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anaconda-dracut-20.25.15-1.fc20 RPM for s390x

From Fedora 20 for s390x / a

Name: anaconda-dracut Distribution: Koji
Version: 20.25.15 Vendor: Fedora Project
Release: 1.fc20 Build date: Sat Dec 14 10:13:36 2013
Group: Applications/System Build host:
Size: 111331 Source RPM: anaconda-20.25.15-1.fc20.src.rpm
Packager: Fedora Project
Summary: The anaconda dracut module
The 'anaconda' dracut module handles installer-specific boot tasks and
options. This includes driver disks, kickstarts, and finding the anaconda
runtime on NFS/HTTP/FTP servers or local disks.






* Wed Dec 11 2013 Brian C. Lane <> - 20.25.15-1
  - Fix selector device matching for unallocated partitions. (#1039292) (dlehman)
  - Do not schedule resize actions for non-resizing requests (#1039491)
  - Use ceil for minSize in resize dialog (#1040012) (bcl)
  - Use integer numbers of megabytes in the Reclaim dialog (#1040012) (vpodzime)
  - Don't encrypt device if container is encrypted (bcl)
  - Disable tmpfs in the GUI (#1039511) (mkolman)
  - Don't crash on NTP lookup without network (#1026079) (mkolman)
  - Make sure url and mirrorlist are not set at once (#1026834) (mkolman)
  - if rootfs is btrfs, add rootflags=subvol to kernel parameters (gene)
* Wed Dec 04 2013 Brian C. Lane <> - 20.25.14-1
  - Handle cancelation of device resize in the custom spoke. (#1027947) (dlehman)
  - Disallow /boot on lvm until grub2 fully supports it. (#1036705) (dlehman)
  - Disallow /boot on btrfs subvolume until grubby supports it. (#864198)
  - Fix AttributeError in TUI (#1037626) (mkolman)
  - New Version - 20.25.13 (bcl)
* Mon Dec 02 2013 Brian C. Lane <> - 20.25.13-1
  - Don't try to investigate empty string for unicode chars (#1035799) (vpodzime)
  - Do not write out the vconsole.keymap boot option (#1035316) (vpodzime)
* Wed Nov 27 2013 Brian C. Lane <> - 20.25.12-1
  - clear software environment (#1029536) (bcl)
  - Update source on errors (#1030997) (bcl)
  - Round float values coming from the Gtk stack (#1013586) (vpodzime)
  - Generate missing machine-id (bcl)
  - Fix problems reported by pylint. (dshea)
  - Add HDD ISO support for TUI (#1000327) (mkolman)
* Mon Nov 25 2013 Brian C. Lane <> - 20.25.11-1
  - Handle non-leaf btrfs volumes with mountpoints. (#1016959) (dlehman)
  - Use en_spec for blivet Size spec strings with constant components. (#1029616)
  - Fix spoke sorting issues in text-mode. (#929177) (sbueno+anaconda)
  - DNFPayload: tweak to the API changes in dnf-0.4.8 (ales)
  - Don't use cached packages with different release id (mkolman)
* Fri Nov 22 2013 Brian C. Lane <> - 20.25.10-1
  - Remove base_repo cache (#1011555) (bcl)
  - Make _yum.preconf setup atomic (#1028245) (bcl)
  - Remove threading from getBaseRepo handling (#1011555) (bcl)
  - tui: show Processing while source is busy (bcl)
  - tui: wait for threads before entering source and software (#1032823) (bcl)
  - clear errors when metadata is ok in tui source spoke (#1006570) (bcl)
* Wed Nov 20 2013 Brian C. Lane <> - 20.25.9-1
  - Fix geolocation on live installs (mkolman)
  - Use timing decorator for more actions (vpodzime)
  - A nice decorator making Anaconda's GUI more responsive (#1032026) (vpodzime)
  - Short-circuit layouts matching (vpodzime)
  - Remove the unused flags import from (clumens)
  - Do yum lock logging only with inst.debug or loglevel=debug (vpodzime)
  - Don't panic on installclasses failing with inst.debug (vpodzime)
  - Make thread manager operations atomic (#1029898) (mkolman)
* Fri Nov 15 2013 Brian C. Lane <> - 20.25.8-1
  - Pass biosdevname boot option to installed system (#1023609) (rvykydal)
  - Enforce upper bound for resize. (#1027947) (dlehman)
  - Fix some pylint problems in (clumens)
  - Fix typo (#1003591) (rvykydal)
  - network: call GDBus proxy methods like python (rvykydal)
  - network: add team support for kickstart %pre phase (#1003591) (rvykydal)
  - network: generate kickstart commands for team devices (#1003591) (rvykydal)
  - network: support for adding team devices (#1003591) (rvykydal)
  - network: display team devices in status (#1003591) (rvykydal)
  - network: add team support to kickstart (#1003591) (rvykydal)
  - network kickstart: add support for devices configured in %pre (#1019796)
  - Don't show language twice for keyboard layouts (#1021907) (petersen)
  - Remove an unused and non-working leftover function resetResolve (vpodzime)
  - Always center dialogs shown on top of lightbox (vpodzime)
  - Set spokes' distribution and beta warning only once (vpodzime)
* Tue Nov 12 2013 Brian C. Lane <> - 20.25.7-1
  - use deepcopy on ksdata method (#1028243) (bcl)
  - Change source spoke proxy handling to use local copy (#967805) (bcl)
  - Add tmpfs support (#918621) (mkolman)
  - Match layouts with stripped accents in AddLayout dialog (vpodzime)
  - Sort layout descriptions properly (#1026238) (vpodzime)
  - Make AddLayout dialog persistent (vpodzime)
  - Use Sphinx syntax in the iutil module (vpodzime)
  - Fix issues in the file (#1028630) (vpodzime)
  - DNFPayload: tweak to the API changes in dnf-0.4.7. (ales)
  - Add tests for iutil (mkolman)
  - Remove duplicate definition of the regions GtkListStore (vpodzime)
  - Put the cityCompletion back on the list of widgets (vpodzime)
  - Provide our own sorting functions for regions and timezones (#1025029)
  - Set locale for our process (vpodzime)
  - Translate timezones in GUI (vpodzime)
  - Fix the selection of default groups (#1023263) (dshea)
  - Log continuing from hub if there are no spokes (vpodzime)
  - Updates to boot-options.txt document (#1026448) (amulhern)
  - No longer install anaconda user documentation (#1026448) (amulhern)
* Fri Nov 01 2013 Brian C. Lane <> - 20.25.6-1
  - Send the continue click after the queue is empty (#1025347) (bcl)
  - No longer use summary screen visit to decide whether bootloader has been
    configured (#1025802) (amulhern)
  - Remove the bootloader line from the interactive kickstart file (#1025802)
  - Set bootloader default location to mbr in constructor (#1025802) (amulhern)
  - Fix kickstart block device resolution. (#1022206) (dlehman)
  - Specify query territory when getting language native name (vpodzime)
* Wed Oct 30 2013 Brian C. Lane <> - 20.25.5-1
  - Fix up a couple more pylint errors. (clumens)
  - Add check for Linux HFS+ ESP on Mac (#1010495) (bcl)
  - Update bootDrive info when storage config updated in text-mode. (#861018)
  - Revert "Don't show language twice for keyboard layouts (#1021907)" (vpodzime)
  - Ignore SIGINT (#1024793) (amulhern)
  - Don't show language twice for keyboard layouts (#1021907) (petersen)
  - Make Software spoke ready even if there is no repo (#1010348) (vpodzime)
  - Use decorator for methods that invalidate base repo cache (vpodzime)
  - Use cache for base repo if possible (vpodzime)
  - Make sure to actually set the autopart flag when needed. (#1023554) (dlehman)
  - Fix the Gkbd spec string for layouts with no variant (dshea)
  - mem may not exist when it's printed out in these error messages. (clumens)
* Fri Oct 25 2013 Brian C. Lane <> - 20.25.4-1
  - Reset _proxyChange when a change is triggered (bcl)
  - Setup No Update checkbox correctly (#1016801) (bcl)
  - Fall back to closest mirror in source (#1016801) (bcl)
  - anaconda-dracut: fix ks failure with hd:<dev>:some/path.ks (wwoods)
  - Make sure lower bound for resize is applied. (#986575) (dlehman)
  - Use devicetree to resolve device specs in kickstart. (#1022206) (dlehman)
  - Disregard raid level combo when it isn't applicable. (#1022203) (dlehman)
  - Mountpoint is an attr of the format, not the device. (#892747) (dlehman)
  - Add bootloader execute before autopart (#1021258) (bcl)
  - Do error checking of repository names on "Installation Source" screen.
  - Avoid configure-event loops. (#1021511) (dshea)
* Wed Oct 23 2013 Brian C. Lane <> - 20.25.3-1
  - remove signal disconnect (#996899) (bcl)
  - Always use decimal notation for Size specs (dshea)
  - Use more general status for installations from media (#1017703) (vpodzime)
* Mon Oct 21 2013 Brian C. Lane <> - 20.25.2-1
  - Adds additional debug logging to (amulhern)
  - Handle invalid JSON in geoloc (#1021410) (dshea)
  - Revert "Only prompt for LUKS password if the user has chosen to configure
    automatically." (amulhern)
  - Reset checks on both password fields. (#1020580) (dshea)
  - Fix swaps added to fstab for noformat (gene)
  - Don't update hub's continue button and label for every spoke (#1020373)
  - BootLoaderError should not reset storage (#1019541) (bcl)
  - Only prompt for LUKS password if the user has chosen to configure
    automatically. (amulhern)
  - network gui spoke: use GDBus to obtain list of settings (#1018467) (rvykydal)
  - Fix liveinst to work with livemedia-creator (#1009711) (bcl)
* Wed Oct 16 2013 Brian C. Lane <> - 20.25.1-1
  - New transifex branch for f20 (bcl)
  - Fix python-blivet buildrequires for new f20-branch version. (dlehman)
  - Save mountpoints specified for existing btrfs volumes. (#892747) (dlehman)
  - BTRFS cannot hold swap, no need to care about fstab swaps (vpodzime)
  - Fix the alignment of the Network Time switch (#1019301) (dshea)
  - Tell blivet which swaps should appear in the fstab (#1011391) (vpodzime)
  - Put only newly created or reformated swaps to the new root (vpodzime)
  - Make code to get new devices reusable as property (vpodzime)
  - Grab journal only from the last boot (vpodzime)
  - DNFPayload: allow enable/disable calls for repos that do not exist. (ales)
  - network: look for device settings also based on DEVICE value (#1017788)
  - Add shell spoke to s390x installations (vpodzime)
  - Put TUI spokes in common categories (vpodzime)
  - MountpointSelector is a widget, set its property properly (#1013612)
  - Include the journal log on installed system (bcl)
  - DNFPayload: error handling and logging cleanups. (ales)
  - DNFPayload: reset the transaction goal on new package selection check. (ales)
  - DNFPayload: implement environmentGroups() (ales)
  - Some partition scheme is always selected (#1017435) (vpodzime)
* Fri Oct 11 2013 Brian C. Lane <> - 20.25-1
  - Don't use g_object_set on initialized objects. (dshea)
  - Remove the "other" tab in the network spoke. (dshea)
  - Fix duplicated id in (dshea)
  - Correctly generate rescue initrd (#1013087) (bcl)
  - Refresh swap suggestion once we know which disks to use (vpodzime)
  - Initialize the kickstart install method (#1017614) (dshea)
  - Use correct format for raise in (bcl)
  - Add install-requires target to the Anaconda makefile (mkolman)
  - fix luksformat references (#1014493) (bcl)
  - kickstart: check for correct format (#1014545) (bcl)
  - Add checks for unexpanded macros. (dshea)
  - UIScreen doesn't necessarily have the ready property (vpodzime)
  - Print long widgets in a nice way (vpodzime)
  - Consider errno 5 I/O errors hardware faults (vpodzime)
  - Install kernel-lpae if supported (#1013015) (vpodzime)
  - Bump firewalld version (mkolman)
* Wed Oct 09 2013 Brian C. Lane <> - 20.24-1
  - Clear bootDisk and bootloader stage info on errors (#1013482) (bcl)
  - Catch BootLoaderError when setting up bootloader (#1013474) (bcl)
  - Fix an incorrect formatting string in makeupdates. (clumens)
  - network: remove function we don't need anymore (rvykydal)
  - Don't translate constant strings. (dshea)
  - Take into account disk space when calculating swap suggestion (#1016673)
  - DNFPayload: adapt to DNF change c3de85d6 of Base.install() error reporting.
  - DNFPayload: the new libcomps makes env.option_ids a list of GroupID objects.
  - Fix warning message when package version is not found in Koji (mkolman)
* Tue Oct 08 2013 Brian C. Lane <> - 20.23-1
  - Use Unicode in the TUI buffer strings (#1015620) (dshea)
  - DNFPayload: install DNF itself. (ales)
  - DNFPayload: direct conf.persistdir to the sysimage. (ales)
  - Add a tooltip to the container combobox (#975801) (bcl)
  - Use different colors for different message types. (dshea)
  - Exit on exception in the askVNC spoke (#962804) (dshea)
  - Don't skip the strength check if overriding a kickstart password (dshea)
  - Allow password spoke to be exited without password (#1004931) (dshea)
  - Re-check the password strength when the username changes (dshea)
  - Only call pwquality once per password. (dshea)
  - Use GUICheck checks for the root password strength (dshea)
  - Use constants for password check failure messages (dshea)
  - Use a constant to indicate GUICheck success (dshea)
  - Remove a redundant error property from UserSpoke (dshea)
  - Fix the usages of PWQError. (#1014405) (dshea)
  - Fix usage of GtkLevelBar in glade. (dshea)
  - Clean up callbacks in the user spoke. (dshea)
  - Removed an untrue portion of a doc comment (dshea)
  - Support for removing services from firewall needs newer PyKickstart (mkolman)
  - Add support for removing services from the firewall (#957809) (mkolman)
* Fri Oct 04 2013 Brian C. Lane <> - 20.22-1
  - Only encrypt the TUI user password once (#1015220) (dshea)
  - Don't try to collect removed modules (vpodzime)
  - Moved the NFS nolock option into Payload._setupNFS (dshea)
  - Grab journalctl logs if there is no /tmp/syslog (vpodzime)
  - Pass layout and variant in specific format to Gkbd (#1011155) (vpodzime)
  - Translate the "Quit" string at the end of liveinst. (dshea)
* Fri Sep 27 2013 Brian C. Lane <> - 20.21-1
  - Remove another reference to log_picker. (clumens)
  - Turn spinner back on for configuration (bcl)
  - Use assertIsInstance in the kickstart version test. (clumens)
  - If the full device path is given in repo=hd:, still select it in the UI
    (#980479). (clumens)
  - Display newly created partitions without a mountpoint, too (#886039).
  - Don't require pressing escape twice to kill the media check window (#965625).
  - Fix display of weak password warning (#1011850) (dshea)
  - Fix the tui simpleline imports. (dshea)
  - Don't confuse users by misleading tooltip (#1011112) (vpodzime)
  - Assorted other pylint fixes for scripts and utils (dshea)
  - Pass string format arguments as paramters to logging (dshea)
  - Ignore the use of func_globals in a test case (dshea)
  - Fix issues in the AnacondaWidgets python wrapper (dshea)
  - Make exception handling more specific (dshea)
  - Remove unused imports and variables (dshea)
  - Remove unnecessary lambdas (dshea)
  - Remove obsolete files. (dshea)
  - Check whether the commit matches the tree (dshea)
  - Run pylint on all python files (dshea)
  - Don't use relative imports (dshea)
  - Use g_signal_handler_disconnect instead of g_object_disconnect (#1010486)
  - Fixup Eula class (bcl)
  - Allow searching for keyboard layouts in English (#1009806) (vpodzime)
  - network: don't create ksdata for devices enslaved in GUI (#1011826)
  - Allow a proxy to be set before the method is saved (#1012096) (dshea)
  - Export the pykickstart Eula command (vpodzime)
* Wed Sep 25 2013 Brian C. Lane <> - 20.20-1
  - Encrypt normal user passwords when doing text install. (#977732)
  - Escape the status before setting it as markup (vpodzime)
  - network gui: do not crash on devices without settings (eg wireless)
    (#1010519) (rvykydal)
  - Make the keyboard layout preview dialog bigger (#1011140) (vpodzime)
  - Return switching options with the same order as shown (#1011130) (vpodzime)
  - Use a temporary directory for verifying ISO media (dshea)
  - Skip devices not controllable by blivet (#1009809) (dshea)
  - Add translation support to check_accelerators (dshea)
  - Make sure autopart type is handled deterministicaly in text mode (#1010453)
  - Don't rely on X server adding empty variant for its defaults (#1011658)
  - Make Keyboard spoke's status consistent with other statuses (#1011166)
  - LiveImageKSPayload skip the parent class setup method (#1010500) (bcl)
  - Pass the actual format instead of Python built-in (#1009678) (vpodzime)
  - Don't allow using updates with non-default network sources (#1008028)
  - Use Sphinx documentation format in (rvykydal)
  - Changed the keyboard accelerator for iscsi "Retry Log In" (dshea)
  - Only fail on a missing firewalld command if the firewall is enabled
    (#1004976). (clumens)
  - Cleanup some pylint failures in the network module (bcl)
  - Add GtkNotebook support to the accelerators check. (dshea)
* Fri Sep 20 2013 Brian C. Lane <> - 20.19-1
  - tui ErrorDialog needs to be modal (#983316) (bcl)
  - Keyboard variant names may contain dashes (#1008730) (vpodzime)
  - Forbid "root" as a user or group name. (#968451) (dshea)
  - Set the password strength color based on strength (#965596) (dshea)
  - Fix the password confirmation match check (#1009907) (dshea)
  - Replace removed python modules with stubs in makeupdates (vpodzime)
  - Unlock encrypted partitions before finding installations (#901917) (vpodzime)
  - Network TUI: remove unused import, import nm. (rvykydal)
  - Network TUI: show the same status as in gui. (rvykydal)
  - Network TUI: don't traceback when applying config to device without link.
  - Generate ifcfg VLAN_ID value for kickstart network --vlanid. (rvykydal)
  - Network TUI: fix updating of ksdata in apply. (rvykydal)
  - Network TUI: ignore slaves devices for configuration. (rvykydal)
  - Clean up ifcfg file handling. (rvykydal)
  - Check the validity of generated usernames in TUI (#965543) (dshea)
  - Behave better when PYTHONPATH is already set (dshea)
  - Decode keyboard layout descriptions as UTF-8 (#1009278) (dshea)
  - Filter out devices with no media from custom (#960794) (bcl)
* Wed Sep 18 2013 Brian C. Lane <> - 20.18-1
  - ProgressHub no longer exists in pyanaconda/ui/tui/hubs. (clumens)
  - Search all disk types for install media (#1004726) (dshea)
  - git commit check for ack flag on rhel branches (bcl)
  - Fix Lightbox for compositing window managers (#1008446) (dshea)
  - Add metalink support to yumpayload (bcl)
  - Make progress screen in text mode standalone spoke instead of hub (vpodzime)
  - Render the right arrow based on the widget direction (#1008397) (vpodzime)
  - Mirror the GUI if an RTL language is chosen (#1008397) (vpodzime)
  - Removed unused GUI elements (dshea)
  - Clean up what is and isn't translatable and how. (dshea)
  - Removed the exceptionsText constant (dshea)
  - Add comments for translators to TUI input strings (#854226) (dshea)
  - Use python-format on all intltool-extract strings (dshea)
* Mon Sep 16 2013 Brian C. Lane <> - 20.17-1
  - Fix handling of blank size specs in the custom spoke. (#1004903) (dlehman)
  - Block resize slider value changed handler when setting range. (#1007387)
  - Remove an unused import. (clumens)
  - Create the XklWrapper singleton in background (vpodzime)
  - Translate layout and switching options descriptions on the fly (vpodzime)
  - Improve XklWrapper's API (vpodzime)
  - Move upcase_first_letter function to iutil (vpodzime)
  - Remove the Layout class and things we don't need in XklWrapper (vpodzime)
  - Ignore the whole m4 directory (vpodzime)
  - Do not schedule hubs with no spokes available (#1006357) (vpodzime)
  - Retranslate language filtering placeholder texts (#1007090) (vpodzime)
  - Use pigz to create updates.img (vpodzime)
  - The Desktop class doesn't need to inherit from SimpleConfigFile. (clumens)
  - Fix yet another pylint error caught after the fact. (clumens)
  - Move all languages found by geoip to the top in Welcome spoke (mkolman)
  - Don't set ksdata.lang.seen to True if using default value (mkolman)
  - DNFPayload: reset the sack and repos on updateBaseRepo() (ales)
  - refactor: YumPayload: selectKernelPackage()->_select_kernel_package() (ales)
  - DNFPayload: mirrorlist can not be an empty string. (ales)
  - DNFPayload: display the download step in progressQ. (ales)
  - DNFPayload: logging the missed packages/groups. (ales)
  - DNFPayload: select kernel packages. (ales)
  - DNFPayload: log when the transaction process unexpectedly terminates. (ales)
  - DNFpayload: disable all NSS operations in RPM. (ales)
  - DNFPayload: keyerror in isRepoEnabled() (ales)
  - DNFPayload: implement selectEnvironment() (ales)
* Fri Sep 13 2013 Brian C. Lane <> - 20.16-1
  - add pre-commit hook to run pylint (bcl)
  - Allow to be passed files (bcl)
  - handle case of no ifcfg and no hostname (#1002737) (bcl)
  - Allow make targets to be run outside of $srcdir (dshea)
  - Fix the wildcard usage in automake files. (dshea)
  - Move the intltool Makefile rules into (dshea)
  - Fix a format parameter mapping (#1007472) (dshea)
  - Check whether keyboard translations are stale (#972236) (dshea)
  - Fix the handling of xklavier strings. (dshea)
  - Center the Langsupport spoke's description (vpodzime)
  - Set minimal width request for the locales box (vpodzime)
  - Use constant for default keyboard layout (vpodzime)
  - Try to use VConsole keymap name as X layout (#1007359) (vpodzime)
  - Retranslate also layout indicator when retranslating BaseWindow (#1007087)
  - Check ready state before baseRepo (#1007448) (bcl)
  - Fix po/Rules-extract so it doesn't remove itself (dshea)
  - Include LayoutIndicator and TimezoneMap to the Micsellaneous Widgets
* Wed Sep 11 2013 Brian C. Lane <> - 20.15-1
  - Don't set up the resize slider for non-resizable devices. (#997690) (dlehman)
  - Remove 'completed' property from Autopart spoke in text UI. (sbueno+anaconda)
  - Clean up code for input handling in TUI spokes. (sbueno+anaconda)
  - set_hostname should proceed only on DVD and live installations (vpodzime)
  - Don't use temporary file and move when writing out an ifcfg file (vpodzime)
  - Set hostname when leaving network spokes (vpodzime)
  - Keep file-naming convention with the Lightbox widget (vpodzime)
  - Let users configure autopart options in interactive text ks. (#1001061)
  - Add parameters to format strings (dshea)
  - Fix pre-processing of files for xgettext (#1005644) (dshea)
  - Added a test to check for xgettext warnings (dshea)
  - Make sure XklWrapper isn't dumped to the anaconda-tb file (vpodzime)
  - Catch race of network device state vs reading its config properties (#980576)
* Tue Sep 10 2013 Brian C. Lane <> - 20.14-1
  - Convert the lightbox into a GObject (#1000927) (dshea)
  - Remove some more unused imports. (clumens)
  - Move the Anaconda class to a proper module (vpodzime)
  - Firstboot should be disabled by default after automated installations
  - Fix typo introduced in refactorization (#1005511) (vpodzime)
  - Remove unused imports in the network spoke. (clumens)
  - Get rid of the now-unused new_firmware variable. (clumens)
  - Remove magic from the passphrase dialog (#921948) (vpodzime)
  - Don't pass extra arguments to LangLocaleHandler.__init__() (vpodzime)
  - Fix check for device state when reading its IPXConfig (#1001776, # 1005198)
* Mon Sep 09 2013 Brian C. Lane <> - 20.13-1
  - Fix handling of flexible specs in onpart for member devices. (#1004885)
  - Always regenerate initramfs (#994180) (bcl)
  - Avoid the use of NamedTuple._make (dshea)
  - Add superclass __init__()s and fix an indent (dshea)
  - Pass logging string format variables as parameters (dshea)
  - Remove unnecessary variables, imports, semicolons (dshea)
  - Fix the user/group name regex (dshea)
  - Fix problems with the test scripts (dshea)
  - Handle kickstarts that don't specify timezone (#1001598) (mkolman)
  - Don't set "date of last password change" /etc/shadow field (#985572)
* Fri Sep 06 2013 Brian C. Lane <> - 20.12-1
  - Cleanup arch tests (dshea)
  - Rearranged the automake tests. (dshea)
  - Update po/ build files to the current gettext (dshea)
  - Use libtool with gtkdoc-scanobj (dshea)
  - Use autoconf to set the spec file Version. (dshea)
  - Use the ustar format with make dist (dshea)
  - Fix widgets autotools generation. (dshea)
  - Require gtk-doc and GObject. (dshea)
  - dracut no longer auto assembles everything (#960496) (bcl)
  - Only ignore missing packages entries (#983316) (bcl)
  - Fix a string that was modified before translation (#1004960) (dshea)
  - Let users configure keyboard via anaconda in live installations (#1002533)
  - Use copy instead of move for NTP configuration (#985566) (hdegoede)
  - Share code between the Welcome and Langsupport spokes (vpodzime)
  - Do not try to set None as hostname (#1002737) (vpodzime)
  - Fix crash on LiveCD if network is configured before installing (#1002373)
* Thu Sep 05 2013 Brian C. Lane <> - 20.11-1
  - Add more details to iso device selector (#971290) (bcl)
  - Warn user if they enter a weak password in TUI. (#1001039) (sbueno+anaconda)
  - Don't mark spoke as completed if no repo is set. (#1001538) (sbueno+anaconda)
  - Don't enable chronyd if disabled in kickstart (#1002583) (mkolman)
  - Run firstboot-only spokes on first boot by default (vpodzime)
  - Let hubs specify which environments they support (vpodzime)
  - Don't mount cdroms that contain no mountable media. (#1000889) (dlehman)
  - Don't try to parse langcode if none given (vpodzime)
  - Get rid of the non-deterministic expand_langs and its usage (vpodzime)
  - Rework the Langsupport spoke to work with all locales (vpodzime)
  - Rework the Welcome spoke to allow users choose from all locales (vpodzime)
  - Improve import in GUI utils a bit (vpodzime)
  - Remove the cryptic "language-default keyboard" checkbutton (vpodzime)
  - Allow seting up locale without modifying ksdata (vpodzime)
  - Remove an unused argument of get_available_translations (vpodzime)
  - Setup language early to a value we can figure out (vpodzime)
* Tue Sep 03 2013 Brian C. Lane <> - 20.10-1
  - Optionally hide the GUI option to install updates (dshea)
  - Move the really_hide and really_show functions to utils (vpodzime)
  - Search for all translations, not only one per langauge (#1001446) (vpodzime)
  - Use the DEFAULT_LANG if GeoIP suggestion cannot be used (#1000715) (vpodzime)
  - Network spoke: fix showing of ipv6 addresses (rvykydal)
  - Use the sensitive-info log for sensitive location info (#986844) (mkolman)
  - Add new logger for sensitive information (mkolman)
  - Handle %define changes for autofetch (mkolman)
  - Update dumping of network info for new nmcli interface. (rvykydal)
  - Text network spoke: more strict ipv6 address input checking (#909299)
  - Network spoke: show global ipv6 addresses (rvykydal)
  - Text network spoke: add to translated files (po/ (#902299)
  - Text network spoke: require netmask and gateway for static ipv4 (#902299)
  - Text network spoke: Condense device configuration information (#902299)
  - Text network spoke: fix ipv4 regex (#909299) (rvykydal)
  - Resolved accelerator conflicts and marked excpetions. (dshea)
  - Added tests for duplicated keyboard accelerators (dshea)
  - Implement group creation with GID in GUI (#968085) (dshea)
  - Remove unused imports. (dshea)
  - Move dynamic labels out of (#1000703) (dshea)
* Mon Aug 26 2013 Brian C. Lane <> - 20.9-1
  - Text network spoke: basic configuration support (#909299) (rvykydal)
  - Add support for network configuration in TUI. (#909299) (sbueno+anaconda)
  - Remove partial matches from Koji search results (mkolman)
  - Handle >=,<=,= for package version, fix -a/--add (mkolman)
  - Return only network devices supported in installer from nm_devices (#999514)
  - Obtain network device type specific dbus interface dynamically (#999514)
  - Catch no-hwaddr exception only for the respective call (#999514) (rvykydal)
  - Don't catch hwaddr not found exception for ethernet devices (#999514)
  - Added a validation test for the GUI group list (dshea)
  - Validate input fields on the user spoke. (#967245) (dshea)
  - Added an input validation framework. (dshea)
  - Pre-fetch widgets in advanced user dialog (dshea)
  - Change validatePassword to be more flexible. (dshea)
  - Moved regexes into (dshea)
* Fri Aug 23 2013 Brian C. Lane <> - 20.8-1
  - Fix a SIGSEGV when returning from storage spoke (#983319) (dshea)
  - makebumpver: Fix problem with single line body (bcl)
  - For now, ignore checking with pylint. (clumens)
  - Don't do str() on an exception we're passing into a string substitution.
  - Check for hwaddress exceptions. (dshea)
  - If LANG isn't set, set it to default value. (#997397) (sbueno+anaconda)
  - Remove yet another unused import. (clumens)
  - swap devices should be under the System portion (#962668). (clumens)
  - Populate the repo store before changed can ever be called (#994940).
  - Make the ISO choosing widget wider (#973376). (clumens)
  - Don't recommend /usr as a separate mount point anymore (#981465). (clumens)
  - Do not run another instance of the TUI for errors (#997661) (vpodzime)
  - Do not try to exit from the installation thread (vpodzime)
  - Tell which thread failed to be added by the ThreadMgr (vpodzime)
* Wed Aug 21 2013 Brian C. Lane <> - 20.7-1
  - Modify the gtk_warning function in anaconda to use gtk3. (clumens)
  - Fix some pylint warnings in the new DNF code. (clumens)
  - Fix a couple more pykickstart handler version mismatches. (clumens)
  - anaconda requires a later version of partitioning syntax now. (clumens)
  - packaging: add dnf to the Anaconda's requires. (ales)
  - Enable DNFPayload on specific triggers. (ales)
  - DNFPayload: initial version. (ales)
  - refactor: tear down the install device in PackagePayload.reset(). (ales)
  - refactor: extract the device handling in YumPayload._configureBaseRepo up to
    PackagePayload. (ales)
  - refactor: move YumPayload._setUpMedia() up to PackagePayload._setupMedia().
  - Tweaks in the Payload interface. (ales)
  - remove: configureAddOnRepo from the Payload interface. (ales)
  - Payload: forgotten comment in spaceRequired() (ales)
  - Payload: define txID to None. (ales)
  - The NFS text dialog should never attempt to use method.url (#998446).
  - Remove the unittest target, since "make check" will do this for us. (clumens)
  - Use the latest version of the RAID kickstart handler. (clumens)
  - Update both the method and repo info. (dshea)
  - remove the UBOOT class arm systems are now using EXTLINUX (dennis)
  - ARM: switch to using extlinux by default (dennis)
  - Update our pylint arguments. (clumens)
  - Don't implicitly unpack exceptions.  That won't be supporetd in the future.
  - Modify how we call logging functions to take a list of parameters. (clumens)
  - Use "raise Exception()" instead of "raise Exception, ..." (clumens)
  - Hook up pylint and our nosetests to be run via "make check". (clumens)
  - Drop unneeded required_space_text variable. (#997690) (dlehman)
  - Specify also query script when getting locale's native name (vpodzime)
  - Update for pylint 1.0.0 (bcl)
  - Clean up translation placeholders (#890157) (bcl)
  - Don't override multilib setting unless the option was passed. (#987557)
  - Set the encoding of to utf-8 (dshea)
  - Report if a package was not found in Koji during autofetch (mkolman)
  - Convert makeupdates from getopt to argparse (mkolman)
  - Fixed the interpretation of RAID levels (dshea)
  - Consolidate get_object() calls. (dshea)
  - Add ASCII-only upper and lower string functions. (dshea)
  - Fix the User/Group already exists log messages. (dshea)
  - Normalize keyboard layout and variant strings from langtable (vpodzime)
  - A few tests for the keyboard layout and variant strings processing (vpodzime)
  - More robust parsing of the layout and variant string specification (vpodzime)
  - Move DEFAULT_VC_FONT to constants (vpodzime)
  - Match langs with stripped accents when filtering languages (vpodzime)
  - Fix the User subclass using an old version of the pykickstart superclass.
  - Bring the kickstart version test back to life. (clumens)
  - Don't read proxy for methods that have no proxy (dshea)
* Wed Aug 14 2013 Brian C. Lane <> - 20.6-1
  - Import DBusGMainLoop directly (bcl)
  - Catch AttributeError when looking for InstallClass (bcl)
  - dracut/parse-kickstart should use the updated method-related classes
    (#994978). (clumens)
  - Ignore warnings about the global keyword and the DefaultInstall class.
  - Fix all the pylint warnings in the anaconda file. (clumens)
  - Deal with the last of the catching Exception warnings. (clumens)
  - Always define a continueButton and quitButton property. (clumens)
  - Fix pylint warnings in the installclasses. (clumens)
  - Remove a directory that does not exist from the PYTHONPATH for pylint.
  - Fix up some warnings about calling the superclass's __init__ method.
  - Remove the reference to "anaconda" in reIPL. (clumens)
  - Fix up almost all of the redefining warning messages. (clumens)
  - Add a bunch of gobject-introspection related ignore lines. (clumens)
  - StorageChecker ought to have a attribute. (clumens)
  - Ignore another error pylint can't quite figure out. (clumens)
  - pylint doesn't understand what's in AnacondaKSHandler. (clumens)
  - Remove the "Add custom add-on" button. (clumens)
  - Fix up places where overridden methods don't take the same number of args.
  - Fix up all unused variable warnings. (clumens)
  - Added files to MAINTAINERCLEANFILES (dshea)
  - Reenabled the pylint test target (dshea)
  - Cleanup the autogen scripts. (dshea)
  - Remove m4 files from the widgets project. (dshea)
  - Install gettext files at build time. (dshea)
  - Use the python checks provided by automake. (dshea)
  - Added a missing type check found by autoscan (dshea)
  - Cleanup the widgets autoconf file (dshea)
  - Add detail to logs when creating users and groups (dshea)
  - Fix miscellaneous errors in (clumens)
  - Fix a variety of errors in the packaging module. (clumens)
  - Do not run pylint against executable files in pyanaconda/. (clumens)
  - Clean up deprecated uses of the string module. (clumens)
  - Call the right superclass's method. (clumens)
  - Straighten out text UI methods so they have the same method signature.
  - Remove the lines to ignore E0611. (clumens)
  - is completely unused; cut it. (clumens)
  - Fix all the "X is defined outside of __init__" warnings. (clumens)
  - Display the correct string for the space required by packages. (clumens)
  - Remove lines that clearly just don't do anything. (clumens)
  - If we're not going to use the return value, don't grab it. (clumens)
  - kernelVersionList in should act the same as all other versions.
  - If we're not going to use the exception object, don't grab it. (clumens)
  - Define stage2_device in the BootLoader class. (clumens)
  - Don't call getPassAlgo before running createGroup. (clumens)
  - Remove some unused values out of (clumens)
  - Finish taking care of pylint warnings in (clumens)
  - Remove the unused network and write methods from the Anaconda object.
  - Remove the disable-msg lines for a couple C messages. (clumens)
  - Remove some easy unused argument warnings. (clumens)
  - Remove everything from InstallInterfaceBase except what Rescue needs.
  - Remove the duplicated imports. (clumens)
  - Do not use a list or a dict as a default argument to a method. (clumens)
  - Remove unneeded lambdas. (clumens)
  - Fix up all the warnings where we used a reserved function name or keyword.
  - Fix up about half of the "except:" and "except Exception:" lines. (clumens)
  - Fix a couple undefined variable errors that were real bugs. (clumens)
  - Ignore statements that have no effect. (clumens)
  - Fix up all the wildcard imports except two in packaging. (clumens)
  - Remove all unused import lines. (clumens)
  - Remove unnecessary pass statements. (clumens)
  - Fix bad indentation and tab-instead-of-space warnings from pylint. (clumens)
  - Put the pylint test back into service. (clumens)
  - Run make with multiple jobs in makeupdates (vpodzime)
  - Use gtk_image_new_from_icon_name (bcl)
  - Remove caching of unused device list. (dlehman)
  - Check MBR gap size even when /boot is on a plain partition. (#986431)
* Thu Aug 08 2013 Brian C. Lane <> - 20.5-1
  - Don't wait for systemctl shutdown command to exit (#974383) (bcl)
  - Fix the logging of the spice-vdagent status (dshea)
  - Update PYTHONPATH so unit tests work right out of the source tree. (clumens)
  - Don't check for a firstboot service file before processing the command.
  - Strengthen the services command processing a bit. (clumens)
  - Start spice-vdagent (#969405) (dshea)
  - Skip password strength check for kickstart passwords (#986490) (dshea)
  - Network spoke: fix refresh of device IP configuration (rvykydal)
  - Add unsupported hardware dialog (#872728) (bcl)
  - -> in (clumens)
  - border_width=5 -> border_width=6 (clumens)
  - No need to call threads_init anymore (bcl)
  - Consolidate storage and networking under one category (#973013). (clumens)
  - When doing a live install, set the ks method appropriately (#986069).
  - Check that we're doing an HD install before examining the attr (#989428).
* Thu Aug 01 2013 Brian C. Lane <> - 20.4-1
  - rename to (bcl)
  - Only move INSTALL_TREE when it is mounted (#888196) (bcl)
  - Use ksdata.method.seen (#986069) (bcl)
  - Threaded Koji RPM lookups and downloads (mkolman)
  - Fix the langcode parsing regexp (vpodzime)
  - Move tests to old_tests and add some new, working tests (vpodzime)
  - Replace hostname with hostnamectl (#989584) (rvykydal)
  - Require fcoe-utils only on ix86 and x86_64 architectures (#989913) (vpodzime)
  - Fix searching for local RPMs with no version required (vpodzime)
  - Expand the '~' in the RPM_FOLDER_NAME (vpodzime)
  - Set system date and time with our own function (vpodzime)
  - Remove the useless, confusing and lying PoolsNote (vpodzime)
  - Use tiny, fast and thread-safe ntplib module instead of ntpdate (vpodzime)
  - For vnc require network in intramfs (#989156) (rvykydal)
  - Fix makeupdates' package fetching when no version is specified (vpodzime)
  - Make it clear on the summary dialog that changes take effect later. (clumens)
  - Don't mark the summary dialog's tree view as insensitive. (clumens)
  - Work with files in a more pythonic way in makeupdates (vpodzime)
  - Honor hostname set in kickstart (#988483) (rvykydal)
  - Do not automatically set UTC mode on kickstart installs. (clumens)
  - Add automatic fetching of RPMs for new Defines & Requires (mkolman)
  - Don't prompt for ssh on s390x if doing an image install. (#983056) (sbueno)
  - Rename tz spoke to avoid potential conflict with std 'time' module. (sbueno)
* Thu Jul 25 2013 Brian C. Lane <> - 20.3-1
  - Fix driver disk path for inst.dd= method (#987513) (bcl)
  - Add support for NFS as install source in TUI. (#971298) (sbueno+anaconda)
  - Allow logging into multiple iscsi nodes at once (#975831). (clumens)
  - Fix crash while parsing ntp servers from DHCP6 (#969303) (dshea)
  - Use ExceptionInfo namedtuple when dumping anaconda (#982299) (vpodzime)
  - Wait for device connections for iface-bound iscsi in kickstart (#740105)
  - Refer to blivet instead of storage in iscsi kickstart (#740105) (rvykydal)
  - Mark disk 'selected' if only one present in TUI. (#975790) (sbueno+anaconda)
  - Update devicetree only if we logged in to some target in add iscsi dialog.
  - Don't show multipath members in specialized disks overview (#740105)
  - Do not populate devicetree after each single login in iscsi dialog (#740105)
  - Match also iface when logging into selected iface-bound iscsi target
    (#740105) (rvykydal)
  - Fix handling of non-ASCII names (#969309) (dshea)
  - Use inline completion for the region/city selection (vpodzime)
  - Fix copyright of the main anaconda script (vpodzime)
* Mon Jul 15 2013 Brian C. Lane <> - 20.2-1
  - Use the new wait for connectivity function (mkolman)
  - Improve waiting for network connectivity (mkolman)
  - Use langtable to get default layout instead of our magic (#485137) (vpodzime)
  - Adapt to the new localization module (vpodzime)
  - Rewrite the localization module (vpodzime)
  - Make the Welcome spoke wait for Geolocation lookup to finish (#975193)
* Tue Jul 09 2013 Brian C. Lane <> - 20.1-1
  * Thu May 23 2013 Brian C. Lane <> - 19.30-1
  - Fix software selection in text UI. (#965974) (sbueno+anaconda)
  - Don't call _update_summary from within _add_disk_overview. (clumens)
  - getDisks should not return a list that has duplicates in it. (clumens)
  - Fix the rescan button (#929299). (clumens)
  - Let checkbox disable updates-testing (#962522) (bcl)
  - disable updates when method is set in ks (#952791) (bcl)
  - Fix string formatting on text UI storage spoke. (#965460) (sbueno+anaconda)
* Tue May 21 2013 Brian C. Lane <> - 19.29-1
  - Handle empty text in simpleline (bcl)
  - Fixup TUI source to work with kickstart (bcl)
  - Add missing disk_selection XML (#962012,#962631) (bcl)
  - Add ability for users to specify an installation source repo in text UI.
  - Add the ability to select software in text UI. (sbueno+anaconda)
  - Add 'refresh' option in TUI; lock users out of threads that aren't ready
  - Add 'software' category to TUI summary hub (sbueno+anaconda)
  - Only try to activate layouts if runtime system can be changed (vpodzime)
  - Be more defensive in handling layouts from kickstart (#963103) (vpodzime)
  - Return all layouts the XklWrapper knows about (#883555) (vpodzime)
  - Fix issue where FS selection not applied in text UI. (#964069)
* Thu May 16 2013 Brian C. Lane <> - 19.28-1
  - Remove testing leftover (#963503) (rvykydal)
* Wed May 15 2013 Brian C. Lane <> - 19.27-1
  - Partial fix for screen resize problems (#869364) (clumens)
  - Remove an extra call to page clicked handler from refresh. (#959722)
  - Always run through the full storage spoke. (#960732) (dlehman)
  - Update apply button as appropriate after invoking dialogs. (#960254)
  - Don't allow setting btrfs subvolumes' size. (#959723) (dlehman)
  - Drop btrfs-specific raid level "single" for non-btrfs. (#959688) (dlehman)
  - Update btrfs volume label when changing volume name. (#959727) (dlehman)
  - Don't allow setting labels for btrfs subvolumes. (#960601) (dlehman)
* Wed May 15 2013 Brian C. Lane <> - 19.26-1
  - Pressing Delete on custom part should remove the selected mountpoint.
  - Use the same text formatting on the langsupport spoke as on the welcome
    spoke. (clumens)
  - Remove the now-unused LanguageMixIn. (clumens)
  - Do not BuildRequire python-bugzilla on RHEL (#953182) (dcantrell)
  - Don't require network configuration in Live DVD (#962485) (rvykydal)
  - Set default FS choice to LVM in text mode (#962600) (sbueno+anaconda)
  - Move udev rules generation to pre-trigger (#958924) (bcl)
  - Suggest names for btrfs mountpoints (bcl)
  - Use a method to reset current_selector (#959707) (bcl)
  - Fix non-default language being hidden in welcome spoke (mkolman)
  - Mark placeholder text in add addtnl keyboard screen as translatable.
  - Mark language search string translatable. (#955229) (sbueno+anaconda)
  - Remove the get_current_layout_name function (#895766) (vpodzime)
  - Add support for the realm command (mkolman)
  - Revert "Add support for the realm command" (mkolman)
  - Add support for the realm command (mkolman)
  - Support for getting NTP servers from DHCP (#862755) (mkolman)
* Thu May 09 2013 Brian C. Lane <> - 19.25-1
  - Change the buttons on the quit dialog. (clumens)
  - Add FONT=latarcyrheb-sun16 to /etc/vconsole.conf (vpodzime)
  - Use ntpdate instead of rdate (#950267) (vpodzime)
  - Add layouts with a country if not added with a language (#960569) (vpodzime)
  - Fixup xconf keymap code for text/dirinstall (bcl)
  - Bump pykickstart to 1.99.30 for liveimg support (bcl)
  - Add kickstart liveimg install command (bcl)
  - Make sure all threads are done before install (bcl)
  - Make sure stage1_disk isn't empty (#950487) (bcl)
  - Add /boot/efi to suggested mountpoints (#960677) (bcl)
  - Add extlinux command-line option. (mattdm)
  - Add extlinux as a bootloader type. (mattdm)
  - Bump the pykickstart requirement for the extlinux patches. (clumens)
  - Revert "Busy cursor when applying changes in the custom spoke" (mkolman)
  - Revert "Context manager for doing things with busied cursor" (mkolman)
  - Use the F19 bootloader class from pykickstart, for --extlinux (mattdm)
  - Transform bootloader --extlinux to extlinux command-line option (mattdm)
  - Rework the layout of the storage spoke for low resolution setups. (clumens)
  - Fix lower resolution display problems on the filter spoke. (clumens)
  - Don't show iscsi passwords when focused, either.  Enjoy typing blind.
  - Add a couple more things to .gitignore. (clumens)
  - Remove the bootloader class's obsoletes attribute. (clumens)
  - Disable sort indicators on the filter UI. (clumens)
  - Remove the Viewport from the disk shopping cart. (clumens)
  - Cleaning up some of the TUI storage code (sbueno+anaconda)
  - Add ability in TUI for users to select partitioning scheme. (sbueno+anaconda)
  - Use the firmware-provided language if it's something we support. (pjones)
  - Use systemd-localed for writing out xorg conf file (#958714) (vpodzime)
  - Busy cursor when applying changes in the custom spoke (vpodzime)
  - Make sure the "unbusy cursor" is used for the exception window (vpodzime)
  - Context manager for doing things with busied cursor (vpodzime)
  - Revert "Add signal handlers for controlling password entry visibility."
    (#958608). (clumens)
  - Force a password to be set if option checked in TUI. (#927956)
  - Fix a minor display issue in TUI. (sbueno+anaconda)
  - hostname has dropped -v option (bcl)
  - Only override proxy and noverifyssl if specified (#880482) (bcl)
* Fri May 03 2013 Brian C. Lane <> - 19.24-1
  - Fix check for early exit from on_container_changed. (dlehman)
  - Add ability to manipulate container sizes directly. (dlehman)
  - Don't lock users who chose custom storage out. (dlehman)
  - Don't allow unhiding of hidden disks during disk image installs. (#956020)
  - Add layout indicator to the LUKS passphrase dialog (vpodzime)
  - Add layout indicator to the BaseWindow (vpodzime)
  - LayoutIndicator widget (vpodzime)
  - self._password is set to None not "" initially (#958723) (vpodzime)
  - Use constants for protocol's order instead of magic numbers (vpodzime)
  - Support setting the name of a btrfs subvol (#892363). (clumens)
  - If there are errors processing the kickstart file early on, just print them.
  - Stop defining _, N_, and P_ all over the place. (clumens)
  - Fix a probably rare traceback in resizing from the custom part UI. (clumens)
  - Add methods to do some hiding/showing that we do several different places.
  - Make it more obvious which fields on custom part are editable (#958251).
  - Clean up some of the get_object usage in (clumens)
  - Streamline DatetimeSpoke's timezone updating (#953311) (vpodzime)
  - Allow setting timezone on the map without signal (vpodzime)
  - Sensitivity of the date&time settings doesn't depend on timezone (vpodzime)
  - Give the RAID level label on custom a mnemonic widget. (clumens)
  - Give the hostname entry a keyboard shortcut. (clumens)
* Mon Apr 29 2013 Brian C. Lane <> - 19.23-1
  - Only check mandatory spokes in automated install (#956960,#895258) (bcl)
  - Add scratch-bumpver target (bcl)
  - Add Driver Update Disk repo handling to Anaconda (bcl)
  - Add Driver Update Disk support to anaconda-dracut (bcl)
  - Port driver update utilities from loader (bcl)
  - Fix a typo. (clumens)
  - Do not translate a blank window name. (clumens)
  - Add a separator under the default language on the welcome screen. (clumens)
  - Move the selected language to the top of the list on the welcome screen.
  - Remove the unused LanguageSpoke. (clumens)
  - Add the "Add FCoE" dialog (#903122). (clumens)
  - Allow enabling /etc/anaconda.repos.d repos like the docs say (#955724).
  - Move where the password quality checker is created (#956049). (clumens)
  - Allow multiple disk selection with Shift-click (#864707) (vpodzime)
  - Select all disks in the box with advanced storage as well (vpodzime)
  - Don't change DiskOverview's background on 'chosen' changed (vpodzime)
  - Fix number of arguments for languageGroups (liveDVD class) (#957038)
  - Apply some minor padding fixes on the container editing dialog. (clumens)
  - If no root password was given, lock root's account (#927922). (clumens)
  - Remove some unneeded boxes and alignments in the NTP config dialog. (clumens)
  - Default to using the iscsi discovery credentials for login, if provided.
  - langsupport spoke: keep data.lang.lang first in status of spoke (rvykydal)
  - Unpack property value returned by GDBus before using it (#956614) (rvykydal)
  - Don't traceback when no activated devices were found for ks network default
    (#956614) (rvykydal)
  - Ask about VNC also in connecting state, not only connected (#952801)
* Wed Apr 24 2013 Brian C. Lane <> - 19.22-1
  - Container management improvements. (dlehman)
  - Include swap-related disk space needs in storage options dialogs. (#951269)
  - Show the summary screen before the luks passphrase dialog. (dlehman)
  - Add language support spoke (#912364) (rvykydal)
  - Add kickstart lang --addsupport option (#912364) (rvykydal)
  - Add network --ipv6gateway kickstart option (#905226) (rvykydal)
  - Remove pre-18.0 history from anaconda.spec. (clumens)
  - Add free space information to DiskOverviews (#949746). (clumens)
  - Raise exception if our module fails to be imported (vpodzime)
  - Fix exception handling in rescue mode (vpodzime)
  - Select all disks when Ctrl+A is pressed (#864707) (vpodzime)
  - DiskOverview needs to grab focus if clicked (vpodzime)
* Mon Apr 22 2013 Brian C. Lane <> - 19.21-1
  - Set seen for lang from option & use constant for default (mkolman)
  - Hook the Geolocation module to Anaconda (mkolman)
  - Add geolocation module (mkolman)
  - Add logging to exception handling (vpodzime)
  - Run exception handling in the main thread also in TUI (vpodzime)
  - Update network ksdata with cmdline options (#893784) (rvykydal)
  - Return network devices actually activated (instead of just active) (#949002)
  - Don't traceback if we can't find PermHwAddr when looking for slaves (#949341)
  - Add support for iSCSI iface binding. (rvykydal)
  - Fix a traceback when handling node login authentication. (clumens)
  - Add a requirement on python-IPy now. (clumens)
  - Display individual buttons on the filter UI instead of a combo. (clumens)
  - Hook up authentication for iSCSI discovery and node login. (clumens)
  - When the clear button is clicked on the filter spoke, clear out the fields.
  - Remove the extra "Target LUN" search option. (clumens)
  - If all iSCSI nodes have been logged into, leave the dialog. (clumens)
  - Populate the port combo on the filter spoke's search page. (clumens)
  - Hook up filtering for iSCSI devices. (clumens)
  - Add initial iSCSI support to the advanced storage UI. (clumens)
  - Add a generic function to FilterPage for setting up a GtkComboBoxText.
  - self.disks -> self.pages in filter UI refresh method. (clumens)
  - Add a button to bring up the Add Additional dialogs. (clumens)
  - Remove pixmaps no longer needed by newui. (clumens)
  - Add a checkmark on a DiskOverview when it is selected. (clumens)
  - Make a couple UI modifications to the resize slider. (clumens)
  - Make several changes to how addons are displayed (#873498). (clumens)
  - Allow clicking on environment and addon text to toggle them (#928010).
  - Fix scrolling problems on the environment side of software selection
    (#928008). (clumens)
  - Handle quit messages on the text progress UI hub (#895756). (clumens)
  - If there's an error while in text mode, display it. (clumens)
  - Force sizes on the network toolbar buttons (#951580). (clumens)
  - Disable the "Closest mirror" option if there's no fastestmirror plugin
    (#876135). (clumens)
  - Move text UI summary hub setup into the setup method (#927315, #950956).
  - Bring the text storage spoke a little more in line with the graphical one.
  - Make a home directory for the user by default (#950792). (clumens)
  - Add some padding under the ransom notes on the progress hub. (clumens)
  - Remove a lot of ancient crud from the installclasses. (clumens)
  - Set the default fs type on RHEL (#951088). (clumens)
  - Add a Spoke.changed attribute. (clumens)
  - Display device names on MountpointSelectors (#888872). (clumens)
  - Add signal handlers for controlling password entry visibility. (clumens)
  - Ransom notes can be either PNGs or JPGs. (clumens)
  - dracut/parse-kickstart: handle network --mtu (wwoods)
  - Exclude a couple more password variables from dumps (bcl)
  - Enlightbox dialogs in the custom spoke (vpodzime)
  - Create and use GtkWindowGroup for our windows (vpodzime)
  - We can import Gtk globally now (vpodzime)
  - Handle both types of data we can get from libxklavier (#950921) (vpodzime)
* Tue Apr 16 2013 Brian C. Lane <> - 19.20-1
  - Fix two more syntax errors in the custom spoke. (#952662) (dlehman)
* Mon Apr 15 2013 Brian C. Lane <> - 19.19-1
  - Show device size with full precision to avoid spurious resize. (#951276)
  - Fix another typo (old_fstype->old_fs_type). (#951593) (dlehman)
  - Fix typo encryption_changed->changed_encryption. (#950700) (dlehman)
  - Remove some remnants of old multipath code. (#951259) (dlehman)
  - Protect the block device containing the stage2 image. (dlehman)
  - Clarify code for iutil.get_active_console() etc. (wwoods)
* Thu Apr 11 2013 Brian C. Lane <> - 19.18-1
  - Revert "Revert "Don't emit "gfxterm" in grub2 configs (#821355)"" (pjones)
  - Make "s" a hotkey for "Save Changes" on Advanced User Configuration. (pjones)
  - Clean up tracebacks saved in pstore space (#950709) (pjones)
  - Move anaconda-yum to /usr/libexec/anaconda/ (bcl)
  - Cleanup: remove dead upgrade code (wwoods)
  - Fix console= persistence, remove serial (#928269) (wwoods)
  - Revert "Don't emit "gfxterm" in grub2 configs (#821355)" (pjones)
  - Disable grub2-mkconfig's submenus by default. (pjones)
  - Don't emit "gfxterm" in grub2 configs (#821355) (pjones)
  - updates to boot-options.txt (wwoods)
  - remove unused flags (wwoods)
  - remove flags.virtpconsole (wwoods)
  - Call os.chdir("/") after calling os.chroot (vpodzime)
* Tue Apr 09 2013 Brian C. Lane <> - 19.17-1
  - Pass open file to execWithRedirect for vncpasswd (#948638) (bcl)
  - Fix ip= saving in parse-kickstart (hamzy)
  - Fix initial raid level when switching to a raid-capable device type.
  - The raid level combo cannot be not sensitive for preexisting devices.
  - Make sure fstype combo is not sensitive for btrfs devices. (dlehman)
  - Add an entry to the raid level combo for btrfs' single. (dlehman)
  - Clean up _save_right_side and adapt to changes in blivet.devicefactory.
  - Remove anaconda's udev rules. (dlehman)
  - Add requires for some things that aren't strictly required by blivet.
  - Parent's finalize method needs self (vpodzime)
  - Use Sphinx syntax for docstrings (vpodzime)
  - Use None for unbounded size requests. (dlehman)
  - Disable yum lock debugging for the final release. (clumens)
  - The source spoke should display something nicer than "Not ready" (#948112).
  - Don't run storage execution in an endless loop (#948331, #948285). (clumens)
  - If an incorrect source is given for a ks install, don't fallback (#948212).
  - Fix a bug when creating a new mountpoint with no given size (#948228).
  - memInstalled has moved (#947261). (clumens)
  - Correctly report an error if OSError is hit when setting up the source
    (#947634). (clumens)
  - Add anaconda-yum to %files (bcl)
* Thu Apr 04 2013 Brian C. Lane <> - 19.16-1
  - Modify LocaledWrapper to use our safe_dbus module (#928287) (vpodzime)
  - Add module providing safe DBus operations (vpodzime)
  - Define a DEFAULT_DBUS_TIMEOUT constant and use it (vpodzime)
  - Execute the yum transaction in another process (bcl)
  - Add anaconda-yum (bcl)
  - Add execReadlines utility (bcl)
  - Use namedtuple instead of our magic tuples (vpodzime)
  - Tell python-meh architecture of the anaconda package (vpodzime)
  - Add release number to the result of getAnacondaVersion (vpodzime)
  - Fix location in the updates.img (vpodzime)
  - Network spoke: Fix reading of device type from combobox (#947120) (rvykydal)
* Tue Apr 02 2013 Brian C. Lane <> - 19.15-1
  - Fix two small problems with the UID/GID spin buttons (#929173, #929138).
  - The Update Settings button should only be sensitive if you change something.
  - Move datetime spoke initialization into its own thread, too. (clumens)
  - Make it more clear nothing will happen immediately on custom storage
    (#883195). (clumens)
  - Replace the custom part size spinner with an entry. (clumens)
  - Add a factory class for our various communications queues. (clumens)
  - Make exception handling in the rescue mode work (#926913) (vpodzime)
* Thu Mar 28 2013 Brian C. Lane <> - 19.14-1
  - Handle the end of the %addon section (vpodzime)
  - Don't allow setting a mountpoint for an fstype we cannot mount. (dlehman)
  - Fix a bug I introduced with 3c78c1a5c. (clumens)
  - Get rid of the customization expanders on custom partitioning. (clumens)
  - Translate the "Create a new volume group..." text (#892782). (clumens)
  - Move the Desired Capacity label and spinner into its own row (#907883,
    - move Xorg test up so we might start vnc instead (hamzy)
  - Set word wrapping on the label telling you how to switch layouts (#924885).
  - gtk_thread_wait -> gtk_action_wait in (#926926). (clumens)
  - Support multiple values for kicstart network --namserver= in dracut (#917481)
  - get_widget -> get_object (#927898). (clumens)
  - THREAD_* constants are in pyanaconda, not pykickstart. (clumens)
  - Network spoke: fix model access thinko in Add device dialog (rvykydal)
  - Use constants for thread names (mkolman)
  - Move network connection timeout from network to constants (mkolman)
  - udev-settle.service is now systemd-udev-settle.service (wwoods)
  - Add boot-options.txt (wwoods)
* Fri Mar 22 2013 Brian C. Lane <> - 19.13-1
  - Set Tip text on the create user spoke. (dcantrell)
  - Use space instead of underscore when user uses the timezone name (#924352)
  - Use only in TUI timezone spoke's status (msivak)
  - Use the named tuple in root password dialog (#924138) (msivak)
  - Add message instructing users they can type to search for language.
  - Don't unbusy the cursor until the first action is ready to display. (clumens)
  - Move custom storage setup into its own thread. (clumens)
  - When you turn off NTP, clear the warning along the bottom of the screen.
  - If the disk has no serial number, don't give the DiskOverview a popup.
  - Reorder the columns on the shopping cart so name is next to description.
  - Add device node names to the resize dialog as a new column. (clumens)
  - Use an emblem for indicating spokes have not been completed. (clumens)
  - If you remove all the disks in the shopping cart, disable the buttons.
  - Apply a style to the network spoke's toolbar. (clumens)
  - Add a little more space between the updates checkbox and the add repo stuff.
  - Remove the partition scheme expanders. (clumens)
  - Don't error out if a ks %include is missing when looking for sshpw
    (#923627). (clumens)
  - Do not guess username immediately when user clears it (#924184) (msivak)
  - Do not require password when no user is requested (#924150) (msivak)
  - Refresh the checkboxes on AdvancedUser dialog properly (#924257) (msivak)
  - Allow setting the default GID of the new user. (msivak)
  - Add call to new-kernel-pkg --rpmposttrans (#922988) (bcl)
  - Make our gtk_* decorators safer and more intelligent (vpodzime)
  - Add method for checking if in main thread to the ThreadManager (vpodzime)
  - Port the mandatory logic for User and Password spokes from GUI to TUI
  - Use only to determine completeness in User spoke (msivak)
  - Make firstboot kickstart command aware of initial-setup (msivak)
  - Add command and data updates to AnacondaKSHandler's __init__ (msivak)
* Tue Mar 19 2013 Brian C. Lane <> - 19.12-1
  - _model -> model in (clumens)
  - Add some documentation to FilterPage. (clumens)
  - Add the advanced storage UI and hook it up. (clumens)
  - Don't wrap the DO creation in gtk_thread_wait. (clumens)
  - Add a button to the specialized window to bring up the add dialog. (clumens)
  - Filter out multipath devices from the getDisks results. (clumens)
  - Reduce duplicated code between the GUI and TUI. (clumens)
  - Set the horizontal and vertical scales to what we want. (clumens)
  - Move DiskOverview creation out into its own method. (clumens)
  - Add a slot on the storage spoke for display of advanced storage. (clumens)
  - Log the actual exception for getPackage (bcl)
  - Add the addon repos from a repo's treeinfo file (bcl)
  - Disable failed repos, not remove them (bcl)
  - Add repo addon to source spoke (bcl)
  - Remove the previous addon repo code and UI (bcl)
  - Addon repo glade changes (bcl)
  - Enable updates repo by default (bcl)
  - Adjust _getTreeInfo so that proxy_url can be passed (bcl)
  - Add enable flag to RepoData object (bcl)
  - Modify repo interface in packaging (bcl)
  - Change the source DiskOverview to a label (bcl)
  - Display the reason for payloadInstallHandler error (bcl)
* Mon Mar 18 2013 Brian C. Lane <> - 19.11-1
  - Don't create temporary lists if not needed (vpodzime)
  - Fix reclaiming disk space for non-us installations. (rvykydal)
  - Allow for raising thread exceptions when threadMgr.get is called (bcl,
    clumens). (clumens)
  - Hook up the new refresh dialog. (clumens)
  - Add a dialog prompting the user to refresh anaconda's view of storage.
  - Add a refresh button to the custom partitioning toolbar. (clumens)
  - Add a reset button to the bottom right of the custom spoke. (clumens)
  - Hook up the new action summary dialog. (clumens)
  - Add a summary screen of actions to be performed on all disks. (clumens)
  - Catch error when incorrect nfs address entered (sbueno+anaconda)
  - Use GDBus also for connection settings update. (rvykydal)
  - Network spoke: improve message format parametrization for translators
  - Don't set ibft device renaming for dracut, let it just do its job (#828505)
  - Mark Timezone selection as firstboot spoke (msivak)
  - Add user creation spoke to TUI (msivak)
  - Refactor TUI password spoke to use the declarative EditTUISpoke (msivak)
  - Use guess_username from pyanaconda.users in gui.spokes.UserSpoke (msivak)
  - Add declarative EditTUISpoke (msivak)
  - Allow modyfying exit question in TUI (msivak)
  - Return False from if it was exited prematurely (msivak)
  - Add guess_username function to (msivak)
  - Mark incomplete mandatory spokes in text mode (msivak)
  - Network spoke: move formatting parameters out of translation function
  - Network spoke: add keyboard accelerator to add device combobox (#906263)
  - Network spoke: don't decorate add_device_dialog (#906263) (rvykydal)
  - Don't pass undefined stdout from execWithCapture. (rvykydal)
  - Network spoke: import network module instead of list of too many functions
  - Vlan support: kickstart (#906272) (rvykydal)
  - Vlan support: generate kickstart (#906272) (rvykydal)
  - Vlan support: GUI - hub status information (#906272) (rvykydal)
  - Network spoke: check whether added network device is already in list
    (#906272) (rvykydal)
  - Vlan support: GUI - add "Vlan ID" and "Parent" to vlan tab (#906272)
  - Return correct nm_device_setting_value for bonds and vlans (#906272)
  - Vlan support: GUI - show vlan devices (#906272) (rvykydal)
  - Vlan support: GUI - add "Parent" and "Vlan ID" info (glade) (#906272)
  - Vlan support: GUI - add vlan device (glade) (#906272) (rvykydal)
  - Show that password was set by kickstart in TUI (msivak)
  - Add settable quit message to TUI (msivak)
  - Check _current_action for not being None before using it (vpodzime)
* Mon Mar 11 2013 Brian C. Lane <> - 19.10-1
  - Bonding support: GUI - hub status information (#906263) (rvykydal)
  - Bonding support: GUI - generate kickstart network command for bonds (#906263)
  - Bonding support: GUI - add device dialog (#906263) (rvykydal)
  - Bonding support: GUI - add device dialog (glade) (#906263) (rvykydal)
  - Bonding support: GUI - device list, configuration and adding bond (#906263)
  - Bonding support: GUI - Slaves line in Wired tab (glade) (#906263) (rvykydal)
  - Crypt the root we get from the user (#918991). (jkeating)
  - Adapt to the new libxklavier's behaviour (vpodzime)
  - We use python-meh's interfaces instead of Anaconda's (vpodzime)
  - Redraw screen in case of valid input and nothing new scheduled (vpodzime)
  - Fix two places where we are locking up the main thread (#886680). (clumens)
  - Log when we acquire and release the _yum_lock (dlehman, clumens). (clumens)
  - Do not fail when the logging stream cannot be opened (in initial-setup..)
  - Mark DateTime spoke as usable for Firstboot (msivak)
  - Fix a missing import and move the addon KS output template (msivak)
  - Make the TUI mainloop more resistant to screen implementation errors (msivak)
  - Teach TUI how to react on async events (msivak)
  - Could not load UI file (hamzy)
  - Don't try to remove the timer when it's None (DatetimeSpoke) (vpodzime)
  - Log failed imports in the collect functions (vpodzime)
  - remove the remnants of sparc support (dennis)
  - Remove (dead code) (wwoods)
  - Make default media eject behavior match old behavior (wwoods)
  - Silence "cp: cannot stat '/etc/cmdline'..." error message (wwoods)
* Fri Mar 01 2013 Brian C. Lane <> - 19.9-1
  - Behave nice when root password is set by kickstart (msivak)
  - Password spoke is mandatory if the created user is not an admin (msivak)
  - Use the user data provided by kickstart (msivak)
  - Add the User creation spoke including the Advanced dialog (msivak)
  - Bonding support: kickstart (rvykydal)
  - Condense some duplicated and overly wordy code in (clumens)
  - Add a new allMembers property that returns a list of pages and members.
  - All Pages have a title, so get rid of the getattr games. (clumens)
  - Allow more than one Page to be expanded at a time. (clumens)
  - Get rid of the currentPage method. (clumens)
  - Promote page._members to page.members. (clumens)
  - Require passing the title to a Page's constructor. (clumens)
  - Pressing F12 should do the same thing as clicking "Done" (#840998). (clumens)
  - A bunch more "install" -> "installation" changes. (clumens)
  - When the user clicks "Reclaim Space", go back to the hub (#911792). (clumens)
  - Modify the logic that makes the reclaim button sensitive (#911793). (clumens)
  - Add a free space line under every disk in the reclaim dialog. (clumens)
  - Remove the initial sentence from the top of the reclaim dialog (#911793).
  - Fix a traceback in verifying optical media on the source spoke. (clumens)
  - Revert "Hook up the "Remove Packages" button on the dep solving error
    screen." (#905899). (clumens)
  - Don't display "(null)" as a MountpointSelector's mountpoint. (clumens)
  - dracut: add to fix eject (#809920) (wwoods)
  - Continue booting when checkisomd5 is aborted (#891551) (bcl)
  - Fix ksdevice=<MAC> - instead of renaming the device to ksdev0 just use it
  - Add pigz to initrd.img (wwoods)
  - Use %_prefix macro value when calling configure in makeupdates (vpodzime)
  - Try to import modules the standard way first in collect (msivak)
* Thu Feb 21 2013 Brian C. Lane <> - 19.8-1
  - Add more stuff to the exception reporting skip list. (clumens)
  - Compare Sizes to Sizes in the reclaim dialog (#913484). (clumens)
  - The disk cart summary does not need a mnemonic. (clumens)
* Wed Feb 20 2013 Brian C. Lane <> - 19.7-1
  - Fix RAID level test (bcl)
  - unpack product.img to /updates (#911873) (bcl)
  - If you attempt to search on the network device pane, don't crash. (clumens)
  - Don't treat the _ in x86_64 as a mnemonic. (clumens)
  - If you set_markup, the label forgets set_use_underline from glade. (clumens)
  - Don't try to update spokes that are indirect. (clumens)
  - If you cannot reclaim more space, don't show the reclaim radio (#911791).
  - Swap the order of the part scheme combo and encryption checkbox. (clumens)
  - Fix for the addons kickstart support (vpodzime)
  - needs udev that now lives in blivet (vpodzime)
  - Refactor pieces of the Datetime spoke and move some parts to
  - Set ONBOOT=no for default autoconnections (#905918, #886090) (rvykydal)
  - Don't use "type" to name a variable. (rvykydal)
  - Update all spokes on a Hub when spoke is exited (msivak)
  - Wait for continueButton in KS mode if the user changed anything (msivak)
  - Fix up word wrap on the DetailedErrorDialog. (clumens)
  - Display storage warnings, similar to how errors are displayed (#909410).
  - Fix reprompting and screen redrawing on invalid input (vpodzime)
  - Refresh addons_paths once we know if gui or tui takes place (vpodzime)
  - Fixup anaconda.spec (bcl)
* Thu Feb 14 2013 Brian C. Lane <> - 19.6-1
  - fix uuid reference in parse-kickstart (bcl)
  - Fixup kickstart script logging (bcl)
  - Tell libreport the crash happened in Anaconda (#885690) (vpodzime)
  - Restore older behavior regarding ks argument without a file name (#910550).
  - Move the encryption checkbox to the dialog (bcl)
  - re-fetch metadata when proxy settings change (bcl)
  - Apply some fixes to the spec file (#909592, metherid (clumens)
  - install -> installation in a couple user-visible strings. (clumens)
  - Restore support for partial kickstart files (#887254). (clumens)
  - Get rid of packagesSeen. (clumens)
  - Remove debugging print (DatetimeSpoke) (vpodzime)
  - Honor modules' __all__ when doing collect (msivak)
  - Use ksdata.addons instead of ksdata.addon and add ADDON_PATHS to sys.path
  - Remove unused modules (dbus) and stuff from (rvykydal)
  - Replace get_NM_connection() using new nm module. (rvykydal)
  - Replace get_NM_settings_value() using new nm module (rvykydal)
  - Replace nmIsConnected() using new nm module (rvykydal)
  - Replace hasActiveNetDev() using new nm module (rvykydal)
  - Replace getDevicesProperies() using new nm module (rvykydal)
  - Replace getIPAddresses() using new nm module (rvykydal)
  - Replace getMacAddress() using new nm module (rvykydal)
  - Replace isWirelessDevice() using new nm module (rvykydal)
  - Replace getLinkStatus() using new nm module (rvykydal)
  - Replace getActiveNetDevs() using new nm module (rvykydal)
  - Replace getDevices() using new nm module (rvykydal)
  - Move NM dbus calls to separate module. (rvykydal)
  - Move networking functions from isys to network module. (rvykydal)
  - Remove unused stuff from (rvykydal)
  - Remove unused networking stuff from isys (rvykydal)
  - Network spoke: remove unused NM path and interface constants (rvykydal)
  - Add 'eject' to the anaconda initramfs (wwoods)
  - Ensure hookdir exists before creating eject script (wwoods)
  - remove anaconda-cleanup-initramfs.service (wwoods)
  - Add dracut/ (wwoods)
  - Bring back the askmethod parameter (#889887). (clumens)
  - Add a new selectorFromDevice method to the accordion. (clumens)
  - The storage logger is now the blivet logger. (dlehman)
  - DeviceFactory has moved from blivet to blivet.devicefactory. (dlehman)
* Fri Feb 08 2013 Brian C. Lane <> - 19.5-1
  - Add --dirinstall command (bcl)
  - Convert the mount point entry to one containing a drop down. (clumens)
  - Move the Modify SW button into a link in the text. (clumens)
  - Rework all the dialogs after you click Done on the storage spoke (#903501).
  - Overrides for the Gdk have _2BUTTON_PRESS defined (vpodzime)
  - Add entries with completions to the comboboxes (DatetimeSpoke) (vpodzime)
  - Make the custom partitioning bullet points take up less horizontal space.
  - Don't say you can reuse existing mountpoints unless there are some. (clumens)
  - Point gobject-introspection at our updates directory for overrides. (clumens)
* Mon Feb 04 2013 Brian C. Lane <> - 19.4-1
  - Remove libcurl requirement from (dlehman)
  - DMI_CHASSIS_VENDOR has moved into blivet. (dlehman)
* Fri Feb 01 2013 Brian C. Lane <> - 19.3-1
  - unpack product.img to correct location (#869098) (bcl)
  - Fix including and isys/ in updates.img (vpodzime)
  - Fix typo "DHCPV6" (rvykydal)
  - Don't crash on wireless connections created in Live CD desktop (#895736)
  - Adapt ifcfg -> ksdata mapping to NM change from IPADDR to IPADDR0. (rvykydal)
  - Fix static and dhcp of network --ipv6 command (set IPV6_AUTOCONF=no)
  - NM defaults to IPV6_AUTOCONF=yes (rvykydal)
  - Fix up spacing on installation options dialog buttons a little bit. (clumens)
  - Ignore double clicks on the DiskOverviews (#902467). (clumens)
  - When the user creates a new mountpoint, display it by default (#886039).
  - Add device node name information to the storage spoke and disk cart
    (#902617). (clumens)
  - Do not include disks that have 0 size (#903131, #904977). (clumens)
  - Preserve the state of the Customize... expanders on custom storage (#883134).
  - Make it a little more clear what's happening on the disk selection spoke
    (#903498). (clumens)
  - Move Xorg to vt7 (bcl)
  - Network: read ipv6 configuration type from NM settings instead of ifcfg file
  - Don't fail on missing ifcfg file when setting default ONBOOT (#904817)
  - Don't fail on invalid network --device kickstart specification. (rvykydal)
  - Ignore ipv6 for a device (IPV6INIT=no) only for noipv6 option. (rvykydal)
  - Network: fix disabling of ipv6 (noipv6 option) (rvykydal)
  - Stop writing /etc/sysconfig/network (#895900) (rvykydal)
  - We dont create missing ifcfg files on our own in anaconda anymore. (rvykydal)
  - Use NM dbus interface to modify ifcfg configuration (#893892) (rvykydal)
  - Document FileSystemSpaceChecker. (clumens)
  - Add the customization category to (clumens)
  - Add a license and overview to the g-i overrides file. (clumens)
  - Create/clarify some documentation in the custom widgets. (clumens)
  - Condense string formatting in a couple custom widgets. (clumens)
  - Remove the widget-specific TODO list. (clumens)
  - Add selinux to the list of parameters we pass on (#895860). (clumens)
  - Display error status messages in a darker red color. (clumens)
  - Add newline at the end of xorg.conf generated from ksdata (vpodzime)
  - Move pyanaconda.packaging.get_mount_* into blivet.util. (dlehman)
  - Remove obsolete references to simpleFilter. (dlehman)
  - Remove the storage module and replace it with blivet. (dlehman)
  - Move tsort, platform, and baseudev into storage. (dlehman)
  - Start laying groundwork for splitting storage out of pyanaconda. (dlehman)
  - Remove anaconda flag checking from OpticalDevice.eject. (dlehman)
  - Remove unused functions and move storage-specific utils to storage. (dlehman)
  - Remove installclass arch filtering. (dlehman)
  - Handle sending program output to tty5 through the logging setup. (dlehman)
  - Use dumpe2fs output to determine dirty fs. (dlehman)
  - Remove filesystem migration code. (dlehman)
  - Use threadMgr.wait to check threads (bcl)
  - Add error reporting to threadMgr (bcl)
* Fri Jan 25 2013 Brian C. Lane <> - 19.2-1
  - Use only one large grid for the hubs. (clumens)
  - Indicate nothing will happen until "Begin Installation" is clicked (#883195).
  - Exit anaconda correctly on SIGTERM (vpodzime)
  - Move communication module to pyanaconda/ui (vpodzime)
  - Function getDefaultHostname was renamed some time ago. (rvykydal)
  - Use constant for default hostname ("localhost.localdomain" currently)
  - Make update_hostname function do just one thing - update ksdata. (rvykydal)
  - Rename wait_for_dhcp pieces to say what they actually do (rvykydal)
  - Initialize network synchronously (#902090) (rvykydal)
  - xgettext wants "utf-8", not "utf8".  Python doesn't seem to care. (clumens)
  - On the storage spoke, only show the summary button if a disk is selected.
  - Add text letting people know they can use existing filesystems (#883150).
  - Default to mirrored RAID instead of striped (#888867). (clumens)
  - Replace the RAID level checkboxes with a single combo box. (clumens)
  - Don't allow mountpoints to start with /proc or /sys either. (clumens)
  - Add 'nmcli dev list' output to data gathered after crash (vpodzime)
  - Add lsblk output to data gathered after crash (#879940) (vpodzime)
  - Cleanup some trailing whitespace on otherwise empty lines (vpodzime)
  - Refactor and cleanup exception handling pieces (vpodzime)
  - Exception handling for text mode (#865325) (vpodzime)
  - python-meh's saveExceptionWindow no longer uses the accountManager (vpodzime)
  - Enable line wrapping in a couple more places (#901551). (clumens)
  - Support /boot on RAID metadata version 1.2 (#896163). (clumens)
  - Don't check memory for rescue mode (#895948). (clumens)
  - Split __init__ and setup in TUI screens so we can set the environment and
    search paths (msivak)
  - Add a requirement on device-mapper-multipath (#895973) (msivak)
  - Update default fs type code (#855401). (clumens)
  - Display the background gradient image from a map signal handler. (clumens)
  - Remove the old cmdline and script interfaces. (clumens)
  - anaconda-cleanup doesn't use an interface at all. (clumens)
  - Remove the old text mode UI. (clumens)
  - Move constants_text out of the textw directory. (clumens)
  - Remove more references to system-config-*. (clumens)
  - Add device NM_DEVICE_TYPE_ETHERNET to isys (#893892) (rvykydal)
  - Dump missing ifcfg ifles only for ethernet devices (#893892) (rvykydal)
  - Take over dhcp connection by NM for network root (eg nfs) (#883451, #893656)
  - Use DEFAULT_LANG instead of magic value "en_US.UTF-8" (vpodzime)
  - fixup spec with 19.1 commits (bcl)
* Mon Jan 14 2013 Brian C. Lane <> - 19.1-1
  - Rework the reclaim dialog to have a resize slider. (clumens)
  - g_type_init call is no longer needed (bcl)
* Fri Jan 11 2013 Brian C. Lane <> - 18.40-1
  - Prepare structures to save spoke completenes for firstboot and GIE (msivak)
  - Do not call exit at the end of GUI interface, just quit the main loop
  - Improve handling of .py and .pyc equivalence while collecting classes
  - Set default language to en_US.UTF-8 (#891379) (msivak)
  - Set the local hostname during installation (vpodzime)
  - Refactor and cleanup our localization module (vpodzime)
  - Network spoke: use correct state value to display device status. (rvykydal)
  - drop fcoe-utils dependency for s390x (rhbz#894025) (sbueno+anaconda)
  - More TODO list wrangling. (clumens)
  - On storage, remove the "Continue" button and make "Done" do it all (#882737).
  - getLUKSPassphrase is no longer used, so kill it. (clumens)
  - "Hub" shouldn't be in the title for any text mode hub. (clumens)
  - Do not lightbox any dialogs on the custom storage spoke (#875291). (clumens)
  - Revert "Do not lightbox the Add Mountpoint dialog (#875291)." (clumens)
  - Don't allow changing a VG name to empty in the VG editor (#892395). (clumens)
  - Check country_layouts is not None when using it (#893026) (vpodzime)
  - Don't redownload payload from closest mirror only if we actually have some
    (#892665) (rvykydal)
  - Remove some modules obsoleted by the packaging module. (dlehman)
  - Prefer country over language when returning default layout (#867110)
  - Fix Quit button in standalone network spoke (#892120) (rvykydal)
  - Network spoke: add sanity check for hostname setting (#856456) (rvykydal)
  - Network spoke: add hostname setting (#856456) (rvykydal)
  - Fix completeness check for md fwraid arrays. (#892621) (dlehman)
  - Fix handling of failure to create a new container. (#892046) (dlehman)
  - Force disk selection for interactive installs. (#888293) (dlehman)
  - Mark another string for translation (#892760). (clumens)
  - Do not lightbox the Add Mountpoint dialog (#875291). (clumens)
  - Strip out pango markup before attempting to match languages (#892463).
  - Mark the live progress hub message for translation (#892069). (clumens)
  - Allow deleting whole disks using the reclaim dialog (#880686). (clumens)
  - Don't allow mountpoints to start with /dev (#891447). (clumens)
  - Disable the configure button for pre-existing devices (#888296). (clumens)
  - Add keyboard mnemonics to the spoke selectors, too. (clumens)
  - Add keyboard accelerators to a whole lot of widgets (#864964). (clumens)
  - Try fallback if none exactly matching language is found (#891487) (vpodzime)
  - Only skip welcome screen for ks installs (#891755) (bcl)
  - protect getDirSize from vanishing files (#891759) (bcl)
  - start vnc without ip address (#832510) (bcl)
  - Update physical device's sysfs path for btrfs (sub)volumes. (#891443)
  - Wrap text on the updates checkbox to fix screen placement (#888880).
  - The return value from execWithRedirect is an int (#891313). (clumens)
  - Add placeholder names to a couple strings (#890157). (clumens)
  - Fix multiple copies of spokes appearing from update image (msivak)
  - Import pyanaconda.addons in the anaconda script (vpodzime)
  - Update the API which controls where should spokes be displayed (msivak)
  - Update the way we look for glade files, spokes, hubs and categories (msivak)
  - Make screenshot routines reusable in Firstboot (msivak)
  - Do not fail when missing directories are present in addon paths (msivak)
  - Pass addons paths to user interfaces (msivak)
  - hook up help window close button (#889570) (bcl)
  - add setKeyboardCheckButton to list of things to translate (#889352) (bcl)
  - Mark for translation and show translated some more GUI elements (#877658)
  - Translate storage errors (#877658) (vpodzime)
  - Don't allow changing the boot disk from inside the custom spoke. (#889585)
  - Add help text and a help button to the custom storage spoke. (#889570)
  - Allow /boot on btrfs subvol if using grub2. (#888603,868465) (dlehman)
  - Don't keep old device name when switching to btrfs in custom. (dlehman)
  - Fix container member set management for md arrays. (#889101) (dlehman)
  - Include incomplete devices when listing dependant devices. (#889330)
  - Use systemd to run checkisomd5 (#874486) (harald)
  - fixup direct nfs iso url handling (#879187) (bcl)
  - fixup nfs repo install code (#879187) (bcl)
* Wed Dec 19 2012 Brian C. Lane <> - 18.39-1
  - Add more yum locking to yumpayload (#860022) (bcl)
  - The percent bar can go in the same column as the space label. (clumens)
  - Don't resize NTFS partitions to smaller than the filesystem on them
    (#885912). (clumens)
  - Remove some unused error handling code from old UI. (clumens)
  - Don't generate ifcfg files for non-existing devices in parse-kickstart
    (#886647) (rvykydal)
  - Encode unicode strings returned by pytz.country_timezones() (#887236)
  - Always set passphrase for newly encrypted devices. (#888560) (dlehman)
  - Handle edit of preexisting encrypted lv. (#885378) (dlehman)
  - Raise DeviceError instead of ValueError from device ctor. (#888089) (dlehman)
  - Set line wrap on the info bar (#888112). (clumens)
  - Don't crash when vg edit triggers spurious change event. (#883699) (dlehman)
  - Add handling for incomplete lvm/md devices. (#876441) (dlehman)
  - Fallback to mdN if no name was found for incomplete md array. (#873224)
  - Add to POTFILES (#858628). (clumens)
  - Sort categories in GUI alphabetically (msivak)
  - Fix typo in variable name (msivak)
  - Collect addon paths properly (msivak)
  - Move the import constants line below setupPythonUpdates (msivak)
  - Only close AddLayout dialog on double-click if something is selected
    (#887371) (vpodzime)
  - Add warning to keyboard spoke on live installations (#886463) (vpodzime)
  - Split ksdata execute and setup methods for addons (msivak)
  - Add support for KS %addon section and the API+code to use it (msivak)
  - Import collected modules only once (msivak)
  - Update run-spoke to use paths (msivak)
  - Export QuitDialog and it's message string (msivak)
  - Update the hack we use to preload AnacondaWidgets - we need to load the
    typelib not just the .so file (msivak)
  - Add FirstbootMixIn (msivak)
  - Move the path definitions to Interface and pass it to the Hubs from there
  - Make TUI ready for getting spokes from multiple directories (msivak)
  - Make GUI more reusable and support multiple directories for spokes and
    categories (msivak)
  - Modify collect so it works with directories with missing (msivak)
  - Split completed and mandatory attributes (msivak)
  - Move info about possible actions below the free space info (vpodzime)
  - Fix a couple pylint errors (#867125). (clumens)
  - Fix an undefined variable error (#867129). (clumens)
  - The fs type combo should be sensitive when reformat is checked (#887201).
  - Remove idiomatic, hard to translate text (#865598). (clumens)
  - Activate default layout when it is changed (#882440) (vpodzime)
  - Validate and correct vg names as needed. (dlehman)
  - Don't allow resize of devices with no/unrecognized formatting. (#869841)
  - Add keyboard dracut setup args (#875567) (vpodzime)
  - recheck software when source changes (#875599) (bcl)
  - Include the new lib directory in the package (#886319, #886470). (clumens)
  - Add a gradient background to spoke headers (mizmo, clumens). (clumens)
  - Only allow changing filesystem type if the reformat combo is checked
    (#885906). (clumens)
  - It's possible for mountpoint to be None (#885279). (clumens)
  - Explicitly set True/False in the bootloader setting (#885381). (clumens)
* Tue Dec 11 2012 Brian C. Lane <> - 18.38-1
  - In interactive installs, default to bootloader in the MBR (#885284).
  - Make sure software selection is checked against filesystem space. (#853636)
  - Update default install size and disk space estimate. (dlehman)
  - Add checkbox for setting language default layout (#866887) (vpodzime)
  - Change testing area label to something more appropriate (KeyboardSpoke)
  - Fix getting country layout variants (vpodzime)
  - Wait for slower dhcp before running vnc server (#868777) (rvykydal)
  - Network spoke: fix NMClient signal callback arguments (#885488) (rvykydal)
  - Add logging for networking and improve logging of ifcfg files (rvykydal)
  - Honor user request via UI to not install a bootloader. (#885240) (dlehman)
  - Handle partition removals regardless of deepcopy. (#884896) (dlehman)
  - Default to partitions for /boot* instead of just /boot/efi. (#884606)
  - Fix a logic error in ActionDestroyFormat.obsoletes. (#885004) (dlehman)
  - Take device type into account when making the config button sensitive
    (#885051). (clumens)
  - Hide VG-related widgets when displaying a non-LV mountpoint first (#885131).
  - Install default system for %packages --default (#869978) (bcl)
  - Fix a typo in the live cd completion text (#884373). (clumens)
  - Do not allow deleting or editing a protected device in custom part (#884599).
  - If path doesn't exist, don't traceback.  Return None. (clumens)
  - Add/remove the HDISO source from protectedDevSpecs (#882147). (clumens)
  - Put the bad VG name into the error message (#884359). (clumens)
  - Use updated connection settings object for default auto config files
    (#883383) (rvykydal)
* Wed Dec 05 2012 Brian C. Lane <> - 18.36-1
  - Call udev_settle from inside udev_trigger. (dlehman)
  - Prevent enabling the encryption checkbutton erroneously. (dlehman)
  - Make sure Storage is initialized before refreshing the custom spoke.
  - Fix initialization of Storage.roots to use a list. (#884270) (dlehman)
  - Don't allow reformat without setting a mountpoint. (#883076) (dlehman)
  - Fix check for toggled encryption checkbutton. (#882722) (dlehman)
  - Make sure FS minSize is never greater than its currentSize. (#876547)
  - When considering whether anything can be shrunk, throw out protected devs.
  - In the UI, mark the HDISO source device as protected (#879610). (clumens)
  - update mdraid superBlock space calculation (#883483) (bcl)
  - Remove resetResolver function, we don't need it anymore (#868695) (rvykydal)
  - Network spoke: improve logging. (rvykydal)
  - Unify writeNetworkConf with other modules (rename, put in ks.execute)
  - Fix network command --onboot and --activate options. (rvykydal)
  - Fix two calls of self.window.set_info (#883632) (vpodzime)
  - Use BaseWindow.set_warning and set_error in GUIObject's methods (vpodzime)
* Tue Dec 04 2012 Brian C. Lane <> - 18.35-1
  - Fix a bug when switching back to an HDISO install source (#879612). (clumens)
  - Lower case the DONE button on media check. (clumens)
  - Change mirrorlist checkbox text (#883191). (clumens)
  - Change the bootloader button to indicate you can also not install one.
  - Stop writing /etc/sysconfig/keyboard (#871543) (mschmidt)
  - Stop writing /etc/sysconfig/i18n (#871543) (mschmidt)
  - Write /etc/hostname (#871543) (mschmidt)
  - Correct doing string substitution for encryption. (clumens)
  - Add to so a lot more strings can be translated.
  - Only instantiate main line action objects when they are needed. (clumens)
  - Add a category to so "USER SETTINGS" gets translated. (clumens)
  - Make sure product info and spoke titles are translated throughout. (clumens)
  - Substitute on new_install_name when it's needed, not at the top of
  - Compare the protocol combox box on position, not text. (clumens)
  - When we retranslate the welcome window, inform glibc. (clumens)
  - Add gettext checks to widgets/ (clumens)
  - The initial welcome screen is the only one that needs to do retranslation.
  - Remove the generic retranslate method from the python portion of the UI.
  - Do not allow manipulating protected devices in the reclaim dialog (#882147).
  - ISOImage needs to look at /run/install/source for the mounted image
    (#879142). (clumens)
  - Minor TODO list update. (clumens)
  - Get rid of the unneeded action1. (clumens)
  - Do not list some layouts twice (#882526) (vpodzime)
  - Check if the given NTP server is a valid hostname (#865869) (vpodzime)
  - Improve and document network.sanityCheckHostname (vpodzime)
  - don't write network settings on image install (bcl)
* Sat Dec 01 2012 Brian C. Lane <> - 18.34-1
  - remove extra space in (bcl)
* Fri Nov 30 2012 Brian C. Lane <> - 18.33-1
  - Escape single percent signs in RPM changelog entries. (dcantrell)
  - Fixes for PkgWrangler review. (dcantrell)
  - Don't let defaults override user-specified container settings. (#879702)
  - Fix partition allocation when enabling container encryption. (#879702)
  - Remove partitions from all appropriate DiskLabel instances. (#870586)
  - Add a way for users to set the names of lvm and md devices. (dlehman)
  - Update the RAID-specific UI after changing the device's disk set. (dlehman)
  - Correctly handle the default vg not having been instantiated yet. (dlehman)
  - Drop requested container disks that don't have enough space. (#873293)
  - Don't allow LVM disk set selection via configure button. (dlehman)
  - Try to add new device to an existing container if disks are full. (dlehman)
  - Fix code to lock encryption checkbutton for LV in existing VG (#877871)
  - Add support for changing a new LV's VG. (dlehman)
  - Fix check for in-use LV name to include VG name. (#875477) (dlehman)
  - Remove the automatic show_all from those info_bar related functions.
  - Add set_info, set_error, set_warning functions to the BaseWindow object.
  - set_info functions may not be called from outside the main thread (#873600).
  - Test if path is valid before using it (NTPConfigDialog) (vpodzime)
* Wed Nov 28 2012 Brian C. Lane <> - 18.32-1
  - Bootloader checking should work in terms of self.stage1/2_ attrs (#880277).
  - Catch OverflowError in manual partitioning. (sbueno+anaconda)
  - Do not accept tabs in the keyboard layout test box (#897312). (clumens)
  - Wait for slower dhcp for payload setup and hostname setting (#873468)
* Mon Nov 26 2012 Brian C. Lane <> - 18.31-1
  - Rename icons for liveinst (conflict with redhat-logos) (#878037) (rvykydal)
  - Rework actions in the resize dialog to avoid shortcomings (#866209, #867770).
  - Check that everything's a GDK window before attempting to manipulate it.
  - On live installs, the progress hub should have a Quit button (#854904).
  - If no bootloader is to be installed, pop up a warning. (clumens)
  - Escape ampersands in spoke status text. (clumens)
  - Allow not setting any boot device via the UI (#867469). (clumens)
  - Allow specifying whether the URL you've given is a mirrorlist or not
    (#868558). (clumens)
  - Prevent false positives when checking for encryption change. (dlehman)
  - Don't add incomplete VGs to the LVM reject filter. (#878225) (dlehman)
  - Show device names for devices in the Unknown page/subsection. (#855646)
  - Add a page to the custom RHS notebook for uneditable devices. (#875942)
  - Fix error in iutil.execCapture when fatal and non-zero exit (stefw)
  - Allow iutil.execWithCapture to work without a chroot (stefw)
  - Handle hd iso leavings by dracut (#876897) (jkeating)
  - show error when rsync fails (#868755) (bcl)
* Mon Nov 19 2012 Brian C. Lane <> - 18.30-1
  - only raise rsync error on error 12 (#868755) (bcl)
  - Dump default auto connection's ifcfg file instead of writing a new one
    (#870922) (rvykydal)
  - Number timezones starting with 1 (#859342) (msivak)
  - only call bootloader.check() if bootloader is setup (#875278) (bcl)
  - Fix operator precedence when checking for the presence of transifex-client.
  - Make the custom and keyboard toolbar buttons larger (mizmo). (clumens)
  - More changes to leave the spoke via a glib idle call, not calling directly.
  - Hide the custom addon button. (clumens)
  - Enable verbose yum logging once more (jkeating)
  - rm transifex-client buildreq; check and install only if needed (sbueno)
  - Handle nfsiso leavings by dracut (#876223) (jkeating)
  - Prevent some raid-related tracebacks. (#874034) (dlehman)
  - Don't try to save changes to a locked luks device. (#876180) (dlehman)
  - Keyboard test layout padding fix (mizmo). (clumens)
  - Correct colors for selected items in mountpoint selector widget (mizmo).
  - Include hidden disks in the storage spoke's list of devices (#875475).
  - Make the DetailedErrorDialog taller by default (#874620). (clumens)
  - If there's only a Quit button, don't make it secondary. (clumens)
  - Handle package dependency errors on kickstart installs too (#865073).
  - Remove iso-codes dependency, libxklavier has it fixed now (vpodzime)
  - Rework custom partitioning alignment too (mizmo). (clumens)
  - Attempt to fix the shrunken storage UI (mizmo). (clumens)
  - Do not allow TreeView search in AddLayout dialog (#876131) (vpodzime)
  - DiskOverview widget selection color correction (mizmo). (clumens)
  - Use the main loop to control displaying the resize dialog. (clumens)
  - Use ksdata to set default runlevel (jkeating)
  - Execute xconfig data (#874868) (jkeating)
  - Write out xconfig data when executed (jkeating)
  - Code cleanups (jkeating)
  - Link to the correct default target (jkeating)
  - Add a mapping of old run level to new systemd target (jkeating)
* Mon Nov 12 2012 Brian C. Lane <> - 18.29-1
  - Quit after handling transaction errors. (clumens)
  - Add a function to display relevant transaction errors (#873106). (clumens)
  - Don't decorate error dialogs. (clumens)
  - Fix error handling when new device ends up with size 0. (dlehman)
  - Explicitly request all free space when no size given in custom. (#872833)
  - Disable the language spoke off the first hub, for now (#874263). (clumens)
  - Wrap text on install options dialogs (#874265). (clumens)
  - Encode unicode strings from XklWrapper (#873762) (vpodzime)
  - New version (out of order) (bcl)
  - Network spoke: fix traceback (number of callback parameters) (#875393)
  - Adjust right margin for MountpointSelector (mizmo). (clumens)
  - Fix introspection warnings for widgets (stefw)
* Fri Nov 09 2012 Brian C. Lane <> - 18.28-1
  - Show NFS as the source if dracut left it for us (#875235) (jkeating)
  - Convert the accordion Button to a LinkButton (mizmo). (clumens)
  - Buttons shouldn't scream at people (#868536, mizmo). (clumens)
  - Don't attempt to handle exceptions when NFS mounts fail. (clumens)
  - If there's an error setting up the source, display it as the status.
  - Add logging around the messages that can be processed by the hub. (clumens)
  - You can't reformat a btrfs volume/subvolume. (dlehman)
  - Always account for device removals in their containers. (dlehman)
  - Fix container member management for md devices. (dlehman)
  - Use a more robust method for removing previous autopart. (#868589) (dlehman)
  - Post-custom sanity check determines storage spoke completeness. (#868925)
  - Fix detection of inactive md arrays. (#873031) (dlehman)
  - Vastly simplify the process for applying changes from custom spoke. (dlehman)
  - Clean up container disk set and encryption change handling. (#874714)
  - Honor kickstart bootloader --location=none. (#871143) (dlehman)
  - Use original raid level and disk set when reverting a device. (dlehman)
  - Set raid level based on defined volume for not-yet-btrfs mounts. (dlehman)
  - Network spoke: improve status info (shorten) (rvykydal)
  - Network spoke: update list of connected devices in hub status (rvykydal)
  - Network spoke: Add "Connecting..." state to status (#868704) (rvykydal)
  - Network spoke: Update status of networking in hub (#868704) (rvykydal)
  - check for small grub2 embed space (#737508) (bcl)
  - Set SpokeSelector's tooltip to spoke's status (vpodzime)
  - Don't let mount/umount block python threads (#873600). (clumens)
  - Fix makeupdates to correctly detect and include changes in isys. (clumens)
  - Update pot file with proper lower cased buttons (#868536, mizmo). (clumens)
  - Default to LVM on text installs too (#874586). (clumens)
  - Remove network enablement in anaconda from rescue mode (#873854) (rvykydal)
  - Add very basic U-Boot support for ARM platforms (dmarlin)
  - Fix test for changed disk set for partitions. (#873994) (dlehman)
  - Add support for preexisting whole-disk formatting. (#870476) (dlehman)
  - There is no Storage.destroyFormat method. (dlehman)
  - Move DEVICE_TYPE constants into storage and use them everywhere. (dlehman)
  - A device scheduled for reformat is not unused. (dlehman)
  - Catch the right exception when settin up raid options ui. (#873486) (dlehman)
  - Network spoke: Use connection state that triggered a callback (bug #871429)
  - Use sr_Latn_RS instead of sr_RS (vpodzime)
* Wed Nov 07 2012 Brian C. Lane <> - 18.27-1
  - Mark more UI strings with N_ (#874276). (clumens)
  - Pressing Enter on the passphrase dialog should continue (#788556). (clumens)
  - Pressing Enter should activate the rightmost button on the detailed dialog.
  - Pressing enter on a MountpointSelector should display it on the RHS
    (#873352). (clumens)
  - Make language groups work again (#873865) (jkeating)
  - Update payload if slower dhcp succeeds in network pre-hub spoke (#873468)
  - Fix group access after parsing btrfs subvol list output. (#868468) (dlehman)
  - Account for autopart swap size when checking free space. (dlehman)
  - ignoredisk.onlyuse contains names, not StorageDevice instances. (#873463)
  - Correctly handle toggle of encryption state for devices. (#873445) (dlehman)
  - Handle changes to encryption state of container members. (#873445) (dlehman)
  - Change custom spoke to apply encryption to PVs, not LVs. (dlehman)
  - Widen the sidebar on custom partitioning (mizmo). (clumens)
  - Fix spacing and padding on SpokeSelectors (mizmo). (clumens)
  - Set the font globally (mizmo). (clumens)
  - Handle if we get something other than a .treeinfo file (#872012). (clumens)
  - If repo metadata fetching fails, set an info error message (#873605).
  - Enable yum langpacks plugin to get conditional packages (#868869) (jkeating)
  - Base whether an add-on is selected on the selectedGroups, not ksdata
    (#873092). (clumens)
  - Add UTC and GMT-X timezones (#863199) (vpodzime)
  - TimezoneMap should handle "" timezone (vpodzime)
  - raise error on rsync failure (#868755) (bcl)
  - exclude bind mounts from rsync (#871637) (bcl)
  - Fix up the InstallOptions3Dialog.refresh arguments (#873392). (clumens)
  - Mark strings at the top of spokes with N_; translate later with _ (#872791).
  - Do not decorate the dialog that appears when you click on storage info bar.
  - You have to give "raise" an exception if you're outside a handler (#872874).
  - Prompt for encryption passphrase in reclaim path. (#869391) (dlehman)
  - Prevent user from hitting save without entering a passphrase. (#869391)
  - Font and padding updates for the network spoke (mizmo). (clumens)
  - Fix alignment on the Add and Configure Mount Point dialogs. (clumens)
  - Network spoke: activate wifi connection after setting secrets (#871132)
  - Fix nfsiso as stage2 (#871554) (jkeating)
  - Fix traceback when saving changes to an existing partition. (#872446)
  - Some more stuff for the mangleMap (#866730) (vpodzime)
  - Handle locale's encoding and script in a better way (vpodzime)
  - Use both language and country to guess layout (#861061) (vpodzime)
  - Fix remaining issues with md fwraid. (#872739) (dlehman)
  - Do not return None from Size.__str__ (#869405) (vpodzime)
  - Add a platform weight for ARM images (dmarlin)
  - Remove a bunch of stuff from the TODO list. (clumens)
  - Don't decorate the main exception window. (clumens)
  - Move the custom partitioning's Apply Changes button. (clumens)
  - Indent partition type options under the expander further. (clumens)
  - Left align the Label label, and indent the custom options further. (clumens)
  - Lots of custom partitioning UI changes (mizmo). (clumens)
  - Update fonts on the welcome language spoke (rlerch). (clumens)
  - Lots of storage spoke font and spacing changes (mizmo). (clumens)
  - Set the background of the custom partitioning accordion back to white
    (mizmo). (clumens)
  - Set the Local Standard Disks background back to white (mizmo). (clumens)
  - Reorder Device Type options in custom part to match the Partition Type combo.
  - Use the same terminology for partitions as is in use on the custom spoke.
  - livecd specific code has moved (bcl)
  - Add progress percentage info to liveinst (bcl)
* Thu Nov 01 2012 Brian C. Lane <> - 18.23-1
  - Update parsing of 'btrfs subvol list' to match its new output. (#868468)
  - Add a way to select the default device type. (dlehman)
  - Enable specification of disk(s) for individual mountpoints. (#870569)
  - Improve management of complex devices in custom spoke. (#865199) (dlehman)
  - Save btrfs subvols' requested size. (dlehman)
  - Reclaim extra set member growth evenly across members. (dlehman)
  - Give lvmpv a slightly more realistic minimum size. (dlehman)
  - Fix required space calculation for lvm. (dlehman)
  - Don't filter disks when scanning storage after autopart fails. (#866717)
  - Fix detection of partitioned md devices. (#866519) (dlehman)
  - Correct handling of disks with hidden formats. (#866519) (dlehman)
  - Revert "Fall back to lvm autopart if the default fails." (dlehman)
  - Revert the default autopart type to lvm. (#870207) (dlehman)
  - Apparently necessary kpartx changes (#867593) (dlehman)
  - Mark a few more important strings for translation. (clumens)
  - If lang= was provided on the command line, set the installation language.
  - Make the decision to skip the welcome screen more complicated. (clumens)
  - Set a translation domain before loading a glade file. (clumens)
  - Don't decorate the NTP config dialog. (clumens)
  - Mark properties in existing glade files as translatable. (clumens)
  - Widget properties exposed via glade need to be marked as translatable.
  - Network spoke: don't try to call replace on None (traceback) (#869106)
  - Fix nfsiso repo selection (#871648) (jkeating)
* Wed Oct 31 2012 Brian C. Lane <> - 18.22-1
  - Revert "Update parsing of 'btrfs subvol list' to match its new output.
    (#868468)" (dlehman)
  - Pass RAID level to btrfs volume constructor. (#866101) (dlehman)
  - Fix a traceback when removing non-existing partitions in custom. (#869839)
  - Update parsing of 'btrfs subvol list' to match its new output. (#868468)
  - Remove the word "review" from the label on the custom checkbutton. (#871109)
  - Require that the root filesystem be created by anaconda. (#871104) (dlehman)
  - On error, reset the RHS to what it used to be (#869422). (clumens)
  - Don't prompt when in cmdline mode (#869685) (jkeating)
  - Force a root password to be set (#869675) (jkeating)
  - Network spoke: fix hostname handling in standalone spoke (#868535) (rvykydal)
  - Network spoke: fix config info update after switching device OFF and ON
    (#871429) (rvykydal)
  - Network spoke: connected requires activated (not active) connection (#871129)
  - Blank out passphrases from /root/anaconda-ks.cfg (#868519). (clumens)
  - Setup package repo in the background (#870552) (jkeating)
  - check disklabels when calculating free space (#863892) (bcl)
  - updateBaseRepo does not need a storage argument. (clumens)
  - Fix up calling superclass setup methods in packaging (#870556). (clumens)
  - Fix a race condition with kickstarts (#868834) (jkeating)
  - run checkisomd5 from anaconda-diskroot (#848764) (bcl)
  - skip luks passphrase in exception dump (#868509) (bcl)
  - Replace ' ' with '_' when looking for ifcfg files (#869106) (rvykydal)
  - Remove storageComplete, which was only called from (clumens)
  - Remove and its associated test case. (clumens)
  - Use a slightly different method to get supported languages (#858801, tagoh).
  - Fix problems when changing things in the software spoke (#868742, #869424).
  - Network spoke: fix callback arguments for device add/remove. (rvykydal)
  - display storage errors in text mode storage spoke (bcl)
  - only clear errors if re-running the check (#868707) (bcl)
  - set boot flag and name for EFI partition (#866106) (bcl)
  - clear pmbr_boot on EFI systems (#844551) (bcl)
  - Lots of UI layout tweaks (mizmo). (clumens)
  - /etc/sysconfig/keyboard doesn't support options. (notting)
* Thu Oct 25 2012 Brian C. Lane <> - 18.21-1
  - Add PowerNV as a recognized PPC platform (nacc)
  - anaconda should print unknown platform information (hamzy)
  - Toggle chosen property on focus change (MountpointSelector) (vpodzime)
  - Lock source spoke while depsolving (#867591) (jkeating)
  - In custom part, don't display mountpoints without associated disks (#865942).
  - Tie "Reclaim Space" button sensitivity to how much space the user freed
    (#869375). (clumens)
* Tue Oct 23 2012 Brian C. Lane <> - 18.20-1
  - Add dialog for configuring layout switching options (vpodzime)
  - Initialize layout switching if needed (vpodzime)
  - Save layout switching configuration (vpodzime)
  - Add support for layout switching options to XklWrapper (vpodzime)
  - We need to set _root in two places for a MountpointSelector. (clumens)
  - Correctly destroy the deletion confirmation dialog. (clumens)
  - Don't set until after checking for a protocol (#869102).
  - Fix an undetected bug when setting up an HTTPS method. (clumens)
  - YabootSILOBase objects don't have an encrypted_password parameter (#869016).
  - rprivate -> make-rprivate (#869246). (clumens)
  - If NFS is selected in the source spoke, the URL must contain a colon
    (#869103). (clumens)
  - Modify behavior when leaving the reclaim storage dialog (#864128, #867770,
    - Set the status text in the SpokeSelector widget differently now. (clumens)
  - Use the correct font for each language on the welcome screen (#868836,
    tagoh). (clumens)
  - Everywhere we make a MountpointSelector, give it a _root attr (#868702).
  - payloadInstallHandler should only optionally take a package argument
    (#868542). (clumens)
  - Add a reformat checkbutton to indicate a desire to reformat the device.
* Fri Oct 19 2012 Brian C. Lane <> - 18.19-1
  - Reset the comps to empty along with everything else in yum. (clumens)
  - Hook up the "Remove Packages" button on the dep solving error screen.
  - If nothing's changed in the software spoke, don't redo dep solving. (clumens)
  - skip vnc prompt with text mode and kickstart (bcl)
  - Use correct name for MD RAID device description text. (dlehman)
  - Fix selector management after a reformat action is scheduled. (dlehman)
  - Aqcuire yum lock before doing the work of _yumCacheDirHack. (#858993)
  - Reset error list on success of doKickstartStorage. (dlehman)
  - Tighten up management of passphrases across Storage resets. (#865364)
  - Do not count not-yet-created filesystems as free space. (#866895) (dlehman)
  - Remove any preexisting autopart layout before space check. (#866895)
  - Apply disk selections to the devicetree before the space check. (#866895)
  - Update free space totals before refresh after removing a device. (dlehman)
  - Log exceptions raised from PartitionDevice constructor. (dlehman)
  - Fix size specs for PartitionFactory. (dlehman)
  - Reinitialize disks after removing the last partition from custom spoke.
  - Refactor shouldClear slightly. (dlehman)
  - Use correct means for getting device type in the custom spoke. (dlehman)
  - Repopulate the RHS after editing a device. (dlehman)
  - Don't bother resizing a container that has just been emptied. (dlehman)
  - Don't allow implicit fstype change via mountpoint. (#866953) (dlehman)
  - Set up devices before trying to decrypt them. (#865247, #867533) (dlehman)
  - Don't short-circuit devicetree populate based on clearpart setting. (dlehman)
  - Keep hostname when updating ksdata after GUI network configuration (#866516)
  - don't save system time on s390 (#867856) (dan)
  - Network spoke: make Configure button insensitive when running nmce (#865931)
* Wed Oct 17 2012 Brian C. Lane <> - 18.18-1
  - remove from (bcl)
  - Add missing pieces for kickstart's encryption cipher option. (dlehman)
  - update to use firewalld (#815540) (bcl)
  - Fix a typo in method name (#863765) (msivak)
  - Add missing import (#867296) (msivak)
  - There is no anaconda object available in writeSysconfigKernel (vpodzime)
* Tue Oct 16 2012 Brian C. Lane <> - 18.17-1
  - Add an error handler for fatal package installation errors (#865291).
  - Modify the status test for the software selection spoke. (clumens)
  - Various layout and font improvements to the keyboard spoke (mizmo, rlerch).
  - Just return the size string uppercased (#867074). (clumens)
  - Revert "Use a capital "B" in the size module (#859932)." (clumens)
  - Revert "Fix one more reference to bits (#859932)." (clumens)
  - Fix padding around the addons view in the software spoke. (clumens)
  - The Unknown page selectors/devices have no root. (dlehman)
  - Avoid using mount --move on shared paths (#853508) (jkeating)
  - Revert "Release Gdk lock in exception handling" (msivak)
  - Make all Gtk calls from inside of it's main loop (and thread) (msivak)
  - Remove Gdk thread initialization, introduce new helper functions and make
    exception handler be called by Gtk only once (msivak)
  - Fix threading initialization (msivak)
  - Do not remove the layout if it was added back (#865830) (vpodzime)
  - Release Gdk lock in exception handling (vpodzime)
  - Configure new-kernel-pkg to keep tboot configuration on updates (#742885)
  - Honor the nompath option. (dlehman)
  - Validate lv names. (dlehman)
  - Add support for specifying encryption cipher mode via kickstart. (dlehman)
  - Acquire the yum lock before accessing YumBase.repos. (#858993) (dlehman)
  - Remove the entry on the resize dialog's combo boxes. (clumens)
  - disks_free -> disks_size (#863647). (clumens)
  - Fix one more reference to bits (#859932). (clumens)
  - Fix a traceback in media check (#865897). (clumens)
  - Add support for deleting an entire root via the existing ConfirmDeleteDialog.
  - Don't traceback when removing a mountpoint with no expanded selector
    (#862746). (clumens)
  - Remove the code for removing an entire Root all at once. (clumens)
  - Yet more TODO list updates. (clumens)
  - Don't display "None" in the name of a root. (clumens)
  - Fix configuration of protected wireless connections (#855526) (rvykydal)
  - Fix graphical kickstart with %packages data (jkeating)
  - Add password validation to text password spoke (jkeating)
  - Make use of the validatePassword routine from (jkeating)
  - Add a password verification method to (jkeating)
  - Always honor the 'nokill' flag (vpodzime)
  - Fall back to lvm autopart if the default fails. (#864708) (dlehman)
  - Special boot devices are handled the same whether they exist or not.
  - Fix a bug allocating fixed-size partitions. (dlehman)
  - Clean up size sets immediately after allocation run. (#864771) (dlehman)
  - Make sure partition base sizes are adequate for their formatting. (dlehman)
  - Don't fail to account for all set members' growth. (dlehman)
  - Remove some extra calls to show_first_mountpoint. (dlehman)
  - Show the correct raid options for btrfs. (dlehman)
  - Support change of raid level in custom spoke. (dlehman)
  - Use devicetree as partition list source instead of parted. (#864718)
  - Use Storage convenience methods to schedule reclaim actions. (dlehman)
  - Pass disk list when trying to recover from device type change failure.
  - Fill in missing parts of the disabled raid features dict. (dlehman)
  - Clear errors when entering or leaving the custom spoke. (dlehman)
  - Hook up signal handler for raid feature checkbuttons. (dlehman)
  - Raise MDRaidError instead of ValueError from devicelibs.mdraid. (dlehman)
  - Minimum we have to do with HW clock (vpodzime)
  - Check X layouts specified in kickstart for validity (vpodzime)
  - Work with VConsole keymap and X layouts separately (vpodzime)
  - Add class wrapping systemd-localed functionality (vpodzime)
  - Don't write XkbVariants if none are specified (vpodzime)
  - Add comment to the begining of generated xorg.conf file (vpodzime)
  - Don't display "None" for NIC vendors and products NM can't identify (#859540)
* Thu Oct 11 2012 Brian C. Lane <> - 18.16-1
  - Don't try to load ifcfg files for wifi devices (#865355) (vpodzime)
  - Rewrite isWirelessDevice to Python and DBus calls (#862801) (vpodzime)
  - Use a capital "B" in the size module (#859932). (clumens)
  - The environment window needs a vertical scroll bar (#865066). (clumens)
  - liveinst should recognize inst.updates too (#865398). (clumens)
  - Improve validation of device edit requests. (dlehman)
  - Fix listing of subvolumes for existing btrfs volumes. (dlehman)
  - Remove overzealous correction of device type for /boot*. (#863574) (dlehman)
  - Pad filesystem minimum sizes to ensure other OS can still run. (dlehman)
  - Handle encrypted partitions in size set classes. (dlehman)
  - Don't set mountpoints of "(null)" in mountpoint selectors. (dlehman)
  - Prevent crash trying to populate raid options on a one-disk system. (dlehman)
  - Rework type combos and don't offer RAID on one-disk systems. (dlehman)
  - Bundle more of data/ in updates.img (jkeating)
  - Revive reipl (#860244) (jkeating)
* Wed Oct 10 2012 Brian C. Lane <> - 18.15-1
  - add noverifyssl to anaconda-dracut (#852229) (bcl)
  - Don't crash when running anaconda a second time (jkeating)
  - Handle ssh prompt in new tmux world (jkeating)
  - Add a service to run anaconda directly on the tty (jkeating)
  - Add a script to attach to anaconda's tmux (jkeating)
  - Add ARM-OMAP class to create a uboot partition to support the boot-loader.
  - Avoid a loop of storage spoke executions during kickstart (#865048).
  - Correct lookup of raid.XX "mountpoints" for kickstart installs (#864764).
  - Change language matching on the welcome screen back around. (clumens)
  - Another attempt at fixing the squished screen bug (#849211). (clumens)
  - Fix a stupid typo in the disk shopping cart (#864842). (clumens)
  - Reorder the buttons and labels on the bottom left of the storage spoke.
  - Modify the DetailedErrorDialog buttons. (clumens)
  - Sync up hidden/unhidden disks between the UI and storage module (#864180).
  - When handling a storage error, reload self.disks (#862972). (clumens)
  - Fix sshd bringup when also using a kickstart file (#863441) (jkeating)
  - Require root password spoke be visited (#859069) (jkeating)
  - add some thread logging (bcl)
  - Reword the description on the resize dialog (#863577). (clumens)
  - Present an error message if no disks are detected (#864093). (clumens)
  - When changing environments, don't explicitly exclude groups (#863886).
  - Fix marking the "Modify Software Selection" button as sensitive in one case.
* Mon Oct 08 2012 Brian C. Lane <> - 18.14-1
  - Add UI support for encrypted automatic partitioning. (dlehman)
  - Add support to the custom spoke for encrypted block devices. (dlehman)
  - Add a page for decrypting existing LUKS devices. (dlehman)
  - Add a dialog for collecting a passphrase for newly encrypted devices.
  - Add a property that provides a list of all selectors in the accordion.
  - Handle luks formats during populate if they have a passphrase set. (dlehman)
  - Add encryption support to the device factory classes. (dlehman)
  - s/dev/disk in the disk shopping cart. (clumens)
  - Set a default payload in InstallOptions1Dialog (#863582). (clumens)
  - Pass disks into the SelectedDisksDialog (#863588). (clumens)
* Fri Oct 05 2012 Chris Lumens <> - 18.13-1
  - Make sure packages anaconda requires are installed. (clumens)
  - Add method returning current activated X layout (vpodzime)
  - Fix a deadlock when trying to add a keyboard layout (#862612). (clumens)
  - ntfsresize uses SI (MB) while the rest of us use IEC (MiB). (#862109)
  - Remove empty extended partitions after removing a logical partition.
  - Handle all logical/extended partitions in unusedDevices. (dlehman)
  - Update autopart/custom setting before moving to reclaim dialog. (#863225)
  - Raise an exception early in newDevice if no disks were specified. (#858139)
  - Fix a regression in BTRFSVolumeDevice.listSubVolumes. (#862742) (dlehman)
  - Fix behavior of resolveDevice when devspec is a device name. (dlehman)
  - Prevent BTRFS volumes from ever having the name None. (dlehman)
  - Prevent negative free value for filesystems. (#861812) (dlehman)
  - Don't show extended partitions that contain logical partitions. (#862971)
  - Delete ts data instead of trying to undo dep installs. (#851114) (dlehman)
  - Change the manglings for a couple locales (petersen). (clumens)
  - Hook up the "Modify Software Selection" button on install opts dialogs.
  - More TODO list updates. (clumens)
  - Add a label to the resize dialog for how much space is required. (clumens)
  - Add a column to the disk shopping cart for setting the boot device (#860430).
  - Rework the disk shopping cart link a little bit. (clumens)
  - Do not use constant value in SoftwareSpoke's completed property (vpodzime)
  - Pull in existing swaps and bootloader devices whenever there are mounts.
  - Revert broken logic for newly formatted devices in unusedDevices. (dlehman)
  - Add an apply button to the device/mountpoint configuration options. (dlehman)
  - Don't base StorageSpoke.ready on storage execute thread presence. (#861574)
  - Prevent systemd timeout waiting for encryption passphrase. (#861123)
  - Fix traceback when switching device type to lvm. (#860990) (dlehman)
  - Fix error handling in the add mountpoint dialog. (#860992) (dlehman)
  - Allow xfs /boot. (dlehman)
  - Fix makeupdates to work for glade files in subdirs of spokes/ or hubs/.
  - Fix parsing of NFS method strings (#860966) (jkeating)
  - Make the URL entry sensitive for NFS installs, too (#863014). (clumens)
  - Add in a locale mapping to avoid incorrect system settings (#858591).
* Wed Oct 03 2012 Brian C. Lane <> - 18.12-1
  - copy-logs changed names (bcl)
  - Reference correct UI button name (#862409) (jkeating)
  - Don't echo vnc password to the screen (#862593) (jkeating)
  - Make the log copy script the last one to run (jkeating)
  - Copy ks script logs into the install root as well (jkeating)
  - Create ks script logs outside of chroot (jkeating)
  - Don't look for ifcfgs of wireless devices (#860791) (rvykydal)
  - doAutoPartition should raise errors instead of handle them. (clumens)
  - In the install options dialogs, call out how much space is on selected disks.
  - In order to display the resize prompt dialog, we need to compare Sizes to
    Sizes. (clumens)
  - Use a better starting value for required space than 0. (clumens)
  - Default to CLEARPART_TYPE_NONE (#855976). (clumens)
  - Remove some unused clearpart-related settings. (clumens)
  - Hook up the new resize dialog. (clumens)
  - Add a resize dialog. (clumens)
  - Require the hostname package (#862419) (jkeating)
* Tue Oct 02 2012 Chris Lumens <> - 18.11-1
  - Use gdk_threaded() when running AddLayout dialog (vpodzime)
  - Work the anaconda object into the VNC test (jkeating)
  - Use askvnc spoke to change vnc password (jkeating)
  - Fix logic error in vnc password length check (jkeating)
  - Allow vncpassword spoke text to be configurable (jkeating)
  - Don't ask for VNC if we can't do it (jkeating)
  - Skip VNC prompt if text is requested in kickstart (jkeating)
  - KEYTABLE is now vconsole.keymap (#859298) (bcl)
  - The partitionErrorHandler text needs a 's' in the format string (#861376).
  - Fix a problem with storage error handling (#861376). (clumens)
  - Fix bootloader setup on s390. (#857940) (dlehman)
  - Make Keboard and Welcome spokes runtime-system friendly (vpodzime)
  - Make DateTime spoke runtime-system friendly (vpodzime)
  - Add a guard for testing if we can modify runtime system (vpodzime)
  - Bring back prompt for VNC (jkeating)
  - Add standalone spoke to prompt for VNC (jkeating)
  - Fail on incomplete ksdata when in cmdline mode (jkeating)
  - Add a flag attribute to handle cmdline mode (jkeating)
  - fix libuser setup (#855481) (bcl)
  - Remove obsolete requirement on comps-extras. (notting)
* Wed Sep 26 2012 Chris Lumens <> - 18.10-1
  - isys.mount needs to be told when something should be mounted NFS (#860273).
  - Disks with new disklabels don't count as new devices in custom. (dlehman)
  - Fix thread synchronization issue going from storage to custom. (#860495)
  - Treat disks with unrecognized or no formatting as empty. (#858862) (dlehman)
  - Improve management of mountpoint selectors in the custom spoke. (dlehman)
  - Improve handling of existing devices when refreshing the custom spoke.
  - Apply custom changes not involving actions to the main devicetree. (dlehman)
  - Add a mountpoint entry to the device options area. (dlehman)
  - Move mountpoint validation out of the add mountpoint dialog. (dlehman)
  - Only run the storage sanity check if we've run autopart. (dlehman)
  - Add a method to reset a device to its original state. (dlehman)
  - Make a copy of the original format instead of just storing another ref.
  - Reformatting effectively removes a device from an existing Root. (dlehman)
  - Fix test for whether to create biosboot during autopart. (#853628) (dlehman)
  - Close AddLayout dialog on double-click (vpodzime)
  - Remove useless handler of Cancel button (AddLayout dialog) (vpodzime)
  - Don't rely on having some month and year selected (#859185) (vpodzime)
  - Add debug option to bumpver (bcl)
  - Raise an error if bootDrive is invalid (jkeating)
  - Handle automated installs (jkeating)
  - Handle errors from text storage execute (jkeating)
  - Fix ready and completed properties for text storage (jkeating)
  - Use ksdata to determine text password completeness (jkeating)
* Tue Sep 25 2012 Chris Lumens <> - 18.9-1
  - And remove from, too. (clumens)
  - Select a default environment (#858180). (clumens)
  - Remove (clumens)
  - Don't attempt to catch and re-raise a SystemError from
  - Add a progress message for quitting the installer. (clumens)
  - GUI error handling dialogs need to be protected from threading deadlocks.
  - Initialize gdk threading as well. (clumens)
  - Handle --ignoremissing in _applyYumSelections (#859021). (clumens)
  - Fix the destination path for anaconda.xlog (#860041). (clumens)
  - Hide the ISO install source if you've nuked all possible drives (#858088).
  - Don't write out /etc/sysconfig/clock anymore (#859217). (clumens)
  - Index the exn mapping by string, not by object. (clumens)
  - Don't write HOSTNAME=HOSTNAME=myhostnamehere (#859141). (clumens)
  - Close temp file before moving it (#858681) (vpodzime)
  - Update widget-specific TODO list. (clumens)
  - Don't use grey for the status text of a SpokeSelector (#855638). (clumens)
  - Fix a typo in makeupdates. (clumens)
  - UEFI paths must include a leading backslash on some machines. (#856938)
  - Read cmdline files from /run/install (jkeating)
  - Copy command line files prior to pivot (jkeating)
  - Grab the proxy username from the correct text entry (#858536). (clumens)
  - Remove our use of scsi_wait_scan (#858393). (clumens)
  - Don't overwrite the opts attribute on NFS installs (#858700). (clumens)
  - Change the keyboard shortcut for the updates checkbox. (clumens)
  - Add the storage category to (clumens)
  - Don't explicitly start the progress spinner in python code. (clumens)
  - Move the progress bar back down to the bottom of the progress hub. (clumens)
  - Remove a bunch of stuff from the TODO list for a change. (clumens)
  - Move check of new partition size against format limits. (dlehman)
  - Improve growth check when deciding where to allocate new partitions.
  - Keep btrfs selectors' sizes in sync as volume size changes. (dlehman)
  - Allow specification of a label for new swap space via custom ui. (dlehman)
  - Don't allow stage2 as stage1 unless specified via location. (dlehman)
  - Remove reference to PartitioningWarning, which was removed last week
    (#875931). (clumens)
  - Add a way to test exception handling (vpodzime)
  - Fix dumpState to work with the new python-meh (#856235) (vpodzime)
* Fri Sep 14 2012 Chris Lumens <> - 18.8-1
  - Make sure the InstallOptionsNDialogs get the correct space labels. (clumens)
  - Get rid of the big pause going from the storage spoke back to the hub.
  - Don't fail when making updates if the symlink already exists. (clumens)
  - Make sure to set the default TZ in ksdata so the completed method works.
  - Allow creation of biosboot and prepboot partitions in the custom spoke.
  - Hide removable disks containing install media from the custom spoke.
  - Make the minimum size for custom spoke partitions 1MB. (dlehman)
  - The return value of execWithRedirect is an integer. (dlehman)
  - Only include following free space in partitions' max size. (dlehman)
  - Handle btrfs volumes with a dataLevel of None. (dlehman)
  - Handle newDevice partitions smaller than the default of 500MB. (#853125)
  - Add underlines to the expander and encryption checkbox in custom
    partitioning. (clumens)
  - Remember to mark an environment as selected in the store. (clumens)
  - Rename the addon/environment store columns to make sense. (clumens)
  - Use slightly less confusing labels for the various back buttons. (clumens)
  - Add a property to SpokeWindow for setting the single button's label.
  - Rename the SpokeWindow's back button to just button. (clumens)
  - Use the blocking read to avoid busy wait in TUI progress (msivak)
  - Make progress hub spokes possible and move the root password there (msivak)
  - Don't let user hit Add button if no new layouts are selected (vpodzime)
  - Gtk.ListStore.iter_previous now returns new iterator (#849060) (vpodzime)
  - Write storage configs after payload install for live installs. (#856836)
  - Update the pot file for various important string changes. (clumens)
  - Attempt to fix word wrapping issues with the betanag dialog (#853913).
  - CONTINUE -> BEGIN INSTALLATION (#856614). (clumens)
  - Language selection should work the same as keyboard selection (#854570).
  - Fix ransom notes cycling. (clumens)
  - Improve the clarity of the custom checkbutton label. (dlehman)
  - Add error handling around significant ui-initiated storage operations.
  - Improve error granularity slightly in automatic partitioning. (dlehman)
  - Fix detection of preexisting md arrays again. (dlehman)
  - Handle changes to sizes of predefined devices in custom spoke. (dlehman)
  - Fix traceback when switching device type to BTRFS. (dlehman)
  - Validate mountpoints in the add-a-mountpoint dialog. (dlehman)
  - Tell 'lvm' that yes, we really, really want to remove PV (vpodzime)
  - Use 250ms interval for installation progress updating (vpodzime)
  - network spoke: hide for live CD and image installs (#854586) (rvykydal)
  - Fixed luks_add_key() (jsafrane)
  - Display a radio button next to the environment choices. (clumens)
  - Update TODO list. (clumens)
  - Set the busy spinning cursor while the UI is loading. (clumens)
  - network spoke: add "No network devices available" status (rvykydal)
  - network spoke: clear device info if no network devices are found (#853903)
  - fix root password setup (#855481) (bcl)
  - Rewrite expand_langs to return more items (vpodzime)
  - Don't try to setup X layouts in text installation (#852447) (vpodzime)
  - Add UTF-8 enconding suffix to our language strings (#854688) (vpodzime)
  - Require rsync (vpodzime)
  - Don't rely on chrony.conf file being available (#854899) (vpodzime)
  - Require chrony and rdate, because Anaconda needs them (#854899) (vpodzime)
  - Use the real path to (#851362) (jkeating)
  - fixup live install (#853988, #854962) (bcl)
  - Only check media if we really want it (#853404) (jkeating)
  - Fix thinko in anaconda arg handling portion of multilib patch. (dlehman)
  - Honor kickstart and command line switches to enable multilib. (dlehman)
  - Quitting the live installer shouldn't reboot the system (#854904). (clumens)
  - The kickstart language-related command is "lang", not "language". (clumens)
  - Fix btrfs/lvm/raid kickstart installs (#853649). (clumens)
  - Store "en" as the default, not "en_US". (clumens)
  - Mark ksdata.*.execute invocations as another step (vpodzime)
  - Reorder and comment options passed to rsync (vpodzime)
  - Fix bug in writing keyboard configuration files (vpodzime)
  - network spoke: require connection only for url and nfs methods (#853899)
  - Drop the addBase handling in anaconda - if you want a group, list a group.
  - Don't depend on storage or instClass in EFIGRUB (pjones)
  - Use self.stage1_device where appropriate in EFIGRUB. (pjones)
  - Explicitly disable the rootpw lock (#853788) (jkeating)
  - require nm-connection-editor (#854586) (bcl)
  - Include packaging log in exception reports. (dlehman)
  - Add Kazakh as a valid translation. (clumens)
  - Deselect any existing environment when selecting a new one (#851510).
  - Use chvt command for tty switching (vpodzime)
  - Use the disk's serial number instead of index as an ID. (clumens)
  - Use the disk's ID for deleting from the shopping cart, not an index
    (#853798). (clumens)
  - Use the F18_Partition class (#853593). (clumens)
  - Remove anaconda.instLanguage object and language module (vpodzime)
  - Remove lang-table and (vpodzime)
  - parse-kickstart: handle 'network --ipv6=auto ...' (wwoods)
  - parse-kickstart: set IPV6INIT=yes when using ipv6 (#830434) (wwoods)
  - Make TUI password spoke behave the same as it's GUI counterpart (msivak)
  - Remove ROOT_PATH/etc/localtime before symlinking timezone (vpodzime)
  - Continue post-installation steps even if writing NTP configuration fails
  - update transifex.txt for newui (bcl)
  - Handle invalid spoke input (#853253) (jkeating)
  - Remove unnecessary (and broken) import (#853576) (jkeating)
  - Destroy the Add Mountpoint dialog when escape is pressed (#853058). (clumens)
  - Keep the current spoke on top of the hub. (clumens)
  - And then fix an assortment of non-packaging pylint errors, too. (clumens)
  - Fix problems in the packaging module that pylint detected. (clumens)
  - Update runpylint to find newui modules correctly. (clumens)
  - Prevent duplicate mountpoint creation. (dlehman)
  - If there's only one disk, select it by default. (dlehman)
  - Evaulate growth potential for all reqs, even when allocating a fixed req.
  - Do not honor partitions' disk attr when reallocating them. (dlehman)
  - Set size is a safe max size for partitions. (dlehman)
  - Set the ANACONDA udev property in the post-switchroot udevdb. (dlehman)
  - Calculate size func kwargs at call time to pick up changes. (dlehman)
  - Add support md devices and btrfs raid features in the custom spoke. (dlehman)
  - Move the BTRFS options to last and remove unsupported options. (dlehman)
  - Remove "Technology" ComboBoxes from device options for now. (dlehman)
  - Tweak setContainerMembers to work with a defined md array. (dlehman)
  - Add support for named md devices. (dlehman)
  - Make sure a disk is partitioned before treating it as such. (#849707)
  - Setup python path /after/ we've done updates (jkeating)
  - Fix a string substitution think-o (jkeating)
  - We now BuildRequires python-babel as well. (clumens)
  - Update TODO list. (clumens)
  - Only show groups in the UI if they have members that install by default
    (default or manadtory packages). (notting)
  - Symlink /run/initramfs/inst.{updates,product} to /tmp (jkeating)
  - Use shutil.move for replacing old config with the new one (vpodzime)
  - Honor user's choice on NTP (ON/OFF) (vpodzime)
  - Don't crash if someone gives us bad timezone (vpodzime)
  - Use expand_langs to find matching language (LanguageSpoke) (vpodzime)
  - Move expandLangs to localization module (vpodzime)
  - Use Gtk.main_level() to check if main loop is already running (vpodzime)
  - Move setup from ImagePayload to LiveImagePayload. (clumens)
  - Avoid duplicates in the packages property. (clumens)
  - Set a progress message when liveinst starts installing software. (clumens)
  - Fix default definitions of some payload class methods. (clumens)
  - Add a spaceRequired property for LiveImagePayload. (clumens)
  - getDirSize should stay on a single filesystem, not look at submounts.
  - Don't look for existing installations on live devices. (clumens)
  - We don't need image_file in the live payload. (clumens)
  - Now that we're using rsync, the livecd and rootfs do not have to match.
  - Disable software selection and source spokes on live installs. (clumens)
  - Fix args to LiveImagePayload.setup (#852272). (clumens)
  - require anaconda-widgets (bcl)
  - Handle already mounted optical devices (#851274) (jkeating)
  - Return full device object of selected optical drive (jkeating)
  - Add a method to determine if device is mounted (jkeating)
  - anaconda-cleanup: fix DeviceTree args (bcl)
  - Unset install_device if repo setup fails (jkeating)
  - _peopleRepositoriesFilter -> _peopleRepositoriesFilterEntry (#852182).
  - on_*_changed callbacks take one argument, not two. (clumens)
  - Use the correct icon size constant. (clumens)
  - remove dead code (setMethodstr, expandFTPMethod) (wwoods)
  - parse-kickstart: update some TODO comments (wwoods)
  - parse-kickstart: simplify logging (wwoods)
  - enable fastestmirror yum plugin (#849797) (bcl)
  - networking: remove Network() object (rvykydal)
  - networking: use instead of actual installer hostname
  - networking: consolidate writing/copying of configuration files (rvykydal)
  - networking: 70-persistent-net.rules doesn't exist anymore. (rvykydal)
  - networking: disable ipv6 directly in installed system config file (rvykydal)
  - networking: mirror end-of-installation network config tweaks in ksdata.
  - networking: write configuration in doInstall (rvykydal)
  - Add mounts before swaps so the default selection is a mount. (dlehman)
  - Use MB if a new mountpoint size does not include a unit spec. (#850839)
  - Correctly handle partitions with sizes smaller than 500MB. (#850839)
  - Don't include removed devices in Storage.unusedDevices. (dlehman)
  - Handle SameSizeSet growth trimming when all members are too large. (dlehman)
  - Add several missing yum lock aqcuisitions. (#851212) (dlehman)
  - Offer completions for new mountpoints. (dlehman)
  - Add old_source checking for closest mirror and url methods too (#851336).
  - Revert "Only use mounted media that has repodata" (jkeating)
  - Only use mounted media that has repodata (jkeating)
  - _bootloaderClass -> bootloaderClass for some platforms (#848173). (clumens)
  - Make the storage info bar clickable to reveal error messages. (clumens)
  - Move the software-specific error message out of the DetailedErrorDialog
    class. (clumens)
  - Add a gui password spoke (jkeating)
  - Put traceback reports on a diet. (clumens)
* Wed Aug 22 2012 Chris Lumens <> - 18.7-1
  - Do another _main_window -> main_window change. (clumens)
  - Mark the storage category title for translation. (clumens)
  - _actions should be set up in the __init__ method. (clumens)
  - Don't require hfs-tools on RHEL (#849987). (clumens)
  - dracut: remove workarounds for broken splitsep() (wwoods)
  - dracut: update Requires: in spec (wwoods)
  - Use ksdata.timezone and timezone module instead of anaconda.timezone
  - Remove the last usage of the system-config-date in Anaconda (vpodzime)
  - Add support for swap --hibernation on LVM (vpodzime)
  - Don't rely on selection staying selected when doing crazy things to it
  - Replace nonexisting icon with an existing one (DatetimeSpoke) (vpodzime)
  - integer out of range for L format code (hamzy)
  - Network spoke: use chr() instead of str() to convert dbus.Byte (#849395)
  - verify package checksums against metadata (bcl)
  - use F18_PartData for hibernation flag support. (bcl)
  - fix Gtk import in (bcl)
  - dracut: fix rd.neednet use in parse-kickstart (#849672) (wwoods)
  - parse-anaconda-net: Add missing semicolon for dhclient.conf (bcl)
  - anaconda-modprobe: fix .ko removal (bcl)
  - Only devices that already exist may be ISO install sources (#849482).
  - Use python-meh's MainExceptionWindow's main_window property (vpodzime)
  - dracut: fix syntax error in parse-kickstart (wwoods)
  - Show fstype as "Unknown" for devices with unrecognised formatting. (dlehman)
  - BTRFS magic for custom spoke. (dlehman)
  - The device type of preexisting devices cannot be changed. (dlehman)
  - Revert old hack that disabled btrfs in the old ui. (dlehman)
  - Use correct device instance when updating selector w/ new device. (dlehman)
  - Fix a traceback when clicking on the summary in custom spoke. (dlehman)
  - Move device size calculation and setting into DeviceFactory. (dlehman)
  - Stop pretending btrfs subvols can have a size. (dlehman)
  - Fix a typo in StorageDevice._setSize. (dlehman)
  - dracut: add info about special variables to README (wwoods)
  - dracut: fix invalid use of 'eth0' (wwoods)
  - dracut: drop upgrade-specific hack (wwoods)
  - dracut: set "$netif" correctly in initqueue/online scripts (wwoods)
  - dracut: fix old-style static ip=xxx gw=yyy... (wwoods)
  - dracut: import in pre-udev hook (wwoods)
  - dracut: fix set_neednet so network comes up (#849672) (wwoods)
  - dracut: drop save_netinfo (wwoods)
  - move anaconda-modprobe to pre-udev hook, silence modprobe errors (wwoods)
  - parse-kickstart: fix crash with PXE + ks=file: (#844478) (wwoods)
  - parse-kickstart: clarify/refactor Network handling (wwoods)
  - Actually create default ifcfg files (#849012) (rvykydal)
  - Don't fail on write of nonexisting IfcfgFile(SimpleConfigFile) (#849012,
    - If dracut left the DVD mounted, don't try to remount it (#849152). (clumens)
  - Add support for most device editing functions. (dlehman)
  - Various fixes, cleanups, and added logging for the custom spoke. (dlehman)
  - Work around some signal handling issues in the custom spoke. (dlehman)
  - Make choosing an auto-selected page after refresh slightly less fallible.
  - Raise an exception if a new device ends up with size 0. (dlehman)
  - Split out logic to determine container based on factory and/or device.
  - Allow adding disks to a container's disk set. (dlehman)
  - Allow passing a device into newDevice for adjustment. (dlehman)
  - Add PartitionFactory class so partitions don't need a separate code path.
  - Add a convenience method for scheduling resize actions. (dlehman)
  - Return early from doKickstartStorage if there are no disks selected.
  - Remove isomd5sum-static from build requires (vpodzime)
  - Don't rely on having some network devices available (vpodzime)
  - Enlightbox mainExceptionWindow (vpodzime)
  - Put mainExceptionWindow in a WindowGroup (vpodzime)
  - Bump required yum version to get the environment code. (notting)
  - Add a flag so we don't get spurious 'change' events from the treeview while
    we're setting up the UI. (notting)
  - Wire in the new environment logic through the UI. (notting)
  - Add a local method for exposing group visibility from the comps file.
  - Add methods to yumpayload for handling environments. (notting)
  - Add some nicer wording to the column heads in the software selection UI.
  - Rename 'description' to 'groupDescription'. (notting)
  - dracut: add README (wwoods)
* Thu Aug 16 2012 Chris Lumens <> - 18.6-1
  - Remove linuxrc.s390 (dcantrell)
  - Source in if we don't have it (#847831) (jkeating)
  - parse-kickstart: add proc_cmdline (fix init_logger()) (wwoods)
  - Remove the data/bootdisk directory tree. (clumens)
  - Remove duplicate boot disk setting code (#848841). (clumens)
  - Force authconfig to be installed on the target system (#848803). (clumens)
* Wed Aug 15 2012 Chris Lumens <> - 18.5-1
  - Mark/unmark some strings for translation, as appropriate. (clumens)
  - Save the distro label into the right variable for retranslation. (clumens)
  - Add custom widget files to (clumens)
  - Fix attribution on common UI code. (clumens)
  - don't set armMachine in class definition (bcl)
  - libudev now has a version of .1 (hamzy)
  - Load if necessary (jkeating)
  - Use shell code to work around missing basename (jkeating)
  - Enable text mode once again! (jkeating)
  - Update text prompt to include c for continue (jkeating)
  - Don't continue if incomplete spokes exist (jkeating)
  - Return a bool for timezone completed property (jkeating)
  - Add a text progress hub to do the install (jkeating)
  - text based storage spoke. (jkeating)
  - Allow updating tmux.conf via makeupdates. (clumens)
  - Prevent yum messages from showing on tty (jkeating)
  - Remove unused imports from the installclasses. (clumens)
  - NoSuchGroup is provided by packaging now.  yuminstall is on the way out.
  - Set transaction color in case of multilib install. (clumens)
  - Add selinux-specific RPM macro setup. (clumens)
  - Add the user-agent to urlgrabber from the old (clumens)
  - Fix inheritance problems with the gui *Spoke classes. (clumens)
  - Only setup python-meh when doing graphical installs (jkeating)
  - Call the correct method to schedule the screen (jkeating)
  - Add a missing import of os (jkeating)
  - Don't display indirect spokes in the hub (jkeating)
  - Revert "Remove unncessary __init__ definition. (clumens)" (jkeating)
  - Honor displayMode from kickstart files (jkeating)
  - Merge master into newtui (jkeating)
  - Remove the base_tests file for now (jkeating)
  - Remove unused import of UIObject (jkeating)
  - Fix up detailederror for new common UI code (jkeating)
  - Translate the base text hub class (jkeating)
  - Translate the base tui class strings (jkeating)
  - Remove unncessary __init__ definition. (clumens) (jkeating)
  - Translate some strings in the base tui spokes classes (jkeating)
  - Always use collect directly from common (jkeating)
  - Add comment headers to the new files (jkeating)
  - Ad source files to (msivak)
  - Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into newtui (msivak)
  - import localization stuff and use it to translate more strings (msivak)
  - finish renaming _mainloop (msivak)
  - Fix naming for data attribute and move the NormalSpoke.__init__ under the
    proper class (msivak)
  - Improve documentation and add licensing headers (msivak)
  - Add translations to the simpleline framework (msivak)
  - Add translations to Password Spoke (msivak)
  - Add elementary timezone spoke (msivak)
  - Pass screen args argument to prompt and input methods + fix for run-text-
    spoke (msivak)
  - Merge master into newtui (msivak)
  - Add automake files for TUI (msivak)
  - add couple of tests and fix write method of widget (newline added unwanted
    space) (msivak)
  - add couple of tests and support for them (msivak)
  - add documentation and comments to TUI classes (msivak)
  - Add documentation to the simpleline library for TUI (msivak)
  - Add the new Summary hub and Password TUI spokes + tools to test TUI stuff
  - Fix bits and pieces to make TUI hub and spoke model work + example Hub and
    Password spoke (msivak)
  - Create common abstract classes usable for all types of UI (msivak)
  - Create the base classes for TUI Hub and Spoke model (msivak)
  - Make collect and part of UserInterface setup more generic (msivak)
  - Text based UI framework core (msivak)
* Mon Aug 13 2012 Chris Lumens <> - 18.4-1
  - dracut: fix inst.ks.sendmac (#826657) (wwoods)
  - dracut: suppress ks errors from missing %include (wwoods)
  - dracut: add comment to run_kickstart() (wwoods)
  - Remove unused writeKS methods. (clumens)
  - Only show unused devices that haven't been removed/deleted. (dlehman)
  - Don't unexpand already-expanded pages when trying to expand them again.
  - Make parents of hidden devices appear to be leaves. (dlehman)
  - Remove the right device name from the lvm filter when unhiding device.
  - Take configured filesystems into account when checking package space.
  - Make sure the ksdata autopart type matches the storage one. (dlehman)
  - Base auto-generated name prefixes on productName, not device type. (dlehman)
  - Remove shrink code that was a workaround for the old ui flow. (dlehman)
  - Remove old ui progress args from devicelibs.btrfs. (dlehman)
  - Make sure we allocate partitions and grow lvm as needed in kickstart.
  - Streamline autopart request setup slightly. (dlehman)
  - Make it possible to call setUpBootLoader safely at any time. (dlehman)
  - Move setup of new partition weight arg to Storage.newPartition. (dlehman)
  - Use a copy of the main Storage instance during custom partitioning. (dlehman)
  - Track requested sizes of btrfs subvols. (dlehman)
  - Add a method to retrieve a devicetree device by id number. (dlehman)
  - Fix DiskLabel so it can be deep-copied. (dlehman)
  - Add a method to produce a deep copy of a Storage instance. (dlehman)
  - Fix subtraction for Size. (dlehman)
  - Add support for creating device based on a top-down specification. (dlehman)
  - Add size-set managers to keep a set of growable requests in sync. (dlehman)
  - Add a function to estimate required disk space for an md array. (dlehman)
  - Add a method to estimate disk space needs for a new logical volume. (dlehman)
  - Add a convenience method for new btrfs subvols and drop subvol size args.
  - Use the UEFI shim to load grub. (pjones)
  - Check that Gtk.main is not already running before starting another one
  - With tmux, we no longer need to start up a shell during VNC installs.
  - We no longer need getkeymaps, mapshdr, or readmap. (clumens)
  - Remove the last references to isysLoadKeymap. (clumens)
  - remove Security class (bcl)
  - replace lokkit for selinux settings (#815540) (bcl)
  - tests: Add tests for new SimpleConfigFile features (bcl)
  - tests: cleanup whitespace in (bcl)
  - simpleconfig: rewrite to better support commented config files (bcl)
  - If the anaconda process crashes, don't delete its window. (clumens)
  - On interactive installs, default the root account to locked. (clumens)
  - Make the keyboard layout test a big text area instead of a single line.
  - Remove our loadKeymap code from isys (vpodzime)
  - Replace system-config-keyboard with our methods using ksdata.keyboard
  - A little fix of newui -> master merge (iscsi offload devices) (rvykydal)
  - Require new version of python-meh (vpodzime)
  - Modify kernelPackages to select the right kernel for ARM systems. (dmarlin)
  - ARM: clean up the kernel selection to be consistent with the rest of the code
  - add command line option to set the arm platform. (dennis)
  - Add support to determine the ARM processor variety and select the correct
    kernel to install. (dmarlin)
  - TODO list updates. (clumens)
  - Sent pot file updates to the master branch in transifex, not f17. (clumens)
* Fri Aug 03 2012 Chris Lumens <> - 18.3-1
  - New graphical user interface.
  - Removed loader.
* Wed Apr 18 2012 Brian C. Lane <> - 18.2-1
  - Fixes from F17 branch



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