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tracker-0.16.4-2.fc20.ppc Desktop-neutral search tool and indexer Fedora 20 for ppc
tracker-devel-0.16.4-2.fc20.ppc Headers for developing programs that will use tracker Fedora 20 for ppc
tracker-docs-0.16.4-2.fc20.noarch Documentations for tracker Fedora 20 for ppc
tracker-firefox-plugin-0.16.4-2.fc20.ppc A simple bookmark exporter for Tracker Fedora 20 for ppc
tracker-nautilus-plugin-0.16.4-2.fc20.ppc Tracker's nautilus plugin Fedora 20 for ppc
tracker-thunderbird-plugin-0.16.4-2.fc20.ppc Thunderbird extension to export mails to Tracker Fedora 20 for ppc
tracker-ui-tools-0.16.4-2.fc20.ppc Tracker search tool(s) Fedora 20 for ppc
taglib-1.9.1-2.fc20.ppc Audio Meta-Data Library Fedora 20 for ppc
taglib-devel-1.9.1-2.fc20.ppc Development files for taglib Fedora 20 for ppc
truezip-driver-file-7.6.6-11.fc20.noarch TrueZip driver for the FILE scheme Fedora 20 for ppc
truezip-driver-http-7.6.6-11.fc20.noarch TrueZip driver for the HTTP(S) scheme Fedora 20 for ppc
truezip-driver-parent-7.6.6-11.fc20.noarch Parent POM for TrueZip pluggable file system drivers Fedora 20 for ppc
truezip-driver-tar-7.6.6-11.fc20.noarch TrueZip driver for TAR archives Fedora 20 for ppc
truezip-driver-tzp-7.6.6-11.fc20.noarch TrueZip driver for ZIP.RAES (TZP) encrypted archives Fedora 20 for ppc
truezip-driver-zip-7.6.6-11.fc20.noarch TrueZip driver for ZIP archives Fedora 20 for ppc
truezip-extension-jmx-jul-7.6.6-11.fc20.noarch TrueZip JMX/JUL Extension Fedora 20 for ppc
truezip-extension-pace-7.6.6-11.fc20.noarch TrueZip PaceManager Extension Fedora 20 for ppc
truezip-extension-parent-7.6.6-11.fc20.noarch Parent POM for TrueZip pluggable extensions Fedora 20 for ppc
truezip-file-7.6.6-11.fc20.noarch TrueZip File* Fedora 20 for ppc
truezip-javadoc-7.6.6-11.fc20.noarch Javadocs for truezip Fedora 20 for ppc
truezip-kernel-7.6.6-11.fc20.noarch Implements and manages virtual file systems for truezip Fedora 20 for ppc
truezip-parent-7.6.6-11.fc20.noarch Parent POM for TrueZip modules Fedora 20 for ppc
truezip-path-7.6.6-11.fc20.noarch TrueZip Path Fedora 20 for ppc
truezip-samples-7.6.6-11.fc20.noarch TrueZip Samples Fedora 20 for ppc
truezip-swing-7.6.6-11.fc20.noarch TrueZip general Swing GUI classes Fedora 20 for ppc
tcpcopy-0.9.6-1.fc20.ppc An online request replication tool Fedora 20 for ppc
tubo-5.0.12-1.fc20.ppc Library to thread process std-in/std-err/std-out from fork() child Fedora 20 for ppc
tubo-devel-5.0.12-1.fc20.ppc Development files for tubo Fedora 20 for ppc
thunar-sendto-clamtk-0.04-3.fc20.noarch Simple virus scanning extension for Thunar Fedora 20 for ppc
tuned-2.3.0-2.fc20.noarch A dynamic adaptive system tuning daemon Fedora 20 for ppc
tuned-profiles-compat-2.3.0-2.fc20.noarch Additional tuned profiles mainly for backward compatibility with tuned 1.0 Fedora 20 for ppc
tuned-utils-2.3.0-2.fc20.noarch Various tuned utilities Fedora 20 for ppc
tuned-utils-systemtap-2.3.0-2.fc20.noarch Disk and net statistic monitoring systemtap scripts Fedora 20 for ppc
tkinter-2.7.5-9.fc20.ppc A graphical user interface for the Python scripting language Fedora 20 for ppc
tali-3.10.2-1.fc20.ppc GNOME Tali game Fedora 20 for ppc
tcpdump-4.5.0-1.20131108gitb07944a.fc20.ppc A network traffic monitoring tool Fedora 20 for ppc
testdisk-6.14-2.fc20.ppc Tool to check and undelete partition, PhotoRec recovers lost files Fedora 20 for ppc
thredds-4.3.19-5.fc20.noarch Thematic Realtime Environmental Distributed Data Services (TDS) Fedora 20 for ppc
thredds-javadoc-4.3.19-5.fc20.noarch Javadoc for thredds Fedora 20 for ppc
tetex-elsevier-0.1.20090917-11.fc20.noarch Elsevier LaTeX style files and documentation Fedora 20 for ppc
thermostat-0.9.2-6.fc20.ppc A monitoring and serviceability tool for OpenJDK Fedora 20 for ppc
thermostat-javadoc-0.9.2-6.fc20.noarch Javadocs for thermostat Fedora 20 for ppc
thermostat-webapp-0.9.2-6.fc20.ppc Web storage for Thermostat Fedora 20 for ppc
thunderbird-lightning-2.6.2-3.fc20.ppc The calendar extension to Thunderbird Fedora 20 for ppc
thunderbird-lightning-gdata-0.25-3.fc20.ppc Lightning data provider for Google Calendar Fedora 20 for ppc
tortoisehg-2.10-1.fc20.noarch Mercurial GUI command line tool thg Fedora 20 for ppc
tortoisehg-nautilus-2.10-1.fc20.noarch Mercurial GUI plug-in to the Nautilus file manager Fedora 20 for ppc
texstudio-2.6.6-1.fc20.ppc A feature-rich editor for LaTeX documents Fedora 20 for ppc
tuxguitar-1.2-15.fc20.ppc A multitrack tablature editor and player written in Java-SWT Fedora 20 for ppc
thunderbird-24.1.0-2.fc20.ppc Mozilla Thunderbird mail/newsgroup client Fedora 20 for ppc
tomcat-7.0.47-1.fc20.noarch Apache Servlet/JSP Engine, RI for Servlet 3.0/JSP 2.2 API Fedora 20 for ppc
tomcat-admin-webapps-7.0.47-1.fc20.noarch The host-manager and manager web applications for Apache Tomcat Fedora 20 for ppc
tomcat-docs-webapp-7.0.47-1.fc20.noarch The docs web application for Apache Tomcat Fedora 20 for ppc
tomcat-el-2.2-api-7.0.47-1.fc20.noarch Expression Language v1.0 API Fedora 20 for ppc
tomcat-javadoc-7.0.47-1.fc20.noarch Javadoc generated documentation for Apache Tomcat Fedora 20 for ppc
tomcat-jsp-2.2-api-7.0.47-1.fc20.noarch Apache Tomcat JSP API implementation classes Fedora 20 for ppc
tomcat-jsvc-7.0.47-1.fc20.noarch Apache jsvc wrapper for Apache Tomcat as separate service Fedora 20 for ppc
tomcat-lib-7.0.47-1.fc20.noarch Libraries needed to run the Tomcat Web container Fedora 20 for ppc
tomcat-servlet-3.0-api-7.0.47-1.fc20.noarch Apache Tomcat Servlet API implementation classes Fedora 20 for ppc
tomcat-webapps-7.0.47-1.fc20.noarch The ROOT and examples web applications for Apache Tomcat Fedora 20 for ppc
texlive-2013-3.20131021_r31961.fc20.ppc TeX formatting system Fedora 20 for ppc
texlive-12many-svn15878.0.3-3.fc20.noarch Generalising mathematical index sets Fedora 20 for ppc
texlive-12many-doc-svn15878.0.3-3.fc20.noarch Documentation for 12many Fedora 20 for ppc
texlive-2up-svn18310.0-3.fc20.noarch 2up package Fedora 20 for ppc
texlive-2up-doc-svn18310.0-3.fc20.noarch Documentation for 2up Fedora 20 for ppc
texlive-ESIEEcv-svn15878.0-3.fc20.noarch Curriculum vitae for French use Fedora 20 for ppc
texlive-ESIEEcv-doc-svn15878.0-3.fc20.noarch Documentation for ESIEEcv Fedora 20 for ppc
texlive-FAQ-en-doc-svn31019.3.27-3.fc20.noarch Documentation for FAQ-en Fedora 20 for ppc
texlive-GS1-svn27540.9-3.fc20.noarch Typeset EAN barcodes using TeX rules, only Fedora 20 for ppc
texlive-GS1-doc-svn27540.9-3.fc20.noarch Documentation for GS1 Fedora 20 for ppc
texlive-HA-prosper-svn15878.4.21-3.fc20.noarch Patches and improvements for prosper Fedora 20 for ppc
texlive-HA-prosper-doc-svn15878.4.21-3.fc20.noarch Documentation for HA-prosper Fedora 20 for ppc
texlive-IEEEconf-svn15878.1.4-3.fc20.noarch Macros for IEEE conference proceedings Fedora 20 for ppc
texlive-IEEEconf-doc-svn15878.1.4-3.fc20.noarch Documentation for IEEEconf Fedora 20 for ppc
texlive-IEEEtran-svn28697.1.8-3.fc20.noarch Document class for IEEE Transactions journals and conferences Fedora 20 for ppc
texlive-IEEEtran-doc-svn28697.1.8-3.fc20.noarch Documentation for IEEEtran Fedora 20 for ppc
texlive-MemoirChapStyles-doc-svn25918.1.7e-3.fc20.noarch Documentation for MemoirChapStyles Fedora 20 for ppc
texlive-SIstyle-svn15878.2.3a-3.fc20.noarch Package to typeset SI units, numbers and angles Fedora 20 for ppc
texlive-SIstyle-doc-svn15878.2.3a-3.fc20.noarch Documentation for SIstyle Fedora 20 for ppc
texlive-SIunits-svn15878.1.36-3.fc20.noarch International System of Units Fedora 20 for ppc
texlive-SIunits-doc-svn15878.1.36-3.fc20.noarch Documentation for SIunits Fedora 20 for ppc
texlive-Tabbing-svn17022.0-3.fc20.noarch Tabbing with accented letters Fedora 20 for ppc
texlive-Tabbing-doc-svn17022.0-3.fc20.noarch Documentation for Tabbing Fedora 20 for ppc
texlive-Type1fonts-doc-svn19603.2.14-3.fc20.noarch Documentation for Type1fonts Fedora 20 for ppc
texlive-a0poster-svn15878.1.22b-3.fc20.noarch Support for designing posters on large paper Fedora 20 for ppc
texlive-a0poster-doc-svn15878.1.22b-3.fc20.noarch Documentation for a0poster Fedora 20 for ppc
texlive-a2ping-svn29725.0-3.fc20.noarch Advanced PS, PDF, EPS converter Fedora 20 for ppc
texlive-a2ping-bin-svn27321.0-3.20131021_r31961.fc20.noarch Binaries for a2ping Fedora 20 for ppc
texlive-a4wide-svn20943.0-3.fc20.noarch "Wide" a4 layout Fedora 20 for ppc
texlive-a4wide-doc-svn20943.0-3.fc20.noarch Documentation for a4wide Fedora 20 for ppc
texlive-a5comb-svn17020.4-3.fc20.noarch Support for a5 paper sizes Fedora 20 for ppc
texlive-a5comb-doc-svn17020.4-3.fc20.noarch Documentation for a5comb Fedora 20 for ppc
texlive-aastex-svn15878.5.2-3.fc20.noarch Macros for Manuscript Preparation for AAS Journals Fedora 20 for ppc
texlive-aastex-doc-svn15878.5.2-3.fc20.noarch Documentation for aastex Fedora 20 for ppc
texlive-abbr-svn15878.0-3.fc20.noarch Simple macros supporting abreviations for Plain and LaTeX Fedora 20 for ppc
texlive-abbr-doc-svn15878.0-3.fc20.noarch Documentation for abbr Fedora 20 for ppc
texlive-abc-svn15878.0-3.fc20.noarch Support ABC music notation in LaTeX Fedora 20 for ppc
texlive-abc-doc-svn15878.0-3.fc20.noarch Documentation for abc Fedora 20 for ppc
texlive-abntex2-svn31530.1.8-3.fc20.noarch Typeset technical and scientific Brazilian documents based on ABNT rules Fedora 20 for ppc
texlive-abntex2-doc-svn31530.1.8-3.fc20.noarch Documentation for abntex2 Fedora 20 for ppc
texlive-abraces-svn27880.1._-3.fc20.noarch Asymmetric over-/underbraces in maths Fedora 20 for ppc
texlive-abraces-doc-svn27880.1._-3.fc20.noarch Documentation for abraces Fedora 20 for ppc
texlive-abstract-svn15878.1.2a-3.fc20.noarch Control the typesetting of the abstract environment Fedora 20 for ppc
texlive-abstract-doc-svn15878.1.2a-3.fc20.noarch Documentation for abstract Fedora 20 for ppc
texlive-abstyles-svn15878.0-3.fc20.noarch Adaptable BibTeX styles Fedora 20 for ppc
texlive-abstyles-doc-svn15878.0-3.fc20.noarch Documentation for abstyles Fedora 20 for ppc
texlive-accfonts-svn18835.0.25-3.fc20.noarch Utilities to derive new fonts from existing ones Fedora 20 for ppc
texlive-accfonts-bin-svn12688.0-3.20131021_r31961.fc20.noarch Binaries for accfonts Fedora 20 for ppc
texlive-accfonts-doc-svn18835.0.25-3.fc20.noarch Documentation for accfonts Fedora 20 for ppc
texlive-achemso-svn31893.3.8d-3.fc20.noarch Support for American Chemical Society journal submissions Fedora 20 for ppc
texlive-achemso-doc-svn31893.3.8d-3.fc20.noarch Documentation for achemso Fedora 20 for ppc
texlive-acmconf-svn15878.1.3-3.fc20.noarch Class for ACM conference proceedings Fedora 20 for ppc
texlive-acmconf-doc-svn15878.1.3-3.fc20.noarch Documentation for acmconf Fedora 20 for ppc
texlive-acro-svn31765.1.4b-3.fc20.noarch Typeset acronyms Fedora 20 for ppc
texlive-acro-doc-svn31765.1.4b-3.fc20.noarch Documentation for acro Fedora 20 for ppc
texlive-acronym-svn28114.1.37-3.fc20.noarch Expand acronyms at least once Fedora 20 for ppc
texlive-acronym-doc-svn28114.1.37-3.fc20.noarch Documentation for acronym Fedora 20 for ppc
texlive-acroterm-svn20498.0.1-3.fc20.noarch Manage and index acronyms and terms Fedora 20 for ppc
texlive-acroterm-doc-svn20498.0.1-3.fc20.noarch Documentation for acroterm Fedora 20 for ppc
texlive-active-conf-svn15878.0.3a-3.fc20.noarch Class for typesetting ACTIVE conference papers Fedora 20 for ppc
texlive-active-conf-doc-svn15878.0.3a-3.fc20.noarch Documentation for active-conf Fedora 20 for ppc
texlive-actuarialangle-svn28004.0-3.fc20.noarch Symbol for use in "present value" statements of an annuity Fedora 20 for ppc
texlive-actuarialangle-doc-svn28004.0-3.fc20.noarch Documentation for actuarialangle Fedora 20 for ppc
texlive-addlines-svn15878.0.2-3.fc20.noarch A user-friendly wrapper around \enlargethispage Fedora 20 for ppc
texlive-addlines-doc-svn15878.0.2-3.fc20.noarch Documentation for addlines Fedora 20 for ppc
texlive-adfathesis-svn26048.2.42-3.fc20.noarch Australian Defence Force Academy thesis format Fedora 20 for ppc
texlive-adfathesis-doc-svn26048.2.42-3.fc20.noarch Documentation for adfathesis Fedora 20 for ppc
texlive-adforn-svn20019.1.001_b_2-3.fc20.noarch OrnementsADF font with TeX/LaTeX support Fedora 20 for ppc
texlive-adforn-doc-svn20019.1.001_b_2-3.fc20.noarch Documentation for adforn Fedora 20 for ppc
texlive-adfsymbols-svn19766.1.001-3.fc20.noarch SymbolsADF with TeX/LaTeX support Fedora 20 for ppc
texlive-adfsymbols-doc-svn19766.1.001-3.fc20.noarch Documentation for adfsymbols Fedora 20 for ppc
texlive-adhocfilelist-svn29349.2013_01_04-3.fc20.noarch '\listfiles' entries from the command line Fedora 20 for ppc
texlive-adhocfilelist-bin-svn28038.0-3.20131021_r31961.fc20.noarch Binaries for adhocfilelist Fedora 20 for ppc
texlive-adhocfilelist-doc-svn29349.2013_01_04-3.fc20.noarch Documentation for adhocfilelist Fedora 20 for ppc
texlive-adjmulticol-svn28936.1.1-3.fc20.noarch Adjusting margins for multicolumn and single column output Fedora 20 for ppc
texlive-adjmulticol-doc-svn28936.1.1-3.fc20.noarch Documentation for adjmulticol Fedora 20 for ppc
texlive-adjustbox-svn26555.0-3.fc20.noarch adjustbox package Fedora 20 for ppc
texlive-adjustbox-doc-svn26555.0-3.fc20.noarch Documentation for adjustbox Fedora 20 for ppc
texlive-adobemapping-svn28079.0-3.fc20.noarch Adobe cmap and pdfmapping files Fedora 20 for ppc
texlive-adrconv-svn17683.1.3-3.fc20.noarch BibTeX styles to implement an address database Fedora 20 for ppc
texlive-adrconv-doc-svn17683.1.3-3.fc20.noarch Documentation for adrconv Fedora 20 for ppc
texlive-advdate-svn20538.0-3.fc20.noarch Print a date relative to "today" Fedora 20 for ppc
texlive-advdate-doc-svn20538.0-3.fc20.noarch Documentation for advdate Fedora 20 for ppc
texlive-ae-svn15878.1.4-3.fc20.noarch Virtual fonts for T1 encoded CMR-fonts Fedora 20 for ppc
texlive-ae-doc-svn15878.1.4-3.fc20.noarch Documentation for ae Fedora 20 for ppc
texlive-aecc-svn28574.0-3.fc20.noarch aecc package Fedora 20 for ppc
texlive-aecc-doc-svn28574.0-3.fc20.noarch Documentation for aecc Fedora 20 for ppc
texlive-aeguill-svn15878.0-3.fc20.noarch Add several kinds of guillemets to the ae fonts Fedora 20 for ppc
texlive-aeguill-doc-svn15878.0-3.fc20.noarch Documentation for aeguill Fedora 20 for ppc
texlive-afm2pl-svn29752.0-3.fc20.noarch afm2pl package Fedora 20 for ppc
texlive-afm2pl-bin-svn30088.0-3.20131021_r31961.fc20.ppc Binaries for afm2pl Fedora 20 for ppc
texlive-afthesis-svn15878.2.7-3.fc20.noarch Air Force Institute of Technology thesis class Fedora 20 for ppc
texlive-afthesis-doc-svn15878.2.7-3.fc20.noarch Documentation for afthesis Fedora 20 for ppc
texlive-aguplus-svn17156.1.6b-3.fc20.noarch Styles for American Geophysical Union Fedora 20 for ppc
texlive-aguplus-doc-svn17156.1.6b-3.fc20.noarch Documentation for aguplus Fedora 20 for ppc
texlive-aiaa-svn15878.3.6-3.fc20.noarch Typeset AIAA conference papers Fedora 20 for ppc
texlive-aiaa-doc-svn15878.3.6-3.fc20.noarch Documentation for aiaa Fedora 20 for ppc
texlive-aichej-svn15878.0-3.fc20.noarch Bibliography style file for the AIChE Journal Fedora 20 for ppc
texlive-akktex-svn26055.0.3.2-3.fc20.noarch A collection of packages and classes Fedora 20 for ppc
texlive-akktex-doc-svn26055.0.3.2-3.fc20.noarch Documentation for akktex Fedora 20 for ppc
texlive-akletter-svn15878.1.5i-3.fc20.noarch Comprehensive letter support Fedora 20 for ppc
texlive-akletter-doc-svn15878.1.5i-3.fc20.noarch Documentation for akletter Fedora 20 for ppc
texlive-aleph-svn29764.RC2-3.fc20.noarch Extended TeX Fedora 20 for ppc
texlive-aleph-bin-svn30088.0-3.20131021_r31961.fc20.ppc Binaries for aleph Fedora 20 for ppc
texlive-aleph-doc-svn29764.RC2-3.fc20.noarch Documentation for aleph Fedora 20 for ppc
texlive-alg-svn15878.2001_03_13-3.fc20.noarch LaTeX environments for typesetting algorithms Fedora 20 for ppc
texlive-alg-doc-svn15878.2001_03_13-3.fc20.noarch Documentation for alg Fedora 20 for ppc
texlive-algorithm2e-svn28749.5.0-3.fc20.noarch Floating algorithm environment with algorithmic keywords Fedora 20 for ppc
texlive-algorithm2e-doc-svn28749.5.0-3.fc20.noarch Documentation for algorithm2e Fedora 20 for ppc
texlive-algorithmicx-svn15878.0-3.fc20.noarch The algorithmic style you always wanted Fedora 20 for ppc
texlive-algorithmicx-doc-svn15878.0-3.fc20.noarch Documentation for algorithmicx Fedora 20 for ppc
texlive-algorithms-svn15878.0.1-3.fc20.noarch A suite of tools for typesetting algorithms in pseudo-code Fedora 20 for ppc
texlive-algorithms-doc-svn15878.0.1-3.fc20.noarch Documentation for algorithms Fedora 20 for ppc
texlive-allrunes-svn21886.2.1-3.fc20.noarch Fonts and LaTeX package for almost all runes Fedora 20 for ppc
texlive-allrunes-doc-svn21886.2.1-3.fc20.noarch Documentation for allrunes Fedora 20 for ppc
texlive-alnumsec-svn15878.v0.03-3.fc20.noarch Alphanumeric section numbering Fedora 20 for ppc
texlive-alnumsec-doc-svn15878.v0.03-3.fc20.noarch Documentation for alnumsec Fedora 20 for ppc
texlive-alterqcm-svn23385.3.7c-3.fc20.noarch Multiple choice questionnaires in two column tables Fedora 20 for ppc
texlive-alterqcm-doc-svn23385.3.7c-3.fc20.noarch Documentation for alterqcm Fedora 20 for ppc
texlive-altfont-svn15878.1.1-3.fc20.noarch Alternative font handling in LaTeX Fedora 20 for ppc
texlive-altfont-doc-svn15878.1.1-3.fc20.noarch Documentation for altfont Fedora 20 for ppc
texlive-ametsoc-svn15878.3.0-3.fc20.noarch Official American Meteorological Society Latex Template Fedora 20 for ppc
texlive-ametsoc-doc-svn15878.3.0-3.fc20.noarch Documentation for ametsoc Fedora 20 for ppc
texlive-amiri-svn30816.0.105-3.fc20.noarch A classical Arabic typeface, Naskh style Fedora 20 for ppc
texlive-amiri-doc-svn30816.0.105-3.fc20.noarch Documentation for amiri Fedora 20 for ppc
texlive-amsaddr-svn29630.1.1-3.fc20.noarch Alter the position of affiliations in amsart Fedora 20 for ppc
texlive-amsaddr-doc-svn29630.1.1-3.fc20.noarch Documentation for amsaddr Fedora 20 for ppc
texlive-amscls-svn30738.0-3.fc20.noarch AMS document classes for LaTeX Fedora 20 for ppc
texlive-amscls-doc-svn30738.0-3.fc20.noarch Documentation for amscls Fedora 20 for ppc
texlive-amsfonts-svn29208.3.04-3.fc20.noarch TeX fonts from the American Mathematical Society Fedora 20 for ppc
texlive-amsfonts-doc-svn29208.3.04-3.fc20.noarch Documentation for amsfonts Fedora 20 for ppc
texlive-amslatex-primer-doc-svn28980.2.3-3.fc20.noarch Documentation for amslatex-primer Fedora 20 for ppc
texlive-amsldoc-it-doc-svn15878.0-3.fc20.noarch Documentation for amsldoc-it Fedora 20 for ppc
texlive-amsldoc-vn-doc-svn21855.2.0-3.fc20.noarch Documentation for amsldoc-vn Fedora 20 for ppc
texlive-amsmath-svn30645.2.14-3.fc20.noarch AMS mathematical facilities for LaTeX Fedora 20 for ppc
texlive-amsmath-doc-svn30645.2.14-3.fc20.noarch Documentation for amsmath Fedora 20 for ppc
texlive-amsrefs-svn30646.2.14-3.fc20.noarch A LaTeX-based replacement for BibTeX Fedora 20 for ppc
texlive-amsrefs-doc-svn30646.2.14-3.fc20.noarch Documentation for amsrefs Fedora 20 for ppc
texlive-amstex-svn29764.2.2-3.fc20.noarch American Mathematical Society plain TeX macros Fedora 20 for ppc
texlive-amstex-bin-svn3006.0-3.20131021_r31961.fc20.noarch Binaries for amstex Fedora 20 for ppc
texlive-amstex-doc-svn29764.2.2-3.fc20.noarch Documentation for amstex Fedora 20 for ppc
texlive-amsthdoc-it-doc-svn15878.0-3.fc20.noarch Documentation for amsthdoc-it Fedora 20 for ppc
texlive-animate-svn31766.0-3.fc20.noarch Create PDF animations from graphics files and inline graphics Fedora 20 for ppc
texlive-animate-doc-svn31766.0-3.fc20.noarch Documentation for animate Fedora 20 for ppc
texlive-anonchap-svn17049.1.1a-3.fc20.noarch Make chapters be typeset like sections Fedora 20 for ppc
texlive-anonchap-doc-svn17049.1.1a-3.fc20.noarch Documentation for anonchap Fedora 20 for ppc
texlive-answers-svn20070.2.13-3.fc20.noarch Setting questions (or exercises) and answers Fedora 20 for ppc
texlive-answers-doc-svn20070.2.13-3.fc20.noarch Documentation for answers Fedora 20 for ppc
texlive-antiqua-svn24266.001.003-3.fc20.noarch URW Antiqua condensed font, for use with TeX Fedora 20 for ppc
texlive-antiqua-doc-svn24266.001.003-3.fc20.noarch Documentation for antiqua Fedora 20 for ppc
texlive-antomega-svn21933.0.8-3.fc20.noarch Alternative language support for Omega/Lambda Fedora 20 for ppc
texlive-antomega-doc-svn21933.0.8-3.fc20.noarch Documentation for antomega Fedora 20 for ppc
texlive-antt-svn18651.2.08-3.fc20.noarch Antykwa Torunska: a Type 1 family of a Polish traditional type Fedora 20 for ppc
texlive-antt-doc-svn18651.2.08-3.fc20.noarch Documentation for antt Fedora 20 for ppc
texlive-anufinalexam-doc-svn26053.0-3.fc20.noarch Documentation for anufinalexam Fedora 20 for ppc
texlive-anyfontsize-svn17050.0-3.fc20.noarch Select any font size in LaTeX Fedora 20 for ppc
texlive-anyfontsize-doc-svn17050.0-3.fc20.noarch Documentation for anyfontsize Fedora 20 for ppc
texlive-anysize-svn15878.0-3.fc20.noarch A simple package to set up document margins Fedora 20 for ppc
texlive-anysize-doc-svn15878.0-3.fc20.noarch Documentation for anysize Fedora 20 for ppc
texlive-aomart-svn28096.1.12-3.fc20.noarch Typeset articles for the Annals of Mathematics Fedora 20 for ppc
texlive-aomart-doc-svn28096.1.12-3.fc20.noarch Documentation for aomart Fedora 20 for ppc
texlive-apa-svn15878.1.3.4-3.fc20.noarch American Psychological Association format Fedora 20 for ppc
texlive-apa-doc-svn15878.1.3.4-3.fc20.noarch Documentation for apa Fedora 20 for ppc
texlive-apa6-svn30957.2.13-3.fc20.noarch Format documents in APA style (6th edition) Fedora 20 for ppc
texlive-apa6-doc-svn30957.2.13-3.fc20.noarch Documentation for apa6 Fedora 20 for ppc
texlive-apa6e-svn23350.0.3-3.fc20.noarch Format manuscripts to APA 6th edition guidelines Fedora 20 for ppc
texlive-apa6e-doc-svn23350.0.3-3.fc20.noarch Documentation for apa6e Fedora 20 for ppc
texlive-apacite-svn31264.6.03-3.fc20.noarch Citation style following the rules of the APA Fedora 20 for ppc
texlive-apacite-doc-svn31264.6.03-3.fc20.noarch Documentation for apacite Fedora 20 for ppc
texlive-apalike2-svn15878.0-3.fc20.noarch Bibliography style that approaches APA requirements Fedora 20 for ppc
texlive-appendix-svn15878.1.2b-3.fc20.noarch Extra control of appendices Fedora 20 for ppc
texlive-appendix-doc-svn15878.1.2b-3.fc20.noarch Documentation for appendix Fedora 20 for ppc
texlive-appendixnumberbeamer-svn25809.0-3.fc20.noarch Manage frame numbering in appendixes in beamer Fedora 20 for ppc
texlive-appendixnumberbeamer-doc-svn25809.0-3.fc20.noarch Documentation for appendixnumberbeamer Fedora 20 for ppc
texlive-apprends-latex-doc-svn19306.4.02-3.fc20.noarch Documentation for apprends-latex Fedora 20 for ppc
texlive-apptools-svn28400.1.0-3.fc20.noarch Tools for customising appendices Fedora 20 for ppc
texlive-apptools-doc-svn28400.1.0-3.fc20.noarch Documentation for apptools Fedora 20 for ppc
texlive-arabi-svn25095.1.1-3.fc20.noarch (La)TeX support for Arabic and Farsi, compliant with Babel Fedora 20 for ppc
texlive-arabi-doc-svn25095.1.1-3.fc20.noarch Documentation for arabi Fedora 20 for ppc
texlive-arabtex-svn25711.3.17_-3.fc20.noarch Macros and fonts for typesetting Arabic Fedora 20 for ppc
texlive-arabtex-doc-svn25711.3.17_-3.fc20.noarch Documentation for arabtex Fedora 20 for ppc
texlive-arabxetex-svn17470.v1.1.4-3.fc20.noarch An ArabTeX-like interface for XeLaTeX Fedora 20 for ppc
texlive-arabxetex-doc-svn17470.v1.1.4-3.fc20.noarch Documentation for arabxetex Fedora 20 for ppc
texlive-aramaic-serto-svn30042.1.0-3.fc20.noarch Fonts and LaTeX for Syriac written in Serto Fedora 20 for ppc
texlive-aramaic-serto-doc-svn30042.1.0-3.fc20.noarch Documentation for aramaic-serto Fedora 20 for ppc
texlive-arara-svn29762.3.0-3.fc20.noarch Automation of LaTeX compilation Fedora 20 for ppc
texlive-arara-bin-svn29036.0-3.20131021_r31961.fc20.noarch Binaries for arara Fedora 20 for ppc
texlive-arara-doc-svn29762.3.0-3.fc20.noarch Documentation for arara Fedora 20 for ppc
texlive-archaic-svn15878.0-3.fc20.noarch A collection of archaic fonts Fedora 20 for ppc
texlive-archaic-doc-svn15878.0-3.fc20.noarch Documentation for archaic Fedora 20 for ppc
texlive-arcs-svn15878.1-3.fc20.noarch Draw arcs over and under text Fedora 20 for ppc

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