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cpp-4.7.0-7.fc17 RPM for s390

From Fedora 17 for s390 / c

Name: cpp Distribution: Koji
Version: 4.7.0 Vendor: Fedora Project
Release: 7.fc17 Build date: Tue Jun 5 03:53:52 2012
Group: Development/Languages Build host:
Size: 9331576 Source RPM: gcc-4.7.0-7.fc17.src.rpm
Packager: Fedora Project
Summary: The C Preprocessor
Cpp is the GNU C-Compatible Compiler Preprocessor.
Cpp is a macro processor which is used automatically
by the C compiler to transform your program before actual
compilation. It is called a macro processor because it allows
you to define macros, abbreviations for longer

The C preprocessor provides four separate functionalities: the
inclusion of header files (files of declarations that can be
substituted into your program); macro expansion (you can define macros,
and the C preprocessor will replace the macros with their definitions
throughout the program); conditional compilation (using special
preprocessing directives, you can include or exclude parts of the
program according to various conditions); and line control (if you use
a program to combine or rearrange source files into an intermediate
file which is then compiled, you can use line control to inform the
compiler about where each source line originated).

You should install this package if you are a C programmer and you use




GPLv3+ and GPLv3+ with exceptions and GPLv2+ with exceptions and LGPLv2+ and BSD


* Mon Jun 04 2012 Jakub Jelinek <> 4.7.0-7
  - update from the 4.7 branch
    - PRs ada/53517, c++/52725, c++/52905, c++/52973, c++/53137, c++/53220,
  	c++/53356, c++/53484, c++/53491, c++/53500, c++/53503,
  	fortran/53521, libstdc++/52007, middle-end/47530, middle-end/48124,
  	middle-end/48493, middle-end/52080, middle-end/52097,
  	middle-end/52979, middle-end/53008, middle-end/53471,
  	middle-end/53501, rtl-optimization/52528, rtl-optimization/53519,
  	target/46261, target/52642, target/52667, tree-optimization/53438,
  	tree-optimization/53505, tree-optimization/53516,
* Fri May 25 2012 Jakub Jelinek <> 4.7.0-6
  - update from the 4.7 branch
    - PRs ada/52362, ada/52494, bootstrap/53183, c++/53209, c++/53301,
  	c/53418, debug/52727, fortran/53310, fortran/53389, libstdc++/52700,
  	middle-end/51071, middle-end/52584, middle-end/53460,
  	rtl-optimization/52804, target/46098, target/53256, target/53272,
  	target/53358, target/53385, target/53416, target/53435, target/53448,
  	tree-optimization/53364, tree-optimization/53366,
  	tree-optimization/53408, tree-optimization/53409,
  	tree-optimization/53410, tree-optimization/53436,
* Mon May 07 2012 Jakub Jelinek <> 4.7.0-5
  - update from the 4.7 branch
    - PRs fortran/53111, fortran/53255, target/48496, target/52999,
  	target/53228, tree-optimization/52633, tree-optimization/52870,
  	tree-optimization/53195, tree-optimization/53239
* Fri May 04 2012 Jakub Jelinek <> 4.7.0-4
  - update from the 4.7 branch
    - PRs c++/53186, fortran/52864, libstdc++/53193, lto/52605,
  	target/52684, target/53199, tree-optimization/53144
    - fix up gcc-ar, gcc-nm and gcc-ranlib (#818311, PR plugins/53126)
* Wed May 02 2012 Jakub Jelinek <> 4.7.0-3
  - update from the 4.7 branch
    - PRs bootstrap/52840, c++/38543, c++/50303, c++/50830, c++/53003,
  	c/51527, c/52880, c/53060, fortran/53148, libstdc++/52689,
  	libstdc++/52839, libstdc++/53027, libstdc++/53067, libstdc++/53115,
  	middle-end/52939, middle-end/52999, middle-end/53084,
  	middle-end/53136, rtl-optimization/53160, target/52932,
  	target/53020, target/53033, target/53065, target/53120,
  	target/53138, testsuite/52641, testsuite/53046,
  	tree-optimization/53085, tree-optimization/53163,
  - fix ARM SELECT_CC_MODE ICE (#817086, PR target/53187)
  - fix predictive commoning debug info ICE (PR debug/53174)
* Mon Apr 16 2012 Jakub Jelinek <> 4.7.0-2
  - update from the 4.7 branch
    - PRs c++/52292, c++/52380, c++/52465, c++/52487, c++/52596, c++/52671,
  	c++/52672, c++/52685, c++/52718, c++/52743, c++/52746, c++/52759,
  	c++/52796, c++/52824, c++/52906, c/52682, c/52862, fortran/52452,
  	fortran/52668, fortran/52893, libgfortran/52758, libitm/52854,
  	libstdc++/52433, libstdc++/52476, libstdc++/52540, libstdc++/52591,
  	libstdc++/52699, libstdc++/52799, libstdc++/52822, libstdc++/52924,
  	libstdc++/52942, middle-end/51893, middle-end/52493,
  	middle-end/52547, middle-end/52580, middle-end/52640,
  	middle-end/52691, middle-end/52693, middle-end/52720,
  	middle-end/52750, middle-end/52894, other/52545,
  	rtl-optimization/52543, target/48596, target/48806, target/50310,
  	target/52461, target/52484, target/52488, target/52496, target/52499,
  	target/52505, target/52506, target/52507, target/52508, target/52610,
  	target/52692, target/52698, target/52717, target/52736, target/52737,
  	target/52775, tree-optimization/52406, tree-optimization/52678,
  	tree-optimization/52701, tree-optimization/52754,
  	tree-optimization/52835, tree-optimization/52943,
  - avoid duplicate pointers in C++ debug info due to injected class name
    (PR debug/45088)
  - libjava locale fixes (#712013)
* Thu Mar 22 2012 Jakub Jelinek <> 4.7.0-1
  - update from the 4.7 branch
    - GCC 25th Anniversary 4.7.0 release
    - fix up new auto mangling
* Thu Mar 15 2012 Jakub Jelinek <> 4.7.0-0.20
  - update from the 4.7 branch
    - PRs fortran/52469, libitm/52526, libstdc++/52456, target/52450
    - fix __builtin_ir{ound,int}{,f,l} expansion (#803689, PR middle-end/52592)
    - fix up devirtualization (#802731, PR c++/52582)
  - fix up user defined literal operator"" lookup (PR c++/52521)
  - avoid false positive -Wunused-but-set-* warnings with __builtin_shuffle
    (PR c/52577)
* Thu Mar 08 2012 Jakub Jelinek <> 4.7.0-0.19
  - update from trunk and the 4.7 branch
    - PRs libstdc++/51785, middle-end/52419, middle-end/52443,
  	middle-end/52463, rtl-optimization/52417, target/49939,
  	target/51417, target/52408, target/52437, target/52481,
  	testsuite/52297, tree-opt/52242, tree-optimization/52424,
  	tree-optimization/52429, tree-optimization/52445
    - fix up mangling of operator"" (PR c++/52521)
  - decrease size of .debug_ranges by ~ 20% (PR debug/51902)
  - add support for demangling operator""
  - package /usr/bin/gcc-{ar,nm,ranlib} binaries for LTO
* Wed Feb 29 2012 Jakub Jelinek <> 4.7.0-0.18
  - update from trunk
    - PRs boehm-gc/48299, bootstrap/52397, bootstrap/52414, fortran/52386,
  	libstdc++/52191, lto/52400, middle-end/51752, target/49448,
  	target/51534, target/52148, target/52407, tree-optimization/52395,
  	tree-optimization/52402, tree-optimization/53207
    - fix bootstrap on ppc*/arm/s390*
* Mon Feb 27 2012 Jakub Jelinek <> 4.7.0-0.17
  - update from trunk
    - PRs boehm-gc/52179, libffi/52223, libstdc++/52188, middle-end/52355,
  	middle-end/52361, target/49263, target/49461, target/50580,
  	target/52352, target/52375, target/52390, testsuite/52201,
* Fri Feb 24 2012 Jakub Jelinek <> 4.7.0-0.16
  - update from trunk
    - fix vtable for std::num_get<char, std::istreambuf_iterator<char,
      std::char_traits<char> > > and vtable for std::num_get<wchar_t,
      std::istreambuf_iterator<wchar_t, std::char_traits<wchar_t> > >
      ABI breakage
    - PR bootstrap/52287
* Thu Feb 23 2012 Jakub Jelinek <> 4.7.0-0.15
  - update from trunk
    - PRs c/52290, fortran/52335, go/52349, libstdc++/50349, lto/50616,
  	middle-end/52329, rtl-optimization/50063, target/18145, target/52330,
  - disable go on arm again, still not ready there
* Tue Feb 21 2012 Jakub Jelinek <> 4.7.0-0.14
  - update from trunk
    - PRs c++/51415, c++/52126, c++/52248, c++/52312, fortran/52295,
  	libstdc++/47058, libstdc++/52189, libstdc++/52241, libstdc++/52300,
  	libstdc++/52309, libstdc++/52317, middle-end/52141, middle-end/52314,
  	rtl-optimization/52208, target/50166, target/51753, target/52137,
  	target/52238, target/52294, testsuite/52229, translation/52232,
  	translation/52234, translation/52245, translation/52246,
  	translation/52262, translation/52273, tree-optimization/52285,
  	tree-optimization/52286, tree-optimization/52298,
  	tree-optimization/52318, tree-optimization/52324
* Thu Feb 16 2012 Jakub Jelinek <> 4.7.0-0.13
  - update from trunk
    - PRs boehm-gc/48514, bootstrap/52172, c++/39055, c++/51910, c++/52215,
  	c/52181, c/52190, debug/52165, debug/52260, driver/48524,
  	fortran/32380, fortran/52151, go/48411, go/51874, libffi/52221,
  	libitm/52042, libitm/52220, libstdc++/51368, lto/52178,
  	middle-end/48600, middle-end/51867, middle-end/51929,
  	middle-end/52140, middle-end/52142, middle-end/52177,
  	middle-end/52209, middle-end/52214, middle-end/52230,
  	rtl-optimization/52175, target/51921, target/52146, target/52199,
  	target/52205, target/52261, testsuite/50076, translation/52193,
  	translation/52211, translation/52264, tree-optimization/50031,
  	tree-optimization/50561, tree-optimization/52210,
  	tree-optimization/52244, tree-optimization/52255
    - fix asm goto handling in templates (#790221, PR c++/52247)
  - reenable go on ppc/ppc64/s390/s390x/arm
* Wed Feb 08 2012 Jakub Jelinek <> 4.7.0-0.12
  - update from trunk
    - PRs c++/52035, fortran/51514, gcov-profile/52150, libstdc++/51296,
  	libstdc++/51906, middle-end/24306, middle-end/51994,
  	middle-end/52074, rtl-optimization/52139, rtl-optimization/52170,
  	target/40068, target/52152, target/52154, target/52155,
    - fix up build on ppc*
    - don't look for lto plugin/lto-wrapper if -E/-S/-c or in cpp
  - move* back into gcc subpackage
* Mon Feb 06 2012 Jakub Jelinek <> 4.7.0-0.11
  - update from trunk
    - PRs bootstrap/52039, bootstrap/52041, bootstrap/52058, c++/48680,
  	c++/51327, c++/51370, c++/51852, c++/52043, c++/52088, c/52118,
  	debug/52001, debug/52027, debug/52048, fortran/32373, fortran/41587,
  	fortran/41600, fortran/46356, fortran/48705, fortran/48847,
  	fortran/51754, fortran/51808, fortran/51870, fortran/51943,
  	fortran/51946, fortran/51953, fortran/51958, fortran/51970,
  	fortran/51972, fortran/51977, fortran/52012, fortran/52013,
  	fortran/52016, fortran/52022, fortran/52024, fortran/52029,
  	fortran/52038, fortran/52093, fortran/52102, go/47656, go/48501,
  	libitm/51822, libjava/48512, libstdc++/49445, libstdc++/51649,
  	libstdc++/51795, libstdc++/51798, libstdc++/51811, libstdc++/51956,
  	libstdc++/52068, libstdc++/52104, libstdc++/52119, libstdc++/52128,
  	middle-end/43967, middle-end/47982, middle-end/48071,
  	middle-end/51389, middle-end/51959, middle-end/51998,
  	middle-end/52047, rtl-optimization/49800, rtl-optimization/51374,
  	rtl-optimization/51978, rtl-optimization/52092,
  	rtl-optimization/52095, rtl-optimization/52113, target/51500,
  	target/51835, target/51871, target/51920, target/51974, target/52079,
  	target/52107, target/52125, target/52129, testsuite/51875,
  	testsuite/52011, tree-optimization/48794, tree-optimization/50444,
  	tree-optimization/50955, tree-optimization/50969,
  	tree-optimization/51528, tree-optimization/51990,
  	tree-optimization/52020, tree-optimization/52028,
  	tree-optimization/52045, tree-optimization/52046,
  	tree-optimization/52073, tree-optimization/52091,
    - fix i?86 mem += reg; mem cmp 0 8-bit peephole2 (#786570, PR target/52086)
    - fix fortran ICE on elemental call (#785433, PR fortran/52059)
  - fix up /lib/cpp symlink for UsrMove (#787460)
  - move LTO plugin into cpp subpackage (#787345)
  - fix debug ICE with i387 reg-stack (#787518, PR debug/52132)
  - fix ARM combine bug (PR rtl-optimization/52060)
  - fix a DWARF4 .debug_types DIE cloning bug (PR debug/51950)
* Thu Jan 26 2012 Jakub Jelinek <> 4.7.0-0.10
  - update from trunk
    - PRs bootstrap/51985, c++/51223, c++/51812, c++/51917, c++/51928,
  	c++/51930, c++/51973, c++/51992, driver/47249, fortran/51966,
  	fortran/51995, libstdc++/49829, lto/51698, middle-end/45678,
  	middle-end/51986, rtl-optimization/48308, rtl-optimization/48374
    - fix data-ref handling of non-volatile inline asms (#784242,
      PR tree-optimization/51987)
  - fix ARM ICE with invalid peephole (#784748, PR target/52006)
* Mon Jan 23 2012 Jakub Jelinek <> 4.7.0-0.9
  - update from trunk
    - PRs ada/46192, c++/51344, c++/51398, c++/51402, c++/51832, c++/51919,
  	c++/51922, debug/45682, fortran/50556, fortran/51056, fortran/51904,
  	fortran/51913, fortran/51948, libgcj/23182, libgfortran/51899,
  	libitm/51830, libstdc++/50982, lto/51916, middle-end/45416,
  	rtl-optimization/40761, rtl-optimization/51924, target/47096,
  	target/49868, target/50313, target/50887, target/51106, target/51819,
  	target/51900, target/51915, target/51931, target/51934,
  	testsuite/51941, tree-optimization/51895, tree-optimization/51903,
  	tree-optimization/51914, tree-optimization/51949
    - fix REE pass (#783481, PR rtl-optimization/51933)
    - further overload fixes with using decls (#783586, PR c++/51925)
  - fix ICE during expansion with BLKmode MEM_REF (#782868, PR middle-end/51895)
  - fix ppc64 profiledbootstrap (PR target/51957)
  - revert broken stack layout change (PR tree-optimization/46590)
  - fix ARM ICE on neon insn splitting (PR target/51968)
* Thu Jan 19 2012 Jakub Jelinek <> 4.7.0-0.8
  - update from trunk
    - PRs bootstrap/50237, c++/51225, c++/51889, fortran/48426, fortran/51634,
  	go/50656, libmudflap/40778, libstdc++/51845, libstdc++/51866,
  	lto/51280, middle-end/51192, rtl-optimization/48496,
  	rtl-optimization/51505, tree-optimization/37997,
  - fix a reload bug on s390 (#773565, PR rtl-optimization/51856)
* Tue Jan 17 2012 Jakub Jelinek <> 4.7.0-0.7
  - update from trunk
    - PRs bootstrap/51860, c++/14179, c++/20681, c++/50012, c++/51403,
  	c++/51620, c++/51633, c++/51714, c++/51777, c++/51813, c++/51827,
  	c++/51854, c++/51868, c/12245, fortran/36755, fortran/48351,
  	fortran/51800, fortran/51809, fortran/51816, fortran/51842,
  	fortran/51869, libitm/51173, libitm/51855, middle-end/51782,
  	middle-end/8081, other/51165, rtl-optimization/51821, target/47852,
  	target/50925, target/51756, tree-optimization/51865
    - fix up ppc64 bootstrap with -mminimal-toc (#773040, PR bootstrap/51872)
    - fix up -ftree-tail-merge (#782231, PR tree-optimization/51877)
  - package up arm and sparc specific headers (#781765)
  - enable libitm and disable go on ppc/ppc64
  - fix up big-endian libstdc++ miscompilation (PR middle-end/50325)
  - fix up arm neon vectorization ICEs (PR target/51876)
* Thu Jan 12 2012 Jakub Jelinek <> 4.7.0-0.6
  - update from trunk
    - PRs ada/41929, bootstrap/51705, bootstrap/51796, c++/47450,
  	c++/48051, c++/50855, c++/51322, c++/51433, c++/51565,
  	c++/51613, c++/51614, c++/51818, c++/6057, debug/51471,
  	fortran/51057, fortran/51578, fortran/51616, fortran/51652,
  	fortran/51758, fortran/51791, fortran/51792, gcov-profile/50127,
  	gcov-profile/51715, gcov-profile/51717, libstdc++/51673,
  	middle-end/51516, middle-end/51806, preprocessor/33919,
  	preprocessor/51776, rtl-optimization/51271, target/47333,
  	rarget/49868, testsuite/51655, tree-optimization/49642,
  	tree-optimization/50913, tree-optimization/51600,
  	tree-optimization/51680, tree-optimization/51694,
  	tree-optimization/51759, tree-optimization/51775,
  	tree-optimization/51799, tree-optimization/51801
* Fri Jan 06 2012 Jakub Jelinek <> 4.7.0-0.5
  - update from trunk
    - PRs c++/51541, fortran/48946, libstdc++/51504, lto/51774,
  	rtl-optimization/51771, target/51681, tree-optimization/51315
  - disable go on s390{,x}
  - disable profiledbootstrap on arm and sparc* for now
* Thu Jan 05 2012 Jakub Jelinek <> 4.7.0-0.4
  - update from trunk
    - PRs bootstrap/51072, bootstrap/51648, debug/51746, debug/51762,
  	lto/41576, lto/50490, middle-end/44777, middle-end/49710,
  	middle-end/51472, middle-end/51761, middle-end/51764,
  	middle-end/51768, other/51171, rtl-optimization/51767,
  	tree-optimization/51624, tree-optimization/51760
  - disable go on arm (#771482)
  - enable profiledbootstrap
* Wed Jan 04 2012 Jakub Jelinek <> 4.7.0-0.3
  - update from trunk
    - PRs bootstrap/51006, bootstrap/51734, c++/29273, c++/51064, c++/51738,
  	debug/51695, fortran/49693, fortran/50981, middle-end/51696,
  	middle-end/51750, other/51163, other/51164, tree-optimization/49651
  - fix up
* Tue Jan 03 2012 Jakub Jelinek <> 4.7.0-0.2
  - update from trunk
    - PRs bootstrap/51686, bootstrap/51725, c++/15867, c++/16603, c++/20140,
  	c++/23211, c++/51316, c++/51379, c++/51397, c++/51462, c++/51507,
  	c++/51547, c++/51666, c++/51669, c++/51675, c++/51723, debug/51650,
  	driver/48306, fortran/46262, fortran/46328, fortran/51052,
  	fortran/51502, fortran/51529, fortran/51682, libfortran/51646,
  	libgcj/49193, libstdc++/48362, libstdc++/49204, libstdc++/51608,
  	libstdc++/51701, libstdc++/51711, lto/51650, middle-end/48641,
  	middle-end/51200, middle-end/51212, middle-end/51252,
  	middle-end/51730, other/51679, pch/51722, rtl-optimization/50396,
  	rtl-optimization/51069, rtl-optimization/51667, target/27468,
  	target/47643, target/51345, target/51552, target/51623, target/51643,
  	target/51729, testsuite/50722, testsuite/51645, testsuite/51702,
  	tree-optimization/43491, tree-optimization/51070,
  	tree-optimization/51269, tree-optimization/51683,
  	tree-optimization/51684, tree-optimization/51692,
  	tree-optimization/51704, tree-optimization/51719
* Wed Dec 21 2011 Jakub Jelinek <> 4.7.0-0.1
  - new package



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