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Packages beginning with letter R

rabbitmq-server-2.2.0-2.fc15 The RabbitMQ server linux/noarch
rabbitvcs-cli- CLI extension for RabbitVCS linux/noarch
rabbitvcs-core- Core package of RabbitVCS linux/noarch
rabbitvcs-gedit- Gedit extension for RabbitVCS linux/s390
rabbitvcs-git- Git support for RabbitVCS linux/noarch
rabbitvcs-nautilus- Nautilus extension for RabbitVCS linux/s390
rabbitvcs-svn- Git support for RabbitVCS linux/noarch
raddump-0.3.1-4.fc15 RADIUS packets interpreter linux/s390
radeontool-1.5-7.fc15 Backlight and video output configuration tool for radeon cards linux/s390
radial-1.0-4.fc15 A simple program for calculating radial velocities of stars in a binary system linux/s390
radiotray-0.6.3-2.fc15 Radio Tray is a streaming player for listening to online radios linux/noarch
radius-engine-0.6-2.fc15 A Lua based real-time 2D graphics game engine linux/s390
radius-engine-devel-0.6-2.fc15 Development libraries and headers for Radius Engine linux/s390
radiusclient-ng-0.5.6-6.fc15 RADIUS protocol client library linux/s390
radiusclient-ng-devel-0.5.6-6.fc15 Development files for radiusclient-ng linux/s390
radiusclient-ng-utils-0.5.6-6.fc15 Utility programs for radiusclient-ng linux/s390
radvd-1.7-3.fc15 A Router Advertisement daemon linux/s390
rafkill-1.2.3-6.fc15 Top-down shooter with powerups linux/s390
ragel-6.6-3.fc15 Finite state machine compiler linux/s390
raidem-0.3.1-14.fc15 2d top-down shoot'em up linux/s390
raidem-music-1.0-5.fc15 Background music for the game raidem linux/noarch
raidutils-0.0.6-5.fc15 Utilities to manage Adaptec I2O compliant RAID controllers linux/s390
rainbow-0.8.6-3.fc15 An isolation shell linux/s390
rakarrack-0.6.1-3.fc15 Audio effects processing rack for guitar linux/s390
rakudo-star-0.0.2011.04_3.3.0-1.fc15 Rakudo, Perl6-modules, Blizkost and documentation linux/s390
rancid-2.3.6-2.fc15 Really Awesome New Cisco confIg Differ linux/s390
ranger-1.2.2-2.fc15 A flexible console file manager linux/noarch
ranpwd-1.2-5.fc15 A program to generate random passwords linux/s390
rapid-photo-downloader-0.3.4-1.fc15 Images downloader for external devices linux/noarch
rapidsvn-0.12.0-3.fc15 Graphical interface for the Subversion revision control system linux/s390
raptor-1.4.21-2.fc15 Raptor RDF Parser Toolkit for Redland linux/s390
raptor-devel-1.4.21-2.fc15 Libraries, includes etc to develop with Raptor RDF parser library linux/s390
rarian-0.8.1-6.fc15 Documentation meta-data library linux/s390
rarian-compat-0.8.1-6.fc15 Extra files for compatibility with scrollkeeper linux/s390
rarian-devel-0.8.1-6.fc15 Development files for Rarian linux/s390
rasqal-0.9.21-2.fc15 RDF Query Library linux/s390
rasqal-devel-0.9.21-2.fc15 Development files for the Rasqal RDF libraries linux/s390
rasterview-1.2.1-4.fc15 CUPS raster file viewer linux/s390
ratpoison-1.4.5-3.fc15 Minimalistic window manager linux/s390
ratproxy-1.58-3.fc15 A passive web application security assessment tool linux/s390
rats-2.1-8.fc15 Rough Auditing Tool for Security linux/s390
raul-0.8.0-2.fc15 Real-time Audio Utility Library linux/s390
raul-devel-0.8.0-2.fc15 Development libraries and headers for raul linux/s390
raw-thumbnailer-0.99.1-6.fc15 Nautilus file manager thumbnailer for RAW images linux/s390
rawstudio-2.0-1.fc15 Read, manipulate and convert digital camera raw images linux/s390
rawtherapee-3.0-0.28.a1.fc15 Raw image processing software linux/s390
raydium-1.2-29.fc15 Raydium is a game engine, best known for powering ManiaDrive linux/s390
raydium-devel-1.2-29.fc15 Development files for raydium linux/s390
razertool-0.0.7-8.fc15 Tool for controlling Razer Copperhead(TM) mice linux/s390
rb_libtorrent-0.15.6-1.fc15 A C++ BitTorrent library aiming to be the best alternative linux/s390
rb_libtorrent-devel-0.15.6-1.fc15 Development files for rb_libtorrent linux/s390
rb_libtorrent-examples-0.15.6-1.fc15 Example clients using rb_libtorrent linux/s390
rb_libtorrent-python-0.15.6-1.fc15 Python bindings for rb_libtorrent linux/s390
rblcheck-1.5-18.fc15 Command-line interface to RBL-style listings linux/s390
rbldnsd-0.996b-4.fc15 Small, fast daemon to serve DNSBLs linux/s390
rcrpanel-3.5-4.fc15 Lay out front panel for electronics project linux/s390
rcs-5.7-37.fc15 Revision Control System (RCS) file version management tools linux/s390
rcsslogplayer-14.0.1-4.fc15 RoboCup Soccer Simulator LogPlayer linux/s390
rcsslogplayer-devel-14.0.1-4.fc15 Header files and libraries for rcsslogplayer linux/s390
rcssmonitor-14.1.0-3.fc15 RoboCup 2D Soccer Simulator Monitor linux/s390
rcssserver-15.0.0-2.fc14 Robocup 2D Soccer Simulation Server linux/s390
rcssserver-devel-15.0.0-2.fc14 Header files and libraries for rcssserver linux/s390
rcssserver-gui-15.0.0-2.fc14 A simple way to run 2D Soccer Simulation on a single machine linux/s390
rcssserver3d-0.6.5-1.fc15 Robocup 3D Soccer Simulation Server linux/s390
rcssserver3d-devel-0.6.5-1.fc15 Header files and libraries for rcssserver3d linux/noarch
rcssserver3d-doc-0.6.5-1.fc15 Users manual for rcssserver3d linux/noarch
rdate-1.4-17.fc15 Tool for getting the date/time from a remote machine linux/s390
rdesktop-1.6.0-11.fc15 X client for remote desktop into Windows Terminal Server linux/s390
rdiff-backup-1.2.8-6.fc15 Convenient and transparent local/remote incremental mirror/backup linux/s390
rdist-6.1.5-50.fc15 Maintains identical copies of files on multiple machines. linux/s390
rdma-1.0-9.fc15 Infiniband/iWARP Kernel Module Initializer linux/noarch
re2c-0.13.5-2.fc15 Tool for generating C-based recognizers from regular expressions linux/s390
readahead-1.5.7-3.fc15 Read a preset list of files into memory linux/s390
readline-6.2-2.fc15 A library for editing typed command lines linux/s390
readline-devel-6.2-2.fc15 Files needed to develop programs which use the readline library linux/s390
readline-static-6.2-2.fc15 Static libraries for the readline library linux/s390
rear-1.11.0-1.fc14 Relax and Recover (ReaR) is a Linux Disaster Recovery framework linux/noarch
reciteword-0.8.4-7.fc15 Recite Word Easily linux/s390
recode-3.6-30.fc15 Conversion between character sets and surfaces linux/s390
recode-devel-3.6-30.fc15 Header files and static libraries for development using recode linux/s390
recoll-1.14.4-2.fc15 Desktop full text search tool with Qt GUI linux/s390
recordmydesktop- Desktop session recorder with audio and video linux/s390
redet-8.26-5.fc15 Regular expression development and execution tool linux/noarch
redet-doc-8.25-4 Documentation for the Redet tool linux/noarch
redhat-lsb-4.0-6.fc15 LSB base libraries support for Red Hat Enterprise Linux linux/s390
redhat-lsb-graphics-4.0-6.fc15 LSB graphics libraries support for Red Hat Enterprise Linux linux/s390
redhat-lsb-printing-4.0-6.fc15 LSB printing libraries support for Red Hat Enterprise Linux linux/s390
redhat-menus-12.0.2-3.fc15 Configuration and data files for the desktop menus linux/noarch
redhat-rpm-config-9.1.0-5.fc14 Red Hat specific rpm configuration files linux/noarch
redir-2.2.1-7.fc15 Redirect TCP connections linux/s390
redis-2.2.5-2.fc15 A persistent key-value database linux/s390
redland-1.0.12-3.fc15 RDF Application Framework linux/s390
redland-bindings-common- Redland RDF Application Framework API Bindings linux/s390
redland-devel-1.0.12-3.fc15 Libraries and header files for programs that use Redland linux/s390
redland-mysql-1.0.12-3.fc15 MySQL storage support for Redland linux/s390
redland-pgsql-1.0.12-3.fc15 PostgreSQL storage support for Redland linux/s390
redland-virtuoso-1.0.12-3.fc15 Virtuoso storage support for Redland linux/s390
redmode-1.1-3.fc15 Switch to and from night red mode linux/noarch
rednotebook-1.1.4-1.fc15 A desktop diary linux/noarch
redshift-1.6-3.fc15 Adjusts the color temperature of your screen according to time of day linux/s390
referencer-1.1.6-15.fc15 A document organiser and bibliography manager for Gnome linux/s390
refmac-dictionary-5.28-1.fc15 Refmac ligand dictionaries linux/noarch
regexp-1.5-6.fc15 Simple regular expressions API linux/noarch
regexp-javadoc-1.5-6.fc15 Javadoc for regexp linux/noarch
regexxer-0.9-6.fc15 A nifty GUI search/replace tool linux/s390
regionset-0.1-9.fc15 Reads/sets the region code of DVD drives linux/s390
reinteract-0.5.0-7 Interactive Python shell linux/noarch
reiserfs-utils-3.6.21-4.fc15 Tools for creating, repairing, and debugging ReiserFS filesystems linux/s390
rekall-2.4.6-17.fc15 A KDE database front-end application linux/s390
rekall-docs-2.4.6-17.fc15 Rekall documentation linux/s390
rekall-extra-2.4.6-17.fc15 Rekall Extra Stuff Plugin linux/s390
rekall-mdb-2.4.6-17.fc15 Rekall Microsoft Access DB driver linux/s390
rekall-mysql-2.4.6-17.fc15 Rekall MySQL driver linux/s390
rekall-odbc-2.4.6-17.fc15 Rekall ODBC driver linux/s390
rekall-postgresql-2.4.6-17.fc15 Rekall PostgreSQL driver linux/s390
rekall-python-2.4.6-17.fc15 Rekall Python support linux/s390
rekall-sqlite-2.4.6-17.fc15 Rekall SQLite support linux/s390
rekollect-0.3.2-2.fc15 A note taking and note management application linux/s390
rekonq-0.6.1-2.fc15 KDE browser based on QtWebkit linux/s390
relaxngDatatype-1.0-6.3.fc15 RELAX NG Datatype API linux/noarch
relaxngDatatype-javadoc-1.0-6.3.fc15 Javadoc for relaxngDatatype linux/noarch
remctl-2.11-12.fc15 Client/server for Kerberos-authenticated command execution linux/s390
remctl-devel-2.11-12.fc15 Development files needed to compile C programs against remctl linux/s390
remctl-perl-2.11-12.fc15 Perl interface to remctl linux/s390
remind-03.01.07-3.fc15 A sophisticated calendar and alarm program linux/s390
remind-gui-03.01.07-3.fc15 A graphical front-end for remind using Tcl/Tk linux/s390
remmina-0.9.3-3.fc15 Remote Desktop Client linux/s390
remmina-devel-0.9.3-3.fc15 Development files for remmina linux/s390
remmina-plugins-common-0.9.2-2.fc15 Common files for Remmina Remote Desktop Client plugins linux/s390
remmina-plugins-nx-0.9.2-2.fc15 NX plugin for Remmina Remote Desktop Client linux/s390
remmina-plugins-rdp-0.9.2-2.fc15 RDP plugin for Remmina Remote Desktop Client linux/s390
remmina-plugins-telepathy-0.9.2-2.fc15 Telepathy plugin for Remmina Remote Desktop Client linux/s390
remmina-plugins-vnc-0.9.2-2.fc15 VNC plugin for Remmina Remote Desktop Client linux/s390
remmina-plugins-xdmcp-0.9.2-2.fc15 XDMCP plugin for Remmina Remote Desktop Client linux/s390
remoot-0.9-10.fc15 Pseudo-universal remote control wrapper linux/noarch
ren-1.0-15.fc15.2.1 Rename multiple files linux/s390
renameutils-0.10.0-5.fc15 A set of programs to make renaming and copying of files easier linux/s390
renrot-1.1-2.fc14 A program to rename and rotate files according to EXIF tags linux/noarch
rep-gtk-0.90.5-4.fc15 GTK+ binding for librep Lisp environment linux/s390
rep-gtk-devel-0.90.5-4.fc15 Development files for rep-gtk linux/s390
report-0.20-2.fc15 Incident reporting library linux/s390
report-config-bugzilla-redhat-com-0.20-2.fc15 Config for reporter to linux/s390
report-config-ftp-0.20-2.fc15 Config for reporter to ftp linux/s390
report-config-localsave-0.20-2.fc15 Config for reporter to ftp linux/s390
report-config-scp-0.20-2.fc15 Config for reporter to ftp linux/s390
report-gtk-0.20-2.fc15 GTK IO for reporting library linux/s390
report-newt-0.20-2.fc15 Newt IO for reporting library linux/s390
report-plugin-bugzilla-0.20-2.fc15 Plugin template reporter to bugzilla linux/s390
report-plugin-ftp-0.20-2.fc15 Plugin template reporter to ftp linux/s390
report-plugin-localsave-0.20-2.fc15 Plugin template reporter to local directory linux/s390
report-plugin-scp-0.20-2.fc15 Plugin template reporter to scp linux/s390
repoview-0.6.5-2.fc15 Creates a set of static HTML pages in a yum repository linux/noarch
resapplet-0.1.4-3.fc15 Resolution Switching Applet linux/s390
resource-agents-3.1.1-1.fc15 Open Source HA Resource Agents for Red Hat Cluster linux/s390
rest-0.7.10-1.fc15 A library for access to RESTful web services linux/s390
rest-devel-0.7.10-1.fc15 Development package for rest linux/s390
revelation-0.4.11-11 Password manager for GNOME 2 linux/s390
revisor-2.2-3.fc15 Fedora "Spin" Graphical User Interface linux/noarch
revisor-cli-2.2-3.fc15 Revisor CLI components linux/noarch
revisor-cobbler-2.2-3.fc15 Revisor Cobbler Integration linux/noarch
revisor-comps-2.2-3.fc15 Revisor Comps Files linux/noarch
revisor-gui-2.2-3.fc15 Revisor GUI linux/noarch
revisor-isolinux-2.2-3.fc15 Revisor plugin for supplying a custom isolinux.cfg linux/noarch
revisor-mock-2.2-3.fc15 Revisor Integration with Mock linux/noarch
revisor-reuseinstaller-2.2-3.fc15 Revisor Plugin to enable Reusing existing installer images linux/noarch
revisor-unity-2.2-3.fc15 Fedora Unity Configuration and Scripts for Revisor linux/noarch
revisor-unity-scripts-2.2-3.fc15 Fedora Unity Configuration and Scripts for Revisor linux/noarch
rfdump-1.6-8.fc15 RFID tags detector linux/s390
rfkill-0.4-4.fc15 A tool for enabling and disabling wireless devices linux/s390
rgmanager-3.1.1-1.fc15 Open Source HA Resource Group Failover for Red Hat Cluster linux/s390
rhdb-utils-9.0.0-2.fc15 Miscellaneous utilities for PostgreSQL - Red Hat Edition linux/s390
rhevsh-0.9-1.20110418git.fc15 A command-line interface to Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization linux/noarch
rhino-1.7-0.8.r2.fc15 JavaScript for Java linux/noarch
rhino-demo-1.7-0.8.r2.fc15 Examples for rhino linux/noarch
rhino-javadoc-1.7-0.8.r2.fc15 Javadoc for rhino linux/noarch
rhino-manual-1.7-0.8.r2.fc15 Manual for rhino linux/noarch
rhn-check-1.3.12-2.fc15 Check for RHN actions linux/noarch
rhn-client-tools-1.3.12-2.fc15 Support programs and libraries for Red Hat Network or Spacewalk linux/noarch
rhn-custom-info-5.4.7-2.fc15 Set and list custom values for RHN-enabled machines linux/noarch
rhn-setup-1.3.12-2.fc15 Configure and register an RHN/Spacewalk client linux/noarch
rhn-setup-gnome-1.3.12-2.fc15 A GUI interface for RHN/Spacewalk Registration linux/noarch
rhncfg-5.9.48-2.fc15 Red Hat Network Configuration Client Libraries linux/noarch
rhncfg-actions-5.9.48-2.fc15 Red Hat Network Configuration Client Actions linux/noarch
rhncfg-client-5.9.48-2.fc15 Red Hat Network Configuration Client linux/noarch
rhncfg-management-5.9.48-2.fc15 Red Hat Network Configuration Management Client linux/noarch
rhnlib-2.5.33-2.fc15 Python libraries for the RHN project linux/noarch
rhnmd-5.3.8-1.fc15 Red Hat Network Monitoring Daemon linux/noarch
rhnpush-5.5.7-2.fc15 Package uploader for the Red Hat Network Satellite Server linux/noarch
rhnsd-4.9.8-2.fc15 Red Hat Network query daemon linux/s390
rho-0.0.20-3.fc15 An SSH system profiler linux/noarch
rhythmbox-equalizer-1.4-2.fc15 An Equalizer plugin for Rhythmbox linux/s390
ricci-0.18.7-1.fc15 Remote Cluster and Storage Management System linux/s390
rinetd-0.62-10.fc15 TCP redirection server linux/s390
rinputd-1.0.2-2.fc13 A server for receiving input events over the network linux/s390
rinputd-devel-1.0.2-2.fc13 Development headers for building rinputd clients linux/s390
ripmime- Extract attachments out of a MIME encoded email packages linux/s390
ris-linux-0.4-8.fc15 RIS for Linux - Boot winpe from the net / Ris Windows Installation linux/noarch
ristretto-0.0.93-1.fc15 Image-viewer for the Xfce desktop environment linux/s390
rkhunter-1.3.8-5.fc15 A host-based tool to scan for rootkits, backdoors and local exploits linux/noarch
rktime-0.6-3.fc15 Multi-zone time display utility linux/noarch
rkward-0.5.5-2.fc15 Graphical frontend for R language linux/s390
rlog-1.4-9.fc15 Runtime Logging for C++ linux/s390
rlog-devel-1.4-9.fc15 Runtime Logging for C++ - development files linux/s390
rlwrap-0.37-2.fc15 Wrapper for GNU readline linux/s390
rmanage-0.1.8-2.fc15 Remotely monitoring machines on network linux/s390
rmap-1.2-8.fc15 Rmap is a package that is able to generate images of the earth from a distance linux/s390
rmap-data-1.2-8.fc15 Rendering data for rmap linux/s390
rmic-maven-plugin-1.1-6.fc15 Uses the java rmic compiler to generate classes used in remote method invocation linux/noarch
rmic-maven-plugin-javadoc-1.1-6.fc15 Javadoc for rmic-maven-plugin linux/noarch
rmol-0.23.1-5.fc15 C++ library of Revenue Management and Optimisation classes and functions linux/s390
rmol-devel-0.23.1-5.fc15 Header files, libraries and development documentation for rmol linux/s390
rmol-doc-0.23.1-5.fc15 HTML documentation for the RMOL library linux/noarch
rmt-0.4-0.10.b43.fc15 Provides certain programs with access to remote tape devices linux/s390
rng-tools-3-3.fc15 Random number generator related utilities linux/s390
robodoc-4.99.38-2.fc15 Extract documentation from source code linux/s390
roboptim-core-0.5-3.fc15 The RobOptim core C++ library linux/s390
roboptim-core-devel-0.5-3.fc15 The Roboptim core headers and development-related files linux/s390
roboptim-core-doc-0.5-3.fc15 The RobOptim core documentation linux/s390
roboptim-trajectory-0.5-3.fc15 The RobOptim trajectory C++ library linux/s390
roboptim-trajectory-devel-0.5-3.fc15 The Roboptim trajectory headers and development-related files linux/s390
roboptim-trajectory-doc-0.5-3.fc15 The RobOptim trajectory documentation linux/s390
robotfindskitten-1.7320508.406-4.fc15 A game/zen simulation. You are robot. Your job is to find kitten. linux/s390
rocksndiamonds- Underground digging game linux/s390
rogue-5.4.5-7.fc15 The original graphical adventure game linux/s390
rome-0.9-7.fc15 RSS and Atom Utilities linux/noarch
rome-javadoc-0.9-7.fc15 Javadocs for rome linux/noarch
root-tail-1.2-7.fc15 Displays a given file anywhere on your X11 root window linux/s390
rootfiles-8.1-7.fc15 The basic required files for the root user's directory linux/noarch
rootplot-2.2.1-4.fc15 Plots ROOT data with matplotlib linux/noarch
rootsh-1.5.3-4.fc15 Shell wrapper for auditing linux/s390
rosegarden4-11.02-2.fc15 MIDI, audio and notation editor linux/s390
rosegarden4-feta-fonts-11.02-2.fc15 Rosegarden feta fonts linux/noarch
rosegarden4-parmesan-fonts-11.02-2.fc15 Rosegarden parmesan fonts linux/noarch
rott-registered-1.1-4.fc15 Rise of the Triad registered version linux/s390
rott-shareware-1.1-4.fc15 Rise of the Triad shareware version linux/s390
roundcubemail-0.5.1-1.fc15 Round Cube Webmail is a browser-based multilingual IMAP client linux/noarch
roundup-1.4.15-2.fc15 Simple and flexible issue-tracking system linux/noarch
routino-1.5.1-5.fc15 Router for OpenStreetMap Data linux/s390
roxterm-1.21.1-1.fc15 A fast terminal emulator linux/s390
rpc2-2.10-2.fc15 C library for remote procedure calls over UDP linux/s390
rpc2-devel-2.10-2.fc15 Development files for rpc2 linux/s390
rpcbind-0.2.0-10.fc15 Universal Addresses to RPC Program Number Mapper linux/s390
rpl-1.5.5-4.fc15 Intelligent recursive search/replace utility linux/noarch
rpld-1.8-0.7.beta1.fc15 RPL/RIPL remote boot daemon linux/s390
rply-1.01-4.fc15 A library to read and write PLY files linux/s390
rply-devel-1.01-4.fc15 Libraries and headers for rply linux/s390
rpm-4.9.0-6.fc15 The RPM package management system linux/s390
rpm-apidocs-4.9.0-6.fc15 API documentation for RPM libraries linux/noarch
rpm-build-4.9.0-6.fc15 Scripts and executable programs used to build packages linux/s390
rpm-build-libs-4.9.0-6.fc15 Libraries for building and signing RPM packages linux/s390
rpm-cron-4.9.0-6.fc15 Create daily logs of installed packages. linux/noarch
rpm-devel-4.9.0-6.fc15 Development files for manipulating RPM packages linux/s390
rpm-libs-4.9.0-6.fc15 Libraries for manipulating RPM packages linux/s390
rpm-python-4.9.0-6.fc15 Python bindings for apps which will manipulate RPM packages linux/s390
rpm-sign-4.9.0-6.fc15 Package signing support linux/s390
rpmconf-0.2.2-3.fc15 Tool to handle rpmnew and rpmsave files linux/noarch
rpmdevtools-8.1-1.fc15 RPM Development Tools linux/noarch
rpmlint-1.2-1.fc15 Tool for checking common errors in RPM packages linux/noarch
rpmorphan-1.7-4.fc15 List packages that have no dependencies (like deborphan) linux/noarch
rpmreaper-0.1.6-7.fc15 A tool for removing packages from system linux/s390
rpmrebuild-2.4-2.fc12 A tool to build rpm file from rpm database linux/noarch
rpy-2.1.9-4.fc15 Python interface to the R language linux/s390
rrdtool-1.4.4-3.fc15 Round Robin Database Tool to store and display time-series data linux/s390
rrdtool-devel-1.4.4-3.fc15 RRDtool libraries and header files linux/s390
rrdtool-doc-1.4.4-3.fc15 RRDtool documentation linux/s390
rrdtool-lua-1.4.4-3.fc15 Lua RRDtool bindings linux/s390
rrdtool-perl-1.4.4-3.fc15 Perl RRDtool bindings linux/s390
rrdtool-php-1.4.4-3.fc15 PHP RRDtool bindings linux/s390
rrdtool-python-1.4.4-3.fc15 Python RRDtool bindings linux/s390
rrdtool-ruby-1.4.4-3.fc15 Ruby RRDtool bindings linux/s390
rrdtool-tcl-1.4.4-3.fc15 Tcl RRDtool bindings linux/s390
rsh-0.17-65.fc15 Clients for remote access commands (rsh, rlogin, rcp) linux/s390
rsh-server-0.17-65.fc15 Servers for remote access commands (rsh, rlogin, rcp) linux/s390
rsibreak-0.11-4.fc15 A small utility which bothers you at certain intervals linux/s390
rsnapshot-1.3.1-5.fc15 Local and remote filesystem snapshot utility linux/noarch
rss-glx-0.9.1.p-7.fc15 Really Slick Screensavers linux/s390
rss-glx-gnome-screensaver-0.9.1.p-7.fc15 Really Slick Screensavers linux/s390
rss-glx-kde-0.9.1.p-7.fc15 Really Slick Screensavers linux/s390
rss-glx-xscreensaver-0.9.1.p-7.fc15 Really Slick Screensavers linux/s390
rss2email-2.71-1.fc15 Deliver news from RSS feeds to your SMTP server as text or HTML mail linux/noarch
rssh-2.3.2-8.fc15 Restricted shell for use with OpenSSH, allowing only scp and/or sftp linux/s390
rst2pdf-0.16-2.fc15 Tool for transforming reStructuredText to PDF linux/noarch
rstp-04012009git-4.fc14 Rapid Spanning Tree User Space Daemon linux/s390
rsvndump-0.5.5-1.fc15 Remote Subversion repository dumping tool linux/s390
rsync-3.0.8-1.fc15 A program for synchronizing files over a network linux/s390
rsyslog-5.7.9-2.fc15 Enhanced system logging and kernel message trapping daemon linux/s390
rsyslog-gnutls-5.7.9-2.fc15 TLS protocol support for rsyslog linux/s390
rsyslog-gssapi-5.7.9-2.fc15 GSSAPI authentication and encryption support for rsyslog linux/s390
rsyslog-libdbi-5.7.9-2.fc15 libdbi database support for rsyslog linux/s390
rsyslog-mysql-5.7.9-2.fc15 MySQL support for rsyslog linux/s390
rsyslog-pgsql-5.7.9-2.fc15 PostgresSQL support for rsyslog linux/s390
rsyslog-relp-5.7.9-2.fc15 RELP protocol support for rsyslog linux/s390
rsyslog-snmp-5.7.9-2.fc15 SNMP protocol support for rsyslog linux/s390
rsyslog-udpspoof-5.7.9-2.fc15 Provides the omudpspoof module linux/s390
rt3-3.8.10-2.fc15 Request tracker 3 linux/noarch
rt3-mailgate-3.8.10-2.fc15 rt3's mailgate utility. linux/noarch
rt61pci-firmware-1.2-8.fc15 Firmware for Ralink® RT2561/RT2661 A/B/G network adaptors linux/noarch
rt73usb-firmware-1.8-8.fc15 Firmware for Ralink® RT2571W/RT2671 A/B/G network adaptors linux/noarch
rtaudio-4.0.7-2.fc15 Real-time Audio I/O Library linux/s390
rtaudio-devel-4.0.7-2.fc15 Real-time Audio I/O Library linux/s390
rtkit-0.10-1.fc15 Realtime Policy and Watchdog Daemon linux/s390
rtorrent-0.8.7-6.fc15 BitTorrent client based on libtorrent linux/s390
rtpproxy-1.2.1-4.fc15 A symmetric RTP proxy linux/s390
rubber-1.1-9.fc15 An automated system for building LaTeX documents linux/noarch
rubberband-1.5.0-2.fc14 Audio time-stretching and pitch-shifting library linux/s390
rubberband-devel-1.5.0-2.fc14 Development files for rubberband linux/s390
ruby- An interpreter of object-oriented scripting language linux/s390
ruby-RMagick-2.13.1-6.fc15.1 Graphics Processing for Ruby and Ruby on Rails linux/s390
ruby-RMagick-doc-2.13.1-6.fc15.1 Documentation for ruby-RMagick linux/noarch
ruby-RRDtool-0.6.0-9.fc15 RRDTool for Ruby linux/s390
ruby-atk-0.90.8-1.fc15 Non-Gem support package for atk linux/s390
ruby-augeas-0.4.1-1.fc15 Ruby bindings for Augeas linux/s390
ruby-aws-0.8.1-3.fc15 Ruby interface to Amazon Web Services linux/noarch
ruby-aws-doc-0.8.1-3.fc15 Documentation for ruby-aws linux/noarch
ruby-bdb-0.6.5-4.fc15 Sleepycat Berkeley DB and DB XML linux/s390
ruby-bonobo2-0.90.4-1.3.fc15 Ruby binding of libbonobo-2.x linux/s390
ruby-bonobo2-devel-0.90.4-1.3.fc15 Development libraries and header files for ruby-bonobo2 linux/s390
ruby-bonoboui2-0.90.4-1.3.fc15 Ruby binding of libbonoboui-2.x linux/s390
ruby-bonoboui2-devel-0.90.4-1.3.fc15 Development libraries and header files for ruby-bonoboui2 linux/s390
ruby-bsearch-1.5-5.fc15 Binary search library for Ruby linux/noarch
ruby-caca-0.99-0.11.beta17.fc15 Ruby bindings for libcaca linux/s390
ruby-cairo-1.10.0-4.fc15 Non-Gem support package for cairo linux/s390
ruby-dbus-0.3.0-2.fc15 Ruby D-Bus client linux/noarch
ruby-devel- A Ruby development environment linux/s390
ruby-fam-0.2.0-9.fc15 Gamin/FAM bindings for Ruby linux/s390
ruby-flexmock-0.9.0-1.fc15 Non-Gem support package for flexmock linux/noarch
ruby-gconf2-0.90.4-1.3.fc15 Ruby binding of GConf-2.x linux/s390
ruby-gconf2-devel-0.90.4-1.3.fc15 Development libraries and header files for ruby-gconf2 linux/s390
ruby-gdk_pixbuf2-0.90.8-1.fc15 Non-Gem support package for gdk_pixbuf2 linux/s390
ruby-gettext-package-2.1.0-3.fc15 Localization Library and Tools for Ruby linux/noarch
ruby-gio2-0.90.8-1.fc15 Non-Gem support package for gio2 linux/s390
ruby-glib2-0.90.8-2.fc15 Non-Gem support package for glib2 linux/s390
ruby-gnome2-0.90.4-1.3.fc15 Ruby binding of libgnome/libgnomeui-2.x linux/s390
ruby-gnome2-devel-0.90.4-1.3.fc15 Development libraries and header files for ruby-gnome2 linux/s390
ruby-gnomecanvas2-0.90.4-1.3.fc15 Ruby binding of GnomeCanvas-2.x linux/s390
ruby-gnomecanvas2-devel-0.90.4-1.3.fc15 Development libraries and header files for ruby-gnomecanvas2 linux/s390
ruby-gnomeprint2-0.90.4-1.3.fc15 Ruby binding of libgnomeprint linux/s390
ruby-gnomeprint2-devel-0.90.4-1.3.fc15 Development libraries and header files for ruby-gnomeprint2 linux/s390
ruby-gnomeprintui2-0.90.4-1.3.fc15 Ruby binding of libgnomeprintui linux/s390
ruby-gnomeprintui2-devel-0.90.4-1.3.fc15 Development libraries and header files for ruby-gnomeprintui2 linux/s390
ruby-gnomevfs-0.90.4-1.3.fc15 Ruby binding of GnomeVFS-2.0.x linux/s390
ruby-gnomevfs-devel-0.90.4-1.3.fc15 Development libraries and header files for ruby-gnomevfs linux/s390
ruby-goocanvas-0.90.4-1.3.fc15 Ruby binding of Goocanvas. linux/s390
ruby-goocanvas-devel-0.90.4-1.3.fc15 Development libraries and header files for ruby-goocanvas linux/s390
ruby-gstreamer-0.90.4-1.3.fc15 Ruby binding of GStreamer linux/s390
ruby-gstreamer-devel-0.90.4-1.3.fc15 Development libraries and header files for ruby-gstreamer linux/s390
ruby-gtk2-0.90.8-1.fc15 Non-Gem support package for gtk2 linux/s390
ruby-gtkglext-0.90.4-1.3.fc15 Ruby binding of GtkGLExt linux/s390
ruby-gtkglext-devel-0.90.4-1.3.fc15 Development libraries and header files for ruby-gtkglext linux/s390
ruby-gtkhtml2-0.90.4-1.3.fc15 Ruby binding of GtkHtml2 linux/s390
ruby-gtkhtml2-devel-0.90.4-1.3.fc15 Development libraries and header files for ruby-gtkhtml2 linux/s390
ruby-gtkmozembed-0.90.4-1.3.fc15 Ruby binding of GtkMozEmbed linux/s390
ruby-gtkmozembed-devel-0.90.4-1.3.fc15 Development libraries and header files for ruby-gtkmozembed linux/s390
ruby-gtksourceview-0.90.4-1.3.fc15 Ruby binding of gtksourceview-1.0.x linux/s390
ruby-gtksourceview-devel-0.90.4-1.3.fc15 Development libraries and header files for ruby-gtksourceview linux/s390
ruby-gtksourceview2-0.90.8-2.fc15 Non-Gem support package for gtksourceview2 linux/s390
ruby-gtksourceview2-0.90.4-1.3.fc15 Ruby binding of gtksourceview-2.x linux/s390
ruby-gtksourceview2-devel-0.90.4-1.3.fc15 Development libraries and header files for ruby-gtksourceview2 linux/s390
ruby-hpricot-0.8.4-1.fc15 Non-Gem support package for hpricot linux/s390
ruby-htmlentities-4.3.0-1.fc15 Non-Gem support for htmlentities linux/noarch
ruby-hyperestraier-1.4.13-7.fc15 Hyper Estraier Library for Ruby linux/s390
ruby-icon-artist-0.1.92-2.fc15 Supporting libraries for icon artists linux/noarch
ruby-imagesize-0.1.1-4.fc15 Measure image size code by Pure Ruby linux/noarch
ruby-irb- The Interactive Ruby linux/noarch
ruby-json-1.4.6-3.fc15 Non-Gem support package for json linux/s390
ruby-json-gui-1.4.6-3.fc15 Gtk2 based editor for Ruby JSON linux/s390
ruby-ldap-0.9.10-11.fc15 Ruby LDAP libraries linux/s390
ruby-libart2-0.90.4-1.3.fc15 Ruby binding of Libart_lgpl linux/s390
ruby-libart2-devel-0.90.4-1.3.fc15 Development libraries and header files for ruby-libart2 linux/s390
ruby-libdmtx-0.7.2-4.fc15 Ruby bindings for libdmtx linux/s390
ruby-libglade2-0.90.4-1.3.fc15 Ruby bindings of Libglade2 linux/s390
ruby-libglade2-devel-0.90.4-1.3.fc15 Development libraries and header files for ruby-libglade2 linux/s390
ruby-libs- Libraries necessary to run Ruby linux/s390
ruby-libvirt-0.3.0-2.fc15 Ruby bindings for libvirt linux/s390
ruby-locale-2.0.5-2.fc15.1 Non-Gem support package for locale linux/noarch
ruby-marc-0.4.2-1.fc15 Non-Gem support package for marc linux/noarch
ruby-mecab-0.98-2.fc15 Ruby binding for MeCab linux/s390
ruby-mysql-2.8.2-3.fc15 A Ruby interface to MySQL linux/s390
ruby-ncurses-1.2.4-2.fc15 A module for ruby applications for using ncurses interfaces linux/s390
ruby-nokogiri-1.5.0-0.4.beta4.fc15 Non-Gem support package for nokogiri linux/s390
ruby-obexftp-0.23-3.fc13 Ruby library to access devices via the OBEX protocol linux/s390
ruby-openbabel-2.3.0-3.fc15 Ruby wrapper for the Open Babel library linux/s390
ruby-opengl-0.60.1-5.fc15 Non-Gem support package for ruby-opengl linux/s390
ruby-openid-2.1.7-3.fc15 Ruby library for verifying and serving OpenID identities linux/noarch
ruby-openid-doc-2.1.7-3.fc15 Documentation for ruby-openid linux/noarch
ruby-pam-1.5.3-8.fc15 Ruby-pam bindings exposed outside of gem linux/s390
ruby-pango-0.90.8-1.fc15 Non-Gem support package for pango linux/s390
ruby-poppler-0.90.8-2.fc15 Non-Gem support package for poppler linux/s390
ruby-postgres-0.7.9-2009.01.28.2.fc15 A Ruby interface for the PostgreSQL database engine linux/s390
ruby-qdbm-1.8.78-1.fc15 QDBM Database Library for Ruby linux/s390
ruby-qmf-0.8-4.fc15.1 The QPID Management Framework bindings for ruby linux/s390
ruby-qpid-0.8-2.fc15 Ruby language client for AMQP linux/s390
ruby-racc-1.4.5-6.fc15 LALR(1) Parser Generator linux/noarch
ruby-rdoc- A tool to generate documentation from Ruby source files linux/noarch
ruby-redland- Ruby modules for the Redland RDF library linux/s390
ruby-revolution-0.5-4.svn210.fc15.3 Ruby binding for the Evolution email client linux/s390
ruby-ri- Ruby interactive reference linux/s390
ruby-romkan-0.4-5.fc15 Romaji <-> Kana conversion library for Ruby linux/noarch
ruby-rsvg2-0.90.8-1.fc15 Non-Gem support package for rsvg2 linux/s390
ruby-shadow-1.4.1-14.fc15 Ruby bindings for shadow password access linux/s390
ruby-sqlite3-1.2.4-6.fc15 A Ruby interface for the SQLite database engine linux/s390
ruby-static- Static libraries for Ruby development environment linux/s390
ruby-taglib-1.1-4.fc15 Ruby library wrapping the Taglib library linux/noarch
ruby-tcltk- Tcl/Tk interface for scripting language Ruby linux/s390
ruby-vte-0.90.8-2.fc15 Non-Gem support package for vte linux/s390
ruby-vte-0.90.4-1.3.fc15 Ruby binding of VTE linux/s390
ruby-vte-devel-0.90.4-1.3.fc15 Development libraries and header files for ruby-vte linux/s390
rubygem-ParseTree-3.0.5-1.fc14 Extracts the parse tree for a class/method and returns an s-expression linux/noarch
rubygem-ParseTree-doc-3.0.5-1.fc14 Documentation for rubygem-ParseTree linux/noarch
rubygem-RedCloth-4.2.3-2.fc15 Textile parser for Ruby linux/s390
rubygem-RubyInline-3.8.4-1.fc13 Write foreign code within your ruby code linux/noarch
rubygem-RubyInline-doc-3.8.4-1.fc13 Documentation for rubygem-RubyInline linux/noarch
rubygem-ZenTest-4.3.3-1.fc15 Automated test scaffolding for Ruby linux/noarch
rubygem-ZenTest-doc-4.3.3-1.fc15 Documentation for rubygem-ZenTest linux/noarch
rubygem-abstract-1.0.0-3.fc15 Allows you to define an abstract method in Ruby linux/noarch
rubygem-abstract-doc-1.0.0-3.fc15 Documentation for rubygem-abstract linux/noarch
rubygem-actionmailer-3.0.5-1.fc15 Service layer for easy email delivery and testing linux/noarch
rubygem-actionpack-3.0.5-1.fc15 Web-flow and rendering framework putting the VC in MVC linux/noarch
rubygem-activeldap-1.2.2-2.fc15 Ruby/ActiveLdap is a object-oriented API to LDAP linux/noarch
rubygem-activeldap-doc-1.2.2-2.fc15 Documentation for rubygem-activeldap linux/noarch
rubygem-activemodel-3.0.5-1.fc15 A toolkit for building modeling frameworks linux/noarch
rubygem-activemodel-doc-3.0.5-1.fc15 Documentation for rubygem-activemodel linux/noarch
rubygem-activerecord-3.0.5-1.fc15 Implements the ActiveRecord pattern for ORM linux/noarch
rubygem-activeresource-3.0.5-1.fc15 Active Record for web resources linux/noarch
rubygem-activesupport-3.0.5-1.fc15 Support and utility classes used by the Rails framework linux/noarch
rubygem-acts-as-list-0.1.2-4.fc14 Sorting and reordering capabilities for ActiveRecord model linux/noarch
rubygem-allison-2.0.3-5.fc15 A modern, pretty RDoc template linux/noarch
rubygem-allison-doc-2.0.3-5.fc15 Documentation for rubygem-allison linux/noarch
rubygem-amazon-ec2-0.9.15-4.fc15 Amazon EC2 Ruby Gem linux/noarch
rubygem-amazon-ec2-doc-0.9.15-4.fc15 Documentation for rubygem-amazon-ec2 linux/noarch
rubygem-archive-tar-minitar-0.5.2-3.fc15 Provides POSIX tar archive management from Ruby programs linux/noarch
rubygem-archive-tar-minitar-doc-0.5.2-3.fc15 Documentation for rubygem-archive-tar-minitar linux/noarch
rubygem-arel-2.0.9-1.fc15 Arel is a Relational Algebra for Ruby linux/noarch
rubygem-arel-doc-2.0.9-1.fc15 Documentation for rubygem-arel linux/noarch
rubygem-arrayfields-4.7.4-3.fc15 Arrayfields RubyGem linux/noarch
rubygem-atk-0.90.8-1.fc15 Ruby binding of ATK-1.0.x linux/s390
rubygem-atk-devel-0.90.8-1.fc15 Ruby/ATK development environment linux/s390
rubygem-atk-doc-0.90.8-1.fc15 Documentation for rubygem-atk linux/s390
rubygem-attributes-5.0.1-7.fc15 Attributes RubyGem linux/noarch
rubygem-authlogic-2.1.6-4.fc15 A clean, simple, and unobtrusive ruby authentication solution linux/noarch
rubygem-authlogic-doc-2.1.6-4.fc15 Authlogic gem documentation linux/noarch
rubygem-aws-2.4.2-2.fc15 Ruby gem for all Amazon Web Services linux/noarch
rubygem-bacon-1.1.0-4.fc15 A ruby-based testing framework linux/noarch
rubygem-bcrypt-ruby-2.1.2-2.fc15 Wrapper around bcrypt() password hashing algorithm linux/s390
rubygem-boxgrinder-build-0.9.1-1.fc15 A tool for creating appliances from simple plain text files linux/noarch
rubygem-boxgrinder-build-doc-0.9.1-1.fc15 Documentation for rubygem-boxgrinder-build linux/noarch
rubygem-boxgrinder-core-0.3.1-1.fc15 Core library for BoxGrinder linux/noarch
rubygem-boxgrinder-core-doc-0.3.1-1.fc15 Documentation for rubygem-boxgrinder-core linux/noarch
rubygem-builder-2.1.2-5.fc15 Builders for MarkUp linux/noarch
rubygem-bundler-1.0.10-2.fc15 Library and utilities to manage a Ruby application's gem dependencies linux/noarch
rubygem-bundler-doc-1.0.10-2.fc15 Documentation for rubygem-bundler linux/noarch
rubygem-cairo-1.10.0-4.fc15 Ruby bindings for cairo linux/s390
rubygem-cairo-devel-1.10.0-4.fc15 Ruby-cairo development environment linux/s390
rubygem-cairo-doc-1.10.0-4.fc15 Documentation for rubygem-cairo linux/s390
rubygem-calendar_date_select-1.15-4.fc13 A popular date picker widget for ruby on rails and prototype.js linux/noarch
rubygem-chronic-0.2.3-2.fc14 A natural language date parser linux/noarch
rubygem-chronic-doc-0.2.3-2.fc14 Documentation for rubygem-chronic linux/noarch
rubygem-cloudfiles-1.4.10-3.fc15 A Ruby version of the Rackspace Cloud Files API linux/noarch
rubygem-cloudfiles-doc-1.4.10-3.fc15 Documentation for rubygem-cloudfiles linux/noarch
rubygem-cloudservers-0.4.1-2.fc15 A Ruby API to version 1.0 of the Rackspace Cloud Servers product linux/noarch
rubygem-cloudservers-doc-0.4.1-2.fc15 Documentation for rubygem-cloudservers linux/noarch
rubygem-cobbler-1.6.1-1.fc12 An interface for interacting with a Cobbler server linux/noarch
rubygem-coderay-0.9.7-1.fc15 Fast syntax highlighter engine for many programming languages linux/noarch
rubygem-columnize-0.3.1-4.fc15 Sorts an array in column order linux/noarch
rubygem-commander-4.0.3-4.fc15 The complete solution for Ruby command-line executable linux/noarch
rubygem-commander-doc-4.0.3-4.fc15 Documentation for rubygem-commander linux/noarch
rubygem-compass-0.8.17-3.fc14 A Sass-based CSS Meta-Framework linux/noarch
rubygem-configuration-1.1.0-2.fc15 Pure Ruby scoped configuration files linux/noarch
rubygem-configuration-doc-1.1.0-2.fc15 Documentation for rubygem-configuration linux/noarch
rubygem-crack-0.1.8-1.fc15 Really simple JSON and XML parsing, ripped from Merb and Rails linux/noarch
rubygem-crack-doc-0.1.8-1.fc15 Documentation for rubygem-crack linux/noarch
rubygem-cri-1.0.1-4.fc15 Ruby library for building easy-to-use commandline tools linux/noarch
rubygem-cri-doc-1.0.1-4.fc15 Documentation for rubygem-cri linux/noarch
rubygem-cucumber-0.10.0-5.fc15 Tool to execute plain-text documents as functional tests linux/noarch
rubygem-cucumber-rails-0.3.2-5.fc15 Cucumber Generators and Runtime for Rails linux/noarch
rubygem-cucumber-rails-doc-0.3.2-5.fc15 Documentation for rubygem-cucumber-rails linux/noarch
rubygem-curb-0.7.10-4.fc15 Ruby libcurl bindings linux/s390
rubygem-curb-doc-0.7.10-4.fc15 Documentation for rubygem-curb linux/s390
rubygem-daemon_controller-0.2.6-1.fc15 A library for implementing daemon management capabilities linux/noarch
rubygem-daemon_controller-doc-0.2.6-1.fc15 Documentation for rubygem-daemon_controller linux/noarch
rubygem-daemons-1.0.10-3.fc15 A toolkit to create and control daemons in different ways linux/noarch
rubygem-deltacloud-client-0.1.1-2.fc15 Deltacloud REST Client linux/noarch
rubygem-deltacloud-client-doc-0.1.1-2.fc15 Documentation for rubygem-deltacloud-client linux/noarch
rubygem-diff-lcs-1.1.2-5.fc15 Provide a list of changes between two sequenced collections linux/noarch
rubygem-ditz-0.5-6.fc15 A command-line issue tracker linux/noarch
rubygem-echoe-4.3.1-3.fc15 A Rubygems packaging tool that provides Rake tasks for documentation, extension compiling, testing, and deployment linux/noarch
rubygem-erubis-2.6.6-1.fc15 A fast and extensible eRuby implementation linux/noarch
rubygem-erubis-doc-2.6.6-1.fc15 Documentation for rubygem-erubis linux/noarch
rubygem-escape-0.0.4-2.fc15 HTML/URI/shell escaping utilities linux/noarch
rubygem-escape-doc-0.0.4-2.fc15 Documentation for rubygem-escape linux/noarch
rubygem-eventmachine-0.12.10-3.fc13 Ruby/EventMachine library linux/s390
rubygem-eventmachine-doc-0.12.10-3.fc13 Documentation for rubygem-eventmachine linux/noarch
rubygem-facade-1.0.4-4.fc13 A module that helps implement the facade pattern linux/noarch
rubygem-facets-2.8.0-3.fc15 The single most extensive additions and extensions library available for Ruby linux/noarch
rubygem-facon-0.4.1-2.fc15 Tiny mocking library linux/noarch
rubygem-facon-doc-0.4.1-2.fc15 Documentation for rubygem-facon linux/noarch
rubygem-factory_girl-1.3.2-3.fc15 Framework and DSL for defining and using model instance factories linux/noarch
rubygem-factory_girl-doc-1.3.2-3.fc15 Documentation for rubygem-factory_girl linux/noarch
rubygem-fakeweb-1.3.0-3.fc15 A tool for faking responses to HTTP requests linux/noarch
rubygem-fakeweb-doc-1.3.0-3.fc15 Documentation for rubygem-fakeweb linux/noarch
rubygem-fastercsv-1.5.1-2.fc15 Faster, smaller and cleaner replacement to standard CSV library linux/noarch
rubygem-fastthread-1.0.7-3.fc15 Optimized replacement for thread.rb primitives linux/s390
rubygem-fattr-1.0.3-4.fc15 Fatter attribute for Ruby linux/noarch
rubygem-file-tail-1.0.5-3.fc15 File::Tail for Ruby linux/noarch
rubygem-file-tail-doc-1.0.5-3.fc15 Documentation for rubygem-file-tail linux/noarch
rubygem-flexmock-0.9.0-1.fc15 Mock object library for ruby linux/noarch
rubygem-flexmock-doc-0.9.0-1.fc15 Documentation for rubygem-flexmock linux/noarch
rubygem-foreigner-0.9.2-2.fc14 Foreign keys for Rails linux/noarch
rubygem-formtastic-1.2.3-4.fc14 A Rails form builder plugin with semantically rich and accessible markup linux/noarch
rubygem-formtastic-doc-1.2.3-4.fc14 Documentation for rubygem-formtastic linux/noarch
rubygem-fssm- File system state monitor linux/noarch
rubygem-fssm-doc- Documentation for rubygem-fssm linux/noarch
rubygem-gdk_pixbuf2-0.90.8-1.fc15 Ruby binding of GdkPixbuf-2.x linux/s390
rubygem-gdk_pixbuf2-devel-0.90.8-1.fc15 Ruby/GdkPixbuf2 development environment linux/s390
rubygem-gdk_pixbuf2-doc-0.90.8-1.fc15 Documentation for rubygem-gdk_pixbuf2 linux/s390
rubygem-gem2rpm-0.6.0-6.fc15 Generate rpm specfiles from gems linux/noarch
rubygem-gem2rpm-doc-0.6.0-6.fc15 Documentation for rubygem-gem2rpm linux/noarch
rubygem-gem_plugin-0.2.3-4.fc15 A plugin system based only on rubygems that uses dependencies only linux/noarch
rubygem-gemcutter-0.3.0-4.fc15 The gemcutter client gem linux/noarch
rubygem-gettext-2.1.0-3.fc15 RubyGem of Localization Library and Tools for Ruby linux/noarch
rubygem-gettext-doc-2.1.0-3.fc15 Documentation for rubygem-gettext linux/noarch
rubygem-gettext_activerecord-2.1.0-1.fc13 Localization support for ActiveRecord by Ruby-GetText-Package linux/noarch
rubygem-gettext_activerecord-doc-2.1.0-1.fc13 Documentation for rubygem-gettext_activerecord linux/noarch
rubygem-gettext_rails-2.1.0-3.fc14 Localization support for Ruby on Rails by Ruby-GetText-Package linux/noarch
rubygem-gettext_rails-doc-2.1.0-3.fc14 Documentation for rubygem-gettext_rails linux/noarch
rubygem-gherkin-2.2.4-3.fc15 Fast Gherkin lexer/parser linux/s390
rubygem-gherkin-doc-2.2.4-3.fc15 Documentation for rubygem-gherkin linux/s390
rubygem-gio2-0.90.8-1.fc15 Ruby binding of gio-2.0.x linux/s390
rubygem-gio2-devel-0.90.8-1.fc15 Ruby/GIO2 development environment linux/s390
rubygem-gio2-doc-0.90.8-1.fc15 Documentation for rubygem-gio2 linux/s390
rubygem-git-1.2.5-2.fc15 A package for using Git in Ruby code linux/noarch
rubygem-glib2-0.90.8-2.fc15 Ruby binding of GLib-2.x linux/s390
rubygem-glib2-devel-0.90.8-2.fc15 Ruby/GLib development environment linux/s390
rubygem-glib2-doc-0.90.8-2.fc15 Documentation for rubygem-glib2 linux/s390
rubygem-gruff-0.3.6-2.fc15 Beautiful graphs for one or multiple datasets linux/noarch
rubygem-gtk2-0.90.8-1.fc15 Ruby binding of GTK+-2.x linux/s390
rubygem-gtk2-devel-0.90.8-1.fc15 Ruby/GTK development environment linux/s390
rubygem-gtk2-doc-0.90.8-1.fc15 Documentation for rubygem-gtk2 linux/s390
rubygem-gtksourceview2-0.90.8-2.fc15 Ruby binding of gtksourceview-2.x linux/s390
rubygem-gtksourceview2-devel-0.90.8-2.fc15 Ruby/GtkSourceView2 development environment linux/s390
rubygem-gtksourceview2-doc-0.90.8-2.fc15 Documentation for rubygem-gtksourceview2 linux/s390
rubygem-haml-3.0.17-1.fc15 An elegant, structured XHTML/XML templating engine linux/noarch
rubygem-hashery-1.4.0-3.fc15 Facets bread collection of Hash-like classes linux/noarch
rubygem-hashery-doc-1.4.0-3.fc15 Documentation for rubygem-hashery linux/noarch
rubygem-hawler-0.3-6.fc15 Hawler, the ruby HTTP crawler linux/noarch
rubygem-heroku-1.17.16-1.fc15 Client library and CLI to deploy Rails apps on Heroku linux/noarch
rubygem-heroku-doc-1.17.16-1.fc15 Documentation for rubygem-heroku linux/noarch
rubygem-highline-1.5.1-2.fc15 HighLine is a high-level command-line IO library linux/noarch
rubygem-hoe-2.9.4-1.fc15 Hoe is a simple rake/rubygems helper for project Rakefiles linux/noarch
rubygem-hoe-doc-2.9.4-1.fc15 Documentation for rubygem-hoe linux/noarch
rubygem-hpricot-0.8.4-1.fc15 A Fast, Enjoyable HTML Parser for Ruby linux/s390
rubygem-hpricot-doc-0.8.4-1.fc15 Documentation for rubygem-hpricot linux/s390
rubygem-htmlentities-4.3.0-1.fc15 A module for encoding and decoding (X)HTML entities linux/noarch
rubygem-http_connection-1.4.1-2.fc14 RightScale's robust HTTP/S connection module linux/noarch
rubygem-httparty-0.6.1-3.fc15 Makes HTTP fun! Also, makes consuming restful web services dead easy linux/noarch
rubygem-httparty-doc-0.6.1-3.fc15 Documentation for rubygem-httparty linux/noarch
rubygem-i18n-0.5.0-1.fc15 New wave Internationalization support for Ruby linux/noarch
rubygem-i18n-doc-0.5.0-1.fc15 Documentation for rubygem-i18n linux/noarch
rubygem-icalendar-1.1.5-2.fc15 A ruby implementation of the iCalendar specification (RFC-2445) linux/noarch
rubygem-isolate-3.0.0-2.fc15 Very simple RubyGems sandbox linux/noarch
rubygem-isolate-doc-3.0.0-2.fc15 Documentation for rubygem-isolate linux/noarch
rubygem-jnunemaker-matchy-0.4.0-2.fc15 RSpec-esque matchers for use in Test::Unit linux/noarch
rubygem-jnunemaker-matchy-doc-0.4.0-2.fc15 Documentation for rubygem-jnunemaker-matchy linux/noarch
rubygem-json-1.4.6-3.fc15 A JSON implementation in Ruby linux/s390
rubygem-json-doc-1.4.6-3.fc15 Documentation for rubygem-json linux/s390
rubygem-json-gui-1.4.6-3.fc15 Gtk2 based Editor for ruby JSON. linux/s390
rubygem-json_pure-1.4.6-4.fc15 JSON Implementation for Ruby linux/noarch
rubygem-json_pure-doc-1.4.6-4.fc15 Documentation for rubygem-json_pure linux/noarch
rubygem-krb5-auth-0.7-4.fc15 Kerberos binding for Ruby linux/s390
rubygem-kwalify-0.7.2-3.fc15 A parser, schema validator, and data-binding tool for YAML and JSON linux/noarch
rubygem-kwalify-doc-0.7.2-3.fc15 Documentation for rubygem-kwalify linux/noarch
rubygem-launchy-0.3.7-2.fc15 Helper class for cross-platform launching of applications linux/noarch
rubygem-linecache-0.43-4.fc15 Caches (Ruby source) files linux/s390
rubygem-linode-0.6.2-1.fc15 Ruby wrapper for the Linode API linux/noarch
rubygem-linode-doc-0.6.2-1.fc15 Documentation for rubygem-linode linux/noarch
rubygem-locale-2.0.5-2.fc15.1 Pure ruby library which provides basic APIs for localization linux/noarch
rubygem-locale-doc-2.0.5-2.fc15.1 Documentation for rubygem-locale linux/noarch
rubygem-locale_rails-2.0.5-7.fc15 Ruby-Locale for Ruby on Rails linux/noarch
rubygem-locale_rails-doc-2.0.5-7.fc15 Documentation for rubygem-locale_rails linux/noarch
rubygem-lockfile-1.4.3-5.fc15 Ruby library for creating NFS safe lockfiles linux/noarch
rubygem-lockfile-doc-1.4.3-5.fc15 Documentation for rubygem-lockfile linux/noarch
rubygem-mail-2.2.15-2.fc15 Mail provides a nice Ruby DSL for making, sending and reading emails linux/noarch
rubygem-mail-doc-2.2.15-2.fc15 Documentation for rubygem-mail linux/noarch
rubygem-main-4.0.0-2.fc15 A class factory and dsl for generating command line programs real quick linux/noarch
rubygem-marc-0.4.2-1.fc15 Ruby library for MARC catalog linux/noarch
rubygem-marc-doc-0.4.2-1.fc15 Documentation for rubygem-marc linux/noarch
rubygem-markaby-0.5-5.fc15 Markup as Ruby, write HTML in your native Ruby tongue linux/noarch
rubygem-maruku-0.6.0-3.fc14 Maruku is a Markdown-superset interpreter written in Ruby linux/noarch
rubygem-mechanize-1.0.1-0.2.beta.20110107104205.fc15 A handy web browsing ruby object linux/noarch
rubygem-mechanize-doc-1.0.1-0.2.beta.20110107104205.fc15 Documentation for rubygem-mechanize linux/noarch
rubygem-mime-types-1.16-3.fc15 Return the MIME Content-Type for a given filename linux/noarch
rubygem-mime-types-doc-1.16-3.fc15 Documentation for rubygem-mime-types linux/noarch
rubygem-minitest-1.6.0-1.fc14 Small and fast replacement for ruby's huge and slow test/unit linux/noarch
rubygem-minitest-doc-1.6.0-1.fc14 Documentation for rubygem-minitest linux/noarch
rubygem-mkrf-0.2.3-4.fc15 Making C extensions for Ruby a bit easier linux/noarch
rubygem-mkrf-doc-0.2.3-4.fc15 Documentation for rubygem-mkrf linux/noarch
rubygem-mocha-0.9.8-2.fc15 Mocking and stubbing library linux/noarch
rubygem-mocha-doc-0.9.8-2.fc15 Documentation for rubygem-mocha linux/noarch
rubygem-mongrel-1.1.5-4.fc15 A small fast HTTP library and server for Ruby apps linux/s390
rubygem-mongrel_cluster-1.0.5-6.fc15 GemPlugin wrapper for the mongrel HTTP server linux/noarch
rubygem-multimap-1.1.2-3.fc15 Ruby multimap implementation linux/s390
rubygem-multimap-doc-1.1.2-3.fc15 Documentation for rubygem-multimap linux/s390
rubygem-mustache-0.11.2-5.fc15 Framework-agnostic way to render logic-free views linux/noarch
rubygem-mustache-doc-0.11.2-5.fc15 Documentation for rubygem-mustache linux/noarch
rubygem-net-http-persistent-1.7-1.fc15 Persistent connections using Net::HTTP plus a speed fix linux/noarch
rubygem-net-http-persistent-doc-1.7-1.fc15 Documentation for rubygem-net-http-persistent linux/noarch
rubygem-net-scp-1.0.4-2.fc15 A pure Ruby implementation of the SCP client protocol linux/noarch
rubygem-net-scp-doc-1.0.4-2.fc15 Documentation for rubygem-net-scp linux/noarch
rubygem-net-sftp-2.0.5-3.fc15 A pure Ruby implementation of the SFTP client protocol linux/noarch
rubygem-net-sftp-doc-2.0.5-3.fc15 Documentation for rubygem-net-sftp linux/noarch
rubygem-net-ssh-2.0.23-6.fc15 Net::SSH: a pure-Ruby implementation of the SSH2 client protocol linux/noarch
rubygem-net-ssh-doc-2.0.23-6.fc15 Documentation for rubygem-net-ssh linux/noarch
rubygem-newgem-1.5.3-3.fc14 Bundle Ruby libraries into a RubyGem linux/noarch
rubygem-nokogiri-1.5.0-0.4.beta4.fc15 An HTML, XML, SAX, and Reader parser linux/s390
rubygem-nokogiri-doc-1.5.0-0.4.beta4.fc15 Documentation for rubygem-nokogiri linux/s390
rubygem-oniguruma-1.1.0-3.fc14 Bindings for the oniguruma regular expression library linux/s390
rubygem-oniguruma-doc-1.1.0-3.fc14 Documentation for rubygem-oniguruma linux/noarch
rubygem-open4-1.0.1-2.fc15 Manage child processes and their IO handles easily linux/noarch
rubygem-open4-doc-1.0.1-2.fc15 Documentation for rubygem-open4 linux/noarch
rubygem-pam-1.5.3-8.fc15 Ruby bindings for pam linux/s390
rubygem-pango-0.90.8-1.fc15 Ruby binding of pango-1.x linux/s390
rubygem-pango-devel-0.90.8-1.fc15 Ruby/pango development environment linux/s390
rubygem-pango-doc-0.90.8-1.fc15 Documentation for rubygem-pango linux/s390
rubygem-parseconfig-0.5.2-4.fc15 Ruby Configuration File Parser linux/noarch
rubygem-pathname2-1.6.2-7.fc15 An alternate implementation for the Pathname library linux/noarch
rubygem-pervasives-1.1.0-5.fc12 Access to pristine object state linux/noarch
rubygem-picnic-0.8.1-3.fc15 Easier distribution of Camping-based applications linux/noarch
rubygem-pkg-config-1.0.7-2.fc15 A pkg-config implmenetation by Ruby linux/noarch
rubygem-pkg-config-doc-1.0.7-2.fc15 Documentation for rubygem-pkg-config linux/noarch
rubygem-plist-3.1.0-6.fc15 All-purpose Property List manipulation library linux/noarch
rubygem-plist-doc-3.1.0-6.fc15 Documentation for rubygem-plist linux/noarch
rubygem-polyglot-0.2.5-5.fc15 Allow hooking of language loaders for specified extensions into require linux/noarch
rubygem-poppler-0.90.8-2.fc15 Ruby binding of poppler-glib linux/s390
rubygem-poppler-devel-0.90.8-2.fc15 Ruby/Poppler development environment linux/s390
rubygem-poppler-doc-0.90.8-2.fc15 Documentation for rubygem-poppler linux/s390
rubygem-pr_geohash-1.0.0-3.fc15 GeoHash encode/decode library for pure Ruby linux/noarch
rubygem-pr_geohash-doc-1.0.0-3.fc15 Documentation for rubygem-pr_geohash linux/noarch
rubygem-progressbar-0.9.0-3.fc15 Ruby text progress bar generator library linux/noarch
rubygem-progressbar-doc-0.9.0-3.fc15 Documentation for rubygem-progressbar linux/noarch
rubygem-rack-1.1.0-2.fc14 Common API for connecting web frameworks, web servers and layers of software linux/noarch
rubygem-rack-accept-0.4.3-6.fc15 HTTP Accept* for Ruby/Rack linux/noarch
rubygem-rack-accept-doc-0.4.3-6.fc15 Documentation for rack-accept linux/noarch
rubygem-rack-mount-0.6.13-5.fc15 Stackable dynamic tree based Rack router linux/noarch
rubygem-rack-mount-doc-0.6.13-5.fc15 Documentation for rubygem-rack-mount linux/noarch
rubygem-rack-restful_submit-1.1.2-3.fc15 Allows RESTful routing without Javascript and multiple submit buttons linux/noarch
rubygem-rack-restful_submit-doc-1.1.2-3.fc15 Documentation for rubygem-rack-restful_submit linux/noarch
rubygem-rack-test-0.5.4-1.fc15 Simple testing API built on Rack linux/noarch
rubygem-rails-3.0.5-2.fc15 Web-application framework linux/noarch
rubygem-railties-3.0.5-1.fc15 Tools for creating, working with, and running Rails applications linux/noarch
rubygem-railties-doc-3.0.5-1.fc15 Documentation for rubygem-railties linux/noarch
rubygem-rake-0.9.0-0.3.beta.4.fc15 Ruby based make-like utility linux/noarch
rubygem-rake-compiler-0.7.8-1.fc15 Rake-based Ruby C Extension task generator linux/noarch
rubygem-rake-compiler-doc-0.7.8-1.fc15 Documentation for rubygem-rake-compiler linux/noarch
rubygem-rake-doc-0.9.0-0.3.beta.4.fc15 Documentation for rubygem-rake linux/noarch
rubygem-rb-inotify-0.8.1-3.fc15 A Ruby wrapper for Linux's inotify, using FFI linux/noarch
rubygem-rcov-0.9.8-1.fc13 Code coverage analysis tool for Ruby linux/s390
rubygem-rcov-doc-0.9.8-1.fc13 Documentation for rubygem-rcov linux/s390
rubygem-rdiscount- Fast Implementation of Gruber's Markdown in C linux/s390
rubygem-rdiscount-doc- Documentation for rubygem-rdiscount linux/noarch
rubygem-recaptcha-0.3.1-1.fc15 Helpers for the reCAPTCHA API linux/noarch
rubygem-recaptcha-doc-0.3.1-1.fc15 Documentation for rubygem-recaptcha linux/noarch
rubygem-regin-0.3.7-3.fc15 Ruby Regexp Introspection linux/noarch
rubygem-regin-doc-0.3.7-3.fc15 Documentation for rubygem-regin linux/noarch
rubygem-rerun-0.5.2-4.fc15 Restarts your app when a file changes linux/noarch
rubygem-rest-client-1.6.1-2.fc15 Simple REST client for Ruby linux/noarch
rubygem-restr-0.5.0-3.fc15 Simple client for RESTful web services linux/noarch
rubygem-reststop-0.4.0-3.fc15 Convenient RESTfulness for all your Camping controller needs linux/noarch
rubygem-right_aws-2.0.0-2.fc15 Interface classes for the Amazon EC2/EBS, SQS, S3, SDB, and ACF Web Services linux/noarch
rubygem-right_http_connection-1.2.4-3.fc15 RightScale's robust HTTP/S connection module linux/noarch
rubygem-rmail-1.0.0-4.fc15 A MIME mail parsing and generation library linux/noarch
rubygem-rmail-doc-1.0.0-4.fc15 Documentation for rubygem-rmail linux/noarch
rubygem-rspec-1.3.1-1.fc15 Behaviour driven development (BDD) framework for Ruby linux/noarch
rubygem-rspec-core-2.6.0-0.1.rc4.fc15 Rspec-2 runner and formatters linux/noarch
rubygem-rspec-core-doc-2.6.0-0.1.rc4.fc15 Documentation for rubygem-rspec-core linux/noarch
rubygem-rspec-expectations-2.6.0-0.1.rc4.fc15 Rspec-2 expectations (should and matchers) linux/noarch
rubygem-rspec-expectations-doc-2.6.0-0.1.rc4.fc15 Documentation for rubygem-rspec-expectations linux/noarch
rubygem-rspec-mocks-2.6.0-0.1.rc4.fc15 Rspec-2 doubles (mocks and stubs) linux/noarch
rubygem-rspec-mocks-doc-2.6.0-0.1.rc4.fc15 Documentation for rubygem-rspec-mocks linux/noarch
rubygem-rsvg2-0.90.8-1.fc15 Ruby binding of librsvg-2.x linux/s390
rubygem-rsvg2-devel-0.90.8-1.fc15 Ruby/RSVG development environment linux/s390
rubygem-rsvg2-doc-0.90.8-1.fc15 Documentation for rubygem-rsvg2 linux/s390
rubygem-rubigen-1.5.4-2.fc15 A framework to allow Ruby applications to generate file/folder stubs linux/noarch Command line interface (CLI) for ruby-debug-base linux/noarch
rubygem-ruby-debug-base-0.10.4-2.fc15 Core component for fast Ruby debugger linux/s390
rubygem-ruby-debug-base-doc-0.10.4-2.fc15 Documentation for rubygem-ruby-debug-base linux/s390 Documentation for rubygem-ruby-debug linux/noarch
rubygem-ruby-net-ldap-0.0.4-5.fc15 A full-featured pure-Ruby LDAP client linux/noarch
rubygem-ruby-ole- Ruby OLE library linux/noarch
rubygem-ruby-ole-doc- Documentation for rubygem-ruby-ole linux/noarch
rubygem-ruby-opengl-0.60.1-5.fc15 OpenGL Interface for Ruby linux/s390
rubygem-ruby-opengl-doc-0.60.1-5.fc15 Documentation for rubygem-ruby-opengl linux/s390
rubygem-ruby2ruby-1.2.4-2.fc13 Generate pure ruby from RubyParser compatible Sexps linux/noarch
rubygem-ruby2ruby-doc-1.2.4-2.fc13 Documentation for rubygem-ruby2ruby linux/noarch
rubygem-ruby_parser-2.0.4-3.fc13 A ruby parser written in pure ruby linux/noarch
rubygem-ruby_parser-doc-2.0.4-3.fc13 Documentation for rubygem-ruby_parser linux/noarch
rubygem-rubyforge-2.0.4-3.fc15 A script which automates a limited set of rubyforge operations linux/noarch
rubygem-rubyforge-doc-2.0.4-3.fc15 Documentation for rubygem-rubyforge linux/noarch
rubygem-rufus-scheduler-2.0.4-2.fc15 Scheduler for Ruby (at, cron and every jobs) linux/noarch
rubygem-rvm-1.0.19-2.fc15 Ruby Version Manager (rvm) linux/noarch
rubygem-rvm-doc-1.0.19-2.fc15 Documentation for rubygem-rvm linux/noarch
rubygem-scruffy-0.2.6-2.fc15 A powerful, clean graphing library for Ruby linux/noarch
rubygem-scruffy-doc-0.2.6-2.fc15 Scruffy gem documentation linux/noarch
rubygem-sequel-3.16.0-6.fc15 The Database Toolkit for Ruby linux/noarch
rubygem-sequel-doc-3.16.0-6.fc15 Documentation for rubygem-sequel linux/noarch
rubygem-sexp_processor-3.0.4-1.fc14 A branch of ParseTree providing generic sexp processing tools linux/noarch
rubygem-sexp_processor-doc-3.0.4-1.fc14 Documentation for rubygem-sexp_processor linux/noarch
rubygem-shotgun-0.8-1.fc15 Automatic reloading version of the rackup command linux/noarch
rubygem-shotgun-doc-0.8-1.fc15 Documentation for rubygem-shotgun linux/noarch
rubygem-shoulda-2.11.3-1.fc15 Making tests easy on the fingers and eyes linux/noarch
rubygem-shoulda-doc-2.11.3-1.fc15 Documentation for rubygem-shoulda linux/noarch
rubygem-simple-navigation-3.0.0-3.fc15 Ruby library for creating navigation for your Rails2 or Sinatra application linux/noarch
rubygem-simple-navigation-doc-3.0.0-3.fc15 Documentation for rubygem-simple-navigation linux/noarch
rubygem-simple-rss-1.2.3-2.fc15 A simple, flexible, extensible, and liberal RSS and Atom reader for Ruby linux/noarch
rubygem-sinatra-1.1.2-3.fc15 Ruby-based web application framework linux/noarch
rubygem-snmp-1.0.3-1.fc14 A Ruby implementation of SNMP (the Simple Network Management Protocol) linux/noarch
rubygem-spruz-0.2.5-3.fc15 Useful tools library in Ruby linux/noarch
rubygem-spruz-doc-0.2.5-3.fc15 Documentation for rubygem-spruz linux/noarch
rubygem-sqlite3-ruby-1.2.4-6.fc15 Allows Ruby scripts to interface with a SQLite3 database linux/s390
rubygem-state_machine-0.10.3-3.fc15 Adds support for creating state machines for attributes on any Ruby class linux/noarch
rubygem-state_machine-doc-0.10.3-3.fc15 Documentation files, rdoc, ri, examples and tests linux/noarch
rubygem-stomp-1.1.8-1.fc15 Ruby client for the Stomp messaging protocol linux/noarch
rubygem-stomp-doc-1.1.8-1.fc15 Documentation for rubygem-stomp linux/noarch
rubygem-sup-0.10.2-6.fc15 A console-based email client written in ruby linux/noarch
rubygem-sup-doc-0.10.2-6.fc15 Documentation for rubygem-sup linux/noarch
rubygem-syntax-1.0.0-4.fc15 Ruby library for performing simple syntax highlighting linux/noarch
rubygem-term-ansicolor-1.0.5-1.fc15 Ruby library that colors strings using ANSI escape sequences linux/noarch
rubygem-test-spec-0.10.0-3.fc15 Behaviour Driven Development interface for Test::Unit linux/noarch
rubygem-test-unit-2.3.0-1.fc15 Improved version of Test::Unit bundled in Ruby 1.8.x linux/noarch
rubygem-test-unit-doc-2.3.0-1.fc15 Documentation for rubygem-test-unit linux/noarch
rubygem-text-format-1.0.0-4.fc15 Text::Format formats fixed-width text nicely linux/noarch
rubygem-thin-1.2.7-2.fc15 A thin and fast web server linux/s390
rubygem-thor-0.14.6-2.fc15 Scripting framework that replaces rake, sake and rubigen linux/noarch
rubygem-thor-doc-0.14.6-2.fc15 Documentation for rubygem-thor linux/noarch
rubygem-tilt-1.2.2-2.fc15 Generic interface to multiple Ruby template engines linux/noarch
rubygem-tilt-doc-1.2.2-2.fc15 Documentation for rubygem-tilt linux/noarch
rubygem-timecop-0.3.5-3.fc15 Provides a unified method to mock, in a single call linux/noarch
rubygem-timecop-doc-0.3.5-3.fc15 Documentation for rubygem-timecop linux/noarch
rubygem-tlsmail-0.0.1-10.fc15 This library enables pop or smtp via ssl/tls linux/noarch
rubygem-treetop-1.4.9-2.fc15 A Ruby-based text parsing and interpretation DSL linux/noarch
rubygem-trollop-1.16.2-1.fc15 A command-line option parsing library for ruby linux/noarch
rubygem-typhoeus-0.2.0-2.fc15 A library for interacting with web services at blinding speed linux/s390
rubygem-typhoeus-doc-0.2.0-2.fc15 Documentation for rubygem-typhoeus linux/s390
rubygem-tzinfo-0.3.26-1.fc15 Daylight-savings aware timezone library linux/noarch
rubygem-tzinfo-doc-0.3.26-1.fc15 Documentation for rubygem-tzinfo linux/noarch
rubygem-uuidtools-2.1.1-1.fc14 A simple universally unique ID generation library linux/noarch
rubygem-uuidtools-doc-2.1.1-1.fc14 Documentation for rubygem-uuidtools linux/noarch
rubygem-vte-0.90.8-2.fc15 Ruby binding of vte linux/s390
rubygem-vte-devel-0.90.8-2.fc15 Ruby/VTE development environment linux/s390
rubygem-vte-doc-0.90.8-2.fc15 Documentation for rubygem-vte linux/s390
rubygem-warden-1.0.3-4.fc15 Rack middle-ware that provides authentication for rack applications linux/noarch
rubygem-warden-doc-1.0.3-4.fc15 Documentation for rubygem-warden linux/noarch
rubygem-whiskey_disk-0.6.2-1.fc15 Ruby tool for embarrassingly fast deployments linux/noarch
rubygem-whiskey_disk-doc-0.6.2-1.fc15 Documentation for rubygem-whiskey_disk linux/noarch
rubygem-will_paginate-2.3.14-1.fc15 Most awesome pagination solution for Rails linux/noarch
rubygem-xml-simple-1.0.12-4.fc15 A simple API for XML processing linux/noarch
rubygem-xmpp4r-0.5-4.fc15 An XMPP/Jabber library for Ruby linux/noarch
rubygem-xmpp4r-doc-0.5-4.fc15 Documentation for rubygem-xmpp4r linux/noarch
rubygem-xmpp4r-simple-0.8.8-3.fc15 A simplified Jabber client library linux/noarch
rubygem-xmpp4r-simple-doc-0.8.8-3.fc15 Documentation for rubygem-xmpp4r-simple linux/noarch
rubygem-yard-0.5.3-3.fc14 Documentation tool for consistent and usable documentation in Ruby linux/noarch
rubygem-zoom-0.4.1-10.fc15 Ruby binding to ZOOM linux/s390
rubygem-zoom-doc-0.4.1-10.fc15 Documentation for rubygem-zoom linux/s390
rubygems-1.7.2-1.fc15 The Ruby standard for packaging ruby libraries linux/noarch
rubyripper-0.6.0-1.fc15 Open-source secure ripper for Linux linux/noarch
rubyripper-gui-0.6.0-1.fc15 GTK graphical user interface for rubyripper linux/noarch
rudecgi-5.1.0-5.fc15 Library (C++ API) for reading CGI form data linux/s390
rudecgi-devel-5.1.0-5.fc15 Development files for rudecgi linux/s390
rudeconfig-5.0.5-8.fc15 Library (C++ API) for reading and writing configuration/.ini files linux/s390
rudeconfig-devel-5.0.5-8.fc15 Development files for rudeconfig linux/s390
rudesocket-1.3.0-7.fc15 Library (C++ API) for creating client sockets linux/s390
rudesocket-devel-1.3.0-7.fc15 Development files for rudesocket linux/s390
rumor-1.0.3b-4.fc15 Really Unintelligent Music transcriptOR linux/s390
rurple-1.0-0.6.rc3.fc15 A Python Learning Environment linux/noarch
rusers-0.17-62.fc15 Displays the users logged into machines on the local network linux/s390
rusers-server-0.17-62.fc15 Server for the rusers protocol linux/s390
rvm-1.17-3.fc15 C library for unstructured recoverable virtual memory linux/s390
rvm-devel-1.17-3.fc15 Development files for rvm linux/s390
rvm-tools-1.17-3.fc15 Tools for rvm linux/s390
rwall-0.17-31.fc15 Client for sending messages to a host's logged in users. linux/s390
rwall-server-0.17-31.fc15 Server for sending messages to a host's logged in users. linux/s390
rwho-0.17-34.fc15 Displays who is logged in to local network machines linux/s390
rxvt-2.7.10-20.fc15 ouR XVT, a VT102 emulator for the X window system linux/s390
rxvt-unicode-9.10-3.fc15 Unicode version of rxvt linux/s390
rxvt-unicode-256color-9.10-3.fc15 256 color version of rxvt-unicode linux/s390
rxvt-unicode-256color-ml-9.10-3.fc15 256 color multi-language version of rxvt-unicode linux/s390
rxvt-unicode-ml-9.10-3.fc15 Multi-language version of rxvt-unicode linux/s390
rygel-0.10.1-1.fc15 A collection of UPnP/DLNA services linux/s390
rygel-devel-0.10.1-1.fc15 Development package for rygel linux/s390
rygel-tracker-0.10.1-1.fc15 Tracker plugin for rygel linux/s390
rzip-2.1-7.fc15 A large-file compression program linux/s390

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