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Packages beginning with letter C

c-ares-1.7.4-3.fc15 A library that performs asynchronous DNS operations linux/s390
c-ares-devel-1.7.4-3.fc15 Development files for c-ares linux/s390
c2050-0.3b-4.fc15 Converts bitcmyk data to Lexmark 2050 printer language linux/s390
c2070-0.99-7.fc15 Converts bitcmyk data to Lexmark 2070 printer language linux/s390
ca-certificates-2011.70-2.fc15 The Mozilla CA root certificate bundle linux/noarch
cabal2spec-0.22.6-1.fc15 Tool for creating .spec files for Haskell Cabal Packages linux/noarch
cabextract-1.3-3.fc15 Utility for extracting cabinet (.cab) archives linux/s390
caca-utils-0.99-0.11.beta17.fc15 Colour AsCii Art Text mode graphics utilities based on libcaca linux/s390
cachefilesd-0.10.1-3.fc15 CacheFiles userspace management daemon linux/s390
cacti-0.8.7g-2.fc15 An rrd based graphing tool linux/noarch
cadaver-0.23.3-2.fc15 Command-line WebDAV client linux/s390
cagibi-0.1.1-3.fc15 SSDP (UPnP discovery) cache/proxy daemon linux/s390
cairo-1.10.2-3.fc15 A 2D graphics library linux/s390
cairo-clock-0.3.4-5.fc15 Cairo-rendered on-screen clock linux/s390
cairo-devel-1.10.2-3.fc15 Development files for cairo linux/s390
cairo-gobject-1.10.2-3.fc15 GObject bindings for cairo linux/s390
cairo-gobject-devel-1.10.2-3.fc15 Development files for cairo-gobject linux/s390
cairo-java-1.0.8-4.fc15 Java bindings for the Cairo library linux/s390
cairo-java-devel-1.0.8-4.fc15 Compressed Java source files for cairo-java linux/s390
cairo-tools-1.10.2-3.fc15 Development tools for cairo linux/s390
cairomm-1.9.8-2.fc15.2 C++ API for the cairo graphics library linux/s390
cairomm-devel-1.9.8-2.fc15.2 Headers for developing programs that will use cairomm linux/s390
cairomm-doc-1.9.8-2.fc15.2 Developer's documentation for the cairomm library linux/noarch
cal10n-0.7.4-5.fc15 Compiler assisted localization library (CAL10N) linux/noarch
cal10n-javadoc-0.7.4-5.fc15 Javadoc for cal10n linux/noarch
cal3d-0.11.0-10.fc15 Skeletal based 3-D character animation library linux/s390
cal3d-devel-0.11.0-10.fc15 Header files, libraries and development documentation for Cal3D linux/s390
cal3d-doc-0.11.0-10.fc15 Documentation files for Cal3D linux/s390
calamaris-2.59-4.fc15 Squid native log format (NLF) analyzer and report generator linux/noarch
calc- Arbitrary precision arithmetic system and calculator linux/s390
calc-devel- Development files for the calc arithmetic system linux/s390
calc-libs- Libraries for the calc arithmetic system linux/s390
calc-stdrc- Standard resource files the calc arithmetic system linux/s390
calcurse-2.8-2.fc15 Text-based personal organizer linux/s390
calendar-1.26-2.20110115cvs.fc15 Reminder utility linux/s390
calf- Audio plugins pack linux/s390
calibre-0.7.56-1.fc15 E-book converter and library management linux/s390
callgit-2.0-6.fc15 A tool for Ham Radio Operators to look up call-signs on the web linux/s390
camE-1.9-15 Rewrite of the xawtv webcam app, which adds imlib2 support linux/s390
cambozola-0.92-3.fc15 A viewer for multipart jpeg streams linux/noarch
cambozola-javadoc-0.92-3.fc15 Javadoc for cambozola linux/noarch
camcardsync-0.1.1-4.fc15 A tool for copying photos from a camera card linux/s390
camorama-0.19-4.fc15 Gnome webcam viewer linux/s390
canto-0.7.4-3.fc15 Atom/RSS feed reader based on ncurses linux/s390
cardpeek-0.6-1.fc15 Tool to read the contents of smart cards linux/s390
caribou-0.2.00-3.fc15 A simplified in-place on-screen keyboard linux/noarch
cas-1.0-1.fc14 Tool to analyze and configure core file environment linux/noarch
cas-admin-1.0-1.fc14 Administrative frontend to CAS linux/noarch
cas-server-1.0-1.fc14 Web frontend to CAS linux/noarch
castor-0.9.5-6.fc15.1 An open source data binding framework for Java linux/s390
castor-demo-0.9.5-6.fc15.1 Demo for castor linux/s390
castor-doc-0.9.5-6.fc15.1 Documentation for castor linux/s390
castor-javadoc-0.9.5-6.fc15.1 Javadoc for castor linux/s390
castor-test-0.9.5-6.fc15.1 Tests for castor linux/s390
castor-xml-0.9.5-6.fc15.1 XML support for castor. linux/s390
catdoc-0.94.2-7.fc15 A program which converts Microsoft office files to plain text linux/s390
catfish-0.3.2-3.fc15.2 A handy file search tool linux/noarch
catfish-engines-0.3.2-3.fc15.2 Metapackage to install all supported engines linux/noarch
cave9-0.4-2.fc15 3d game of cave exploration linux/s390
cave9-mutante-fonts-0.4-2.fc15 Mutante font used by the HUD in cave9 game linux/noarch
cbios-0.23-3.fc15 A third party BIOS compatible with the MSX BIOS linux/noarch
cbios-openmsx-0.23-3.fc15 C-BIOS support for openMSX linux/noarch
cbrpager-0.9.22-2.fc15 Simple comic book pager for Linux linux/s390
ccache-3.1.4-4.fc15 C/C++ compiler cache linux/s390
ccd2iso-0.3-7.fc15 CloneCD image to ISO image file converter linux/s390
ccgo- An IGS (Internet Go Server) client written in C++ linux/s390
cciss_vol_status-1.09-2.fc15 Show status of logical drives attached to HP Smartarray controllers linux/s390
cclive- Command line video extraction utility linux/s390
ccrtp-1.7.1-2.fc12 Common C++ class framework for RTP/RTCP linux/s390
ccrtp-devel-1.7.1-2.fc12 Header files and libraries for ccrtp development linux/s390
ccrypt-1.9-2.fc15 Secure encryption and decryption of files and streams linux/s390
ccs-0.18.7-1.fc15 Cluster Configuration System linux/s390
ccze-0.2.1-7.fc15 A robust log colorizer linux/s390
cd-discid-1.1-2.fc15 Utility to get CDDB discid information linux/s390
cdargs-1.35-7.fc15 The shell cd with bookmarks and browser linux/s390
cdargs-devel-1.35-7.fc15 Development files for cdargs linux/s390
cddlib-094f-11.fc15 A library for generating all vertices in convex polyhedrons linux/s390
cddlib-devel-094f-11.fc15 Headers for cddlib linux/s390
cddlib-static-094f-11.fc15 Static libraries for cddlib linux/s390
cdk-5.0.20081105-4.fc15 Curses Development Kit linux/s390
cdk-devel-5.0.20081105-4.fc15 Curses Development Kit linux/s390
cdlabelgen-4.1.0-4.fc15 Generates frontcards and traycards for inserting in CD jewelcases linux/noarch
cdm-0.5.3-4.fc15 Very minimalistic login manager linux/noarch
cdo-1.4.3-2.fc15 A program for manipulating GRIB/NetCDF/SERVICE/EXTRA files linux/s390
cdogs-data-0.4-6.fc15 Data files for the CDogs game linux/noarch
cdogs-sdl-0.4-7.fc15 C-Dogs is an arcade shoot-em-up linux/s390
cdparanoia-10.2-10.fc15 Compact Disc Digital Audio (CDDA) extraction tool (or ripper) linux/s390
cdparanoia-devel-10.2-10.fc15 Development tools for libcdda_paranoia (Paranoia III) linux/s390
cdparanoia-libs-10.2-10.fc15 Libraries for libcdda_paranoia (Paranoia III) linux/s390
cdparanoia-static-10.2-10.fc15 Development tools for libcdda_paranoia (Paranoia III) linux/s390
cdpr-2.4-2.fc15 Cisco Discovery Protocol Analyzer linux/s390
cdrskin-1.0.6-1.fc15 Limited cdrecord compatibility wrapper to ease migration to libburn linux/s390
cdw-0.6.0-8.fc15 Front-end for tools used for burning data CD/DVD linux/s390
cegui-0.7.5-5.fc15 Free library providing windowing and widgets for graphics APIs / engines linux/s390
cegui-DevIL-imagecodec-0.7.5-5.fc15 Alternative imagecode library for CEGUI using DevIL linux/s390
cegui-devel-0.7.5-5.fc15 Development files for cegui linux/s390
cegui-devel-doc-0.7.5-5.fc15 API documentation for cegui linux/s390
cegui-freeimage-imagecodec-0.7.5-5.fc15 Alternative imagecode library for CEGUI using freeimage linux/s390
cegui-irrlicht-renderer-0.7.5-5.fc15 Irrlicht renderer for CEGUI linux/s390
cegui-libxml-xmlparser-0.7.5-5.fc15 Alternative xml parsing library for CEGUI using libxml linux/s390
cegui-ogre-renderer-0.7.5-5.fc15 OGRE renderer for CEGUI linux/s390
cegui-tinyxml-xmlparser-0.7.5-5.fc15 Alternative xml parsing library for CEGUI using tinyxml linux/s390
cegui-xerces-xmlparser-0.7.5-5.fc15 Alternative xml parsing library for CEGUI using xerces linux/s390
cegui06-0.6.2-7.fc15 CEGUI library 0.6 for apps which need this specific version linux/s390
cegui06-devel-0.6.2-7.fc15 Development files for cegui06 linux/s390
cegui06-devel-doc-0.6.2-7.fc15 API documentation for cegui06 linux/s390
celestia-1.6.0-2.fc15 OpenGL real-time visual space simulation linux/s390
cellwriter-1.3.4-6.fc15 Grid-entry natural handwriting input panel linux/s390
celt-0.10.0-2.fc15 An audio codec for use in low-delay speech and audio communication linux/s390
celt-devel-0.10.0-2.fc15 Development package for celt linux/s390
celt051- An audio codec for use in low-delay speech and audio communication linux/s390
celt051-devel- Development package for celt051 linux/s390
celt071-0.7.1-2.fc15 An audio codec for use in low-delay speech and audio communication linux/s390
celt071-devel-0.7.1-2.fc15 Development package for celt071 linux/s390
centerim-4.22.10-1.fc15 Text mode menu- and window-driven IM linux/s390
cernlib-2006-35.fc14 General purpose CERN library linux/s390
cernlib-devel-2006-35.fc14 General purpose CERN library development package linux/s390
cernlib-packlib-gfortran-2006-35.fc14 I/O, network and other utilities from the cernlib linux/s390
cernlib-static-2006-35.fc14 General purpose CERN library static libraries linux/s390
cernlib-utils-2006-35.fc14 CERN library compilation and environment setting scripts linux/s390
certmaster-0.27-2.fc15 Remote certificate distribution framework linux/noarch
certmonger-0.35.1-1.fc15 Certificate status monitor and PKI enrollment client linux/s390
cf-bonveno-fonts-1.1-10.fc15 A fun font by Barry Schwartz linux/noarch
cf-sorts-mill-goudy-fonts-3.1-2.fc15 Goudy Oldstyle and Italic fonts linux/noarch
cfdg-2.2.2-2.fc15 Context Free Design Grammar linux/s390
cfdg-fe-0.1-6.fc15 A front end to cfdg linux/s390
cfengine-3.0.5p1-2.fc15 A systems administration tool for networks linux/s390
cfengine-doc-3.0.5p1-2.fc15 Documentation for cfengine linux/noarch
cfitsio-3.250-6.fc15 Library for manipulating FITS data files linux/s390
cfitsio-devel-3.250-6.fc15 Headers required when building programs against cfitsio linux/s390
cfitsio-docs-3.250-6.fc15 Documentation for cfitsio linux/noarch
cfitsio-static-3.250-6.fc15 Static cfitsio library linux/s390
cflow-1.3-2.fc15 Analyzes C files charting control flow within the program linux/s390
cfv-1.18.3-2.fc13 A utility to test and create data verification files linux/noarch
cgdb-0.6.5-2.fc15 CGDB is a curses-based interface to the GNU Debugger (GDB) linux/s390
cgit-0.9-1.fc15 A fast web interface for git linux/s390
cglib-2.2-8.fc15 Code Generation Library for Java linux/noarch
cglib-javadoc-2.2-8.fc15 Javadoc for cglib linux/noarch
cgnslib-2.5-5.r1.fc15 Computational Fluid Dynamics General Notation System linux/s390
cgnslib-devel-2.5-5.r1.fc15 Header files for cgnslib package linux/s390
cgoban-1.9.14-13.fc15 X board for playing go linux/s390
chameleon-0.2-3.fc15 Common schema transformation tool linux/noarch
chatzilla-0.9.86-9.1292hg.fc15 Standalone Mozilla IRC Client, no browsers attached linux/noarch
chatzilla-gnome-0.9.86-9.1292hg.fc15 Gnome integration for standalone chatzilla linux/noarch
chavier-0.6.0-2.fc15 GUI application for exploring the pycha library linux/noarch
chealpix-2.13a-2.fc14 HEALPix C Bindings Library linux/s390
chealpix-devel-2.13a-2.fc14 HEALPix C Bindings Library development files linux/s390
check-0.9.8-3.fc15 A unit test framework for C linux/s390
check-devel-0.9.8-3.fc15 Libraries and headers for developing programs with check linux/s390
check-static-0.9.8-3.fc15 Static libraries of check linux/s390
check_postgres-2.16.0-1.fc15 PostgreSQL monitoring script linux/noarch
checkdns-0.5-10.fc15 A Domain Name Server analysis and reporting tool linux/s390
checkgmail-1.13-8.20091022svn.fc15 System Tray Application that checks a Gmail Account for New Mail linux/noarch
checkpolicy-2.0.23-3.fc15 SELinux policy compiler linux/s390
checkstyle-5.3-1.fc15 Java source code checker linux/noarch
checkstyle-demo-5.3-1.fc15 Demos for checkstyle linux/noarch
checkstyle-javadoc-5.3-1.fc15 Javadoc for checkstyle linux/noarch
cheese-3.0.1-1.fc15 Application for taking pictures and movies from a webcam linux/s390
cheese-libs-3.0.1-1.fc15 Webcam display and capture widgets linux/s390
cheese-libs-devel-3.0.1-1.fc15 Development files for cheese-libs linux/s390
chemical-mime-data-0.1.94-8.fc15 Support for chemical/* MIME types linux/noarch
chemtool-1.6.12-3.fc15 A program for 2D drawing organic molecules linux/s390
cherokee-1.2.1-2.fc15 Flexible and Fast Webserver linux/s390
cherokee-devel-1.2.1-2.fc15 Development files of cherokee linux/s390
chess-1.0-35.fc15 3D chess game linux/s390
childsplay-1.5.1-3.fc15 Suite of educational games for young children linux/noarch
childsplay-alphabet_sounds_bg-1.5.1-3.fc15 Bulgarian alphabet sounds for Childsplay linux/noarch
childsplay-alphabet_sounds_ca-1.5.1-3.fc15 Catalan alphabet sounds for Childsplay linux/noarch
childsplay-alphabet_sounds_de-1.5.1-3.fc15 German alphabet sounds for Childsplay linux/noarch
childsplay-alphabet_sounds_el-1.5.1-3.fc15 New Greek alphabet sounds for Childsplay linux/noarch
childsplay-alphabet_sounds_en_GB-1.5.1-3.fc15 British English alphabet sounds for Childsplay linux/noarch
childsplay-alphabet_sounds_es-1.5.1-3.fc15 Spanish alphabet sounds for Childsplay linux/noarch
childsplay-alphabet_sounds_fr-1.5.1-3.fc15 French alphabet sounds for Childsplay linux/noarch
childsplay-alphabet_sounds_it-1.5.1-3.fc15 Italian alphabet sounds for Childsplay linux/noarch
childsplay-alphabet_sounds_lt-1.5.1-3.fc15 Lithuanian alphabet sounds for Childsplay linux/noarch
childsplay-alphabet_sounds_nb-1.5.1-3.fc15 nb alphabet sounds for Childsplay linux/noarch
childsplay-alphabet_sounds_nl-1.5.1-3.fc15 Dutch alphabet sounds for Childsplay linux/noarch
childsplay-alphabet_sounds_ro-1.5.1-3.fc15 Romanian alphabet sounds for Childsplay linux/noarch
childsplay-alphabet_sounds_ru-1.5.1-3.fc15 Russian alphabet sounds for Childsplay linux/noarch
childsplay-alphabet_sounds_sl-1.5.1-3.fc15 Slovenian alphabet sounds for Childsplay linux/noarch
childsplay-alphabet_sounds_sv-1.5.1-3.fc15 Swedish alphabet sounds for Childsplay linux/noarch
chipmunk-5.3.4-2.fc15 Physics engine for 2D games linux/s390
chipmunk-devel-5.3.4-2.fc15 Development tools for programs which will use the chipmunk library linux/s390
chisholm-letterslaughing-fonts-20030323-3.fc15 Letters Laughing is a decorative/LED sans-serif font linux/noarch
chisholm-to-be-continued-fonts-20090124-5.fc15 Decorative Sans Serif Font linux/noarch
chkconfig-1.3.52-1.fc15 A system tool for maintaining the /etc/rc*.d hierarchy linux/s390
chkrootkit-0.49-3.fc15 Tool to locally check for signs of a rootkit linux/s390
chktex-1.6.4-9.fc15 LaTex semantic checker linux/s390
chm2pdf-0.9.1-10.fc15 A tool to convert CHM files to PDF files linux/noarch
chmlib-0.40-4.fc15 Library for dealing with ITSS/CHM format files linux/s390
chmlib-devel-0.40-4.fc15 Library for dealing with ITSS/CHM format files - development files linux/s390
chmsee-1.2.0-3.fc15 HTML Help viewer for Unix/Linux linux/s390
chntpw-0.99.6-15.fc15 Change passwords in Windows SAM files linux/s390
choqok-1.1-1.fc15 KDE Micro-Blogging Client linux/s390
choqok-devel-1.1-1.fc15 Development files for choqok linux/s390
choqok-libs-1.1-1.fc15 Runtime libraries for choqok linux/s390
chordii-4.3-3.fc15 Print songsbooks (lyrics + chords) linux/s390
chromium-bsu-0.9.15-1.fc15 Fast paced, arcade-style, top-scrolling space shooter linux/s390
chronojump-0.8.14-1.fc12 A measurement, management and statistics sport testing tool linux/s390
chronojump-doc-0.8.14-1.fc12 ChronoJump manuals linux/noarch
chrony-1.25-0.2.pre1.fc15 An NTP client/server linux/s390
chrpath-0.13-7.fc15 Modify rpath of compiled programs linux/s390
chunkd-0.8-0.3.gf9c5b967.fc15 Single-node data storage service for hail linux/s390
cifs-utils-4.9-1.fc15 Utilities for mounting and managing CIFS mounts linux/s390
cim-schema-2.25.0-2.fc14 Common Information Model (CIM) Schema linux/noarch
cim-schema-docs-2.25.0-2.fc14 Common Information Model (CIM) Schema documentation linux/noarch
cinepaint-0.25.0-0.1.fc15 CinePaint is a tool for manipulating images linux/s390
cinepaint-devel-0.25.0-0.1.fc15 Development package for cinepaint linux/s390
cinepaint-libs-0.25.0-0.1.fc15 Libraries for cinepaint linux/s390
ciso-1.0.0-4.fc15 ISO to CSO converter linux/s390
cjet-0.8.9-10.fc15 Converts PCL data to Canon CaPSL III printer language linux/s390
cjkuni-ukai-fonts-0.2.20080216.1-47.fc15 Chinese Unicode TrueType font in Kai face linux/noarch
cjkuni-uming-fonts-0.2.20080216.1-47.fc15 Chinese Unicode TrueType font in Ming face linux/noarch
ckermit-9.0-0.1.beta2.fc14 The quintessential all-purpose communications program linux/s390
cksfv-1.3.14-2.fc15 Utility to manipulate SFV files linux/s390
cl-asdf-20101028-2.fc15 Another System Definition Facility linux/noarch
clac-005-2.fc15 Command Line Advanced Calculator linux/noarch
clamav-0.97-1501.fc15 End-user tools for the Clam Antivirus scanner linux/s390
clamav-data-0.97-1501.fc15 Virus signature data for the Clam Antivirus scanner linux/noarch
clamav-data-empty-0.97-1501.fc15 Empty data package for the Clam Antivirus scanner linux/noarch
clamav-devel-0.97-1501.fc15 Header files and libraries for the Clam Antivirus scanner linux/s390
clamav-filesystem-0.97-1501.fc15 Filesystem structure for clamav linux/noarch
clamav-lib-0.97-1501.fc15 Dynamic libraries for the Clam Antivirus scanner linux/s390
clamav-milter-0.97-1501.fc15 Milter module for the Clam Antivirus scanner linux/s390
clamav-milter-systemd-0.97-1501.fc15 Systemd initscripts for the clamav sendmail-milter linux/noarch
clamav-milter-upstart-0.97-1501.fc15 Upstart initscripts for the clamav sendmail-milter linux/noarch
clamav-scanner-0.97-1501.fc15 Clamav scanner daemon linux/noarch
clamav-scanner-systemd-0.97-1501.fc15 Systemd initscripts for clamav scanner daemon linux/noarch
clamav-scanner-upstart-0.97-1501.fc15 Upstart initscripts for clamav scanner daemon linux/noarch
clamav-server-0.97-1501.fc15 Clam Antivirus scanner server linux/s390
clamav-server-sysvinit-0.97-1501.fc15 SysV initscripts for clamav server linux/noarch
clamav-unofficial-sigs-3.7.1-5.fc15 Scripts to download unoffical clamav signatures linux/noarch
clamav-update-0.97-1501.fc15 Auto-updater for the Clam Antivirus scanner data-files linux/s390
clamsmtp-1.10-2.fc15 A SMTP virus scanning system linux/s390
clamtk-4.32-1.fc15 Easy to use graphical user interface for Clam anti virus linux/noarch
clamz-0.4-4.fc15 Amazon Downloader linux/s390
clanbomber-1.05-14.fc15 Lay bombs and Blast the other players of the field game using ClanLib linux/s390
clang-2.8-11.fc15 A C language family front-end for LLVM linux/s390
clang-analyzer-2.8-11.fc15 A source code analysis framework linux/s390
clang-devel-2.8-11.fc15 Header files for clang linux/s390
clang-doc-2.8-11.fc15 Documentation for Clang linux/noarch
clapham-0.1.003-4.fc14 Railroad diagram generator for computer languages linux/noarch
clapham-javadoc-0.1.003-4.fc14 Javadocs for clapham linux/noarch
classads-1.0.8-2.fc15 Condor's classified advertisement language linux/s390
classads-devel-1.0.8-2.fc15 Headers for Condor's classified advertisement language linux/s390
classads-static-1.0.8-2.fc15 Condor's classified advertisement language's static libraries linux/s390
classpathx-mail-1.1.2-2.fc15 GNU JavaMail(tm) linux/noarch
classpathx-mail-javadoc-1.1.2-2.fc15 Javadoc for classpathx-mail linux/noarch
classworlds-1.1-5.fc15 Classworlds Classloader Framework linux/noarch
claws-mail-3.7.9-2.fc15 The extended version of Sylpheed linux/s390
claws-mail-devel-3.7.9-2.fc15 Development package for claws-mail linux/s390
claws-mail-plugins-3.7.9-2.fc15 Additional plugins for claws-mail linux/s390
claws-mail-plugins-acpi-notifier-3.7.9-2.fc15 ACPI notification plugin for claws-mail linux/s390
claws-mail-plugins-address-keeper-3.7.9-2.fc15 Never forget a typed address linux/s390
claws-mail-plugins-archive-3.7.9-2.fc15 Archiving features for claws-mail linux/s390
claws-mail-plugins-att-remover-3.7.9-2.fc15 Attachments remover plugin for claws-mail linux/s390
claws-mail-plugins-attachwarner-3.7.9-2.fc15 Attachment warner plugin for claws-mail linux/s390
claws-mail-plugins-bogofilter-3.7.9-2.fc15 Bogofilter plugin for claws-mail linux/s390
claws-mail-plugins-bsfilter-3.7.9-2.fc15 Bayesian spam filtering for claws-mail linux/s390
claws-mail-plugins-clamd-3.7.9-2.fc15 Use Clam AntiVirus to scan all messages linux/s390
claws-mail-plugins-dillo-3.7.9-2.fc15 Dillo HTML viewer plugin for claws-mail linux/s390
claws-mail-plugins-fancy-3.7.9-2.fc15 Render HTML emails via WebKit linux/s390
claws-mail-plugins-fetchinfo-3.7.9-2.fc15 Inserts headers containing some download information linux/s390
claws-mail-plugins-geolocation-3.7.9-2.fc15 Provide GeoLocation functionality linux/s390
claws-mail-plugins-gtkhtml2-viewer-3.7.9-2.fc15 GTK Html Viewer linux/s390
claws-mail-plugins-mailmbox-3.7.9-2.fc15 Support for mailboxes in mbox format linux/s390
claws-mail-plugins-newmail-3.7.9-2.fc15 Write a message header summary to a log file linux/s390
claws-mail-plugins-notification-3.7.9-2.fc15 New mail notifications linux/s390
claws-mail-plugins-perl-3.7.9-2.fc15 Extended filtering engine linux/s390
claws-mail-plugins-pgp-3.7.9-2.fc15 PGP plugin for signing and encrypting mail linux/s390
claws-mail-plugins-python-3.7.9-2.fc15 Python scripting access to claws-mail linux/s390
claws-mail-plugins-rssyl-3.7.9-2.fc15 RSS plugin for claws-mail linux/s390
claws-mail-plugins-smime-3.7.9-2.fc15 S/MIME signed and/or encrypted linux/s390
claws-mail-plugins-spam-report-3.7.9-2.fc15 Report spam mail to various places linux/s390
claws-mail-plugins-spamassassin-3.7.9-2.fc15 Spamassassin plugin for claws-mail linux/s390
claws-mail-plugins-tnef-3.7.9-2.fc15 Tnef message parsing linux/s390
claws-mail-plugins-vcalendar-3.7.9-2.fc15 Handling for vCalendar messages linux/s390
clawsker-0.7.2-2.fc15 Dialog to edit Claws Mail's hidden preferences linux/noarch
clc-0.03-3.fc15 Command-line client for MUDs linux/s390
clc-intercal-0-0.5.1._94._2.fc15 Compiler for the INTERCAL language linux/noarch
clc-intercal-UI-X-0-0.5.1._94._2.fc15 Graphical user interface to CLC-INTERCAL linux/noarch
cld-0.8-0.3.gf9c5b967.fc15 Coarse locking service for hail linux/s390
cleanfeed-20020501-5.fc15 A spam filter for Usenet news servers linux/noarch
clearlooks-compact-gnome-theme-1.5-4.fc15 GNOME Desktop theme optimized for small displays linux/noarch
clearsilver-0.10.5-12.fc15 Fast and powerful HTML templating system linux/s390
clearsilver-devel-0.10.5-12.fc15 ClearSilver development package linux/s390
clement-2.1.401-2.fc15 An application to filter and manage E-mail traffic linux/s390
clementine-0.7.1-1.fc15 A music player and library organizer linux/s390
clex-3.18-5.fc15 A free file manager with a full-screen user interface linux/s390
clide-0.9-4.fc15 Color and style highlighting program for text linux/noarch
climm-0.7.1-3.fc15 Text/line based ICQ client with many features linux/s390
clipper-2.1-15.20100511cvs.fc15 Clipper C++ crystallographic library linux/s390
clipper-devel-2.1-15.20100511cvs.fc15 Libraries and header files for clipper development linux/s390
clips-6.30.0-0.3.20090722svn.fc15 Language for developing expert systems linux/s390
clips-devel-6.30.0-0.3.20090722svn.fc15 C headers for developing programs that will embed CLIPS linux/s390
clips-doc-6.30.0-0.3.20090722svn.fc15 Documentation and examples for the CLIPS expert system linux/noarch
clips-emacs-6.30.0-0.3.20090722svn.fc15 EMACS add-ons for the CLIPS expert system linux/noarch
clips-libs-6.30.0-0.3.20090722svn.fc15 Run-time C libraries for CLIPS applications linux/s390
clips-xclips-6.30.0-0.3.20090722svn.fc15 X interface to the CLIPS expert system linux/s390
clipsmm-0.1.0-4.fc14.1 C++ interface to the CLIPS expert system C library linux/s390
clipsmm-devel-0.1.0-4.fc14.1 Headers for developing C++ applications with CLIPS linux/s390
clipsmm-doc-0.1.0-4.fc14.1 Documentation for the C++ clipsmm library linux/noarch
clive- Video extraction tool for user-uploaded video hosts linux/noarch
cln-1.3.1-2.fc15 Class Library for Numbers linux/s390
cln-devel-1.3.1-2.fc15 Development files for programs using the CLN library linux/s390
clojure-1.2.0-2.fc15 A dynamic programming language that targets the Java Virtual Machine linux/noarch
clonekeen-0.8.3-8.fc15 "Commander Keen: Invasion of the Vorticons" clone linux/s390
cloog-ppl-0.15.9-3.fc15 Parma Polyhedra Library backend (ppl) based version of the Cloog binaries linux/s390
cloog-ppl-devel-0.15.9-3.fc15 Development tools for the ppl based version of Chunky Loop Generator linux/s390
cloudy-08.00-4.fc15 Spectral synthesis code to simulate conditions in interstellar matter linux/s390
cloudy-devel-08.00-4.fc15 Headers for developing programs that will use cloudy linux/s390
cloudy-devel-doc-08.00-4.fc15 Developer documentation for cloudy linux/noarch
cloudy-doc-08.00-4.fc15 Documentation for cloudy linux/noarch
cloudy-libs-08.00-4.fc15 Cloudy runtime libraries linux/s390
clpbar-1.10.9-4.fc15 Show information about a data transfer linux/s390
clthreads-2.4.0-5.fc15 POSIX threads C++ access library linux/s390
clthreads-devel-2.4.0-5.fc15 Development files for clthreads linux/s390
clucene-core-0.9.21b-3.fc15 Core clucene module linux/s390
clucene-core-devel-0.9.21b-3.fc15 Headers for developing programs that will use clucene linux/s390
cluster-cim-0.18.7-1.fc15 Red Hat Cluster Suite - CIM provider linux/s390
cluster-glue-1.0.6-2.fc15.1 Reusable cluster components linux/s390
cluster-glue-libs-1.0.6-2.fc15.1 Reusable cluster libraries linux/s390
cluster-glue-libs-devel-1.0.6-2.fc15.1 Headers and libraries for writing cluster managers linux/s390
cluster-snmp-0.18.7-1.fc15 Red Hat Enterprise Linux Cluster Suite - SNMP agent linux/s390
clusterlib-3.1.1-1.fc15 The Red Hat Cluster libraries linux/s390
clusterlib-devel-3.1.1-1.fc15 The Red Hat Cluster libraries development package linux/s390
clustershell-1.4.3-1.fc15 Python framework for efficient cluster administration linux/noarch
clusterssh-3.28-3.fc15 Secure concurrent multiple server terminal control linux/noarch
clutter-1.6.14-1.fc15 Open Source software library for creating rich graphical user interfaces linux/s390
clutter-devel-1.6.14-1.fc15 Clutter development environment linux/s390
clutter-doc-1.6.14-1.fc15 Documentation for clutter linux/s390
clutter-gesture-0.0.2-2.fc13 Gesture Library for Clutter linux/s390
clutter-gesture-devel-0.0.2-2.fc13 Development package for clutter-gesture linux/s390
clutter-gst-1.3.8-1.fc15 ClutterMedia interface to GStreamer linux/s390
clutter-gst-devel-1.3.8-1.fc15 clutter-gst development environment linux/s390
clutter-gtk-1.0.0-1.fc15 A basic GTK clutter widget linux/s390
clutter-gtk-devel-1.0.0-1.fc15 Clutter-gtk development environment linux/s390
clutter-gtk010-0.10.8-4.fc15 A basic GTK2 clutter widget linux/s390
clutter-gtk010-devel-0.10.8-4.fc15 Clutter-gtk development environment linux/s390
clutter-gtkmm-0.9.5-1.fc14 A basic gtkmm Clutter widget linux/s390
clutter-gtkmm-devel-0.9.5-1.fc14 Development files for clutter-gtkmm linux/s390
clutter-imcontext-0.1.6-4.fc15 IMContext Framework Library for Clutter linux/s390
clutter-imcontext-devel-0.1.6-4.fc15 Development package for clutter-imcontext linux/s390
clutter-imcontext-docs-0.1.6-4.fc15 Documentation package for clutter-imcontext linux/noarch
cluttermm-0.9.6-1.fc15 C++ interface for Clutter linux/s390
cluttermm-devel-0.9.6-1.fc15 Development files for cluttermm linux/s390
cmake-2.8.4-1.fc15 Cross-platform make system linux/s390
cmake-fedora-0.5.0-1.fc15 CMake helper modules for fedora developers linux/noarch
cmake-gui-2.8.4-1.fc15 Qt GUI for cmake linux/s390
cman-3.1.1-1.fc15 Red Hat Cluster Manager linux/s390
cmconvert-1.9.6-1.fc15 CacheMate import file converter linux/s390
cmigemo-1.3-0.8.date20110227.fc15.1 C interface of Ruby/Migemo Japanese incremental search tool linux/s390
cmigemo-devel-1.3-0.8.date20110227.fc15.1 Development files for cmigemo linux/s390
cmirror-2.02.84-1.fc15 Daemon for device-mapper-based clustered mirrors linux/s390
cmusphinx3-0.8-7.fc15 Large vocabulary speech recognition in C linux/s390
cmusphinx3-devel-0.8-7.fc15 Header files for developing with cmusphinx3 linux/s390
cmusphinx3-doc-0.8-7.fc15 Doxygen documentation for cmusphinx3 linux/s390
cmusphinx3-libs-0.8-7.fc15 Shared libraries for cmusphinx3 executables linux/s390
cmusphinx3-python-0.8-7.fc15 Python interface to cmusphinx3 linux/s390
cnetworkmanager-0.21.1-3.fc15 Command-line client for NetworkManager linux/noarch
cntlm-0.35.1-9.fc15 Fast NTLM authentication proxy with tunneling linux/s390
cnucnu-0-0.7.20110308git2033ec78.fc15 Upstream release monitoring with bug reporting linux/noarch
cobbler-2.0.10-2.fc15 Boot server configurator linux/noarch
cobbler-web-2.0.10-2.fc15 Web interface for Cobbler linux/noarch
cobertura-1.9.3-3.fc15 Java tool that calculates the percentage of code accessed by tests linux/noarch
cobertura-javadoc-1.9.3-3.fc15 Javadoc for cobertura linux/noarch
coccinella-0.96.20-2.fc15 Chat client with whiteboard linux/noarch
coco-coq-0.1-6.fc15 Coco Coq in Grostesteing's base, an AGI adventure game linux/noarch
cocot-20080315-4.fc15 COde COnverter on Tty linux/s390
coda-backup-6.9.5-4.fc15 Backup coordinator for the Coda distributed file system linux/s390
coda-client-6.9.5-4.fc15 Client for the Coda distributed file system linux/s390
coda-gcodacon-6.9.5-4.fc15 Graphical tray monitor for the Coda distributed file system linux/s390
coda-server-6.9.5-4.fc15 Server for the Coda distributed file system linux/s390
coda-vcodacon-6.9.5-4.fc15 Graphical console for the Coda distributed file system linux/s390
code2html-0.9.1-8.fc15 Convert source code to HTML linux/noarch
codeblocks-10.05-5.fc15 An open source, cross platform, free C++ IDE linux/s390
codeblocks-contrib-10.05-5.fc15 Additional Code::Blocks plug-ins linux/s390
codeblocks-contrib-devel-10.05-5.fc15 Files needed to build Code::Blocks contrib plug-ins linux/s390
codeblocks-contrib-libs-10.05-5.fc15 Libraries needed to run Code::Blocks contrib plug-ins linux/s390
codeblocks-devel-10.05-5.fc15 Files needed to build Code::Blocks plug-ins linux/s390
codeblocks-libs-10.05-5.fc15 Libraries needed to run Code::Blocks and its plug-ins linux/s390
codehaus-parent-3-3.fc14 Parent pom file for codehaus projects linux/noarch
coldet-1.2-8.fc15 3D Collision Detection Library linux/s390
coldet-devel-1.2-8.fc15 Development libraries and headers for coldet linux/s390
collada-dom-2.3-2.fc14 COLLADA Document Object Model Library linux/s390
collada-dom-devel-2.3-2.fc14 Development files for collada-dom linux/s390
collectd-4.10.3-3.fc15 Statistics collection daemon for filling RRD files linux/s390
collectd-apache-4.10.3-3.fc15 Apache plugin for collectd linux/s390
collectd-dns-4.10.3-3.fc15 DNS traffic analysis module for collectd linux/s390
collectd-email-4.10.3-3.fc15 Email plugin for collectd linux/s390
collectd-ipmi-4.10.3-3.fc15 IPMI module for collectd linux/s390
collectd-mysql-4.10.3-3.fc15 MySQL module for collectd linux/s390
collectd-nginx-4.10.3-3.fc15 Nginx plugin for collectd linux/s390
collectd-ping-4.10.3-3.fc15 ping module for collectd linux/s390
collectd-postgresql-4.10.3-3.fc15 PostgreSQL module for collectd linux/s390
collectd-rrdtool-4.10.3-3.fc15 RRDTool module for collectd linux/s390
collectd-sensors-4.10.3-3.fc15 Libsensors module for collectd linux/s390
collectd-snmp-4.10.3-3.fc15 SNMP module for collectd linux/s390
collectd-virt-4.10.3-3.fc15 Libvirt plugin for collectd linux/s390
collectd-web-4.10.3-3.fc15 Contrib web interface to viewing rrd files linux/s390
collectl-3.5.0-1.fc15 A utility to collect various Linux performance data linux/noarch
color-filesystem-1-8 Color filesystem layout linux/noarch
colord-0.1.7-1.fc15 Color daemon linux/s390
colord-devel-0.1.7-1.fc15 Development package for colord linux/s390
colordiff-1.0.9-4.fc15 Color terminal highlighter for diff files linux/noarch
colorgcc-1.3.2-2.fc14 Script to colorize the compiler output linux/noarch
colorize-0.3.4-3.fc15 Perl script to colorize logs linux/noarch
colossus-0.12.1-1.fc15 Allows people to play Titan against each other or AIs linux/noarch
colossus-javadoc-0.12.1-1.fc15 Javadocs for colossus linux/noarch
colrdx-1.02-7.fc15 DX-cluster client with curses color support linux/s390
comedilib-0.8.1-8.fc15 Data Acquisition library for the Comedi driver linux/s390
comedilib-devel-0.8.1-8.fc15 Libraries/include files for Comedi linux/s390
comix-4.0.4-3.fc15.2 A user-friendly, customizable image viewer linux/noarch
common-lisp-controller-7.4-3.fc15 Common Lisp source and compiler manager linux/noarch
commoncpp2-1.7.3-3.fc15 GNU Common C++ class framework linux/s390
commoncpp2-devel-1.7.3-3.fc15 Header files and libraries for commoncpp2 development linux/s390
comoonics-base-py-0.1-5 Comoonics minimum baselibraries linux/noarch
comoonics-cdsl-py-0.2-18 Comoonics cdsl utilities and library written in Python linux/noarch
comoonics-cluster-py-0.1-24 Comoonics cluster configuration utilities written in Python linux/noarch
compat-db-4.7.25-19.fc15 The Berkeley DB database compatibility library linux/s390
compat-db-headers-4.7.25-19.fc15 The Berkeley DB database compatibility headers linux/noarch
compat-db45-4.5.20-19.fc15 The Berkeley DB database 4.5.20 compatibility library linux/s390
compat-db46-4.6.21-19.fc15 The Berkeley DB database 4.6.21 compatibility library linux/s390
compat-db47-4.7.25-19.fc15 The Berkeley DB database 4.6.21 compatibility library linux/s390
compat-expat1-1.95.8-7 A library for parsing XML documents linux/s390
compat-flex-2.5.4a-6.fc12 Legacy version of flex, a tool for creating scanners linux/s390
compat-gcc-34-3.4.6-22.fc15 Compatibility GNU Compiler Collection linux/s390
compat-gcc-34-c++-3.4.6-22.fc15 C++ support for compatibility compiler linux/s390
compat-gcc-34-g77-3.4.6-22.fc15 Fortran 77 support for compatibility compiler linux/s390
compat-gdbm-1.8.0-3.fc15 A GNU set of database routines compatibility library linux/s390
compat-guichan05-0.5.0-11.fc15 Compatibility libraries for older guichan versions linux/s390
compat-guichan05-devel-0.5.0-11.fc15 Header and libraries for guichan development linux/s390
compat-libf2c-34-3.4.6-22.fc15 Fortran 77 compatibility runtime linux/s390
compat-libgda-3.1.2-5.fc15 Library for writing gnome database programs linux/s390
compat-libgda-devel-3.1.2-5.fc15 Development libraries and header files for libgda linux/s390
compat-libgda-sqlite-3.1.2-5.fc15 SQLite provider for libgda linux/s390
compat-libgda-sqlite-devel-3.1.2-5.fc15 SQLite provider for libgda pkgconfig file linux/s390
compat-libgfortran-41-4.1.2-39 Compatibility Fortran 95 runtime library version 4.1.2 linux/s390
compat-libstdc++-33-3.2.3-68.1 Compatibility standard C++ libraries linux/s390
compat-readline5-5.2-18.fc15 A library for editing typed command lines linux/s390
compat-readline5-devel-5.2-18.fc15 Files needed to develop programs which use the readline library linux/s390
compat-readline5-static-5.2-18.fc15 Static libraries for the readline library linux/s390
compface-1.5.2-12 Library and tools for handling X-Face data linux/s390
compface-devel-1.5.2-12 Library and development files for handling X-Face data linux/s390
compiz-manager-0.6.0-13.fc15 A wrapper script to start compiz with proper options linux/noarch
comps-extras-20-2.fc15 Images for components included in Fedora linux/noarch
conakry-fonts-20070829-4.fc15 N'Ko font by Michael Everson linux/noarch
concordance-0.23-2.fc15 Software to program the Logitech Harmony remote control linux/s390
concurrent-1.3.4-12.fc15 Utility classes for concurrent Java programming linux/s390
concurrent-javadoc-1.3.4-12.fc15 Javadoc for concurrent linux/s390
condor-7.5.5-2.fc15 Condor: High Throughput Computing linux/s390
condor-ec2-enhanced-1.1-2.fc15.1 EC2 Enhanced linux/noarch
condor-ec2-enhanced-hooks-1.1-2.fc15.1 Condor EC2 Enhanced hooks linux/noarch
condor-job-hooks-1.4-7.fc15.1 Condor Job Hooks linux/noarch
condor-kbdd-7.5.5-2.fc15 Condor Keyboard Daemon linux/s390
condor-low-latency-1.1-1.fc15.1 Low Latency Scheduling linux/noarch
condor-vm-gahp-7.5.5-2.fc15 Condor's VM Gahp linux/s390
conduit-0.3.17-3.fc15 A synchronization solution for GNOME linux/noarch
cone-0.84-1.fc15 CONE mail reader linux/s390
cone-devel-0.84-1.fc15 LibMAIL mail client development library linux/s390
cone-doc-0.84-1.fc15 Documentation for the CONE email client linux/s390
conexus-0.9.1-3.fc14.1 C++ I/O communication library linux/s390
conexus-dbus-0.9.1-3.fc14.1 DBus support for the conexus communication library linux/s390
conexus-dbus-devel-0.9.1-3.fc14.1 Headers for developing programs that will use conexus-dbus linux/s390
conexus-devel-0.9.1-3.fc14.1 C++ Headers for developing programs that will use the conexus I/O library linux/s390
conexus-doc-0.9.1-3.fc14.1 Developer's documentation for the conexus library linux/noarch
conexus-gtkmm-0.9.1-3.fc14.1 Gtkmm UI widgets for the conexus communication library linux/s390
conexus-gtkmm-devel-0.9.1-3.fc14.1 Headers for developing programs that will use conexus-gtkmm linux/s390
conexus-nspr-0.9.1-3.fc14.1 NSPR endpoints for the conexus communication library linux/s390
conexus-nspr-devel-0.9.1-3.fc14.1 Headers for developing programs that will use conexus-nspr linux/s390
conexus-nss-0.9.1-3.fc14.1 NSS endpoints for the conexus communication library linux/s390
conexus-nss-devel-0.9.1-3.fc14.1 Headers for developing programs that will use conexus-nss linux/s390
conexus-ssl-0.9.1-3.fc14.1 OpenSSL endpoints for the conexus communication library linux/s390
conexus-ssl-devel-0.9.1-3.fc14.1 Headers for developing programs that will use conexus-ssl linux/s390
conglomerate-0.9.1-9.fc15 Extensible XML Editor linux/s390
congruity-15-2.fc15 Application to program Logitech Harmony universal remote controls linux/noarch
conky-1.8.1-2.fc15 A system monitor for X linux/s390
conman-0.2.5-3.fc15 ConMan - The Console Manager linux/s390
conmux-0.0-13.493svn.fc15 ConMux - The Console Multiplexor linux/noarch
conmux-client-0.0-13.493svn.fc15 Conmux client which will connect to a Conmux server linux/noarch
connect-proxy-1.100-5.fc15 SSH Proxy command helper linux/s390
conntrack-tools-0.9.15-2.fc15 Tools to manipulate netfilter connection tracking table linux/s390
conserver-8.1.18-3.fc15 Serial console server daemon/client linux/s390
conserver-client-8.1.18-3.fc15 Serial console client linux/s390
conspy-1.7-2.fc15 Remote control for text mode virtual consoles linux/s390
constantine-backgrounds-12.1.1-4.fc15 Constantine desktop backgrounds linux/noarch
constantine-backgrounds-extras-12.1.1-4.fc15 Extra Constantine Backgrounds linux/noarch
constantine-backgrounds-extras-kde-12.1.1-4.fc15 Extra Constantine Wallpapers for KDE linux/noarch
constantine-backgrounds-kde-12.1.1-4.fc15 Constantine Wallpapers for KDE linux/noarch
constantine-backgrounds-single-12.1.1-4.fc15 Single screen images for Constantine Backgrounds linux/noarch
constantine-kde-theme-12.1.0-3.fc15 Constantine KDE Theme linux/noarch
contacts-0.12-5.fc15 Contacts addressbook linux/s390
contextkit-0.5.15-2.fc15 Contextual information collection framework linux/s390
contextkit-devel-0.5.15-2.fc15 Development files for ContextKit linux/s390
control-center- Utilities to configure the GNOME desktop linux/s390
control-center-devel- Development files for the GNOME control-center linux/s390
control-center-filesystem- GNOME Control Center directories linux/s390
convmv-1.14-3.fc15 Convert filename encodings linux/noarch
cook-2.34-2.fc15 File construction tool linux/s390
coot-0.6.2-7.20110421svn3461.fc15 The crystallographic object-oriented toolkit linux/s390
coot-devel-0.6.2-7.20110421svn3461.fc15 Header files and library for developing programs with coot linux/s390
coot-doc-0.6.2-7.20110421svn3461.fc15 documentation PDF files for coot linux/s390
coreutils-8.10-2.fc15 A set of basic GNU tools commonly used in shell scripts linux/s390
coreutils-libs-8.10-2.fc15 Libraries for coreutils linux/s390
corkscrew-2.0-11.fc15 Tool for tunneling SSH through HTTP proxies linux/s390
corosync-1.3.0-2.fc15 The Corosync Cluster Engine and Application Programming Interfaces linux/s390
corosynclib-1.3.0-2.fc15 The Corosync Cluster Engine Libraries linux/s390
corosynclib-devel-1.3.0-2.fc15 The Corosync Cluster Engine Development Kit linux/s390
corrida-0.96.11-6.fc15 Application for archivation of meteor observations linux/s390
cortado-0.6.0-3.fc15 Java media framework linux/noarch
cortado-javadoc-0.6.0-3.fc15 Java docs for cortado linux/noarch
couchdb-1.0.2-1.fc15 A document database server, accessible via a RESTful JSON API linux/s390
couchdb-glib-0.7.2-1.fc15 A glib api to access CouchDB servers linux/s390
couchdb-glib-devel-0.7.2-1.fc15 Development package for couchdb-glib linux/s390
covered-0.7.7-2.fc15 Verilog code coverage analyzer linux/s390
cowpatty-4.6-4.fc15 WPA password cracker linux/s390
cowsay-3.03-9.fc15 Configurable speaking/thinking cow linux/noarch
cpan-upload-2.2-8.fc15 Automate the uploading of files to the CPAN (PAUSE) linux/noarch
cpanspec-1.78-7.fc15 RPM spec file generation utility linux/noarch
cpdup-1.17-2.fc15 Filesystem mirroring utility linux/s390
cpio-2.11-3.fc15 A GNU archiving program linux/s390
cpipe-3.0.1-6.fc15 Counting pipe linux/s390
cpl-5.2.0-5.fc15 ESO library for automated astronomical data-reduction tasks linux/s390
cpl-devel-5.2.0-5.fc15 Libraries, includes, etc. used to develop an application with cpl linux/s390
cpm-0.23-0.5.beta.fc15 Console Password Manager linux/s390
cpmtools-2.13-2.fc15 Programs for accessing CP/M disks linux/s390
cpp-4.6.0-6.fc15 The C Preprocessor linux/s390
cppad-devel-20110101.2-4.fc15 The cppad C++ include files for Algorithmic Differentiation (AD) linux/noarch
cppad-doc-20110101.2-4.fc15 Documentation for cppad linux/noarch
cppcheck-1.48-1.fc15 A tool for static C/C++ code analysis linux/s390
cppi-1.15-2.fc15 C preprocessor directive indenter linux/s390
cpptasks-1.0b5-6.fc15 Compile and link task for ant linux/noarch
cpptasks-javadoc-1.0b5-6.fc15 Javadoc for cpptasks linux/noarch
cpptest-1.1.1-2.fc15 A portable and powerful and simple unit testing framework for C++ linux/s390
cpptest-devel-1.1.1-2.fc15 Development files for cpptest linux/s390
cppunit-1.12.1-4.fc15 C++ unit testing framework linux/s390
cppunit-devel-1.12.1-4.fc15 Libraries and headers for cppunit development linux/s390
cppunit-doc-1.12.1-4.fc15 HTML formatted API documention for cppunit linux/s390
cpqarrayd-2.3-15.fc15 Software for monitoring HP(Compaq) arraycontrollers linux/s390
cproto-4.7j-2.fc15 Generates function prototypes and variable declarations from C code linux/s390
cputnik-0.2.0-4.fc15 Dockapp which displays CPU and memory usage linux/s390
crack-5.0a-15.fc15 Password cracker linux/s390
crack-attack-1.1.14-17.fc15 Puzzle action game linux/s390
cracklib-2.8.18-2.fc15 A password-checking library linux/s390
cracklib-devel-2.8.18-2.fc15 Development files needed for building applications which use cracklib linux/s390
cracklib-dicts-2.8.18-2.fc15 The standard CrackLib dictionaries linux/s390
cracklib-python-2.8.18-2.fc15 Python bindings for applications which use cracklib linux/s390
crash-5.1.2-2.fc15 Kernel analysis utility for live systems, netdump, diskdump, kdump, LKCD or mcore dumpfiles linux/s390
crash-devel-5.1.2-2.fc15 kernel crash analysis utility for live systems, netdump, diskdump, kdump, LKCD or mcore dumpfiles linux/s390
crcimg-1.1-6.fc15 Construct .crc files linux/s390
crda-1.1.1_2010.11.22-2.fc15 Regulatory compliance daemon for 802.11 wireless networking linux/s390
createrepo-0.9.9-3.fc15 Creates a common metadata repository linux/noarch
creox-0.2.2-0.6.rc2.fc15 Real-time Sound Processor linux/s390
cricscore-applet- A cricket score applet for GNOME linux/s390
crlibm-1.0-0.4.beta4.fc15 Correctly Rounded mathematical library linux/s390
crlibm-devel-1.0-0.4.beta4.fc15 Development files for crlibm linux/s390
crm114-0-2.14.20100106.fc15 Controllable Regex Mutilator: multi-method content classifier and filter linux/s390
crm114-emacs-0-2.14.20100106.fc15 CRM114 mode for Emacs linux/s390
cronie-1.4.7-3.fc15 Cron daemon for executing programs at set times linux/s390
cronie-anacron-1.4.7-3.fc15 Utility for running regular jobs linux/s390
cronie-noanacron-1.4.7-3.fc15 Utility for running simple regular jobs in old cron style linux/s390
cronolog-1.6.2-11.fc15 Web log rotation program for Apache linux/s390
crontabs-1.11-2.20101115git.fc15 Root crontab files used to schedule the execution of programs linux/noarch
crossfire-1.11.0-5.fc15 Server for hosting crossfire games linux/s390
crossfire-client-1.11.0-4.fc15 Client for connecting to crossfire servers linux/s390
crossfire-client-images-1.11.0-5.fc15 Image cache for crossfire clients linux/s390
crossfire-devel-1.11.0-5.fc15 Development files for writing crossfire plugins linux/s390
crossfire-doc-1.11.0-5.fc15 Documentation files for Crossfire linux/s390
crossfire-logwatch-1.11.0-5.fc15 logwatch scripts for the Crossfire game server linux/s390
crossfire-maps-1.11.0-4.fc15 Map files for the crossfire server linux/noarch
crossfire-plugins-1.11.0-5.fc15 Plugin modules for the crossfire game server linux/s390
crossfire-selinux-1.11.0-5.fc15 SELinux policy files for crossfire linux/s390
crossvc-1.5.2-7.fc12 Graphical CVS Client linux/s390
cryptkeeper-0.9.5-2.fc15 A Linux system tray applet that manages EncFS encrypted folders linux/s390
crypto-utils-2.4.1-27 SSL certificate and key management utilities linux/s390
cryptopp-5.6.1-4.fc15 Public domain C++ class library of cryptographic schemes linux/s390
cryptopp-devel-5.6.1-4.fc15 Header files and development documentation for cryptopp linux/s390
cryptopp-doc-5.6.1-4.fc15 Documentation for cryptopp linux/noarch
cryptopp-progs-5.6.1-4.fc15 Programs for manipulating cryptopp routines linux/s390
cryptsetup-luks-1.2.0-2.fc15 A utility for setting up encrypted filesystems linux/s390
cryptsetup-luks-devel-1.2.0-2.fc15 Headers and libraries for using encrypted filesystems linux/s390
cryptsetup-luks-libs-1.2.0-2.fc15 Cryptsetup shared library linux/s390
crystal-1.0.5-6.fc15 KDE window decoration linux/s390
crystal-clear-20050622-10.fc15 Crystal Clear KDE Icon set linux/noarch
crystal-project-20070620-8.fc15 Crystal Project KDE Icon set linux/noarch
crystal-stacker-1.5-10.fc15 Falling blocks, match 3 or more of the same color crystals linux/s390
crystal-stacker-theme-editor-1.5-10.fc15 Themes editor for Crystal Stacker linux/s390
crystal-stacker-themes-1.0-6.fc15 Themes for the Crystal Stacker game linux/noarch
cscope-15.7a-3.fc15 C source code tree search and browse tool linux/s390
csdp-6.1.1-1.fc15 C library for SemiDefinite Programming linux/s390
csdp-devel-6.1.1-1.fc15 Header files for CSDP linux/s390
csdp-octave-6.1.1-1.fc15 Octave interface to CSDP linux/noarch
csdp-tools-6.1.1-1.fc15 Command line tools for working with CSDP linux/s390
csmash-0.6.6-22 3D tabletennis game linux/s390
csound-5.13.0-2.fc15 A sound synthesis language and library linux/s390
csound-devel-5.13.0-2.fc15 Csound development files and libraries linux/s390
csound-dssi-5.13.0-2.fc15 Disposable Soft Synth Interface (DSSI) plugin for Csound linux/s390
csound-fltk-5.13.0-2.fc15 FLTK plugins for Csound linux/s390
csound-fluidsynth-5.13.0-2.fc15 Fluidsyth soundfont plugin for Csound linux/s390
csound-gui-5.13.0-2.fc15 A FLTK-based GUI for Csound linux/s390
csound-jack-5.13.0-2.fc15 Jack Audio plugins for Csound linux/s390
csound-java-5.13.0-2.fc15 Java Csound support linux/s390
csound-javadoc-5.13.0-2.fc15 API documentation for Java Csound support linux/s390
csound-manual-5.13.0-2.fc15 Csound manual linux/noarch
csound-osc-5.13.0-2.fc15 Open Sound Control (OSC) plugin for Csound linux/s390
csound-python-5.13.0-2.fc15 Python Csound development files and libraries linux/s390
csound-python-devel-5.13.0-2.fc15 Csound python development files and libraries linux/s390
csound-tk-5.13.0-2.fc15 Tcl/Tk related Csound utilities linux/s390
csound-virtual-keyboard-5.13.0-2.fc15 Virtual MIDI keyboard plugin for Csound linux/s390
cssed-0.4.0-11.fc15 CSS editor and validator linux/s390
cssed-devel-0.4.0-11.fc15 Development files for cssed linux/s390
cssparser-0.9.5-4.fc15 CSS Parser linux/noarch
cssparser-javadoc-0.9.5-4.fc15 Javadoc for cssparser linux/noarch
csstidy-1.4-5.fc15 CSS parser and optimizer linux/s390
cstream-2.7.6-5.fc15 General-purpose stream-handling tool linux/s390
ctags-5.8-3.fc15 A C programming language indexing and/or cross-reference tool linux/s390
ctags-etags-5.8-3.fc15 Exuberant Ctags for emacs tag format linux/s390
ctan-cm-lgc-fonts-common-0.5-18.fc15 CM-LGC Type 1 fonts, common files (documentationâ¦) linux/noarch
ctan-cm-lgc-roman-fonts-0.5-18.fc15 CM-LGC Type 1 fonts, serif font faces linux/noarch
ctan-cm-lgc-sans-fonts-0.5-18.fc15 CM-LGC Type 1 fonts, sans-serif font faces linux/noarch
ctan-cm-lgc-typewriter-fonts-0.5-18.fc15 CM-LGC Type 1 fonts, typewriter font faces linux/noarch
ctan-kerkis-calligraphic-fonts-2.0-24.fc15 Kerkis Calligraphic Type1 fonts linux/noarch
ctan-kerkis-fonts-common-2.0-24.fc15 Kerkis Type 1 fonts, common files (documentationâ¦) linux/noarch
ctan-kerkis-sans-fonts-2.0-24.fc15 KerkisSans Type1 fonts linux/noarch
ctan-kerkis-serif-fonts-2.0-24.fc15 Kerkis serif Type1 fonts linux/noarch
ctan-musixtex-fonts-1.13-4.fc15 Type 1 versions of MusiXTeX fonts linux/noarch
ctapi-common-1.1-7.fc15 Common files and packaging infrastructure for CT-API modules linux/s390
ctapi-cyberjack-3.3.0-8.fc14 CT-API 1.1 driver for REINER SCT cyberjack USB chipcard reader linux/s390
ctapi-cyberjack-devel-3.3.0-8.fc14 Development files for libctapi-cyberjack linux/s390
ctapi-cyberjack-pcsc-3.3.0-8.fc14 PC/SC Module linux/s390
ctapi-cyberjack-tools-3.3.0-8.fc14 Some tools for the reader linux/s390
ctdb-1.0.114-2.fc15 A Clustered Database based on Samba's Trivial Database (TDB) linux/s390
ctdb-devel-1.0.114-2.fc15 CTDB clustered database development package linux/s390
ctemplate-0.97-1.fc14 A simple but powerful template language for C++ linux/s390
ctemplate-devel-0.97-1.fc14 Development files for ctemplate linux/s390
ctorrent-1.3.4-15.dnh3.3.2.fc15 Command line BitTorrent client for unix-like environments linux/s390
ctpl-0.3.2-2.fc15 Template library and engine written in C linux/s390
ctpl-devel-0.3.2-2.fc15 Development headers of the template library written in C linux/s390
ctpl-doc-0.3.2-2.fc15 Documentation for the CTPL library linux/noarch
ctpl-libs-0.3.2-2.fc15 Template library written in C linux/s390
ctrlproxy-3.0.8-8.fc15 ctrlproxy linux/s390
ctrlproxy-devel-3.0.8-8.fc15 ctrlproxy development headers linux/s390
cudd-2.4.2-4.fc15 CU Decision Diagram Package linux/s390
cudd-devel-2.4.2-4.fc15 Header files and man pages for cudd linux/s390
cudd-static-2.4.2-4.fc15 Static libraries for cudd linux/s390
cuetools-1.4.0-0.5.svn305.fc14 Utilities to work with cue and TOC files linux/s390
culmus-aharoni-clm-fonts-0.120-2.fc15 Fonts for Hebrew from Culmus project linux/noarch
culmus-caladings-clm-fonts-0.120-2.fc15 Fonts for Hebrew from Culmus project linux/noarch
culmus-david-clm-fonts-0.120-2.fc15 Fonts for Hebrew from Culmus project linux/noarch
culmus-drugulin-clm-fonts-0.120-2.fc15 Fonts for Hebrew from Culmus project linux/noarch
culmus-ellinia-clm-fonts-0.120-2.fc15 Fonts for Hebrew from Culmus project linux/noarch
culmus-fonts-common-0.120-2.fc15 Common files of culmus-fonts linux/noarch
culmus-fonts-compat-0.120-2.fc15 Compatibility files of Culmus font families linux/noarch
culmus-frank-ruehl-clm-fonts-0.120-2.fc15 Fonts for Hebrew from Culmus project linux/noarch
culmus-hadasim-clm-fonts-0.120-2.fc15 Fonts for Hebrew from Culmus project linux/noarch
culmus-keteryg-fonts-0.120-2.fc15 Fonts for Hebrew from Culmus project linux/noarch
culmus-miriam-clm-fonts-0.120-2.fc15 Fonts for Hebrew from Culmus project linux/noarch
culmus-miriam-mono-clm-fonts-0.120-2.fc15 Fonts for Hebrew from Culmus project linux/noarch
culmus-nachlieli-clm-fonts-0.120-2.fc15 Fonts for Hebrew from Culmus project linux/noarch
culmus-simple-clm-fonts-0.120-2.fc15 Fonts for Hebrew from Culmus project linux/noarch
culmus-stamashkenaz-clm-fonts-0.120-2.fc15 Fonts for Hebrew from Culmus project linux/noarch
culmus-stamsefarad-clm-fonts-0.120-2.fc15 Fonts for Hebrew from Culmus project linux/noarch
culmus-yehuda-clm-fonts-0.120-2.fc15 Fonts for Hebrew from Culmus project linux/noarch
cuneiform-1.1.0-3.fc14 Command-line OCR system linux/s390
cuneiform-devel-1.1.0-3.fc14 Development files for cuneiform linux/s390
cups-1.4.6-15.fc15 Common Unix Printing System linux/s390
cups-bjnp-0.5.5-3.fc15 CUPS backend for the Canon BJNP network printers linux/s390
cups-devel-1.4.6-15.fc15 Common Unix Printing System - development environment linux/s390
cups-libs-1.4.6-15.fc15 Common Unix Printing System - libraries linux/s390
cups-lpd-1.4.6-15.fc15 Common Unix Printing System - lpd emulation linux/s390
cups-pdf-2.5.1-1.fc15 Extension for creating pdf-Files with CUPS linux/s390
cups-php-1.4.6-15.fc15 Common Unix Printing System - php module linux/s390
cups-pk-helper-0.1.2-1.fc15 A helper that makes system-config-printer use PolicyKit linux/s390
curblaster-1.04-2.fc15 Sidescrolling shooter, carry the pods through the gate linux/s390
curl-7.21.3-6.fc15 A utility for getting files from remote servers (FTP, HTTP, and others) linux/s390
curlftpfs-0.9.2-7.fc15 CurlFtpFS is a filesystem for accessing FTP hosts based on FUSE and libcurl linux/s390
custom-kickstarts-0.15.5-1.fc15 Kickstart files for Custom Spins (not official) linux/noarch
cutecom-0.20.0-6.fc15 A graphical serial terminal, like minicom or Hyperterminal on Windows linux/s390
cutecw-1.0-1.fc15 Morse Code (CW) Training Software linux/s390
cvc3-2.2-3.fc15 Validity checker of many-sorted first-order formulas with theories linux/s390
cvc3-devel-2.2-3.fc15 Header files for development with CVC3 linux/s390
cvc3-doc-2.2-3.fc15 API documentation for CVC3 linux/noarch
cvc3-emacs-2.2-3.fc15 Compiled Emacs mode for CVC3 linux/noarch
cvc3-emacs-el-2.2-3.fc15 Elisp source files for the CVC3 Emacs mode linux/noarch
cvc3-java-2.2-3.fc15 Java interface for CVC3 linux/s390
cvc3-xemacs-2.2-3.fc15 Compiled XEmacs mode for CVC3 linux/noarch
cvc3-xemacs-el-2.2-3.fc15 Elisp source files for the CVC3 XEmacs mode linux/noarch
cvs-1.11.23-14.fc15 Concurrent Versions System linux/s390
cvs-doc-1.11.23-14.fc15 Additional documentation for Concurrent Versions System linux/noarch
cvs2cl-2.72-6.fc15 Generate ChangeLogs from CVS working copies linux/noarch
cvs2commons-2.3.0-0.5.r5319svn.fc15 Common files for CVS to Subversion and Git Repository Converter linux/noarch
cvs2git-2.3.0-0.5.r5319svn.fc15 CVS to Git Repository Converter linux/noarch
cvs2svn-2.3.0-0.5.r5319svn.fc15 CVS to Subversion Repository Converter linux/noarch
cvsgraph-1.6.1-9.fc15 CVS/RCS repository grapher linux/s390
cvsplot-1.7.4-8.fc15 Collect statistics from CVS controlled files linux/noarch
cvsps-2.2-0.8.b1.fc15 Patchset tool for CVS linux/s390
cvsutils-0.2.5-3.fc12 CVS Utilities linux/noarch
cvsweb-3.0.6-10.fc15 Web interface for CVS repositories linux/noarch
cwdaemon-0.9.4-12.fc15 Morse daemon for the parallel or serial port linux/s390
cwiid-0.6.00-16.20100505gitfadf11e.fc15 Wiimote interface library linux/s390
cwiid-devel-0.6.00-16.20100505gitfadf11e.fc15 Development files for cwiid linux/s390
cwiid-python2-0.6.00-16.20100505gitfadf11e.fc15 Python binding for cwiid linux/s390
cwiid-utils-0.6.00-16.20100505gitfadf11e.fc15 Wiimote connection test application linux/s390
cwiid-wminput-0.6.00-16.20100505gitfadf11e.fc15 Enables using the wiimote as an input source linux/s390
cwrite-0.1.24-5.fc15 A new text editor for the console linux/s390
cx18-firmware-20080628-4 Firmware for Conexant cx23418-based video capture devices linux/noarch
cxxtest-3.10.1-4.fc15 A JUnit-like testing framework for C++ linux/noarch
cxxtest-doc-3.10.1-4.fc15 Documentation on how to use CxxTest linux/noarch
cycle-0.3.1-11.fc15 Calendar program for women linux/noarch
cylindrix-1.0-13.fc15 A 3 degrees of freedom combat game linux/s390
cyphesis-0.5.24-3.fc15 WorldForge game server linux/s390
cyphesis-logwatch-0.5.24-3.fc15 Logwatch scripts for the WorldForge game server linux/s390
cyrus-imapd-2.4.8-1.fc15 A high-performance mail server with IMAP, POP3, NNTP and SIEVE support linux/s390
cyrus-imapd-devel-2.4.8-1.fc15 Cyrus IMAP server development files linux/s390
cyrus-imapd-utils-2.4.8-1.fc15 Cyrus IMAP server administration utilities linux/s390
cyrus-sasl-2.1.23-16.fc15 The Cyrus SASL library linux/s390
cyrus-sasl-devel-2.1.23-16.fc15 Files needed for developing applications with Cyrus SASL linux/s390
cyrus-sasl-gssapi-2.1.23-16.fc15 GSSAPI authentication support for Cyrus SASL linux/s390
cyrus-sasl-ldap-2.1.23-16.fc15 LDAP auxprop support for Cyrus SASL linux/s390
cyrus-sasl-lib-2.1.23-16.fc15 Shared libraries needed by applications which use Cyrus SASL linux/s390
cyrus-sasl-md5-2.1.23-16.fc15 CRAM-MD5 and DIGEST-MD5 authentication support for Cyrus SASL linux/s390
cyrus-sasl-ntlm-2.1.23-16.fc15 NTLM authentication support for Cyrus SASL linux/s390
cyrus-sasl-plain-2.1.23-16.fc15 PLAIN and LOGIN authentication support for Cyrus SASL linux/s390
cyrus-sasl-sql-2.1.23-16.fc15 SQL auxprop support for Cyrus SASL linux/s390

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