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fped-0-0.11.r6006.fc20 RPM for s390x

From Fedora 20 for s390x / f

Name: fped Distribution: Koji
Version: 0 Vendor: Fedora Project
Release: 0.11.r6006.fc20 Build date: Mon Dec 9 09:00:45 2013
Group: Applications/Engineering Build host:
Size: 383023 Source RPM: fped-0-0.11.r6006.fc20.src.rpm
Packager: Fedora Project
Summary: A footprint editor used by openmoko developers
fped is an editor that allows the interactive creation of footprints of
electronic components. Footprint definitions are stored in a text format
that resembles a programming language.

The language is constrained such that anything that can be expressed in
the textual definition also has a straightforward equivalent operation
that can be performed through the GUI.






* Sat Aug 03 2013 Fedora Release Engineering <> - 0-0.11.r6006
  - Rebuilt for
* Wed Feb 13 2013 Fedora Release Engineering <> - 0-0.10.r6006
  - Rebuilt for
* Thu Jul 19 2012 Fedora Release Engineering <> - 0-0.9.r6006
  - Rebuilt for
* Fri Jan 13 2012 Fedora Release Engineering <> - 0-0.8.r6006
  - Rebuilt for
* Tue Dec 06 2011 Chitlesh Goorah <chitlesh [AT] fedoraproject DOT org> 0-0.7.r6006
  - rebuild for EL repositories
* Tue Dec 06 2011 Chitlesh Goorah <chitlesh [AT] fedoraproject DOT org> 0-0.6.r6006
  - new upstream snapshot
* Tue Dec 06 2011 Adam Jackson <> - 0-0.5.r5760
  - Rebuild for new libpng
* Tue Jun 28 2011 Ralf Corsépius <> - 0-0.4.r5760
  - Add BR: flex-static (Fix FTBFS BZ#715897).
* Tue Feb 08 2011 Fedora Release Engineering <> - 0-0.3.r5760
  - Rebuilt for
* Wed Dec 23 2009 Chitlesh Goorah <chitlesh [AT] fedoraproject DOT org> 0-0.2.r5760
  - new upstream snapshot
* Wed Sep 30 2009 Chitlesh Goorah <chitlesh [AT] fedoraproject DOT org> 0-0.1.r5746
  - multiple fixes with respect to the x and y coordinates
* Wed Sep 30 2009 Chitlesh Goorah <chitlesh [AT] fedoraproject DOT org> 0-0.1.r5664
  - changed release tag to 0.1 and added instructions to download the sources.
* Mon Sep 29 2008 Chitlesh Goorah <chitlesh [AT] fedoraproject DOT org> 0-1.r5664
  - Initial package for fedora.



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