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From Fedora 16 for ppc64

Name: lorax Distribution: Koji
Version: 16.4.7 Vendor: Koji
Release: Build date: Thu Nov 3 15:03:41 2011
Group: Applications/System Build host:
Size: 236461 Source RPM:
Packager: Koji
Summary: Tool for creating the anaconda install images
Lorax is a tool for creating the anaconda install images.






* Thu Nov 03 2011 Karsten Hopp <>
  - update to latest and pull in local changes used for Alpha
* Fri Oct 21 2011 Will Woods <> 17.0-1
  - Merges the 'treebuilder' branch of lorax
  - images are split into two parts again (initrd.img, LiveOS/squashfs.img)
  - base memory use reduced to ~200M (was ~550M in F15, ~320MB in F16)
  - initrd.img is now built by dracut
  - booting now requires correct "root=live:..." argument
  - boot.iso is EFI hybrid capable (copy iso to USB stick, boot from EFI)
  - Better support for Apple EFI (now with custom boot icon!)
  - new syslinux config (#734170)
  - add fpaste to installer environment (#727842)
  - rsyslog.conf: hardcode hostname for virtio forwarding (#744544)
  - Use a predictable ISO Volume Label (#732298)
  - syslinux-vesa-splash changed filename (#739345)
  - don't create /etc/sysconfig/network (#733425)
  - xauth and libXmu are needed for ssh -X (#731046)
  - add libreport plugins (#729537), clean up libreport
  - keep nss certs for libreport (#730438)
  - keep ModemManager (#727946)
  - keep vmmouse binaries (#723831)
  - change isbeta to isfinal, default to isFinal=False (#723901)
  - use pungi's installroot rather than making our own (#722481)
  - keep ntfsresize around (#722711)
  - replace cjkuni-uming-fonts with wqy-microhei-fonts (#709962)
  - install all firmware packages (#703291, #705392)
  - keep libmodman and libproxy (#701622)
  - write the lorax verion in the .buildstamp (#689697)
  - disable rsyslogd rate limiting on imuxsock (#696943)
  - disable debuginfo package
* Wed Apr 13 2011 Martin Gracik <> 0.5-1
  - Remove pungi patch
  - Remove pseudo code
  - Add a /bin/login shim for use only in the installation environment.
  - Set the hostname from a config file, not programmatically.
  - Add systemd and agetty to the installation environment.
  - Specify "cpio -H newc" instead of "cpio -c".
  - Provide shutdown on s390x (#694518)
  - Fix arch specific requires in spec file
  - Add s390 modules and do some cleanup of the template
  - Generate ssh keys on s390
  - Don't remove tr, needed for s390
  - Do not check if we have all commands
  - Change location of addrsize and mk-s390-cdboot
  - Shutdown is in another location
  - Do not skip broken packages
  - Don't install network-manager-netbook
  - Wait for subprocess to finish
  - Have to call os.makedirs
  - images dir already exists, we just need to set it
  - Do not remove libassuan.
  - The biarch is a function not an attribute
  - Create images directory in outputtree
  - Use gzip on ppc initrd
  - Create efibootdir if doing efi images
  - Get rid of create_gconf().
  - gconf/metacity: have only one workspace.
  - Add yum-langpacks yum plugin to anaconda environment (notting)
  - Replace variables in yaboot.conf
  - Add sparc specific packages
  - Skip keymap creation on s390
  - Copy shutdown and linuxrc.s390 on s390
  - Add packages for s390
  - Add support for sparc
  - Use factory to get the image classes
  - treeinfo has to be addressed as self.treeinfo
  - Add support for s390
  - Add the xen section to treeinfo on x86_64
  - Fix magic and mapping paths
  - Fix passing of prepboot and macboot arguments
  - Small ppc fixes
  - Check if the file we want to remove exists
  - Install x86 specific packages only on x86
  - Change the location of
  - Added ppc specific packages
  - memtest and efika.forth are in /boot
  - Add support for ppc
  - Minor sparc pseudo code changes
  - Added sparc pseudo code (dgilmore)
  - Added s390 and x86 pseudo code
  - Added ppc pseudo code
* Mon Mar 14 2011 Martin Gracik <> 0.4-1
  - Add the images-xen section to treeinfo on x86_64
  - Print a message when no arguments given (#684463)
  - Mako template returns unicode strings (#681003)
  - The check option in options causes ValueError
  - Disable all ctrl-alt-arrow metacity shortcuts
  - Remove the locale-archive explicitly
  - Use xz when compressing the initrd
  - Keep the source files for locales and get rid of the binary form
  - Add /sbin to $PATH (for the tty2 terminal)
  - Create /var/run/dbus directory in installtree
  - Add mkdir support to template
  - gpart is present only on i386 arch (#672611)
  - util-linux-ng changed to util-linux
* Mon Jan 24 2011 Martin Gracik <> 0.3-1
  - Don't remove libmount package
  - Don't create mtab symlink, already exists
  - Exit with error if we have no lang-table
  - Fix file logging
  - Overwrite the /etc/shadow file
  - Use [images-xen] section for PAE and xen kernels
* Fri Jan 14 2011 Martin Gracik <> 0.2-2
  - Fix the gnome themes
  - Add biosdevname package
  - Edit .bash_history file
  - Add the initrd and kernel lines to .treeinfo
  - Don't remove the gamin package from installtree
* Wed Dec 01 2010 Martin Gracik <> 0.1-1
  - First packaging of the new lorax tool.



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