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RPM of Group Applications/Multimedia

OpenLP-2.0.5-2.fc22 Open source Church presentation and lyrics projection application linux/noarch
clive-2.3.3-9.fc22 Video extraction tool for user-uploaded video hosts linux/noarch
exfalso-3.2.2-1.fc22 Tag editor for various music files linux/noarch
f21-backgrounds-20.91.0-2.fc22 Fedora 21 default desktop background linux/noarch
f21-backgrounds-base-20.91.0-2.fc22 Base images for Fedora 21 default background linux/noarch
f21-backgrounds-gnome-20.91.0-2.fc22 Fedora 21 default wallpaper for Gnome and Cinnamon linux/noarch
f21-backgrounds-kde-20.91.0-2.fc22 Fedora 21 default wallpaper for KDE linux/noarch
f21-backgrounds-mate-20.91.0-2.fc22 Fedora 21 default wallpaper for Mate linux/noarch
f21-backgrounds-xfce-20.91.0-2.fc22 Fedora 21 default background for XFCE4 linux/noarch
gmusicbrowser-1.1.13-1.fc22 Jukebox for large collections of music files linux/noarch
gnome-backgrounds-3.14.1-1.fc22 Desktop backgrounds packaged with the GNOME desktop linux/noarchNew
gnome-sound-recorder- Make simple recordings from your desktop linux/noarch
jbrout-0.4-0.13.git20140930reva7c8fb8.fc22 Photo manager, written in python/pygtk linux/noarch
kdegraphics-4.14.2-1.fc22 KDE Graphics Applications linux/noarchNew
nautilus-phatch-0.2.7-17.fc22 Nautilus extension for phatch linux/noarch
perl-Image-ExifTool-9.70-2.fc22 Utility for reading and writing image meta info linux/noarch
phatch-0.2.7-17.fc22 Photo batch processor linux/noarch
phatch-cli-0.2.7-17.fc22 Command line interface for phatch linux/noarch
quearcode-0.2.2-1.fc22 A tool for creating QR Codes linux/noarch
quodlibet-3.2.2-1.fc22 A music management program linux/noarch
renrot-1.1-3.fc22.9 A program to rename and rotate files according to EXIF tags linux/noarch
shutter-0.91-2.fc22 GTK+2-based screenshot application written in Perl linux/noarch

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