devel-2.0.25-8.fc28 Development files for SDL_gfx linux/ppc64
SDL_image-devel-1.2.12-19.fc28 Development files for SDL_image linux/ppc64
SDL_mixer-devel-1.2.12-15.fc28 Development files for SDL_mixer linux/ppc64
SDL_net-devel-1.2.8-12.fc28 Development files for SDL_net linux/ppc64
SDL_sound-devel-1.0.3-21.fc29 Library handling decoding of several popular sound file formats linux/ppc64
SDL_ttf-devel-2.0.11-12.fc28 Development files for SDL_ttf linux/ppc64
SoQt-devel-1.5.0-24.fc28 Development files for SoQt linux/ppc64
SocketW-devel-031026-9.fc24 Files for compiling software that uses SocketW linux/ppc64
TeXmacs-devel-1.99.2-13.fc28 Development files for TeXmacs linux/ppc64
Thunar-devel-1.6.15-1.fc29 Development tools for Thunar file manager linux/ppc64
VMDKstream-0.3-8.fc29 Python tool to convert raw disk images to stream-optimized VMDK files linux/noarch
Xaw3d-devel-1.6.2-13.fc28 Header files and libraries for development using Xaw3d linux/ppc64
ZipArchive-devel-4.1.2-11.fc28 Development files for ZipArchive linux/ppc64
aalib-devel-1.4.0-0.34.rc5.fc28 Development files for aalib linux/ppc64
accumulo-1.8.1-9.fc28 A software platform for processing vast amounts of data linux/ppc64
accumulo-native-1.8.1-9.fc28 Native libraries for Apache Accumulo linux/ppc64
accumulo-shell-1.8.1-9.fc28 Shell for Apache Accumulo linux/ppc64
ack-2.22-2.fc28 Grep-like text finder linux/noarch
activemq-cpp-3.9.4-1.fc29 C++ implementation of JMS-like messaging client linux/ppc64
activemq-cpp-devel-3.9.4-1.fc29 C++ implementation header files for JMS-like messaging linux/ppc64
adevs-devel-2.8.1-8.fc27 C++ library for constructing discrete event simulations linux/ppc64
adevs-doc-2.8.1-8.fc27 API docs and examples for adevs linux/noarch
adime-devel-2.2.1-24.fc28 Development libraries and headers for adime linux/ppc64
admesh-devel-0.98.3-2.fc28 Development files for the admesh library linux/ppc64
admesh-libs-0.98.3-2.fc28 Runtime library for the admesh application linux/ppc64
adns-devel-1.5.1-5.fc29 Asynchronous-capable DNS client library - development files linux/ppc64
adobe-source-libraries-devel-1.0.43-42.fc28 Development files for adobe-source-libraries linux/ppc64
adobe-source-libraries-doc-1.0.43-42.fc28 Documentation linux/ppc64
adplug-devel-2.2.1-5.fc28 Development files for AdPlug linux/ppc64
aeidon-1.0-6.fc28 Package for reading, writing and manipulating text-based subtitle files linux/noarch
afpfs-ng-devel-0.8.1-24.fc28 Development files for afpfs-ng linux/ppc64
ahven-devel-2.6-11.fc28 Development files for Ahven linux/ppc64
aiksaurus-devel-1.2.1-38.fc28 Files for developing with aiksaurus linux/ppc64
aiksaurus-gtk-devel-1.2.1-38.fc28 Files for developing with aiksaurus-gtk linux/ppc64
airinv-devel-1.00.1-19.fc29 Header files, libraries and development helper tools for airinv linux/ppc64
airrac-devel-1.00.1-16.fc29 Header files, libraries and development helper tools for airrac linux/ppc64
airtsp-devel-1.01.3-9.fc29 Header files, libraries and development helper tools for airtsp linux/ppc64
alfont-devel-2.0.9-13.fc28 Development files for alfont linux/ppc64
alleggl-devel-4.4.2-20.fc29 Development files for alleggl linux/ppc64
allegro-devel-4.4.2-20.fc29 A game programming library linux/ppc64
allegro-loadpng-devel-4.4.2-20.fc29 Development files for loadpng linux/ppc64
allegro-logg-devel-4.4.2-20.fc29 Development files for logg linux/ppc64
alsa-lib-devel-1.1.6-2.fc29 Development files from the ALSA library linux/ppc64
alure-devel-1.2-15.fc28 Development files for alure linux/ppc64
amanith-0.3-38.fc28 Crossplatform framework for 2d/3d vector graphics linux/ppc64
amanith-devel-0.3-38.fc28 Development files for amanith linux/ppc64
anaconda-widgets-devel-29.17-1.fc29 Development files for anaconda-widgets linux/ppc64New
anet-devel-0.4.0-1.fc29 Development files for Anet linux/ppc64
ann-devel-1.1.2-12.fc28 Development files for the ANN library linux/ppc64
ansible-2.5.5-2.fc29 SSH-based configuration management, deployment, and task execution system linux/noarchNew
ansible-doc-2.5.5-2.fc29 Documentation for Ansible linux/noarchNew
ansible-openstack-modules-0-20140907git79d751a.fc28 Unofficial Ansible modules for managing Openstack linux/noarch
anthy-devel-9100h-34.fc28 Header files and library for developing programs which uses Anthy linux/ppc64
apache-commons-dbcp-1.4-23.fc28 Apache Commons DataBase Pooling Package linux/noarch
apache-commons-dbcp-javadoc-1.4-23.fc28 Javadoc for apache-commons-dbcp linux/noarch
apache-commons-lang-2.6-21.fc28 Provides a host of helper utilities for the java.lang API linux/noarch
apache-commons-math-3.4.1-8.fc28 Java library of lightweight mathematics and statistics components linux/noarch
apbs-devel-1.5-1.fc29 Libraries and header files for the APBS package linux/ppc64
apiextractor-devel-0.10.10-16.fc28 Development files for apiextractor linux/ppc64
apigen-4.1.2-4.fc27.1 PHP source code API generator linux/noarch
apiviz-1.3.2-17.fc29 APIviz is a JavaDoc doclet to generate class and package diagrams linux/noarch
appframework-1.03-19.fc28 Swing Application Framework linux/noarch
apr-devel-1.6.3-7.fc29 APR library development kit linux/ppc64
apr-util-bdb-1.6.1-6.fc29 APR utility library Berkeley DB driver linux/ppc64
apr-util-devel-1.6.1-6.fc29 APR utility library development kit linux/ppc64
apr-util-ldap-1.6.1-6.fc29 APR utility library LDAP support linux/ppc64
apr-util-mysql-1.6.1-6.fc29 APR utility library MySQL DBD driver linux/ppc64
apr-util-odbc-1.6.1-6.fc29 APR utility library ODBC DBD driver linux/ppc64
apr-util-openssl-1.6.1-6.fc29 APR utility library OpenSSL crypto support linux/ppc64
apr-util-pgsql-1.6.1-6.fc29 APR utility library PostgreSQL DBD driver linux/ppc64
apr-util-sqlite-1.6.1-6.fc29 APR utility library SQLite DBD driver linux/ppc64
apt-devel-0.5.15lorg3.95-32.git522.fc29 Development files and documentation for APT's libapt-pkg linux/ppc64
aqsis-devel-1.8.2-30.fc28 Development files for Aqsis Renderer linux/ppc64
argtable-devel-2.13-14.fc28 Development package that includes the argtable header files linux/ppc64
arts-devel-1.5.10-39.fc29 Development files for the aRts sound server linux/ppc64New
asciio-1.51.3-8.fc28 Draw ascii art quickly and easily! linux/noarch
asio-devel-1.10.8-7.fc29 Header files for asio linux/ppc64
aspell-devel- Libraries and header files for Aspell development linux/ppc64
assimp-3.3.1-14.fc28 Library to import various 3D model formats into applications linux/ppc64
assimp-devel-3.3.1-14.fc28 Header files and libraries for assimp linux/ppc64
assimp-doc-3.3.1-14.fc28 Assimp documentation linux/noarch
ast-devel-8.4.0-5.fc28 Development files for ast linux/ppc64
asterisk-devel-15.4.1-1.fc29 Development files for Asterisk linux/ppc64New
atkmm-devel-2.24.2-6.fc29 Development files for atkmm linux/ppc64
atlas-devel-3.10.3-5.fc29 Development libraries for ATLAS linux/ppc64
atlas-power7-devel-3.10.3-5.fc29 Development libraries for ATLAS for Power 7 linux/ppc64
atlas-power7-static-3.10.3-5.fc29 Static libraries for ATLAS for Power 7 linux/ppc64
atlas-power8-devel-3.10.3-5.fc29 Development libraries for ATLAS for Power 8 linux/ppc64
atlas-power8-static-3.10.3-5.fc29 Static libraries for ATLAS for Power 8 linux/ppc64
atlas-static-3.10.3-5.fc29 Static libraries for ATLAS linux/ppc64
atlascpp-0.6.4-2.fc27 WorldForge message protocol library linux/ppc64
atlascpp-devel-0.6.4-2.fc27 Development files for Atlas-C++ linux/ppc64
atoum-3.3.0-1.fc29 PHP Unit Testing framework linux/noarch
aubio-devel-0.4.2-8.fc28 Development files for aubio linux/ppc64
aubio-python2-0.4.2-8.fc28 Python 2 language bindings for aubio linux/ppc64
aubio-python3-0.4.2-8.fc28 Python 3 language bindings for aubio linux/ppc64
audacious-devel-3.9-3.fc29 Development files for the Audacious audio player linux/ppc64
audiofile-devel-0.3.6-17.fc28 Development files for Audio File applications linux/ppc64
augeas-devel-1.10.1-2.fc28 Development files for augeas linux/ppc64
augeas-static-1.10.1-2.fc28 Static libraries for augeas linux/ppc64
autogen-libopts-devel-5.18.12-7.fc29 Development files for libopts linux/ppc64
autotrace-devel-0.31.1-50.fc28 Header files for autotrace linux/ppc64
aws-devel-2017-9.fc28 Devel package for aws linux/ppc64
ax25-tools-x-1.0.3-6.fc28 X tools used to configure an AX.25 enabled computer linux/ppc64
bamf-devel-0.5.3-6.fc29 Development files for bamf linux/ppc64
barcode-devel-0.98-33.fc28 Header files and libraries for barcode development linux/ppc64
beakerlib-1.17-13.fc29 A shell-level integration testing library linux/noarch
beakerlib-vim-syntax-1.17-13.fc29 Files for syntax highlighting BeakerLib tests in VIM editor linux/noarch
beansbinding-1.2.1-18.fc28 Beans Binding (JSR 295) reference implementation linux/noarch
beecrypt-devel-4.2.1-20.fc29 Development files for the beecrypt toolkit and library linux/ppc64
bes-devel-3.17.4-7.fc29 Development files for bes linux/ppc64
bicon-devel-0.5-6.fc29 Development Libraries for BiCon linux/ppc64
bindex-2.2-18.svn96.fc28 Bundle Manifest Header Mapper linux/noarch
bio2jack-devel-0.9-19.fc28 Development files for bio2jack linux/ppc64
bison-devel-3.0.4-9.fc28 -ly library for development using Bison-generated parsers linux/ppc64
bison-runtime-3.0.4-9.fc28 Runtime support files used by Bison-generated parsers linux/ppc64
bitlbee-devel-3.5.1-5.fc29 Development files for bitlbee linux/ppc64
bitlyclip-0.2.2-12.fc28 Shorten urls in the X clipboard with linux/noarch
bitten-common-0.6-10.fc29 Common files for Bitten master and slave linux/noarch
blacs-common-2.0.2-25.fc28 Common files for blacs linux/ppc64
blacs-mpich-2.0.2-25.fc28 BLACS libraries compiled against mpich linux/ppc64
blacs-mpich-devel-2.0.2-25.fc28 Development libraries for blacs (mpich) linux/ppc64
blacs-mpich-static-2.0.2-25.fc28 Static libraries for blacs (mpich) linux/ppc64
blacs-openmpi-2.0.2-25.fc28 BLACS libraries compiled against openmpi linux/ppc64
blacs-openmpi-devel-2.0.2-25.fc28 Development libraries for blacs (openmpi) linux/ppc64
blacs-openmpi-static-2.0.2-25.fc28 Static libraries for blacs (openmpi) linux/ppc64
blas-devel-3.8.0-8.fc29 BLAS development libraries linux/ppc64
blas-static-3.8.0-8.fc29 BLAS static libraries linux/ppc64
blas64-devel-3.8.0-8.fc29 BLAS development libraries linux/ppc64
blas64-static-3.8.0-8.fc29 BLAS static libraries (64bit INTEGER) linux/ppc64
blitz-1.0.1-1.fc29 C++ class library for matrix scientific computing linux/ppc64
blitz-devel-1.0.1-1.fc29 Libraries, includes, etc. used to develop an application with blitz linux/ppc64
blt-2.4-52.z.fc28 Widget extension to the Tcl/Tk scripting language linux/ppc64
blt-devel-2.4-52.z.fc28 Development files for BLT linux/ppc64
blt-doc-2.4-52.z.fc28 HTML documentation for BLT linux/noarch
bogl-devel-0.1.18-34.fc28 Development files required to build BOGL applications linux/ppc64
boinc-client-devel-7.10.2-1.fc29 Development files for boinc-client linux/ppc64
boinc-client-static-7.10.2-1.fc29 Static libraries for boinc-client linux/ppc64
botan-devel-1.10.17-3.fc28 Development files for botan linux/ppc64
brazil-2.3-18.fc28 Extremely small footprint Java HTTP stack linux/noarch
brazil-demo-2.3-18.fc28 Demos for brazil linux/noarch
btrfs-progs-devel-4.16-2.fc29 btrfs filesystem-specific libraries and headers linux/ppc64
bugwarrior-1.5.1-6.fc28 Sync github, bitbucket, and trac issues with taskwarrior linux/noarch
bullet-2.87-3.fc29 3D Collision Detection and Rigid Body Dynamics Library linux/ppc64
bullet-devel-2.87-3.fc29 Development files for bullet linux/ppc64
bullet-devel-doc-2.87-3.fc29 Documentation for developing programs that will use bullet-devel linux/ppc64
bullet-extras-2.87-3.fc29 Extra libraries for bullet linux/ppc64
bullet-extras-devel-2.87-3.fc29 Development files for bullet extras linux/ppc64
bwidget-1.9.7-10.fc28 Extended widget set for Tk linux/noarch
bytelist-1.0.8-15.fc28 A java library for lists of bytes linux/noarch
bzip2-devel-1.0.6-27.fc29 Libraries and header files for apps which will use bzip2 linux/ppc64
c++-gtk-utils-gtk2-devel-2.0.16-11.fc27 Development files for the c++-gtk-utils library - GTK2 version linux/ppc64
c++-gtk-utils-gtk3-devel-2.0.16-11.fc27 Development files for the c++-gtk-utils library - GTK3 version linux/ppc64
c-ares-devel-1.13.0-4.fc28 Development files for c-ares linux/ppc64
c3p0-0.9.5-0.6.pre8.fc28 JDBC DataSources/Resource Pools linux/noarch
cairomm-devel-1.12.0-8.fc29 Headers for developing programs that will use cairomm linux/ppc64
caja-actions-devel-1.8.3-6.fc29 Development tools for the caja-actions linux/ppc64
cajun-jsonapi-devel-2.0.3-7.fc28 Header files for cajun linux/noarch
cambozola-0.936-6.fc28 A viewer for multipart jpeg streams linux/noarch
ccrtp-devel-2.0.5-18.fc28 Header files and libraries for ccrtp development linux/ppc64
cdparanoia-devel-10.2-27.fc29 Development tools for libcdda_paranoia (Paranoia III) linux/ppc64
cdparanoia-static-10.2-27.fc29 Development tools for libcdda_paranoia (Paranoia III) linux/ppc64
cegui-devel-0.8.7-10.fc28 Development files for cegui linux/ppc64
cegui06-devel-0.6.2-28.fc28 Development files for cegui06 linux/ppc64
celt051-devel- Development package for celt051 linux/ppc64
celt071-devel-0.7.1-15.fc28 Development package for celt071 linux/ppc64
ceres-solver-1.13.0-1.fc27 A non-linear least squares minimizer linux/ppc64
ceres-solver-devel-1.13.0-1.fc27 A non-linear least squares minimizer linux/ppc64
cfitsio-devel-3.450-1.fc29 Headers required when building programs against cfitsio linux/ppc64
cfitsio-docs-3.450-1.fc29 Documentation for cfitsio linux/noarch
cfitsio-static-3.450-1.fc29 Static cfitsio library linux/ppc64
chameleon-0.2-14.fc29 Common schema transformation tool linux/noarch
chck-devel-0-5.20161208git0036426.fc29 Collection of C utilities development files linux/ppc64
cherokee-devel-1.2.104-8.fc28 Development files of cherokee linux/ppc64
chmlib-0.40-17.fc28 Library for dealing with ITSS/CHM format files linux/ppc64
chmlib-devel-0.40-17.fc28 Library for dealing with ITSS/CHM format files - development files linux/ppc64
cifs-utils-devel-6.8-1.fc29 Files needed for building plugins for cifs-utils linux/ppc64
cim-schema-2.43.0-6.fc28 Common Information Model (CIM) Schema linux/noarch
cinnamon-desktop-devel-3.8.1-1.fc29 Libraries and headers for libcinnamon-desktop linux/ppc64
cinnamon-menus-devel-3.8.2-1.fc29 Libraries and include files for the Cinnamon menu system linux/ppc64New
ck-0.6.0-1.fc27 Library for high performance concurrent programming linux/ppc64
ck-devel-0.6.0-1.fc27 Header files and libraries for CK development linux/ppc64
cl-asdf-20101028-13.fc28 Another System Definition Facility linux/noarch
clalsadrv-devel-2.0.0-17.fc29 ALSA driver C++ access library linux/ppc64
clamav-devel-0.100.0-2.fc29 Header files and libraries for the Clam Antivirus scanner linux/ppc64
claws-mail-devel-3.16.0-1.fc29 Development package for claws-mail linux/ppc64
clearsilver-0.10.5-47.fc29 Fast and powerful HTML templating system linux/ppc64
clearsilver-devel-0.10.5-47.fc29 ClearSilver development package linux/ppc64
clipper-devel-2.1-20160712.1.fc29 Libraries and header files for clipper development linux/ppc64
clips-devel-6.30.0-0.17.20090722svn.fc28 C headers for developing programs that will embed CLIPS linux/ppc64
clipsmm-devel-0.3.5-2.fc28 Headers for developing C++ applications with CLIPS linux/ppc64
cliquer-devel-1.21-14.fc28 Development files for cliquer linux/ppc64
cliquer-libs-1.21-14.fc28 Library to find cliques in arbitrary weighted graphs linux/ppc64
cloog-devel-0.18.4-4.fc28 Development tools for the Chunky Loop Generator linux/ppc64
clthreads-devel-2.4.0-20.fc28 Development files for clthreads linux/ppc64
clusterPy-0.9.9-16.fc28 Library of spatially constrained clustering algorithms linux/noarch
cluttermm-devel-1.17.3-10.fc28 Development files for cluttermm linux/ppc64
clxclient-devel-3.9.0-5.fc28 C++ X Windows Library Development Files linux/ppc64
cmigemo-devel-1.3-0.12.date20110227.fc28.3 Development files for cmigemo linux/ppc64
cminpack-1.3.4-6.fc28 Solver for nonlinear equations and nonlinear least squares problems linux/ppc64
cminpack-devel-1.3.4-6.fc28 Header files and libraries for cminpack linux/ppc64
cmockery2-devel-1.3.9-7.fc28 Lightweight C unit testing framework linux/ppc64
cmpfit-devel-1.3a-1.fc29 Headers for developing programs that will use cmpfit linux/ppc64
coccinelle-1.0.6-16.fc28 Semantic patching for Linux (spatch) linux/ppc64
coccinelle-doc-1.0.6-16.fc28 Documentation for coccinelle linux/ppc64
coccinelle-examples-1.0.6-16.fc28 Examples for coccinelle linux/ppc64
coin-or-Alps-devel-1.5.5-6.fc28 Development files for coin-or-Alps linux/ppc64
coin-or-Bcp-devel-1.4.3-6.fc28 Development files for coin-or-Bcp linux/ppc64
coin-or-Bcps-devel-0.94.4-6.fc28 Development files for coin-or-Bcps linux/ppc64
coin-or-Blis-devel-0.94.4-6.fc28 Development files for coin-or-Blis linux/ppc64
coin-or-Bonmin-devel-1.8.4-15.fc29 Development files for coin-or-Bonmin linux/ppc64
coin-or-Cbc-devel-2.9.8-7.fc28 Development files for coin-or-Cbc linux/ppc64
coin-or-Cgl-devel-0.59.9-6.fc28 Development files for coin-or-Cgl linux/ppc64
coin-or-Clp-devel-1.16.10-6.fc28 Development files for coin-or-Clp linux/ppc64
coin-or-CoinMP-devel-1.8.3-5.fc28 Development files for coin-or-CoinMP linux/ppc64
coin-or-CoinUtils-devel-2.10.13-8.fc29 Development files for coin-or-CoinUtils linux/ppc64
coin-or-Couenne-devel-0.5.6-15.fc29 Development files for coin-or-Couenne linux/ppc64
coin-or-Dip-devel-0.92.2-6.fc28 Development files for coin-or-Dip linux/ppc64
coin-or-DyLP-devel-1.10.3-5.fc28 Development files for coin-or-DyLP linux/ppc64
coin-or-FlopC++-devel-1.2.4-5.fc27 Development files for coin-or-FlopC++ linux/ppc64
coin-or-Ipopt-devel-3.12.10-1.fc29 Development files for coin-or-Ipopt linux/ppc64
coin-or-OS-devel-2.10.1-16.fc29 Development files for coin-or-OS linux/ppc64
coin-or-Osi-devel-0.107.8-6.fc28 Development files for coin-or-Osi linux/ppc64
coin-or-SYMPHONY-devel-5.6.14-6.fc28 Development files for coin-or-SYMPHONY linux/ppc64
coin-or-Vol-devel-1.5.3-6.fc28 Development files for coin-or-Vol linux/ppc64
coldet-devel-1.2-21.fc28 Development libraries and headers for coldet linux/ppc64
collada-dom-devel-2.5.0-3.fc28 Development files for collada-dom linux/ppc64
comedilib-devel-0.8.1-23.fc29 Libraries/include files for Comedi linux/ppc64
common-lisp-controller-7.4-14.fc28 Common Lisp source and compiler manager linux/noarch
commoncpp2-devel-1.8.1-14.fc28 Header files and libraries for commoncpp2 development linux/ppc64
compat-gdbm-devel-1.14-5.fc28 Development libraries and header files for the gdbm library linux/ppc64
compat-guichan05-0.5.0-24.fc28 Compatibility libraries for older guichan versions linux/ppc64
compat-guichan05-devel-0.5.0-24.fc28 Header and libraries for guichan development linux/ppc64
compat-guile18-devel-1.8.8-23.fc29 Libraries and header files for the GUILE extensibility library linux/ppc64
compat-openssl10-devel-1.0.2o-1.fc29 Files for development of applications which have to use OpenSSL-1.0.2 linux/ppc64
compat-readline5-devel-5.2-31.fc29 Files needed to develop programs which use the readline library linux/ppc64
compat-readline5-static-5.2-31.fc29 Static libraries for the readline library linux/ppc64
compat-tolua++-devel-1.0.93-8.fc28 Development files for compat-tolua++ linux/ppc64
compat-wxGTK3-gtk2-devel-3.0.4-1.fc29 Development files for the wxGTK3 library linux/ppc64
compface-devel-1.5.2-25.fc28 Library and development files for handling X-Face data linux/ppc64
compiz-bcop-0.8.14-3.fc28 Compiz option code generator linux/noarch
compiz-devel-0.8.14-5.fc28 Development packages for compiz linux/ppc64
compiz-plugins-experimental-devel-0.8.14-4.fc28 Development files for Compiz-Fusion linux/ppc64
compiz-plugins-extra-devel-0.8.14-5.fc28 Development files for Compiz-Fusion linux/ppc64
compiz-plugins-main-devel-0.8.14-5.fc28 Development files for Compiz-Fusion linux/ppc64
compizconfig-python-0.8.14-5.fc28 Python bindings for the Compiz Configuration System linux/ppc64
composer-1.6.5-1.fc29 Dependency Manager for PHP linux/noarch
condor-classads-8.6.11-1.fc29 HTCondor's classified advertisement language linux/ppc64New
console-bridge-0.3.2-9.fc28 Lightweight set of macros used for reporting information in libraries linux/ppc64
console-bridge-devel-0.3.2-9.fc28 Development files for console-bridge linux/ppc64
contextkit-devel-0.5.41-17.fc28 Development files for ContextKit linux/ppc64
cookxml-3.0.2-15.fc28 Dynamic XML data binding tool linux/noarch
courier-unicode-devel-2.0-3.fc28 Development tools for programs which will use the libcourier-unicode library linux/ppc64
cpl-7.0-9.fc29 ESO library for automated astronomical data-reduction tasks linux/ppc64
cpl-devel-7.0-9.fc29 Libraries, includes, etc. used to develop an application with cpl linux/ppc64
cppad-devel-20180000.0-2.fc28 The cppad C++ include files for Algorithmic Differentiation (AD) linux/ppc64
cppmyth-devel-2.9.4-4.fc28 Development files for cppmyth linux/ppc64
cpptest-devel-1.1.2-10.fc28 Development files for cpptest linux/ppc64
cppzmq-devel-4.1.6-7.fc28 Development files for cppzmq linux/ppc64
cracklib-devel-2.9.6-13.fc29 Development files needed for building applications which use cracklib linux/ppc64
crlibm-devel-1.0-0.17.beta4.fc28 Development files for crlibm linux/ppc64
crossguid-devel-0-0.8.20160908gitfef89a4.fc28 Development files for crossguid linux/ppc64
cryptsetup-devel-2.0.3-3.fc29 Headers and libraries for using encrypted file systems linux/ppc64
csmith-devel-2.2.0-8.fc28 Header files and libraries for Csmith development linux/ppc64
csslint-0.10.0-7.fc28 Detecting potential problems in CSS code linux/noarch
cuneiform-devel-1.1.0-26.fc29 Development files for cuneiform linux/ppc64
curlpp-devel-0.8.1-6.fc29 Development files for curlpp linux/ppc64
cutter-1.2.6-2.fc28 Unit Testing Framework for C/C++ linux/ppc64
cutter-devel-1.2.6-2.fc28 Libraries and header files for Cutter development linux/ppc64
cutter-gui-1.2.6-2.fc28 GUI Test module for Cutter linux/ppc64
cutter-report-1.2.6-2.fc28 PDF report module for Cutter linux/ppc64
cwiid-devel-0.6.00-29.20100505gitfadf11e.fc26 Development files for cwiid linux/ppc64
cxxtools-devel-2.2.1-15.fc28 Development files for cxxtools linux/ppc64
cyrus-sasl-devel-2.1.27-0.2rc7.fc29 Files needed for developing applications with Cyrus SASL linux/ppc64
czmq-4.0.2-6.fc28 High-level C binding for 0MQ (ZeroMQ) linux/ppc64
czmq-devel-4.0.2-6.fc28 Development files for the czmq package linux/ppc64
dahdi-tools-devel-2.11.1-9.fc29 Development files for DAHDI linux/ppc64
dahdi-tools-libs-2.11.1-9.fc29 Library files for DAHDI linux/ppc64
datanommer-0.2.0-11.fc29 A storage consumer for the Fedora Message Bus (fedmsg) linux/noarch
datanommer-commands-0.7.2-1.fc29 Console commands for datanommer linux/noarch
datanommer-config-0.9.1-3.fc29 Config files for datanommer linux/noarch
dateshift-devel-1.1-19.fc28 Development files for dateshift linux/ppc64
daxctl-devel-60.3-1.fc29 Development files for libdaxctl linux/ppc64
dbh-devel-5.0.16-7.fc28 Header files for disk based hash library linux/ppc64
dbus-c++-devel-0.9.0-16.fc28 Development files for dbus-c++ linux/ppc64
dbus-devel-1.12.8-2.fc29 Development files for D-BUS linux/ppc64
dbus-glib-devel-0.110-2.fc28 Libraries and headers for the D-Bus GLib bindings linux/ppc64
dbus-libs-1.12.8-2.fc29 Libraries for accessing D-BUS linux/ppc64
dbus-qt3-devel-0.9-20.fc28 Development files for dbus-qt3 linux/ppc64
dbus-sharp-devel-0.8.1-6.fc28 Development files for D-Bus Sharp linux/ppc64
dbus-sharp-glib-devel-0.6.0-4.fc28 Development files for D-Bus Sharp linux/ppc64
dbus-tests-1.12.8-2.fc29 Tests for the dbus-daemon package linux/ppc64
dbus-tools-1.12.8-2.fc29 D-BUS Tools and Utilities linux/ppc64
dbus-x11-1.12.8-2.fc29 X11-requiring add-ons for D-BUS linux/ppc64
dcmtk-3.6.2-3.fc28 Offis DICOM Toolkit (DCMTK) linux/ppc64
dcmtk-devel-3.6.2-3.fc28 Development Libraries and Headers for dcmtk linux/ppc64
dee-devel-1.2.7-18.fc29 Development files for dee linux/ppc64
deepin-qml-widgets-2.3.6-4.fc29 Deepin QML widgets linux/ppc64
device-mapper-devel-1.02.148-1.fc29 Development libraries and headers for device-mapper linux/ppc64New
device-mapper-event-devel-1.02.148-1.fc29 Development libraries and headers for the device-mapper event daemon linux/ppc64New
device-mapper-multipath-devel-0.7.7-1.fc29 Development libraries and headers for device-mapper-multipath linux/ppc64New
dgc-devel-0.98-17.fc28 Library for dgc package linux/ppc64
dialog-devel-1.3-13.20171209.fc29 Development files for building applications with the dialog library linux/ppc64
dieharder-devel-3.31.1-21.fc28 A library of random number generator tests and timing routines linux/ppc64
dieharder-libs-3.31.1-21.fc28 A library of random number generator tests and timing routines linux/ppc64
dietlibc-0.34-0.5.20170317.fc28 Small libc implementation linux/ppc64
dietlibc-devel-0.34-0.5.20170317.fc28 dietlibc development files linux/ppc64
dionaea-doc-0.7.0-3.fc29 Documentation for the dionaea honeypot package linux/noarchNew
dirac-devel-1.0.2-24.fc28 Development files for dirac linux/ppc64
djvulibre-devel-3.5.27-8.fc28 Development files for DjVuLibre linux/ppc64
dlm-devel-4.0.6-7.fc28 Development files for dlm linux/ppc64
dmapd-devel-0.0.75-1.fc29 Files needed to develop modules using dmapd's libraries linux/ppc64
dnssec-tools-libs-devel-2.2-3.fc25 C-based development libraries for dnssec aware tools linux/ppc64
dolphin-connector-devel-1.2-24.fc28 Development files for Dolphin Connector linux/ppc64
domtt-0.7.3-14.fc28 DOM Tooltip (aka domTT) is a Javascript widget linux/noarch
doodle-devel-0.7.0-14.fc28 Development files for doodle linux/ppc64
double-conversion-3.0.0-2.fc28 Library providing binary-decimal and decimal-binary routines for IEEE doubles linux/ppc64
double-conversion-devel-3.0.0-2.fc28 Library providing binary-decimal and decimal-binary routines for IEEE doubles linux/ppc64
double-conversion-static-3.0.0-2.fc28 Library providing binary-decimal and decimal-binary routines for IEEE doubles linux/ppc64
dovecot-devel-2.3.1-2.fc29 Development files for dovecot linux/ppc64
dpm-devel-1.10.0-6.fc29 DPM development libraries and header files linux/ppc64
drumstick-devel-1.1.1-1.fc29 Developer files for drumstick linux/ppc64
drumstick0-devel-0.5.0-21.fc28 Developer files for drumstick0 linux/ppc64
drush-8.1.16-1.fc29 Command line shell and scripting interface for Drupal linux/noarch
dspam-devel-3.10.2-27.fc28 Development library and header files for libdspam linux/ppc64
dssi-devel-1.1.1-15.fc28 Libraries, includes, etc to develop DSSI applications linux/ppc64
duckduckgo-0.008-10.fc28 Command line tool to use the DuckDuckGo API linux/noarch
dumb-devel-0.9.3-26.fc28 Development libraries and headers for dumb linux/ppc64
dvblinkremote-devel-0.2.0-0.13.beta.fc28 Development files for dvblinkremote linux/ppc64
dx-devel-4.4.4-45.fc29 OpenDX module development headers and libraries linux/ppc64
dynamite-devel-0.1.1-17.fc28 Files needed for software development with dynamite linux/ppc64
dyninst-9.3.2-11.fc29 An API for Run-time Code Generation linux/ppc64
e00compr-devel-1.0.1-17.fc28 Development files for e00compr linux/ppc64
e16-epplets-devel-0.15-4.fc28 Development tools for epplets linux/ppc64
e2fsprogs-devel-1.44.2-0.fc29 Ext2/3/4 file system specific libraries and headers linux/ppc64
e2fsprogs-libs-1.44.2-0.fc29 Ext2/3/4 file system specific shared libraries linux/ppc64
e2fsprogs-static-1.44.2-0.fc29 Ext2/3/4 file system specific static libraries linux/ppc64
eb-devel-4.4.3-10.fc28 Development files for eb linux/ppc64
ebtree-devel-6.0.8-9.fc28 Development files for ebtree linux/ppc64
echolib-1.3.2-1.fc24 EchoLink communications library linux/ppc64
echolib-devel-1.3.2-1.fc24 Development files for the EchoLink communications library linux/ppc64
echolib-doc-1.3.2-1.fc24 Documentation files for the EchoLink communications library linux/ppc64
echoping-devel-6.1-0.7.beta.r434svn.fc28 Development files for echoping linux/ppc64
edac-utils-devel-0.16-18.fc28 Development files for edac-utils linux/ppc64
egl-utils-8.3.0-10.fc29 EGL utilities linux/ppc64
eigen3-devel-3.3.4-6.fc29 A lightweight C++ template library for vector and matrix math linux/noarch
eigen3-doc-3.3.4-6.fc29 Developer documentation for Eigen linux/noarch
emacs-htmlize-el-1.34-15.fc28 Emacs Lisp source files for emacs-htmlize linux/noarch
emacs-pymacs-0.25-8.fc25 Emacs and Python integration framework linux/noarch
emacs-pymacs-el-0.25-8.fc25 Elisp source files for pymacs under GNU Emacs linux/noarch
emacs-vregs-mode-1.470-15.fc28 Elisp source files for systemc-vregs under GNU Emacs linux/noarch
emerald-devel-0.8.14-6.fc28 Development files for emerald linux/ppc64
enca-devel-1.19-1.fc29 Header files and libraries for enca charset analyzer linux/ppc64
enchant-devel-1.6.0-20.fc28 Support files necessary to compile applications with libenchant. linux/ppc64
eom-devel-1.20.1-1.fc29 Support for developing plugins for the eom image viewer linux/ppc64New
epylog-perl-1.0.7-20.fc29 Perl module for writing external Epylog modules linux/noarch
eris-1.3.23-12.fc28 Client-side session layer for Atlas-C++ linux/ppc64
eris-devel-1.3.23-12.fc28 Development files for Eris linux/ppc64
erlang-amf-0-0.18.20110224gitb36dfb6.fc28 Erlang Action Message Format Library linux/ppc64
erlang-cowlib-2.2.0-2.fc29 Support library for manipulating Web protocols linux/ppc64
erlang-cuttlefish-2.0.11-5.fc29 A library for dealing with sysctl-like configuration syntax linux/noarchNew
erlang-eper-0.97.3-6.fc29 Erlang Performance and Debugging Tools linux/ppc64
erlang-epgsql-3.2.0-5.fc28 Erlang PostgreSQL client library linux/ppc64
erlang-erlsyslog-0.8.0-5.fc28 Syslog facility for Erlang linux/ppc64
erlang-erlydtl-0.11.1-6.fc28 Erlang implementation of the Django Template Language linux/ppc64
erlang-esdl-1.3.1-16.fc28 Erlang OpenGL/SDL API and utilities linux/ppc64
erlang-gen_leader-1.0-14.fc28 A leader election behavior modeled after gen_server linux/ppc64
erlang-getopt-1.0.1-2.fc28 Erlang module to parse command line arguments using the GNU getopt syntax linux/ppc64
erlang-gproc-0.7.0-3.fc29 Extended process registry for Erlang linux/ppc64
erlang-js-1.4.0-6.fc28 A Friendly Erlang to Javascript Binding linux/ppc64
erlang-log4erl-0.9.0-17.fc28 A logger for erlang in the spirit of Log4J linux/ppc64
erlang-meck-0.8.8-4.fc29 A mocking library for Erlang linux/ppc64
erlang-misultin-0.9-13.fc28 Erlang library for building fast lightweight HTTP(S) servers linux/ppc64
erlang-mochiweb-2.17.0-2.fc28 An Erlang library for building lightweight HTTP servers linux/ppc64
erlang-protobuffs-0.9.0-5.fc28 A set of Protocol Buffers tools and modules for Erlang applications linux/ppc64
erlang-rpm-macros-0.2.9-1.fc29 Macros for simplifying building of Erlang packages linux/noarch
erlang-triq-1.1-4.fc28 A property-based testing library for Erlang linux/ppc64
erlang-xmlrpc-1.14-5.fc28 HTTP 1.1 compliant XML-RPC library for Erlang linux/ppc64
esound-devel-0.2.41-19.fc28 Development files for EsounD applications linux/ppc64
esound-libs-0.2.41-19.fc28 Library to talk to the EsounD daemon linux/ppc64
espeak-devel-1.48.04-13.fc28 Development files for espeak linux/ppc64
eventlog-devel-0.2.13-13.fc29 Syslog-ng v2/v3 support library development files linux/ppc64
eventlog-static-0.2.13-13.fc29 Syslog-ng v2/v3 support static library files linux/ppc64
evolution-data-server-devel-3.29.3-1.fc29 Development files for building against evolution-data-server linux/ppc64New
evolution-data-server-doc-3.29.3-1.fc29 Documentation files for evolution-data-server linux/noarchNew
evolution-data-server-tests-3.29.3-1.fc29 Tests for the evolution-data-server package linux/ppc64New
evolution-devel-3.29.3-1.fc29 Development files for building against evolution linux/ppc64New
evolution-devel-docs-3.29.3-1.fc29 Developer documentation for Evolution linux/noarchNew
evolution-tests-3.29.3-1.fc29 Tests for the evolution package linux/ppc64New
exempi-devel-2.4.5-1.fc29 Headers for developing programs that will use exempi linux/ppc64
exo-devel-0.12.1-1.fc29 Development tools for exo library linux/ppc64New
expatpp-0-13.20121019gitd8c1bf8.fc28 C++ layer for expat linux/ppc64
expatpp-devel-0-13.20121019gitd8c1bf8.fc28 Headers and development libraries for expatpp linux/ppc64
f2fs-tools-devel-1.10.0-1.fc28 Development files for f2fs-tools linux/ppc64
fann-devel-2.2.0-14.fc28 Development libraries for FANN linux/ppc64
farstream02-devel-0.2.8-1.fc29 Development files for farstream02 linux/ppc64
fawkes-core-1.0.1-17.fc29 Fawkes base system linux/ppc64
fawkes-devel-1.0.1-17.fc29 Development files for Fawkes linux/ppc64
fawkes-devenv-1.0.1-17.fc29 Development environment Fawkes linux/ppc64
fawkes-firevision-1.0.1-17.fc29 Computer vision sub-system linux/ppc64
fawkes-firevision-tools-1.0.1-17.fc29 Computer vision sub-system tools linux/ppc64
fb303-0.10.0-11.fc29 Basic interface for Thrift services linux/ppc64
fb303-devel-0.10.0-11.fc29 Development files for fb303 linux/ppc64
fb303-java-0.10.0-11.fc29 Java bindings for fb303 linux/noarch
fcgi-devel-2.4.0-33.fc28 Development files for fcgi linux/ppc64
fcitx-devel- Development files for Fcitx linux/ppc64
fcitx-qt5-devel-1.2.3-1.fc29 Development files for fcitx-qt5 linux/ppc64New
felix-main-5.4.0-5.fc28 Apache Felix Main linux/noarch
felix-osgi-foundation-1.2.0-23.fc28 Felix OSGi Foundation EE Bundle linux/noarch
felix-shell-1.4.3-11.fc28 Apache Felix Shell Service linux/noarch
festival-devel-1.96-37.fc28 Development files for the Festival speech synthesis system linux/ppc64
festival-speechtools-devel-1.2.96-37.fc28 Development files for Edinburgh Speech Tools libraries linux/ppc64
fftw-devel-3.3.8-1.fc29 Headers, libraries and docs for the FFTW library linux/ppc64New
fftw-libs-double-3.3.8-1.fc29 FFTW library, double precision linux/ppc64New
fftw-libs-long-3.3.8-1.fc29 FFTW library, long double precision linux/ppc64New
fftw-libs-single-3.3.8-1.fc29 FFTW library, single precision linux/ppc64New
fftw-mpich-devel-3.3.8-1.fc29 Headers, libraries and docs for the FFTW MPICH library linux/ppc64New
fftw-mpich-libs-double-3.3.8-1.fc29 FFTW MPICH library, double precision linux/ppc64New
fftw-mpich-libs-long-3.3.8-1.fc29 FFTW MPICH library, long double precision linux/ppc64New
fftw-mpich-libs-single-3.3.8-1.fc29 FFTW MPICH library, single precision linux/ppc64New
fftw-mpich-static-3.3.8-1.fc29 Static versions of the FFTW MPICH libraries linux/ppc64New
fftw-openmpi-devel-3.3.8-1.fc29 Headers, libraries and docs for the FFTW OpenMPI library linux/ppc64New
fftw-openmpi-libs-double-3.3.8-1.fc29 FFTW OpenMPI library, double precision linux/ppc64New
fftw-openmpi-libs-long-3.3.8-1.fc29 FFTW OpenMPI library, long double precision linux/ppc64New
fftw-openmpi-libs-single-3.3.8-1.fc29 FFTW OpenMPI library, single precision linux/ppc64New
fftw-openmpi-static-3.3.8-1.fc29 Static versions of the FFTW OpenMPI libraries linux/ppc64New
fftw-static-3.3.8-1.fc29 Static versions of the FFTW libraries linux/ppc64New
fftw2-devel-2.1.5-34.fc28 Headers, libraries and docs for the FFTW library (version 2) linux/ppc64
fftw2-static-2.1.5-34.fc28 Static version of the FFTW library (version 2) linux/ppc64
filedrop-1.1-7.fc28 Drag-and-drop support for Java linux/noarch
flac-devel-1.3.2-7.fc29 Development libraries and header files from FLAC linux/ppc64
flann-devel-1.8.4-16.fc28 Development headers and libraries for flann linux/ppc64
flann-static-1.8.4-16.fc28 Static libraries for flann linux/ppc64
flexdock-1.2.4-7.fc28 Docking framework for Java Swing GUI apps linux/noarch
florist-devel-2017-1.fc28 Development files for Florist linux/ppc64
flow-tools-devel- Development files for flow-tools linux/ppc64
flowcanvas-0.7.1-28.fc28 Interactive widget for "boxes and lines" environments linux/ppc64
flowcanvas-devel-0.7.1-28.fc28 Development libraries and headers for flowcanvas linux/ppc64
fluidsynth-devel-1.1.11-1.fc29 Real-time software synthesizer development files linux/ppc64
fmt-ptrn-devel-1.3.22-12.fc28 Files needed to develop applications using fmt-ptrn's libraries linux/ppc64
fontconfig-devel-2.13.0-6.fc29 Font configuration and customization library linux/ppc64New
fpdns-0.10.0-20131129.1.fc28 Fingerprint DNS servers linux/noarch
fprintd-devel-0.8.1-1.fc29 Development files for fprintd linux/noarchNew
freeDiameter-devel-1.2.0-13.fc28 Library for freeDiameter package linux/ppc64
freealut-devel-1.1.0-25.fc28 Development files for freealut linux/ppc64
freeglut-devel-3.0.0-8.fc29 Freeglut developmental libraries and header files linux/ppc64
freeradius-client-devel-1.1.7-16.fc28 Development files for freeradius-client linux/ppc64
freetds-devel-1.00.38-5.fc28 Header files and development libraries for freetds linux/ppc64
freetype-devel-2.9.1-1.fc29 FreeType development libraries and header files linux/ppc64
freewrl-devel-3.0.0-7.20170729git4f920cb.fc29 Development files for FreeWRL linux/ppc64
frepple-devel-3.1-7.fc27 The libraries and header files needed for frePPLe development linux/ppc64
ftgl-devel-2.1.3-0.18.rc5.fc28 Development files for ftgl linux/ppc64
ftplib-devel-4.0-7.fc28 Development files for ftplib linux/ppc64
fuse-devel-2.9.7-13.fc29 File System in Userspace (FUSE) v2 devel files linux/ppc64
fuse3-devel-3.2.3-13.fc29 File System in Userspace (FUSE) v3 devel files linux/ppc64
fwknop-devel-2.6.9-6.fc28 The fwknop library, header and API docs linux/ppc64
g2clib-devel-1.6.0-4.fc29 Development files for g2clib linux/ppc64
gamin-0.1.10-30.fc28 Library providing the FAM File Alteration Monitor API linux/ppc64
gamin-devel-0.1.10-30.fc28 Libraries, includes, etc. to embed the Gamin library linux/ppc64
gammu-devel-1.39.0-2.fc28 Development files for gammu linux/ppc64
garcon-devel-0.6.1-4.fc28 Development files for garcon linux/ppc64
gavl-devel-1.4.0-12.fc28 Development files for gavl linux/ppc64
gbrainy-devel-2.3.5-1.fc29 Files needed for developing with gbrainy linux/ppc64
gconfmm26-devel-2.28.3-15.fc28 Headers for developing programs that will use gconfmm linux/ppc64
gd-devel-2.2.5-3.fc29 The development libraries and header files for gd linux/ppc64
gdal-devel-2.2.4-3.fc29 Development files for the GDAL file format library linux/ppc64
gdal-java-2.2.4-3.fc29 Java modules for the GDAL file format library linux/ppc64
gdal-perl-2.2.4-3.fc29 Perl modules for the GDAL file format library linux/ppc64
gdal-python3-2.2.4-3.fc29 Python modules for the GDAL file format library linux/ppc64
gdata-sharp-devel- Development files for gdata-sharp linux/ppc64
gdb-heap-0.5-32.fc29 Extensions to gdb for debugging dynamic memory allocation linux/ppc64
gdm-pam-extensions-devel-3.28.2-1.fc29 Macros for developing GDM extensions to PAM linux/ppc64
gds2pov-devel-0.20080229-17.fc28 Development files for the GDS2POV linux/ppc64
gearbox-10.11-17.fc28 A collection of usable peer-reviewed robotics-related libraries linux/ppc64
gearbox-devel-10.11-17.fc28 Header files and libraries for gearbox linux/ppc64
gecode-devel-5.1.0-2.fc28 Development files for gecode linux/ppc64
gela-asis-0.3.3-2.fc29 Implementation of ASIS linux/ppc64
gela-asis-devel-0.3.3-2.fc29 Devel package for gela-asis linux/ppc64
generatorrunner-devel-0.6.16-15.fc28 Development files for generatorrunner linux/ppc64
geos-devel-3.6.1-8.fc29 Development files for GEOS linux/ppc64
gerbv-devel-2.6.2-1.fc29 Header files, libraries and development documentation for gerbv linux/ppc64
gerrymander-1.5-10.fc28 The gerrit client tools linux/noarch
getdata-0.10.0-7.fc29 Library for reading and writing dirfile data linux/ppc64
getdata-bzip2-0.10.0-7.fc29 Enables getdata read ability of bzip2 compressed dirfiles linux/ppc64
getdata-devel-0.10.0-7.fc29 Headers required when building programs against getdata linux/ppc64
getdata-fortran-0.10.0-7.fc29 getdata bindings for fortran linux/ppc64
getdata-gzip-0.10.0-7.fc29 Enables getdata read ability of gzip compressed dirfiles linux/ppc64
getdata-lzma-0.10.0-7.fc29 Enables getdata read ability of lzma compressed dirfiles linux/ppc64
getdns-devel-1.4.2-1.fc29 Development package that includes the header files linux/ppc64
gettext-commons-0.9.6-14.fc24 Java internationalization (i18n) library linux/noarch
gflags-devel-2.1.2-7.fc29 Development files for gflags linux/ppc64
ggobi-devel-2.1.7-19.fc28 Open source visualization for exploring high-dimensional data linux/ppc64
ggz-gtk-client-0.99.5-18.fc28 Gtk+ client libraries for GGZ gaming zone linux/ppc64
ggz-gtk-client-devel-0.99.5-18.fc28 Development files for ggz-gtk-client linux/ppc64
giblib-devel-1.2.4-28.fc28 Static library and header files for giblib linux/ppc64
gilmsg-0.1.2-7.fc29 A reliability layer on top of fedmsg linux/noarch
gio-sharp-0.3-19.fc28 C# bindings for gio linux/ppc64
gio-sharp-devel-0.3-19.fc28 Development files for gio-sharp linux/ppc64
gkeyfile-sharp-0.1-24.fc28 C# bindings for glib2's keyfile implementation linux/ppc64
gkeyfile-sharp-devel-0.1-24.fc28 Development files for gkeyfile-sharp linux/ppc64
glabels-devel-3.4.0-9.fc28 Development files and documentation for glabels linux/ppc64
glabels-doc-3.4.0-9.fc28 Runtime documentation for glabels linux/ppc64
glabels-libs-3.4.0-9.fc28 Development files and documentation for glabels linux/ppc64
glabels-templates-3.4.0-9.fc28 The glabels template database linux/ppc64
glew-devel-2.0.0-6.fc28 Development files for glew linux/ppc64
glm-devel- C++ mathematics library for graphics programming linux/noarch
glog-devel-0.3.5-3.fc28 Development files for glog linux/ppc64
glue-validator-1.0.2-15.fc29 A validation framework for Grid information providers linux/noarch
gluegen2-2.3.2-8.fc28 Java/JNI glue code generator to call out to ANSI C linux/ppc64
gluegen2-devel-2.3.2-8.fc28 GlueGen2 devel utilities required to build JOGL2 linux/noarch
glui-2.36-13.fc28 A GLUT-Based User Interface Library linux/ppc64
glui-devel-2.36-13.fc28 Development files for glui linux/ppc64
glx-utils-8.3.0-10.fc29 GLX utilities linux/ppc64
glyph-keeper-SDL-devel-0.32-23.fc28 Development files for glyph-keeper-SDL linux/ppc64
glyph-keeper-allegro-devel-0.32-23.fc28 Development files for glyph-keeper-allegro linux/ppc64
gmp-devel-6.1.2-7.fc28 Development tools for the GNU MP arbitrary precision library linux/ppc64
gmp-static-6.1.2-7.fc28 Development tools for the GNU MP arbitrary precision library linux/ppc64
gmpc-devel-11.8.16-18.fc28 Development files for gmpc linux/ppc64
gmpy-1.17-12.fc29 A Python interface to the GNU Multiple Precision Arithmetic Library linux/ppc64
gnat-srpm-macros-4-5.fc28 RPM macros needed when source packages that need GNAT are built linux/noarch
gnatcoll-devel-2017-13.fc29 Devel package for gnatcoll linux/ppc64
gnet2-devel-2.0.8-17.fc28 Headers and libraries for building apps that use gnet2 linux/ppc64
gnokii-devel-0.6.31-23.fc28 Gnokii development files linux/ppc64
gnome-desktop-devel-2.32.0-21.fc28 Libraries and headers for libgnome-desktop linux/ppc64
gnome-desktop-sharp-devel-2.26.0-33.fc28 Developing files for gnome-Desktop-sharp linux/ppc64
gnome-do-devel-0.95.3-11.fc28 Development files for GNOME Do linux/ppc64
gnome-guitar-devel-0.8.1-26.fc28 Development files for gnome-guitar linux/ppc64
gnome-icon-theme-devel-3.12.0-9.fc29 Development files for gnome-icon-theme linux/noarch
gnome-js-common-0.1.2-16.fc28 Common modules for GNOME JavaScript interpreters linux/noarch
gnome-js-common-devel-0.1.2-16.fc28 Development files for gnome-js-common linux/noarch
gnome-keyring-sharp-devel-1.0.1-0.26.133722svn.fc28 Development files for gnome-keyring-sharp linux/ppc64
gnome-menus-devel-3.13.3-9.fc28 Libraries and include files for the GNOME menu system linux/ppc64
gnome-sharp-devel-2.24.2-18.fc29 Files needed for developing with gnome-sharp linux/ppc64
gnome-vfs2-devel-2.24.4-26.fc28 Libraries and include files for developing GNOME VFS applications linux/ppc64
gnu-getopt-1.0.14-13.fc28 Java getopt implementation linux/noarch
gnudos-devel-1.10-5.fc28 Development files for the GnuDOS library linux/ppc64
gnustep-base-1.25.0-8.fc29 GNUstep Base library package linux/ppc64
gnustep-base-devel-1.25.0-8.fc29 Header of the GNUstep Base library packes linux/ppc64
gnustep-base-doc-1.25.0-8.fc29 Documentation for gnustep-base linux/ppc64
gnustep-base-libs-1.25.0-8.fc29 GNUStep Base Libraries linux/ppc64
gnutls-devel-3.6.2-4.fc29 Development files for the gnutls package linux/ppc64New
gnutls-guile-3.6.2-4.fc29 Guile bindings for the GNUTLS library linux/ppc64New
go-srpm-macros-2-17.fc29 RPM macros for building Golang packages for various architectures linux/noarch
goffice08-devel-0.8.17-19.fc28 Libraries and include files for goffice linux/ppc64
goocanvas-devel-1.0.0-15.fc28 A new canvas widget for GTK+ that uses cairo for drawing linux/ppc64
goocanvasmm-devel-0.15.4-19.fc28 Headers for developing programs that will use goocanvasmm linux/ppc64
goocanvasmm2-devel-1.90.11-6.fc28 Development files for goocanvasmm2 linux/ppc64
gperftools-devel-2.7-1.fc29 Development libraries and headers for gperftools linux/ppc64
gpm-devel-1.20.7-15.fc29 Development files for the gpm library linux/ppc64
gpm-static-1.20.7-15.fc29 Static development files for the gpm library linux/ppc64
gpsd-devel-3.17-3.fc28 Development files for the gpsd library linux/ppc64
gpsim-devel-0.30.0-3.fc28 Libraries and files headers for gpsim linux/ppc64
graphite2-devel-1.3.10-5.fc28 Files for developing with graphite2 linux/ppc64
gretl-devel-2018a-1.fc29 Development files for gretl linux/ppc64
groonga-devel-8.0.2-1.fc29 Libraries and header files for Groonga linux/ppc64
groonga-normalizer-mysql-devel-1.1.1-4.fc28 Development files for groonga-normalizer-mysql linux/ppc64
gsf-sharp-devel-0.8.1-27.fc26 pkgconfig file for gsf-sharp linux/ppc64
gsl-devel-2.4-3.fc27 Libraries and the header files for GSL development linux/ppc64
gsm-devel-1.0.18-1.fc29 Header files and development libraries for libgsm linux/ppc64
gssntlmssp-devel-0.7.0-6.fc28 Development header for GSSAPI NTLMSSP linux/ppc64
gst-editing-services-1.14.1-1.fc29 Gstreamer editing services linux/ppc64
gst-editing-services-devel-1.14.1-1.fc29 Development files for gst-editing-services linux/ppc64
gstream-devel-1.6-18.fc28 Development files for gstream linux/ppc64
gstreamer-devel-0.10.36-18.fc27 Libraries/include files for GStreamer streaming media framework linux/ppc64
gstreamer-devel-docs-0.10.36-18.fc27 Developer documentation for GStreamer streaming media framework linux/noarch
gstreamer-plugins-bad-free-devel-0.10.23-45.fc28 Development files for the GStreamer media framework "bad" plug-ins linux/ppc64
gstreamer-plugins-bad-free-devel-docs-0.10.23-45.fc28 Development documentation for the GStreamer "bad" plug-ins linux/ppc64
gstreamer-plugins-base-devel-0.10.36-18.fc27 GStreamer Base Plugins Development files linux/ppc64
gstreamer-plugins-base-devel-docs-0.10.36-18.fc27 Developer documentation for GStreamer Base plugins library linux/noarch
gstreamer-plugins-good-devel-docs-0.10.31-20.fc27 Documentation for gstreamer-plugins-good linux/noarch
gstreamer-python-devel-0.10.22-18.fc29 Headers for developing programs that will use gstreamer-python linux/ppc64
gstreamer-rtsp-devel-0.10.8-19.fc29 Development files for gstreamer-rtsp linux/ppc64
gstreamer1-rtsp-server-devel-1.14.1-1.fc29 Development files for gstreamer1-rtsp-server linux/ppc64
gstreamermm-devel-1.10.0-2.fc28 Headers for developing programs that will use %{package_name} linux/ppc64
gtk+extra-devel-2.1.2-23.fc29 A library of gtk+ widgets linux/ppc64
gtk-sharp-beans-2.14.0-22.fc28 C# bindings for GTK+ API not included in GTK# linux/ppc64
gtk-sharp-beans-devel-2.14.0-22.fc28 Development files for gtk-sharp-beans linux/ppc64
gtk-sharp2-devel-2.12.45-4.fc28 Files needed for developing with gtk-sharp2 linux/ppc64
gtk-sharp3-devel-2.99.3-21.fc28 Files needed for developing with gtk-sharp3 linux/ppc64
gtk2-devel-2.24.32-2.fc28 Development files for GTK+ linux/ppc64
gtk2-devel-docs-2.24.32-2.fc28 Developer documentation for GTK+ linux/ppc64
gtk2-engines-devel-2.20.2-16.fc28 Development files for gtk2-engines linux/ppc64
gtkdatabox-devel- Development files for gtkdatabox linux/ppc64
gtkglextmm-devel-1.2.0-28.fc28 Development tools for gtkglextmm linux/ppc64
gtkhtml3-devel-4.10.0-7.fc28 Development files for gtkhtml3 linux/ppc64
gtkimageview-devel-1.6.4-18.fc28 Development files for gtkimageview linux/ppc64
gtkmathview-devel-0.8.0-19.fc23 Support files necessary to compile applications using gtkmathview linux/ppc64
gtkpod-devel-2.1.5-8.fc28 Development files for the gtkpod linux/ppc64
gtksourceview2-devel-2.11.2-26.fc28 Files to compile applications that use gtksourceview2 linux/ppc64
gtksourceviewmm-devel-2.10.3-14.fc28 Development files for gtksourceviewmm linux/ppc64
gtksourceviewmm3-devel-3.18.0-6.fc28 Development files for gtksourceviewmm3 linux/ppc64
gtkspell-devel-2.0.16-15.fc28 Development files for GtkSpell linux/ppc64
gtranslator-devel-2.91.7-13.fc29 Development files for gtranslator linux/ppc64New
gudev-sharp-0.1-23.fc28 C# bindings for gudev linux/ppc64
gudev-sharp-devel-0.1-23.fc28 Development files for gudev-sharp linux/ppc64
guessencoding-1.4-15.fc28 Guess encoding of files and return configured reader linux/noarch
guichan-0.8.2-17.fc28 Portable C++ GUI library for games using Allegro, SDL and OpenGL linux/ppc64
guichan-devel-0.8.2-17.fc28 Header and libraries for guichan development linux/ppc64
guile-cairo-1.4.0-21.fc28 The Cairo graphics library for Guile Scheme linux/ppc64
guile-cairo-devel-1.4.0-21.fc28 Libraries and header files for guile-cairo linux/ppc64
guile-devel-2.0.14-7.fc29 Libraries and header files for the GUILE extensibility library linux/ppc64
gxw-glade-0.36.1-4.fc29 Guitarix GTK library glade support linux/ppc64
hackrf-2018.01.1-1.fc29 HackRF Utilities linux/ppc64
hackrf-devel-2018.01.1-1.fc29 Development files for hackrf linux/ppc64
hackrf-doc-2018.01.1-1.fc29 Supplemental documentation for HackRF linux/noarch
hackrf-static-2018.01.1-1.fc29 Static libraries for libhackrf linux/ppc64
hail-devel-0.8-0.16.gf9c5b967.fc22 Development files for hail linux/ppc64
haveged-devel-1.9.1-9.fc29 Headers and shared development libraries for HAVEGE algorithm linux/ppc64
hawknl-devel-1.68-19.fc28 Development files for hawknl linux/ppc64
hct-0.7.60-21.fc28 A HDL complexity tool linux/noarch
hdf-devel-4.2.13-9.fc29 HDF development files linux/ppc64
hdf5-devel-1.8.20-3.fc29 HDF5 development files linux/ppc64
hdf5-mpich-1.8.20-3.fc29 HDF5 mpich libraries linux/ppc64
hdf5-mpich-devel-1.8.20-3.fc29 HDF5 mpich development files linux/ppc64
hdf5-mpich-static-1.8.20-3.fc29 HDF5 mpich static libraries linux/ppc64
hdf5-openmpi-1.8.20-3.fc29 HDF5 openmpi libraries linux/ppc64
hdf5-openmpi-devel-1.8.20-3.fc29 HDF5 openmpi development files linux/ppc64
hdf5-openmpi-static-1.8.20-3.fc29 HDF5 openmpi static libraries linux/ppc64
hdf5-static-1.8.20-3.fc29 HDF5 static libraries linux/ppc64
hexchat-devel-2.14.1-2.fc29 Development files for hexchat linux/ppc64
hfsutils-devel-3.2.6-34.fc28 A C library for reading and writing Macintosh HFS volumes linux/ppc64
hidapi-0.8.0-0.7.d17db57.fc28 Library for communicating with USB and Bluetooth HID devices linux/ppc64
hidapi-devel-0.8.0-0.7.d17db57.fc28 Development files for hidapi linux/ppc64
hippo-canvas-devel-0.3.0-26.fc28 Development files for hippo-canvas linux/ppc64
hmmer-devel-3.1b2-9.fc28 Library and header files to include hmmer code in other apps linux/ppc64
holland-commvault-1.0.14-5.fc29 Holland plugin for Commvault linux/noarch
holland-mysqldump-1.0.14-5.fc29 Logical mysqldump backup plugin for Holland linux/noarch
holland-mysqllvm-1.0.14-5.fc29 Holland LVM snapshot backup plugin for MySQL linux/noarch
holland-pgdump-1.0.14-5.fc29 Holland Backup Provider for PostgreSQL linux/noarch
holland-xtrabackup-1.0.14-5.fc29 Holland plugin for Percona XtraBackup linux/noarch
htmlcxx-0.86-7.fc29 A simple non-validating CSS1 and HTML parser for C++ linux/ppc64
htmlcxx-devel-0.86-7.fc29 Headers and Static Library for htmlcxx linux/ppc64
httpd-devel-2.4.33-6.fc29 Development interfaces for the Apache HTTP Server linux/ppc64New
hunspell-devel-1.6.2-2.fc29 Files for developing with hunspell linux/ppc64
hyena-0.5-18.fc28 A library of GUI and non-GUI C sharp code linux/ppc64
hyena-devel-0.5-18.fc28 Development files for hyena linux/ppc64
hyperestraier-devel-1.4.13-32.fc29 Libraries and Header files for Hyper Estraier linux/ppc64
hyphen-devel-2.8.8-9.fc28 Files for developing with hyphen linux/ppc64
iaxclient-devel-2.1-0.30.beta3.fc28 Development files for iaxclient linux/ppc64
iaxclient-libiax-devel-2.1-0.30.beta3.fc28 IAX library development files linux/ppc64
ibus-anthy-devel-1.5.10-3.fc29 Development tools for IBus linux/ppc64
ibus-devel-1.5.18-5.fc29 Development tools for ibus linux/ppc64
ibus-devel-docs-1.5.18-5.fc29 Developer documents for IBus linux/noarch
ibus-handwrite-ja-3.0.0-8.fc28 Japanese handwrite input method linux/ppc64
ibus-handwrite-zh_CN-3.0.0-8.fc28 Simplified Chinese handwrite input method linux/ppc64
ibus-qt-devel-1.3.3-18.fc29 Development tools for ibus qt linux/ppc64
ibus-qt-docs-1.3.3-18.fc29 Development documents for ibus qt linux/ppc64
ibus-table-devel-1.9.20-1.fc29 Development files for ibus-table linux/noarch
id3lib-devel-3.8.3-42.fc28 Development tools for the id3lib library linux/ppc64
iec16022-devel-0.2.4-20.fc28 ISO/IEC 16022 development files linux/ppc64
ignition-math-3.2.0-2.fc28 Small, Fast, High Performance Math Library linux/ppc64
ignition-math-devel-3.2.0-2.fc28 Development files and libraries for ignition-math linux/ppc64
ignition-math-doc-3.2.0-2.fc28 Development documentation for ignition-math linux/noarch
ignition-transport-3.0.1-9.fc28 A fast and efficient message passing system linux/ppc64
ignition-transport-devel-3.0.1-9.fc28 Development files and libraries for ignition-transport linux/ppc64
ignition-transport-doc-3.0.1-9.fc28 Development documentation for ignition-transport linux/noarch
igor-0.4.1-11.fc28 Automated distribution life-cycle testing (daemon) linux/noarch
igor-client-0.4.1-11.fc28 Client to communicate with an Igor daemon linux/noarch
igor-common-0.4.1-11.fc28 Files shared between Igor daemon and client linux/noarch
igor-slave-0.4.1-11.fc28 Slave which executes the steps on the target host linux/noarch
igor-slave-systemd-0.4.1-11.fc28 systemd service to start the slave on the target host linux/noarch
igor-systemd-0.4.1-11.fc28 Files to run igor under systemd linux/noarch
iguanaIR-devel-1.1.0-24.fc28 Library and header files for iguanaIR linux/ppc64
iksemel-devel-1.5-0.1.git978b733.fc26 Development files for iksemel linux/ppc64
ilbc-1.1.1-13.fc28 Internet Low Bitrate Codec linux/ppc64
ilbc-devel-1.1.1-13.fc28 development files for ilbc linux/ppc64
imlib2-devel-1.4.9-6.fc28 Development package for imlib2 linux/ppc64
impressjs-0.5.3-8.20130412gitgedff5a0.fc28 Javascript presentation framework linux/noarch
imsettings-devel-1.7.3-3.fc28 Development files for imsettings linux/ppc64
imsettings-libs-1.7.3-3.fc28 Libraries for imsettings linux/ppc64
ini4j-0.5.1-18.fc28 Java API for handling files in Windows .ini format linux/noarch
iniparser-devel-4.0-5.20160821git.fc28 Header files, libraries and development documentation for iniparser linux/ppc64
inn-devel-2.6.1-11.fc29 The INN (InterNetNews) library linux/ppc64
inotify-tools-devel-3.14-14.fc28 Headers and libraries for building apps that use libinotifytools linux/ppc64
input-pad-devel- Development tools for input-pad linux/ppc64
ipe-devel-7.2.7-6.fc28 Development files and documentation for designing Ipelets linux/ppc64
iperf3-devel-3.5-1.fc29 Development files for iperf3 linux/ppc64
ipmiutil-devel-3.1.1-1.fc29 Includes libraries and headers for the ipmiutil package linux/ppc64
ipmiutil-static-3.1.1-1.fc29 Includes static libraries for the ipmiutil package linux/ppc64
iproute-devel-4.17.0-1.fc29 iproute development files linux/ppc64New
irrXML-devel-1.8.4-7.fc29 Development headers and libraries for irrXML linux/ppc64
irrlicht-devel-1.8.4-7.fc29 Development headers and libraries for irrlicht linux/ppc64
irssi-devel-1.1.1-1.fc28 Development package for irssi linux/ppc64
iscsi-initiator-utils-devel- Development files for iscsi-initiator-utils linux/ppc64
isdn4k-utils-devel-3.27-11.fc29 Header files for capi development linux/ppc64
isdn4k-utils-static-3.27-11.fc29 Static library for capi development linux/ppc64
isl-devel-0.16.1-6.fc28 Development for building integer point manipulation library linux/ppc64
isns-utils-devel-0.97-6.fc28 Development files for iSNS linux/ppc64
isns-utils-libs-0.97-6.fc28 Shared library files for iSNS linux/ppc64
itcl-4.0.3-8.fc28 Object oriented extensions to Tcl and Tk linux/ppc64
itcl-devel-4.0.3-8.fc28 Development headers and libraries for linking against itcl linux/ppc64
itext-2.1.7-39.fc28 A Free Java-PDF library linux/noarch
itext-core-2.1.7-39.fc28 The core iText Java-PDF library linux/noarch
itext-rtf-2.1.7-39.fc28 Library to output Rich Text Files linux/noarch
itk-4.0.1-7.fc28 Object oriented extensions to Tk linux/ppc64
itk-devel-4.0.1-7.fc28 Development headers and libraries for linking against itk linux/ppc64
itzam-core-devel-2.1.1-16.fc28 Development files for itzam-core linux/ppc64
ivykis-devel-0.42.3-1.fc29 Development files for the ivykis package linux/ppc64
iwidgets-4.0.2-22.fc28 A set of useful widgets based on itcl and itk linux/noarch
jack-audio-connection-kit-devel-1.9.12-4.fc28 Header files for Jack linux/ppc64
jansi-native-1.7-5.fc28 Jansi Native implements the JNI Libraries used by the Jansi project linux/ppc64
jansi-native-javadoc-1.7-5.fc28 Javadocs for jansi-native linux/noarch
jansson-devel-2.11-1.fc29 Header files for jansson linux/ppc64
java-atk-wrapper-0.33.2-7.fc29 Java ATK Wrapper linux/ppc64
java-dirq-1.8-4.fc28 Directory based queue linux/noarch
java-sleep-2.1-14.fc28 Multi-paradigm scripting language for Java linux/noarch
javassist-3.18.1-8.fc28 The Java Programming Assistant provides simple Java bytecode manipulation linux/noarch
javatar-2.5-19.fc28 Java tar archive io package linux/noarch
javolution-5.5.1-0.12.fc28 Java Solution for Real-Time and Embedded Systems linux/noarch
javolution-javadoc-5.5.1-0.12.fc28 Javadoc for javolution linux/noarch
jaxws-jboss-httpserver-httpspi-1.0.1-13.fc28 JBoss httpserver to JAXWS 2.2 HTTP SPI bridge linux/noarch
jbig2dec-devel-0.14-2.fc28 Static library and header files for development with jbig2dec linux/ppc64
jboss-httpserver-1.0.0-14.fc28 JBoss httpserver linux/noarch
jboss-jaxb-intros-1.0.2-10.fc24 JBoss JAXB Intros linux/noarch
jboss-web-native-2.0.10-9.fc24 JBoss Web Native linux/ppc64
jboss-web-native-devel-2.0.10-9.fc24 JBoss Web Native development files linux/ppc64
jcodings-1.0.9-13.fc28 Java-based codings helper classes for Joni and JRuby linux/noarch
jday-devel-2.4-18.fc28 Development files for jday linux/ppc64
jemalloc-devel-5.1.0-1.fc29 Development files for jemalloc linux/ppc64
jemmy- Java UI testing library linux/noarch
jetty-assembly-descriptors-1.0-16.fc28 Jetty assembly descriptors used for building linux/noarch
jeuclid-3.1.3-23.fc26 MathML rendering solution linux/noarch
jfreechart-1.0.19-9.fc28 Java chart library linux/noarch
jfreechart-swt-1.0.19-9.fc28 Swt extension for jfreechart linux/noarch
jgoodies-forms-1.8.0-7.fc28 Framework to lay out and implement elegant Swing panels in Java linux/noarch
jgoodies-looks-2.6.0-7.fc28 Free high-fidelity Windows and multi-platform appearance linux/noarch
jgraphx- Java Graph Drawing Component linux/noarch
jhighlight-1.0.1-8.fc28 An embeddable pure Java syntax highlighting library linux/noarch
jilter-1.2-14.fc28 Sendmail milter protocol for Java linux/noarch
jimtcl-devel-0.77-5.fc28 Development files for jimtcl linux/ppc64
jlatexmath-1.0.3-7.fc28 Java API to display mathematical formulas written in LaTeX linux/noarch
jlatexmath-fop-1.0.3-7.fc28 FOP plug-in for jlatexmath linux/noarch
jline1-1.0-16.fc28 Java library for reading and editing user input in console applications linux/noarch
jogl2-2.3.2-7.fc29 Java bindings for the OpenGL API linux/ppc64
joni-2.1.3-7.fc28 Java port of Oniguruma regexp library linux/noarch
jpcap-0.7-22.fc28 A Java library for capturing and sending network packets linux/ppc64
jpgalleg-devel-4.4.2-20.fc29 Development files for jpgalleg linux/ppc64
jra-1.0-0.14.alpha4.fc28 Java REST Annotations linux/noarch
jrosetta-1.0.4-14.fc26 A common base to build a graphical console linux/noarch
jrtplib-devel-3.7.1-22.fc28 Development files for JRTPLIB linux/ppc64
js-devel-1.8.5-31.fc29 Header files, libraries and development documentation for js linux/ppc64
jsch-0.1.54-6.fc28 Pure Java implementation of SSH2 linux/noarch
jsch-javadoc-0.1.54-6.fc28 Javadoc for jsch linux/noarch
json-devel-2.0.2-5.fc28 Development files for json linux/ppc64
jspc-2.0-0.22.alpha.3.fc28 Compile JSPs under Maven linux/noarch
jthread-devel-1.2.1-21.fc28 Development files for JThread linux/ppc64
judy-fk-devel-1.0.6-10.fc28 Development files for Judy SL fixed-key linux/ppc64
jutils-1.0.1-13.20110719svn.fc24 Common utilities for the Java Gaming Interface linux/noarch
jvnet-parent-4-10.fc28 parent POM file linux/noarch
kakasi-devel-2.3.6-10.fc28 Files for development of applications which will use KAKASI linux/ppc64
kakasi-libs-2.3.6-10.fc28 Libraries for KAKASI linux/ppc64
kbibtex-devel-0.7-2.fc29 Development files for KBibTeX linux/ppc64
kde-plasma-publictransport-devel-0.10-0.20.20111204git.fc28 Development files for kde-plasma-publictransport linux/ppc64
kdebase3-devel-3.5.10-47.fc28 Development files for kdebase3 linux/ppc64
kdegames3-devel-3.5.10-28.fc28 Development files for kdegames3 linux/ppc64
kdelibs3-devel-3.5.10-94.fc28 Header files and documentation for compiling KDE 3 applications. linux/ppc64
kdepim3-devel-3.5.10-23.fc28 Development files for kdepim3 linux/ppc64
kdewebdev-devel-3.5.10-33.fc28 Header files and documentation for kdewebdev linux/ppc64
kdnssd-avahi-devel-0.1.3-0.28.20080116svn.fc28 Development files for kdnssd-avahi linux/ppc64
key-mon-1.16-10.fc29 A screen cast utility that displays your keyboard and mouse status linux/noarch
keybinder-0.3.1-10.fc29 A library for registering global keyboard shortcuts linux/ppc64
keybinder-devel-0.3.1-10.fc29 Development files for keybinder linux/ppc64
keybinder3-0.3.2-4.fc28 A library for registering global keyboard shortcuts linux/ppc64
keybinder3-devel-0.3.2-4.fc28 Development files for keybinder3 linux/ppc64
kf5-modemmanager-qt-devel-5.47.0-2.fc29 Development files for kf5-modemmanager-qt linux/ppc64New
kgraphviewer-devel-2.4.2-1.fc28 Graphviz dot graph file viewer development files linux/ppc64
kgraphviewer-libs-2.4.2-1.fc28 Graphviz dot graph file viewer library linux/ppc64
kitutuki-devel-0.9.6-19.fc29 Development files for kitutuki linux/ppc64
kmid2-devel-2.4.0-16.fc28 Development files for kmid2 linux/ppc64
kmod-devel-25-2.fc28 Header files for kmod development linux/ppc64
krazy2-2.97-0.14.20140114git35d9080f1870d.fc28 Krazy is a tool for checking code against the KDE coding guidelines linux/ppc64
krb5-devel-1.16.1-7.fc29 Development files needed to compile Kerberos 5 programs linux/ppc64New
ktoblzcheck-devel-1.44-10.fc28 Ktoblzcheck developer files linux/ppc64
kyotocabinet-devel-1.2.76-17.fc29 Development files for Kyoto Cabinet linux/ppc64
ladspa-devel-1.13-20.fc28 Linux Audio Developer's Simple Plug-in API linux/ppc64
lame-devel-3.100-3.fc28 Development files for lame linux/ppc64
lapack-devel-3.8.0-8.fc29 LAPACK development libraries linux/ppc64
lapack-static-3.8.0-8.fc29 LAPACK static libraries linux/ppc64
lapack64-devel-3.8.0-8.fc29 LAPACK development libraries (64bit INTEGER) linux/ppc64
lapack64-static-3.8.0-8.fc29 LAPACK static libraries (64bit INTEGER) linux/ppc64
lash-devel-0.5.4-34.fc29 Development files for LASH linux/ppc64
lasi-1.1.2-10.fc28 C++ library for creating Postscript documents linux/ppc64
lasi-devel-1.1.2-10.fc28 Development headers and libraries for lasi linux/ppc64
lasso-devel-2.5.1-13.fc29 Lasso development headers and documentation linux/ppc64
lasso-java-2.5.1-13.fc29 Liberty Alliance Single Sign On (lasso) Java bindings linux/ppc64
lastfmlib-devel-0.4.0-16.fc27 Development files for lastfmlib linux/ppc64
launchy-devel-2.5-27.fc28 Development files for launchy linux/ppc64
lcgdm-devel-1.10.0-6.fc29 LCG Data Management common development files linux/ppc64
lcmaps-common-devel-1.6.5-8.fc28 LCMAPS plug-in API header files linux/ppc64
lcmaps-devel-1.6.5-8.fc28 LCMAPS plug-in API header files linux/ppc64
lcmaps-without-gsi-devel-1.6.5-8.fc28 LCMAPS development libraries linux/ppc64
lcms-devel-1.19-23.fc28 Development files for LittleCMS linux/ppc64
ldns-devel-1.7.0-16.fc29 Development package that includes the ldns header files linux/ppc64
ldns-doc-1.7.0-16.fc29 Documentation for the ldns library linux/noarch
levmar-devel-2.5-17.fc28 Development files for levmar library, and demo program linux/ppc64
lfc-devel-1.10.0-6.fc29 LFC development libraries and header files linux/ppc64
lib3ds-devel-1.3.0-26.fc28 3D Studio file format library linux/ppc64
lib765-devel-0.4.2-14.fc28 Development files for lib765 linux/ppc64
libAfterImage-devel-1.20-18.fc28 Files needed for software development with libAfterImage linux/ppc64
libEAI-devel-3.0.0-7.20170729git4f920cb.fc29 Development files for libEAI linux/ppc64
libFS-devel-1.0.7-7.fc28 X.Org X11 libFS development package linux/ppc64
libHX-devel-3.22-8.fc28 Development files for libHX linux/ppc64
libICE-devel-1.0.9-12.fc28 X.Org X11 ICE development package linux/ppc64
libIDL-devel-0.8.14-15.fc28 Development libraries and header files for libIDL linux/ppc64
libNX_X11-devel- Development files for the Core NX protocol library linux/ppc64
libQGLViewer-devel-2.6.3-5.fc27 Development files for libQGLViewer linux/ppc64
libQGLViewer-qt5-2.6.3-5.fc27 Qt5 version of libQGLViewer linux/ppc64
libQGLViewer-qt5-devel-2.6.3-5.fc27 Development files for libQGLViewer using Qt5 linux/ppc64
libRmath-3.5.0-4.fc29 Standalone math library from the R project linux/ppc64
libRmath-devel-3.5.0-4.fc29 Headers from the R Standalone math library linux/ppc64
libRmath-static-3.5.0-4.fc29 Static R Standalone math library linux/ppc64
libSM-devel-1.2.2-8.fc28 X.Org X11 SM development package linux/ppc64
libX11-devel-1.6.5-7.fc29 Development files for libX11 linux/ppc64
libXNVCtrl-devel-352.21-8.fc29 Development files for libXNVCtrl linux/ppc64
libXScrnSaver-devel-1.2.2-14.fc28 X.Org X11 libXScrnSaver development package linux/ppc64
libXau-devel-1.0.8-11.fc28 Development files for libXau linux/ppc64
libXaw-devel-1.0.13-8.fc28 Development files for libXaw linux/ppc64
libXcomp-devel- Development files for the NX differential compression library linux/ppc64
libXcomposite-devel-0.4.4-12.fc28 Development files for libXcomposite linux/ppc64
libXcompshad-devel- Development files for the NX session shadowing library linux/ppc64
libXcursor-devel-1.1.15-1.fc29 Development files for libXcursor linux/ppc64
libXdamage-devel-1.1.4-12.fc28 Development files for libXdamage linux/ppc64
libXdmcp-devel-1.1.2-9.fc28 Development files for libXdmcp linux/ppc64
libXext-devel-1.3.3-8.fc28 X.Org X11 libXext development package linux/ppc64
libXfixes-devel-5.0.3-5.fc28 Development files for libXfixes linux/ppc64
libXfont-devel-1.5.4-1.fc29 X.Org X11 libXfont development package linux/ppc64
libXfont2-devel-2.0.3-1.fc29 X.Org X11 libXfont2 development package linux/ppc64
libXft-devel-2.3.2-8.fc28 X.Org X11 libXft development package linux/ppc64
libXi-devel-1.7.9-6.fc28 X.Org X11 libXi development package linux/ppc64
libXinerama-devel-1.1.3-10.fc28 X.Org X11 libXinerama development package linux/ppc64
libXmu-devel-1.1.2-8.fc28 X.Org X11 libXmu development package linux/ppc64
libXp-devel-1.0.2-10.fc28 X.Org X11 libXp development package linux/ppc64
libXpm-devel-3.5.12-5.fc28 X.Org X11 libXpm development package linux/ppc64
libXrandr-devel-1.5.1-5.fc28 X.Org X11 libXrandr development package linux/ppc64
libXrender-devel-0.9.10-5.fc28 X.Org X11 libXrender development package linux/ppc64
libXres-devel-1.2.0-2.fc28 Development files for libXres linux/ppc64
libXt-devel-1.1.5-7.fc28 X.Org X11 libXt development package linux/ppc64
libXtst-devel-1.2.3-5.fc28 X.Org X11 libXtst development package linux/ppc64
libXv-devel-1.0.11-5.fc28 X.Org X11 libXv development package linux/ppc64
libXvMC-devel-1.0.10-5.fc28 X.Org X11 libXvMC development package linux/ppc64
libXxf86dga-devel-1.1.4-10.fc28 X.Org X11 libXxf86dga development package linux/ppc64
libXxf86misc-devel-1.0.3-15.fc28 X.Org X11 libXxf86misc development package linux/ppc64
libXxf86vm-devel-1.1.4-7.fc28 X.Org X11 libXxf86vm development package linux/ppc64
libabiword-devel-3.0.2-13.fc29 Files for developing with libabiword linux/ppc64
libacl-devel-2.2.52-21.fc29 Files needed for building programs with libacl linux/ppc64
libannodex-devel-0.7.3-27.fc28 Files needed for development using libannodex linux/ppc64
libao-devel-1.2.0-11.fc29 Development files for libao linux/ppc64
libappindicator-devel-12.10.0-20.fc29 Development files for libappindicator linux/ppc64
libappindicator-gtk3-devel-12.10.0-20.fc29 Development files for libappindicator-gtk3 linux/ppc64
libappindicator-sharp-devel-12.10.0-20.fc29 Development files for libappindicator-sharp linux/ppc64
libapreq2-devel-2.13-31.fc28 Development files for libapreq2 linux/ppc64
libapreq2-libs-2.13-31.fc28 Libraries for libapreq2 linux/ppc64
libargon2-devel-20161029-5.fc29 Development files for libargon2 linux/ppc64
libart_lgpl-devel-2.3.21-19.fc28 Libraries and headers for libart_lgpl linux/ppc64
libasan-static-8.1.1-1.fc29 The Address Sanitizer static library linux/ppc64
libasr-devel-1.0.2-7.fc28 Development files for libasr linux/ppc64
libast-devel-0.7.1-0.22.20080502cvs.fc28 Header files, libraries and development documentation for libast linux/ppc64
libasync-1.4.0-1.fc24 Svxlink async libs linux/ppc64
libasync-devel-1.4.0-1.fc24 Svxlink async development files linux/ppc64
libasync-doc-1.4.0-1.fc24 Svxlink async documentation files linux/ppc64
libasyncns-devel-0.8-14.fc28 Development Files for libasyncns Client Development linux/ppc64
libatasmart-devel-0.19-14.fc28 Development Files for libatasmart Client Development linux/ppc64
libatomic-static-8.1.1-1.fc29 The GNU Atomic static library linux/ppc64
libattr-devel-2.4.47-23.fc28 Files needed for building programs with libattr linux/ppc64
libax25-devel-1.0.5-6.fc28 Development files for libax25 linux/ppc64
libbabeltrace-1.5.5-1.fc29 Common Trace Format Babel Tower linux/ppc64
libbabeltrace-devel-1.5.5-1.fc29 Common Trace Format Babel Tower linux/ppc64
libbasicobjects-0.1.1-38.fc28 Basic object types for C linux/ppc64
libbasicobjects-devel-0.1.1-38.fc28 Development files for libbasicobjects linux/ppc64
libbind-devel-6.0-16.fc28 Header files for ISC's libbind linux/ppc64
libbinio-devel-1.4-27.fc28 Development files for libbinio linux/ppc64
libblkid-2.32-5.fc29 Block device ID library linux/ppc64
libblkid-devel-2.32-5.fc29 Block device ID library linux/ppc64
libbonobo-devel-2.32.1-14.fc28 Libraries and headers for libbonobo linux/ppc64
libbonoboui-devel-2.24.5-14.fc28 Libraries and headers for libbonoboui linux/ppc64
libbs2b-devel-3.1.0-20.fc28 Development files for libbs2b linux/ppc64
libbsr-devel-0.5-6.fc28 Barrier Synchronization Register development files linux/ppc64
libburn-devel-1.4.8-3.fc28 Development files for libburn linux/ppc64
libcaca-devel-0.99-0.36.beta19.fc28 Development files for libcaca, the library for Colour AsCii Art linux/ppc64
libcacard-2.5.3-4.fc28 CAC (Common Access Card) library linux/ppc64
libcacard-devel-2.5.3-4.fc28 Development files for libcacard linux/ppc64
libcacard-tools-2.5.3-4.fc28 CAC Emulation tools linux/ppc64
libcanberra-devel-0.30-16.fc28 Development Files for libcanberra Client Development linux/ppc64
libcap-devel-2.25-10.fc29 Development files for libcap linux/ppc64
libcap-ng-devel-0.7.9-1.fc28 Header files for libcap-ng library linux/ppc64
libcap-ng-python3-0.7.9-1.fc28 Python3 bindings for libcap-ng library linux/ppc64
libcap-ng-utils-0.7.9-1.fc28 Utilities for analyzing and setting file capabilities linux/ppc64
libcap-static-2.25-10.fc29 Static libraries for libcap development linux/ppc64
libccp4-devel-6.5.1-1.fc29 Header files and library for developing free CCP4 programs linux/ppc64New
libcdaudio-devel-0.99.12p2-27.fc28 Development files for libcdaudio linux/ppc64
libcddb-devel-1.3.2-27.fc28 Development files for libcddb linux/ppc64
libcdio-devel-2.0.0-2.fc28 Header files and libraries for libcdio linux/ppc64
libcdio-paranoia-devel-10.2+0.94+2-3.fc28 Header files and libraries for libcdio-paranoia linux/ppc64
libcgi-devel-1.0-24.fc28 Header files and libraries for LibCGI development linux/ppc64
libcgroup-0.41-17.fc29 Library to control and monitor control groups linux/ppc64
libcgroup-devel-0.41-17.fc29 Development libraries to develop applications that utilize control groups linux/ppc64
libchewing-devel-0.5.1-8.fc28 Development files for libchewing linux/ppc64
libchromaprint-devel-1.4.2-2.fc28 Headers for developing programs that will use chromaprint linux/ppc64
libclastfm-devel-0.5-0.12.20120314git968af0ab.fc28 Development files for libclastfm linux/ppc64
libclaw-devel-1.7.4-23.fc28 Development files for Claw library linux/ppc64
libcli-1.9.7-0.20160131gite60d4cc.fc28 A shared library for a Cisco-like cli linux/ppc64
libcli-devel-1.9.7-0.20160131gite60d4cc.fc28 Development files for libcli linux/ppc64
libcmml-devel-0.9.1-21.fc28 Files needed for development using libcmml linux/ppc64
libcmpiutil-devel-0.5.7-11.fc28 Libraries, includes, etc. to use the CMPI utility library linux/ppc64
libcollection-0.7.0-38.fc28 Collection data-type for C linux/ppc64
libcollection-devel-0.7.0-38.fc28 Development files for libcollection linux/ppc64
libcom_err-1.44.2-0.fc29 Common error description library linux/ppc64
libcom_err-devel-1.44.2-0.fc29 Common error description library linux/ppc64
libcommuni-devel-3.4.0-8.fc28 Cross-platform IRC client library written with Qt 4 (development files) linux/ppc64
libcompizconfig-devel-0.8.14-5.fc28 Development files for libcompizconfig linux/ppc64
libconcord-1.3-1.fc29 Library to talk to Logitech Harmony universal remote controls linux/ppc64New
libconcord-devel-1.3-1.fc29 Development libraries for libconcord linux/ppc64New
libconfig-devel-1.5-9.fc28 Development files for libconfig linux/ppc64
libconfuse-devel-3.2.1-2.fc28 Development files for libconfuse linux/ppc64
libcroco-devel-0.6.12-4.fc28 Libraries and include files for developing with libcroco linux/ppc64
libcryptui-devel-3.12.2-13.fc28 Header files required to develop with libcryptui linux/ppc64
libcrystalhd-devel-3.10.0-18.fc28 Development libs for libcrystalhd linux/ppc64
libcss-devel-0.7.0-2.fc28 Development files for libcss linux/ppc64
libcsv-3.0.3-9.fc28 Small, simple and fast CSV library linux/ppc64
libcsv-devel-3.0.3-9.fc28 Small, simple and fast CSV library - development package linux/ppc64
libcue-devel-2.1.0-6.fc28 Development files linux/ppc64
libcutl-devel-1.10.0-13.fc28 Development files for libcutl linux/ppc64
libdaemon-devel-0.14-15.fc28 Libraries and header files for libdaemon development linux/ppc64
libdap-3.18.3-4.fc27 The C++ DAP2 library from OPeNDAP linux/ppc64
libdap-devel-3.18.3-4.fc27 Development and header files from libdap linux/ppc64
libdar-devel-2.5.15-1.fc29 Development files for libdar linux/ppc64
libdb-devel-5.3.28-31.fc29 C development files for the Berkeley DB library linux/ppc64
libdb-devel-static-5.3.28-31.fc29 Berkeley DB static libraries linux/ppc64
libdb-java-5.3.28-31.fc29 Development files for using the Berkeley DB with Java linux/ppc64
libdb-java-devel-5.3.28-31.fc29 Development files for using the Berkeley DB with Java linux/ppc64
libdb-sql-5.3.28-31.fc29 Development files for using the Berkeley DB with sql linux/ppc64
libdb-sql-devel-5.3.28-31.fc29 Development files for using the Berkeley DB with sql linux/ppc64
libdb-tcl-5.3.28-31.fc29 Development files for using the Berkeley DB with tcl linux/ppc64
libdb-tcl-devel-5.3.28-31.fc29 Development files for using the Berkeley DB with tcl linux/ppc64
libdbi-0.9.0-11.fc29 Database Independent Abstraction Layer for C linux/ppc64
libdbi-dbd-mysql-0.9.0-11.fc29 MySQL plugin for libdbi linux/ppc64
libdbi-dbd-pgsql-0.9.0-11.fc29 PostgreSQL plugin for libdbi linux/ppc64
libdbi-dbd-sqlite-0.9.0-11.fc29 SQLite plugin for libdbi linux/ppc64
libdbi-devel-0.9.0-11.fc29 Development files for libdbi (Database Independent Abstraction Layer for C) linux/ppc64
libdbi-doc-0.9.0-11.fc29 Documentation for libdbi (Database Independent Abstraction Layer for C) linux/noarch
libdbi-drivers-0.9.0-11.fc29 Database-specific drivers for libdbi linux/ppc64
libdc1394-devel-2.2.2-10.fc28 Header files and libraries for libdc1394 linux/ppc64
libdeltacloud-devel-0.9-18.fc28 Header files for libdeltacloud library linux/ppc64
libdhash-0.5.0-38.fc28 Dynamic hash table linux/ppc64
libdhash-devel-0.5.0-38.fc28 Development files for libdhash linux/ppc64
libdkimpp-devel-1.0.10-4.fc28 Development files for libdkimpp linux/ppc64
libdmapsharing-2.9.37-5.fc28 A DMAP client and server library linux/ppc64
libdmapsharing-devel-2.9.37-5.fc28 Libraries/include files for libdmapsharing linux/ppc64
libdmapsharing-vala-2.9.37-5.fc28 Vala language bindings for libdmapsharing linux/ppc64
libdmapsharing4-devel-3.9.1-1.fc29 Libraries/include files for libdmapsharing linux/ppc64
libdmapsharing4-vala-3.9.1-1.fc29 Vala language bindings for libdmapsharing linux/ppc64
libdmmp-devel-0.7.7-1.fc29 device-mapper-multipath C API library headers linux/ppc64New
libdmtx-devel-0.7.5-1.fc29 Development files for libdmtx linux/ppc64
libdmx-devel-1.1.4-1.fc29 X.Org X11 DMX development files linux/ppc64
libdockapp-devel-0.6.2-16.fc28 Development files for libdockapp linux/ppc64
libdsk-devel-1.3.8-6.fc28 Development files for libdsk linux/ppc64
libdstr-devel-1.0-11.fc28 Development files for libdstr linux/ppc64
libdv-devel-1.0.0-27.fc28 Development package for libdv linux/ppc64
libdwarf-20180527-1.fc29 Library to access the DWARF Debugging file format linux/ppc64
libdwarf-devel-20180527-1.fc29 Library and header files of libdwarf linux/ppc64
libdwarf-static-20180527-1.fc29 Static libdwarf library linux/ppc64
libdwarves1-1.10-14.fc28 Debugging information processing library linux/ppc64
libdwarves1-devel-1.10-14.fc28 Debugging information library development files linux/ppc64
libdxflib-devel-3.17.0-6.fc29 Development files for libdxflib linux/ppc64
libeXosip2-devel-3.6.0-17.fc28 Development files for libeXosip2 linux/ppc64
libeasyfc-devel-0.14.0-1.fc29 Development files for libeasyfc linux/ppc64
libeasyfc-gobject-devel-0.14.0-1.fc29 Development files for libeasyfc-gobject linux/ppc64
libebml-devel-1.3.5-2.fc28 Development files for the Extensible Binary Meta Language library linux/ppc64
libecap-1.0.1-2.fc28 Squid interface for embedded adaptation modules linux/ppc64
libecap-devel-1.0.1-2.fc28 Libraries and header files for the libecap library linux/ppc64
libecb-devel-0.20161208-5.fc28 Compiler built-ins linux/ppc64
libedit-devel-3.1-23.20170329cvs.fc29 Development files for libedit linux/ppc64
libee-devel-0.4.1-13.fc28 Development files for libee linux/ppc64
libeio-devel-4.19-10.fc28 Development headers and libraries for libeio linux/ppc64
libeot-devel-0.01-9.fc28 Development files for libeot linux/ppc64
libepc-devel-0.4.0-14.fc28 Development files for libepc linux/ppc64
libesmtp-devel-1.0.6-14.fc28 Headers and development libraries for libESMTP linux/ppc64
libetpan-devel-1.8-2.fc28 Development package for libetpan linux/ppc64
libexif-devel-0.6.21-16.fc28 Files needed for libexif application development linux/ppc64
libexif-doc-0.6.21-16.fc28 The EXIF Library API documentation linux/ppc64
libexplain-devel-1.4-4.fc23 Development files for libexplain linux/ppc64
libextractor-devel-1.6-4.fc28 Development files for libextractor linux/ppc64
libexttextcat-devel-3.4.5-2.fc28 Development files for libexttextcat linux/ppc64
libfap-devel-1.5-6.fc28 Development files for libfap linux/ppc64
libfastjson-devel-0.99.8-2.fc28 Development files for libfastjson linux/ppc64
libfc14audiodecoder-devel-1.0.3-11.fc28 Files needed for developing with libfc14audiodecoder linux/ppc64
libfdisk-2.32-5.fc29 Partitioning library for fdisk-like programs. linux/ppc64
libfdisk-devel-2.32-5.fc29 Partitioning library for fdisk-like programs. linux/ppc64
libffado-devel-2.4.1-1.fc29 Free firewire audio driver library development headers linux/ppc64
libffi-devel-3.1-16.fc28 Development files for libffi linux/ppc64
libfishsound-devel-1.0.0-15.fc28 Development files for libfishsound linux/ppc64
libfli-1.7-22.fc28 Library for FLI CCD Camera & Filter Wheels linux/ppc64
libfli-devel-1.7-22.fc28 Libraries, includes, etc. used to develop an application with libfli linux/ppc64
libfm-devel- Development files for libfm linux/ppc64
libfm-devel-docs- Development documation for libfm linux/ppc64
libfm-gtk-devel- Development files for libfm-gtk linux/ppc64
libfm-gtk-devel-common- Common Development files for libfm-gtk linux/noarch
libfm-gtk2-devel- Development files for libfm-gtk2 linux/ppc64
libfontenc-devel-1.1.3-7.fc28 X.Org X11 libfontenc development package linux/ppc64
libfprint-devel-0.8.1-1.fc29 Development files for libfprint linux/ppc64New
libftdi-c++-1.3-11.fc28 Libftdi library C++ binding linux/ppc64
libftdi-c++-devel-1.3-11.fc28 Libftdi library C++ binding development headers and libraries linux/ppc64
libftdi-devel-1.3-11.fc28 Header files and static libraries for libftdi linux/ppc64
libgadu-devel-1.12.2-5.fc28 Libgadu development library linux/ppc64
libgaiagraphics-devel-0.5-13.fc28 Development files for libgaiagraphics linux/ppc64
libgcal-devel-0.9.6-17.fc28 Development files to use libgcal linux/ppc64
libgccjit-devel-8.1.1-1.fc29 Support for embedding GCC inside programs and libraries linux/ppc64
libgcroots-0.2.3-16.fc28 Roots acquisition library for Garbage Collector linux/ppc64
libgcroots-devel-0.2.3-16.fc28 Development files for libgcroots linux/ppc64
libgcrypt-devel-1.8.3-1.fc29 Development files for the libgcrypt package linux/ppc64New
libgda-ui-5.2.2-11.fc24 UI extensions for libgda linux/ppc64
libgdiplus-devel-5.6-1.fc29 Development files for libgdiplus linux/ppc64
libgdither-devel-0.6-16.fc29 Development files for libgdither linux/ppc64
libgearman-1.1.18-4.fc28 Development libraries for gearman linux/ppc64
libgearman-devel-1.1.18-4.fc28 Development headers for libgearman linux/ppc64
libgee06-devel-0.6.8-11.fc28 Development files for libgee06 linux/ppc64
libgenders-1.22-17.fc29 Genders libraries linux/ppc64
libgenders-devel-1.22-17.fc29 Genders development libraries linux/ppc64
libgendersplusplus-1.22-17.fc29 Genders libraries for C++ linux/ppc64
libgendersplusplus-devel-1.22-17.fc29 Genders development libraries linux/ppc64
libgeotiff-devel-1.4.0-12.fc28 Development library and header for the GeoTIFF file format library linux/ppc64
libgfortran-static-8.1.1-1.fc29 Static Fortran libraries linux/ppc64
libghemical-devel-3.0.0-8.fc28 Header files and static libraries from libghemical linux/ppc64
libglade2-devel-2.6.4-18.fc28 The files needed for libglade application development linux/ppc64
libglademm24-devel-2.6.7-19.fc28 Headers for developing programs that will use libglademm. linux/ppc64
libgle-devel-3.1.0-17.fc28 GLE includes and development libraries linux/ppc64
libglpng-devel-1.45-18.fc28 Development files for libglpng linux/ppc64
libgnome-devel-2.32.1-16.fc28 Libraries and headers for libgnome linux/ppc64
libgnomecanvas-devel-2.30.3-15.fc28 Libraries and headers for libgnomecanvas linux/ppc64
libgnomecanvasmm26-devel-2.26.0-20.fc28 Headers for developing programs that will use libgnomecanvasmm26. linux/ppc64
libgnomeui-devel-2.24.5-17.fc28 Libraries and headers for libgnome linux/ppc64
libgo-static-8.1.1-1.fc29 Static Go libraries linux/ppc64
libgovirt-0.3.4-7.fc28 A GObject library for interacting with oVirt REST API linux/ppc64
libgovirt-devel-0.3.4-7.fc28 Libraries, includes, etc. to compile with the libgovirt library linux/ppc64
libgpg-error-devel-1.31-1.fc29 Development files for the libgpg-error package linux/ppc64New
libgpod-devel-0.8.3-22.fc29 Development files for the libgpod library linux/ppc64
libgpr-2017-13.fc28 Ada library to handle GPRbuild project files linux/ppc64
libgpr-devel-2017-13.fc28 Devel package for gprbuild-libgpr linux/ppc64
libgringotts-devel-1.2.1-21.fc27 Development files for libgringotts linux/ppc64
libgsasl-devel-1.8.0-13.fc29 Development files for libgsasl linux/ppc64
libgsf-devel-1.14.43-1.fc29 Support files necessary to compile applications with libgsf linux/ppc64
libgstroke-devel-0.5.1-37.fc28 Development files for the libstroke library linux/ppc64
libgta-devel-1.0.7-7.fc28 Development Libraries for libgta linux/ppc64
libgtextutils-devel-0.7-20.fc28 Development files for libgtextutils linux/ppc64
libguess-devel-1.2-7.fc28 Files needed for developing with libguess linux/ppc64
libgxim-devel-0.5.0-13.fc28 Development files for libgxim linux/ppc64
libgxw-0.36.1-4.fc29 Guitarix GTK library linux/ppc64
libgxw-devel-0.36.1-4.fc29 Development files for libgxw linux/ppc64
libgxwmm-0.36.1-4.fc29 Guitarix GTK C++ library linux/ppc64
libgxwmm-devel-0.36.1-4.fc29 Development files for libgxwmm linux/ppc64
libhangul-devel-0.1.0-16.fc28 Development files for libhangul linux/ppc64
libhbaapi-devel-2.2.9-12.fc28 Development files for libhbaapi linux/ppc64
libhbalinux-devel-1.0.17-7.fc28 A file needed for libhbalinux application development linux/ppc64
libhid-devel-0.2.17-29.fc28 Development files for libhid linux/ppc64
libhocr-devel-0.10.17-30.fc28 Development files for libhocr linux/ppc64
libhubbub-devel-0.3.4-2.fc28 Development files for libhubbub linux/ppc64
libhugetlbfs-devel-2.20-6.fc28 Header files for libhugetlbfs linux/ppc64
libid3tag-devel-0.15.1b-28.fc29 Development files for libid3tag linux/ppc64
libident-devel-0.32-17.fc28 Development files for libident linux/ppc64
libidzebra-2.0.62-6.fc28 Zebra libraries linux/ppc64
libidzebra-devel-2.0.62-6.fc28 Zebra development libraries linux/ppc64
libidzebra-modules-2.0.62-6.fc28 Zebra modules linux/ppc64
libiec61883-devel-1.2.0-19.fc28 Development files for libiec61883 linux/ppc64
libieee1284-devel-0.2.11-27.fc28 Files for developing applications that use libieee1284 linux/ppc64
libifp-devel- Headers and libraries for developing with libifp linux/ppc64
libimobiledevice-devel-1.2.0-16.fc29 Development package for libimobiledevice linux/ppc64New
libindi-devel-1.7.2-1.fc29 Libraries, includes, etc. used to develop an application with libindi linux/ppc64
libindi-static-1.7.2-1.fc29 Static libraries, includes, etc. used to develop an application with libindi linux/ppc64
libindicator-devel-12.10.1-12.fc28 Development files for libindicator linux/ppc64
libindicator-gtk3-devel-12.10.1-12.fc28 Development files for libindicator-gtk3 linux/ppc64
libinfinity-devel-0.7.1-4.fc28 Development files for libinfinity linux/ppc64
libinfinity-gtk-devel-0.7.1-4.fc28 Development files for libinfinity-gtk linux/ppc64
libini_config-1.3.1-38.fc28 INI file parser for C linux/ppc64
libini_config-devel-1.3.1-38.fc28 Development files for libini_config linux/ppc64
libint-devel-1.2.1-5.fc28 Development headers and libraries for libint linux/ppc64
libint2-devel-2.1.0-7.fc28 Development headers and libraries for libint linux/ppc64
libint2-doc-2.1.0-7.fc28 Documentation for libint linux/noarch
libipa_hbac-1.16.1-9.fc29 FreeIPA HBAC Evaluator library linux/ppc64
libipa_hbac-devel-1.16.1-9.fc29 FreeIPA HBAC Evaluator library linux/ppc64
libiptcdata-1.0.4-20.fc28 IPTC tag library linux/ppc64
libiptcdata-devel-1.0.4-20.fc28 Headers and libraries for libiptcdata application development linux/ppc64
libircclient-1.8-11.fc28 C library to create IRC clients linux/ppc64
libircclient-devel-1.8-11.fc28 Development files for libircclient linux/ppc64
libirman-devel-0.5.2-7.fc28 Development files for libirman linux/ppc64
libisoburn-devel-1.4.8-2.fc28 Development files for libisoburn linux/ppc64
libisofs-devel-1.4.8-3.fc28 Development files for libisofs linux/ppc64
libitl-devel-0.7.0-15.fc28 Development files for libitl linux/ppc64
libitm-devel-8.1.1-1.fc29 The GNU Transactional Memory support linux/ppc64
libitm-static-8.1.1-1.fc29 The GNU Transactional Memory static library linux/ppc64
libjalali-0.4.1-15.fc28 A library providing Jalali calendar functions linux/ppc64
libjalali-devel-0.4.1-15.fc28 Development files for libjalali linux/ppc64
libjoedog-devel-0.1.2-9.fc28 Development files for libjoedog linux/ppc64
libkate-devel-0.4.1-13.fc29 Development files for libkate linux/ppc64
libkdtree++-devel-0.7.0-8.fc22 C++ template container implementation of kd-tree sorting linux/noarch
libkdtree++-examples-0.7.0-8.fc22 Examples for libkdtree++ linux/noarch
libkexif-devel-0.2.5-21.fc28 Development files for libkexif linux/ppc64
libkni3-devel-3.9.2-39.fc29 Development files for libkni3 linux/ppc64
libkni3-static-3.9.2-39.fc29 Static libraries for libkni3 linux/ppc64
libksba-devel-1.3.5-7.fc28 Development headers and libraries for libksba linux/ppc64
liblas-devel-1.8.0-22.fc29 libLAS development files linux/ppc64
liblas-tools-1.8.0-22.fc29 libLAS utility applications linux/ppc64
liblinebreak-2.1-13.fc28 A Unicode line-breaking library linux/ppc64
liblinebreak-devel-2.1-13.fc28 Development files for liblinebreak linux/ppc64
liblo-devel-0.28-8.fc29 Libraries, includes, etc to develop liblo applications linux/ppc64
liblockfile-devel-1.14-1.fc29 Development files for liblockfile linux/ppc64
liblogging-stdlog-devel-1.0.6-4.fc28 An easy to use logging library - stdlog development files linux/ppc64
liblouis-devel-2.6.2-15.fc28 Development files for liblouis linux/ppc64
liblouisutdml-devel-2.5.0-9.fc28 Development files for liblouisutdml linux/ppc64
liblqr-1-devel-0.4.2-10.fc28 LiquidRescale library development kit linux/ppc64
liblrdf-devel-0.5.0-15.fc29 Library for manipulating RDF files describing LADSPA plugins linux/ppc64
liblsan-static-8.1.1-1.fc29 The Leak Sanitizer static library linux/ppc64
libltc-devel-1.3.0-6.fc29 Development files for libltc linux/ppc64
liblzf-devel-3.6-15.fc28 Development files for liblzf linux/ppc64
libmad-devel-0.15.1b-24.fc28 MPEG audio decoder library development files linux/ppc64
libmalaga-7.12-24.fc29 Library files for malaga linux/ppc64
libmash-devel-0.2.0-24.fc28 Development files for libmash linux/ppc64
libmatchbox-1.9-22.fc28 Libraries for the Matchbox Desktop linux/ppc64
libmatheval-devel-1.1.11-9.fc28 Development files for libmatheval linux/ppc64
libmatroska-devel-1.4.8-2.fc28 Matroska container format library development files linux/ppc64
libmcrypt-devel-2.5.8-22.fc28 Development libraries and headers for libmcrypt linux/ppc64
libmediaart-tests-1.9.4-3.fc28 Tests for the libmediaart package linux/ppc64
libmetalink-devel-0.1.3-6.fc28 Files needed for developing with libmetalink linux/ppc64
libmicrohttpd-devel-0.9.59-2.fc28 Development files for libmicrohttpd linux/ppc64
libmimedir-devel-0.4-14.fc23 Development libraries and header files for libmimedir linux/ppc64
libmirage-devel-2.0.0-12.fc28 A CD-ROM image access library linux/ppc64
libmng-devel-2.0.3-7.fc28 Development files for the Multiple-image Network Graphics library linux/ppc64
libmnl-devel-1.0.4-6.fc28 Development files for libmnl linux/ppc64
libmnl-static-1.0.4-6.fc28 Static development files for libmnl linux/ppc64
libmodelfile-0.1.92-20.fc28 Library for accessing various model file formats linux/ppc64
libmodelfile-devel-0.1.92-20.fc28 Development files for libmodelfile linux/ppc64
libmount-2.32-5.fc29 Device mounting library linux/ppc64
libmount-devel-2.32-5.fc29 Device mounting library linux/ppc64
libmp4v2-devel-2.1.0-0.12.trunkREV507.fc28 Development files for the mp4v2 library linux/ppc64
libmpc-devel-1.1.0-1.fc29 Header and shared development libraries for MPC linux/ppc64
libmpd-devel-11.8.17-11.fc28 Header files for developing programs with libmpd linux/ppc64
libmpdclient-devel-2.13-2.fc28 Header files for developing programs with libmpdclient linux/ppc64
libmspack-devel-0.6-0.2.alpha.fc28 Development files for libmspack linux/ppc64
libmusicbrainz5-devel-5.1.0-10.fc28 Headers for developing programs that will use libmusicbrainz5 linux/ppc64
libnasl-devel-2.2.11-18.fc24 Nessus Attack Scripting Language header files linux/ppc64
libnatspec-devel-0.2.6-16.fc28 Development package of library for national and language-specific issues linux/ppc64
libndp-devel-1.7-1.fc29 Libraries and header files for libndp development linux/ppc64New
libnet-devel-1.1.6-15.fc28 Development files for the libnet library linux/ppc64
libnet10-devel-1.0.2a-31.fc28 Development files for the libnet library linux/ppc64
libnetdude-devel-0.11-16.fc27 Development files for libnetdude linux/ppc64
libnetfilter_conntrack-devel-1.0.6-5.fc28 Netfilter conntrack userspace library linux/ppc64
libnetfilter_cthelper-devel-1.0.0-13.fc28 Development files for libnetfilter_cthelper linux/ppc64
libnetfilter_cttimeout-devel-1.0.0-11.fc28 Timeout policy tuning for Netfilter/conntrack linux/ppc64
libnetfilter_log-devel-1.0.1-12.fc28 Netfilter logging userspace library linux/ppc64
libnetfilter_queue-devel-1.0.2-11.fc28 Netfilter queue userspace library linux/ppc64
libnfc-devel-1.7.1-10.fc28 Development libraries for libnfc linux/ppc64
libnfnetlink-devel-1.0.1-13.fc28 Netfilter netlink userspace library linux/ppc64
libnghttp2-1.32.0-1.fc29 A library implementing the HTTP/2 protocol linux/ppc64
libnghttp2-devel-1.32.0-1.fc29 Files needed for building applications with libnghttp2 linux/ppc64
libnice-devel-0.1.14-7.20180504git34d6044.fc29 Development files for libnice linux/ppc64
libnice-gstreamer1-0.1.14-7.20180504git34d6044.fc29 GStreamer plugin for libnice linux/ppc64
libnids-devel-1.24-16.fc28 Development files for libnids linux/ppc64
libnih-devel-1.0.2-17.fc28 Development files for libnih linux/ppc64
libnl3-3.4.0-3.fc28 Convenience library for kernel netlink sockets linux/ppc64
libnl3-cli-3.4.0-3.fc28 Command line interface utils for libnl3 linux/ppc64
libnl3-devel-3.4.0-3.fc28 Libraries and headers for using libnl3 linux/ppc64
libnma-1.8.12-4.fc29 Private libraries for NetworkManager GUI support linux/ppc64
libnma-devel-1.8.12-4.fc29 Private header files for NetworkManager GUI support linux/ppc64
libnotifymm-devel-0.7.0-11.fc28 Headers for developing programs that will use libnotifymm linux/ppc64
libnova-0.15.0-10.fc28 Libnova is a general purpose astronomy & astrodynamics library linux/ppc64
libnova-devel-0.15.0-10.fc28 Development files for libnova linux/ppc64
libnsl2-devel-1.2.0-1.fc28 Development files for libnsl linux/ppc64
libnumbertext-devel-1.0.2-3.fc29 Files for developing with libnumbertext linux/ppc64New
libnxml-devel-0.18.3-17.fc28 Development files for libnxml linux/ppc64
liboath-2.6.1-6.fc28 Library for OATH handling linux/ppc64
liboath-devel-2.6.1-6.fc28 Development files for liboath linux/ppc64
liboath-doc-2.6.1-6.fc28 Documentation files for liboath linux/noarch
liboauth-devel-1.0.3-9.fc28 Development files for liboauth linux/ppc64
libodb-boost-devel-2.4.0-17.fc28 Development files for libodb-boost linux/ppc64
libodb-devel-2.4.0-10.fc28 Development files for libodb linux/ppc64
libodb-mysql-devel-2.4.0-8.fc27 Development files for libodb-mysql linux/ppc64
libodb-pgsql-devel-2.4.0-9.fc28 Development files for libodb-pgsql linux/ppc64
libodb-qt-devel-2.4.0-9.fc28 Development files for libodb-qt linux/ppc64
libodb-sqlite-devel-2.4.0-9.fc28 Development files for libodb-sqlite linux/ppc64
libofx-devel-0.9.12-1.fc29 Development files needed for accessing OFX data linux/ppc64
libogg-devel-1.3.2-10.fc28 Files needed for development using libogg linux/ppc64
libogg-devel-docs-1.3.2-10.fc28 Documentation for developing Ogg applications linux/noarch
liboggz-devel-1.1.1-14.fc28 Files needed for development using liboggz linux/ppc64
liboglappth-devel-1.0.0-6.fc28 Libraries and header files from liboglappth linux/ppc64
liboil-devel-0.3.16-17.fc28 Development files and static library for liboil linux/ppc64
libomxil-bellagio-devel-0.9.3-15.fc27 Development files for libomxil-bellagio linux/ppc64
libomxil-bellagio-test-0.9.3-15.fc27 Test cases for libomxil-bellagio linux/ppc64
libopendaap-devel-0.4.0-20.fc28 Development files for libopendaap linux/ppc64
libopendkim-devel-2.11.0-0.6.fc28 Development files for libopendkim linux/ppc64
libopendmarc-devel-1.3.2-0.17.fc28 Development files for libopendmarc linux/ppc64
libopensync-devel-0.22-25.fc28 Development package for libopensync linux/ppc64
liboping-devel-1.10.0-3.fc27 Development files for liboping linux/ppc64
libopkele-devel-2.0.4-24.fc28 Header files and libraries for libopkele development linux/ppc64
libopm-devel-0.1-22.20050731cvs.fc28 Headers and development libraries for libopm linux/ppc64
liborigin-20080225-23.fc28 Library for reading OriginLab OPJ project files linux/ppc64
liborigin-devel-20080225-23.fc28 Header files, libraries and development documentation for liborigin linux/ppc64
libosinfo-1.1.0-2.fc28 A library for managing OS information for virtualization linux/ppc64
libosinfo-devel-1.1.0-2.fc28 Libraries, includes, etc. to compile with the libosinfo library linux/ppc64
libosinfo-vala-1.1.0-2.fc28 Vala bindings linux/ppc64
libosip2-devel-3.6.0-14.fc28 Development libraries for oSIP linux/ppc64
libotf-devel-0.9.13-11.fc28 Development files for libotf linux/ppc64
libotr-devel-4.1.1-5.fc28 Development library and include files for libotr linux/ppc64
libotr3-devel-3.2.1-16.fc28 Development library and include files for the old version of libotr linux/ppc64
libpagemap-devel-0.0.1-25.fc29 Development files for libpagemap linux/ppc64
libpano13-2.9.19-7.fc28 Library for manipulating panoramic images linux/ppc64
libpano13-devel-2.9.19-7.fc28 Development tools for programs which will use the libpano13 library linux/ppc64
libpar2-devel-0.2-28.fc28 Development files for libpar2 linux/ppc64
libparserutils-devel-0.2.3-5.fc28 Development files for libparserutils linux/ppc64
libpath_utils-0.2.1-38.fc28 Filesystem Path Utilities linux/ppc64
libpath_utils-devel-0.2.1-38.fc28 Development files for libpath_utils linux/ppc64
libpcap-1.8.1-10.fc29 A system-independent interface for user-level packet capture linux/ppc64New
libpcap-devel-1.8.1-10.fc29 Libraries and header files for the libpcap library linux/ppc64New
libpcapnav-devel-0.8-17.fc28 Development files for libpcapnav linux/ppc64
libpciaccess-devel-0.14-1.fc29 PCI access library development package linux/ppc64
libpfm-devel-4.10.1-1.fc29 Development library to encode performance events for perf_events based tools linux/ppc64New
libpfm-static-4.10.1-1.fc29 Static library to encode performance events for perf_events based tools linux/ppc64New
libphidget- Drivers and API for Phidget devices linux/ppc64
libphidget-devel- Development files for libphidget linux/ppc64
libphidget-java- Java bindings for libphidget linux/ppc64
libpipeline-1.5.0-3.fc28 A pipeline manipulation library linux/ppc64
libpipeline-devel-1.5.0-3.fc28 Header files and libraries for pipeline manipulation library linux/ppc64
libpng-devel-1.6.34-4.fc28 Development tools for programs to manipulate PNG image format files linux/ppc64
libpng-static-1.6.34-4.fc28 Static PNG image format file library linux/ppc64
libpng-tools-1.6.34-4.fc28 Tools for PNG image format file library linux/ppc64
libpolyxmass-devel-0.9.1-19.fc28 Files needed for software development with libpolyxmass linux/ppc64
libpri-devel-1.6.0-2.fc28 Development files for libpri linux/ppc64
libprojectM-devel-2.1.0-7.fc28 Development files for libprojectM linux/ppc64
libprojectM-qt-devel-2.1.0-7.fc28 Development files for libprojectM-qt linux/ppc64
libpskc-2.6.1-6.fc28 Library for PSKC handling linux/ppc64
libpskc-devel-2.6.1-6.fc28 Development files for libpskc linux/ppc64
libpskc-doc-2.6.1-6.fc28 Documentation files for libpskc linux/noarch
libpuzzle-devel-0.11-36.fc28 Development files for libpuzzle linux/ppc64
libpwiz-devel-3.0.10505-2.fc27 The libpwiz development-related files linux/ppc64
libpwquality-devel-1.4.0-7.fc29 Support for development of applications using the libpwquality library linux/ppc64
libqb-devel-1.0.3-4.fc29 Development files for libqb linux/ppc64
libqmi-1.20.0-3.fc29 Support library to use the Qualcomm MSM Interface (QMI) protocol linux/ppc64
libqmi-devel-1.20.0-3.fc29 Header files for adding QMI support to applications that use glib linux/ppc64
libqmi-utils-1.20.0-3.fc29 Utilities to use the QMI protocol from the command line linux/ppc64
libqxt-devel-0.6.2-15.fc28 Development files for libqxt linux/ppc64
librapi-devel-0.15.2-16.fc28 Development libraries and header files for librapi linux/ppc64
librasterlite-devel-1.1g-15.fc28 Development Libraries for librasterlite linux/ppc64
librasterlite2-devel-1.0.0-3.rc0.fc28.10 Development libraries and headers for librasterlite2 linux/ppc64
librasterlite2-tools-1.0.0-3.rc0.fc28.10 Tools for librasterlite2 linux/ppc64
librdkafka-0.11.4-1.fc29 The Apache Kafka C library linux/ppc64
librdkafka-devel-0.11.4-1.fc29 The Apache Kafka C library (Development Environment) linux/ppc64
libref_array-0.1.5-38.fc28 A refcounted array for C linux/ppc64
libref_array-devel-0.1.5-38.fc28 Development files for libref_array linux/ppc64
librelp-devel-1.2.15-1.fc29 Development files for the librelp package linux/ppc64
libresample-devel-0.1.3-28.fc28 Development files for libresample linux/ppc64
librfid-devel-0.2.0-16.fc28 Development files for librfid linux/ppc64
librichacl-devel-1.12-5.fc28 Files needed for building programs with librichacl linux/ppc64
librra-devel-0.14-19.fc28 Development libraries and header files for SynCE linux/ppc64
librsync-devel-1.0.0-7.fc28 Headers and development libraries for librsync linux/ppc64
librtas-devel-2.0.1-4.fc28 C header files for development with librtas linux/ppc64
librtfcomp-devel-1.1-24.fc28 Development files for librtfcomp linux/ppc64
librx-devel-1.5-31.fc28 POSIX regexp functions, developers library linux/ppc64
libs3-devel-4.0-0.4.20170206git208bcba.fc28 Development files for libs3 linux/ppc64
libsamplerate-devel-0.1.9-1.fc29 Development related files for libsamplerate linux/ppc64
libscs-devel-1.4.1-16.fc28.2 Development files for libscs linux/ppc64
libseccomp-devel-2.3.3-2.fc28 Development files used to build applications with libseccomp support linux/ppc64
libseccomp-static-2.3.3-2.fc28 Enhanced seccomp static library linux/ppc64
libservicelog-devel-1.1.18-2.fc28 Development files for libservicelog linux/ppc64
libsexy-devel-0.1.11-30.fc28 Development files for libsexy linux/ppc64
libsexymm-devel-0.1.9-25.fc28 Headers for developing programs that will use libsexymm linux/ppc64
libshout-devel-2.2.2-19.fc29 static libraries and header files for libshout development. linux/ppc64
libsidplayfp-devel-1.8.7-5.fc28 Development files for libsidplayfp linux/ppc64
libsidplayfp-devel-doc-1.8.7-5.fc28 API documentation for libsidplayfp linux/noarch
libsigc++-devel-1.2.7-24.fc28 Development tools for the typesafe signal framework for C++ linux/ppc64
libskk-devel-1.0.3-2.fc28 Development files for libskk linux/ppc64
libsmartcols-2.32-5.fc29 Formatting library for ls-like programs. linux/ppc64
libsmartcols-devel-2.32-5.fc29 Formatting library for ls-like programs. linux/ppc64
libsmi-devel-0.4.8-22.fc29 Development environment for libsmi library linux/ppc64
libsndfile-devel-1.0.28-8.fc29 Development files for libsndfile linux/ppc64
libsoc-devel-0.8.2-7.fc28 Development package for libsoc linux/ppc64
libspatialite-devel-4.3.0a-8.fc28 Development libraries and headers for SpatiaLite linux/ppc64
libspectrum-devel-1.4.3-2.fc29 Development files for libspectrum linux/ppc64New
libspf2-devel-1.2.10-17.20150405gitd57d79fd.fc28 Development tools needed to build programs that use libspf2 linux/ppc64
libspiro-devel-20150131-7.fc28 Development files for libspiro linux/ppc64
libspnav-0.2.3-7.fc28 Open source alternative to 3DConnextion drivers linux/ppc64
libspnav-devel-0.2.3-7.fc28 Development files for libspnav linux/ppc64
libsq3-20071018-23.fc28 A C++ Wrapper for the SQLite3 embeddable SQL database engine linux/ppc64
libsq3-devel-20071018-23.fc28 Development files for libsqlite3x linux/ppc64
libsqlite3x-devel-20071018-23.fc28 Development files for libsqlite3x linux/ppc64
libsrtp-devel-1.5.4-7.fc28 Development files for libsrtp linux/ppc64
libss-1.44.2-0.fc29 Command line interface parsing library linux/ppc64
libss-devel-1.44.2-0.fc29 Command line interface parsing library linux/ppc64
libss7-devel-1.0.2-14.fc28 Development files for libss7 linux/ppc64
libsss_autofs-1.16.1-9.fc29 A library to allow communication between Autofs and SSSD linux/ppc64
libsss_certmap-1.16.1-9.fc29 SSSD Certficate Mapping Library linux/ppc64
libsss_certmap-devel-1.16.1-9.fc29 SSSD Certficate Mapping Library linux/ppc64
libsss_idmap-1.16.1-9.fc29 FreeIPA Idmap library linux/ppc64
libsss_idmap-devel-1.16.1-9.fc29 FreeIPA Idmap library linux/ppc64
libsss_nss_idmap-1.16.1-9.fc29 Library for SID and certificate based lookups linux/ppc64
libsss_nss_idmap-devel-1.16.1-9.fc29 Library for SID and certificate based lookups linux/ppc64
libsss_simpleifp-1.16.1-9.fc29 The SSSD D-Bus responder helper library linux/ppc64
libsss_simpleifp-devel-1.16.1-9.fc29 The SSSD D-Bus responder helper library linux/ppc64
libsss_sudo-1.16.1-9.fc29 A library to allow communication between SUDO and SSSD linux/ppc64
libst2205-devel-1.4.3-15.fc28 Development files for libst2205 linux/ppc64
libst2205-tools-1.4.3-15.fc28 Tools for libst2205 linux/ppc64
libstdc++-devel-8.1.1-1.fc29 Header files and libraries for C++ development linux/ppc64
libstdc++-docs-8.1.1-1.fc29 Documentation for the GNU standard C++ library linux/ppc64
libstdc++-static-8.1.1-1.fc29 Static libraries for the GNU standard C++ library linux/ppc64
libstoragemgmt-devel-1.6.2-2.fc29 Development files for libstoragemgmt linux/ppc64New
libstroke-devel-0.5.1-37.fc28 Development files for the libstroke library linux/ppc64
libsurl-devel-0.7.2-12.fc28 Development files for libsurl linux/ppc64
libsvm-3.21-3.fc26 A Library for Support Vector Machines linux/ppc64
libsvm-devel-3.21-3.fc26 Header file, object file, and source files of libsvm in C, C++ and Java linux/ppc64
libsvm-java-3.21-3.fc26 Java tools and interfaces for libsvm linux/ppc64
libsvm-python-3.21-3.fc26 Python tools and interfaces for libsvm linux/ppc64
libsvm-svm-toy-gtk-3.21-3.fc26 GTK version of svm-toy (libsvm demonstration program) linux/ppc64
libsvm-svm-toy-qt-3.21-3.fc26 QT version of svm-toy (libsvm demonstration program) linux/ppc64
libsynce-devel-0.15.1-14.fc28 Development libraries and header files for SynCE linux/ppc64
libsysfs-devel-2.1.0-23.fc28 Static library and headers for libsysfs linux/ppc64
libtalloc-devel-2.1.13-1.fc29 Developer tools for the Talloc library linux/ppc64
libtasn1-devel-4.13-2.fc28 Files for development of applications which will use libtasn1 linux/ppc64
libtcd-devel-2.2.7-2.r2.fc28.5 Development files for libtcd linux/ppc64
libteam-devel-1.27-6.fc28 Libraries and header files for libteam development linux/ppc64
libtelnet-devel-0.21-13.fc28 Header files for libtelnet linux/ppc64
libthai-devel-0.1.27-2.fc28 Thai language support routines linux/ppc64
libthrift-java-0.10.0-11.fc29 Java support for thrift linux/noarch
libthrift-javadoc-0.10.0-11.fc29 API documentation for java-thrift linux/noarch
libticables2-1.3.5-5.fc28 Texas Instruments link cables library linux/ppc64
libticables2-devel-1.3.5-5.fc28 Development files for libticables2 linux/ppc64
libticalcs2-1.1.9-5.fc28 Texas Instruments calculator communication library linux/ppc64
libticalcs2-devel-1.1.9-5.fc28 Development files for libticalcs2 linux/ppc64
libticonv-1.1.5-5.fc28 Texas Instruments calculators charsets library linux/ppc64
libticonv-devel-1.1.5-5.fc28 Development files for libticonv linux/ppc64
libtidyp-devel-1.02-20.fc28 Development files for libtidyp linux/ppc64
libtiff-devel-4.0.9-10.fc29 Development tools for programs which will use the libtiff library linux/ppc64New
libtiff-static-4.0.9-10.fc29 Static TIFF image format file library linux/ppc64New
libtiff-tools-4.0.9-10.fc29 Command-line utility programs for manipulating TIFF files linux/ppc64New
libtifiles2-1.1.7-5.fc28 Texas Instruments calculator files library linux/ppc64
libtifiles2-devel-1.1.7-5.fc28 Development files for libtifiles2 linux/ppc64
libtiger-devel-0.3.4-15.fc28 Development files for libtiger linux/ppc64
libtimezonemap-devel- Development files for libtimezonemap linux/ppc64
libtirpc-devel-1.0.3-1.rc1.fc29 Development files for the libtirpc library linux/ppc64
libtnc-devel-1.25-18.fc28 Development headers and libraries for libtnc linux/ppc64
libtool-ltdl-devel-2.4.6-24.fc29 Tools needed for development using the GNU Libtool Dynamic Module Loader linux/ppc64
libtopology-devel-0.3-21.fc28 CPU Topology library development package linux/ppc64
libtopology-doc-0.3-21.fc28 CPU Topology library documentation package linux/noarch
libtorrent-devel-0.13.7-1.fc29 Libtorrent development environment linux/ppc64New
libtpms-0.5.2-11.fc28 Library providing Trusted Platform Module (TPM) functionality linux/ppc64
libtpms-devel-0.5.2-11.fc28 Include files for libtpms linux/ppc64
libtranslate-devel-0.99-104.fc28 Natural language translation library, static libs and headers linux/ppc64
libtrash-devel-3.3-10.fc28 Libraries to move files to a trash-folder on delete linux/ppc64
libtsan-static-8.1.1-1.fc29 The Thread Sanitizer static library linux/ppc64
libtwin-devel-0.0.3-17.fc28 Development files for libtwin linux/ppc64
libtwin-static-0.0.3-17.fc28 Static build files for libtwin linux/ppc64
libubsan-static-8.1.1-1.fc29 The Undefined Behavior Sanitizer static library linux/ppc64
libucil-devel-0.9.10-16.fc28 Development files for the ucil library linux/ppc64
libudisks2-devel-2.7.6-1.fc28 Development files for libudisks2 linux/ppc64
libunicap-devel-0.9.12-21.fc29 Development files for the unicap library linux/ppc64
libunicapgtk-devel-0.9.8-18.fc29 Development files for the unicapgtk library linux/ppc64
libuninum-2.7-21.fc28.1 Library for converting unicode strings to numbers linux/ppc64
libuninum-devel-2.7-21.fc28.1 Header files, libraries and development documentation for libuninum linux/ppc64
libunistring-devel-0.9.10-1.fc29 GNU Unicode string library - development files linux/ppc64
libusal-1.1.11-38.fc28 Library to communicate with SCSI devices linux/ppc64
libusal-devel-1.1.11-38.fc28 Development files for libusal linux/ppc64
libusb-devel-0.1.5-12.fc28 Development files for libusb linux/ppc64
libusbmuxd-devel-1.0.10-9.fc28 Development package for libusbmuxd linux/ppc64
libusbx-devel-1.0.21-6.fc28 Development files for libusbx linux/ppc64
libusbx-devel-doc-1.0.21-6.fc28 Development files for libusbx linux/noarch
libuser-devel-0.62-13.fc28 Files needed for developing applications which use libuser linux/ppc64
libuser-python3-0.62-13.fc28 Python 3 bindings for the libuser library linux/ppc64
libutempter-devel-1.1.6-14.fc29 Development environment for utempter linux/ppc64
libuuid-2.32-5.fc29 Universally unique ID library linux/ppc64
libuuid-devel-2.32-5.fc29 Universally unique ID library linux/ppc64
libvidcap-devel-0.2.1-19.fc28 Development files for libvidcap linux/ppc64
libvirt-cim-0.6.3-9.fc28 A CIM provider for libvirt linux/ppc64
libvirt-designer-devel-0.0.2-7.fc29 Libvirt configuration designer development headers linux/ppc64
libvirt-designer-devel-doc-0.0.2-7.fc29 Libvirt configuration designer development documentation linux/ppc64
libvirt-designer-libs-0.0.2-7.fc29 Libvirt configuration designer libraries linux/ppc64
libvirt-designer-vala-0.0.2-7.fc29 Libvirt designer vala language bindings linux/ppc64
libvirt-gconfig-1.0.0-6.fc29 libvirt object APIs for processing object configuration linux/ppc64
libvirt-gconfig-devel-1.0.0-6.fc29 libvirt object APIs for processing object configuration development files linux/ppc64
libvirt-glib-1.0.0-6.fc29 libvirt glib integration for events linux/ppc64
libvirt-glib-devel-1.0.0-6.fc29 libvirt glib integration for events development files linux/ppc64
libvirt-gobject-1.0.0-6.fc29 libvirt object APIs for managing virtualization hosts linux/ppc64
libvirt-gobject-devel-1.0.0-6.fc29 libvirt object APIs for managing virtualization hosts development files linux/ppc64
libvirt-java-0.4.9-12.fc29 Java bindings for the libvirt virtualization API linux/noarch
libvirt-java-devel-0.4.9-12.fc29 Compressed Java source files for libvirt-java linux/noarch
libvirt-sandbox-devel-0.8.0-1.fc29 libvirt application sandbox framework development files linux/ppc64New
libvirt-sandbox-libs-0.8.0-1.fc29 libvirt application sandbox framework libraries linux/ppc64New
libvisual-devel-0.4.0-24.fc28 Development files for libvisual linux/ppc64
libvoikko-devel-3.8-9.fc29 Development files for libvoikko linux/ppc64
libvorbis-devel-1.3.6-1.fc29 Development tools for Vorbis applications linux/ppc64
libvorbis-devel-docs-1.3.6-1.fc29 Documentation for developing Vorbis applications linux/noarch
libvpd-devel-2.2.5-8.fc29 Header files for libvpd linux/ppc64
libvpx-devel-1.7.0-5.fc28 Development files for libvpx linux/ppc64
libvtemm-devel-0.25.0-15.fc29 Headers for developing programs that will use libvtemm linux/ppc64
libwfut-0.2.3-14.fc29 Software updater tool for WorldForge applications linux/ppc64
libwfut-devel-0.2.3-14.fc29 Development files for libwfut library linux/ppc64
libwhirlpool-devel-1.0-6.fc29 Development files for libwhirlpool linux/ppc64
libwiimote-devel-0.4-22.fc28 Development files for libwiimote linux/ppc64
libwmf-devel- Support files necessary to compile applications with libwmf linux/ppc64
libwnck-devel-2.31.0-10.fc29 Libraries and headers for libwnck linux/ppc64
libwnck3-devel-3.24.1-2.fc29 Libraries and headers for libwnck linux/ppc64
libwvstreams-devel-4.6.1-25.fc29 Development files for WvStreams linux/ppc64
libwvstreams-static-4.6.1-25.fc29 Static libraries files for WvStreams linux/ppc64
libxc-devel-4.2.0-1.fc29 Development library and headers for libxc linux/ppc64
libxdg-basedir-devel-1.2.0-13.fc29 Development files for libxdg-basedir linux/ppc64
libxdo-devel-3.20150503.1-6.fc28 Development files for libxdo linux/ppc64
libxfce4ui-devel-4.12.1-10.fc29 Development files for libxfce4ui linux/ppc64
libxfce4util-devel-4.12.1-8.fc29 Developpment tools for libxfce4util library linux/ppc64
libxkbfile-devel-1.0.9-7.fc29 X.Org X11 libxkbfile development package linux/ppc64
libxklavier-5.4-10.fc29 High-level API for X Keyboard Extension linux/ppc64
libxklavier-devel-5.4-10.fc29 Development files for libxklavier linux/ppc64
libxml++-devel-2.40.1-6.fc29 Development files for libxml++ linux/ppc64
libxtide-devel-2.15.1-5.fc28 Development files for libxtide linux/ppc64
libyahoo2-devel-1.0.1-11.fc26 Headers and development files for libyahoo2 linux/ppc64
libyaml-devel-0.1.7-6.fc29 Development files for LibYAML applications linux/ppc64
libyubikey-1.13-6.fc29 C library for decrypting and parsing Yubikey One-time passwords linux/ppc64
libyubikey-devel-1.13-6.fc29 Development files for libyubikey linux/ppc64
libyuv-0-0.28.20121221svn522.fc27 YUV conversion and scaling functionality library linux/ppc64
libyuv-devel-0-0.28.20121221svn522.fc27 The development files for libyuv linux/ppc64
libzeitgeist-devel-0.3.18-14.fc29 Development files for libzeitgeist(ppc-64) linux/ppc64
libzen-devel-0.4.37-2.fc28 Include files and mandatory libraries for development linux/ppc64
libzwerg-0.3-5.fc28 Library for querying Dwarf (debuginfo) graphs linux/ppc64
libzwerg-devel-0.3-5.fc28 Headers and shared development libraries for libzwerg linux/ppc64
linbox-1.5.2-1.fc29 C++ Library for High-Performance Exact Linear Algebra linux/ppc64
linbox-devel-1.5.2-1.fc29 Development libraries/headers for linbox linux/ppc64
linux-atm-libs-devel-2.5.1-20.fc28 Development files for Linux ATM API library linux/ppc64
lirc-devel-0.10.0-8.fc29 Development files for LIRC linux/ppc64New
lksctp-tools-devel-1.0.16-9.fc28 Development files for lksctp-tools linux/ppc64
lldpad-devel-1.0.1-9.git036e314.fc28 Development files for lldpad linux/ppc64
lmms-devel-1.1.3-8.fc28 Development files for lmms linux/ppc64
log4c-devel-1.2.4-10.fc26 Header files, libraries and development documentation for log4c linux/ppc64
log4cplus-devel-1.2.0-7.fc29 Development files for log4cplus C++ logging framework linux/ppc64
log4cpp-1.1.1-8.fc29 C++ logging library linux/ppc64
log4cpp-devel-1.1.1-8.fc29 Header files, libraries and development man pages log4cpp linux/ppc64
log4cpp-doc-1.1.1-8.fc29 Development documentation for log4cpp linux/ppc64
log4net-devel-2.0.8-4.fc28 A .NET framework for logging linux/ppc64
loudmouth-devel-1.5.3-5.fc29 Development files for loudmouth linux/ppc64
lpsolve-devel- Files for developing with lpsolve linux/ppc64
lttng-tools-devel-2.10.4-1.fc29 LTTng control and utility library (development files) linux/ppc64
lttng-ust-2.10.1-3.fc29 LTTng Userspace Tracer library linux/ppc64
lttng-ust-devel-2.10.1-3.fc29 LTTng Userspace Tracer library headers and development files linux/ppc64
lttv-devel-1.5-13.fc29 Include Files and Libraries mandatory for LTTV modules development linux/ppc64
lua-copas-1.2.0-8.fc29 Coroutine Oriented Portable Asynchronous Services for Lua linux/noarch
lua-coxpcall-1.15.0-6.fc29 Coroutine safe xpcall and pcall versions for Lua linux/noarch
lua-cyrussasl-1.1.0-5.fc29 Cyrus SASL library for Lua linux/ppc64
lua-dbi-0.5-19.fc29 Database interface library for Lua linux/ppc64
lua-dbi-compat-0.5-19.fc29 Database interface library for Lua 5.1 linux/ppc64
lua-event-0.4.3-15.fc28 This is a binding of libevent to Lua linux/ppc64
lua-expat-1.3.0-12.fc29 SAX XML parser based on the Expat library linux/ppc64
lua-expat-compat-1.3.0-12.fc29 SAX XML parser based on the Expat library for Lua 5.1 linux/ppc64
lua-filesystem-1.6.3-8.fc29 File System Library for the Lua Programming Language linux/ppc64
lua-filesystem-compat-1.6.3-8.fc29 File System Library for the Lua Programming Language 5.1 linux/ppc64
lua-fun-0.1.3-8.fc29 Functional programming library for Lua linux/noarch
lua-json-1.3.2-9.fc28 JSON Parser/Constructor for Lua linux/noarch
lua-logging-1.3.0-11.fc28 A simple API to use logging features in Lua linux/noarch
lua-loop-2.3-0.14.beta.fc28 Class models for Lua linux/noarch
lua-lpeg-1.0.1-5.fc28 Parsing Expression Grammars for Lua linux/ppc64
lua-lunit-0.5-13.fc28 Unit testing framework for Lua linux/noarch
lua-md5-1.1.2-16.fc28 Cryptographic Library for MD5 hashes for Lua linux/ppc64
lua-posix-33.3.1-9.fc29 A POSIX library for Lua linux/ppc64
lua-rex-2.8.0-3.fc29 Regular expression handling library for Lua linux/ppc64
lua-sec-0.6-4.fc28 Lua binding for OpenSSL library linux/ppc64
lua-sec-compat-0.6-4.fc28 Lua 5.1 binding for OpenSSL library linux/ppc64
lua-socket-3.0-0.17.rc1.fc29 Network support for the Lua language linux/ppc64
lua-socket-compat-3.0-0.17.rc1.fc29 Network support for the Lua language 5.1 linux/ppc64
lua-sql-2.3.5-7.fc29 Database connectivity for the Lua programming language linux/ppc64
lua-sql-mysql-2.3.5-7.fc29 MySQL database connectivity for the Lua programming language linux/ppc64
lua-sql-postgresql-2.3.5-7.fc29 PostgreSQL database connectivity for the Lua programming language linux/ppc64
lua-sql-sqlite-2.3.5-7.fc29 SQLite database connectivity for the Lua programming language linux/ppc64
lua-term-0.07-1.fc25 Terminal functions for Lua linux/ppc64
lua-wsapi-1.6.1-7.fc28 Lua Web Server API linux/noarch
lua-xmlrpc-1.2.2-6.fc28 Lua package to access and provide XML-RPC services linux/noarch
luabind-devel-0.9.1-28.fc29 Development libraries and headers for luabind linux/ppc64
luadoc-3.0.1-18.fc28 Documentation Generator Tool for the Lua language linux/noarch
lutok-0.4-11.fc29 Lightweight C++ API library for Lua linux/ppc64
lutok-devel-0.4-11.fc29 Libraries and header files for Lutok development linux/ppc64
lutok-tests-0.4-11.fc29 Run-time tests of the Lutok library linux/ppc64
lv2-c++-tools-devel-1.0.5-1.fc29 Development files for lv2-c++-tools linux/ppc64
lv2dynparam-devel-2-15.fc29 Development files for lv2dynparam linux/ppc64
lvm2-devel-2.02.179-1.fc29 Development libraries and headers linux/ppc64New
lwp-devel-2.6-17.fc29 Development files for lwp linux/ppc64
lxappearance-devel-0.6.3-6.fc28 Development files for lxappearance linux/ppc64
lxc-devel-2.0.9-1.fc28.1 Development files for lxc linux/ppc64
lxpanel-devel-0.9.3-7.D20180305gitb85c71a6.fc29 Development files for lxpanel linux/ppc64
lzo-devel-2.08-13.fc29 Development files for the lzo library linux/ppc64
mailman3-fedmsg-plugin-0.5-7.fc29 Emit fedmsg messages from mailman3 linux/noarch
make-devel-4.2.1-9.fc29 Header file for externally visible definitions linux/ppc64
maliit-framework-devel-0.94.2-15.fc29 Development files for maliit-framework linux/ppc64
maliit-framework-examples-0.94.2-15.fc29 Tests and examples for maliit-framework linux/ppc64
maloc-devel-1.5-15.fc29 Header files and library for developing programs with maloc linux/ppc64
mate-sensors-applet-devel-1.20.2-1.fc29 Development files for mate-sensors-applet linux/ppc64New
mathgl-2.4.1-4.fc29 Cross-platform library for making high-quality scientific graphics linux/ppc64New
mathgl-devel-2.4.1-4.fc29 Libraries and header files for mathgl library linux/ppc64New
mathgl-fonts-2.4.1-4.fc29 Compiled fonts for the mathgl linux/ppc64New
matio-devel-1.5.7-8.fc28 Development files for matio linux/ppc64
matreshka-amf-dd-devel-0.8.0-11.20170302svn.fc28 Devel package for Matreshka-dd linux/ppc64
matreshka-amf-devel-0.8.0-11.20170302svn.fc28 Devel package for Matreshka-amf linux/ppc64
matreshka-amf-mofext-devel-0.8.0-11.20170302svn.fc28 Devel package for Matreshka-amf-mofext linux/ppc64
matreshka-amf-ocl-devel-0.8.0-11.20170302svn.fc28 Devel package for Matreshka-amf-ocl linux/ppc64
matreshka-amf-uml-devel-0.8.0-11.20170302svn.fc28 Devel package for Matreshka-uml linux/ppc64
matreshka-amf-utp-devel-0.8.0-11.20170302svn.fc28 Devel package for Matreshka-uml linux/ppc64
matreshka-devel-0.8.0-11.20170302svn.fc28 Devel package for Matreshka linux/ppc64
matreshka-fastcgi-devel-0.8.0-11.20170302svn.fc28 Devel package for Matreshka-fastcgi linux/ppc64
matreshka-servlet-devel-0.8.0-11.20170302svn.fc28 Devel package for servlet-lib linux/ppc64
matreshka-servlet-lib-0.8.0-11.20170302svn.fc28 Server-independent implementation of Servlet API linux/ppc64
matreshka-soap-core-devel-0.8.0-11.20170302svn.fc28 Devel package for Matreshka-soap-core linux/ppc64
matreshka-soap-wsse-devel-0.8.0-11.20170302svn.fc28 Devel package for Matreshka-soap-wsse linux/ppc64
matreshka-spikedog-api-devel-0.8.0-11.20170302svn.fc28 Devel package for spikedog-api-lib linux/ppc64
matreshka-spikedog-api-lib-0.8.0-11.20170302svn.fc28 Web-application server to execute Ada applications (api library) linux/ppc64
matreshka-spikedog-core-devel-0.8.0-11.20170302svn.fc28 Devel package for spikedog-core-lib linux/ppc64
matreshka-spikedog-core-lib-0.8.0-11.20170302svn.fc28 Web-application server to execute Ada applications (core library) linux/ppc64
matreshka-sql-core-devel-0.8.0-11.20170302svn.fc28 Devel package for Matreshka-sql-core linux/ppc64
matreshka-sql-postgresql-devel-0.8.0-11.20170302svn.fc28 Devel package for Matreshka-sql-postgresql linux/ppc64
matreshka-sql-sqlite-devel-0.8.0-11.20170302svn.fc28 Devel package for Matreshka-sql-sqlite linux/ppc64
matreshka-xml-devel-0.8.0-11.20170302svn.fc28 Devel package for Matreshka-xml linux/ppc64
maven-dependency-tree-3.0-4.fc27 Maven dependency tree artifact linux/noarch
maven-help-plugin-2.2-8.fc24 Plugin to to get relative information about a project or the system linux/noarch
maven-idea-plugin-2.2.1-9.fc29 Maven IDEA Plugin linux/noarch
maven-idea-plugin-javadoc-2.2.1-9.fc29 API documentation for maven-idea-plugin linux/noarch
maven-install-plugin-2.5.2-6.fc27 Maven Install Plugin linux/noarch
maven-license-plugin-1.8.0-23.fc29 Maven plugin to update header licenses of source files linux/noarch
maven-plugin-build-helper-1.9.1-5.fc27 Build Helper Maven Plugin linux/noarch
maven-plugin-build-helper-javadoc-1.9.1-5.fc27 API documentation for maven-plugin-build-helper linux/noarch
maven-repository-plugin-2.3.1-14.fc24 Plugin to create bundles of artifacts for manual uploaded to repository linux/noarch
maven-verifier-plugin-1.0-19.fc29 Maven Verifier Plugin linux/noarch
mbedtls-devel-2.9.0-1.fc29 Development files for mbedtls linux/ppc64
mbedtls-static-2.9.0-1.fc29 Static files for mbedtls linux/ppc64
mcabber-devel-1.1.0-1.fc29 Development files for mcabber linux/ppc64
mdbtools-devel-0.7.1-10.fc29 Development files for mdbtools linux/ppc64
mecab-devel-0.996-2.fc28 Libraries and Header files for Mecab linux/ppc64
memcached-devel-1.5.8-2.fc29 Files needed for development using memcached protocol linux/ppc64New
memchan-2.3-15.fc29 In-memory channels for Tcl linux/ppc64
memchan-devel-2.3-15.fc29 Development files for compiling against the Tcl memchan extension linux/ppc64
menu-cache-devel-1.1.0-1.fc28.1 Development files for menu-cache linux/ppc64
mercator-0.3.3-11.fc29 Terrain library for WorldForge client/server linux/ppc64
mercator-devel-0.3.3-11.fc29 Development files for mercator library linux/ppc64
mesa-libGLw-devel-8.0.0-12.fc29 Mesa libGLw development package linux/ppc64
meshmagick-devel-0.6.0-37.svn2898.fc28 Development files for meshmagick linux/ppc64
metacity-devel-3.28.0-1.fc29 Development files for metacity linux/ppc64
metis-5.1.0-17.fc28 Serial Graph Partitioning and Fill-reducing Matrix Ordering linux/ppc64
metis-devel-5.1.0-17.fc28 The OpenMP Metis headers and development-related files linux/ppc64
metis64-devel-5.1.0-17.fc28 LAPACK development libraries (64bit INTEGER) linux/ppc64
mhash-devel- Header files and libraries for developing apps which use mhash linux/ppc64
milia-1.0.0-24.fc29 C++ cosmology library linux/ppc64
milia-devel-1.0.0-24.fc29 Headers for developing programs that will use milia linux/ppc64
mingw-binutils-generic-2.30-2.fc29 Utilities which are needed for both the Win32 and Win64 toolchains linux/ppc64New
mingw-filesystem-base-104-1.fc29 Generic files which are needed for both mingw32-filesystem and mingw64-filesystem linux/noarch
mingw32-SDL-1.2.15-10.fc29 MinGW Windows port of SDL cross-platform multimedia library linux/noarch
mingw32-SDL_image-1.2.12-16.fc29 MinGW Windows port of the Image loading library for SDL linux/noarch
mingw32-SDL_mixer-1.2.12-10.fc29 MinGW Windows port of Simple DirectMedia Layer's Sample Mixer Library linux/noarch
mingw32-antlr-2.7.7-18.fc29 MinGW Windows ANTLR C++ run-time library linux/noarch
mingw32-antlr-static-2.7.7-18.fc29 Static Version of the MinGW Windows ANTLR C++ run-time library linux/noarch
mingw32-atkmm-2.24.2-5.fc29 MinGW Windows C++ interface for the ATK library linux/noarch
mingw32-binutils-2.30-2.fc29 Cross-compiled version of binutils for the Win32 environment linux/ppc64New
mingw32-boost-1.66.0-1.fc29 MinGW Windows Boost C++ library for the win32 target linux/noarch
mingw32-boost-static-1.66.0-1.fc29 Static version of the MinGW Windows Boost C++ library linux/noarch
mingw32-bzip2-1.0.6-10.fc29 32 Bit version of bzip2 for Windows linux/noarch
mingw32-bzip2-static-1.0.6-10.fc29 Static library for mingw32-bzip2 development linux/noarch
mingw32-cairomm-1.12.0-5.fc29 MinGW Windows C++ API for the cairo graphics library linux/noarch
mingw32-cairomm-static-1.12.0-5.fc29 Static cross compiled version of the cairomm library linux/noarch
mingw32-cmocka-static-1.1.0-5.fc29 Static version of the MinGW Windows cmocka library linux/noarch
mingw32-cppunit-1.12.1-18.fc29 MinGW Windows C++ unit testing framework linux/noarch
mingw32-crossreport-201406-6.fc29 Analysis tool to help cross-compilation to Windows linux/noarch
mingw32-curl-7.57.0-2.fc29 MinGW Windows port of curl and libcurl linux/noarch
mingw32-curl-static-7.57.0-2.fc29 Static version of the MinGW Windows Curl library linux/noarch
mingw32-cximage-600-19.fc29 MinGW Windows CxImage manipulation library linux/noarch
mingw32-cximage-static-600-19.fc29 MinGW Windows CxImage manipulation static library linux/noarch
mingw32-dbus-1.8.16-6.fc29 MinGW Windows port of D-Bus linux/noarch
mingw32-dbus-static-1.8.16-6.fc29 Static version of MinGW Windows port of DBus library linux/noarch
mingw32-dlfcn-1.1.1-3.fc29 Implements a wrapper for dlfcn (dlopen dlclose dlsym dlerror) linux/noarch
mingw32-dlfcn-static-1.1.1-3.fc29 Static version of the MinGW Windows dlfcn library linux/noarch
mingw32-enchant-static-1.6.0-17.fc29 Static version of the MinGW Windows enchant library linux/noarch
mingw32-filesystem-104-1.fc29 MinGW cross compiler base filesystem and environment for the win32 target linux/noarch
mingw32-freeglut-2.8.1-8.fc29 Fedora MinGW alternative to the OpenGL Utility Toolkit (GLUT) linux/noarch
mingw32-ftplib-4.0-5.fc29 MinGW Library of FTP routines linux/noarch
mingw32-gdbm-1.11-6.fc29 MinGW port of GNU database routines linux/noarch
mingw32-gdbm-static-1.11-6.fc29 Static version of the MinGW Windows GDBM library linux/noarch
mingw32-gettext-0.19.7-4.fc29 GNU libraries and utilities for producing multi-lingual messages linux/noarch
mingw32-gettext-static-0.19.7-4.fc29 Static version of the MinGW Windows Gettext library linux/noarch
mingw32-gnutls-3.6.2-1.fc29 MinGW GnuTLS TLS/SSL encryption library linux/noarch
mingw32-gstreamer-0.10.36-12.fc29 MinGW Windows Streaming-Media Framework Runtime linux/noarch
mingw32-gtkglext-1.2.0-17.fc29 OpenGL Extension to GTK+ for the Win32 target linux/noarch
mingw32-gtkglext-static-1.2.0-17.fc29 Static version of gtkglext, OpenGL Extension to GTK+ for the Win32 target linux/noarch
mingw32-gtkspell3-3.0.9-4.fc29 MinGW Windows GtkSpell3 library linux/noarch
mingw32-gtkspell3-static-3.0.9-4.fc29 Static version of the MinGW Windows GtkSpell3 library linux/noarch
mingw32-hidapi-0.8.0-0.5.d17db57.fc28 Library for communicating with USB and Bluetooth HID devices linux/noarch
mingw32-hidapi-static-0.8.0-0.5.d17db57.fc28 Static libraries for mingw32-hidapi development linux/noarch
mingw32-jasper-1.900.28-4.fc29 MinGW Windows Jasper library linux/noarch
mingw32-jasper-static-1.900.28-4.fc29 Static version of the MinGW Windows Jasper library linux/noarch
mingw32-lcms-1.19-11.fc29 MinGW Color Management System linux/noarch
mingw32-lcms-static-1.19-11.fc29 Static libraries for mingw32-lcms development linux/noarch
mingw32-lcms2-2.9-2.fc29 MinGW Color Management Engine linux/noarch
mingw32-lcms2-static-2.9-2.fc29 Static libraries for mingw32-lcms2 development linux/noarch
mingw32-libIDL-static-0.8.14-8.fc29 Static version of the MinGW Windows IDL Parsing Library linux/noarch
mingw32-libgcrypt-1.6.3-7.fc29 MinGW Windows gcrypt encryption library linux/noarch
mingw32-libgcrypt-static-1.6.3-7.fc29 Static library for mingw32-libgcrypt development linux/noarch
mingw32-libglade2-2.6.4-22.fc29 MinGW Windows Libglade2 library linux/noarch
mingw32-libglade2-static-2.6.4-22.fc29 Static MinGW Windows Libglade2 library linux/noarch
mingw32-libgnurx-2.5.1-21.fc29 MinGW Regex library linux/noarch
mingw32-libgnurx-static-2.5.1-21.fc29 Static version of the MinGW Windows regular expression library linux/noarch
mingw32-libgovirt-0.3.2-6.fc29 MinGW support for a GObject library for interacting with oVirt REST API linux/noarch
mingw32-libgovirt-static-0.3.2-6.fc29 MinGW support for a GObject library for interacting with oVirt REST API linux/noarch
mingw32-libgpg-error-1.22-4.fc29 MinGW Windows libgpg-error compression library for the win32 target linux/noarch
mingw32-libgpg-error-static-1.22-4.fc29 Static library for mingw32-libgpg-error development linux/noarch
mingw32-libid3tag-0.15.1b-24.fc29 ID3 tag manipulation library linux/noarch
mingw32-libidn-1.33-2.fc26 MinGW Windows zlib compression library for the win32 target linux/noarch
mingw32-libidn-static-1.33-2.fc26 Static version of the MinGW Windows IDN library linux/noarch
mingw32-libidn2-2.0.4-1.fc28 MinGW Windows IDN 2008 library the win32 target linux/noarch
mingw32-libidn2-static-2.0.4-1.fc28 Static version of the MinGW Windows IDN 2008 library linux/noarch
mingw32-libosinfo-0.3.1-4.fc29 MinGW Windows port of a library for managing OS information for virtualization linux/noarch
mingw32-libsq3-20071018-25.fc29 MinGW Windows C++ Wrapper for the SQLite3 embeddable SQL database engine linux/noarch
mingw32-libssh2-1.8.0-4.fc29 MinGW Windows library implementation of the SSH2 protocol linux/noarch
mingw32-libssh2-static-1.8.0-4.fc29 Static version of the MinGW Windows SSH2 library linux/noarch
mingw32-libtasn1-4.13-2.fc29 MinGW Windows libtasn1 library linux/noarch
mingw32-libtiff-static-4.0.9-1.fc29 Static version of the MinGW Windows LibTIFF library linux/noarchNew
mingw32-libvirt-4.4.0-1.fc29 MinGW Windows libvirt virtualization library linux/noarch
mingw32-libvirt-gconfig-1.0.0-4.fc29 MingwGW Windows libvirt-gconfig virtualization library linux/noarch
mingw32-libvirt-glib-1.0.0-4.fc29 MingwGW Windows libvirt-gconfig virtualization library linux/noarch
mingw32-libvirt-gobject-1.0.0-4.fc29 MingwGW Windows libvirt-gobject virtualization library linux/noarch
mingw32-libvirt-static-4.4.0-1.fc29 MinGW Windows libvirt virtualization library linux/noarch
mingw32-libwebp-1.0.0-1.fc29 MinGW compilation of Library and tools for the WebP format linux/noarch
mingw32-libxml2-2.9.3-4.fc29 MinGW Windows libxml2 XML processing library linux/noarch
mingw32-libxml2-static-2.9.3-4.fc29 Static version of the MinGW Windows XML processing library linux/noarch
mingw32-libxslt-1.1.28-9.fc29 MinGW Windows Library providing the Gnome XSLT engine linux/noarch
mingw32-libxslt-static-1.1.28-9.fc29 Static version of the MinGW Windows LibXSLT library linux/noarch
mingw32-llvm-3.0-11.fc24 MinGW LLVM (Low Level Virtual Machine) linux/noarch
mingw32-llvm-static-3.0-11.fc24 MinGW LLVM (Low Level Virtual Machine) static libraries linux/noarch
mingw32-minizip-1.2.8-8.fc29 Minizip manipulates files from a .zip archive linux/noarch
mingw32-nettle-3.3-4.fc29 MinGW package for nettle cryptographic library linux/noarch
mingw32-openssl-1.0.2h-6.fc29 MinGW port of the OpenSSL toolkit linux/noarch
mingw32-openssl-static-1.0.2h-6.fc29 Static version of the MinGW port of the OpenSSL toolkit linux/noarch
mingw32-p11-kit-0.23.7-4.fc29 MinGW Library for loading and sharing PKCS#11 modules linux/noarch
mingw32-pangomm-2.40.1-4.fc29 MinGW Windows C++ interface for Pango linux/noarch
mingw32-pcre-8.38-4.fc29 MinGW Windows pcre library linux/noarch
mingw32-pcre-static-8.38-4.fc29 Static version of the mingw32-pcre library linux/noarch
mingw32-pdcurses-3.4-21.fc29 Curses library for MinGW32 linux/noarch
mingw32-physfs-2.0.3-10.fc29 MinGW compiled physfs library for the Win32 target linux/noarch
mingw32-physfs-static-2.0.3-10.fc29 Static version of the MinGW Win32 compiled physfs library linux/noarch
mingw32-pixman-0.34.0-4.fc29 MinGW Windows Pixman library linux/noarch
mingw32-pixman-static-0.34.0-4.fc29 Static version of the MinGW Windows Pixman library linux/noarch
mingw32-plotmm-0.1.2-24.fc29 MinGW GTKmm plot widget for scientific applications for the win32 target linux/noarch
mingw32-plotmm-static-0.1.2-24.fc29 Static version of the MinGW Windows PlotMM library linux/noarch
mingw32-portablexdr-4.9.1-17.fc29 MinGW Windows PortableXDR / RPC Library linux/noarch
mingw32-portablexdr-static-4.9.1-17.fc29 MinGW Windows PortableXDR XDR / RPC library, static version linux/noarch
mingw32-qpid-cpp-0.14-13.fc26 MinGW Windows port of AMQP C++ Daemons and Libraries linux/noarch
mingw32-qt-4.8.7-3.fc27 Qt for Windows linux/noarch
mingw32-qt-qmake-4.8.7-3.fc27 Qt for Windows Build Environment linux/ppc64
mingw32-qt-static-4.8.7-3.fc27 Static version of the mingw32-qt library linux/noarch
mingw32-qt-tools-4.8.7-3.fc27 Various tools belonging to the mingw32-qt library linux/noarch
mingw32-qt5-qtjsbackend-5.1.1-13.fc29 Qt5 for Windows - QtJsBackend component linux/noarch
mingw32-qt5-qtsystems-5.0.0-0.19.git20160413.236b6b.fc26 Qt5 for Windows - QtSystems component linux/noarch
mingw32-qwt-6.1.3-3.fc29 MinGW Windows Qwt library linux/noarch
mingw32-qwt-qt5-6.1.3-3.fc29 MinGW Windows Qwt library linux/noarch
mingw32-sigar-1.6.5-0.18.git58097d9.fc29 MinGW Windows sigar library linux/noarch
mingw32-spice-protocol-0.12.13-3.fc29 Spice protocol header files linux/noarch
mingw32-sqlite-static- Static version of MinGW Windows port of sqlite library linux/noarch
mingw32-taglib-1.11.1-5.fc29 MinGW Windows version of TagLib for the win32 target linux/noarch
mingw32-termcap-1.3.1-22.fc29 MinGW terminal feature database linux/noarch
mingw32-termcap-static-1.3.1-22.fc29 Static version of the cross compiled termcap library linux/noarch
mingw32-webkitgtk-2.4.11-6.fc29 MinGW Windows web content engine library linux/noarch
mingw32-webkitgtk-static-2.4.11-6.fc29 Static version of the MinGW Windows WebKitGTK+ library linux/noarch
mingw32-webkitgtk3-2.4.11-6.fc29 MinGW Windows web content engine library linux/noarch
mingw32-win-iconv-0.0.6-8.fc29 MinGW Windows Iconv library linux/noarch
mingw32-win-iconv-static-0.0.6-8.fc29 Static version of the MinGW Windows Iconv library linux/noarch
mingw32-winstorecompat-4.0.2-6.fc29 MinGW library to help porting to Windows Store for the win32 target linux/noarch
mingw32-wpcap-4.1.final3-6.fc29 MinGW user-level packet capture linux/noarch
mingw32-wpcap-docs-4.1.final3-6.fc29 MinGW pcap documentation linux/noarch
mingw32-wpcap-examples-4.1.final3-6.fc29 Example source code for MinGW pcap linux/noarch
mingw32-wxWidgets-2.8.12-23.fc29 MinGW port of the wxWidgets GUI library linux/noarch
mingw32-wxWidgets-static-2.8.12-23.fc29 Static libraries for mingw32-wxWidgets development linux/noarch
mingw32-xerces-c-3.1.4-4.fc29 MingGW x86 Windows validating XML parser linux/noarch
mingw32-xz-libs-5.2.3-3.fc29 Libraries for decoding LZMA compression linux/noarch
mingw32-xz-libs-static-5.2.3-3.fc29 Static version of the xz library linux/noarch
mingw32-zlib-1.2.8-8.fc29 MinGW Windows zlib compression library for the win32 target linux/noarch
mingw32-zlib-static-1.2.8-8.fc29 Static libraries for mingw32-zlib development. linux/noarch
mingw64-SDL-1.2.15-10.fc29 MinGW Windows port of SDL cross-platform multimedia library linux/noarch
mingw64-SDL_image-1.2.12-16.fc29 MinGW Windows port of the Image loading library for SDL linux/noarch
mingw64-SDL_mixer-1.2.12-10.fc29 MinGW Windows port of Simple DirectMedia Layer's Sample Mixer Library linux/noarch
mingw64-antlr-2.7.7-18.fc29 Static Version of the MinGW Windows ANTLR C++ run-time library linux/noarch
mingw64-antlr-static-2.7.7-18.fc29 Static Version of the MinGW Windows ANTLR C++ run-time library linux/noarch
mingw64-atkmm-2.24.2-5.fc29 MinGW Windows C++ interface for the ATK library linux/noarch
mingw64-binutils-2.30-2.fc29 Cross-compiled version of binutils for the Win64 environment linux/ppc64New
mingw64-boost-1.66.0-1.fc29 MinGW Windows Boost C++ library for the win64 target linux/noarch
mingw64-boost-static-1.66.0-1.fc29 Static version of the MinGW Windows Boost C++ library linux/noarch
mingw64-bzip2-1.0.6-10.fc29 64 Bit version of bzip2 for Windows linux/noarch
mingw64-bzip2-static-1.0.6-10.fc29 Static library for mingw64-bzip2 development linux/noarch
mingw64-cairomm-1.12.0-5.fc29 MinGW Windows C++ API for the cairo graphics library linux/noarch
mingw64-cairomm-static-1.12.0-5.fc29 Static cross compiled version of the cairomm library linux/noarch
mingw64-cmocka-static-1.1.0-5.fc29 Static version of the MinGW Windows cmocka library linux/noarch
mingw64-curl-7.57.0-2.fc29 MinGW Windows port of curl and libcurl linux/noarch
mingw64-curl-static-7.57.0-2.fc29 Static version of the MinGW Windows Curl library linux/noarch
mingw64-cximage-600-19.fc29 MinGW Windows CxImage manipulation library linux/noarch
mingw64-cximage-static-600-19.fc29 MinGW Windows CxImage manipulation static library linux/noarch
mingw64-dbus-1.8.16-6.fc29 MinGW Windows port of D-Bus linux/noarch
mingw64-dbus-static-1.8.16-6.fc29 Static version of MinGW Windows port of DBus library linux/noarch
mingw64-dlfcn-1.1.1-3.fc29 Implements a wrapper for dlfcn (dlopen dlclose dlsym dlerror) linux/noarch
mingw64-dlfcn-static-1.1.1-3.fc29 Static version of the MinGW Windows dlfcn library linux/noarch
mingw64-enchant-static-1.6.0-17.fc29 Static version of the MinGW Windows enchant library linux/noarch
mingw64-filesystem-104-1.fc29 MinGW cross compiler base filesystem and environment for the win64 target linux/noarch
mingw64-freeglut-2.8.1-8.fc29 Fedora MinGW alternative to the OpenGL Utility Toolkit (GLUT) linux/noarch
mingw64-ftplib-4.0-5.fc29 MinGW Library of FTP routines linux/noarch
mingw64-gdbm-1.11-6.fc29 MinGW port of GNU database routines linux/noarch
mingw64-gdbm-static-1.11-6.fc29 Static version of the MinGW Windows GDBM library linux/noarch
mingw64-gettext-0.19.7-4.fc29 GNU libraries and utilities for producing multi-lingual messages linux/noarch
mingw64-gettext-static-0.19.7-4.fc29 Static version of the MinGW Windows Gettext library linux/noarch
mingw64-gnutls-3.6.2-1.fc29 MinGW GnuTLS TLS/SSL encryption library linux/noarch
mingw64-gstreamer-0.10.36-12.fc29 MinGW Windows Streaming-Media Framework Runtime linux/noarch
mingw64-gtkglext-1.2.0-17.fc29 OpenGL Extension to GTK+ for the Win64 target linux/noarch
mingw64-gtkglext-static-1.2.0-17.fc29 Static version of gtkglext, OpenGL Extension to GTK+ for the Win64 target linux/noarch
mingw64-gtkspell3-3.0.9-4.fc29 MinGW Windows GtkSpell3 library linux/noarch
mingw64-gtkspell3-static-3.0.9-4.fc29 Static version of the MinGW Windows GtkSpell3 library linux/noarch
mingw64-hidapi-0.8.0-0.5.d17db57.fc28 Library for communicating with USB and Bluetooth HID devices linux/noarch
mingw64-hidapi-static-0.8.0-0.5.d17db57.fc28 Static libraries for mingw64-hidapi development linux/noarch
mingw64-jasper-1.900.28-4.fc29 MinGW Windows Jasper library linux/noarch
mingw64-jasper-static-1.900.28-4.fc29 Static version of the MinGW Windows Jasper library linux/noarch
mingw64-lcms-1.19-11.fc29 Static libraries for mingw32-lcms development linux/noarch
mingw64-lcms-static-1.19-11.fc29 Static libraries for mingw64-lcms development linux/noarch
mingw64-lcms2-2.9-2.fc29 Static libraries for mingw32-lcms2 development linux/noarch
mingw64-lcms2-static-2.9-2.fc29 Static libraries for mingw64-lcms2 development linux/noarch
mingw64-libIDL-static-0.8.14-8.fc29 Static version of the MinGW Windows IDL Parsing Library linux/noarch
mingw64-libgcrypt-1.6.3-7.fc29 MinGW Windows gcrypt encryption library linux/noarch
mingw64-libgcrypt-static-1.6.3-7.fc29 Static library for mingw64-libgcrypt development linux/noarch
mingw64-libglade2-2.6.4-22.fc29 MinGW Windows Libglade2 library linux/noarch
mingw64-libglade2-static-2.6.4-22.fc29 Static MinGW Windows Libglade2 library linux/noarch
mingw64-libgnurx-2.5.1-21.fc29 MinGW Regex library linux/noarch
mingw64-libgnurx-static-2.5.1-21.fc29 Static version of the MinGW Windows regular expression library linux/noarch
mingw64-libgovirt-0.3.2-6.fc29 MinGW support for a GObject library for interacting with oVirt REST API linux/noarch
mingw64-libgovirt-static-0.3.2-6.fc29 MinGW support for a GObject library for interacting with oVirt REST API linux/noarch
mingw64-libgpg-error-1.22-4.fc29 MinGW Windows libgpg-error compression library for the win64 target linux/noarch
mingw64-libgpg-error-static-1.22-4.fc29 Static library for mingw64-libgpg-error development linux/noarch
mingw64-libid3tag-0.15.1b-24.fc29 ID3 tag manipulation library linux/noarch
mingw64-libidn-1.33-2.fc26 MinGW Windows zlib compression library for the win64 target linux/noarch
mingw64-libidn-static-1.33-2.fc26 Static version of the MinGW Windows IDN library linux/noarch
mingw64-libidn2-2.0.4-1.fc28 MinGW Windows IDN 2008 library the win64 target linux/noarch
mingw64-libidn2-static-2.0.4-1.fc28 Static version of the MinGW Windows IDN 2008 library linux/noarch
mingw64-libosinfo-0.3.1-4.fc29 MinGW Windows port of a library for managing OS information for virtualization linux/noarch
mingw64-libsq3-20071018-25.fc29 MinGW Windows C++ Wrapper for the SQLite3 embeddable SQL database engine linux/noarch
mingw64-libssh2-1.8.0-4.fc29 MinGW Windows library implementation of the SSH2 protocol linux/noarch
mingw64-libssh2-static-1.8.0-4.fc29 Static version of the MinGW Windows SSH2 library linux/noarch
mingw64-libtasn1-4.13-2.fc29 MinGW Windows libtasn1 library linux/noarch
mingw64-libtiff-static-4.0.9-1.fc29 Static version of the MinGW Windows LibTIFF library linux/noarchNew
mingw64-libvirt-4.4.0-1.fc29 MinGW Windows libvirt virtualization library linux/noarch
mingw64-libvirt-gconfig-1.0.0-4.fc29 MingwGW Windows libvirt-gconfig virtualization library linux/noarch
mingw64-libvirt-glib-1.0.0-4.fc29 MingwGW Windows libvirt-gconfig virtualization library linux/noarch
mingw64-libvirt-gobject-1.0.0-4.fc29 MingwGW Windows libvirt-gobject virtualization library linux/noarch
mingw64-libvirt-static-4.4.0-1.fc29 MinGW Windows libvirt virtualization library linux/noarch
mingw64-libwebp-1.0.0-1.fc29 MinGW compilation of Library and tools for the WebP format linux/noarch
mingw64-libxml2-2.9.3-4.fc29 MinGW Windows libxml2 XML processing library linux/noarch
mingw64-libxml2-static-2.9.3-4.fc29 Static version of the MinGW Windows XML processing library linux/noarch
mingw64-libxslt-1.1.28-9.fc29 MinGW Windows Library providing the Gnome XSLT engine linux/noarch
mingw64-libxslt-static-1.1.28-9.fc29 Static version of the MinGW Windows LibXSLT library linux/noarch
mingw64-minizip-1.2.8-8.fc29 Minizip manipulates files from a .zip archive linux/noarch
mingw64-nettle-3.3-4.fc29 MinGW package for nettle cryptographic library linux/noarch
mingw64-openssl-1.0.2h-6.fc29 MinGW port of the OpenSSL toolkit linux/noarch
mingw64-openssl-static-1.0.2h-6.fc29 Static version of the MinGW port of the OpenSSL toolkit linux/noarch
mingw64-p11-kit-0.23.7-4.fc29 MinGW Library for loading and sharing PKCS#11 modules linux/noarch
mingw64-pangomm-2.40.1-4.fc29 MinGW Windows C++ interface for Pango linux/noarch
mingw64-pcre-8.38-4.fc29 MinGW Windows pcre library linux/noarch
mingw64-pcre-static-8.38-4.fc29 Static version of the mingw64-pcre library linux/noarch
mingw64-pdcurses-3.4-21.fc29 Curses library for MinGW64 linux/noarch
mingw64-physfs-2.0.3-10.fc29 MinGW compiled physfs library for the Win64 target linux/noarch
mingw64-physfs-static-2.0.3-10.fc29 Static version of the MinGW Win64 compiled physfs library linux/noarch
mingw64-pixman-0.34.0-4.fc29 MinGW Windows Pixman library linux/noarch
mingw64-pixman-static-0.34.0-4.fc29 Static version of the cross compiled Pixman library linux/noarch
mingw64-plotmm-0.1.2-24.fc29 MinGW GTKmm plot widget for scientific applications for the win64 target linux/noarch
mingw64-plotmm-static-0.1.2-24.fc29 Static version of the MinGW Windows PlotMM library linux/noarch
mingw64-portablexdr-4.9.1-17.fc29 MinGW Windows PortableXDR / RPC Library linux/noarch
mingw64-portablexdr-static-4.9.1-17.fc29 MinGW Windows PortableXDR XDR / RPC library, static version linux/noarch
mingw64-qpid-cpp-0.14-13.fc26 MinGW Windows port of AMQP C++ Daemons and Libraries linux/noarch
mingw64-qt-4.8.7-3.fc27 Qt for Windows linux/noarch
mingw64-qt-qmake-4.8.7-3.fc27 Qt for Windows Build Environment linux/ppc64
mingw64-qt-static-4.8.7-3.fc27 Static version of the mingw64-qt library linux/noarch
mingw64-qt-tools-4.8.7-3.fc27 Various tools belonging to the mingw64-qt library linux/noarch
mingw64-qt5-qtjsbackend-5.1.1-13.fc29 Qt5 for Windows - QtJsBackend component linux/noarch
mingw64-qt5-qtsystems-5.0.0-0.19.git20160413.236b6b.fc26 Qt5 for Windows - QtSystems component linux/noarch
mingw64-qwt-6.1.3-3.fc29 MinGW Windows Qwt library linux/noarch
mingw64-qwt-qt5-6.1.3-3.fc29 MinGW Windows Qwt library linux/noarch
mingw64-spice-protocol-0.12.13-3.fc29 Spice protocol header files linux/noarch
mingw64-sqlite-static- Static version of MinGW Windows port of sqlite library linux/noarch
mingw64-taglib-1.11.1-5.fc29 MinGW Windows version of TagLib for the win64 target linux/noarch
mingw64-termcap-1.3.1-22.fc29 MinGW terminal feature database linux/noarch
mingw64-termcap-static-1.3.1-22.fc29 Static version of the cross compiled termcap library linux/noarch
mingw64-webkitgtk-2.4.11-6.fc29 MinGW Windows web content engine library linux/noarch
mingw64-webkitgtk-static-2.4.11-6.fc29 Static version of the MinGW Windows WebKitGTK+ library linux/noarch
mingw64-webkitgtk3-2.4.11-6.fc29 MinGW Windows web content engine library linux/noarch
mingw64-win-iconv-0.0.6-8.fc29 MinGW Windows Iconv library linux/noarch
mingw64-win-iconv-static-0.0.6-8.fc29 Static version of the MinGW Windows Iconv library linux/noarch
mingw64-winstorecompat-4.0.2-6.fc29 MinGW library to help porting to Windows Store for the win64 target linux/noarch
mingw64-wpcap-4.1.final3-6.fc29 MinGW user-level packet capture linux/noarch
mingw64-wxWidgets-2.8.12-23.fc29 MinGW port of the wxWidgets GUI library linux/noarch
mingw64-wxWidgets-static-2.8.12-23.fc29 Static libraries for mingw64-wxWidgets development linux/noarch
mingw64-xerces-c-3.1.4-4.fc29 MingGW x64 Windows validating XML parser linux/noarch
mingw64-xz-libs-5.2.3-3.fc29 Libraries for decoding LZMA compression linux/noarch
mingw64-xz-libs-static-5.2.3-3.fc29 Static version of the xz library linux/noarch
mingw64-zlib-1.2.8-8.fc29 MinGW Windows zlib compression library for the win64 target linux/noarch
mingw64-zlib-static-1.2.8-8.fc29 Static libraries for mingw64-zlib development linux/noarch
minion-1.6.1-22.fc29 Fast, Scalable Constraint Solving linux/ppc64
miniupnpc-devel-2.0-8.fc29 Development files for miniupnpc linux/ppc64
miredo-devel-1.2.6-9.fc29 Header files, libraries and development documentation for miredo linux/ppc64
mlt-devel-6.8.0-2.fc29 Libraries, includes to develop applications with mlt linux/ppc64New
mm-devel-1.4.2-20.fc29 Header files and libraries for mm development linux/ppc64
mmdb2-devel-2.0.1-10.fc29 Header files and library for developing programs with mmdb linux/ppc64
moarvm-0.2018.05-1.fc29 Meta-model On A Runtime Virtual Machine linux/ppc64New
moarvm-devel-0.2018.05-1.fc29 Development files for moarvm linux/ppc64New
moconti-102609-11.fc29 Web Application Server for Sleep linux/noarch
mod_perl-devel-2.0.10-10.fc29 Files needed for building XS modules that use mod_perl linux/ppc64
mongo-cxx-driver-1.1.2-13.fc28 A legacy C++ Driver for MongoDB linux/ppc64
mongo-cxx-driver-devel-1.1.2-13.fc28 MongoDB header files linux/ppc64
mongo-java-driver-3.6.4-1.fc29 A Java driver for MongoDB linux/noarch
mongo-java-driver-bson-3.6.4-1.fc29 A Java-based BSON implementation linux/noarch
mongo-java-driver-driver-3.6.4-1.fc29 The MongoDB Java Driver linux/noarch
mongo-java-driver-driver-async-3.6.4-1.fc29 The MongoDB Java Async Driver linux/noarch
mongo-java-driver-driver-core-3.6.4-1.fc29 The MongoDB Java Operations Layer linux/noarch
mongoose-devel-3.1-12.fc29 Header files and development libraries for mongoose linux/ppc64
mongoose-lib-3.1-12.fc29 Shared Object for applications that use mongoose embedded linux/ppc64
mono-basic-devel-4.7-1.fc29 Development files for mono-basic linux/ppc64
mono-cecil-flowanalysis-devel-0.1-0.32.20110512svn100264.fc29 Flowanalysis engine for Cecil linux/ppc64
mono-reflection-devel-0.1-0.17.20110613git304d1d.fc29 Development files for Mono.Reflection library linux/ppc64
monodevelop-devel-5.10.0-9.fc26 Development files for monodevelop linux/ppc64
motif-devel-2.3.4-16.fc29 Development libraries and header files linux/ppc64
motif-static-2.3.4-16.fc29 Static libraries linux/ppc64
mozjs24-devel-24.2.0-11.fc26 Header files, libraries and development documentation for mozjs24 linux/ppc64
mozjs38-devel-38.8.0-8.fc28 Header files, libraries and development documentation for mozjs38 linux/ppc64
mozjs45-devel-45.9.0-6.fc28 Header files, libraries and development documentation for mozjs45 linux/ppc64
mozldap-devel-6.0.5-17.fc24 Development libraries and examples for Mozilla LDAP C SDK linux/ppc64
mp-devel-3.1.0-17.20161124git1f3980.fc29 Development files for mp linux/ppc64
mpich-devel-3.2.1-5.fc29 Development files for mpich linux/ppc64
mpqc-devel-2.3.1-41.fc28 Development headers and libraries for mpqc linux/ppc64
mpqc-libs-2.3.1-41.fc28 Main libraries for mpqc linux/ppc64
mrpt-devel-1.4.0-8.fc29 Mobile Robot Programming Toolkit - Development package linux/ppc64
msgpack-devel-3.0.1-1.fc29 Libraries and header files for msgpack linux/ppc64New
msgpuck-devel-2.0.10-2.fc29 MsgPack serialization library in a self-contained header file linux/ppc64
muParser-2.2.5-6.fc29 A fast math parser library linux/ppc64
muParser-devel-2.2.5-6.fc29 Development and doc files for muParser linux/ppc64
muffin-devel-3.8.2-1.fc29 Development package for muffin linux/ppc64New
multican-devel-0.0.5-20.fc29 Development library for multican linux/ppc64
mupdf-devel-1.13.0-8.fc29 Development files for mupdf linux/ppc64New
mx4j-3.0.1-28.fc29 Open source implementation of JMX Java API linux/noarch
mx4j-manual-3.0.1-28.fc29 Documentation for mx4j linux/noarch
mxml-devel-2.11-2.fc29 Libraries, includes, etc to develop mxml applications linux/ppc64
mygui-3.2.2-8.fc29 Fast, simple and flexible GUI library for Ogre linux/ppc64
mygui-demos-3.2.2-8.fc29 MyGUI demo executables and media linux/ppc64
mygui-devel-3.2.2-8.fc29 Development files for MyGUI linux/ppc64
mygui-devel-doc-3.2.2-8.fc29 Development documentation for MyGUI linux/noarch
mygui-tools-3.2.2-8.fc29 MyGUI tools linux/ppc64
mypaint-devel-1.2.1-18.fc29 Development files for mypaint linux/ppc64
mysql++-devel-3.2.3-5.fc28 MySQL++ developer files (headers, examples, etc.) linux/ppc64
mysql++-manuals-3.2.3-5.fc28 MySQL++ user and reference manuals linux/ppc64
mysqlreport-3.5-18.fc29 A friendly report of important MySQL status values linux/noarch
mythes-devel-1.2.4-9.fc28 Files for developing with mythes linux/ppc64
nacl-20110221-19.fc29 Networking and Cryptography library linux/ppc64
nacl-devel-20110221-19.fc29 Development files linux/ppc64
nacl-static-20110221-19.fc29 Static version of the NaCl library linux/ppc64
nant-devel-0.92-20.fc29 Development file for nant linux/ppc64
ncl-devel-6.4.0-5.fc29 Development files for NCL and NCAR Graphics linux/ppc64
ncl-examples-6.4.0-5.fc29 Example programs and data using NCL linux/noarch
nco-devel-4.7.5-1.fc29 Development files for NCO linux/ppc64New
nco-static-4.7.5-1.fc29 Static libraries for NCO linux/ppc64New
ncurses-devel-6.1-5.20180224.fc29 Development files for the ncurses library linux/ppc64
ncurses-static-6.1-5.20180224.fc29 Static libraries for the ncurses library linux/ppc64
ndctl-devel-60.3-1.fc29 Development files for libndctl linux/ppc64
ndesk-dbus-devel-0.6.1a-25.fc29 Develpment files for the managed C# implementation of DBus linux/ppc64
ndesk-dbus-glib-0.4.1-26.fc29 Provides glib mainloop integration for ndesk-dbus linux/ppc64
ndesk-dbus-glib-devel-0.4.1-26.fc29 Development files for ndesk-dbus-glib linux/ppc64
nekovm-2.2.0-4.fc29 Neko embedded scripting language and virtual machine linux/ppc64
nekovm-devel-2.2.0-4.fc29 Development files for nekovm linux/ppc64
neon-devel-0.30.2-5.fc29 Development libraries and C header files for the neon library linux/ppc64
nes_ntsc-demos-0.2.2-16.fc29 Examples using nes_ntsc linux/ppc64
nes_ntsc-devel-0.2.2-16.fc29 Development files for nes_ntsc linux/ppc64
nessus-libraries-devel-2.2.11-16.fc29 Development package for nessus-libraries linux/ppc64
net6-1.3.14-16.fc29 A TCP protocol abstraction for library C++ linux/ppc64
net6-devel-1.3.14-16.fc29 Development libraries for net6 linux/ppc64
netbeans-resolver-6.7.1-16.fc28 Resolver subproject of xml-commons patched for NetBeans linux/noarch
netcdf-cxx-devel-4.2-19.fc29 Development files legacy netCDF C++ library linux/ppc64
netcdf-cxx-static-4.2-19.fc29 Static libraries for legacy netCDF C++ library linux/ppc64
netcdf-cxx4-devel-4.3.0-6.fc29 Development files for netCDF-4 C++ API linux/ppc64
netcdf-cxx4-openmpi-4.3.0-6.fc29 NetCDF openmpi libraries linux/ppc64
netcdf-cxx4-openmpi-devel-4.3.0-6.fc29 NetCDF openmpi development files linux/ppc64
netcdf-cxx4-openmpi-static-4.3.0-6.fc29 NetCDF openmpi static libraries linux/ppc64
netcdf-cxx4-static-4.3.0-6.fc29 Static library for netCDF-4 C++ API linux/ppc64
netcdf-devel- Development files for netcdf linux/ppc64
netcdf-fortran-devel-4.4.4-9.fc29 Development files for Fortran NetCDF API linux/ppc64
netcdf-fortran-openmpi-4.4.4-9.fc29 NetCDF Fortran openmpi libraries linux/ppc64
netcdf-fortran-openmpi-devel-4.4.4-9.fc29 NetCDF Fortran openmpi development files linux/ppc64
netcdf-fortran-openmpi-static-4.4.4-9.fc29 NetCDF Fortran openmpi static libraries linux/ppc64
netcdf-fortran-static-4.4.4-9.fc29 Static library for Fortran NetCDF API linux/ppc64
netcdf-mpich- NetCDF mpich libraries linux/ppc64
netcdf-mpich-devel- NetCDF mpich development files linux/ppc64
netcdf-mpich-static- NetCDF mpich static libraries linux/ppc64
netcdf-openmpi- NetCDF openmpi libraries linux/ppc64
netcdf-openmpi-devel- NetCDF openmpi development files linux/ppc64
netcdf-openmpi-static- NetCDF openmpi static libraries linux/ppc64
netcdf-perl-1.2.4-28.fc29 Perl extension module for scientific data access via the netCDF API linux/ppc64
netcdf-static- Static libs for netcdf linux/ppc64
netcf-devel-0.2.8-9.fc29 Development files for netcf linux/ppc64
netresolve-backends-aresdns-0.0.1-0.20.20160317git.fc29 DNS backend for netresolve based on aresdns linux/ppc64
netresolve-backends-avahi-0.0.1-0.20.20160317git.fc29 Multicast DNS backend for netresolve based on libavahi linux/ppc64
netresolve-backends-compat-0.0.1-0.20.20160317git.fc29 Backends for netresolve using existing tools linux/ppc64
netresolve-backends-ubdns-0.0.1-0.20.20160317git.fc29 DNS backend for netresolve based on libunbound linux/ppc64
netresolve-compat-0.0.1-0.20.20160317git.fc29 Compatibility netresolve libraries and tools linux/ppc64
netresolve-core-0.0.1-0.20.20160317git.fc29 Core netresolve libraries linux/ppc64
netresolve-devel-0.0.1-0.20.20160317git.fc29 Development files for netresolve linux/ppc64
netresolve-tools-0.0.1-0.20.20160317git.fc29 Command line tools based on core netresolve libraries linux/ppc64
nettle-3.4-1.fc28 A low-level cryptographic library linux/ppc64
nettle-devel-3.4-1.fc28 Development headers for a low-level cryptographic library linux/ppc64
newt-devel-0.52.20-8.fc29 Newt windowing toolkit development files linux/ppc64
nftables-devel-0.9.0-1.fc29 Development library for nftables / libnftables linux/ppc64New
nilfs-utils-devel-2.2.7-3.fc29 NILFS2 filesystem-specific headers linux/ppc64
nodejs-agent-base-4.1.2-2.fc29 Turn a function into an `http.Agent` instance linux/noarch
nodejs-alter-0.2.0-6.fc29 Alters a string linux/noarch
nodejs-ansidiff-1.0.0-6.fc29 ANSI colored text diffs linux/noarch
nodejs-ast-traverse-0.1.1-6.fc29 Simple but flexible AST traversal linux/noarch
nodejs-base64-js-1.0.2-5.fc29 Base64 encoding/decoding in pure JS linux/noarch
nodejs-bluebird-2.9.12-6.fc29 Full featured Promises/A+ implementation linux/noarch
nodejs-breakable-1.0.0-6.fc29 Break out of functions linux/noarch
nodejs-callsite-1.0.0-11.fc29 Provides access to V8's "raw" CallSites from Node.js linux/noarch
nodejs-caniuse-db-1.0.30000349-5.fc29 Raw browser/feature support data from linux/noarch
nodejs-cls-0.1.5-6.fc29 Class factory linux/noarch
nodejs-cmd-shim-2.0.2-3.fc29 Used to create executable scripts on Windows and Unix linux/noarch
nodejs-connect-livereload-0.4.0-7.fc29 Connect middleware for adding the livereload script to the response linux/noarch
nodejs-core-util-is-1.0.2-4.fc28 The functions introduced in Node v0.12 linux/noarch
nodejs-csscomb-core-2.0.4-7.fc29 Framework for writing postprocessors linux/noarch
nodejs-csslint-0.10.0-6.fc29 CSSLint linux/noarch
nodejs-data-uri-to-buffer-2.0.0-2.fc29 Generate a Buffer instance from a Data URI string linux/noarch
nodejs-debuglog-1.0.1-6.fc28 Backport of util.debuglog from node v0.11 linux/noarch
nodejs-editor-1.0.0-5.fc29 Launch the default text editor from Node.js programs linux/noarch
nodejs-es5-shim-4.1.0-6.fc29 ECMAScript 5 compatibility shims for legacy JavaScript engines linux/noarch ECMAScript parsing infrastructure for multipurpose analysis linux/noarch
nodejs-file-uri-to-path-1.0.0-2.fc29 Convert a file: URI to a file path linux/noarch
nodejs-ftp-0.3.10-5.fc29 An FTP client module for node.js linux/noarch
nodejs-gonzales-pe-3.0.0-0.7.9.fc29 Gonzales Preprocessor Edition (fast CSS parser) linux/noarch
nodejs-graceful-fs-4.1.11-2.fc29 A drop-in replacement for fs, making various improvements linux/noarch
nodejs-grunt-banner-0.3.1-6.fc29 Adds a simple banner to files linux/noarch
nodejs-grunt-contrib-csslint-0.4.0-10.fc29 Lint CSS files linux/noarch
nodejs-grunt-saucelabs-8.6.1-9.fc29 Grunt task running tests using Sauce Labs linux/noarch
nodejs-inherits-2.0.3-3.fc29 A tiny simple way to do classic inheritance in js linux/noarch
nodejs-js-base64-2.1.7-7.fc29 Yet another Base64 transcoder in pure-JS linux/noarch
nodejs-json-stringify-safe-5.0.1-5.fc29 JSON.stringify that handles circular references linux/noarch
nodejs-mkdirp-0.5.1-7.fc29 Recursive directory creation module for Node.js linux/noarch
nodejs-nan0-0.8.0-8.fc29 Native Abstractions for Node.js linux/noarch
nodejs-netmask-1.0.6-2.fc29 Parse and lookup IP network blocks linux/noarch
nodejs-npm-user-validate-0.1.2-5.fc29 Username, password, and e-mail validation for the npm registry linux/noarch
nodejs-open-0.0.5-7.fc29 Open a file or url in the user's preferred application linux/noarch
nodejs-parserlib-0.2.5-6.fc29 CSS3 SAX-inspired parser linux/noarch
nodejs-portscanner-1.0.0-8.fc29 Asynchronous port scanner for Node.js linux/noarch
nodejs-rainbowsocks-0.1.2-6.fc29 SOCKS4a proxy client linux/noarch
nodejs-read-1.0.7-5.fc29 An implementation of read(1) for node programs linux/noarch
nodejs-request-2.67.0-10.fc29 Simplified HTTP request client linux/noarch
nodejs-sauce-tunnel-2.2.3-7.fc29 A wrapper around the Sauce Labs tunnel jar linux/noarch
nodejs-saucelabs-0.1.1-7.fc29 A wrapper around Sauce Labs REST API linux/noarch
nodejs-sha-2.0.1-5.fc29 Check and get file hashes linux/noarch
nodejs-simple-fmt-0.1.0-6.fc29 Maximally minimal string formatting library linux/noarch
nodejs-simple-is-0.2.0-6.fc29 Maximally minimal type-testing library linux/noarch
nodejs-stable-0.1.5-6.fc29 A stable array sort for JavaScript linux/noarch
nodejs-string-3.1.1-5.fc29 Enhancements to the vanilla JavasScript string linux/noarch
nodejs-stringmap-0.2.2-6.fc29 Fast and robust stringmap linux/noarch
nodejs-stringset-0.2.1-6.fc29 Fast and robust stringset linux/noarch
nodejs-strip-path-1.0.0-7.fc29 Strip a path from a path linux/noarch
nodejs-supports-color-4.4.0-2.fc29 Detect whether a terminal supports color linux/noarch
nodejs-thunkify-2.1.2-6.fc29 Turn callbacks, arrays, generators, and more into thunks linux/noarch
nodejs-tryor-0.1.2-6.fc29 Return fn() or default value (in case of exception) linux/noarch
nodejs-tunnel-agent-0.4.2-5.fc29 HTTP proxy tunneling agent linux/noarch
nodejs-vow-0.4.9-6.fc29 Promises/A+ proposal compatible promises library linux/noarch
nodejs-vow-fs-0.3.4-5.fc29 File I/O by Vow linux/noarch
nodejs-vow-queue-0.4.1-6.fc29 Vow-based task queue linux/noarch
nodejs-window-size-0.1.0-7.fc29 Get the height and width of the terminal in a node.js environment linux/noarch
nodejs-xregexp-2.0.0-6.fc29 Extended JavaScript regular expressions linux/noarch
nodejs-yargs-3.2.1-8.fc29 Light-weight option parsing with an argv hash linux/noarch
non-ntk-devel-1.3.0-0.14.20130730gitd006352.fc29 Development files for the non-ntk GUI library linux/ppc64
nopaste-1.011-2.fc28 Access pastebins from the command line linux/noarch
not-yet-commons-ssl-0.3.17-4.fc26 Library to make SSL and Java Easier linux/noarch
notify-sharp-devel-0.4.1-0.4.20130131git28d2f65.fc29 Development files for notify-sharp linux/ppc64
notify-sharp3-devel-3.0.3-7.fc29 Development files for notify-sharp linux/ppc64
notmuch-devel-0.27-1.fc29 Development libraries and header files for the Notmuch library linux/ppc64New
notmuch-mutt-0.27-1.fc29 Notmuch (of a) helper for Mutt linux/noarchNew
nspr-devel-4.19.0-1.fc29 Development libraries for the Netscape Portable Runtime linux/ppc64
nss-devel-3.37.3-3.fc29 Development libraries for Network Security Services linux/ppc64New
nss-pkcs11-devel-3.37.3-3.fc29 Development libraries for PKCS #11 (Cryptoki) using NSS linux/ppc64New
nss-softokn-devel-3.37.3-3.fc29 Development libraries for Network Security Services linux/ppc64New
nss-util-devel-3.37.3-2.fc29 Development libraries for Network Security Services Utilities linux/ppc64
ntfs-3g-devel-2017.3.23-6.fc29 Development files and libraries for ntfs-3g linux/ppc64
nuget-2.8.7-6.fc29 Package manager for .Net/Mono development platform linux/ppc64
nuget-devel-2.8.7-6.fc29 Development files for nuget linux/ppc64
nunit-3.7.1-5.fc29 Unit test framework for CLI linux/ppc64
nunit-devel-3.7.1-5.fc29 Development files for NUnit linux/ppc64
nut-devel-2.7.4-17.fc29 Development files for NUT Client linux/ppc64
nuxwdog-devel-1.0.3-14.fc29 Development files for the Nuxwdog Watchdog linux/ppc64
nvidia-texture-tools-devel-2.0.8-18.fc29 Development libraries/headers for nvidia-texture-tools linux/ppc64
nx-libs-devel- Include files and libraries for NX development linux/ppc64
nx-proto-devel- Include files for NX development linux/ppc64
obby-0.4.8-16.fc29 A library which provides synced document buffers linux/ppc64
obby-devel-0.4.8-16.fc29 Development libraries for obby linux/ppc64
ocaml-SDL-devel-0.9.1-26.fc29 Development files for ocamlSDL linux/ppc64
ocaml-augeas-devel-0.5-28.fc29 Development files for ocaml-augeas linux/ppc64
ocaml-autoconf-1.1-16.fc29 Autoconf macros for OCaml linux/noarch
ocaml-benchmark-devel-1.5-1.fc29 Development files for ocaml-benchmark linux/ppc64
ocaml-bisect-devel-1.3-23.fc29 Development files for ocaml-bisect linux/ppc64
ocaml-camlimages-devel-4.2.5-4.fc28 Development files for camlimages linux/ppc64
ocaml-camlp5-devel-7.03-3.fc29 Development files for ocaml-camlp5 linux/ppc64
ocaml-curl-devel-0.7.9-11.fc28 Development files for ocaml-curl linux/ppc64
ocaml-dbus-devel-0.30-13.fc29 Development files for ocaml-dbus linux/ppc64
ocaml-deriving-devel-0.1.2-12.fc29 Development files for ocaml-deriving linux/ppc64
ocaml-facile-devel-1.1-46.fc29 Development files for ocaml-facile linux/ppc64
ocaml-gen-devel-0.5.1-1.fc28 Development files for ocaml-gen linux/ppc64
ocaml-lablgtk-devel-2.18.6-5.fc28 Development files for ocaml-lablgtk linux/ppc64
ocaml-lacaml-9.3.2-3.fc29 BLAS/LAPACK-interface for OCaml linux/ppc64
ocaml-lacaml-devel-9.3.2-3.fc29 Development files for ocaml-lacaml linux/ppc64
ocaml-migrate-parsetree-devel-1.0.10-1.fc29 Development files for ocaml-migrate-parsetree linux/ppc64
ocaml-oasis-devel-0.4.11-1.fc29 Development files for ocaml-oasis linux/ppc64
ocaml-plplot-5.12.0-10.fc29 Functions for scientific plotting with OCaml linux/ppc64
ocaml-plplot-devel-5.12.0-10.fc29 Development files for PLplot OCaml linux/ppc64
ocaml-ppx-tools-versioned-devel-5.1-1.fc29 Development files for ocaml-ppx-tools-versioned linux/ppc64
ocaml-preludeml-devel-0.1-0.49.20100314.fc29 Development files for ocaml-preludeml linux/ppc64
ocaml-ptmap-devel-2.0.3-2.fc29 Development files for ocaml-ptmap linux/ppc64
ocaml-qcheck-devel-0.8-3.fc29 Development files for ocaml-qcheck linux/ppc64
ocaml-qtest-devel-2.9-1.fc29 Development files for ocaml-qtest linux/ppc64
ocaml-rope-devel-0.6.1-2.fc29 Development files for ocaml-rope linux/ppc64
ocaml-sedlex-devel-1.99.4-1.fc28 Development files for ocaml-sedlex linux/ppc64
ocaml-sha-devel-1.12-1.fc29 Development files for ocaml-sha linux/ppc64
ocaml-sqlite-devel-4.0.6-10.fc29 Development files for ocaml-sqlite linux/ppc64
ocaml-xml-light-2.3-0.28.svn234.fc29 Minimal XML parser and printer for OCaml linux/ppc64
ocaml-xml-light-devel-2.3-0.28.svn234.fc29 Development files for ocaml-xml-light linux/ppc64
ocaml-xmlrpc-light-devel-0.6.1-43.fc29 Development files for ocaml-xmlrpc-light linux/ppc64
ocaml-zip-devel-1.06-10.fc29 Development files for ocaml-zip linux/ppc64
ocamldsort-0.16.0-8.fc28 Dependency sorter for OCaml source files linux/ppc64
octave-devel-4.2.2-2.fc29 Development headers and files for Octave linux/ppc64
ode-devel-0.14-7.fc29 Development files for ode linux/ppc64
ode-double-0.14-7.fc29 Ode physics library compiled with double precision linux/ppc64
ogdi-devel-3.2.1-1.fc29 OGDI header files and documentation linux/ppc64
ogre-devel-1.9.0-23.fc29 Ogre header files and documentation linux/ppc64
ois-devel-1.3.0-15.fc29 Development files for ois linux/ppc64
ompl-devel-1.3.2-2.fc28 Development files for ompl linux/ppc64
oniguruma-devel-6.8.2-1.fc29 Development files for oniguruma linux/ppc64
opal-devel-3.10.10-9.fc23 Development package for opal linux/ppc64
openCOLLADA-devel-1.6.62-2.fc29 Include files for openCOLLADA development linux/ppc64
openbabel-devel-2.4.1-11.fc29 Development tools for programs which will use the Open Babel library linux/ppc64
openblas-0.3.0-2.fc29 An optimized BLAS library based on GotoBLAS2 linux/ppc64New
openblas-Rblas-0.3.0-2.fc29 A version of OpenBLAS for R to use as libRblas linux/ppc64New
openblas-devel-0.3.0-2.fc29 Development headers and libraries for OpenBLAS linux/ppc64New
openblas-openmp-0.3.0-2.fc29 An optimized BLAS library based on GotoBLAS2, OpenMP version linux/ppc64New
openblas-openmp64-0.3.0-2.fc29 An optimized BLAS library based on GotoBLAS2, OpenMP version linux/ppc64New
openblas-openmp64_-0.3.0-2.fc29 An optimized BLAS library based on GotoBLAS2, OpenMP version linux/ppc64New
openblas-serial-0.3.0-2.fc29 An optimized BLAS library based on GotoBLAS2, serial version linux/ppc64New
openblas-serial64-0.3.0-2.fc29 An optimized BLAS library based on GotoBLAS2, serial version linux/ppc64New
openblas-serial64_-0.3.0-2.fc29 An optimized BLAS library based on GotoBLAS2, serial version linux/ppc64New
openblas-srpm-macros-2-3.fc29 OpenBLAS architecture macros linux/noarch
openblas-static-0.3.0-2.fc29 Static version of OpenBLAS linux/ppc64New
openblas-threads-0.3.0-2.fc29 An optimized BLAS library based on GotoBLAS2, pthreads version linux/ppc64New
openblas-threads64-0.3.0-2.fc29 An optimized BLAS library based on GotoBLAS2, pthreads version linux/ppc64New
openblas-threads64_-0.3.0-2.fc29 An optimized BLAS library based on GotoBLAS2, pthreads version linux/ppc64New
openbox-devel-3.6.1-9.fc29 Development files for openbox linux/ppc64
openbox-libs-3.6.1-9.fc29 Shared libraries for openbox linux/ppc64
opencc-devel-1.0.3-7.fc29 Development files for OpenCC linux/ppc64
openchange-devel-2.3-23.fc29 Developer tools for OpenChange libraries linux/ppc64
openchange-devel-docs-2.3-23.fc29 Developer documentation for OpenChange libraries linux/noarch
opencryptoki-devel-3.10.0-1.fc29 Development files for openCryptoki linux/ppc64New
opencsg-devel-1.4.2-6.fc29 OpenCSG development files linux/ppc64
opendbx-1.4.6-17.fc29 Lightweight but extensible database access library written in C linux/ppc64
opendbx-devel-1.4.6-17.fc29 Development files for opendbx linux/ppc64
opendbx-firebird-1.4.6-17.fc29 Firebird backend - provides firebird support in opendbx linux/ppc64
opendbx-mssql-1.4.6-17.fc29 MSSQL backend - provides mssql support in opendbx linux/ppc64
opendbx-mysql-1.4.6-17.fc29 MySQL backend - provides mysql support in opendbx linux/ppc64
opendbx-postgresql-1.4.6-17.fc29 PostgreSQL backend - provides postgresql support in opendbx linux/ppc64
opendbx-sqlite-1.4.6-17.fc29 SQLite 3 backend - provides sqlite3 support in opendbx linux/ppc64
opendbx-sqlite2-1.4.6-17.fc29 SQLite 2 backend - provides sqlite2 support in opendbx linux/ppc64
opendbx-sybase-1.4.6-17.fc29 Sybase backend - provides sybase support in opendbx linux/ppc64
openhpi-devel-3.8.0-1.fc29 The development environment for the OpenHPI project linux/ppc64
openlibm-devel-0.5.3-6.fc29 High quality system independent, open source libm linux/ppc64
openmpi-2.1.1-10.fc29 Open Message Passing Interface linux/ppc64
openmpi-devel-2.1.1-10.fc29 Development files for openmpi linux/ppc64
openmpi-java-2.1.1-10.fc29 Java library linux/ppc64
openmpi-java-devel-2.1.1-10.fc29 Java development files for openmpi linux/ppc64
openpgm-devel-5.2.122-12.fc29 Development files for openpgm linux/ppc64
openprops-0.8.5-2.fc29 An improved java.util.Properties from OpenJDK linux/noarch
opensaml-java-openws-1.5.5-6.fc28 Java OpenWS library linux/noarch
openscap-devel-1.2.17-1.fc29 Development files for openscap linux/ppc64
openscap-engine-sce-devel-1.2.17-1.fc29 Development files for openscap-engine-sce linux/ppc64
openscap-perl-1.2.17-1.fc29 Perl bindings for openscap linux/ppc64
openscap-python3-1.2.17-1.fc29 Python 3 bindings for openscap linux/ppc64
opensm-devel-3.3.20-8.fc28 Development files for the opensm-libs libraries linux/ppc64
opensm-static-3.3.20-8.fc28 Static version of the opensm libraries linux/ppc64
opensp-devel-1.5.2-28.fc29 Files for developing applications that use OpenSP linux/ppc64New
openspecfun-devel-0.5.3-7.fc28 Library providing a collection of special mathematical functions linux/ppc64
openssl-devel-1.1.0h-4.fc29 Files for development of applications which will use OpenSSL linux/ppc64
openssl-static-1.1.0h-4.fc29 Libraries for static linking of applications which will use OpenSSL linux/ppc64
openstack-java-ceilometer-client-3.1.3-1.fc29 OpenStack Java Ceilometer Client linux/noarchNew
openstack-java-ceilometer-model-3.1.3-1.fc29 OpenStack Java Ceilometer Model linux/noarchNew
openstack-java-cinder-client-3.1.3-1.fc29 OpenStack Java Cinder Client linux/noarchNew
openstack-java-cinder-model-3.1.3-1.fc29 OpenStack Java Cinder Model linux/noarchNew
openstack-java-client-3.1.3-1.fc29 OpenStack Java Client linux/noarchNew
openstack-java-glance-client-3.1.3-1.fc29 OpenStack Java Glance Client linux/noarchNew
openstack-java-glance-model-3.1.3-1.fc29 OpenStack Java Glance Model linux/noarchNew
openstack-java-keystone-client-3.1.3-1.fc29 OpenStack Java Keystone Client linux/noarchNew
openstack-java-keystone-model-3.1.3-1.fc29 OpenStack Java Keystone Model linux/noarchNew
openstack-java-nova-client-3.1.3-1.fc29 OpenStack Java Nova Client linux/noarchNew
openstack-java-nova-model-3.1.3-1.fc29 OpenStack Java Nova Model linux/noarchNew
openstack-java-quantum-client-3.1.3-1.fc29 OpenStack Java Quantum Client linux/noarchNew
openstack-java-quantum-model-3.1.3-1.fc29 OpenStack Java Quantum Model linux/noarchNew
openstack-java-resteasy-connector-3.1.3-1.fc29 OpenStack Java RESTEasy Connector linux/noarchNew
openstack-java-swift-client-3.1.3-1.fc29 OpenStack Java Swift Client linux/noarchNew
openstack-java-swift-model-3.1.3-1.fc29 OpenStack Java Swift Model linux/noarchNew
openvas-libraries-devel-9.0.2-2.fc29 Development files for openvas-libraries linux/ppc64
oprofile-devel-1.2.0-5.fc28 Header files and libraries for developing apps which will use oprofile linux/ppc64
orange-devel-0.4-16.fc28 Files needed for software development with orange linux/ppc64
orc-compiler-0.4.28-2.fc28 Orc compiler linux/ppc64
orc-devel-0.4.28-2.fc28 Development files and libraries for Orc linux/ppc64
ortp-devel-0.23.0-2.fc23 Development libraries for ortp linux/ppc64
osm-gps-map-devel-1.1.0-2.fc29 Development files for the osm-gps-map Gtk+ widget linux/ppc64
ostree-devel-2018.5-1.fc29 Development headers for ostree linux/ppc64
ostree-grub2-2018.5-1.fc29 GRUB2 integration for OSTree linux/ppc64
ostree-libs-2018.5-1.fc29 Development headers for ostree linux/ppc64
otf2-devel-2.1.1-1.fc29 Development files for otf2 linux/ppc64
ots-devel-0.5.0-16.fc28 Libraries and include files for developing with libots linux/ppc64
ots-libs-0.5.0-16.fc28 Shared libraries for ots linux/ppc64
ovirt-engine-cli- oVirt Engine Command Line Interface linux/noarch
ovirt-engine-sdk-java- oVirt Engine Software Development Kit (Java) linux/noarch
oz-0.16.0-4.fc29 Library and utilities for automated guest OS installs linux/noarch
p11-remote-0.3-4.fc28 Remoting of PKCS#11 modules across sessions linux/ppc64
pacemaker-libs-devel-2.0.0-0.1.rc5.fc29 Pacemaker development package linux/ppc64
paflib-devel-0.3.0-5.fc28 Header files for paflib linux/ppc64
pakchois-devel-0.4-17.fc28 Development library and C header files for the pakchois library linux/ppc64
pam-devel-1.3.1-2.fc29 Files needed for developing PAM-aware applications and modules for PAM linux/ppc64New
pam_oath-2.6.1-6.fc28 A PAM module for pluggable login authentication for OATH linux/ppc64
pangomm-devel-2.40.1-5.fc28 Headers for developing programs that will use pangomm linux/ppc64
paps-devel-0.6.8-41.fc28 Development files for paps linux/ppc64
paps-libs-0.6.8-41.fc28 Libraries for paps linux/ppc64
parole-devel-1.0.1-1.fc29 Development files for parole linux/ppc64
parrot-8.1.0-11.fc29 A virtual machine linux/ppc64
parrot-devel-8.1.0-11.fc29 Parrot Virtual Machine development headers and libraries linux/ppc64
parrot-tools-8.1.0-11.fc29 Parrot Virtual Machine development for languages linux/ppc64
parted-devel-3.2-33.fc29 Files for developing apps which will manipulate disk partitions linux/ppc64New
passwdqc-devel-1.3.0-11.fc28 Development files for building passwdqc-aware applications linux/ppc64
passwdqc-lib-1.3.0-11.fc28 Libraries for building passwdqc-aware applications linux/ppc64
pciutils-devel-3.5.6-4.fc29 Linux PCI development library linux/ppc64
pcmanfm-devel-1.3.0-1.fc29 Development files for pcmanfm linux/ppc64
pcp-devel-4.1.0-2.fc29 Performance Co-Pilot (PCP) development tools and documentation linux/ppc64New
pcp-libs-devel-4.1.0-2.fc29 Performance Co-Pilot (PCP) development headers linux/ppc64New
pcp-pmda-cpp-devel-0.4.4-2.fc29 Development headers for the PMDA++ library linux/ppc64
pcp-pmda-cpp-examples-0.4.4-2.fc29 Examples for the PMDA++ library linux/ppc64
pcp-system-tools-4.1.0-2.fc29 Performance Co-Pilot (PCP) System and Monitoring Tools linux/ppc64New
pcp-testsuite-4.1.0-2.fc29 Performance Co-Pilot (PCP) test suite linux/ppc64New
pcsc-lite-devel-1.8.23-2.fc28 PC/SC Lite development files linux/ppc64
pcsc-perl-1.4.14-7.fc28 Perl interface to the PC/SC smart card library linux/ppc64
pdc-client-1.8.0-6.fc29 Console client for interacting with Product Definition Center linux/noarch
pdf-tools-0.31-5.fc28 Manipulate PDF files linux/noarch
perl-AWS-Signature4-1.02-3.fc28 Create a version4 signature for Amazon Web Services linux/noarch
perl-Ace-1.92-28.fc28 Perl module for interfacing with ACE bioinformatics databases linux/noarch
perl-Algorithm-Annotate-0.10-30.fc28 Represent a series of changes in annotate form linux/noarch
perl-Algorithm-C3-0.10-10.fc28 Module for merging hierarchies using the C3 algorithm linux/noarch
perl-Algorithm-CheckDigits-1.3.2-6.fc28.1 Perl extension to generate and test check digits linux/noarch
perl-Algorithm-Cron-0.10-9.fc28 Abstract implementation of the cron(8) scheduling algorithm linux/noarch
perl-Algorithm-Diff-1.1903-9.fc28 Compute `intelligent' differences between two files/lists linux/noarch
perl-Algorithm-LUHN-1.02-7.fc28 Calculate the Modulus 10 Double Add Double checksum linux/noarch
perl-Alien-Packages-0.003-8.fc28 Find information of installed packages linux/noarch
perl-Alien-SDL-1.446-10.fc28 Building, finding and using SDL binaries linux/noarch
perl-Alien-ZMQ-0.06-6.fc29 Find and install libzmq library linux/noarch
perl-Alien-wxWidgets-0.69-5.fc28 Building, finding and using wxWidgets binaries linux/ppc64
perl-AnyData-0.12-9.fc28 Easy access to data in many formats linux/noarch
perl-AnyEvent-7.14-4.fc28 Framework for multiple event loops linux/ppc64
perl-AnyEvent-AIO-1.1-23.fc28 Truly asynchronous file and directrory I/O linux/noarch
perl-AnyEvent-CacheDNS-0.08-9.fc28 Simple DNS resolver with caching linux/noarch
perl-AnyEvent-HTTP-2.23-5.fc28 Simple but non-blocking HTTP/HTTPS client linux/noarch
perl-AnyEvent-Handle-UDP-0.049-1.fc29 Client/server UDP handles for AnyEvent linux/noarch
perl-AnyEvent-XMPP-0.55-11.fc28 Implementation of the XMPP Protocol linux/noarch
perl-Apache-DBI-1.12-13.fc28 Persistent database connections with Apache/mod_perl linux/noarch
perl-Apache-Htpasswd-1.9-14.fc28 Manage Unix crypt-style password file linux/noarch
perl-Apache-LogFormat-Compiler-0.35-4.fc28 Compile a log format string to perl-code linux/noarch
perl-Apache-RPC-0.80-8.fc28 Companion packages for RPC::XML tuned for mod_perl environments linux/noarch
perl-Apache-Reload-0.13-7.fc28 Reload changed Perl modules linux/noarch
perl-Apache-Session-1.93-10.fc28 Persistence framework for session data linux/noarch
perl-Apache-Session-NoSQL-0.2-7.fc28 NoSQL implementation of Apache::Session linux/noarch
perl-Apache-Session-Redis-0.2-7.fc28 Redis driver for Apache::Session::NoSQL linux/noarch
perl-Apache-Session-Wrapper-0.34-20.fc28 A simple wrapper around Apache::Session linux/noarch
perl-Apache2-SOAP-0.73-25.fc28 A replacement for Apache::SOAP designed to work with mod_perl 2 linux/noarch
perl-App-Asciio-1.51.3-8.fc28 Asciio back-end libraries linux/noarch
perl-App-Daemon-0.22-9.fc28 Start an Application as a Daemon linux/noarch
perl-App-DuckDuckGo-0.008-10.fc28 Application class used to query from the command line linux/noarch
perl-App-FatPacker-0.010007-5.fc28 Pack dependencies onto a script file linux/noarch
perl-App-GitHooks-1.9.0-4.fc28 Extensible plugins system for git hooks linux/noarch
perl-App-Rad-1.05-6.fc28 Rapid creation of command line applications linux/noarch
perl-App-SVN-Bisect-1.1-19.fc28 Binary search through svn revisions linux/noarch
perl-App-cpanminus-1.7044-1.fc29 Get, unpack, build and install CPAN modules linux/noarch
perl-App-grindperl-0.004-7.fc28 Command-line tool to help build and test blead perl linux/noarch
perl-App-mymeta_requires-0.006-5.fc28 Extract module requirements from MYMETA files linux/noarch
perl-App-p-0.0400-7.fc28 Steroids for your perl one-liners linux/noarch
perl-AppConfig-Std-1.10-7.fc28 Provides standard configuration options linux/noarch
perl-Archive-Any-0.0945-6.fc28 Single interface to deal with file archives linux/noarch
perl-Archive-Any-Create-0.03-7.fc28 Abstract API to create archives (tar, tar.gz and zip) linux/noarch
perl-Archive-Extract-0.80-5.fc28 Generic archive extracting mechanism linux/noarch
perl-Archive-Extract-Z-Compress-Zlib-0.80-5.fc28 Z decompressor for perl-Archive-Extract via Compress::Zlib linux/noarch
perl-Archive-Extract-Z-uncompress-0.80-5.fc28 Z decompressor for perl-Archive-Extract via uncompress linux/noarch
perl-Archive-Extract-bz2-IO-Uncompress-Bunzip2-0.80-5.fc28 Bzip2 decompressor for perl-Archive-Extract via IO::Uncompress::Bunzip2 linux/noarch
perl-Archive-Extract-bz2-bunzip2-0.80-5.fc28 Bzip2 decompressor for perl-Archive-Extract via bunzip2 linux/noarch
perl-Archive-Extract-gz-Compress-Zlib-0.80-5.fc28 Gzip decompressor for perl-Archive-Extract via Compress::Zlib linux/noarch
perl-Archive-Extract-gz-gzip-0.80-5.fc28 Gzip decompressor for perl-Archive-Extract via gzip linux/noarch
perl-Archive-Extract-lzma-Compress-unLZMA-0.80-5.fc28 Lzma decompressor for perl-Archive-Extract via Compress::unLZMA linux/noarch
perl-Archive-Extract-lzma-IO-Uncompress-UnLzma-0.80-5.fc28 Lzma decompressor for perl-Archive-Extract via IO::Uncompress::UnLzma linux/noarch
perl-Archive-Extract-lzma-unlzma-0.80-5.fc28 Lzma decompressor for perl-Archive-Extract via unlzma linux/noarch
perl-Archive-Extract-tar-Archive-Tar-0.80-5.fc28 Tar decompressor for perl-Archive-Extract via Archive::Tar linux/noarch
perl-Archive-Extract-tar-tar-0.80-5.fc28 Tar decompressor for perl-Archive-Extract via tar linux/noarch
perl-Archive-Extract-tbz-Archive-Tar-IO-Uncompress-Bunzip2-0.80-5.fc28 Bzipped-tar decompressor for perl-Archive-Extract via Archive::Tar and IO::Uncompress::Bunzip2 linux/noarch
perl-Archive-Extract-tbz-tar-bunzip2-0.80-5.fc28 Bzipped-tar decompressor for perl-Archive-Extract via tar an bunzip2 linux/noarch
perl-Archive-Extract-tgz-Archive-Tar-Compress-Zlib-0.80-5.fc28 Gzipped-tar decompressor for perl-Archive-Extract via Archive::Tar and Compress::Zlib linux/noarch
perl-Archive-Extract-tgz-Archive-Tar-IO-Zlib-0.80-5.fc28 Gzipped-tar decompressor for perl-Archive-Extract via Archive::Tar and IO::Zlib linux/noarch
perl-Archive-Extract-tgz-tar-gzip-0.80-5.fc28 Gzipped-tar decompressor for perl-Archive-Extract via tar and gzip linux/noarch
perl-Archive-Extract-txz-Archive-Tar-IO-Uncompress-UnXz-0.80-5.fc28 Xzed-tar decompressor for perl-Archive-Extract via Archive::Tar and IO::Uncompress::UnXz linux/noarch
perl-Archive-Extract-txz-tar-unxz-0.80-5.fc28 Xzed-tar decompressor for perl-Archive-Extract via tar and unxz linux/noarch
perl-Archive-Extract-xz-IO-Uncompress-UnXz-0.80-5.fc28 Xz decompressor for perl-Archive-Extract via IO::Uncompress::UnXz linux/noarch
perl-Archive-Extract-xz-unxz-0.80-5.fc28 Xz decompressor for perl-Archive-Extract via unxz linux/noarch
perl-Archive-Extract-zip-Archive-Zip-0.80-5.fc28 ZIP decompressor for perl-Archive-Extract via Archive::Zip linux/noarch
perl-Archive-Extract-zip-unzip-0.80-5.fc28 ZIP decompressor for perl-Archive-Extract via unzip linux/noarch
perl-Archive-Peek-0.35-12.fc28 Peek into archives without extracting them linux/noarch
perl-Archive-RPM-0.07-18.fc28 Work with a RPM linux/noarch
perl-Array-Diff-0.07-26.fc28 Find the differences between two arrays linux/noarch
perl-Array-Unique-0.08-10.fc28 Tie-able array that allows only unique values linux/noarch
perl-Astro-FITS-CFITSIO-1.11-9.fc29 Perl extension for using the cfitsio library linux/ppc64
perl-Astro-SunTime-0.06-2.fc28 Calculates sun rise/set times linux/noarch
perl-Audio-Beep-0.11-21.fc28 Audio::Beep Perl module linux/noarch
perl-AuthCAS-1.7-5.fc28 Client library for CAS 2.0 authentication server linux/noarch
perl-Authen-Credential-1.1-8.fc28 Abstraction of a credential linux/noarch
perl-Authen-DigestMD5-0.04-28.fc28 SASL DIGEST-MD5 authentication (RFC2831) linux/noarch
perl-Authen-Krb5-1.9-23.fc28 Krb5 Perl module linux/ppc64
perl-Authen-Krb5-Admin-0.17-18.fc28 Perl extension for MIT Kerberos 5 admin interface linux/ppc64
perl-Authen-SASL-2.16-13.fc28 SASL Authentication framework for Perl linux/noarch
perl-Authen-SASL-SASLprep-1.100-5.fc28 Stringprep profile for user names and passwords (RFC 4013) linux/noarch
perl-Authen-Simple-0.5-17.fc28 Simple Authentication linux/noarch
perl-Authen-Simple-Passwd-0.6-20.fc28 Simple Passwd authentication linux/noarch
perl-B-Compiling-0.06-11.fc28 Expose PL_compiling to perl linux/ppc64
perl-B-Hooks-Parser-0.19-5.fc28 Interface to perl's parser variables linux/ppc64
perl-B-Lint-1.20-11.fc28 Perl lint linux/noarch
perl-B-Utils-0.27-9.fc28 Helper functions for op tree manipulation linux/ppc64
perl-BackPAN-Index-0.42-13.fc28 Interface to the BackPAN index linux/noarch
perl-Barcode-Code128-2.21-7.fc28 Generate CODE 128 bar codes linux/noarch
perl-Beanstalk-Client-1.07-14.fc28 Client class to talk to a beanstalkd server linux/noarch
perl-BerkeleyDB-0.55-11.fc28 Interface to Berkeley DB linux/ppc64
perl-Best-0.15-15.fc28 Fallbackable module loader linux/noarch
perl-BibTeX-Parser-1.02-1.fc29 Pure Perl BibTeX parser linux/noarch
perl-Biblio-EndnoteStyle-0.06-5.fc28 Reference formatting using Endnote-like templates linux/noarch
perl-Bisect-Perl-UsingGit-0.33-17.fc28 Help you to bisect Perl linux/noarch
perl-Bit-Vector-7.4-11.fc28 Efficient bit vector, set of integers and "big int" math library linux/ppc64
perl-Boost-Geometry-Utils-0.15-19.fc29 Boost::Geometry::Utils Perl module linux/ppc64
perl-Boulder-1.30-30.fc28 An API for hierarchical tag/value structures linux/noarch
perl-Browser-Open-0.04-18.fc28 Open a browser in a given URL linux/noarch
perl-Business-CreditCard-0.36-5.fc28 Validate/generate credit card check-sums/names linux/noarch
perl-Business-Hours-0.12-13.fc28 Calculate business hours in a time period linux/noarch
perl-Business-ISBN-3.004-4.fc28 Perl module to work with International Standard Book Numbers linux/noarch
perl-Business-ISBN-Data-20140910.003-7.fc28 The data pack for Business::ISBN linux/noarch
perl-Business-ISMN-1.131-5.fc28 Perl library for International Standard Music Numbers linux/noarch
perl-Business-ISSN-1.003-1.fc29 Perl library for International Standard Serial Numbers linux/noarch
perl-Business-PayPal-API-0.77-2.fc28 PayPal API linux/noarch
perl-Business-Stripe-0.06-5.fc28 Interface for Stripe payment system linux/noarch
perl-Bytes-Random-Secure-0.29-7.fc28 Perl extension to generate cryptographically-secure random bytes linux/noarch
perl-CAD-Format-STL-0.2.1-15.fc28 Read and Write STL (STereo Lithography) format files linux/noarch
perl-CDB_File-0.99-6.fc28 Perl extension for access to cdb databases linux/ppc64
perl-CDDB-1.222-7.fc28 CDDB Perl module linux/noarch
perl-CDDB_get-2.28-14.fc28 Read the CDDB entry for an audio CD in your drive linux/noarch
perl-CGI-4.38-2.fc28 Handle Common Gateway Interface requests and responses linux/noarch
perl-CGI-Application-4.61-1.fc29 Framework for building reusable web-applications linux/noarch
perl-CGI-Application-Dispatch-3.12-15.fc28 Dispatch requests to CGI::Application based objects linux/noarch
perl-CGI-Application-FastCGI-0.02-22.fc28 For using CGI::Application under FastCGI linux/noarch
perl-CGI-Application-Plugin-DBIx-Class-1.000101-13.fc28 Access a DBIx::Class Schema from a CGI::Application linux/noarch
perl-CGI-Application-Plugin-RequireSSL-0.04-18.fc28 Force SSL in specified pages or modules linux/noarch
perl-CGI-Application-Plugin-ValidateRM-2.5-14.fc28 Help validate CGI::Application run modes using Data::FormValidator linux/noarch
perl-CGI-Application-Structured-Tools-0.015-16.fc28 Tools to generate and maintain CGI::Application::Structured based web apps linux/noarch
perl-CGI-Deurl-XS-0.08-10.fc28 Fast decoder for URL parameter strings linux/ppc64
perl-CGI-FastTemplate-1.09-28.fc28 Perl extension for managing templates and performing variable interpolation linux/noarch
perl-CGI-PSGI-0.15-19.fc28 Enable your aware applications to adapt PSGI protocol linux/noarch
perl-CGI-Prototype-0.9054-18.fc28 Create a CGI application by subclassing linux/noarch
perl-CGI-Session-4.48-11.fc28 Persistent session data in CGI applications linux/noarch
perl-CGI-Session-Driver-memcached-0.04-18.fc28 CGI::Session driver for memcached linux/noarch
perl-CGI-SpeedyCGI-2.22-33.fc28 Speed up perl scripts by running them persistently linux/ppc64
perl-CGI-Untaint-1.26-30.fc28 Process CGI input parameters linux/noarch
perl-CGI-Untaint-date-1.00-32.fc28 Validate a date linux/noarch
perl-CGI-Untaint-email-0.03-30.fc28 Validate an email address linux/noarch
perl-CLASS-1.00-22.fc28 Alias for __PACKAGE__ linux/noarch
perl-CPAN-Changes-0.400002-7.fc28 Read and write Changes files linux/noarch
perl-CPAN-Checksums-2.12-5.fc28 Write a CHECKSUMS file for a directory as on CPAN linux/noarch
perl-CPAN-DistnameInfo-0.12-11.fc28 Extract distribution name and version from a distribution filename linux/noarch
perl-CPAN-Inject-1.14-18.fc28 Base class for injecting distributions into CPAN sources linux/noarch
perl-CPAN-Meta-Requirements-2.140-396.fc28 Set of version requirements for a CPAN dist linux/noarch
perl-CPAN-Mini-1.111016-10.fc28 Create a minimal mirror of CPAN linux/noarch
perl-CPAN-Reporter-1.2018-5.fc28 Adds CPAN Testers reporting to linux/noarch
perl-CPAN-Uploader-0.103013-5.fc28 Upload things to the CPAN linux/noarch
perl-CPS-0.18-11.fc28 CPS Perl module linux/noarch
perl-CSS-1.09-12.fc28 Object oriented access to Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) linux/noarch
perl-CSS-Minifier-0.01-25.fc28 Remove unnecessary whitespace from CSS files linux/noarch
perl-CSS-Minifier-XS-0.09-14.fc29 XS based CSS minifier linux/ppc64
perl-CSS-Tiny-1.20-6.fc28 Read/Write .css files with as little code as possible linux/noarch
perl-Cache-Cache-1.08-9.fc28 Generic cache interface and implementations linux/noarch
perl-Cache-FastMmap-1.47-1.fc29 Uses an mmap'ed file to act as a shared memory interprocess cache linux/ppc64
perl-Cache-LRU-0.04-7.fc28 Simple, fast implementation of LRU cache in pure Perl linux/noarch
perl-Cache-Memcached-1.30-16.fc28 Perl client for memcached linux/noarch
perl-Cache-Simple-TimedExpiry-0.27-29.fc28 A lightweight cache with timed expiration linux/noarch
perl-Cairo-1.106-8.fc28 Perl interface to the cairo library linux/ppc64
perl-Cairo-GObject-1.004-9.fc28 Integrate Cairo into the Glib type system linux/ppc64
perl-Callback-1.07-25.fc28 Object interface for function callbacks linux/noarch
perl-Canary-Stability-2012-5.fc28 Canary to check perl compatibility for Schmorp's modules linux/noarch
perl-Captcha-reCAPTCHA-0.98-5.fc28 Perl implementation of the reCAPTCHA API linux/noarch
perl-Capture-Tiny-0.48-1.fc29 Capture STDOUT and STDERR from Perl, XS or external programs linux/noarch
perl-Carp-Assert-0.21-9.fc28 Executable comments linux/noarch
perl-Carp-Assert-More-1.16-2.fc28 Convenience wrappers around Carp::Assert linux/noarch
perl-Carp-Fix-1_25-1.000001-14.fc28 Smooth over incompatible changes in Carp 1.25 linux/noarch
perl-Carp-REPL-0.18-9.fc28 Read-eval-print-loop on die and/or warn linux/noarch
perl-Catalyst-Action-RenderView-0.16-19.fc28 Sensible default end action for view rendering linux/noarch
perl-Catalyst-ActionRole-ACL-0.07-15.fc28 User role-based authorization action class linux/noarch
perl-Catalyst-Authentication-Credential-HTTP-1.018-3.fc28 HTTP Basic and Digest authentication for Catalyst linux/noarch
perl-Catalyst-Component-InstancePerContext-0.001001-25.fc28 Return a new instance a component on each request linux/noarch
perl-Catalyst-Controller-FormBuilder-0.06-21.fc28 Catalyst FormBuilder Base Controller linux/noarch
perl-Catalyst-Devel-1.39-9.fc28 Catalyst Development Tools linux/noarch
perl-Catalyst-Engine-Apache-1.16-19.fc28 Catalyst Apache Engines linux/noarch
perl-Catalyst-Helper-FastCGI-ExternalServer-0.05-24.fc28 FastCGI daemon start/stop script for using FastCgiExternalServer linux/noarch
perl-Catalyst-Manual-5.9009-9.fc28 Catalyst web framework manual linux/noarch
perl-Catalyst-Model-Adaptor-0.10-18.fc28 Use a plain class as a Catalyst model linux/noarch
perl-Catalyst-Model-DBIC-Schema-0.65-9.fc28 DBIx::Class::Schema Model Class linux/noarch
perl-Catalyst-Model-LDAP-0.21-2.fc28 LDAP model class for Catalyst linux/noarch
perl-Catalyst-Plugin-Authentication-0.10023-10.fc28 Infrastructure plugin for the Catalyst authentication framework linux/noarch
perl-Catalyst-Plugin-Authorization-Roles-0.09-19.fc28 Role based authorization for Catalyst based on Catalyst::Plugin::Authentication linux/noarch
perl-Catalyst-Plugin-CGI-Untaint-0.05-27.fc28 CGI::Untaint Plugin for Catalyst linux/noarch
perl-Catalyst-Plugin-Cache-0.12-14.fc28 Flexible caching support for Catalyst linux/noarch
perl-Catalyst-Plugin-Compress-0.006-10.fc28 Compress response linux/noarch
perl-Catalyst-Plugin-CustomErrorMessage-0.06-13.fc28 Catalyst plugin to have more cute error message linux/noarch
perl-Catalyst-Plugin-I18N-0.10-22.fc28 I18N for Catalyst linux/noarch
perl-Catalyst-Plugin-PageCache-0.32-6.fc28 Cache the output of entire pages linux/noarch
perl-Catalyst-Plugin-Redirect-0.02-13.fc28 Redirect for Catalyst used easily is offered linux/noarch
perl-Catalyst-Plugin-Session-Store-Cache-0.01-22.fc28 Store sessions using a Catalyst::Plugin::Cache linux/noarch
perl-Catalyst-Plugin-Session-Store-DBIC-0.14-11.fc28 Store your sessions via DBIx::Class linux/noarch
perl-Catalyst-Plugin-Session-Store-Delegate-0.06-18.fc28 Delegate session storage to an application model object linux/noarch
perl-Catalyst-Plugin-Session-Store-FastMmap-0.16-16.fc28 FastMmap session storage backend linux/noarch
perl-Catalyst-Plugin-Session-Store-File-0.18-24.fc28 File storage backend for session data linux/noarch
perl-Catalyst-Plugin-Setenv-0.03-23.fc28 Catalyst::Plugin::Setenv Perl module linux/noarch
perl-Catalyst-Plugin-StackTrace-0.12-8.fc28 Display a stack trace on the debug screen linux/noarch
perl-Catalyst-Plugin-SubRequest-0.21-10.fc28 Make subrequests to actions in Catalyst linux/noarch
perl-Catalyst-Runtime-scripts-5.90118-1.fc29 Scripts for perl-Catalyst-Runtime linux/noarch
perl-Catalyst-View-Component-SubInclude-0.10-21.fc28 Use subincludes in your Catalyst views linux/noarch
perl-Catalyst-View-Email-0.36-7.fc28 Send Email from Catalyst linux/noarch
perl-Catalyst-View-JSON-0.36-6.fc28 JSON view for your data linux/noarch
perl-Catalyst-View-PDF-Reuse-0.05-7.fc28 Create PDF files from Catalyst using Template Toolkit templates linux/noarch
perl-CatalystX-InjectComponent-0.025-14.fc28 Inject components into your Catalyst application linux/noarch
perl-CatalystX-Profile-0.02-17.fc28 Profile your Catalyst application with Devel::NYTProf linux/noarch
perl-Cflow-1.053-39.fc28 Find flows in raw IP flow files linux/ppc64
perl-Chart-2.4.10-10.fc28 Series of charting modules linux/noarch
perl-Child-0.013-5.fc28 Object oriented simple interface to fork() linux/noarch
perl-Class-Accessor-Chained-0.01-32.fc28 Make chained accessors linux/noarch
perl-Class-Accessor-Classy-0.9.1-15.fc28 Accessors with minimal inheritance linux/noarch
perl-Class-Accessor-Grouped-0.10012-10.fc28 Build groups of accessors linux/noarch
perl-Class-Accessor-Lite-0.08-10.fc28 Minimalistic variant of Class::Accessor linux/noarch
perl-Class-Base-0.09-2.fc28 Useful base class for deriving other modules linux/noarch
perl-Class-C3-XS-0.14-6.fc28 XS speedups for Class::C3 linux/ppc64
perl-Class-CSV-1.03-27.fc28 Class based CSV parser/writer linux/noarch
perl-Class-DBI-3.0.17-28.fc28 Simple Database Abstraction linux/noarch
perl-Class-DBI-AbstractSearch-0.07-30.fc28 Abstract Class::DBI's SQL with SQL::Abstract linux/noarch
perl-Class-DBI-AsForm-2.42-34.fc28 Produce HTML form elements for database columns linux/noarch
perl-Class-DBI-FromCGI-1.00-29.fc28 Update Class::DBI data using CGI::Untaint linux/noarch
perl-Class-DBI-Loader-0.34-29.fc28 Dynamic definition of Class::DBI sub classes linux/noarch
perl-Class-DBI-Loader-Relationship-1.3-33.fc28 Easier relationship specification in CDBI::L linux/noarch
perl-Class-DBI-Pager-0.08-29.fc28 Pager utility for Class::DBI linux/noarch
perl-Class-DBI-Pg-0.09-29.fc28 Class::DBI extension for PostgreSQL linux/noarch
perl-Class-DBI-Plugin-0.03-33.fc28 Abstract base class for Class::DBI plugins linux/noarch
perl-Class-DBI-Plugin-RetrieveAll-1.04-29.fc28 More complex retrieve_all() for Class::DBI linux/noarch
perl-Class-DBI-Plugin-Type-0.02-33.fc28 Determine type information for columns linux/noarch
perl-Class-DBI-SQLite-0.11-30.fc28 Extension to Class::DBI for sqlite linux/noarch
perl-Class-DBI-mysql-1.00-30.fc28 Extensions to Class::DBI for MySQL linux/noarch
perl-Class-Data-Inheritable-0.08-27.fc28 Inheritable, overridable class data linux/noarch
perl-Class-ErrorHandler-0.04-9.fc28 Class::ErrorHandler Perl module linux/noarch
perl-Class-Factory-1.06-25.fc28 Base class for dynamic factory classes linux/noarch
perl-Class-Factory-Util-1.7-27.fc28 Provide utility methods for factory classes linux/noarch
perl-Class-Field-0.23-7.fc28 Class Field Accessor Generator linux/noarch
perl-Class-ISA-0.36-1022.fc28 Report the search path for a class's ISA tree linux/noarch
perl-Class-Inner-0.200001-20.fc28 A perlish implementation of Java like inner classes linux/noarch
perl-Class-Inspector-1.32-2.fc28 Get information about a class and its structure linux/noarch
perl-Class-Iterator-0.3-16.fc28 Iterator class linux/noarch
perl-Class-Loader-2.03-30.fc28 Load modules and create objects on demand linux/noarch
perl-Class-MakeMethods-1.009-11.fc28 Generate common types of methods linux/noarch
perl-Class-Mix-0.006-2.fc28 Dynamic class mixing linux/noarch
perl-Class-Observable-1.04-27.fc28 Allow other classes and objects to respond to events in yours linux/noarch
perl-Class-Prototyped-1.13-12.fc28 Fast prototype-based OO programming in Perl linux/noarch
perl-Class-ReturnValue-0.55-26.fc28 Class::ReturnValue Perl module linux/noarch
perl-Class-Singleton-1.5-9.fc28 Implementation of a "Singleton" class linux/noarch
perl-Class-Std-0.013-7.fc28 Support for creating standard "inside-out" classes linux/noarch
perl-Class-Std-Fast-0.0.8-6.fc28 Faster but less secure replacement for Class::Std linux/noarch
perl-Class-Trigger-0.14-23.fc28 Mixin to add / call inheritable triggers linux/noarch
perl-Class-Virtual-0.08-5.fc28 Base class for virtual base classes in Perl linux/noarch
perl-Class-Whitehole-0.04-29.fc28 Base class to treat unhandled method calls as errors linux/noarch
perl-Class-XSAccessor-1.19-14.fc28 Generate fast XS accessors without run-time compilation linux/ppc64
perl-Clipboard-0.13-20.fc28 Copy and paste with any OS linux/noarch
perl-Clone-PP-1.07-4.fc28 Recursively copy Perl data-types linux/noarch
perl-Code-TidyAll-Plugin-JSBeautifier-0.25-1.fc29 Use JavaScript::Beautifier with tidyall linux/noarch
perl-Color-Calc-1.074-9.fc28 Simple calculations with RGB colors linux/noarch
perl-Color-Library-0.021-13.fc28 Easy-to-use and comprehensive named-color library linux/noarch
perl-Compress-LZ4-0.25-5.fc28 Perl interface to the LZ4 compression library linux/ppc64
perl-Compress-LZF-3.8-8.fc28 Extremely light-weight Lempel-Ziv-Free compression linux/ppc64
perl-Compress-Raw-Bzip2-2.081-1.fc29 Low-level interface to bzip2 compression library linux/ppc64
perl-Compress-Raw-Lzma-2.082-2.fc29 Low-level interface to lzma compression library linux/ppc64
perl-Compress-Raw-Zlib-2.081-1.fc29 Low-level interface to the zlib compression library linux/ppc64
perl-Compress-Snappy-0.24-8.fc28 Perl interface to Google's Snappy (de)compressor linux/ppc64
perl-Config-ApacheFormat-1.2-14.fc28 Use Apache format config files linux/noarch
perl-Config-Augeas-1.000-11.fc29 Edit configuration files through Augeas C library linux/ppc64
perl-Config-Auto-0.44-11.fc28 Magical config file parser linux/noarch
perl-Config-Extend-MySQL-0.05-14.fc28 Extend your favorite .INI parser module to read MySQL configuration file linux/noarch
perl-Config-General-2.63-5.fc28 Generic configuration module for Perl linux/noarch
perl-Config-Generator-1.0-5.fc28 Shared variables for the Config::Generator modules linux/noarch
perl-Config-Grammar-1.12-5.fc28 Grammar-based, user-friendly config parser linux/noarch
perl-Config-IniFiles-2.98-1.fc29 A module for reading .ini-style configuration files linux/noarch
perl-Config-IniHash-3.01.01-16.fc28 Perl extension for reading and writing INI files linux/noarch
perl-Config-JFDI-0.065-19.fc28 Just * Do it: A Catalyst::Plugin::ConfigLoader-style layer over Config::Any linux/noarch
perl-Config-Model-CursesUI-1.106-4.fc28 Curses interface to edit config data linux/noarch
perl-Config-Model-Itself-2.013-2.fc28 Model editor for Config::Model linux/noarch
perl-Config-Model-TkUI-1.366-1.fc29 TK GUI to edit config data through Config::Model linux/noarch
perl-Config-Simple-4.59-27.fc28 Simple configuration file class linux/noarch
perl-Config-Tiny-2.23-9.fc28 Perl module for reading and writing .ini style configuration files linux/noarch
perl-Config-Validator-1.3-8.fc28 Schema based configuration validation linux/noarch
perl-Config-ZOMG-1.000000-4.fc28 Catalyst::Plugin::ConfigLoader-style layer over Config::Any linux/noarch
perl-ConfigReader-0.5-25.fc28 Read directives from a configuration file linux/noarch
perl-Convert-ASN1-0.27-10.fc28 ASN.1 Encode/Decode library linux/noarch
perl-Convert-Age-0.04-13.fc28 Perl module that converts integer seconds into a "compact" form and back linux/noarch
perl-Convert-BER-1.32-12.fc28 ASN.1 Basic Encoding Rules linux/noarch
perl-Convert-Base64-0.001-5.fc28 Encoding and decoding of Base64 strings linux/noarch
perl-Convert-BinHex-1.125-7.fc28 Convert to/from RFC1741 HQX7 (Mac BinHex) linux/noarch
perl-Convert-Binary-C-0.78-8.fc28 Binary data conversion using C types linux/ppc64
perl-Convert-Color-0.11-12.fc28 Color space conversions and named lookups linux/noarch
perl-Convert-PEM-0.08-25.fc28 Read/write encrypted ASN.1 PEM files linux/noarch
perl-Convert-TNEF-0.18-11.fc28 Perl module to read TNEF files linux/noarch
perl-Convert-UUlib-1.5-9.fc28 Perl interface to the uulib library linux/ppc64
perl-Crypt-Blowfish-2.14-10.fc28 XS Blowfish implementation for Perl linux/ppc64
perl-Crypt-Blowfish_PP-1.12-17.fc28 Blowfish encryption algorithm implemented purely in Perl linux/noarch
perl-Crypt-CBC-2.33-17.fc28 Encrypt Data with Cipher Block Chaining Mode linux/noarch
perl-Crypt-CipherSaber-1.01-7.fc28 Perl module implementing CipherSaber encryption linux/noarch
perl-Crypt-Cracklib-1.7-22.fc28 Crypt-Cracklib - Perl interface to Alec Muffett's Cracklib linux/ppc64
perl-Crypt-DES-2.07-14.fc29 Perl DES encryption module linux/ppc64
perl-Crypt-DH-0.07-16.fc28 Perl module implementing the Diffie-Hellman key exchange system linux/noarch
perl-Crypt-DH-GMP-0.00012-11.fc28 Crypt::DH Using GMP Directly linux/ppc64
perl-Crypt-DSA-1.17-21.fc28 Perl module for DSA signatures and key generation linux/noarch
perl-Crypt-ECB-2.21-5.fc28 Encrypt Data using ECB Mode linux/noarch
perl-Crypt-Eksblowfish-0.009-21.fc28 Eksblowfish block cipher linux/ppc64
perl-Crypt-GCrypt-1.26-9.fc28 Perl interface to libgcrypt library linux/ppc64
perl-Crypt-GPG-1.64-11.fc28 Perl Object Oriented Interface to GnuPG linux/noarch
perl-Crypt-GeneratePassword-0.05-6.fc28 Generate secure random pronounceable passwords linux/noarch
perl-Crypt-OpenSSL-AES-0.02-33.fc28 Perl interface to OpenSSL for AES linux/ppc64
perl-Crypt-OpenSSL-Bignum-0.09-2.fc28 Perl interface to OpenSSL for Bignum linux/ppc64
perl-Crypt-OpenSSL-DSA-0.19-6.fc28 Perl interface to OpenSSL for DSA linux/ppc64
perl-Crypt-OpenSSL-PKCS10-0.16-6.fc28 Perl interface to OpenSSL for PKCS10 linux/ppc64
perl-Crypt-OpenSSL-RSA-0.28-21.fc28 Perl interface to OpenSSL for RSA linux/ppc64
perl-Crypt-OpenSSL-Random-0.11-9.fc28 OpenSSL/LibreSSL pseudo-random number generator access linux/ppc64
perl-Crypt-OpenSSL-X509-1.808-2.fc28 Perl interface to OpenSSL for X509 linux/ppc64
perl-Crypt-PBKDF2-0.161520-5.fc28 PBKDF2 password hashing algorithm linux/noarch
perl-Crypt-PWSafe3-1.22-5.fc28 Read and write Passwordsafe v3 files linux/noarch
perl-Crypt-PasswdMD5-1.4.0-11.fc28 Provides interoperable MD5-based crypt() functions linux/noarch
perl-Crypt-RC4-2.02-18.fc28 Perl implementation of the RC4 encryption algorithm linux/noarch
perl-Crypt-Random-1.25-30.fc28 Cryptographically Secure, True Random Number Generator linux/noarch
perl-Crypt-Random-Seed-0.03-9.fc28 Simple method to get strong randomness linux/noarch
perl-Crypt-Random-TESHA2-0.01-9.fc28 Random numbers using timer/schedule entropy linux/noarch
perl-Crypt-Rijndael-1.13-8.fc28 Crypt::CBC compliant Rijndael encryption module linux/ppc64
perl-Crypt-SMIME-0.25-1.fc29 S/MIME message signing, verification, encryption and decryption linux/ppc64
perl-Crypt-Salsa20-0.03-8.fc28 Encrypt data with the Salsa20 cipher linux/noarch
perl-Crypt-SaltedHash-0.09-11.fc28 Perl interface to functions that assist in working with salted hashes linux/noarch
perl-Crypt-ScryptKDF-0.010-9.fc29 Scrypt password based key derivation function linux/ppc64
perl-Crypt-Simple-0.06-32.fc28 Encrypt stuff simply linux/noarch
perl-Crypt-SmbHash-0.12-32.fc28 Pure-perl Lanman and NT MD4 hash functions linux/noarch
perl-Crypt-Twofish-2.17-16.fc28 Twofish Encryption Algorithm linux/ppc64
perl-Crypt-URandom-0.36-9.fc28 Non-blocking randomness for Perl linux/noarch
perl-Crypt-X509-0.51-13.fc28 Parse a X.509 certificate linux/noarch
perl-Curses-1.36-6.fc28 Perl bindings for ncurses linux/ppc64
perl-Curses-UI-0.9609-7.fc28 Curses based OO user interface framework linux/noarch
perl-DBD-Firebird-1.31-2.fc28 A Firebird interface for perl linux/ppc64
perl-DBD-Mock-1.45-15.fc28 Mock database driver for testing linux/noarch
perl-DBD-MySQL-4.046-2.fc28 A MySQL interface for Perl linux/ppc64
perl-DBD-ODBC-1.58-1.fc29 ODBC Driver for DBI linux/ppc64
perl-DBD-Pg-3.7.4-2.fc28 A PostgreSQL interface for perl linux/ppc64
perl-DBD-SQLite2-0.37-9.fc28 Self Contained RDBMS in a DBI Driver (sqlite 2.x) linux/ppc64
perl-DBD-XBase-1.08-5.fc28 Perl module for reading and writing the dbf files linux/noarch
perl-DBICx-TestDatabase-0.05-10.fc28 Create a temporary database from a DBIx::Class::Schema linux/noarch
perl-DBIx-Class-0.082841-2.fc28 Extensible and flexible object <-> relational mapper linux/noarch
perl-DBIx-Class-Cursor-Cached-1.001004-5.fc28 Cursor class with built-in caching support linux/noarch
perl-DBIx-Class-DateTime-Epoch-0.10-16.fc28 Automatic inflation/deflation of epoch-based DateTime objects for DBIx::Class linux/noarch
perl-DBIx-Class-IntrospectableM2M-0.001002-9.fc28 Introspect many-to-many shortcuts linux/noarch
perl-DBIx-Class-Schema-Config-0.001011-9.fc28 Credential Management for DBIx::Class linux/noarch
perl-DBIx-Class-Schema-Loader-0.07049-1.fc29 Dynamic definition of a DBIx::Class::Schema linux/noarch
perl-DBIx-Class-Storage-Debug-PrettyPrint-1.85-1.fc28 Pretty Printing DebugObj linux/noarch
perl-DBIx-Connector-0.56-6.fc28 Fast, safe DBI connection and transaction management linux/noarch
perl-DBIx-ContextualFetch-1.03-31.fc28 Add contextual fetches to DBI linux/noarch
perl-DBIx-DBSchema-0.45-10.fc28 Database-independent schema objects linux/noarch
perl-DBIx-QueryLog-0.41-8.fc28 Logging queries for DBI linux/noarch
perl-DBIx-RunSQL-0.19-1.fc29 Run SQL commands from a file linux/noarch
perl-DBIx-Safe-1.2.5-31.fc28 Safer access to your database through a DBI database handle linux/noarch
perl-DBIx-SearchBuilder-1.67-5.fc28 Encapsulate SQL queries and rows in simple perl objects linux/noarch
perl-DBM-Deep-2.0016-1.fc29 A pure perl multi-level hash/array DBM linux/noarch
perl-DB_File-Lock-0.05-13.fc28 Locking with flock wrapper for DB_File linux/noarch
perl-Daemon-Control-0.001008-7.fc28 Create init scripts in Perl linux/noarch
perl-Dancer-1.3400-1.fc29 Lightweight yet powerful web application framework linux/noarchNew
perl-Data-AMF-0.09-18.fc28 Serialize/deserialize Adobe's AMF (ActionMessageFormat) data linux/noarch
perl-Data-AsObject-0.07-21.fc28 Easy OO access to complex perl data structures linux/noarch
perl-Data-Buffer-0.04-30.fc28 Read/write buffer class for perl linux/noarch
perl-Data-Clone-0.004-12.fc28 Polymorphic data cloning linux/ppc64
perl-Data-Compare-1.25-9.fc28 Compare perl data structures linux/noarch
perl-Data-Dump-1.23-7.fc28 Pretty printing of data structures linux/noarch
perl-Data-Dump-Color-0.240-2.fc28 Like Data::Dump, but with color linux/noarch
perl-Data-Dumper-Concise-2.023-4.fc28 A convenient way to reproduce a set of Dumper options linux/noarch
perl-Data-Faker-0.10-10.fc28 Perl extension for generating fake data linux/noarch
perl-Data-Flow-1.02-18.fc28 Perl extension for simple-minded recipe-controlled build of data linux/noarch
perl-Data-FormValidator-4.88-2.fc28 Validates user input (usually from an HTML form) based on input profile linux/noarch
perl-Data-GUID-0.049-5.fc28 Globally unique identifiers linux/noarch
perl-Data-HexDump-XXD-0.1.1-12.fc28 Format hexadecimal dump like xxd linux/noarch
perl-Data-Hexify-1.00-18.fc28 Perl extension to hexdump arbitrary data linux/noarch
perl-Data-ICal-TimeZone-1.23-5.fc28 Time zones for Data::ICal linux/noarch
perl-Data-Munge-0.097-4.fc28 Utility functions for working with perl data structures and code references linux/noarch
perl-Data-ObjectDriver-0.15-4.fc28 Simple, transparent data interface, with caching linux/noarch
perl-Data-OptList-0.110-6.fc28 Parse and validate simple name/value option pairs linux/noarch
perl-Data-Page-2.02-22.fc28 Help when paging through sets of results linux/noarch
perl-Data-Page-Pageset-1.02-7.fc28 Change long page list to be shorter and well navigate linux/noarch
perl-Data-Password-1.12-7.fc28 Perl extension for assessing password quality linux/noarch
perl-Data-Perl-0.002009-11.fc28 Base classes wrapping fundamental Perl data types linux/noarch
perl-Data-Printer-0.40-2.fc28 Pretty printer for Perl data structures linux/noarch
perl-Data-Properties-0.02-20.fc28 Persistent properties linux/noarch
perl-Data-Record-0.02-10.fc28 "split" on steroids linux/noarch
perl-Data-Report-0.10-25.fc28 A flexible plugin-driven reporting framework linux/noarch
perl-Data-Rmap-0.65-5.fc28 Recursive map, apply a block to a data structure linux/noarch
perl-Data-Section-Simple-0.07-11.fc28 Read data from __DATA__ linux/noarch
perl-Data-Serializer-0.60-9.fc28 Modules that serialize data structures linux/noarch
perl-Data-Stag-0.14-7.fc28 Perl package for Structured Tags datastructures linux/noarch
perl-Data-Stream-Bulk-0.11-15.fc28 N at a time iteration API linux/noarch
perl-Data-TreeDumper-0.40-17.fc28 Improved replacement for Data::Dumper linux/noarch
perl-Data-Types-0.13-1.fc29 Validate and convert data types linux/noarchNew
perl-Data-UUID-1.221-10.fc28 Globally/Universally Unique Identifiers (GUIDs/UUIDs) linux/ppc64
perl-Data-Uniqid-0.12-15.fc28 Perl extension for simple generating of unique id's linux/noarch
perl-Data-Validate-Domain-0.14-5.fc28 Domain validation methods Perl module linux/noarch
perl-Data-Validate-IP-0.27-5.fc28 Perl IP address validation routines linux/noarch
perl-Data-Validate-Type-1.6.0-5.fc28 Public interface to Params::Util offering data type validation functions linux/noarch
perl-Data-Visitor-0.30-11.fc28 Visitor style traversal of Perl data structures linux/noarch
perl-Database-DumpTruck-1.2-9.fc28 Relaxing interface to SQLite linux/noarch
perl-Date-Calc-XS-6.4-8.fc28 XS wrapper and C library plug-in for Date::Calc linux/ppc64
perl-Date-Easter-1.22-9.fc28 Calculates Easter for any given year linux/noarch
perl-Date-Extract-0.06-5.fc28 Date::Extract Perl module linux/noarch
perl-Date-Handler-1.2-11.fc28 Easy but complete date object linux/noarch
perl-Date-Holidays-DE-1.9-5.fc28 Perl module to determine German holidays linux/noarch
perl-Date-ICal-2.678-20.fc28 Perl extension for ICalendar date objects linux/noarch
perl-Date-JD-0.006-2.fc28 Conversion between flavors of Julian Date linux/noarch
perl-Date-Leapyear-1.72-23.fc28 Is a particular year a leap year? linux/noarch
perl-Date-Manip-6.72-1.fc29 Date manipulation routines linux/noarchNew
perl-Date-Pcalc-6.1-23.fc28 Gregorian calendar date calculations linux/ppc64
perl-DateTime-Calendar-Julian-0.04-8.fc28 Julian Calendar support for linux/noarch
perl-DateTime-Calendar-Mayan-0.0601-25.fc28 Mayan Long Count Calendar linux/noarch
perl-DateTime-Event-ICal-0.13-7.fc28 Perl DateTime extension for computing rfc2445 recurrences linux/noarch
perl-DateTime-Format-Atom-1.2.0-7.fc28 Parse and format Atom date-time strings linux/noarch
perl-DateTime-Format-Builder-0.8100-14.fc28 Create DateTime parser classes and objects linux/noarch
perl-DateTime-Format-DB2-0.05-25.fc28 Parse and format DB2 dates and times linux/noarch
perl-DateTime-Format-DBI-0.041-11.fc28 Find a parser class for a database connection linux/noarch
perl-DateTime-Format-DateManip-0.04-26.fc28 Convert Date::Manip to DateTime and vice versa linux/noarch
perl-DateTime-Format-DateParse-0.05-16.fc28 Parse Date::Parse compatible formats linux/noarch
perl-DateTime-Format-Duration-1.04-7.fc28 Format and parse DateTime::Durations linux/noarch
perl-DateTime-Format-HTTP-0.42-9.fc28 HTTP protocol date conversion routines linux/noarch
perl-DateTime-Format-IBeat-0.161-30.fc28 Format times in .beat notation linux/noarch
perl-DateTime-Format-ISO8601-0.08-16.fc28 Parses ISO8601 formats linux/noarch
perl-DateTime-Format-Natural-1.05-4.fc28 Create machine readable date/time with natural parsing logic linux/noarch
perl-DateTime-Format-Natural-Test-1.05-4.fc28 Common test routines/data for perl-DateTime-Format-Natural linux/noarch
perl-DateTime-Format-Oracle-0.06-16.fc28 Parse and format Oracle dates and timestamps linux/noarch
perl-DateTime-Format-Pg-0.16013-4.fc28 Parse and format PostgreSQL dates and times linux/noarch
perl-DateTime-Format-RFC3339-1.2.0-7.fc28 Parse and format RFC3339 datetime strings linux/noarch
perl-DateTime-Format-W3CDTF-0.07-4.fc28 Parse and format W3CDTF datetime strings linux/noarch
perl-DateTime-Format-XSD-0.2-17.fc28 Format DateTime according to xsd:dateTime linux/noarch
perl-DateTime-Incomplete-0.08-7.fc28 Representing partial dates and times linux/noarch
perl-DateTime-Precise-1.05-31.fc28 Perform common time and date operations with additional GPS operations linux/noarch
perl-DateTime-Set-0.3900-5.fc28 Datetime sets and set math linux/noarch
perl-DateTime-TimeZone-2.19-1.fc29 Time zone object base class and factory linux/noarch
perl-DateTime-TimeZone-Tzfile-0.011-3.fc28 Tzfile (zoneinfo) timezone files linux/noarch
perl-DateTime-Tiny-1.07-1.fc29 Date object, with as little code as possible linux/noarch
perl-DateTimeX-Easy-0.089-17.fc28 Parse a date/time string using the best method available linux/noarch
perl-Debug-Client-0.31-3.fc28 Client side code for perl debugger linux/noarch
perl-Declare-Constraints-Simple-0.03-33.fc28 Declarative Validation of Data Structures linux/noarch
perl-Devel-ArgNames-0.03-10.fc28 Figure out the names of variables passed into subroutines linux/noarch
perl-Devel-Autoflush-0.06-11.fc28 Set autoflush from the command line linux/noarch
perl-Devel-CallChecker-0.008-3.fc28 Custom op checking attached to subroutines linux/ppc64
perl-Devel-CallParser-0.002-14.fc28 Custom parsing attached to subroutines linux/ppc64
perl-Devel-CheckLib-1.11-4.fc28 Check that a library is available linux/noarch
perl-Devel-CheckOS-1.81-2.fc28 Check what OS we're running on linux/noarch
perl-Devel-Comments-1.1.4-17.fc28 Debug with executable smart comments to logs linux/noarch
perl-Devel-Cover-1.29-2.fc28 Code coverage metrics for Perl linux/ppc64
perl-Devel-Declare-0.006019-6.fc28 Adding keywords to perl, in perl linux/ppc64
perl-Devel-Declare-Parser-0.020-9.fc28 Higher level interface to Devel-Declare linux/noarch
perl-Devel-EnforceEncapsulation-0.51-11.fc28 Find access violations to blessed objects linux/noarch
perl-Devel-FastProf-0.08-27.fc28 Fast perl per-line profiler linux/ppc64
perl-Devel-FindPerl-0.014-7.fc28 Find the path to the current Perl interpreter linux/noarch
perl-Devel-Gladiator-0.07-6.fc28 Walk Perl's arena linux/ppc64
perl-Devel-GlobalDestruction-0.14-5.fc28 Expose PL_dirty, the flag that marks global destruction linux/noarch
perl-Devel-GlobalDestruction-XS-0.03-6.fc28 Faster implementation of the Devel::GlobalDestruction API linux/ppc64
perl-Devel-Hexdump-0.02-13.fc28 Print nice hex dump of binary data linux/ppc64
perl-Devel-Leak-0.03-36.fc28 Utility for looking for perl objects that are not reclaimed linux/ppc64
perl-Devel-LexAlias-0.05-16.fc28 Alias lexical variables linux/ppc64
perl-Devel-NYTProf-6.06-1.fc29 Powerful feature-rich perl source code profiler linux/ppc64
perl-Devel-PatchPerl-1.48-4.fc28 Patch perl source a la Devel::PPPort's linux/noarch
perl-Devel-Pragma-1.1.0-6.fc28 Helper functions for developers of lexical pragmas linux/ppc64
perl-Devel-Refcount-0.10-15.fc28 Obtain the REFCNT value of a referent linux/ppc64
perl-Devel-SmallProf-2.02-28.fc28 Per-line Perl profiler linux/noarch
perl-Devel-StackTrace-2.03-2.fc28 Perl module implementing stack trace and stack trace frame objects linux/noarch
perl-Devel-StackTrace-AsHTML-0.15-6.fc28 Displays a stack trace in HTML linux/noarch
perl-Devel-StackTrace-WithLexicals-2.01-10.fc28 Generate stack traces with lexical variables linux/noarch
perl-Devel-StringInfo-0.04-16.fc28 Gather information about strings linux/noarch
perl-Devel-Symdump-2.18-5.fc28 A Perl module for inspecting Perl's symbol table linux/noarch
perl-Devel-Timer-0.12-4.fc28 Track and report execution time for parts of code linux/noarch
perl-Device-SerialPort-1.04-30.fc28 Linux/POSIX emulation of Win32::SerialPort functions linux/ppc64
perl-Digest-1.17-395.fc28 Modules that calculate message digests linux/noarch
perl-Digest-Bcrypt-1.209-4.fc28 Perl interface to the bcrypt digest algorithm linux/noarch
perl-Digest-BubbleBabble-0.02-20.fc28 Create bubble-babble fingerprints linux/noarch
perl-Digest-CRC-0.22.2-5.fc28 Generic CRC functions linux/ppc64
perl-Digest-HMAC-1.03-17.fc28 Keyed-Hashing for Message Authentication linux/noarch
perl-Digest-JHash-0.10-6.fc28 Perl extension for 32 bit Jenkins Hashing Algorithm linux/ppc64
perl-Digest-MD2-2.04-14.fc28 Perl interface to the MD2 Algorithm linux/ppc64
perl-Digest-MD5-2.55-397.fc29 Perl interface to the MD5 algorithm linux/ppc64
perl-Digest-MD5-File-0.08-16.fc28 Perl extension for getting MD5 sums for files and URLs linux/noarch
perl-Digest-PBKDF2-0.013-2.fc28 Digest module using the PBKDF2 algorithm linux/noarch
perl-Digest-Perl-MD5-1.9-12.fc28 Perl implementation of Ron Rivest's MD5 Algorithm linux/noarch
perl-Digest-SHA1-2.13-23.fc28 Digest-SHA1 Perl module linux/ppc64
perl-Digest-SHA3-1.04-1.fc29 Perl extension for SHA-3 linux/ppc64
perl-Dir-Self-0.11-9.fc28 A __DIR__ constant for the directory your source file is in linux/noarch
perl-Directory-Queue-2.0-1.fc29 Object oriented interface to a directory based queue linux/noarch
perl-Directory-Scratch-0.18-9.fc28 Self-cleaning scratch space for tests linux/noarch
perl-Dist-CheckConflicts-0.11-11.fc28 Declare version conflicts for your dist linux/noarch
perl-Dist-Metadata-0.927-5.fc28 Information about a perl module distribution linux/noarch
perl-Dist-Zilla-6.012-1.fc29 Distribution builder; installer not included! linux/noarch
perl-Dist-Zilla-Plugin-CheckChangesHasContent-0.011-2.fc28 Ensure Changes file has content before releasing linux/noarch
perl-Dist-Zilla-Plugin-ReadmeFromPod-0.35-5.fc28 Automatically convert POD to a README for Dist::Zilla linux/noarch
perl-DublinCore-Record-0.03-16.fc29 Container for Dublin Core meta-data elements linux/noarch
perl-DynaLoader-Functions-0.003-2.fc28 Deconstructed dynamic C library loading linux/noarch
perl-EBook-EPUB-0.6-17.fc28 Perl module for generating EPUB documents linux/noarch
perl-Email-Abstract-3.008-9.fc28 Unified interface to mail representations linux/noarch
perl-Email-Address-List-0.05-13.fc28 RFC close address list parsing linux/noarch
perl-Email-Date-1.104-9.fc28 Find and format date headers linux/noarch
perl-Email-Date-Format-1.005-9.fc28 Produce RFC 2822 date strings linux/noarch
perl-Email-MIME-1.946-2.fc28 Easy MIME message parsing linux/noarch
perl-Email-MIME-Attachment-Stripper-1.317-9.fc28 Strip the attachments from a mail message linux/noarch
perl-Email-MIME-ContentType-1.022-2.fc28 Parse a MIME Content-Type Header linux/noarch
perl-Email-MIME-Encodings-1.315-11.fc28 Unified interface to MIME encoding and decoding linux/noarch
perl-Email-MessageID-1.406-7.fc28 Generate world unique message-ids linux/noarch
perl-Email-Reply-1.204-7.fc28 Reply to an email message linux/noarch
perl-Email-Send-2.201-9.fc28 Module for sending email linux/noarch
perl-Email-Valid-1.202-5.fc28 Check validity of internet email address linux/noarch
perl-Encode-Detect-1.01-26.fc28 Encode::Encoding subclass that detects the encoding of data linux/ppc64
perl-Encode-DoubleEncodedUTF8-0.05-12.fc28 Fix double encoded UTF-8 bytes to the correct one linux/noarch
perl-Encode-HanExtra-0.23-23.fc28 Extra sets of Chinese encodings linux/ppc64
perl-Encode-ISO2022-0.04-9.fc29 ISO/IEC 2022 character encoding scheme linux/ppc64
perl-Encode-JIS2K-0.03-8.fc28 JIS X 0212 (aka JIS 2000) Encodings linux/ppc64
perl-Encode-JISX0213-0.04-9.fc29 JIS X 0213 encoding linux/ppc64
perl-Encode-Locale-1.05-9.fc28 Determine the locale encoding linux/noarch
perl-End-2009110401-16.fc28 Generalized END blocks linux/noarch
perl-Env-1.04-395.fc28 Perl module that imports environment variables as scalars or arrays linux/noarch
perl-Env-Path-0.19-11.fc28 Advanced operations on path variables linux/noarch
perl-Env-Sanctify-1.12-11.fc28 Lexically scoped sanctification of %ENV linux/noarch
perl-Eval-Context-0.09.11-16.fc28 Evalute perl code in context wraper linux/noarch
perl-Eval-LineNumbers-0.34-11.fc28 Add line numbers to hereis blocks that contain perl source code linux/noarch
perl-Event-1.26-6.fc28 Event loop processing linux/ppc64
perl-Event-Lib-1.03-37.fc29 Perl wrapper around libevent linux/ppc64
perl-Event-RPC-1.08-7.fc28 Event based transparent client/server RPC framework linux/noarch
perl-Event-RPC-Message-CBOR-1.08-7.fc28 CBOR message format for Event::RPC linux/noarch
perl-Event-RPC-Message-JSON-1.08-7.fc28 JSON message format for Event::RPC linux/noarch
perl-Event-RPC-Message-Sereal-1.08-7.fc28 Sereal message format for Event::RPC linux/noarch
perl-Event-RPC-Message-Storable-1.08-7.fc28 Storable message format for Event::RPC linux/noarch
perl-Excel-Template-0.34-15.fc28 Create Excel files from templates linux/noarch
perl-Excel-Template-Plus-0.06-7.fc28 Extension to the Excel::Template module linux/noarch
perl-Excel-Writer-XLSX-0.98-1.fc29 Create a new file in the Excel 2007+ XLSX format linux/noarch
perl-Exception-Class-TryCatch-1.13-11.fc28 Syntactic try/catch sugar for use with Exception::Class linux/noarch
perl-Exporter-5.73-1.fc29 Implements default import method for modules linux/noarch
perl-Exporter-Declare-0.114-7.fc28 Exporting done right linux/noarch
perl-Exporter-Lite-0.08-7.fc28 Lightweight exporting of variables linux/noarch
perl-ExtUtils-AutoInstall-0.64-6.fc28 Automatic install of dependencies via CPAN linux/noarch
perl-ExtUtils-Config-0.008-10.fc28 A wrapper for perl's configuration linux/noarch
perl-ExtUtils-CppGuess-0.12-3.fc29 Guess C++ compiler and flags linux/noarch
perl-ExtUtils-Helpers-0.026-5.fc28 Various portability utilities for module builders linux/noarch
perl-ExtUtils-LibBuilder-0.08-7.fc28 Perl library to build C libraries and programs linux/noarch
perl-ExtUtils-PkgConfig-1.16-4.fc28 Simplistic interface to pkg-config linux/noarch
perl-ExtUtils-TBone-1.124-9.fc28 Skeleton for writing t/*.t Perl test files linux/noarch
perl-ExtUtils-Typemap-1.00-11.fc28 Read/Write/Modify Perl/XS typemap files linux/noarch
perl-ExtUtils-Typemaps-Default-1.05-11.fc28 Set of useful typemaps linux/noarch
perl-ExtUtils-XSBuilder-0.28-28.fc28 Modules that parse C header files and create XS glue code linux/noarch
perl-ExtUtils-XSpp-0.18-11.fc28 C++ variant of Perl's XS language linux/noarch
perl-FCGI-Client-0.08-19.fc28 Client library for the fastcgi protocol linux/noarch
perl-FCGI-ProcManager-0.28-4.fc28 A FastCGI process manager linux/noarch
perl-Fedora-Rebuild-0.12.1-12.fc28 Rebuilds Fedora packages from scratch linux/noarch
perl-Fedora-VSP-0.001-9.fc28 Perl version normalization for RPM linux/noarch
perl-Fennec-Lite-0.004-14.fc28 Minimalist Fennec, the commonly used bits linux/noarch
perl-File-BaseDir-0.08-1.fc29 Use the base directory specification linux/noarch
perl-File-CheckTree-4.42-301.fc28 Run many file-test checks on a tree linux/noarch
perl-File-ConfigDir-0.021-1.fc29 Get directories of configuration files linux/noarch
perl-File-DesktopEntry-0.22-7.fc28 Object to handle .desktop files linux/noarch
perl-File-DirCompare-0.7-14.fc28 Perl module to compare two directories using callbacks linux/noarch
perl-File-Edit-Portable-1.24-6.fc28 Read and write files while keeping the original line-endings intact linux/noarch
perl-File-FcntlLock-0.22-11.fc28 Perl module for file locking with fcntl linux/ppc64
perl-File-Find-Iterator-0.4-16.fc28 Iterator interface for search files linux/noarch
perl-File-Find-Rule-0.34-8.fc28 Perl module implementing an alternative interface to File::Find linux/noarch
perl-File-Find-Rule-Age-0.302-9.fc28 Rule to match on file age linux/noarch
perl-File-Find-Rule-PPI-1.06-14.fc28 Add support for PPI queries to File::Find::Rule linux/noarch
perl-File-Find-Rule-Perl-1.15-10.fc28 Common rules for searching for Perl things linux/noarch
perl-File-FindLib-0.001004-10.fc28 Find and use a file/directory from a directory above your script file linux/noarch
perl-File-Finder-0.53-20.fc28 Nice wrapper for File::Find ala find(1) linux/noarch
perl-File-FnMatch-0.02-31.fc28 Simple file-name and pathname matching linux/ppc64
perl-File-Inplace-0.20-19.fc28 Perl module for in-place editing of files linux/noarch
perl-File-KeePass-2.03-14.fc28 Interface to KeePass V1 and V2 database files linux/noarch
perl-File-Listing-6.04-17.fc28 Parse directory listing linux/noarch
perl-File-MMagic-1.30-14.fc28 A Perl module emulating the file(1) command linux/noarch
perl-File-MMagic-XS-0.09008-11.fc28 Guess file type with XS linux/ppc64
perl-File-MimeInfo-0.28-7.fc28 Determine file type and open application linux/noarch
perl-File-Modified-0.10-7.fc28 Checks intelligently if files have changed linux/noarch
perl-File-NCopy-0.36-26.fc28 Copy files to directories, or a single file to another file linux/noarch
perl-File-NFSLock-1.27-10.fc28 Perl module to do NFS (or not) locking linux/noarch
perl-File-Next-1.16-5.fc28 An iterator-based module for finding files linux/noarch
perl-File-PathList-1.04-20.fc28 Find a file within a set of paths (like @INC or Java classpaths) linux/noarch
perl-File-ReadBackwards-1.05-11.fc28 Read a file backwards by lines linux/noarch
perl-File-Remove-1.57-6.fc28 Convenience module for removing files and directories linux/noarch
perl-File-RsyncP-0.74-11.fc28 A perl implementation of an Rsync client linux/ppc64
perl-File-SearchPath-0.07-9.fc28 Search for a file in an environment variable path linux/noarch
perl-File-ShareDir-1.110-1.fc29 Locate per-dist and per-module shared files linux/noarchNew
perl-File-ShareDir-PAR-0.06-23.fc28 File::ShareDir with PAR support linux/noarch
perl-File-ShareDir-ProjectDistDir-1.000009-4.fc28 Simple set-and-forget using of a '/share' directory in your projects root linux/noarch
perl-File-Slurp-9999.19-19.fc28 Efficient Reading/Writing of Complete Files linux/noarch
perl-File-Slurp-Tiny-0.004-7.fc28 A simple, sane and efficient file slurper linux/noarch
perl-File-Spec-Native-1.004-7.fc28 Use native OS implementation of File::Spec from a subclass linux/noarch
perl-File-Sync-0.11-14.fc28 Perl access to fsync() and sync() function calls linux/ppc64
perl-File-Tail-1.3-8.fc28 Perl extension for reading from continously updated files linux/noarch
perl-File-Tee-0.07-14.fc28 Replicate data sent to a Perl stream linux/noarch
perl-File-Temp-0.230.400-396.fc28 Return name and handle of a temporary file safely linux/noarch
perl-File-Tempdir-0.02-7.fc28 Object interface for File::Temp module linux/noarch
perl-File-Touch-0.11-6.fc28 Update access, modification timestamps, creating nonexistent files linux/noarch
perl-File-UserDirs-0.08-1.fc29 Find extra media and documents directories linux/noarch
perl-File-Which-1.22-2.fc28 Portable implementation of the 'which' utility linux/noarch
perl-File-chmod-0.42-10.fc28 Implements symbolic and ls chmod modes linux/noarch
perl-FileHandle-Fmode-0.14-8.fc28 FileHandle::Fmode Perl module linux/ppc64
perl-FileHandle-Unget-0.1628-12.fc28 A FileHandle that supports ungetting of multiple bytes linux/noarch
perl-Filesys-Notify-Simple-0.13-1.fc29 Simple and dumb file system watcher linux/noarch
perl-Filesys-SmbClient-3.2-15.fc28 Samba client Perl module linux/ppc64
perl-Filter-Encoding-0.01-5.fc28 Write your script in any encoding linux/noarch
perl-Finance-YahooQuote-0.26-2.fc28 Perl interface to get stock quotes from Yahoo! Finance linux/noarch
perl-Flickr-API-1.28-5.fc28 Perl interface to the Flickr API linux/noarch
perl-Flickr-Upload-1.6-5.fc28 upload module and script linux/noarch
perl-Font-AFM-1.20-26.fc28 Perl interface to Adobe Font Metrics files linux/noarch
perl-Font-TTF-1.06-6.fc29 Perl library for modifying TTF font files linux/noarch
perl-Font-TTF-XMLparse-1.06-6.fc29 XML Font parser linux/noarch
perl-Font-TTFMetrics-0.1-21.fc28 Parser for the TTF file linux/noarch
perl-FreezeThaw-0.5001-22.fc28 Convert Perl structures to strings and back linux/noarch
perl-Frontier-RPC-0.07b4p1-31.fc28 A Perl interface for making and serving XML-RPC calls linux/noarch
perl-Frontier-RPC-Client-0.07b4p1-31.fc28 Frontier-RPC-Client Perl module linux/noarch
perl-Frontier-RPC-doc-0.07b4p1-31.fc28 Frontier-RPC-Client Perl module documentation linux/noarch
perl-Fsdb-2.65-1.fc29 A set of commands for manipulating flat-text databases from the shell linux/noarch
perl-GD-Barcode-1.15-27.fc28 Create barcode image with GD linux/noarch
perl-GD-SVG-0.33-22.fc28 GD::SVG enables SVG output from scripts written using GD linux/noarch
perl-GDGraph-1.54-5.fc28 Graph generation package for Perl linux/noarch
perl-GDGraph3d-0.63-35.fc28 3D graph generation package for Perl linux/noarch
perl-GDTextUtil-0.86-36.fc28 Text utilities for use with GD linux/noarch
perl-GO-TermFinder-0.86-8.fc28 Identify GO nodes that annotate a group of genes with a significant p-value linux/ppc64
perl-GPS-0.17-9.fc28 Perl interface to a GPS receiver that implements the Garmin protocol linux/noarch
perl-GPS-OID-0.07-21.fc28 Package for PRN - Object ID conversions linux/noarch
perl-GSSAPI-0.28-23.fc28 Perl extension providing access to the GSSAPIv2 library linux/ppc64
perl-GStreamer-0.20-11.fc28 Perl bindings to version 0.10.x of the GStreamer framework linux/ppc64
perl-GStreamer-Interfaces-0.06-18.fc29 Perl interface to the GStreamer Interfaces library linux/ppc64
perl-GTop-0.18-22.fc28 Perl interface to libgtop linux/ppc64
perl-Gearman-Client-Async-0.94-29.fc28 Asynchronous Client for the Gearman distributed job system linux/noarch
perl-Geo-Constants-0.06-25.fc28 Standard Geo:: constants linux/noarch
perl-Geo-Distance-0.20-5.fc28 Calculate distances and closest locations linux/noarch
perl-Geo-Ellipsoids-0.16-23.fc28 Standard Geo:: ellipsoids linux/noarch
perl-Geo-Forward-0.14-9.fc28 Calculate geographic location from lat, lon, distance, and heading linux/noarch
perl-Geo-Functions-0.07-24.fc28 Standard Geo:: functions linux/noarch
perl-Geo-IPfree-1.151.940-5.fc28 Look up the country of an IPv4 Address linux/noarch
perl-Geo-Inverse-0.05-25.fc28 Calculate geographic distance from a lat & lon pair linux/noarch
perl-Geo-ShapeFile-2.64-4.fc28 Perl extension for handling ESRI GIS Shapefiles linux/noarch
perl-Geography-Countries-2009041301-21.fc28 2-letter, 3-letter, and numerical codes for countries linux/noarch
perl-Getopt-Euclid-0.4.5-9.fc28 Executable Uniform Command-Line Interface Descriptions linux/noarch
perl-Getopt-GUI-Long-0.93-10.fc28 A wrapper around Getopt::Long to provide a GUI to applications linux/noarch
perl-Getopt-Long-2.50-4.fc28 Extended processing of command line options linux/noarch
perl-Getopt-Simple-1.52-7.fc28 Provide a simple wrapper around Getopt::Long linux/noarch
perl-Getopt-Tabular-0.3-10.fc28 Table-driven argument parsing for Perl linux/noarch
perl-Git-CPAN-Patch-2.3.2-2.fc28 Patch CPAN modules using Git linux/noarch
perl-Git-Version-Compare-1.004-5.fc28 Functions to compare Git versions linux/noarch
perl-Glib-1.327-1.fc29 Perl interface to GLib linux/ppc64
perl-Glib-Object-Introspection-0.045-1.fc29 Dynamically create Perl language bindings linux/ppc64
perl-Glib-devel-1.327-1.fc29 Development part of Perl interface to GLib linux/ppc64
perl-Gnome2-Canvas-1.002-39.fc28 An engine for structured graphics in Gnome2 linux/ppc64
perl-Gnome2-GConf-1.044-33.fc29 Perl wrappers for the GConf configuration engine linux/ppc64
perl-Gnome2-Wnck-0.16-32.fc28 Perl interface to the Window Navigator Construction Kit linux/ppc64
perl-GnuPG-Interface-0.52-9.fc28 Perl interface to GnuPG linux/noarch
perl-Goo-Canvas-0.06-33.fc28 Perl interface to the GooCanvas linux/ppc64
perl-Graph-0.97.04-7.fc28 Perl module for dealing with graphs, the abstract data structures linux/noarch
perl-Graph-Easy-0.76-5.fc28 Convert or render graphs as ASCII, HTML, SVG or via Graphviz linux/noarch
perl-GraphViz-2.24-5.fc28 Interface to the GraphViz graphing tool linux/noarch
perl-Gravatar-URL-1.07-5.fc28 Make URLs for Gravatars from an email address linux/noarch
perl-Growl-GNTP-0.21-6.fc28 Perl implementation of GNTP Protocol (Client Part) linux/noarch
perl-Gtk2-1.24992-5.fc28 Perl interface to the 2.x series of the Gimp Toolkit library linux/ppc64
perl-Gtk2-Ex-CalendarButton-0.01-29.fc28 Gtk2::Ex::CalendarButton Perl module linux/noarch
perl-Gtk2-Ex-Carp-0.01-31.fc28 GTK+ friendly die() and warn() functions linux/noarch
perl-Gtk2-Ex-Dialogs-0.11-27.fc28 Useful tools for GNOME2/GTK2 Perl GUI design linux/noarch
perl-Gtk2-Ex-FormFactory-0.67-17.fc28 Framework for GTK2 Perl applications linux/noarch
perl-Gtk2-Ex-PodViewer-0.18-26.fc28 Gtk2 widget for displaying Plain Old Documentation (POD) linux/noarch
perl-Gtk2-Ex-Utils-0.09-27.fc28 Extra Gtk2 Utilities for working with GNOME2/GTK2 in Perl linux/noarch
perl-Gtk2-ImageView-0.05-10.fc28 Perl bindings to the GtkImageView image viewer widget linux/ppc64
perl-Gtk2-ImageView-devel-0.05-10.fc28 Development headers for perl-Gtk2-ImageView linux/ppc64
perl-Gtk2-Sexy-0.05-31.fc29 Perl interface to the sexy widget collection linux/ppc64
perl-Gtk2-SourceView2-0.10-16.fc29 Perl bindings for the GtkSourceView 2.x widget linux/ppc64
perl-Gtk2-TrayIcon-0.06-32.fc28 Perl interface to the EggTrayIcon library linux/ppc64
perl-Gtk2-Unique-0.05-23.fc29 Perl bindings for the C library "libunique" linux/ppc64
perl-Gtk2-Unique-devel-0.05-23.fc29 Development headers for perl-Gtk2-Unique linux/ppc64
perl-Gtk3-0.034-1.fc29 Perl interface to the 3.x series of the GTK+ toolkit linux/noarch
perl-Gtk3-WebKit-0.06-12.fc28 WebKit bindings for Perl linux/noarch
perl-Guard-1.023-11.fc28 Safe cleanup blocks linux/ppc64
perl-HTML-CalendarMonthSimple-1.25-26.fc28 Perl Module for Generating HTML Calendars linux/noarch
perl-HTML-Encoding-0.61-20.fc28 Determine the encoding of HTML/XML/XHTML documents linux/noarch
perl-HTML-Entities-Numbered-0.04-23.fc28 Conversion of numbered HTML entities linux/noarch
perl-HTML-Escape-1.10-8.fc29 Extremely fast HTML escape linux/ppc64
perl-HTML-Form-6.03-17.fc28 Class that represents an HTML form element linux/noarch
perl-HTML-FormFu-Element-reCAPTCHA-1.00-11.fc28 reCAPTCHA component for HTML::FormFu frame work linux/noarch
perl-HTML-FormFu-Model-DBIC-2.03-2.fc29 Integrate HTML::FormFu with DBIx::Class linux/noarch
perl-HTML-FormatText-WithLinks-0.15-9.fc28 HTML to text conversion with links as footnotes linux/noarch
perl-HTML-FormatText-WithLinks-AndTables-0.07-5.fc28 Converts HTML to Text with tables in tact linux/noarch
perl-HTML-HTML5-Entities-0.004-7.fc28 Drop-in replacement for HTML::Entities with HTML5 support linux/noarch
perl-HTML-HTML5-Parser-0.301-5.fc28 Parse HTML reliably linux/noarch
perl-HTML-HTML5-Writer-0.201-5.fc28 Output a DOM as HTML5 linux/noarch
perl-HTML-Mason-1.58-2.fc28 Powerful Perl-based web site development and delivery engine linux/noarch
perl-HTML-Parser-3.72-11.fc28 Perl module for parsing HTML linux/ppc64
perl-HTML-PrettyPrinter-0.03-28.fc28 Generate nice HTML files from HTML syntax trees linux/noarch
perl-HTML-Prototype-1.48-23.fc28 Generate HTML and Javascript for the Prototype library linux/noarch
perl-HTML-Quoted-0.04-15.fc28 Extract structure of quoted HTML mail message linux/noarch
perl-HTML-RewriteAttributes-0.05-15.fc28 Concise attribute rewriting linux/noarch
perl-HTML-Scrubber-0.17-3.fc28 Library for scrubbing/sanitizing html linux/noarch
perl-HTML-Selector-XPath-0.23-4.fc28 CSS Selector to XPath compiler linux/noarch
perl-HTML-StripScripts-1.06-6.fc28 Strip scripting constructs out of HTML linux/noarch
perl-HTML-StripScripts-Parser-1.03-20.fc28 XSS filter using HTML::Parser linux/noarch
perl-HTML-Table-2.08a-25.fc28 Create HTML tables using simple interface linux/noarch
perl-HTML-TableExtract-2.13-7.fc28 A Perl module for extracting content in HTML tables linux/noarch
perl-HTML-TagCloud-0.38-13.fc28 Generate An HTML Tag Cloud linux/noarch
perl-HTML-Template-2.97-4.fc28 Perl module to use HTML Templates linux/noarch
perl-HTML-Template-Pro-0.9510-17.fc29 Perl/XS module to use HTML Templates from CGI scripts linux/ppc64
perl-HTML-Tree-5.07-2.fc28 HTML tree handling modules for Perl linux/noarch
perl-HTML-TreeBuilder-LibXML-0.26-6.fc28 HTML::TreeBuilder and XPath compatible interface with libxml linux/noarch
perl-HTML-TreeBuilder-XPath-0.14-19.fc28 Add XPath support to HTML::TreeBuilder linux/noarch
perl-HTML-TreeBuilderX-ASP_NET-0.09-14.fc28 Scrape ASP.NET/VB.NET sites which utilize Javascript POST-backs linux/noarch
perl-HTML-WikiConverter-0.68-24.fc28 Perl module to convert HTML to wiki markup linux/noarch
perl-HTML-WikiConverter-Markdown-0.06-9.fc28 Convert HTML to Markdown markup linux/noarch
perl-HTTP-Body-1.22-9.fc28 HTTP Body Parser linux/noarch
perl-HTTP-CookieJar-0.008-8.fc28 Minimalist HTTP user agent cookie jar linux/noarch
perl-HTTP-Daemon-SSL-1.04-25.fc28 Simple http server class with SSL support linux/noarch
perl-HTTP-Date-6.02-18.fc28 Date conversion routines linux/noarch
perl-HTTP-Exception-0.04006-11.fc28 Throw HTTP-Errors as (Exception::Class-) Exceptions linux/noarch
perl-HTTP-Headers-Fast-0.21-4.fc28 Faster implementation of HTTP::Headers linux/noarch
perl-HTTP-MultiPartParser-0.02-4.fc28 HTTP MultiPart Parser linux/noarch
perl-HTTP-OAI-4.07-1.fc29 API for the OAI-PMH linux/noarchNew
perl-HTTP-Parser-0.06-19.fc28 Parse HTTP/1.1 request into HTTP::Request/Response object linux/noarch
perl-HTTP-Parser-XS-0.17-10.fc28 A fast, primitive HTTP request parser linux/ppc64
perl-HTTP-Proxy-0.304-8.fc28 A pure Perl HTTP proxy linux/noarch
perl-HTTP-ProxyAutoConfig-0.3-16.fc28 Use a .pac or wpad.dat file to get proxy information linux/noarch
perl-HTTP-Recorder-0.07-8.fc28 Record interaction with web sites linux/noarch
perl-HTTP-Request-Form-0.952-11.fc28 Construct HTTP::Request objects for form processing linux/noarch
perl-HTTP-Request-Params-1.02-7.fc28 Retrieve GET/POST Parameters from HTTP Requests linux/noarch
perl-HTTP-Response-Encoding-0.06-24.fc28 HTTP::Response::Encoding Perl module linux/noarch
perl-HTTP-Server-Simple-0.52-4.fc28 Very simple standalone HTTP daemon linux/noarch
perl-HTTP-Server-Simple-Authen-0.04-17.fc28 Authentication plugin for HTTP::Server::Simple linux/noarch
perl-HTTP-Server-Simple-Mason-0.14-20.fc28 HTTP::Server::Simple::Mason Perl module linux/noarch
perl-HTTP-Server-Simple-PSGI-0.16-12.fc28 PSGI handler for HTTP::Server::Simple linux/noarch
perl-HTTP-Server-Simple-Static-0.14-2.fc28 Serve static files with HTTP::Server::Simple linux/noarch
perl-HTTP-Soup-0.01-13.fc28 HTTP client/server library for GNOME linux/ppc64
perl-HTTP-Tiny-0.070-395.fc28 Small, simple, correct HTTP/1.1 client linux/noarch
perl-Ham-Reference-QRZ-0.04-5.fc28 An object oriented front end for the QRZ.COM Amateur Radio call-sign database linux/noarch
perl-Hardware-Verilog-Parser-0.13-26.fc28 Complete grammar for parsing Verilog code using perl linux/noarch
perl-Hardware-Vhdl-Lexer-1.00-26.fc28 Split VHDL code into lexical tokens linux/noarch
perl-Hardware-Vhdl-Tidy-0.8-26.fc28 VHDL code prettifier linux/noarch
perl-Hash-FieldHash-0.15-7.fc29 Lightweight field hash implementation linux/ppc64
perl-Hash-Merge-0.300-2.fc29 Merges arbitrary deep hashes into a single hash linux/noarch
perl-Hash-MultiValue-0.16-10.fc28 Store multiple values per key linux/noarch
perl-Hash-StoredIterator-0.008-6.fc28 Functions for accessing a hash's internal iterator linux/ppc64
perl-Hash-WithDefaults-0.05-16.fc28 Class for hashes with key-casing requirements supporting defaults linux/noarch
perl-Hook-LexWrap-0.26-4.fc28 Lexically scoped subroutine wrappers linux/noarch
perl-IO-All-0.87-3.fc28 IO::All Perl module linux/noarch
perl-IO-Any-0.09-7.fc28 Read or write files, folders, or strings, guessing the correct object type linux/noarch
perl-IO-Capture-0.05-26.fc28 Abstract Base Class to build modules to capture output linux/noarch
perl-IO-Capture-Extended-0.13-9.fc28 Extend functionality of IO::Capture linux/noarch
perl-IO-CaptureOutput-1.1104-9.fc28 Capture STDOUT/STDERR from sub-processes and XS/C modules linux/noarch
perl-IO-Compress-Lzma-2.081-1.fc29 Read and write lzma compressed data linux/noarch
perl-IO-Digest-0.11-15.fc28 Calculate digests while reading or writing linux/noarch
perl-IO-Event-0.813-12.fc28 Tied filehandles for nonblocking IO with object callbacks linux/noarch
perl-IO-HTML-1.001-10.fc28 Open an HTML file with automatic character set detection linux/noarch
perl-IO-Handle-Util-0.01-22.fc28 Utilities for working with IO::Handle-like objects linux/noarch
perl-IO-InSitu-0.0.2-23.fc28 Avoid clobbering files opened for both input and output linux/noarch
perl-IO-Interactive-1.022-5.fc28 Utilities for interactive I/O linux/noarch
perl-IO-Interface-1.09-11.fc29 Perl extension for accessing network card configuration information linux/ppc64
perl-IO-LockedFile-0.23-26.fc28 Something linux/noarch
perl-IO-Multiplex-1.16-9.fc28 Manage IO on many file handles linux/noarch
perl-IO-Pipely-0.005-11.fc28 Portably create pipe() or pipe-like handles, one way or another linux/noarch
perl-IO-Prompt-0.997.004-5.fc28 Interactively prompt for user input linux/noarch
perl-IO-Pty-Easy-0.10-5.fc28 Easy interface to IO::Pty linux/noarch
perl-IO-SessionData-1.03-11.fc28 IO::SessionData and IO::SessionSet modules linux/noarch
perl-IO-Socket-INET6-2.72-12.fc28 Perl Object interface for AF_INET|AF_INET6 domain sockets linux/noarch
perl-IO-Socket-IP-0.39-5.fc28 Drop-in replacement for IO::Socket::INET supporting both IPv4 and IPv6 linux/noarch
perl-IO-Socket-Multicast-1.12-7.fc29 Perl library for sending and receiving multicast messages linux/ppc64
perl-IO-Socket-Timeout-0.32-7.fc28 IO::Socket with read/write timeout linux/noarch
perl-IO-String-1.08-31.fc28 Emulate file interface for in-core strings linux/noarch
perl-IO-Tee-0.65-2.fc28 Multiplex output to multiple output handles linux/noarch
perl-IO-TieCombine-1.005-7.fc28 Produce tied (and other) separate but combined variables linux/noarch
perl-IO-Tty-1.12-11.fc28 Perl interface to pseudo tty's linux/ppc64
perl-IO-stringy-2.111-9.fc28 I/O on in-core objects like strings and arrays for Perl linux/noarch
perl-IPC-DirQueue-1.0-24.fc28 Disk-based many-to-many task queue linux/noarch
perl-IPC-Filter-0.005-2.fc28 Filter data through an external process linux/noarch
perl-IPC-Run3-0.048-12.fc28 Run a subprocess in batch mode linux/noarch
perl-IPC-Shareable-0.61-11.fc28 Share Perl variables between processes linux/noarch
perl-IPC-SharedCache-1.3-34.fc28 Perl module to manage a cache in SysV IPC shared memory linux/noarch
perl-IPC-SysV-2.07-397.fc28 Object interface to System V IPC linux/ppc64
perl-IRC-Utils-0.12-17.fc28 Common utilities for IRC-related tasks linux/noarch
perl-Icon-FamFamFam-Silk- Embed FamFamFam Silk icons in your code linux/noarch
perl-Ima-DBI-0.35-28.fc28 Database connection caching and organization linux/noarch
perl-Image-Base-1.17-10.fc28 Base class for loading, manipulating and saving images in Perl linux/noarch
perl-Image-Info-1.41-3.fc28 Image meta information extraction module for Perl linux/noarch
perl-Image-SubImageFind-0.03-15.fc28 Perl extension for locating a sub-image within an image linux/ppc64
perl-Image-Xbm-1.10-6.fc28 Load, create, manipulate and save xbm image files in Perl linux/noarch
perl-Image-Xpm-1.13-5.fc28 Load, create, manipulate and save xpm image files in Perl linux/noarch
perl-Import-Into-1.002005-7.fc28 Import packages into other packages linux/noarch
perl-Inline-0.80-9.fc28 Inline Perl module linux/noarch
perl-Inline-Files-0.69-9.fc28 Allows for multiple inline files in a single perl file linux/noarch
perl-Inline-Python-0.56-3.fc29 Write Perl subs and classes in Python linux/ppc64
perl-Iterator-Simple-Lookahead-0.07-7.fc28 Simple iterator with look-ahead and unget linux/noarch
perl-JSON-Pointer-0.07-7.fc28 Perl implementation of JSON Pointer linux/noarch
perl-JSON-RPC-1.06-9.fc28 Perl implementation of JSON-RPC 1.1 protocol linux/noarch
perl-JSON-RPC-Apache2-1.06-9.fc28 JSON-RPC server for mod_perl2 linux/noarch
perl-JSON-RPC-CGI-1.06-9.fc28 JSON-RPC server for CGI scripts linux/noarch
perl-JSON-RPC-Common-0.11-9.fc28 Perl module for handling JSON-RPC objects linux/noarch
perl-JSON-RPC-Daemon-1.06-9.fc28 JSON-RPC standalone daemon linux/noarch
perl-JSON-Util-0.06-7.fc28 Easy and portable encode/decode of JSON linux/noarch
perl-JSON-WebToken-0.10-6.fc28 JSON Web Token (JWT) implementation linux/noarch
perl-JSON-XS-3.04-3.fc29 JSON serializing/de-serializing, done correctly and fast linux/ppc64
perl-JavaScript-Beautifier-0.25-1.fc29 Beautify Javascript (beautifier for javascript) linux/noarch
perl-JavaScript-Minifier-1.14-10.fc28 Perl extension for minifying JavaScript code linux/noarch
perl-JavaScript-Minifier-XS-0.11-12.fc29 XS based JavaScript minifier linux/ppc64
perl-Jcode-2.07-24.fc28 Perl extension interface for converting Japanese text linux/noarch
perl-Jemplate-0.300-9.fc28 JavaScript Templating with Template Toolkit linux/noarch
perl-Judy-0.41-12.fc29 Library for creating and accessing dynamic arrays linux/ppc64
perl-KinoSearch1-1.01-25.fc29 Search engine library linux/ppc64
perl-LDAP-0.65-9.fc28 LDAP Perl module linux/noarch
perl-LMDB_File-0.12-8.fc29 Perl5 wrapper around the OpenLDAP's LMDB linux/ppc64
perl-LWP-Authen-Negotiate-0.08-14.fc28 GSSAPI based Authentication Plugin for LWP linux/noarch
perl-LWP-MediaTypes-6.02-14.fc28 Guess media type for a file or a URL linux/noarch
perl-LWP-Online-1.08-20.fc28 Module for accessing web by proccess linux/noarch
perl-LWP-Protocol-PSGI-0.10-3.fc28 Override LWP's HTTP/HTTPS backend with your own PSGI application linux/noarch
perl-LWP-Protocol-connect-6.09-10.fc29 Provides HTTP/CONNECT proxy support for LWP::UserAgent linux/noarch
perl-LWP-Protocol-http10-6.03-18.fc28 Legacy HTTP/1.0 support for LWP linux/noarch
perl-LWP-Protocol-https-6.07-4.fc28 Provide HTTPS support for LWP::UserAgent linux/noarch
perl-LaTeX-ToUnicode-0.05-5.fc28 Convert LaTeX commands to Unicode linux/noarch
perl-Language-Functional-0.05-17.fc28 Module which makes Perl slightly more functional linux/noarch
perl-Language-Prolog-Sugar-0.06-16.fc28 Syntactic sugar for Prolog term constructors linux/noarch
perl-Language-Prolog-Types-0.10-16.fc28 Prolog types in Perl linux/noarch
perl-Lexical-Persistence-1.023-9.fc28 Persistent lexical variable values for arbitrary calls linux/noarch
perl-Lexical-SealRequireHints-0.011-6.fc29 Prevent leakage of lexical hints linux/ppc64
perl-Lexical-Var-0.009-16.fc29 Static variables without name space pollution linux/ppc64
perl-Library-CallNumber-LC-0.23-7.fc28 Normalize Library of Congress call numbers for sorting linux/noarch
perl-Lingua-EN-Alphabet-Shaw-0.64-14.fc28 Transliterate the Latin to Shavian alphabets linux/noarch
perl-Lingua-EN-Fathom-1.19-5.fc28 Measure readability of English text linux/noarch
perl-Lingua-EN-Inflect-1.903-2.fc28 Convert singular to plural, select "a" or "an" linux/noarch
perl-Lingua-EN-Inflect-Number-1.12-7.fc28 Force number of words to singular or plural linux/noarch
perl-Lingua-EN-Inflect-Phrase-0.20-1.fc29 Inflect short English Phrases linux/noarch
perl-Lingua-EN-Numbers-2.03-7.fc28 Turn "407" into "four hundred and seven", etc linux/noarch
perl-Lingua-EN-Numbers-Ordinate-1.04-7.fc28 Perl functions for giving the ordinal form of a number given its cardinal value linux/noarch
perl-Lingua-EN-Sentence-0.30-5.fc28 Module for splitting text into sentences linux/noarch
perl-Lingua-EN-Syllable-0.30-6.fc28 Routine for estimating syllable count in words linux/noarch
perl-Lingua-Stem-Ru-0.04-6.fc28 Porter's stemming algorithm for Russian (KOI8-R only) linux/noarch
perl-Lingua-Translit-0.28-2.fc28 Transliterates text between writing systems linux/noarch
perl-Linux-Inotify2-1.22-20.fc28 Scalable directory/file change notification linux/ppc64
perl-List-AllUtils-0.14-4.fc28 Combines List::Util and List::SomeUtils linux/noarch
perl-List-Compare-0.53-9.fc28 Compare elements of two or more lists linux/noarch
perl-Locale-Currency-Format-1.35-7.fc29 Perl functions for formatting monetary values linux/noarch
perl-Locale-Maketext-1.29-1.fc29 Framework for localization linux/noarch
perl-Locale-Maketext-Fuzzy-0.11-12.fc28 Maketext from already interpolated strings linux/noarch
perl-Locale-Maketext-Gettext-1.28-9.fc28 Joins the gettext and Maketext frameworks linux/noarch
perl-Locale-Maketext-Lexicon-1.00-13.fc28 Extract translatable strings from source linux/noarch
perl-Locale-PO-0.27-9.fc28 Perl module for manipulating .po entries from GNU gettext linux/noarch
perl-Locale-US-3.04-7.fc28 Two letter codes for state identification in the United States and vice versa linux/noarch
perl-Locale-gettext-1.07-9.fc28 Interface to gettext family of functions linux/ppc64
perl-LockFile-Simple-0.208-11.fc28 Simple file locking scheme linux/noarch
perl-Log-Contextual-0.008001-2.fc28 Simple logging interface with a contextual log linux/noarch
perl-Log-Dispatch-2.67-2.fc28 Dispatches messages to one or more outputs linux/noarch
perl-Log-Dispatch-Array-1.003-9.fc28 Log events to an array (reference) linux/noarch
perl-Log-Dispatch-Config-1.04-17.fc28 Log4j for Perl linux/noarch
perl-Log-Dispatch-Configurator-Any-1.122640-13.fc28 Configurator implementation with Config::Any linux/noarch
perl-Log-Dispatch-FileRotate-1.35-1.fc29 Log to files that archive/rotate themselves linux/noarch
perl-Log-Dispatch-Perl-0.04-18.fc28 Use core Perl functions for logging linux/noarch
perl-Log-Dispatchouli-2.016-1.fc29 Simple wrapper around Log::Dispatch linux/noarch
perl-Log-Log4perl-1.49-4.fc28 Log4j implementation for Perl linux/noarch
perl-Log-Log4perl-Appender-DBI-1.49-4.fc28 Log to a database linux/noarch
perl-Log-Log4perl-Appender-RRDs-1.49-4.fc28 Log to a RRDtool archive linux/noarch
perl-Log-Log4perl-Appender-Socket-UNIX-1.04-9.fc28 Log4perl appender for writing to UNIX domain sockets linux/noarch
perl-Log-Log4perl-Config-DOMConfigurator-1.49-4.fc28 Read log4j XML configuration files linux/noarch
perl-Log-LogLite-0.82-23.fc28 Create simple logs linux/noarch
perl-Log-Message-0.08-14.fc28 Generic message storing mechanism linux/noarch
perl-Log-Message-Simple-0.10-302.fc28 Simplified interface to Log::Message linux/noarch
perl-Log-Trivial-0.40-11.fc28 Very simple tool for writing very simple log files linux/noarch
perl-Lucy-0.6.2-1.fc29 Search engine library linux/ppc64
perl-MARC-Charset-1.35-13.fc28 Converts data encoded in MARC-8 to Unicode (UTF-8) linux/ppc64
perl-MARC-Record-2.0.7-2.fc28 Object-oriented abstraction of MARC record handling linux/noarch
perl-MARC-XML-1.0.4-2.fc28 An extension to MARC::Record that supports an XML serialization of MARC linux/noarch
perl-MD5-2.03-27.fc28 Perl interface to the MD5 Message-Digest Algorithm linux/noarch
perl-MIME-Base32-1.303-2.fc28 Base32 encoder / decoder linux/noarch
perl-MIME-Charset-1.012.2-4.fc28 Charset Informations for MIME linux/noarch
perl-MIME-EncWords-1.014.3-10.fc28 Deal with RFC 2047 encoded words (improved) linux/noarch
perl-MIME-Lite-3.030-11.fc28 MIME::Lite - low-calorie MIME generator linux/noarch
perl-MIME-Lite-HTML-1.24-19.fc28 Provide routine to transform a HTML page in a MIME-Lite mail linux/noarch
perl-MIME-Lite-TT-HTML-0.04-10.fc28 MIME::Lite::TT::HTML - Create html mail with MIME::Lite and TT linux/noarch
perl-MLDBM-2.05-13.fc28 Store multi-level hash structure in single level tied hash linux/noarch
perl-MRO-Compat-0.13-4.fc28 Mro::* interface compatibility for Perls < 5.9.5 linux/noarch
perl-Mail-Alias-1.12-34.fc28 Module for manipulating e-mail alias files linux/noarch
perl-Mail-Box-3.005-1.fc29 Manage a mailbox, a folder with messages linux/noarch
perl-Mail-Box-Parser-C-3.010-1.fc29 Parsing folders for MailBox with C routines linux/ppc64
perl-Mail-DKIM-0.53-1.fc29 Sign and verify Internet mail with DKIM/DomainKey signatures linux/noarchNew
perl-Mail-IMAPClient-3.39-4.fc28 An IMAP Client API linux/noarch
perl-Mail-IMAPTalk-4.04-5.fc28 IMAP client interface with lots of features linux/noarch
perl-Mail-MboxParser-0.55-22.fc28 Read-only access to UNIX-mailboxes linux/noarch
perl-Mail-Message-3.006-2.fc28 MIME message handling linux/noarch
perl-Mail-POP3Client-2.19-12.fc28 Perl 5 module to talk to a POP3 (RFC1939) server linux/noarch
perl-Mail-Procmail-1.08-16.fc28 Procmail-like facility for creating easy mail filters linux/noarch
perl-Mail-RFC822-Address-0.3-25.fc28 Perl extension for validating email addresses according to RFC822 linux/noarch
perl-Mail-SPF_XS-0.01-17.20150405gitd57d79fd.fc28 An XS implementation of Mail::SPF linux/ppc64
perl-Mail-Sender-0.903-5.fc28 Module for sending mails with attachments through an SMTP server linux/noarch
perl-Mail-Sendmail-0.80-2.fc28 Simple platform independent mailer for Perl linux/noarch
perl-Mail-Transport-3.002-2.fc28 Email message exchange linux/noarch
perl-Mail-Transport-Dbx-0.07-32.fc28 Parse Outlook Express mailboxes linux/ppc64
perl-Makefile-Parser-0.216-9.fc28 Simple parser for Makefiles linux/noarch
perl-Marpa-XS-1.008000-20.fc28 Language grammar parser module for Perl linux/ppc64
perl-MasonX-Interp-WithCallbacks-1.19-11.fc28 Mason callback support via Params::CallbackRequest linux/noarch
perl-MasonX-Request-WithApacheSession-0.31-7.fc28 Add a session to the Mason Request object linux/noarch
perl-Math-Base36-0.14-9.fc28 Encoding and decoding of base36 strings linux/noarch
perl-Math-BaseCnv-1.14-5.fc28 Fast functions to CoNVert between number Bases linux/noarch
perl-Math-Calc-Units-1.07-23.fc28 Human-readable unit-aware calculator linux/noarch
perl-Math-ConvexHull-1.04-16.fc28 Calculate convex hulls using Graham's scan (n*log(n)) linux/noarch
perl-Math-ConvexHull-MonotoneChain-0.01-18.fc28 Monotone chain algorithm for finding a convex hull in 2D linux/ppc64
perl-Math-Curve-Hilbert-0.04-24.fc28 Perl Implementation of Hilberts space-filling Curve linux/noarch
perl-Math-Derivative-1.01-2.fc28 Numeric 1st and 2nd order differentiation linux/noarch
perl-Math-Expression-Evaluator-0.3.2-16.fc28 Parses, compiles and evaluates mathematics expressions linux/noarch
perl-Math-Factor-XS-0.40-20.fc28 Factorize numbers and calculate matching multiplications linux/ppc64
perl-Math-Geometry-Voronoi-1.3-22.fc28 Compute Voronoi diagrams from sets of points linux/ppc64
perl-Math-Int64-0.54-7.fc28 Manipulate 64 bits integers in Perl linux/ppc64
perl-Math-Libm-1.00-21.fc28 Perl extension for the C math library, libm linux/ppc64
perl-Math-MatrixReal-2.13-5.fc28 Manipulate matrix of reals linux/noarch
perl-Math-NumSeq-72-5.fc28 Number sequences linux/noarch
perl-Math-Prime-XS-0.27-6.fc28 Detect and calculate prime numbers with deterministic tests linux/ppc64
perl-Math-Random-MT-Auto-6.22-19.fc28 Auto-seeded Mersenne Twister PRNGs linux/ppc64
perl-Math-Round-0.07-9.fc28 Perl extension for rounding numbers linux/noarch
perl-Math-Spline-0.02-7.fc28 Cubic Spline Interpolation of data linux/noarch
perl-Math-Symbolic-0.612-13.fc28 Symbolic calculations linux/noarch
perl-Maypole-2.13-24.fc28 MVC web application framework linux/noarch
perl-Messaging-Message-1.6.1-5.fc28 Abstraction of a message linux/noarch
perl-Meta-Builder-0.003-13.fc28 Tools for creating Meta objects to track custom metrics linux/noarch
perl-Mixin-ExtraFields-0.140002-9.fc28 Add extra stashes of data to your objects linux/noarch
perl-Mixin-Linewise-0.108-9.fc28 Write your linewise code for handles; this does the rest linux/noarch
perl-Mo-0.40-5.fc28 Perl micro-object system linux/noarch
perl-Mock-Sub-1.09-2.fc28 Mock package, object and standard subroutines, with unit testing in mind linux/noarch
perl-ModelSim-List-0.06-25.fc28 Analyse the 'list' output of the ModelSim simulator linux/noarch
perl-Modern-Perl-1.20170117-5.fc28 Enable all of the features of Modern Perl with one command linux/noarch
perl-Module-Build-Deprecated-0.4210-10.fc28 Collection of modules removed from Module-Build linux/noarch
perl-Module-Build-SDL-2.548-1.fc29 Module::Build subclass for building SDL applications linux/ppc64New
perl-Module-Build-Tiny-0.039-9.fc28 A tiny replacement for Module::Build linux/noarch
perl-Module-Build-WithXSpp-0.14-11.fc28 XS++ enhanced flavor of Module::Build linux/noarch
perl-Module-CPANfile-1.1004-1.fc29 Parse cpanfile linux/noarch
perl-Module-Compile-0.37-1.fc29 Perl Module Compilation linux/noarch
perl-Module-Data-0.013-4.fc28 Introspect context information about modules in @INC linux/noarch
perl-Module-Depends-0.15-17.fc28 Identify the dependencies of a distribution linux/noarch
perl-Module-Faker-0.020-1.fc29 Build fake dists for testing CPAN tools linux/noarch
perl-Module-Find-0.13-9.fc28 Find and use installed modules in a (sub)category linux/noarch
perl-Module-Implementation-0.09-15.fc28 Loads one of several alternate underlying implementations for a module linux/noarch
perl-Module-Info-0.37-7.fc28 Information about Perl modules linux/noarch
perl-Module-Install-AuthorRequires-0.02-16.fc28 Declare author-only dependencies linux/noarch
perl-Module-Install-AuthorTests-0.002-16.fc28 Designate tests only run by module authors linux/noarch
perl-Module-Install-Authority-0.03-10.fc28 Add an x_authority key to META.yml linux/noarch
perl-Module-Install-AutoLicense-0.10-4.fc28 Module::Install extension to automatically generate LICENSE files linux/noarch
perl-Module-Install-AutoManifest-0.003-17.fc28 The module generates MANIFEST automatically linux/noarch
perl-Module-Install-CheckLib-0.12-4.fc28 Module::Install extension to check that a library is available linux/noarch
perl-Module-Install-Contributors-0.001-5.fc28 Add an x_contributors section to your META.yml linux/noarch
perl-Module-Install-Copyright-0.009-5.fc28 Package a COPYRIGHT file with a distribution linux/noarch
perl-Module-Install-DOAP-0.006-5.fc28 Generate META.yml data from DOAP linux/noarch
perl-Module-Install-DOAPChangeSets-0.206-5.fc28 Write your distribution change log in RDF linux/noarch
perl-Module-Install-ExtraTests-0.008-15.fc28 Ignorable, contextual test support for Module::Install linux/noarch
perl-Module-Install-GithubMeta-0.30-9.fc28 A Module::Install extension to include GitHub meta information in META.yml linux/noarch
perl-Module-Install-ManifestSkip-0.24-10.fc28 Generate a MANIFEST.SKIP file linux/noarch
perl-Module-Install-RDF-0.009-5.fc28 Advanced meta-data for your distribution linux/noarch
perl-Module-Install-ReadmeFromPod-0.30-4.fc28 Module::Install extension to automatically convert POD to a README linux/noarch
perl-Module-Install-ReadmeMarkdownFromPod-0.04-4.fc28 Create README.mkdn from POD linux/noarch
perl-Module-Install-Repository-0.06-17.fc28 Automatically sets repository URL from Svn/Svk/Git checkout linux/noarch
perl-Module-Install-TestBase-0.86-11.fc28 Module::Install support for Test::Base linux/noarch
perl-Module-Install-TestML-0.02-10.fc28 Module::Install support for TestML linux/noarch
perl-Module-Install-TrustMetaYml-0.003-5.fc28 Trusts META.yml list of dependencies linux/noarch
perl-Module-Install-XSUtil-0.45-11.fc28 Utility functions for XS modules linux/noarch
perl-Module-Load-0.32-395.fc28 Run-time require of both modules and files linux/noarch
perl-Module-Locate-1.80-7.fc28 Locate Perl modules in the same fashion as "require" and "use" linux/noarch
perl-Module-Manifest-Skip-0.23-10.fc28 MANIFEST.SKIP Manangement for Modules linux/noarch
perl-Module-Mask-0.06-15.fc28 Pretend certain modules are not installed linux/noarch
perl-Module-Package-0.30-16.fc28 Postmodern Perl Module Packaging linux/noarch
perl-Module-Package-Au-2-10.fc28 Reusable Module::Install bits linux/noarch
perl-Module-Path-0.19-9.fc28 Get the full path to a locally installed module linux/noarch
perl-Module-Pluggable-5.2-7.fc28 Automatically give your module the ability to have plugins linux/noarch
perl-Module-Reader-0.003003-3.fc28 Read the source of a module like perl does linux/noarch
perl-Module-Refresh-0.17-19.fc28 Refresh %INC files when updated on disk linux/noarch
perl-Module-Used-1.3.0-10.fc28 Find modules loaded by Perl code without running it linux/noarch
perl-Module-Util-1.09-14.fc28 Module name tools and transformations linux/noarch
perl-Module-Versions-Report-1.06-26.fc28 Report versions of all modules in memory linux/noarch
perl-MogileFS-Client-1.17-11.fc28 Client library for the MogileFS distributed file system linux/noarch
perl-Mon-0.11-25.fc28 Mon Perl module linux/noarch
perl-Monotone-AutomateStdio-1.10-6.fc28 Perl interface to Monotone via automate stdio linux/noarch
perl-MooX-0.101-13.fc28 Using Moo and MooX:: packages the most lazy way linux/noarch
perl-MooX-Cmd-0.017-2.fc28 Giving an easy Moo style way to make command organized CLI apps linux/noarch
perl-MooX-ConfigFromFile-0.009-1.fc29 Moo eXtension for initializing objects from configuration file linux/noarch
perl-MooX-File-ConfigDir-0.007-1.fc29 Moo eXtension for File::ConfigDir linux/noarch
perl-MooX-HandlesVia-0.001008-10.fc28 NativeTrait-like behavior for Moo linux/noarch
perl-MooX-HasEnv-0.004-10.fc28 Making attributes based on ENV variables linux/noarch
perl-MooX-Log-Any-0.004004-6.fc28 A Moose role to add support for logging via Log::Any linux/noarch
perl-MooX-Options-4.103-2.fc28 Explicit Options eXtension for Object Class linux/noarch
perl-MooX-Roles-Pluggable-0.003-9.fc28 Moo eXtension for pluggable roles linux/noarch
perl-MooX-Types-MooseLike-Numeric-1.03-5.fc28 Moo types for numbers linux/noarch
perl-MooX-late-0.015-13.fc28 Easily translate Moose code to Moo linux/noarch
perl-MooseX-Aliases-0.11-11.fc28 Easy aliasing of methods and attributes in Moose linux/noarch
perl-MooseX-ArrayRef-0.005-6.fc28 Blessed array references with Moose linux/noarch
perl-MooseX-Async-0.07-24.fc28 Set of Metaclasses for MooseX::POE and it's siblings linux/noarch
perl-MooseX-Attribute-Chained-1.0.3-5.fc28 Attribute that returns the instance to allow for chaining linux/noarch
perl-MooseX-CascadeClearing-0.05-13.fc28 Cascade clearer actions across attributes linux/noarch
perl-MooseX-ClassAttribute-0.29-5.fc28 Declare class attributes Moose-style linux/noarch
perl-MooseX-Clone-0.06-10.fc28 Fine grained cloning support for Moose objects linux/noarch
perl-MooseX-CoercePerAttribute-1.001-11.fc28 Define coercions per attribute linux/noarch
perl-MooseX-ConfigFromFile-0.14-9.fc28 An abstract Moose role for setting attributes from a configfile linux/noarch
perl-MooseX-Configuration-0.02-7.fc28 Define attributes which come from configuration files linux/noarch
perl-MooseX-Getopt-0.71-6.fc28 Moose role for processing command line options linux/noarch
perl-MooseX-Has-Options-0.003-13.fc28 Succinct options for Moose linux/noarch
perl-MooseX-Has-Sugar-1.000006-4.fc28 Sugar syntax for moose 'has' fields linux/noarch
perl-MooseX-LazyRequire-0.11-9.fc28 Required attributes which fail only when trying to use them linux/noarch
perl-MooseX-Log-Log4perl-0.47-9.fc28 A Logging Role for Moose based on Log::Log4perl linux/noarch
perl-MooseX-LogDispatch-1.2002-19.fc28 Logging Role for Moose linux/noarch
perl-MooseX-MarkAsMethods-0.15-15.fc28 Mark overload code symbols as methods linux/noarch
perl-MooseX-Meta-TypeConstraint-Mooish-0.001-9.fc28 Translate Moo-style constraints to Moose-style linux/noarch
perl-MooseX-Method-Signatures-0.49-7.fc28 Method declarations with type constraints and no source filter linux/noarch
perl-MooseX-MethodAttributes-0.31-7.fc28 Introspect your method code attributes linux/noarch
perl-MooseX-MultiInitArg-0.02-11.fc28 Attributes with aliases for constructor arguments linux/noarch
perl-MooseX-NonMoose-0.26-10.fc29 Easy subclassing of non-Moose classes linux/noarch
perl-MooseX-POE-0.215-16.fc28 Illicit Love Child of Moose and POE linux/noarch
perl-MooseX-RelatedClassRoles-0.004-17.fc28 Apply roles to a class related to yours linux/noarch
perl-MooseX-Role-Cmd-0.10-17.fc28 Wrap system command binaries the Moose way linux/noarch
perl-MooseX-Role-Matcher-0.05-17.fc28 Generic object matching based on attributes and methods linux/noarch
perl-MooseX-Role-Parameterized-1.10-4.fc28 Make your roles flexible through parameterization linux/noarch
perl-MooseX-Role-TraitConstructor-0.01-16.fc28 Wrapper for new that can accept a traits parameter linux/noarch
perl-MooseX-SimpleConfig-0.11-9.fc28 Moose role for setting attributes from a simple configfile linux/noarch
perl-MooseX-Singleton-0.30-5.fc28 Turn your Moose class into a singleton linux/noarch
perl-MooseX-StrictConstructor-0.21-4.fc28 Make your object constructors blow up on unknown attributes linux/noarch
perl-MooseX-Types-0.50-4.fc28 Organize your Moose types in libraries linux/noarch
perl-MooseX-Types-Common-0.001014-5.fc28 A library of commonly used type constraints linux/noarch
perl-MooseX-Types-DateTime-ButMaintained-0.16-17.fc28 DateTime related constraints and coercions for Moose linux/noarch
perl-MooseX-Types-DateTime-MoreCoercions-0.15-7.fc28 Extensions to MooseX::Types::DateTime linux/noarch
perl-MooseX-Types-DateTimeX-0.10-24.fc28 Extensions to MooseX::Types::DateTime::ButMaintained linux/noarch
perl-MouseX-Foreign-1.000-7.fc28 Extends non-Mouse classes as well as Mouse classes linux/noarch
perl-MouseX-NativeTraits-1.09-7.fc28 Extend your attribute interfaces for Mouse linux/noarch
perl-MouseX-StrictConstructor-0.02-9.fc28 Make your object constructors blow up on unknown attributes linux/noarch
perl-MouseX-Types-0.06-18.fc28 Organize your Mouse types in libraries linux/noarch
perl-Mozilla-LDAP-1.5.3-25.fc28 LDAP Perl module that wraps the OpenLDAP C SDK linux/ppc64
perl-Mozilla-PublicSuffix-1.0.0-5.fc28 Get a domain name's public suffix via the Mozilla Public Suffix List linux/noarch
perl-NNTPClient-0.37-5.fc28 Perl 5 module to talk to NNTP (RFC977) server linux/noarch
perl-NTLM-1.09-17.fc28 NTLM Perl module linux/noarch
perl-Nagios-NSCA-0.1-25.fc28 Nagios::NSCA Perl module linux/noarch
perl-Nagios-Plugin-0.37-9.fc28 Family of perl modules to streamline writing Nagios plugins linux/noarch
perl-Nagios-Plugin-WWW-Mechanize-0.13-22.fc28 Login to a web page as a user and get data as a Nagios plugin linux/noarch
perl-Net-ARP-1.0.9-10.fc28 Create and Send ARP Packets linux/ppc64
perl-Net-Amazon-0.62-13.fc28 Framework for accessing via REST linux/noarch
perl-Net-Amazon-EC2-Metadata-0.10-19.fc28 Retrieves data from EC2 Metadata service linux/noarch
perl-Net-Amazon-S3-0.80-7.fc28 Use the Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) linux/noarch
perl-Net-Appliance-Session-4.300001-2.fc28 Run command-line sessions to network appliances linux/noarch
perl-Net-CIDR-Lite-0.21-20.fc28 Perl extension for merging IPv4 or IPv6 CIDR addresses linux/noarch
perl-Net-CLI-Interact-2.300002-2.fc28 Toolkit for CLI Automation linux/noarch
perl-Net-CUPS-0.64-6.fc28 Perl bindings to the CUPS C API Interface linux/ppc64
perl-Net-DAVTalk-0.14-4.fc28 Client for DAV servers linux/noarch
perl-Net-DBus-1.1.0-11.fc28 Use and provide DBus services linux/ppc64
perl-Net-DHCP-0.696-7.fc28 Set of classes for basic handling of DHCP packets linux/noarch
perl-Net-DNS-1.15-1.fc28 DNS resolver modules for Perl linux/noarch
perl-Net-DNS-Nameserver-1.15-1.fc28 DNS server for Perl linux/noarch
perl-Net-DNS-SEC-1.08-1.fc29 DNSSEC modules for Perl linux/ppc64
perl-Net-Domain-TLD-1.75-5.fc28 Work with TLD names linux/noarch
perl-Net-FTP-AutoReconnect-0.3-22.fc28 FTP client class with automatic reconnect on failure linux/noarch
perl-Net-FTP-RetrHandle-0.2-21.fc28 Provides a file reading interface for reading files on a remote FTP server linux/noarch
perl-Net-FTPServer-1.125-12.fc28 Secure, extensible and configurable Perl FTP server linux/noarch
perl-Net-GPSD-0.39-20.fc28 Provides an object client interface to the gpsd server daemon linux/noarch
perl-Net-GitHub-0.95-1.fc29 Perl interface for linux/noarch
perl-Net-Google-AuthSub-0.5-21.fc28 Provides interface to interact with sites that implement Google style AuthSub linux/noarch
perl-Net-HL7-0.82-3.fc28 Simple perl API for HL7 messages linux/noarch
perl-Net-IMAP-Simple-SSL-1.3-21.fc28 Simple IMAP account handling with SSL linux/noarch
perl-Net-INET6Glue-0.603-8.fc28 Make common modules IPv6 ready by hotpatching linux/noarch
perl-Net-IP-1.26-14.fc28 Perl module for manipulation of IPv4 and IPv6 addresses linux/noarch
perl-Net-IP-CMatch-0.02-34.fc28 Efficiently match IP addresses against IP ranges with C linux/ppc64
perl-Net-IP-Match-Regexp-1.01-16.fc28 Efficiently match IP addresses against ranges linux/noarch
perl-Net-IP-Minimal-0.06-11.fc28 Minimal functions from Net::IP linux/noarch
perl-Net-IPv6Addr-0.91-2.fc28 Perl module to check validity of IPv6 addresses linux/noarch
perl-Net-Jabber-2.0-33.fc28 Net::Jabber - Jabber Perl Library linux/noarch
perl-Net-LDAP-Server-Test-0.22-5.fc28 Test Net::LDAP code linux/noarch
perl-Net-LibIDN-0.12-30.fc29 Perl bindings for GNU LibIDN linux/ppc64
perl-Net-OAuth-0.28-14.fc28 OAuth protocol support library for Perl linux/noarch
perl-Net-OpenID-Consumer-1.18-6.fc28 Library for consumers of OpenID identities linux/noarch
perl-Net-OpenID-Server-1.09-9.fc28 Library for building your own OpenID server/provider linux/noarch
perl-Net-OpenSSH-0.78-1.fc29 Perl SSH client package implemented on top of OpenSSH linux/noarch
perl-Net-POP3S-0.10-2.fc28 SSL/STARTTLS support for Net::POP3 linux/noarch
perl-Net-Patricia-1.22-17.fc28 Patricia Trie perl module for fast IP address lookups linux/ppc64
perl-Net-Pcap-0.18-7.fc28 Interface to pcap(3) LBL packet capture library linux/ppc64
perl-Net-Pcap-Easy-1.4210-9.fc28 Convenience functions to make Net::Pcap easier to use linux/noarch
perl-Net-Ping-External-0.15-12.fc28 Cross-platform interface to ICMP "ping" utilities linux/noarch
perl-Net-SFTP-Foreign-1.89-1.fc28 SSH File Transfer Protocol client linux/noarch
perl-Net-SMTPS-0.09-2.fc28 SSL/STARTTLS support for Net::SMTP linux/noarch
perl-Net-SNMP-6.0.1-20.fc28 Object oriented interface to SNMP linux/noarch
perl-Net-SNPP-1.17-32.fc28 Perl modules for the Simple Network Pager Protocol linux/noarch
perl-Net-SSH-Expect-1.09-27.fc28 Net-SSH-Expect - SSH wrapper to execute remote commands linux/noarch
perl-Net-SSH2-0.69-2.fc29 Support for the SSH 2 protocol via libSSH2 linux/ppc64
perl-Net-STOMP-Client-2.3-5.fc28 STOMP object oriented client module linux/noarch
perl-Net-Server-2.009-2.fc28 Extensible, general Perl server engine linux/noarch
perl-Net-Statsd-0.12-6.fc28 Sends statistics to the stats daemon over UDP linux/noarch
perl-Net-Statsd-Server-0.20-5.fc28 Library for the Perl port of Flickr/Etsy's statsd metrics daemon linux/noarch
perl-Net-Stomp-0.57-5.fc28 Stomp client module for Perl linux/noarch
perl-Net-Telnet-3.04-7.fc28 Interact with TELNET port or other TCP ports linux/noarch
perl-Net-Telnet-Cisco-1.11-2.fc28 Interact with a Cisco router linux/noarch
perl-Net-Twitter-4.01043-2.fc28 Perl interface to the Twitter API linux/noarch
perl-Net-Twitter-Lite-0.12008-5.fc28 Perl interface to the Twitter API linux/noarch
perl-Net-Whois-Raw-2.99.015-1.fc29 Get Whois information for domains linux/noarchNew
perl-Net-eBay-0.61-7.fc28 Perl Interface to XML based eBay API linux/noarch
perl-NetAddr-IP-4.079-7.fc28 Manages IPv4 and IPv6 addresses and subnets linux/ppc64
perl-NetPacket-LLC-0.01-20.fc28 Assemble and disassemble IEEE 802.3 LLC protocol packets linux/noarch
perl-NetPacket-SpanningTree-0.01-21.fc28 Assemble and disassemble IEEE 802.1D Spanning Tree protocol packets linux/noarch
perl-Nmap-Parser-1.36-3.fc28 Parse nmap scan data with perl linux/noarch
perl-No-Worries-1.5-2.fc28 Perl coding without worries linux/noarch
perl-Number-Compare-0.03-19.fc28 Perl module for numeric comparisons linux/noarch
perl-Number-Tolerant-1.708-7.fc28 Tolerance ranges for inexact numbers linux/noarch
perl-Number-WithError-1.01-13.fc28 Numbers with error propagation and scientific rounding linux/noarch
perl-OLE-Storage_Lite-0.19-21.fc28 Simple Class for OLE document interface linux/noarch
perl-ORLite-1.98-15.fc28 Extremely light weight SQLite-specific ORM linux/noarch
perl-ORLite-Mirror-1.24-15.fc28 Extend ORLite to support remote SQLite databases linux/noarch
perl-Object-Accessor-0.48-14.fc28 Interface to create per object accessors linux/noarch
perl-Object-Deadly-0.09-27.fc28 Perl module providing an object that dies whenever examined linux/noarch
perl-Object-Event-1.23-17.fc28 Class that provides an event callback interface linux/noarch
perl-Object-InsideOut-4.04-5.fc28 Comprehensive inside-out object support module linux/noarch
perl-Object-Realize-Later-0.21-2.fc28 Delayed creation of objects linux/noarch
perl-Object-Tiny-1.08-13.fc28 Class building as simple as it gets linux/noarch
perl-Olson-Abbreviations-0.04-14.fc28 Globally unique timezones abbreviation handling linux/noarch
perl-OpenGL-0.7000-5.fc28 Perl OpenGL bindings linux/ppc64
perl-OpenOffice-UNO-0.07-25.fc29 Interface to OpenOffice's UNO run-time linux/ppc64
perl-PAR-1.015-5.fc28 Perl Archive Toolkit linux/noarch
perl-PAR-Dist-0.49-14.fc28 Toolkit for creating and manipulating Perl PAR distributions linux/noarch
perl-PBKDF2-Tiny-0.005-9.fc28 Minimalist PBKDF2 (RFC 2898) with HMAC-SHA1 or HMAC-SHA2 linux/noarch
perl-PCP-LogImport-4.1.0-2.fc29 Performance Co-Pilot (PCP) Perl bindings for importing external data into PCP archives linux/ppc64New
perl-PCP-LogSummary-4.1.0-2.fc29 Performance Co-Pilot (PCP) Perl bindings for post-processing output of pmlogsummary linux/ppc64New
perl-PCP-MMV-4.1.0-2.fc29 Performance Co-Pilot (PCP) Perl bindings for PCP Memory Mapped Values linux/ppc64New
perl-PCP-PMDA-4.1.0-2.fc29 Performance Co-Pilot (PCP) Perl bindings and documentation linux/ppc64New
perl-PDF-Create-1.43-2.fc28 Create PDF files linux/noarch
perl-PDF-Haru-1.00-23.fc28 Perl interface to Haru Free PDF Library linux/ppc64
perl-PDF-Reuse-0.39-5.fc28 Reuse and mass produce PDF documents linux/noarch
perl-PHP-Serialization-0.34-20.fc28 Converts between PHP's serialize() output and the equivalent Perl structure linux/noarch
perl-POD2-Base-0.043-20.fc28 Base module for translations of Perl documentation linux/noarch
perl-POE-1.367-13.fc28 POE - portable multitasking and networking framework for Perl linux/noarch
perl-POE-Component-Child-1.39-29.fc28 Child management component for POE linux/noarch
perl-POE-Component-Client-HTTP-0.949-10.fc28 A non-blocking/parallel web requests engine for POE linux/noarch
perl-POE-Component-Client-LDAP-0.04-29.fc28 Async LDAP access for POE linux/noarch
perl-POE-Component-Client-Ping-1.175-2.fc28 Non-blocking ICMP ping client linux/noarch
perl-POE-Component-Client-SMTP-0.22-22.fc28 Asynchronous mail sending with POE linux/noarch
perl-POE-Component-JobQueue-0.571-16.fc28 Process a large number of tasks with a finite number of workers linux/noarch
perl-POE-Component-Log4perl-0.03-22.fc28 Logging extension for the POE environment linux/noarch
perl-POE-Component-Logger-1.10-18.fc28 A POE logging class linux/noarch
perl-POE-Component-Pluggable-1.28-4.fc28 A base class for creating plugin-enabled POE components linux/noarch
perl-POE-Component-Resolver-0.921-11.fc28 Non-blocking getaddrinfo() resolver linux/noarch
perl-POE-Component-SNMP-1.1006-20.fc28 POE interface to Net::SNMP linux/noarch
perl-POE-Component-SSLify-1.012-11.fc28 Makes using SSL in the world of POE easy! linux/noarch
perl-POE-Component-Server-Bayeux-0.04-21.fc28 Bayeux/cometd server implementation in POE linux/noarch
perl-POE-Component-Server-HTTP-0.09-28.fc28 Foundation of a POE HTTP Daemon linux/noarch
perl-POE-Component-Server-SOAP-1.14-24.fc28 Publish POE event handlers via SOAP over HTTP linux/noarch
perl-POE-Component-SimpleDBI-1.31-9.fc28 Asynchronous non-blocking DBI calls in POE made simple linux/noarch
perl-POE-Component-SimpleLog-1.05-24.fc28 A simple logging system for POE linux/noarch
perl-POE-Component-Syndicator-0.06-17.fc28 POE component base class which implements the Observer pattern linux/noarch
perl-POE-Filter-HTTP-Parser-1.08-7.fc28 HTTP POE filter for HTTP clients or servers linux/noarch
perl-POE-Filter-IRCD-2.44-13.fc28 A POE-based parser for the IRC protocol linux/noarch
perl-POE-Filter-Transparent-SMTP-0.2-28.fc28 A POE filter for SMTP linux/noarch
perl-POE-Filter-Zlib-2.04-4.fc28 POE filter wrapped around Compress::Zlib linux/noarch
perl-POE-Loop-Event-1.305-7.fc28 Bridge that allows POE to be driven by linux/noarch
perl-POE-Test-Loops-1.360-9.fc28 Reusable tests for POE::Loop authors linux/noarch
perl-POE-Wheel-Null-0.01-27.fc28 POE Wheel that does puts data nowhere, and sends nothing linux/noarch
perl-POSIX-AtFork-0.02-14.fc28 Hook registrations at fork(2) linux/ppc64
perl-POSIX-strftime-Compiler-0.42-5.fc28 GNU C library compatible strftime for loggers and servers linux/noarch
perl-POSIX-strptime-0.13-8.fc28 Perl extension to the POSIX date parsing strptime(3) function linux/ppc64
perl-PPI-HTML-1.08-15.fc28 Generate syntax-highlighted HTML for Perl using PPI linux/noarch
perl-PPI-PowerToys-0.14-22.fc28 Handy collection of small PPI-based utilities linux/noarch
perl-PPI-Tester-0.15-12.fc28 A wxPerl-based interactive PPI debugger/tester linux/noarch
perl-PPIx-EditorTools-0.21-2.fc28 Utility methods and base class for manipulating Perl via PPI linux/noarch
perl-PPIx-Utilities-1.001000-27.fc28 Extensions to PPI linux/noarch
perl-Package-Constants-0.06-9.fc28 List all constants declared in a package linux/noarch
perl-Package-Generator-1.106-11.fc28 Generate new packages quickly and easily linux/noarch
perl-Package-Pkg-0.0020-16.fc28 Handy package munging utilities linux/noarch
perl-Package-Stash-0.37-9.fc28 Routines for manipulating stashes linux/noarch
perl-Package-Stash-XS-0.28-17.fc28 Faster and more correct implementation of the Package::Stash API linux/ppc64
perl-Package-Variant-1.003002-7.fc28 Parameterizable packages linux/noarch
perl-Padre-0.90-25.fc28 Perl Application Development and Refactoring Environment linux/noarch
perl-Pango-1.227-9.fc28 Perl interface to the pango library linux/ppc64
perl-Panotools-Script-0.28-13.fc28 Library for manipulating Hugin .pto files linux/noarch
perl-Paper-Specs-0.10-16.fc28 Size and layout information for paper stock, forms, and labels linux/noarch
perl-Parallel-ForkManager-1.19-5.fc28 Simple parallel processing fork manager linux/noarch
perl-Parallel-Iterator-1.00-19.fc28 Simple parallel execution linux/noarch
perl-Parallel-Prefork-0.18-6.fc28 Simple prefork server framework linux/noarch
perl-Parallel-Runner-0.013-14.fc28 An object to manage running things in parallel processes linux/noarch
perl-Parallel-Scoreboard-0.08-5.fc28 Scoreboard for monitoring status of many processes linux/noarch
perl-Params-CallbackRequest-1.20-11.fc28 Functional and object-oriented callback architecture linux/noarch
perl-Params-Check-0.38-395.fc28 Generic input parsing/checking mechanism linux/noarch
perl-Params-Coerce-0.14-28.fc28 Allows your classes to do coercion of parameters linux/noarch
perl-Params-Util-1.07-22.fc28 Simple standalone parameter-checking functions linux/ppc64
perl-Parse-CPAN-Distributions-0.14-9.fc28 Provides an index for current CPAN distributions linux/noarch
perl-Parse-CPAN-Packages-2.40-9.fc28 Parse 02packages.details.txt.gz linux/noarch
perl-Parse-CPAN-Packages-Fast-0.09-7.fc28 Alternative parser for CPAN's package index linux/noarch
perl-Parse-EDID-1.0.6-11.fc28 Extended display identification data (EDID) parser linux/noarch
perl-Parse-Gitignore-0.04-2.fc28 Parse a .gitignore file linux/noarch
perl-Parse-Method-Signatures-1.003019-4.fc28 Perl6 like method signature parser linux/noarch
perl-Parse-RecDescent-1.967015-4.fc28 Generate Recursive-Descent Parsers linux/noarch
perl-Parse-Yapp-1.21-2.fc28 Perl extension for generating and using LALR parsers linux/noarch
perl-ParseLex-2.21-7.fc28 Generator of lexical analyzers linux/noarch
perl-ParseTemplate-3.08-11.fc28 Processor for templates containing Perl expressions linux/noarch
perl-PatchReader-0.9.6-16.fc28 Utilities to read and manipulate patches and CVS linux/noarch
perl-Path-Class-0.37-6.fc28 Cross-platform path specification manipulation linux/noarch
perl-Path-FindDev-0.5.3-4.fc28 Find a development path somewhere in an upper hierarchy linux/noarch
perl-Path-IsDev-1.001003-4.fc28 Determine if a given Path resembles a development source tree linux/noarch
perl-Path-ScanINC-1.000003-4.fc28 Emulate Perls internal handling of @INC linux/noarch
perl-Pegex-0.64-2.fc28 Pegex Parser Generator linux/noarch
perl-Perl-Critic-Compatibility-1.001-19.fc28 Perl::Critic policies for compatibility with Perl versions linux/noarch
perl-Perl-Critic-Deprecated-1.119-11.fc28 Perl::Critic policies which have been superseded by others linux/noarch
perl-Perl-Critic-Dynamic-0.05-17.fc28 Non-static policies for Perl::Critic linux/noarch
perl-Perl-Critic-Itch-0.07-16.fc28 Collection of Perl::Critic policies to solve some itches linux/noarch
perl-Perl-Critic-Lax-0.013-4.fc28 Policies that let you slide on common exceptions linux/noarch
perl-Perl-Critic-Moose-1.05-5.fc28 Policies for Perl::Critic concerned with using Moose linux/noarch
perl-Perl-Critic-More-1.003-11.fc28 Supplemental policies for Perl::Critic linux/noarch
perl-Perl-Critic-Nits-1.0.0-19.fc28 Policies of nits I like to pick linux/noarch
perl-Perl-Critic-PetPeeves-JTRAMMELL-0.04-11.fc28 Policies to prohibit/require my pet peeves linux/noarch
perl-Perl-Critic-Storable-0.01-20.fc28 Policy for linux/noarch
perl-Perl-Critic-StricterSubs-0.05-9.fc28 Perl::Critic plugin for stricter subroutine checks linux/noarch
perl-Perl-Critic-Swift-1.0.3-22.fc28 Set of additional policies for Perl::Critic linux/noarch
perl-Perl-Critic-Tics-0.009-10.fc28 Policies for things that make me wince linux/noarch
perl-Perl-Destruct-Level-0.02-20.fc28 Allows you to change perl's internal destruction level linux/ppc64
perl-Perl-Metrics-Simple-0.18-10.fc28 Count packages, subs, lines, etc. of many files linux/noarch
perl-Perl-MinimumVersion-1.38-16.fc28 Find a minimum required version of perl for Perl code linux/noarch
perl-Perl-PrereqScanner-1.023-8.fc28 Tool to scan your Perl code for its prerequisites linux/noarch
perl-Perl-Tags-0.32-10.fc28 Generate Ctags style tags for Perl source code linux/noarch
perl-Perl-Version-1.013-9.fc28 Parse and manipulate Perl version strings linux/noarch
perl-Perl4-CoreLibs-0.004-2.fc28 Libraries historically supplied with Perl 4 linux/noarch
perl-Perl6-Caller-0.100-12.fc28 OO caller() interface linux/noarch
perl-Perl6-Junction-1.60000-11.fc28 Perl6 style Junction operators in Perl5 linux/noarch
perl-PerlIO-Layers-0.011-14.fc29 Querying your file handle capabilities linux/ppc64
perl-PerlIO-buffersize-0.001-13.fc29 Set the buffersize of a handle linux/ppc64
perl-PerlIO-via-QuotedPrint-0.08-395.fc28 PerlIO layer for quoted-printable strings linux/noarch
perl-PerlIO-via-Timeout-0.32-7.fc28 PerlIO layer that adds read & write timeout to a handle linux/noarch
perl-PerlIO-via-dynamic-0.14-15.fc28 Dynamic PerlIO layers linux/noarch
perl-PerlIO-via-symlink-0.05-28.fc28 PerlIO layers for create symlinks linux/noarch
perl-Perlbal-XS-HTTPHeaders-0.20-28.fc28 Perlbal extension for processing HTTP headers linux/ppc64
perl-Perlilog-1.0-6.fc28 Verilog environment and IP core handling in Perl linux/noarch
perl-Pinto-0.14-2.fc28 Curate a repository of Perl modules linux/noarch
perl-Plack-Middleware-FixMissingBodyInRedirect-0.12-9.fc28 Plack::Middleware which sets body for redirect response, if it's not already set linux/noarch
perl-Plack-Middleware-ForceEnv-0.02-17.fc28 Force set environment variables for testing linux/noarch
perl-Plack-Middleware-RemoveRedundantBody-0.07-1.fc29 Plack::Middleware which sets removes body for HTTP response if it's not required linux/noarch
perl-Plack-Middleware-ReverseProxy-0.15-15.fc28 Supports app to run as a reverse proxy back-end linux/noarch
perl-Plack-Test-ExternalServer-0.02-9.fc28 Run HTTP tests on external live servers linux/noarch
perl-Pod-Checker-1.73-395.fc28 Check POD documents for syntax errors linux/noarch
perl-Pod-Coverage-0.23-14.fc28 Checks if the documentation of a module is comprehensive linux/noarch
perl-Pod-Coverage-Moose-0.07-7.fc28 Pod::Coverage extension for Moose linux/noarch
perl-Pod-Escapes-1.07-395.fc28 Resolve POD escape sequences linux/noarch
perl-Pod-LaTeX-0.61-302.fc28 Convert POD data to formatted LaTeX linux/noarch
perl-Pod-Markdown-3.005-6.fc28 Convert POD to Markdown linux/noarch
perl-Pod-MinimumVersion-50-20.fc28 Perl version for POD directives used linux/noarch
perl-Pod-POM-2.01-8.fc28 Object-oriented interface to Perl POD documents linux/noarch
perl-Pod-Parser-1.63-396.fc28 Basic perl modules for handling Plain Old Documentation (POD) linux/noarch
perl-Pod-Perldoc-3.28.01-1.fc29 Look up Perl documentation in Pod format linux/noarch
perl-Pod-PseudoPod-0.18-12.fc28 Framework for extending the POD tags for book manuscripts linux/noarch
perl-Pod-PseudoPod-LaTeX-1.20110710-10.fc28 Pod::PseudoPod::LaTeX Perl module linux/noarch
perl-Pod-Simple-3.35-395.fc28 Framework for parsing POD documentation linux/noarch
perl-Pod-Snippets-0.14-11.fc28 Extract and reformat snippets of POD linux/noarch
perl-Pod-Spell-1.20-7.fc28 A formatter for spell-checking POD linux/noarch
perl-Pod-Spell-CommonMistakes-1.002-9.fc28 Catches common typos in POD linux/noarch
perl-Pod-Usage-1.69-395.fc28 Print a usage message from embedded POD documentation linux/noarch
perl-Pod-Wordlist-hanekomu-1.132680-15.fc28 Add words for spell checking POD linux/noarch
perl-PostScript-0.06-26.fc28 PostScript Perl module linux/noarch
perl-Probe-Perl-0.03-11.fc28 Information about the currently running perl linux/noarch
perl-Proc-Daemon-0.23-7.fc28 Run Perl program as a daemon process linux/noarch
perl-Proc-Fork-0.804-7.fc28 Simple, intuitive interface to the fork() system call linux/noarch
perl-Proc-Guard-0.07-9.fc28 Process runner with RAII pattern linux/noarch
perl-Proc-PID-File-1.28-5.fc28 Module to manage process id files linux/noarch
perl-Proc-ProcessTable-0.55-2.fc29 Perl extension to access the Unix process table linux/ppc64
perl-Proc-Simple-1.32-6.fc28 Launch and control background processes linux/noarch
perl-Proc-SyncExec-1.01-18.fc28 Spawn processes but report exec() errors linux/noarch
perl-Proc-Terminator-0.05-7.fc28 Conveniently terminate processes linux/noarch
perl-Proc-Wait3-0.05-10.fc28 Perl extension for wait3 system call linux/ppc64
perl-Promises-0.99-2.fc28 Implementation of Promises in Perl linux/noarch
perl-Protocol-WebSocket-0.24-2.fc28 WebSocket protocol linux/noarch
perl-QWizard-3.15-25.fc28 A very portable graphical question and answer wizard system linux/noarch
perl-RDF-NS-20180227-1.fc29 Popular RDF name space prefixes from linux/noarch
perl-RDF-Prefixes-0.005-4.fc28 Simple way to turn URIs into QNames linux/noarch
perl-RDF-Query-2.918-5.fc28 SPARQL 1.1 Query and Update implementation for RDF::Trine linux/noarch
perl-RDF-TriN3-0.206-5.fc28 Notation 3 extensions for RDF::Trine linux/noarch
perl-REST-Client-273-8.fc28 Simple client for interacting with RESTful http/https resources linux/noarch
perl-RPC-XML-0.80-8.fc28 Set of classes for core data, message and XML handling linux/noarch
perl-RRD-Simple-1.44-30.fc28 Simple interface to create and store data in RRD files linux/noarch
perl-Readonly-2.05-5.fc28 Facility for creating read-only scalars, arrays, hashes linux/noarch
perl-Redis-1.991-5.fc28 Perl binding for Redis database linux/noarch
perl-Regexp-Common-2017060201-4.fc28 Regexp::Common Perl module linux/noarch
perl-Regexp-Grammars-1.048-2.fc28 Add grammatical parsing features to perl regular expressions linux/noarch
perl-Regexp-IPv6-0.03-20.fc28 Regular expression for IPv6 addresses linux/noarch
perl-Retry-1.03-4.fc28 Perl function wrapper providing exponential back-off and callbacks on failure linux/noarch
perl-Return-MultiLevel-0.05-2.fc28 Return across multiple call levels linux/noarch
perl-Return-Value-1.666005-7.fc28 Polymorphic Return Values linux/noarch
perl-Role-Basic-0.13-11.fc28 Just roles. Nothing else linux/noarch
perl-Roman-1.24-7.fc28 Functions for converting between Roman and Arabic numerals linux/noarch
perl-Rose-DB-0.778-5.fc28 DBI wrapper and abstraction layer linux/noarch
perl-Rose-DB-Object-0.815-10.fc28 Extensible, high performance object-relational mapper (ORM) linux/noarch
perl-Rose-DateTime-0.540-12.fc28 DateTime helper functions and objects linux/noarch
perl-Rose-Object-0.860-12.fc28 Simple object base class linux/noarch
perl-SDL-2.548-1.fc29 Simple DirectMedia Layer for Perl linux/ppc64New
perl-SGMLSpm-1.03ii-42.fc28 Perl library for parsing the output of nsgmls linux/noarch
perl-SNMP-Info-3.54-1.fc29 Object Oriented Perl5 Interface to Network devices and MIBs through SNMP linux/noarch
perl-SNMP_Session-1.13-17.fc28 SNMP support for Perl 5 linux/noarch
perl-SOAP-Lite-1.27-1.fc29 Client and server side SOAP implementation linux/noarch
perl-SOAP-WSDL-3.003-9.fc28 Perl module for SOAP with WSDL support linux/noarch
perl-SOAP-WSDL-Apache-3.003-9.fc28 SOAP server with WSDL support for Apache2 web server linux/noarch
perl-SOAP-WSDL-examples-3.003-9.fc28 Examples for the Perl SOAP::WSDL module linux/noarch
perl-SOCKS-0.03-10.fc28 SOCKS Perl module linux/noarch
perl-SQL-Abstract-1.85-1.fc28 Generate SQL from Perl data structures linux/noarch
perl-SQL-Abstract-Limit-0.141-25.fc28 Portable LIMIT Emulation linux/noarch
perl-SQL-Library-0.0.5-17.fc28 Manage libraries of SQL easily linux/noarch
perl-SQL-ReservedWords-0.8-14.fc28 Determine if words are reserved by ANSI/ISO SQL standard linux/noarch
perl-SQL-Shell-1.15-6.fc28 Command interpreter for DBI shells linux/noarch
perl-SQL-Statement-1.412-5.fc28 SQL parsing and processing engine linux/noarch
perl-STD-20101111-12.fc28 The Standard Perl 6 Grammar linux/noarch
perl-SVG-2.84-1.fc28 An extension to generate stand-alone or inline SGV linux/noarch
perl-SVG-Graph-0.04-7.fc28 Visualize your data in Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) format linux/noarch
perl-SVN-Simple-0.28-17.fc28 A simple interface for writing a delta editor linux/noarch
perl-Sane-0.05-19.fc28 Perl extension for the SANE (Scanner Access Now Easy) Project linux/ppc64
perl-Scalar-Does-0.203-5.fc28 Check an object implements an interface linux/noarch
perl-Scalar-List-Utils-1.50-1.fc29 A selection of general-utility scalar and list subroutines linux/ppc64
perl-Scalar-Properties-1.100860-14.fc28 Run-time properties on scalar variables linux/noarch
perl-Scalar-Util-LooksLikeNumber-1.39.2-9.fc28 Access to looks_like_number() perl API function linux/ppc64
perl-Schedule-Cron-Events-1.95-5.fc28 Take a line from a crontab and find out when events will occur linux/noarch
perl-Schedule-RateLimiter-0.01-14.fc28 Prevent events from happening too quickly linux/noarch
perl-Scope-Guard-0.21-7.fc28 Lexically scoped resource management linux/noarch
perl-Scriptalicious-1.17-11.fc28 Make scripts more delicious to system administrators linux/noarch
perl-Sendmail-PMilter-1.00-21.fc28 Perl binding of Sendmail Milter protocol linux/noarch
perl-Sereal-4.005-2.fc28 Fast, compact, powerful binary (de-)serialization linux/noarch
perl-ServiceNow-API-1.01-16.fc28 ServiceNow API for accessing the Service-now platform linux/noarch
perl-Set-Crontab-1.03-18.fc28 Expand crontab(5)-style integer lists linux/noarch
perl-Set-IntSpan-1.19-14.fc28 Perl module for managing sets of integers linux/noarch
perl-Set-Scalar-1.29-9.fc28 Basic set operations linux/noarch
perl-Set-Tiny-0.04-9.fc28 Simple sets of strings linux/noarch
perl-Shell-0.73-6.fc28 Run shell commands transparently within perl linux/noarch
perl-Signal-Mask-0.008-11.fc28 Signal masks made easy linux/noarch
perl-Smart-Comments-1.06-7.fc28 Comments that do more than just sit there linux/noarch
perl-Socket-MsgHdr-0.04-17.fc29 Sendmsg, recvmsg and ancillary data operations linux/ppc64
perl-Sort-Key-1.33-11.fc28 Fastest way to sort anything in Perl linux/ppc64
perl-Sort-Maker-0.06-12.fc28 Simple way to make efficient sort subs linux/noarch
perl-Sort-MergeSort-0.31-8.fc28 Merge pre-sorted input streams linux/noarch
perl-Sort-Naturally-1.03-17.fc28 Sort lexically, but sort numeral parts numerically linux/noarch
perl-Sort-Versions-1.62-8.fc28 Perl module for sorting of revision-like numbers linux/noarch
perl-Spiffy-0.46-10.fc28 Framework for doing object oriented (OO) programming in Perl linux/noarch
perl-Spreadsheet-ParseExcel-Simple-1.04-27.fc28 Simple interface to Excel data linux/noarch
perl-Spreadsheet-WriteExcel-2.40-11.fc28 Write formatted text and numbers to a cross-platform Excel binary file linux/noarch
perl-Spreadsheet-WriteExcel-Simple-1.04-27.fc28 Simple single-sheet Excel document creator linux/noarch
perl-Spreadsheet-XLSX-0.15-7.fc28 Perl extension for reading Microsoft Excel 2007 files linux/noarch
perl-Starlet-0.31-5.fc28 Simple, high-performance PSGI/Plack HTTP server linux/noarch
perl-Statistics-Basic-1.6611-9.fc28 A collection of very basic statistics modules linux/noarch
perl-Statistics-Descriptive-3.0613-1.fc29 Perl module of basic descriptive statistical functions linux/noarch
perl-Stream-Buffered-0.03-11.fc28 Temporary buffer to save bytes linux/noarch
perl-String-Approx-3.28-5.fc28 Perl extension for approximate matching (fuzzy matching) linux/ppc64
perl-String-Diff-0.07-8.fc28 Simple diff to String linux/noarch
perl-String-Errf-0.008-5.fc28 Simple sprintf-like dialect linux/noarch
perl-String-Escape-2010.002-24.fc28 String::Escape Perl module linux/noarch
perl-String-Flogger-1.101245-9.fc28 String munging for loggers linux/noarch
perl-String-Formatter-0.102084-9.fc28 Build sprintf-like functions of your own linux/noarch
perl-String-RewritePrefix-0.007-9.fc28 Rewrite strings based on a set of known prefixes linux/noarch
perl-String-Similarity-1.04-22.fc28 Calculates the similarity of two strings linux/ppc64
perl-String-ToIdentifier-EN-0.12-1.fc29 Convert Strings to English Program Identifiers linux/noarch
perl-Sub-Exporter-ForMethods-0.100052-7.fc28 Helper routines for using Sub::Exporter to build methods linux/noarch
perl-Sub-Exporter-GlobExporter-0.005-7.fc28 Export shared globs with Sub::Exporter collectors linux/noarch
perl-Sub-Exporter-Progressive-0.001013-5.fc28 Only use Sub::Exporter if you need it linux/noarch
perl-Sub-Info-0.002-5.fc28 Tool for inspecting Perl subroutines linux/noarch
perl-Sub-Install-0.928-14.fc28 Install subroutines into packages easily linux/noarch
perl-Sub-Override-0.09-14.fc28 Perl extension for easily overriding subroutines linux/noarch
perl-Swim-0.1.46-4.fc28 See What I Mean is a plain text markup language linux/noarch
perl-Switch-2.17-10.fc28 A switch statement for Perl linux/noarch
perl-Symbol-Util-0.0203-16.fc28 Additional utilities for Perl symbols manipulation linux/noarch
perl-Syntax-Feature-Loop-1.8.0-3.fc28 Provides the loop BLOCK syntax for unconditional loops linux/ppc64
perl-Syntax-Highlight-Engine-Kate-0.14-2.fc28 Port to Perl of the syntax highlight engine of the Kate text editor linux/noarch
perl-Syntax-Highlight-Perl6-0.88-20.fc28 Perl 6 Syntax Highlighter linux/noarch
perl-Syntax-Keyword-Junction-0.003008-10.fc28 Perl6 style Junction operators in Perl5 linux/noarch
perl-Sys-Detect-Virtualization-0.107-13.fc28 Library to detect if a UNIX system is running as a virtual machine linux/ppc64
perl-Sys-MemInfo-0.99-6.fc28 Memory information as Perl module linux/ppc64
perl-Sys-Mmap-0.19-6.fc29 Use mmap to map in a file as a Perl variable linux/ppc64
perl-Sys-Path-0.16-2.fc28 Supply autoconf style installation directories linux/noarch
perl-Sys-SigAction-0.23-5.fc28 Perl extension for Consistent Signal Handling linux/noarch
perl-Sys-Statistics-Linux-0.66-14.fc28 Front-end module to collect system statistics linux/noarch
perl-Sys-Syscall-0.25-16.fc28 Access system calls that Perl doesn't normally provide access to linux/noarch
perl-Sys-Syslog-0.35-397.fc28 Perl interface to the UNIX syslog(3) calls linux/ppc64
perl-Sysadm-Install-0.48-5.fc28 Typical installation tasks for system administrators linux/noarch
perl-System-Command-1.119-1.fc29 Object for running system commands linux/noarch
perl-SystemC-Vregs-1.470-15.fc28 Utility routines used by vregs linux/noarch
perl-TAP-Formatter-HTML-0.11-14.fc28 TAP Test Harness output delegate for html output linux/noarch
perl-TAP-Formatter-JUnit-0.11-9.fc28 Harness output delegate for JUnit output linux/noarch
perl-TAP-Harness-JUnit-0.42-9.fc28 Generate JUnit compatible output from TAP results linux/noarch
perl-TAP-SimpleOutput-0.009-4.fc28 Simple closure-driven TAP generator linux/noarch
perl-Taint-Runtime-0.03-32.fc28 Runtime enable taint checking linux/ppc64
perl-Taint-Util-0.08-16.fc28 Test for and flip the taint flag without regex matches or eval linux/ppc64
perl-Tangerine-0.23-5.fc28 Analyse perl files and report module-related information linux/noarch
perl-Task-Kensho-Exceptions-0.39-6.fc28 A Glimpse at an Enlightened Perl (Exceptions) linux/noarch
perl-Task-Kensho-Logging-0.39-6.fc28 A Glimpse at an Enlightened Perl (Logging) linux/noarch
perl-Task-Kensho-OOP-0.39-6.fc28 A Glimpse at an Enlightened Perl (OOP) linux/noarch
perl-Task-Kensho-Testing-0.39-6.fc28 A Glimpse at an Enlightened Perl (Testing) linux/noarch
perl-Task-Kensho-Toolchain-0.39-6.fc28 Glimpse at an Enlightened Perl (basic toolchain) linux/noarch
perl-Task-Moose-0.03-16.fc28 Moose in a box linux/noarch
perl-Task-Perl-Critic-1.008-16.fc28 Install everything Perl::Critic linux/noarch
perl-TeX-Encode-2.004-2.fc28 Encoding to LaTeX escapes linux/noarch
perl-Template-Alloy-1.020-11.fc28 Templating tool supporting multiple markup formats linux/noarch
perl-Template-GD-2.66-29.fc28 GD plugin(s) for the Template Toolkit linux/noarch
perl-Template-Plugin-Class-0.14-23.fc28 Allow calling of class methods on arbitrary classes linux/noarch
perl-Template-Plugin-JavaScript-0.02-17.fc28 Encodes text to be safe in JavaScript linux/noarch
perl-Template-Provider-Encoding-0.10-26.fc28 Explicitly declare encodings of your templates linux/noarch
perl-Template-Toolkit-2.27-6.fc28 Template processing system linux/ppc64
perl-Template-Toolkit-Simple-0.31-12.fc28 Simple interface to Template Toolkit linux/noarch
perl-Term-ANSIColor-4.06-396.fc28 Color screen output using ANSI escape sequences linux/noarch
perl-Term-Cap-1.17-395.fc28 Perl termcap interface linux/noarch
perl-Term-Completion-1.00-14.fc28 Read one line of user input, with convenience functions linux/noarch
perl-Term-EditorEdit-0.0016-11.fc28 Edit a document via $EDITOR linux/noarch
perl-Term-Encoding-0.02-11.fc28 Detect encoding of the current terminal linux/noarch
perl-Term-ProgressBar-Quiet-0.31-11.fc28 Provide a progress meter if run interactively linux/noarch
perl-Term-ProgressBar-Simple-0.03-11.fc28 Simpler progress bars linux/noarch
perl-Term-ReadLine-Perl-1.0303-16.fc28 Readline implementation in Perl linux/noarch
perl-Term-Shell-0.09-5.fc28 Simple command-line shell framework linux/noarch
perl-Term-ShellUI-0.92-12.fc28 Perl module to implement a full-featured shell-like command line environment linux/noarch
perl-Term-Size-Any-0.002-23.fc28 Retrieve terminal size linux/noarch
perl-Term-UI-0.46-9.fc28 Term::ReadLine user interface made easy linux/noarch
perl-TermReadKey-2.37-7.fc28 A perl module for simple terminal control linux/ppc64
perl-Test-Able-0.11-19.fc28 xUnit with Moose linux/noarch
perl-Test-Able-Runner-1.002-11.fc28 Use Test::Able without a bunch of boilerplate linux/noarch
perl-Test-Apocalypse-1.006-10.fc28 Apocalypse's favorite tests bundled into a simple interface linux/noarch
perl-Test-AutoLoader-0.03-16.fc28 Testing utility for autosplit/autoloaded modules linux/noarch
perl-Test-Block-0.13-17.fc28 Specify fine granularity test plans linux/noarch
perl-Test-CPAN-Meta-JSON-0.16-9.fc28 Validate a META.json file within a CPAN distribution linux/noarch
perl-Test-CPAN-Meta-YAML-0.25-9.fc28 Validate a META.yml file within a CPAN distribution linux/noarch
perl-Test-Carp-0.2-12.fc28 Test your code for calls to Carp functions linux/noarch
perl-Test-CheckChanges-0.14-20.fc28 Check that the Changes file matches the distribution linux/noarch
perl-Test-CheckDeps-0.010-15.fc28 Check for presence of dependencies linux/noarch
perl-Test-CheckManifest-1.33-2.fc28 Check if your Manifest matches your distro linux/noarch
perl-Test-Class-0.50-9.fc28 Easily create test classes in an xUnit/JUnit style linux/noarch
perl-Test-Cmd-1.09-7.fc28 Perl module for portable testing of commands and scripts linux/noarch
perl-Test-Command-0.11-7.fc28 Test routines for external commands linux/noarch
perl-Test-Compile-1.3.0-7.fc28 Check whether Perl module files compile correctly linux/noarch
perl-Test-ConsistentVersion-0.3.0-9.fc28 Ensures a CPAN distribution has consistent versioning linux/noarch
perl-Test-DBICSchemaLoaderDigest-0.04-16.fc28 Test the DBIC::Schema::Loader's MD5 sum linux/noarch
perl-Test-Database-1.113-9.fc28 Database handles ready for testing linux/noarch
perl-Test-Dependencies-0.23-5.fc28 Ensure that your Makefile.PL specifies all module dependencies linux/noarch
perl-Test-Differences-0.6400-8.fc28 Test strings and data structures and show differences if not OK linux/noarch
perl-Test-DistManifest-1.014-9.fc28 Author test that validates a package MANIFEST linux/noarch
perl-Test-Distribution-2.00-26.fc28 Perform tests on all modules of a distribution linux/noarch
perl-Test-Email-0.07-12.fc28 Test Email Contents linux/noarch
perl-Test-Fake-HTTPD-0.08-4.fc28 Fake HTTP server module for testing linux/noarch
perl-Test-Fatal-0.014-9.fc28 Incredibly simple helpers for testing code with exceptions linux/noarch
perl-Test-Fixme-0.16-5.fc28 Check code for FIXMEs linux/noarch
perl-Test-HTTP-Server-Simple-0.11-23.fc28 Test::More functions for HTTP::Server::Simple linux/noarch
perl-Test-HTTP-Server-Simple-StashWarnings-0.04-24.fc28 Catch your forked server's warnings linux/noarch
perl-Test-HasVersion-0.014-7.fc28 Check Perl modules have version numbers linux/noarch
perl-Test-Identity-0.01-16.fc28 Assert the referential identity of a reference linux/noarch
perl-Test-Image-GD-0.03-13.fc28 Module for testing images using GD linux/noarch
perl-Test-InDistDir-1.112071-6.fc28 Test environment setup for development with IDE linux/noarch
perl-Test-Inline-2.213-15.fc28 Test::Inline Perl module linux/noarch
perl-Test-Is-20140823.1-5.fc28 Skip test in a declarative way linux/noarch
perl-Test-LWP-UserAgent-0.033-4.fc28 LWP::UserAgent suitable for simulating and testing network calls linux/noarch
perl-Test-LectroTest-0.5001-14.fc28 Easy, automatic, specification-based tests linux/noarch
perl-Test-LoadAllModules-0.022-11.fc28 Do use_ok for modules in search path linux/noarch
perl-Test-Log-Dispatch-0.03-21.fc28 Test what you are logging linux/noarch
perl-Test-LongString-0.17-10.fc28 Perl module to test long strings linux/noarch
perl-Test-MinimumVersion-0.101082-8.fc28 Check whether your code requires a newer perl linux/noarch
perl-Test-Mock-Guard-0.10-6.fc28 Simple mock test library using RAII linux/noarch
perl-Test-Mock-LWP-0.08-12.fc28 Easy mocking of LWP packages linux/noarch
perl-Test-MockModule-0.15-1.fc29 Override subroutines in a module for unit testing linux/noarch
perl-Test-MockObject-1.20161202-5.fc28 Perl extension for emulating troublesome interfaces linux/noarch
perl-Test-Module-Used-0.2.6-9.fc28 Test required module is really used and vice versa between lib/t and META.yml linux/noarch
perl-Test-Mojibake-1.3-5.fc28 Check your source for encoding misbehavior linux/noarch
perl-Test-NeedsDisplay-1.07-19.fc28 Ensure that tests needing a display have one linux/noarch
perl-Test-NoBreakpoints-0.15-17.fc28 Test that files do not contain soft breakpoints linux/noarch
perl-Test-NoPlan-0.0.6-16.fc28 Check perl test files for no_plan linux/noarch
perl-Test-Number-Delta-1.06-9.fc28 Compare the difference between numbers against a given tolerance linux/noarch
perl-Test-Object-0.08-2.fc28 Thoroughly testing objects via registered handlers linux/noarch
perl-Test-Output-1.03.1-4.fc28 Utilities to test STDOUT and STDERR messages linux/noarch
perl-Test-POE-Server-TCP-1.20-6.fc28 POE Component providing TCP server services for test cases linux/noarch
perl-Test-Perl-Critic-Progressive-0.03-22.fc28 Gradually enforce coding standards linux/noarch
perl-Test-Pod-Content-0.0.6-17.fc28 Test a Pod's content linux/noarch
perl-Test-Pod-Coverage-1.10-10.fc28 Check for pod coverage in your distribution linux/noarch
perl-Test-Pod-LinkCheck-0.008-12.fc28 Tests POD for invalid links linux/noarch
perl-Test-Pod-No404s-0.02-12.fc28 Checks POD for HTTP 404 links linux/noarch
perl-Test-Pod-Spelling-CommonMistakes-1.001-9.fc28 Checks POD for common spelling mistakes linux/noarch
perl-Test-Refcount-0.08-11.fc28 Assert reference counts on objects linux/noarch
perl-Test-Reporter-1.62-9.fc28 Sends test results to linux/noarch
perl-Test-Requires-0.10-10.fc28 Checks to see if a given module can be loaded linux/noarch
perl-Test-Requires-Git-1.008-4.fc28 Check your test requirements against the available version of Git linux/noarch
perl-Test-Run-0.0304-7.fc28 Extensible and object-oriented test harness for TAP scripts linux/noarch
perl-Test-Run-CmdLine-0.0131-7.fc28 Run TAP tests from command line using the Test::Run module linux/noarch
perl-Test-Script-Run-0.08-8.fc28 Test the script with run linux/noarch
perl-Test-SharedFork-0.35-8.fc28 Fork test linux/noarch
perl-Test-Smoke-1.71-3.fc28 Perl core test smoke suite linux/noarch
perl-Test-Spec-0.54-2.fc28 Write tests in a declarative specification style linux/noarch
perl-Test-Stream-1.302027-8.fc28 Successor to Test::More and Test::Builder linux/noarch
perl-Test-Strict-0.45-1.fc29 Check syntax, presence of use strict/warnings, and test coverage linux/noarch
perl-Test-Synopsis-0.15-8.fc28 Test your SYNOPSIS code linux/noarch
perl-Test-TCP-2.19-4.fc28 Testing TCP program linux/noarch
perl-Test-TinyMocker-0.05-12.fc28 A very simple tool to mock external modules linux/noarch
perl-Test-Tolerant-1.708-7.fc28 Test routines for testing numbers against tolerances linux/noarch
perl-Test-Toolbox-0.4-5.fc28 Tools for testing linux/noarch
perl-Test-Type-1.3.0-4.fc28 Functions to validate data types in test files linux/noarch
perl-Test-Unit-0.25-28.fc28 The PerlUnit testing framework linux/noarch
perl-Test-Unit-Lite-0.12-30.fc28 Unit testing without external dependencies linux/noarch
perl-Test-Unit-Runner-Xml-0.1-24.fc28 Generate XML reports from unit test results linux/noarch
perl-Test-UseAllModules-0.17-9.fc28 Do use_ok() for all the MANIFESTed modules linux/noarch
perl-Test-WWW-Mechanize-1.48-5.fc28 Testing-specific WWW::Mechanize subclass linux/noarch
perl-Test-WWW-Selenium-1.36-11.fc28 Perl Client for the Selenium Remote Control test tool linux/noarch
perl-Test-Warnings-0.026-7.fc28 Test for warnings and the lack of them linux/noarch
perl-Test-XML-0.08-10.fc28 Compare XML in perl tests linux/noarch
perl-Test-YAML-Meta-0.22-9.fc28 Validation of the META.yml file in a distribution linux/noarch
perl-Test-YAML-Valid-0.04-23.fc28 Lets you test the validity of YAML files in unit tests linux/noarch
perl-Test-mysqld-1.0000-1.fc29 Mysqld runner for tests linux/noarch
perl-Test2-Plugin-SpecDeclare-0.000003-5.fc28 Syntax keywords for Test2::Tools::Spec linux/noarch
perl-TestML-0.54-5.fc28 Generic software Testing Meta Language linux/noarch
perl-Text-ASCIITable-0.22-5.fc28 Create a nice formatted table using ASCII characters linux/noarch
perl-Text-Aligner-0.13-6.fc28 Text::Aligner Perl module linux/noarch
perl-Text-Autoformat-1.740000-8.fc28 Automatic text wrapping and reformatting linux/noarch
perl-Text-Balanced-2.03-395.fc28 Extract delimited text sequences from strings linux/noarch
perl-Text-BibTeX-0.85-2.fc28 Interface to read and parse BibTeX files linux/ppc64
perl-Text-CSV-1.95-4.fc28 Comma-separated values manipulator linux/noarch
perl-Text-CSV-Separator-0.20-14.fc28 Determine the field separator of a CSV file linux/noarch
perl-Text-Clip-0.0014-11.fc28 Clip and extract text in clipboard-like way linux/noarch
perl-Text-Diff-1.45-2.fc28 Perform diffs on files and record sets linux/noarch
perl-Text-Diff-HTML-0.07-11.fc28 XHTML format for Text::Diff::Unified linux/noarch
perl-Text-FindIndent-0.11-7.fc28 Heuristically determine the indent style linux/noarch
perl-Text-Fuzzy-0.27-2.fc28 Partial string matching using edit distances linux/ppc64
perl-Text-Haml-0.990118-5.fc28 Haml Perl implementation linux/noarch
perl-Text-Iconv-1.7-31.fc28 Perl interface to iconv() codeset conversion function linux/ppc64
perl-Text-Kakasi-2.04-35.fc28 Kakasi library module for perl linux/ppc64
perl-Text-Levenshtein-0.13-7.fc28 Implementation of the Levenshtein edit distance linux/noarch
perl-Text-Levenshtein-Damerau-0.41-7.fc28 Damerau Levenshtein edit distance linux/noarch
perl-Text-Levenshtein-Damerau-XS-3.2-6.fc28 XS Damerau Levenshtein edit distance linux/ppc64
perl-Text-Markdown-1.000031-11.fc28 Convert Markdown syntax to (X)HTML linux/noarch
perl-Text-MultiMarkdown-1.000035-9.fc28 Convert MultiMarkdown syntax to (X)HTML linux/noarch
perl-Text-PDF-0.31-5.fc28 Module for manipulating PDF files linux/noarch
perl-Text-ParseWords-3.30-395.fc28 Parse text into an array of tokens or array of arrays linux/noarch
perl-Text-Roman-3.5-9.fc28 Conversion between Roman algorisms and Arabic numerals linux/noarch
perl-Text-Shellwords-1.08-29.fc28 A thin wrapper around the package linux/noarch
perl-Text-Sprintf-Named-0.0403-1.fc29 Sprintf-like function with named conversions linux/noarch
perl-Text-Table-Tiny-0.04-7.fc28 Makes simple tables from two-dimensional arrays, with limited templating options linux/noarch
perl-Text-Tabs+Wrap-2013.0523-395.fc28 Expand tabs and do simple line wrapping linux/noarch
perl-Text-TabularDisplay-1.38-10.fc28 Display text in formatted table output linux/noarch
perl-Text-Template-1.53-1.fc29 Expand template text with embedded Perl linux/noarch
perl-Text-Textile-2.13-9.fc28 A humane web text generator linux/noarch
perl-Text-VCardFast-0.11-6.fc28 Perl extension for very fast parsing of VCards linux/ppc64
perl-Text-VimColor-0.28-2.fc28 Syntax color text in HTML or XML using Vim linux/noarch
perl-Text-WikiFormat-0.81-9.fc28 Translate Wiki formatted text into other formats linux/noarch
perl-Text-WordDiff-0.08-11.fc28 Track changes between documents linux/noarch
perl-Text-Wrapper-1.05-12.fc28 Simple word wrapping perl module linux/noarch
perl-Text-vCard-3.09-5.fc28 Package to edit and create a single vCard (RFC 2426) linux/noarch
perl-Thread-Queue-3.12-395.fc28 Thread-safe queues linux/noarch
perl-Thread-SigMask-0.004-15.fc29 Thread specific signal masks linux/ppc64
perl-Throwable-0.200013-7.fc28 Role for classes that can be thrown linux/noarch
perl-Tie-Cache-0.21-10.fc28 LRU Cache in Memory linux/noarch
perl-Tie-Cycle-1.225-3.fc28 Cycle through a list of values via a scalar linux/noarch
perl-Tie-DBI-1.06-9.fc28 Tie hashes to DBI relational databases linux/noarch
perl-Tie-DataUUID-1.02-5.fc28 Tie interface to Data::UUID linux/noarch
perl-Tie-EncryptedHash-1.24-24.fc28 Hashes (and objects based on hashes) with encrypting fields linux/noarch
perl-Tie-Hash-Method-0.02-7.fc28 Tied hash with specific methods overridden by callbacks linux/noarch
perl-Tie-Hash-ReadonlyStack-0.2-5.fc28 Treat multiple hashes as a single hash with copy-on-write modifications linux/noarch
perl-Tie-IxHash-1.23-13.fc28 Ordered associative arrays for Perl linux/noarch
perl-Tie-RefHash-Weak-0.09-25.fc28 Tie::RefHash subclass with weakened references in the keys linux/noarch
perl-Tie-Simple-1.04-7.fc28 Variable ties made easier: much, much, much easier linux/noarch
perl-Time-Clock-1.03-11.fc28 Twenty-four hour clock object with nanosecond precision linux/noarch
perl-Time-Duration-1.20-9.fc28 Time-Duration - rounded or exact English expression of durations linux/noarch
perl-Time-Duration-Parse-0.13-8.fc28 Parse string that represents time duration linux/noarch
perl-Time-Interval-1.234-2.fc28 Perl module that converts time intervals of days, hours, minutes, and seconds linux/noarch
perl-Time-Mock-0.0.2-14.fc28 Replaces actual time with simulated time - alternative to Test::MockTime linux/noarch
perl-Time-Moment-0.44-1.fc29 Represents a date and time of day with an offset from UTC linux/ppc64
perl-Time-Out-0.11-11.fc28 Easily timeout long running operations linux/noarch
perl-Time-ParseDate-2015.103-7.fc28 Perl modules for parsing dates and times linux/noarch
perl-Time-Period-1.25-7.fc28 A Perl module to deal with time periods linux/noarch
perl-Time-Piece-MySQL-0.06-7.fc28 MySQL-specific methods for Time::Piece linux/noarch
perl-Time-TAI64-2.11-9.fc28 Perl extension for converting TAI64 strings into standard unix timestamps linux/noarch
perl-TimeDate-2.30-13.fc28 A Perl module for time and date manipulation linux/noarch
perl-Titanium-1.04-28.fc28 Strong, lightweight web application framework linux/noarch
perl-Tk-804.034-2.fc28 Perl Graphical User Interface ToolKit linux/ppc64
perl-Tk-Canvas-GradientColor-1.06-11.fc28 To create a Canvas widget with background gradient color linux/noarch
perl-Tk-ColoredButton-1.05-16.fc28 Button widget with background gradient color linux/noarch
perl-Tk-CursorControl-0.4-17.fc28 Manipulate the mouse cursor programmatically linux/noarch
perl-Tk-DirSelect-1.12-22.fc28 Cross-platform directory selection widget linux/noarch
perl-Tk-GraphViz-1.01-22.fc28 Render an interactive GraphViz graph linux/noarch
perl-Tk-Pod-0.9943-7.fc28 Pod browser top-level widget linux/noarch
perl-Tk-ProgressBar-Mac-1.2-25.fc28 Mac ProgressBar for Perl::Tk linux/noarch
perl-Tk-Stderr-1.2-28.fc28 Capture standard error output, display in separate window for Perl::Tk linux/noarch
perl-Tk-Text-SuperText-0.11-6.fc28 Improved text widget for perl/tk linux/noarch
perl-Tk-ToolBar-0.12-9.fc28 Toolbar widget for Perl/Tk linux/noarch
perl-Tk-devel-804.034-2.fc28 perl-Tk ExtUtils::MakeMaker support module linux/ppc64
perl-Trace-Mask-0.000008-5.fc28 Masking frames in stack traces linux/noarch
perl-Trace-Mask-Test-0.000008-5.fc28 Tools for testing Trace::Mask compliance linux/noarch
perl-Tree-1.10-5.fc28 Tree data structure linux/noarch
perl-Tree-R-0.072-7.fc28 Perl extension for the R-tree data structure and algorithms linux/noarch
perl-Tree-Simple-VisitorFactory-0.15-6.fc28 Factory object for dispensing Visitor objects linux/noarch
perl-Tree-XPathEngine-0.05-16.fc28 Re-usable XPath engine linux/noarch
perl-Twiggy-0.1025-7.fc28 AnyEvent HTTP server for PSGI (like Thin) linux/noarch
perl-Types-Serialiser-1.0-12.fc28 Simple data types for common serialization formats linux/noarch
perl-UDDI-Lite-0.718-11.fc28 Library for UDDI clients in Perl linux/noarch
perl-UNIVERSAL-can-1.20140328-9.fc28 Hack around people calling UNIVERSAL::can() as a function linux/noarch
perl-UNIVERSAL-exports-0.05-28.fc28 Lightweight, universal exporting of variables linux/noarch
perl-UNIVERSAL-isa-1.20171012-2.fc28 Hack around module authors using UNIVERSAL::isa as a function linux/noarch
perl-UNIVERSAL-moniker-0.08-32.fc28 Real world naming for classes linux/noarch
perl-UNIVERSAL-ref-0.14-22.fc28 Turns ref() into a multimethod linux/ppc64
perl-UNIVERSAL-require-0.18-11.fc28 Require() modules from a variable linux/noarch
perl-URI-Encode-1.1.1-5.fc28 Percent encoding/decoding for URIs linux/noarch
perl-URI-Find-20160806-5.fc28 Find URIs in plain text linux/noarch
perl-URI-Find-Simple-1.06-10.fc28 Simple interface to URI::Find linux/noarch
perl-URI-Title-1.901-5.fc28 Get the titles of things on the web in a sensible way linux/noarch
perl-UUID-Tiny-1.04-12.fc28 Pure Perl UUID Support With Functional Interface linux/noarch
perl-Unicode-CheckUTF8-1.03-21.fc28 Checks if scalar is valid UTF-8 linux/ppc64
perl-Unicode-EastAsianWidth-1.33-12.fc28 East Asian Width properties linux/noarch