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Packages beginning with letter Q

q-7.11-12.fc17.2 Equational programming language linux/armv7hl
q-curl-7.11-12.fc17.2 cURL module for Q linux/armv7hl
q-devel-7.11-12.fc17.2 Headers and static library for developing programs using Q linux/armv7hl
q-dx-7.11-12.fc17.2 DX module for Q linux/armv7hl
q-magick-7.11-12.fc17.2 ImageMagick module for Q linux/armv7hl
q-tk-7.11-12.fc17.2 Tk module for Q linux/armv7hl
q4wine-0.121-3.fc17 Qt4 GUI for wine linux/armv7hl
qalculate-0.9.7-4.fc17 Multi-purpose calculator, text mode interface linux/armv7hl
qalculate-gtk-0.9.7-4.fc17 A multi-purpose desktop calculator for GNU/Linux linux/armv7hl
qalculate-kde-0.9.7-3.fc15 A multi-purpose desktop calculator for GNU/Linux linux/armv7hl
qascade-0.1-14.fc17 Classic puzzle game linux/armv7hl
qastools-0.17.1-3.fc17 Collection of desktop applications for ALSA linux/armv7hl
qbittorrent-2.9.7-1.fc17 A Bittorrent Client linux/armv7hl
qbittorrent-nox-2.9.7-1.fc17 A Headless Bittorrent Client linux/armv7hl
qbrew-0.4.1-7.fc15 A Brewing Recipe Calculator linux/armv7hl
qbzr-0.21.2-2.fc17 Bazaar plugin for Qt interface to most Bazaar operations linux/armv7hl
qca-cyrus-sasl-2.0.0-0.3.beta3.fc17 Cyrus-SASL plugin for the Qt Cryptographic Architecture linux/armv7hl
qca-gnupg-2.0.0-0.7.beta3.fc17 GnuPG plugin for the Qt Cryptographic Architecture v2 linux/armv7hl
qca-ossl-2.0.0-0.15.beta3.fc17 OpenSSL plugin for the Qt Cryptographic Architecture v2 linux/armv7hl
qca-pkcs11-2.0.0-0.2.fc17.beta2 Smartcard integration for QCA linux/armv7hl
qca2-2.0.3-3.fc17 Qt Cryptographic Architecture linux/armv7hl
qca2-devel-2.0.3-3.fc17 Qt Cryptographic Architecture development files linux/armv7hl
qcad- Simple 2D CAD program linux/armv7hl
qcodeedit-2.2.3-8.fc17 Qt-Framework for code editing linux/armv7hl
qcodeedit-devel-2.2.3-8.fc17 Development files for qcodeedit linux/armv7hl
qcomicbook-0.7.2-4.fc17 A viewer for comic book archives linux/armv7hl
qconf-1.4-5.fc17 Tool for generating configure script for qmake-based projects linux/armv7hl
qct-1.7-7.fc17 Multi-vcs GUI commit tool linux/armv7hl
qct-mercurial-1.7-7.fc17 Mercurial plugin for qct linux/armv7hl
qd-2.3.11-3.fc15 Double-Double and Quad-Double Arithmetic linux/armv7hl
qd-devel-2.3.11-3.fc15 Double-Double and Quad-Double Arithmetic linux/armv7hl
qdbm-1.8.78-5.fc17 Quick Database Manager linux/armv7hl
qdbm++-1.8.78-5.fc17 QDBM Database Library for C++ linux/armv7hl
qdbm++-devel-1.8.78-5.fc17 Libraries and Header files for QDBM C++ interface linux/armv7hl
qdbm-cgi-1.8.78-5.fc17 CGI interface for QDBM Database linux/armv7hl
qdbm-devel-1.8.78-5.fc17 Libraries and Header files for QDBM Database library linux/armv7hl
qdbm-java-1.8.78-5.fc17 QDBM Database Library for Java linux/armv7hl
qdbm-perl-1.8.78-5.fc17 QDBM Database Library for Perl linux/armv7hl
qdevelop-0.28-4.fc17 Development environment dedicated to Qt4 linux/armv7hl
qdevelop-plugins-0.28-4.fc17 Plugins for qdevelop linux/armv7hl
qdigidoc-0.4.1-1.fc17 Estonian digital signature application linux/armv7hl
qdigidoc-nautilus-0.4.1-1.fc17 Nautilus extension for qdigidoc linux/noarch
qdox-1.12-4.fc17 Extract class/interface/method definitions from sources linux/noarch
qdox-javadoc-1.12-4.fc17 Javadoc for qdox linux/noarch
qelectrotech-0.22-4.fc17.1 An electric diagrams editor linux/armv7hl
qelectrotech-symbols-0.22-4.fc17.1 Elements collection for QElectroTech linux/noarch
qemu-1.0-17.fc17 QEMU is a FAST! processor emulator linux/armv7hl
qemu-common-1.0-17.fc17 QEMU common files needed by all QEMU targets linux/armv7hl
qemu-guest-agent-1.0-17.fc17 QEMU guest agent linux/armv7hl
qemu-img-1.0-17.fc17 QEMU command line tool for manipulating disk images linux/armv7hl
qemu-kvm-1.0-17.fc17 QEMU metapackage for KVM support linux/armv7hl
qemu-launcher-1.7.4-8.fc17 A graphical front-end to Qemu virtual machines linux/noarch
qemu-system-arm-1.0-17.fc17 QEMU system emulator for arm linux/armv7hl
qemu-system-cris-1.0-17.fc17 QEMU system emulator for cris linux/armv7hl
qemu-system-m68k-1.0-17.fc17 QEMU system emulator for m68k linux/armv7hl
qemu-system-mips-1.0-17.fc17 QEMU system emulator for mips linux/armv7hl
qemu-system-sh4-1.0-17.fc17 QEMU system emulator for sh4 linux/armv7hl
qemu-system-x86-1.0-17.fc17 QEMU system emulator for x86 linux/armv7hl
qemu-user-1.0-17.fc17 QEMU user mode emulation of qemu targets linux/armv7hl
qesteidutil-0.3.1-2.fc17 Estonian ID card utility linux/armv7hl
qfaxreader-0.3.1-13.fc17.3 A multipage monochrome/color TIFF/FAX viewer linux/armv7hl
qftp-3.1-8.fc17 Simple ftp client application linux/armv7hl
qgit-2.4-2.fc17 GUI browser for git repositories linux/armv7hl
qgle-4.2.4c-1.fc17 QT frontend to GLE linux/armv7hl
qhull-2003.1-16.fc17 General dimension convex hull programs linux/armv7hl
qhull-devel-2003.1-16.fc17 Development files for qhull linux/armv7hl
qimageblitz-0.0.6-3.fc17 Graphical effect and filter library linux/armv7hl
qimageblitz-devel-0.0.6-3.fc17 Developer files for qimageblitz linux/armv7hl
qimageblitz-examples-0.0.6-3.fc17 Example programs for qimageblitz linux/armv7hl
qiv-2.2.4-3.fc17 Quick Image Viewer linux/armv7hl
qjackctl-0.3.8-2.fc17 Qt based JACK control application linux/armv7hl
qjackmmc-4-4.fc17 Qt application that controls JACK transport via Midi linux/armv7hl
qjdns-1.0.0-0.10.20110904svn812.fc17 a simple DNS implementation that can perform normal as well as Multicast DNS queries linux/armv7hl
qjdns-devel-1.0.0-0.10.20110904svn812.fc17 Development files for qjdns linux/armv7hl
qjson-0.7.1-6.fc17 A qt-based library that maps JSON data to QVariant objects linux/armv7hl
qjson-devel-0.7.1-6.fc17 Development files for qjson linux/armv7hl
ql2100-firmware-1.19.38-5.fc17 Firmware for qlogic 2100 devices linux/noarch
ql2200-firmware-2.02.08-5.fc17 Firmware for qlogic 2200 devices linux/noarch
ql23xx-firmware-3.03.28-3.fc17 Firmware for qlogic 23xx devices linux/noarch
ql2400-firmware-5.06.05-1.fc17 Firmware for qlogic 2400 devices linux/noarch
ql2500-firmware-5.06.05-1.fc17 Firmware for qlogic 2500 devices linux/noarch
qlandkartegt-1.4.0-2.fc17 GPS device mapping tool linux/armv7hl
qle-0.0.18-5.fc17 A QSO Logger and log Editor linux/noarch
qmforge-2.1-8.fc17 Analysis tools for quantum mechanical calculations linux/noarch
qmidiarp-0.5.0-1.fc17 An arpeggiator, sequencer and MIDI LFO for ALSA linux/armv7hl
qmmp-0.5.3-2.fc17 Qt-based multimedia player linux/armv7hl
qmmp-devel-0.5.3-2.fc17 Header files for qmmp linux/armv7hl
qmpdclient-1.2.2-2.fc17 Qt4 based MPD client linux/armv7hl
qmtest-2.4.1-6.fc17 QMTest is an automated software test execution tool linux/armv7hl
qoauth-1.0.1-3.fc17 Qt-based C++ library for OAuth authorization scheme linux/armv7hl
qoauth-devel-1.0.1-3.fc17 Development files for the Qt OAuth support library linux/armv7hl
qodem-0.3.2-2.fc17 Terminal emulator and communications package linux/armv7hl
qof-0.7.5-9.fc17 Query engine library for C objects linux/armv7hl
qof-devel-0.7.5-9.fc17 Development tools for programs which will use the qof library linux/armv7hl
qof-doc-0.7.5-9.fc17 API documentation for libqof linux/armv7hl
qrencode-3.2.0-3.fc17 Generate QR 2D barcodes linux/armv7hl
qrencode-devel-3.2.0-3.fc17 QR Code encoding library - Development files linux/armv7hl
qroneko-0.5.4-5.fc17 A qt front end to crontab linux/armv7hl
qrq-0.3.0-2.fc17 Morse telegraphy trainer linux/armv7hl
qrupdate-1.1.2-1.fc17 A Fortran library for fast updates of QR and Cholesky decompositions linux/armv7hl
qrupdate-devel-1.1.2-1.fc17 Development libraries for qrupdate linux/armv7hl
qscintilla-2.6.1-1.fc17 A Scintilla port to Qt linux/armv7hl
qscintilla-devel-2.6.1-1.fc17 QScintilla Development Files linux/armv7hl
qscintilla-python-2.6.1-1.fc17 QScintilla PyQt4 bindings linux/armv7hl
qscintilla-python-devel-2.6.1-1.fc17 Development files for QScintilla PyQt4 bindings linux/noarch
qsf-1.2.7-7.fc17 Quick Spam Filter linux/armv7hl
qsstv-5.3c-9.fc17 Qt-based slow-scan TV and fax linux/armv7hl
qstardict-1.0.1-2.fc17 StarDict clone written using Qt4 linux/armv7hl
qstars-0.4-10.fc17 A screensaver simulating planets and asteroids in space linux/armv7hl
qstars-kde-0.4-10.fc17 KDE screensaver support for qstars linux/armv7hl
qstars-xscreensaver-0.4-10.fc17 XScreenSaver support for qstars linux/armv7hl
qstat-2.11-11.20080912svn311.fc17 Real-time Game Server Status for FPS game servers linux/armv7hl
qsynth-0.3.6-2.fc17 Qt based Fluidsynth GUI front end linux/armv7hl
qt-4.8.1-10.fc17 Qt toolkit linux/armv7hl
qt-assistant-4.8.1-10.fc17 Documentation browser for Qt 4 linux/armv7hl
qt-assistant-adp-4.6.3-3.fc17 Compatibility version of Qt Assistant linux/armv7hl
qt-assistant-adp-devel-4.6.3-3.fc17 Development files for the compatibility QAssistantClient linux/armv7hl
qt-at-spi-0.3.1-1.fc17 Qt plugin that bridges Qt's accessibility API to AT-SPI2 linux/armv7hl
qt-at-spi-doc-0.3.1-1.fc17 Documentation for qt-at-spi linux/noarch
qt-config-4.8.1-10.fc17 Graphical configuration tool for programs using Qt 4 linux/armv7hl
qt-creator-2.4.1-2.fc17 Lightweight and cross-platform IDE for Qt linux/armv7hl
qt-demos-4.8.1-10.fc17 Demonstration applications for qt linux/armv7hl
qt-devel-4.8.1-10.fc17 Development files for the Qt toolkit linux/armv7hl
qt-devel-private-4.8.1-10.fc17 Private headers for Qt toolkit linux/noarch
qt-doc-4.8.1-10.fc17 API documentation for qt linux/noarch
qt-examples-4.8.1-10.fc17 Programming examples for qt linux/armv7hl
qt-gstreamer-0.10.2-1.fc17 C++ bindings for GStreamer with a Qt-style API linux/armv7hl
qt-gstreamer-devel-0.10.2-1.fc17 Header files and development documentation for qt-gstreamer linux/armv7hl
qt-ibase-4.8.1-10.fc17 IBase driver for Qt's SQL classes linux/armv7hl
qt-mobility-1.2.0-10.20110922.fc17 Qt Mobility Framework linux/armv7hl
qt-mobility-devel-1.2.0-10.20110922.fc17 Qt Mobility Framework development files linux/armv7hl
qt-mobility-doc-1.2.0-10.20110922.fc17 API documentation for qt-mobility linux/noarch
qt-mysql-4.8.1-10.fc17 MySQL driver for Qt's SQL classes linux/armv7hl
qt-odbc-4.8.1-10.fc17 ODBC driver for Qt's SQL classes linux/armv7hl
qt-postgresql-4.8.1-10.fc17 PostgreSQL driver for Qt's SQL classes linux/armv7hl
qt-qsa-1.1.5-9.fc17 QT Script for Applications linux/armv7hl
qt-qsa-devel-1.1.5-9.fc17 Development and doc files for qsa linux/armv7hl
qt-qvfb-4.8.1-10.fc17 Virtual frame buffer for Qt for Embedded Linux linux/armv7hl
qt-recordmydesktop-0.3.8-5.fc17 KDE Desktop session recorder with audio and video linux/noarch
qt-settings-4.8-13.fc17 Configuration files for Qt linux/noarch
qt-tds-4.8.1-10.fc17 TDS driver for Qt's SQL classes linux/armv7hl
qt-x11-4.8.1-10.fc17 Qt GUI-related libraries linux/armv7hl
qt3-3.3.8b-41.fc17 The shared library for the Qt 3 GUI toolkit linux/armv7hl
qt3-MySQL-3.3.8b-41.fc17 MySQL drivers for Qt 3's SQL classes linux/armv7hl
qt3-ODBC-3.3.8b-41.fc17 ODBC drivers for Qt 3's SQL classes linux/armv7hl
qt3-PostgreSQL-3.3.8b-41.fc17 PostgreSQL drivers for Qt 3's SQL classes linux/armv7hl
qt3-config-3.3.8b-41.fc17 Graphical configuration tool for programs using Qt 3 linux/armv7hl
qt3-designer-3.3.8b-41.fc17 Interface designer (IDE) for the Qt 3 toolkit linux/armv7hl
qt3-devel-3.3.8b-41.fc17 Development files for the Qt 3 GUI toolkit linux/armv7hl
qt3-devel-docs-3.3.8b-41.fc17 Documentation for the Qt 3 GUI toolkit linux/armv7hl
qt3-sqlite-3.3.8b-41.fc17 sqlite drivers for Qt 3's SQL classes linux/armv7hl
qt4-theme-quarticurve-0.0-0.17.beta8.fc17 Unofficial port of the Bluecurve widget theme to Qt 4 linux/armv7hl
qtcurve-gtk2-1.8.14-1.fc17 This is a set of widget styles for Gtk2 based apps linux/armv7hl
qtcurve-kde4-1.8.11-1.fc17 This is a set of widget styles for Qt4/KDE4 based apps linux/armv7hl
qterm-0.5.12-3.fc17 BBS client for X Window System written in Qt linux/armv7hl
qtgpsc-0.3.1-3.fc17 A client for the gpsd GPS server linux/armv7hl
qtikz-0.10-6.fc17 Editor for the TikZ language linux/armv7hl
qtiocompressor-2.3.1-3.fc17 QIODevice that compresses data streams linux/armv7hl
qtiocompressor-devel-2.3.1-3.fc17 Development files for qtiocompressor linux/armv7hl
qtlockedfile-2.4-4.fc17 QFile extension with advisory locking functions linux/armv7hl
qtlockedfile-devel-2.4-4.fc17 Development files for qtlockedfile linux/armv7hl
qtnx-0.9-11.fc15 A Qt-based NX client linking to nxcl linux/armv7hl
qtoctave-0.10.1-11.fc17 Frontend for Octave linux/armv7hl
qtscriptbindings-0.1.0-18.fc17 Qt bindings for Qt Script linux/armv7hl
qtscriptgenerator-0.1.0-18.fc17 A tool to generate Qt bindings for Qt Script linux/armv7hl
qtsingleapplication-2.6.1-6.fc17 Qt library to start applications only once per user linux/armv7hl
qtsingleapplication-devel-2.6.1-6.fc17 Development files for qtsingleapplication linux/armv7hl
qtsinglecoreapplication-2.6.1-6.fc17 Qt library to start applications only once per user linux/armv7hl
qtsinglecoreapplication-devel-2.6.1-6.fc17 Development files for qtsinglecoreapplication linux/armv7hl
qtsoap-2.7-3.fc17 The Simple Object Access Protocol Qt-based client side library linux/armv7hl
qtsoap-devel-2.7-3.fc17 Development files for qtsoap linux/armv7hl
qtwebkit-2.2.1-4.fc17 Qt WebKit bindings linux/armv7hl
qtwebkit-devel-2.2.1-4.fc17 Development files for qtwebkit linux/armv7hl
qtweetlib-0.5-1.fc17 Qt-based Twitter library linux/armv7hl
qtweetlib-devel-0.5-1.fc17 Development files for qtweetlib linux/armv7hl
quagga- Routing daemon linux/armv7hl
quagga-contrib- Contrib tools for quagga linux/armv7hl
quagga-devel- Header and object files for quagga development linux/armv7hl
quagga-sysvinit- SysV initscript for quagga routing daemons linux/armv7hl
quake3-1.36-13.svn2102.fc17 Quake 3 Arena engine (ioquake3 version) linux/armv7hl
quake3-demo-1.36-13.svn2102.fc17 Quake 3 Arena tournament 3D shooter game demo installer linux/armv7hl
quarry-0.2.0-9.fc17 A multi-purpose board game GUI linux/armv7hl
quarticurve-kwin-theme-0.0-0.9.beta4.fc17 Unofficial port of the Bluecurve KWin decoration to KDE 4 linux/armv7hl
quartz-2.1.2-3.fc17 Enterprise Job Scheduler for Java linux/noarch
quartz-javadoc-2.1.2-3.fc17 API docs for quartz linux/noarch
quassel-0.7.3-3.fc17 A modern distributed IRC system linux/armv7hl
quassel-client-0.7.3-3.fc17 Quassel client linux/armv7hl
quassel-common-0.7.3-3.fc17 Quassel common/shared files linux/noarch
quassel-core-0.7.3-3.fc17 Quassel core component linux/armv7hl
quazip-0.4.4-1.fc17 Qt/C++ wrapper for the minizip library linux/armv7hl
quazip-devel-0.4.4-1.fc17 Development files for quazip linux/armv7hl
qucs-0.0.16-2.fc17 Circuit simulator linux/armv7hl
quesa-1.8-5.fc17 Quesa QuickDraw 3D implementation linux/armv7hl
quesa-devel-1.8-5.fc17 Quesa development package linux/armv7hl
queuegraph-1.1-11.fc17 A RRDtool frontend for Mail statistics linux/noarch
queuegraph-selinux-1.1-11.fc17 A RRDtool frontend for Mail statistics linux/noarch
quicksynergy-0.8.1-6.fc17 Share keyboard and mouse between computers linux/armv7hl
quilt-0.51-1.fc17 Scripts for working with series of patches linux/armv7hl
quitcount-2.0-1.fc17 A tool for people who quit smoking linux/armv7hl
quodlibet-2.4-1.fc17 A music management program linux/armv7hl
quota-4.00-3.fc17 System administration tools for monitoring users' disk usage linux/armv7hl
quota-devel-4.00-3.fc17 Development files for quota linux/armv7hl
quota-doc-4.00-3.fc17 Additional documentation for disk quotas linux/noarch
quota-nld-4.00-3.fc17 quota_nld daemon linux/armv7hl
quota-nls-4.00-3.fc17 Gettext catalogs for disk quota tools linux/noarch
quota-warnquota-4.00-3.fc17 Send e-mail to users over quota linux/armv7hl
qutim-0.3.0-3.fc17 Multiprotocol (ICQ, Jabber, IRC etc) instant messenger with modern Qt4 interface linux/armv7hl
qutim-devel-0.3.0-3.fc17 Headers for qutim linux/armv7hl
qutim-kde-0.3.0-3.fc17 KDE integration of qutim linux/armv7hl
qutim-quetzal-0.3.0-3.fc17 Support of protocols from libpurple linux/armv7hl
quvi-0.4.2-1.fc17 Command line tool for parsing video download links linux/armv7hl
qv4l2-0.8.7-1.fc17 QT v4l2 test control and streaming test application linux/armv7hl
qwt-5.2.2-2.fc17 Qt Widgets for Technical Applications linux/armv7hl
qwt-devel-5.2.2-2.fc17 Development files for qwt linux/armv7hl
qwt-doc-5.2.2-2.fc17 Extra Developer documentation for qwt linux/noarch
qwtplot3d-0.2.7-10.fc15 Qt/OpenGL-based C++ library providing a bunch of 3D-widgets linux/armv7hl
qwtplot3d-devel-0.2.7-10.fc15 Development files for qwtplot3d linux/armv7hl
qwtplot3d-qt4-0.2.7-10.fc15 Qt4/OpenGL-based C++ library providing a bunch of 3D-widgets linux/armv7hl
qwtplot3d-qt4-devel-0.2.7-10.fc15 Development files for qwtplot3d linux/armv7hl
qwtpolar-0.1.0-6.fc17 Qwt/Qt Polar Plot Library linux/armv7hl
qwtpolar-devel-0.1.0-6.fc17 Development Libraries for qwtpolar linux/armv7hl
qxmpp-dev-0.3.47-1.fc17 Qt XMPP Library linux/armv7hl
qxmpp-dev-devel-0.3.47-1.fc17 QXmpp-dev Development Files linux/armv7hl
qyoto-4.8.3-1.fc17 .NET/Mono bindings for the Qt libraries linux/armv7hl
qyoto-devel-4.8.3-1.fc17 Development libraries for qyoto linux/armv7hl

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