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Packages beginning with letter V

v4l-utils-0.8.7-1.fc17 Utilities for video4linux and DVB devices linux/armv7hl
v4l-utils-devel-tools-0.8.7-1.fc17 Utilities for v4l2 / DVB driver development and debugging linux/armv7hl
v4l2ucp-2.0.1-7.fc17 Video4linux universal control panel linux/armv7hl
v8-3.7.12-5.fc17 JavaScript Engine linux/armv7hl
v8-devel-3.7.12-5.fc17 Development headers and libraries for v8 linux/armv7hl
vacation- Automatic mail answering program linux/armv7hl
vala-0.16.0-3.fc17 A modern programming language for GNOME linux/armv7hl
vala-devel-0.16.0-3.fc17 Development files for vala linux/armv7hl
vala-doc-0.16.0-3.fc17 Documentation for vala linux/noarch
vala-tools-0.16.0-3.fc17 Tools for creating projects and bindings for vala linux/armv7hl
valgrind-3.7.0-4.fc17 Tool for finding memory management bugs in programs linux/armv7hl
valgrind-devel-3.7.0-4.fc17 Development files for valgrind linux/armv7hl
validns-0.3-2.fc17 DNS and DNSSEC zone file validator linux/armv7hl
valknut-0.4.9-6.fc17 Valknut is a QT Direct Connect client linux/armv7hl
vamp-plugin-sdk-2.2.1-3.fc17 An API for audio analysis and feature extraction plugins linux/armv7hl
vamp-plugin-sdk-devel-2.2.1-3.fc17 Development files for vamp-plugin-sdk linux/armv7hl
vamp-plugin-sdk-static-2.2.1-3.fc17 Static libraries for vamp-plugin-sdk linux/armv7hl
vanessa_adt-0.0.7-8.fc17 Library of Abstract Data Types linux/armv7hl
vanessa_adt-devel-0.0.7-8.fc17 Headers and static libraries for development linux/armv7hl
vanessa_logger-0.0.8-7.fc17 Generic logging layer linux/armv7hl
vanessa_logger-devel-0.0.8-7.fc17 Headers and static libraries for development linux/armv7hl
vanessa_logger-sample-0.0.8-7.fc17 Example programme that demonstrates vanessa_logger linux/armv7hl
vanessa_socket-0.0.12-1.fc17 Simplify TCP/IP socket operations linux/armv7hl
vanessa_socket-devel-0.0.12-1.fc17 Headers and static libraries for development linux/armv7hl
vanessa_socket-pipe-0.0.12-1.fc17 Trivial TCP/IP pipe build using libvanessa_adt linux/armv7hl
varconf-0.6.7-3.fc17 Configuration library used by WorldForge clients linux/armv7hl
varconf-devel-0.6.7-3.fc17 Development files for varconf library linux/armv7hl
vaspview-1.05-6.fc17 VASP Data Viewer linux/armv7hl
vavoom-1.33-3.fc17 Enhanced Doom, Heretic, Hexen and Strife source port linux/armv7hl
vbindiff-3.0-0.6.beta4.fc17 Visual binary diff linux/armv7hl
vblade-14-8.fc17 Virtual EtherDrive (R) blade daemon linux/armv7hl
vconfig-1.9-10.fc17 Linux 802.1q VLAN configuration utility linux/armv7hl
vdpauinfo-0.0.6-4.fc17 Tool to query the capabilities of a VDPAU implementation linux/armv7hl
vdr-1.7.27-1.fc17 Video Disk Recorder linux/armv7hl
vdr-devel-1.7.27-1.fc17 Development files for VDR linux/armv7hl
vdr-docs-1.7.27-1.fc17 Developer documentation for VDR linux/noarch
vdr-dvbhddevice-1.7.27-1.fc17 VDR output device plugin for TechnoTrend S2-6400 DVB cards linux/armv7hl
vdr-dvbsddevice-1.7.27-1.fc17 VDR output device plugin for full featured SD DVB cards linux/armv7hl
vdr-epgsearch-1.0.0-12.fc17 Powerful schedules menu replacement plugin for VDR linux/armv7hl
vdr-femon-1.7.17-1.fc17 DVB frontend status monitor plugin for VDR linux/armv7hl
vdr-osdteletext-0.9.3-1.fc17 OSD teletext plugin for VDR linux/armv7hl
vdr-rcu-1.7.27-1.fc17 VDR remote control unit plugin linux/armv7hl
vdr-remote-0.4.0-19.fc17 Extended remote control plugin for VDR linux/armv7hl
vdr-skincurses-1.7.27-1.fc17 Shell window skin plugin for VDR linux/armv7hl
vdr-skins-20111105-2.fc17 Collection of OSD skins for VDR linux/noarch
vdr-skinsoppalusikka-1.7.5-7.fc17 The "Soppalusikka" skin for VDR linux/armv7hl
vdr-streamdev-client-0.5.1-12.fc17 Streaming client plug-in for VDR linux/armv7hl
vdr-streamdev-server-0.5.1-12.fc17 Streaming server plug-in for VDR linux/armv7hl
vdr-sudoku-0.3.5-11.fc17 Sudoku plugin for VDR linux/armv7hl
vdr-text2skin-1.3.2-8.fc17 OSD skin plugin for VDR linux/armv7hl
vdr-ttxtsubs-0.2.4-9.fc17 Teletext subtitles plugin for VDR linux/armv7hl
vdr-tvonscreen-1.0.141-17.fc17 Enhanced EPG data viewer for VDR linux/armv7hl
vdr-wapd-0.9-18.patch1.fc17 WAP remote control interface for VDR linux/armv7hl
vdradmin-am-3.6.9-2.fc17 Web interface for VDR linux/noarch
vdrift-20111022-3.fc17 Driving/drift racing simulation linux/armv7hl
vdrift-data-20111022-3.fc17 Driving/drift racing simulation data linux/noarch
vdrsymbol-fonts-20100612-2.fc17 VDR symbol fonts linux/noarch
vdsm- Virtual Desktop Server Manager linux/armv7hl
vdsm-bootstrap- VDSM bootstrapping package linux/noarch
vdsm-cli- VDSM command line interface linux/noarch
vdsm-debug-plugin- VDSM Debug Plugin linux/noarch
vdsm-hook-faqemu- Fake qemu process for VDSM quality assurance linux/noarch
vdsm-hook-vhostmd- VDSM hook set for interaction with vhostmd linux/noarch
vdsm-reg- VDSM registration package linux/noarch
vecmath-0-4.20090922cvs.fc17 The 3D vector math Java package, javax.vecmath linux/noarch
vecmath1.2-1.14-7.fc17 Free version of vecmath from the Java3D 1.2 specification linux/noarch
vecmath1.2-javadoc-1.14-7.fc17 Javadoc for vecmath1.2 linux/noarch
vegastrike-data-0.5.1-1.r1.fc17 Data files for Vega Strike linux/noarch
vegastrike-extra-0.5.1-1.r1.fc17 Extra textures for Vega Strike linux/noarch
vegastrike-music-0.5.1-2.r1.fc17 Music for Vega Strike linux/noarch
vegastrike-speech-0.5.1-2.r1.fc17 Vocal sounds for Vega Strike linux/noarch
velocity-1.7-3.fc17 Java-based template engine linux/noarch
velocity-demo-1.7-3.fc17 Demo for velocity linux/noarch
velocity-javadoc-1.7-3.fc17 Javadoc for velocity linux/noarch
velocity-manual-1.7-3.fc17 Manual for velocity linux/noarch
vemana2000-fonts-1.1.3-2.fc17 Unicode compliant OpenType font for Telugu linux/noarch
verbiste-0.1.32-4.fc17 French conjugation system linux/armv7hl
verbiste-devel-0.1.32-4.fc17 C++ development files for the Verbiste library linux/armv7hl
verbiste-gnome-0.1.32-4.fc17 GNOME Panel applet for Verbiste linux/armv7hl
verilator-3.805-4.fc17 A fast simulator for synthesizable Verilog linux/armv7hl
verne-backgrounds-15.92.1-2.fc17 Verne desktop backgrounds linux/noarch
verne-backgrounds-extras-gnome-15.92.1-2.fc17 Extra Verne Wallpapers for Gnome linux/noarch
verne-backgrounds-extras-kde-15.92.1-2.fc17 Extra Verne Wallpapers for KDE linux/noarch
verne-backgrounds-extras-single-15.92.1-2.fc17 Single screen images for Verne Extras Backrounds linux/noarch
verne-backgrounds-extras-xfce-15.92.1-2.fc17 Extra Verne Wallpapers for XFCE linux/noarch
verne-backgrounds-gnome-15.92.1-2.fc17 Verne Wallpapers for Gnome linux/noarch
verne-backgrounds-kde-15.92.1-2.fc17 Verne Wallpapers for KDE linux/noarch
verne-backgrounds-single-15.92.1-2.fc17 Single screen images for Verne Backgrounds linux/noarch
verne-backgrounds-xfce-15.92.1-2.fc17 Verne Wallpapers for XFCE4 linux/noarch
verne-kde-theme-15.91.0-3.fc17 Verne KDE Theme linux/noarch
vfrnav-0.7-2.fc17 VFR Navigation linux/armv7hl
vfrnav-utils-0.7-2.fc17 VFR Navigation Utilities linux/armv7hl
vgabios-0.6c-4.fc17 LGPL implementation of a vga video bios linux/noarch
vhd2vl-2.4-2.fc17 VHDL to Verilog translator linux/armv7hl
vhostmd-0.5-1.fc17 Virtualization host metrics daemon linux/armv7hl
vhybridize-0.5.9-7.fc17 Virtual Hybridization command line tools linux/noarch
vidalia-0.2.15-1.fc17 GUI controller for the Tor Onion Routing Network linux/armv7hl
viewmtn-0.10-8.20100308mtn0030ad67.fc17 Web interface for Monotone version control system linux/noarch
viewnior-1.3-1.fc17 Elegant image viewer linux/armv7hl
viewvc-1.1.13-2.fc17 Browser interface for CVS and SVN version control repositories linux/noarch
viewvc-httpd-fcgi-1.1.13-2.fc17 ViewVC configuration for Apache/mod_fcgid linux/noarch
viewvc-httpd-wsgi-1.1.13-2.fc17 ViewVC configuration for Apache/mod_wsgi linux/noarch
vifir-0.9-8.fc17 A viewer for electronic aviation charts linux/armv7hl
vifm-0.5-5.fc15 Lightweight file manager with vi like key-bindings linux/armv7hl
vigra-1.8.0-4.fc17 Generic Programming for Computer Vision linux/armv7hl
vigra-devel-1.8.0-4.fc17 Development tools for programs which will use the vigra library linux/armv7hl
vigra-python-1.8.0-4.fc17 Python interface for the vigra computer vision library linux/armv7hl
viking-1.2.2-3.fc17 GPS data editor and analyzer linux/armv7hl
vile-9.8e-2.fc17 VI Like Emacs linux/armv7hl
vile-common-9.8e-2.fc17 The common files needed by any version of the VIM editor linux/armv7hl
vim-X11-7.3.444-1.fc17 The VIM version of the vi editor for the X Window System linux/armv7hl
vim-clustershell-1.6-1.fc17 VIM files for ClusterShell linux/noarch
vim-common-7.3.444-1.fc17 The common files needed by any version of the VIM editor linux/armv7hl
vim-enhanced-7.3.444-1.fc17 A version of the VIM editor which includes recent enhancements linux/armv7hl
vim-filesystem-7.3.444-1.fc17 VIM filesystem layout linux/armv7hl
vim-latex-1.8.23-7.20120125.768.git8b62284.fc17 Tools to view, edit and compile LaTeX documents in Vim linux/noarch
vim-latex-doc-1.8.23-7.20120125.768.git8b62284.fc17 Documentation for vim-latex linux/noarch
vim-minimal-7.3.444-1.fc17 A minimal version of the VIM editor linux/armv7hl
vim-nerdtree-4.2.0-4.fc17 A tree explorer plugin that owns your momma linux/noarch
vim-perl-support-5.0.1-1.fc17 Perl-IDE for VIM linux/noarch
vim-vimoutliner-0.3.4-15.fc17 Script for building an outline editor on top of Vim linux/noarch
vinagre-3.4.1-2.fc17 VNC client for GNOME linux/armv7hl
vino-3.4.1-2.fc17 A remote desktop system for GNOME linux/armv7hl
vips-7.28.2-1.fc17 C/C++ library for processing large images linux/armv7hl
vips-devel-7.28.2-1.fc17 Development files for vips linux/armv7hl
vips-doc-7.28.2-1.fc17 Documentation for vips linux/armv7hl
vips-python-7.28.2-1.fc17 Python support for vips linux/armv7hl
vips-tools-7.28.2-1.fc17 Command-line tools for vips linux/armv7hl
virt-dmesg-0.3.0-3.fc17 Print kernel messages from a Linux virtual machine linux/armv7hl
virt-manager-0.9.1-3.fc17 Virtual Machine Manager linux/noarch
virt-manager-common-0.9.1-3.fc17 Common files used by the different Virtual Machine Manager interfaces linux/noarch
virt-manager-tui-0.9.1-3.fc17 Virtual Machine Manager text user interface linux/noarch
virt-top-1.0.6-2.fc17 Utility like top(1) for displaying virtualization stats linux/armv7hl
virt-viewer-0.5.2-1.fc17 Virtual Machine Viewer linux/armv7hl
virt-what-1.12-1.fc17 Detect if we are running in a virtual machine linux/armv7hl
virt-who-0.2-2.fc17 Agent for reporting virtual guest IDs to subscription-manager linux/noarch
virtaal-0.7.1-1.fc17 Localization and translation editor linux/noarch
virtuoso-opensource-6.1.5-2.fc17 A high-performance object-relational SQL database linux/armv7hl
virtuoso-opensource-apps-6.1.5-2.fc17 Applications linux/armv7hl
virtuoso-opensource-conductor-6.1.5-2.fc17 Server pages linux/noarch
virtuoso-opensource-doc-6.1.5-2.fc17 Documentation linux/noarch
virtuoso-opensource-utils-6.1.5-2.fc17 Utilities linux/armv7hl
visualvm-1.3.3-1.3.1.fc17.1 Lightweight profiler that integrates many command-line JDK tools linux/armv7hl
vkeybd-0.1.17a-13.fc17 Virtual MIDI keyboard linux/armv7hl
vldocking-2.1.5-3.fc17 A Java ⢠docking system for JFC Swing applications linux/noarch
vldocking-javadoc-2.1.5-3.fc17 Javadocs for vldocking linux/noarch
vlgothic-fonts-20120325-1.fc17 Japanese TrueType font linux/noarch
vlgothic-fonts-common-20120325-1.fc17 Common files for VLGothic Japanese TrueType fonts linux/noarch
vlgothic-p-fonts-20120325-1.fc17 Proportional Japanese TrueType font linux/noarch
vlock-1.3-31.fc17 A program which locks one or more virtual consoles linux/armv7hl
vm-dump-metrics-0.5-1.fc17 Virtualization host metrics dump linux/armv7hl
vm-dump-metrics-devel-0.5-1.fc17 Virtualization host metrics dump development linux/armv7hl
vmmlib-devel-1.0-0.3.rc1.fc17 A vector and matrix math library implemented using C++ templates linux/noarch
vmpk-0.4.0-5.fc17 Virtual MIDI Piano Keyboard linux/armv7hl
vmpsd-1.4.04-1.fc17 A GPL implementation of Cisco Systems' VMPS linux/armv7hl
vnc-ltsp-config-4.0-9.fc17 Easy Enabler of VNC remote LTSP desktops linux/noarch
vnc-reflector-1.2.4-10.fc17 A specialized, multiplexing vnc proxy server linux/armv7hl
vnstat-1.11-7.fc17 Console-based network traffic monitor linux/armv7hl
vodovod-1.10r19-9.fc17 A pipe connecting game linux/armv7hl
voikko-tools-3.4.1-2.fc17 Test tools for libvoikko linux/armv7hl
vollkorn-fonts-1.008-6.fc17 A serif latin font with good readability linux/noarch
volpack-1.0c7-5.fc17 Portable library for fast volume rendering linux/armv7hl
volpack-devel-1.0c7-5.fc17 Shared libraries and header files for development using volpack linux/armv7hl
volpack-doc-1.0c7-5.fc17 Documentation and examples for help using volpack linux/armv7hl
volume_key-0.3.8-1.fc17 An utility for manipulating storage encryption keys and passphrases linux/armv7hl
volume_key-devel-0.3.8-1.fc17 A library for manipulating storage encryption keys and passphrases linux/armv7hl
volume_key-libs-0.3.8-1.fc17 A library for manipulating storage encryption keys and passphrases linux/armv7hl
volumeicon-0.4.6-1.fc17 Lightweight volume control for the system tray linux/armv7hl
voms-2.0.7-2.fc17 Virtual Organization Membership Service linux/armv7hl
voms-api-java-2.0.7-2.fc17 Virtual Organization Membership Service Java API linux/noarch
voms-api-java-javadoc-2.0.7-2.fc17 Virtual Organization Membership Service Java API Documentation linux/noarch
voms-clients-2.0.7-2.fc17 Virtual Organization Membership Service Clients linux/armv7hl
voms-devel-2.0.7-2.fc17 Virtual Organization Membership Service Development Files linux/armv7hl
voms-doc-2.0.7-2.fc17 Virtual Organization Membership Service Documentation linux/noarch
voms-mysql-plugin- VOMS server plugin for MySQL linux/armv7hl
voms-server-2.0.7-2.fc17 Virtual Organization Membership Service Server linux/armv7hl
vorbis-tools-1.4.0-4.fc17 The Vorbis General Audio Compression Codec tools linux/armv7hl
vorbisgain-0.36-8.fc17 Adds tags to Ogg Vorbis files to adjust the volume linux/armv7hl
vorbisspi-1.0.3-3.fc15 Java Service Provider Interface for the OGG Vorbis audio format linux/noarch
vorbisspi-javadoc-1.0.3-3.fc15 Java docs for vorbisspi linux/noarch
votca-tools-1.2.1-3.fc17.1 VOTCA tools library linux/armv7hl
votca-tools-devel-1.2.1-3.fc17.1 Development headers and libraries for votca-tools linux/armv7hl
vpnc-0.5.3-14.svn457.fc17 IPSec VPN client compatible with Cisco equipment linux/armv7hl
vpnc-consoleuser-0.5.3-14.svn457.fc17 Allows console user to run the VPN client directly linux/armv7hl
vpnc-script-0.5.3-14.svn457.fc17 Routing setup script for vpnc and openconnect linux/noarch
vsftpd-2.3.5-3.fc17 Very Secure Ftp Daemon linux/armv7hl
vsftpd-sysvinit-2.3.5-3.fc17 SysV initscript for vsftpd daemon linux/armv7hl
vte-0.28.2-3.fc17 A terminal emulator linux/armv7hl
vte-devel-0.28.2-3.fc17 Files needed for developing applications which use vte linux/armv7hl
vte3-0.32.1-1.fc17 A terminal emulator linux/armv7hl
vte3-devel-0.32.1-1.fc17 Files needed for developing applications which use vte linux/armv7hl
vtk-5.6.1-5.fc15 The Visualization Toolkit - A high level 3D visualization library linux/armv7hl
vtk-devel-5.6.1-5.fc15 VTK header files for building C++ code linux/armv7hl
vtk-examples-5.6.1-5.fc15 Examples for VTK linux/armv7hl
vtk-java-5.6.1-5.fc15 Java bindings for VTK linux/armv7hl
vtk-python-5.6.1-5.fc15 Python bindings for VTK linux/armv7hl
vtk-qt-5.6.1-5.fc15 Qt bindings for VTK linux/armv7hl
vtk-tcl-5.6.1-5.fc15 Tcl bindings for VTK linux/armv7hl
vtk-testing-5.6.1-5.fc15 Testing programs for VTK linux/armv7hl
vtkdata-5.8.0-2 Example data file for VTK linux/noarch
vttest-20111210-1.fc17 Test the compatibility of so-called "VT100-compatible" terminals linux/armv7hl
vtun-3.0.1-10.fc15 Virtual tunnel over TCP/IP networks linux/armv7hl
vym-2.0.12-1.fc17 View your mind linux/armv7hl

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