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RPM of Group Applications/Communications

LinLog-0.4-6.fc15 A ham radio logbook for Linux linux/ppc64
airsnort-0.2.7e-16.fc15 Wireless LAN (WLAN) tool which recovers encryption keys linux/ppc64
aldo-0.7.6-4.fc15 A morse tutor linux/ppc64
amora-1.1-6.fc15 A mobile remote assistant linux/ppc64
ax25-apps-0.0.6-8.fc16 AX.25 ham radio applications linux/ppc64
ax25-tools-0.0.10-0.1.rc2.fc16 Tools used to configure an ax.25 enabled computer linux/ppc64
bluedevil-1.2.2-1.fc16 Bluetooth stack for KDE linux/ppc64
blueproximity-1.2.5-8.fc15 Detects you via your bluetooth devices and locks/unlocks the screen linux/noarch
callgit-2.0-6.fc15 A tool for Ham Radio Operators to look up call-signs on the web linux/ppc64
ckermit-9.0.301-1.fc16 The quintessential all-purpose communications program linux/ppc64
colrdx-1.02-7.fc15 DX-cluster client with curses color support linux/ppc64
concordance-0.23-2.fc15 Software to program the Logitech Harmony remote control linux/ppc64
conserver-client-8.1.18-3.fc15 Serial console client linux/ppc64
cutecom-0.20.0-6.fc15 A graphical serial terminal, like minicom or Hyperterminal on Windows linux/ppc64
cutecw-1.0-1.fc16 Morse Code (CW) Training Software linux/ppc64
demorse-0.9-5.fc15 Command line tool for decoding Morse code signals linux/ppc64
dxcc-20080225-13.fc16 Small utility which determines the ARRL DXCC entity of a ham radio callsign linux/noarch
dxcc-gui-20080225-13.fc16 Optional GUI with a world map showing the DXCC's location linux/noarch
dynamite-0.1.1-5.fc15 Extract data compressed with PKWARE Data Compression Library linux/ppc64
dynamite-0.1.1-5.fc15 Extract data compressed with PKWARE Data Compression Library linux/ppclinux/ppc64
echolinux-0.17a-8.fc15 Linux echoLink client linux/ppc64
efax-0.9a-9.001114.fc15 A program for faxing using a Class 1, 2 or 2.0 fax modem linux/ppc64
eggdrop-1.6.20-2.fc15 The world's most popular Open Source IRC bot linux/ppc64
ekiga-3.3.2-3.fc16 A Gnome based SIP/H323 teleconferencing application linux/ppc64
empathy- Instant Messaging Client for GNOME linux/ppc64
epic-2.10.1-2.fc15 An ircII chat client linux/ppc64
ffgtk-0.7.94-8.fc16 A solution for controlling Fritz!Box or compatible routers linux/ppc64
ffgtk-plugin-capifax-0.7.94-8.fc16 Fax plugin for ffgtk linux/ppc64
ffgtk-plugin-evolution-0.7.94-8.fc16 Evolution address book plugin for ffgtk linux/ppc64
ffgtk-plugin-gstreamer-0.7.94-8.fc16 Gstreamer plugin for ffgtk linux/ppc64
fldigi-3.21.7-1.fc15 Digital modem program for Linux linux/ppc64
freerdp-0.8.2-3.fc15 Remote Desktop Protocol client linux/ppc64
garmin-sync-0.3-4.fc16 Download data from Garmin fitness computers linux/noarch
gnokii-0.6.30-1.fc16 Linux/Unix tool suite for various mobile phones linux/ppc64
gnokii-0.6.30-1.fc16 Linux/Unix tool suite for various mobile phones linux/ppclinux/ppc64
gnome-bluetooth-3.2.1-2.fc16 Bluetooth graphical utilities linux/ppc64
gnome-pilot-2.91.93-2.fc16 GNOME pilot programs linux/ppc
gnome-pilot-2.91.93-2.fc16 GNOME pilot programs linux/ppc64linux/ppc
gnome-pilot-conduits-2.32.1-3.fc15 Additional conduits for gnome-pilot linux/ppc64
gnome-pilot-eds-2.91.93-2.fc16 Evolution-Data-Server conduits linux/ppc64
gpredict-1.3-1.fc16 Real-time satellite tracking and orbit prediction program linux/ppc64
gpsman-6.4.1-2.fc15 A GPS manager linux/noarch
gridloc-0.6-9.fc15 A ncurses console application for the calculation of Maidenhead QRA Locators linux/ppc64
grig-0.8.0-1.fc16 A Ham Radio Control graphical user interface linux/ppc64
gtkterm-0.99.6-2.fc15 Serial port terminal linux/ppc64
ibp-0.21-5.fc15 A tool to show which IBP beacons are transmitting linux/ppc64
ike-2.1.7-4.fc16 Shrew Soft VPN Client For Linux linux/ppclinux/ppc64
ike-2.1.7-4.fc16 Shrew Soft VPN Client For Linux linux/ppc64
irclog2html-2.9.2-1.fc16 Script to convert IRC logs to HTML and other formats linux/noarch
irssi-0.8.15-6.fc16 Modular text mode IRC client with Perl scripting linux/ppc64
irssi-xmpp-0.51-2.fc15 XMPP plugin into irssi linux/ppc64
isdn4k-utils-vboxgetty-3.2-79.fc16 ISDN voice box (getty) linux/ppc64
itaka-0.2.2-3.fc15 On-demand screen capture server linux/noarch
klog-0.5.6-5.fc15 A Ham radio logging program for KDE linux/ppc64
libfap-1.2-1.fc16 An APRS parser written in C linux/ppc64
libfap-1.2-1.fc16 An APRS parser written in C linux/ppclinux/ppc64
libnodeupdown-1.12-6.fc16 A cluster node up/down detection library linux/ppc64
libnodeupdown-1.12-6.fc16 A cluster node up/down detection library linux/ppclinux/ppc64
libnodeupdown-backend-ganglia-1.12-6.fc16 Ganglia backend for libnodeupdown linux/ppc64
libnodeupdown-backend-openib-1.12-6.fc16 Openib backend for libnodeupdown linux/ppc64
libnodeupdown-backend-pingd-1.12-6.fc16 Pingd backend for libnodeupdown linux/ppc64
libnodeupdown-clusterlist-hostsfile-1.12-6.fc16 Hostsfile clusterlist module for libnodeupdown linux/ppc64
libnodeupdown-devel-1.12-6.fc16 Development headers for libnodeupdown linux/ppc
libnodeupdown-devel-1.12-6.fc16 Development headers for libnodeupdown linux/ppc64linux/ppc
linphone-3.4.3-1.fc16 Phone anywhere in the whole world by using the Internet linux/ppc
linphone-3.4.3-1.fc16 Phone anywhere in the whole world by using the Internet linux/ppc64linux/ppc
linpsk-0.9-7.fc12 Psk31 and RTTY program for Linux linux/ppc64
logserial-0.4.2-10.fc15 Package for logging incoming bytes on asynchronous serial ports linux/ppc64
lpsk31-1.1-7.fc15 A ncurses application for ham radio communications using PSK31 digital mode linux/ppc64
lrzsz-0.12.20-29.fc16 The lrz and lsz modem communications programs linux/ppc64
mgetty-1.1.36-12.fc16 A getty replacement for use with data and fax modems linux/ppc64
mgetty-sendfax-1.1.36-12.fc16 Provides support for sending faxes over a modem linux/ppc64
mgetty-viewfax-1.1.36-12.fc16 An X Window System fax viewer linux/ppc64
mgetty-voice-1.1.36-12.fc16 A program for using your modem and mgetty as an answering machine linux/ppc64
minicom-2.5-6.fc16 A text-based modem control and terminal emulation program linux/ppc64
morse2txt-1.0.0-3.fc15 Morse Code Reader linux/ppc64
moserial-3.0.1-2.fc16 Serial terminal for the gnome desktop linux/ppc64
msynctool-0.22-3.fc15 Calendar (and other PIM data) synchronization program linux/ppc64
mtkbabel-0.8.2-2.fc15 Program to Operate the i-Blue 747 GPS Data Logger linux/noarch
multisync-0.91.1-0.4.svn384.fc15 Calendar (and other PIM data) synchronization program linux/ppc64
ncid-0.81-1.fc16 Network Caller ID server, client, and gateways linux/ppc64
ncid-client-0.81-1.fc16 NCID (Network Caller ID) client linux/noarch
ncid-kpopup-0.81-1.fc16 NCID kpopup module displays caller ID info in a KDE window linux/noarch
ncid-samba-0.81-1.fc16 NCID samba module sends caller ID information to windows machines linux/noarch
ncid-speak-0.81-1.fc16 NCID speak module speaks caller ID information via voice synthesis linux/noarch
ndisc6-1.0.1-1.fc16 IPv6 diagnostic tools linux/ppc64
nec2c-0.8-4.fc15 Translation of NEC2 antenna modeling tool from FORTRAN to C linux/ppc64
nexcontrol-0.2-4.fc15 Software to control your Celestron NexStar Telescope linux/noarch
node-0.3.2-8.fc15 Simple node front end, modelled after the node shells of TheNet and G8BPQ nodes linux/ppc64
nullmodem-0.0.6-3.fc16 A utility to loopback pseudo-terminals linux/ppc64
orange-0.4-4.fc15 Squeeze out installable Microsoft cabinet files linux/ppc64
orange-0.4-4.fc15 Squeeze out installable Microsoft cabinet files linux/ppclinux/ppc64
perl-libnodeupdown-1.12-6.fc16 Perl bindings for libnodeupdown linux/ppc64
picocom-1.6-2.fc15 Minimal serial communications program linux/ppc64
pidgin-gfire-0.9.4-2.fc16 Xfire plugin for Pidgin linux/ppc64
pilot-link-0.12.5-7.fc16 File transfer utilities between Linux and PalmPilots linux/ppc64
pilot-link-perl-0.12.5-7.fc16 PalmPilot utilies written in perl linux/ppc64
qfaxreader-0.3.1-12.fc15.3 A multipage monochrome/color TIFF/FAX viewer linux/ppc64
qlandkartegt-0.16.0-2.fc12 GPS device mapping tool linux/ppc64
qle-0.0.18-4.fc15 A QSO Logger and log Editor linux/noarch
qodem-0.3.2-1.fc16 Terminal emulator and communications package linux/ppc64
qrq-0.2.1-1.fc16 Morse telegraphy trainer linux/ppc64
qsstv-5.3c-6.fc13 Qt-based slow-scan TV and fax linux/ppc64
qtel-0.11.2-4.fc13 The Qt EchoLink Client linux/ppc64
scmxx-0.9.0-5.fc15 Exchange data with Siemens mobile phones linux/ppc64
sems-1.4.2-1.fc16 SIP Express Media Server, an extensible SIP media server linux/ppc64
sems-conf_auth-1.4.2-1.fc16 Conference with authorization linux/ppc64
sems-conference-1.4.2-1.fc16 Conferencing application linux/ppc64
sems-diameter_client-1.4.2-1.fc16 A simple DIAMETER client implementation linux/ppc64
sems-dsm-1.4.2-1.fc16 The state machine interpreter for SEMS linux/ppc64
sems-early_announce-1.4.2-1.fc16 Early announce application linux/ppc64
sems-g722-1.4.2-1.fc16 G.722 support for SEMS linux/ppc64
sems-gsm-1.4.2-1.fc16 GSM support for SEMS linux/ppc64
sems-ivr-1.4.2-1.fc16 IVR functionality for SEMS linux/ppc64
sems-mailbox-1.4.2-1.fc16 Mailbox application linux/ppc64
sems-pin_collect-1.4.2-1.fc16 Collects a PIN linux/ppc64
sems-python-1.4.2-1.fc16 Python bindings for SEMS linux/ppc64
sems-speex-1.4.2-1.fc16 Speex support for SEMS linux/ppc64
sems-xmlrpc2di-1.4.2-1.fc16 XMLRPC interface for SEMS linux/ppc64
sendxmpp-0.0.8-4.fc15 A perl script to send xmpp messages linux/noarch
sipp-3.2-2.fc15 SIP test tool / traffic generator linux/ppc64
sipsak-0.9.6-9.fc15 SIP swiss army knife linux/ppc64
sipwitch-1.1.2-1.fc16 A secure peer-to-peer VoIP server for the SIP protocol linux/ppc64
sipwitch-gui-1.1.2-1.fc16 user agent to monitor running sipwitch process linux/ppc64
sipwitch-plugin-forward-1.1.2-1.fc16 Forward registration and routing plugin linux/ppc64
sipwitch-plugin-scripting-1.1.2-1.fc16 Scripting plugin for sipwitch linux/ppc64
sipwitch-plugin-subscriber-1.1.2-1.fc16 Subscriber gateway plugin for sipwitch linux/ppc64
sipwitch-plugin-zeroconf-1.1.2-1.fc16 Zeroconf plugin for sipwitch linux/ppc64
sjinn-1.01-3.fc16 Simple tool for sending & receiving data from RS-232 devices linux/ppc64
smstools-3.1.14-2.fc15 Tools to send and receive short messages through GSM modems or mobile phones linux/ppc64
soundmodem-0.15-2.fc15 Soundcard Packet Radio Modem linux/ppc64
splat-1.3.0-4.fc15 Analyze point-to-point terrestrial RF communication links linux/ppc64
ssbd-0.10-6.fc15 Voice keyer for use in hamradio linux/ppc64
stun-0.96-5.fc15 Implements a simple Stun Client linux/ppc64
stun-server-0.96-5.fc15 Implements the Stun Server linux/ppc64
svxlink-server-0.11.1-4.fc13 SvxLink - A general purpose voice services system linux/ppc64
synce-connector-0.15.2-4.fc16 Connection framework and dccm-implementation linux/ppc64
synce-gnome-0.11-5.fc15 Display libnotify messages for odccm linux/noarch
synce-gnomevfs-0.13-3.fc15 Gnome-vfs module for synce linux/ppc64
synce-kpm-0.15.1-1.fc16 SynCE KDE PDA Manager linux/noarch
synce-software-manager-0.9.0-14.fc15 Software manager for use with synce linux/ppc64
synce-sync-engine-0.15.1-1.fc16 Synce synchronization engine linux/ppc64
synce-trayicon-0.15.2-0.1.20110523svn.fc16 Tray icon for use with gnome and synce linux/ppc64
telepathy-butterfly-0.5.15-3.fc16 MSN connection manager for Telepathy linux/noarch
telepathy-gabble-0.12.7-1.fc16 A Jabber/XMPP connection manager linux/ppc64
telepathy-haze-0.5.0-1.fc16 A multi-protocol Libpurple connection manager for Telepathy linux/ppc64
telepathy-idle-0.1.10-1.fc16 IRC connection manager for Telepathy linux/ppc64
telepathy-logger-0.2.10-2.fc16 Telepathy framework logging daemon linux/ppc64
telepathy-logger-0.2.10-2.fc16 Telepathy framework logging daemon linux/ppclinux/ppc64
telepathy-salut-0.5.2-1.fc16 Link-local XMPP telepathy connection manager linux/ppc64
telepathy-stream-engine-0.5.11-3.fc15 Telepathy client to handle media streaming linux/ppc64
telepathy-sunshine-0.2.0-2.gite26dd019.fc16 Gadu-Gadu connection manager for telepathy linux/noarch
trustedqsl-1.11-8.fc15 TrustedQSL ham-radio applications linux/ppc64
tucnak2-2.31-1.fc13 VHF contest logging program linux/ppc64
twlog-2.7-4.fc15 Records basic ham radio log information linux/ppc64
unixcw-2.3-5.fc15 Shared library for Morse programs linux/ppc
unixcw-2.3-5.fc15 Shared library for Morse programs linux/ppc64linux/ppc
unshield-0.6-3.fc15 Install InstallShield applications on a Pocket PC linux/ppc64
unshield-0.6-3.fc15 Install InstallShield applications on a Pocket PC linux/ppclinux/ppc64
uucp-1.07-26.fc16 A set of utilities for operations between systems linux/ppc64
vifir-0.9-3.fc16 A viewer for electronic aviation charts linux/ppc64
wammu-0.30.1-4.fc15 Mobile Phone Manager - Gammu GUI linux/noarch
weechat-0.3.5-1.fc16 Portable, fast, light and extensible IRC client linux/ppc64
whatsup-1.12-6.fc16 Node up/down detection utility linux/ppc64
whatsup-pingd-1.12-6.fc16 Pingd daemon for whatsup linux/ppc64
wxapt-1.3-6.fc15 Console application for decoding and saving weather images linux/ppc64
xdemorse-1.3-7.fc15 GTK based application for decoding and displaying Morse code signals linux/ppc64
xfhell-1.9-5.fc15 GTK based Ham Radio application for the Hellschreiber communications mode linux/ppc64
xgnokii-0.6.30-1.fc16 Graphical Linux/Unix tool suite for various mobile phones linux/ppc64
xgridloc-0.9-12.fc15 A GTK+ application for the calculation of Maidenhead QRA Locators linux/ppc64
xlog-2.0.5-1.fc16 Logging program for Hamradio Operators linux/ppc64
xnec2c-1.5-1.fc16 GTK based graphical wrapper for nec2c linux/ppc64
xpsk31-1.2-6.fc14 GTK+ graphical version of lpsk31 for Ham Radio linux/ppc64
xwota-0.4-11.fc15 Who's On the Air Database interface linux/ppc64
xwxapt-2.0-2.beta.fc15 GTK+ graphical application for decoding and saving weather images linux/ppc64
zapplet-0.1-8.fc15 Zenoss Tray Applet linux/noarch

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