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libgcc-9.0.1-0.10.fc30 RPM for i686

From Fedora 30 for x86_64 / l

Name: libgcc Distribution: Fedora Project
Version: 9.0.1 Vendor: Fedora Project
Release: 0.10.fc30 Build date: Tue Mar 12 17:42:54 2019
Group: Unspecified Build host:
Size: 207260 Source RPM: gcc-9.0.1-0.10.fc30.src.rpm
Packager: Fedora Project
Summary: GCC version 9 shared support library
This package contains GCC shared support library which is needed
e.g. for exception handling support.




GPLv3+ and GPLv3+ with exceptions and GPLv2+ with exceptions and LGPLv2+ and BSD


* Tue Mar 12 2019 Jakub Jelinek <> 9.0.1-0.10
  - update from trunk
    - PRs bootstrap/89656, c++/70349, c++/86521, c++/87571, c++/87750,
  	c++/89648, c/88568, contrib/82704, d/89041, fortran/66089,
  	fortran/71544, fortran/84504, fortran/87734, fortran/89639,
  	fortran/89651, inline-asm/87010, libbacktrace/89669, libstdc++/89460,
  	libstdc++/89641, middle-end/68733, middle-end/89655, middle-end/89663,
  	rtl-optimization/89588, testsuite/89472, tree-optimization/85459,
  	tree-optimization/85762, tree-optimization/87008,
  	tree-optimization/89649, tree-optimization/89664
  - fix ICE in constexpr loop handling of SAVE_EXPRs (PR c++/89652)
  - temporarily revert -Wredundant-move warning false positive
    improvement (PR c++/89660)
* Sat Mar 09 2019 Jakub Jelinek <> 9.0.1-0.9
  - update from trunk
    - PRs bootstrap/89539, bootstrap/89560, c++/22149, c++/63540, c++/71446,
  	c++/80916, c++/82075, c++/84518, c++/84605, c++/86485, c++/86969,
  	c++/87068, c++/87148, c++/87378, c++/88049, c++/88123, c++/88183,
  	c++/88820, c++/88857, c++/89381, c++/89511, c++/89513, c++/89522,
  	c++/89532, c++/89537, c++/89576, c++/89585, c++/89599, c++/89622,
  	c/85870, c/89520, c/89521, c/89525, debug/89631, fortran/71203,
  	fortran/72714, fortran/77583, fortran/89433, fortran/89516,
  	gcov-profile/89577, go/63560, go/89227, go/89406, ipa/80000,
  	ipa/88235, libgfortran/89593, libstdc++/86655, libstdc++/88996,
  	libstdc++/89562, libstdc++/89608, lto/87525, lto/88585,
  	middle-end/89497, middle-end/89503, middle-end/89541,
  	middle-end/89572, middle-end/89578, middle-end/89590,
  	middle-end/89618, other/80058, rtl-optimization/85899,
  	rtl-optimization/88845, rtl-optimization/89634, sanitizer/88684,
  	target/68924, target/78782, target/79645, target/79846, target/79926,
  	target/80003, target/80190, target/85665, target/86952, target/87558,
  	target/89222, target/89455, target/89506, target/89517, target/89587,
  	target/89602, testsuite/89441, testsuite/89551, translation/79999,
  	tree-optimization/89437, tree-optimization/89487,
  	tree-optimization/89535, tree-optimization/89536,
  	tree-optimization/89550, tree-optimization/89566,
  	tree-optimization/89570, tree-optimization/89594,
  - fix libstdc++ hashing of > 2GB strings (PR libstdc++/89629)
* Wed Feb 27 2019 Jakub Jelinek <> 9.0.1-0.8
  - update from trunk
    - PRs c++/84585, c++/84676, c++/87685, c++/88294, c++/88394, c++/88419,
  	c++/88869, c++/88987, c++/89285, c++/89419, c++/89420, c++/89422,
  	c++/89481, c++/89488, c++/89507, c/77754, c/80409, c/89425, c/89495,
  	debug/88878, debug/89514, driver/69471, fortran/43210, fortran/72741,
  	fortran/78027, fortran/83057, fortran/84387, fortran/88117,
  	fortran/88326, fortran/89174, fortran/89266, fortran/89282,
  	fortran/89366, fortran/89385, fortran/89431, fortran/89492,
  	fortran/89496, go/89170, libfortran/89274, libstdc++/89446,
  	libstdc++/89466, libstdc++/89477, middle-end/85598, middle-end/87609,
  	rtl-optimization/86096, rtl-optimization/87761,
  	rtl-optimization/89445, target/87007, target/88530, target/89324,
  	target/89338, target/89339, target/89434, target/89438, target/89444,
  	target/89474, testsuite/89476, tree-optimization/87609,
  	tree-optimization/88853, tree-optimization/88993,
  	tree-optimization/89280, tree-optimization/89440,
  	tree-optimization/89489, tree-optimization/89500,
  - improve arm and aarch64 casesi (PR target/70341)
  - don't use section anchors block infrastructure for mergeable section
    data (PR rtl-optimization/89490)
* Thu Feb 21 2019 Jakub Jelinek <> 9.0.1-0.7
  - update from trunk
    - PRs c++/84536, c++/87513, c++/87921, c++/88368, c++/88380, c++/88572,
  	c++/88690, c++/89403, c++/89405, c/89410, fortran/86119,
  	fortran/89384, hsa/89302, libstdc++/89402, libstdc++/89416,
  	middle-end/89091, middle-end/89392, middle-end/89412,
  	middle-end/89415, sanitizer/89409, target/86487, target/87412,
* Tue Feb 19 2019 Jakub Jelinek <> 9.0.1-0.6
  - update from trunk
    - PRs c++/88680, c++/89217, c++/89315, c++/89336, c++/89356, c++/89383,
  	c++/89387, c++/89390, c++/89391, c/87924, d/88127, fortran/71066,
  	fortran/87689, fortran/88299, ipa/89306, middle-end/88074,
  	middle-end/89294, rtl-optimization/66152, target/89271, target/89361,
  	target/89372, target/89397, tree-optimization/89209,
    - fix s390{,x} (#1677602, PR target/89369)
* Fri Feb 15 2019 Jakub Jelinek <> 9.0.1-0.5
  - update from trunk
    - PRs c++/77304, c++/86379, c++/87322, c++/87996, c++/88977, c++/88986,
  	c++/89036, c++/89144, c++/89212, c++/89241, c++/89297, c/89340,
  	d/87864, fortran/67679, fortran/71723, fortran/72715, fortran/81552,
  	fortran/88248, fortran/88649, fortran/89200, go/89193, ipa/88711,
  	ipa/88755, ipa/89009, libbacktrace/81983, libstdc++/89023,
  	libstdc++/89345, lto/87957, lto/88147, lto/88677, lto/88858,
  	lto/88876, lto/89272, middle-end/89281, middle-end/89284,
  	middle-end/89303, other/69006, other/89342, rtl-optimization/88308,
  	rtl-optimization/89242, rtl-optimization/89354, target/88847,
  	target/89190, target/89233, target/89290, tree-optimization/88771,
  	tree-optimization/89253, tree-optimization/89268,
  	tree-optimization/89278, tree-optimization/89314
* Sat Feb 09 2019 Jakub Jelinek <> 9.0.1-0.4
  - update from trunk
    - PRs c++/44648, c++/71302, c++/86218, c++/87770, c++/89158, c++/89187,
  	c/69661, c/88584, c/88606, c/88698, c/89211, debug/87451,
  	fortran/52789, fortran/71860, fortran/88912, fortran/89077,
  	fortran/89185, gcov-profile/89000, go/89019, ipa/88985,
  	libbacktrace/78063, libstdc++/71044, libstdc++/87106, libstdc++/89090,
  	libstdc++/89102, libstdc++/89128, libstdc++/89130, libstdc++/89194,
  	middle-end/88560, middle-end/89150, middle-end/89210,
  	middle-end/89223, middle-end/89246, rtl-optimization/11304,
  	rtl-optimization/89195, rtl-optimization/89225,
  	rtl-optimization/89234, target/88343, target/88856, target/89112,
  	target/89186, target/89188, target/89229, testsuite/89250,
  	testsuite/89258, tree-optimization/86637, tree-optimization/89182,
  	tree-optimization/89235, tree-optimization/89247
  - add gcc-g++ and g++ provides to gcc-c++, gcc-fortran and gfortran
    provides to gcc-gfortran, gcc-d and gdc provides to gcc-gdc and gccgo
    provides to gcc-go
* Sun Feb 03 2019 Jakub Jelinek <> 9.0.1-0.3
  - update from trunk
    - PRs c++/80864, c++/86943, c++/87175, c++/88325, c++/88752, c++/88761,
  	c++/88983, c++/88988, c++/89083, c++/89105, c++/89119, c/88956,
  	c/89061, c/89122, fortran/52564, fortran/52884, fortran/57048,
  	fortran/81344, fortran/83246, fortran/88298, fortran/88393,
  	fortran/88669, fortran/88685, fortran/88980, fortran/89084, hsa/87863,
  	libbacktrace/89136, libfortran/78314, libfortran/88678,
  	libstdc++/88170, libstdc++/89117, middle-end/87887, middle-end/88597,
  	middle-end/89137, other/89106, rtl-optimization/87246,
  	rtl-optimization/88593, rtl-optimization/89115, sanitizer/89124,
  	target/89071, testsuite/87451, testsuite/88920, testsuite/89110,
  	tree-optimization/85497, tree-optimization/88107,
  	tree-optimization/88932, tree-optimization/89111,
  	tree-optimization/89135, tree-optimization/89143
* Tue Jan 29 2019 Jakub Jelinek <> 9.0.1-0.2
  - update from trunk
    - PRs c++/66676, c++/88358, c++/88815, c++/88865, c++/88969, c++/88976,
  	c++/89001, c++/89024, c++/89089, c/86125, c/88886, c/89045, d/89042,
  	debug/87295, debug/89006, debug/89076, fortran/57553, fortran/70696,
  	fortran/85780, fortran/88929, gcc/87763, gcov-profile/88994,
  	ipa/88933, ipa/89104, libfortran/89020, libgcc/88931, libstdc++/68737,
  	libstdc++/88840, lto/87187, middle-end/86308, middle-end/89002,
  	middle-end/89015, middle-end/89037, preprocessor/88974,
  	rtl-optimization/88846, rtl-optimization/88948, target/85711,
  	target/87214, target/88998, target/89073, testsuite/89064,
  	tree-optimization/86865, tree-optimization/88739,
  	tree-optimization/89027, tree-optimization/89049
  - make sure ARM unwinder doesn't use VFP registers (#1670069, PR target/89093)
* Wed Jan 23 2019 Jakub Jelinek <> 9.0.1-0.1
  - update from trunk
    - PRs c++/87893, c++/88293, c++/88757, c++/88984, c/44715, driver/89014,
  	fortran/88579, libstdc++/88740, lto/88422, middle-end/88968,
  	rtl-optimization/87763, sanitizer/86229, sanitizer/89010,
  	target/87835, target/88469, target/88909, target/88939, target/88941,
  	target/88954, target/88965, target/PR88946, tree-optimization/88862,
  	tree-optimization/88964, tree-optimization/89008
    - hopefully fix arm C++ issues (#1668323)
  - fix aarch64 -march=native (#1668631)
* Tue Jan 22 2019 David Abdurachmanov <>
  - fix libgphobos-static requires (#1668204)
* Mon Jan 21 2019 Jakub Jelinek <> 9.0.0-0.4
  - update from trunk
    - PRs c++/88949, c/88928, fortran/37835, fortran/56789, fortran/77960,
  	ipa/87615, libstdc++/86590, target/71659, target/88938,
  - fix up min/max reduction on ppc64le (PR target/87064)
  - fix up thread_jump on thumb1 (PR rtl-optimization/88904)
  - fix up doubleword unop REG_EQUAL notes with const args (PR target/88905)
  - fix up DSE on memcpy/memmove/memcmp libcalls (PR rtl-optimization/49429,
    PR target/49454, PR rtl-optimization/86334, PR target/88906)
* Sat Jan 19 2019 Jakub Jelinek <> 9.0.0-0.3
  - update from trunk
    - PRs c++/86205, c++/86740, c++/86926, c++/88699, c++/88875, c/88664,
  	fortran/88871, fortran/88898, fortran/88902, libbacktrace/88890,
  	libstdc++/87514, libstdc++/87520, libstdc++/88782, middle-end/88273,
  	middle-end/88587, target/85596, target/88799, target/88892,
  	tree-optimization/88800, tree-optimization/88903
  - fix transfer_intrinsic_3.f90 miscompilation on ppc64le and s390x
    (PR tree-optimization/88044)
  - fix -fsanitize=pointer-{compare,subtract} in C++ templates
    (PR sanitizer/88901)
  - add Obsoletes for libmpx and libmpx-static
* Thu Jan 17 2019 Jakub Jelinek <> 9.0.0-0.2
  - update from trunk
    - PRs c++/78244, c++/86610, c++/86648, c++/87768, c++/87882, c++/88114,
  	c++/88146, c++/88312, c++/88613, c++/88692, c++/88795, c++/88825,
  	c++/88830, c++/88866, c/51628, d/87824, debug/88046, fortran/35031,
  	fortran/43136, fortran/57992, fortran/59345, fortran/61765,
  	fortran/81849, fortran/88803, gcov-profile/88263, inline-asm/52813,
  	ipa/88788, libbacktrace/82857, libfortran/88776, libfortran/88807,
  	libstdc++/83306, libstdc++/88738, libstdc++/88802, libstdc++/88811,
  	libstdc++/88881, libstdc++/88884, lto/86736, lto/88733,
  	middle-end/85956, middle-end/88703, rtl-optimization/87305,
  	rtl-optimization/88796, rtl-optimization/88870, target/80547,
  	target/85381, target/85486, target/88614, target/86891, target/87306,
  	target/88489, target/88638, target/88682, target/88777, target/88794,
  	target/88850, target/88851, target/88861, tree-optimization/86214,
  	tree-optimization/88693, tree-optimization/88775,
  - fix arm bootstrap failure (PR bootstrap/88714)
  - fix <arm_neon.h> on aarch64 and arm (PR target/88734)
  - default to -shared-libphobos for gdc
* Fri Jan 11 2019 Jakub Jelinek <> 9.0.0-0.1
  - new package



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