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RPM of Group Development/Libraries/Java

automaton-1.11r1-2.fc11 A Java finite state automata/regular expression library linux/s390x
avalon-logkit-1.2-7.fc11 Java logging toolkit linux/s390x
axis-1.2.1-5.2.fc11 A SOAP implementation in Java linux/s390x
axis-javadoc-1.2.1-5.2.fc11 Javadoc for axis linux/s390x
axis-manual-1.2.1-5.2.fc11 Manual for axis linux/s390x
bcel-5.2-6.0.fc11.1 Byte Code Engineering Library linux/s390x
bcel-manual-5.2-6.0.fc11.1 Manual for bcel linux/s390x
bea-stax-1.2.0-0.4.rc1.fc11 Streaming API for XML linux/s390x
bsf-2.3.0-14.fc11 Bean Scripting Framework linux/s390x
castor-0.9.5-4.fc11.1 An open source data binding framework for Java linux/s390x
castor-xml-0.9.5-4.fc11.1 XML support for castor. linux/s390x
concurrent-1.3.4-10.fc11 Utility classes for concurrent Java programming linux/s390x
dtdparser-1.21-6.fc11 A Java DTD Parser linux/s390x
findbugs-bcel-5.2-1.3.8.fc11 Byte Code Engineering Library with findbugs extensions linux/s390x
geronimo-specs-1.0-3.M2.1.fc11 Geronimo J2EE server J2EE specifications linux/s390x
geronimo-specs-compat-1.0-3.M2.1.fc11 Compatibility package for geronimo-specs linux/s390x
gnu-getopt-1.0.12-6.fc11 Java getopt implementation linux/s390x
icu4j-3.8.1-5.fc11.1 International Components for Unicode for Java linux/s390x
idw-gpl-1.6.1-1.fc11 A Java Swing-based docking windows framework linux/s390x
idw-gpl-javadoc-1.6.1-1.fc11 Javadoc for InfoNode Docking Windows linux/s390x
isorelax-0-0.3.release20050331.fc11 Public interfaces for RELAX Core linux/noarch
jFormatString-0-0.2.20081016svn.fc11 Java format string compile-time checker linux/s390x
jakarta-commons-beanutils-1.7.0-11.3.fc11 Jakarta Commons BeanUtils Package linux/s390x
jakarta-commons-codec-1.3-10.4.fc11 Implementations of common encoders and decoders linux/s390x
jakarta-commons-collections-3.2.1-2.fc11 Provides new interfaces, implementations and utilities for Java Collections linux/s390x
jakarta-commons-collections-tomcat5-3.2.1-2.fc11 Jakarta Commons Collection dependency for Tomcat5 linux/s390x
jakarta-commons-dbcp-1.2.1-12.5.fc11 Jakarta Commons DataBase Pooling Package linux/s390x
jakarta-commons-dbcp-tomcat5-1.2.1-12.5.fc11 DBCP dependency for Tomcat5 linux/s390x
jakarta-commons-digester-1.7-8.3.fc11 Jakarta Commons Digester Package linux/s390x
jakarta-commons-discovery-0.4-4.2.fc11 Jakarta Commons Discovery linux/s390x
jakarta-commons-el-1.0-10.5.fc11 The Jakarta Commons Extension Language linux/s390x
jakarta-commons-fileupload-1.0-8.3.fc11 This package provides an api to work with html file upload linux/s390x
jakarta-commons-httpclient-3.1-0.4.fc11 Jakarta Commons HTTPClient implements the client side of HTTP standards linux/s390x
jakarta-commons-io-1.3.2-2.2.fc11 Utilities to assist with developing IO functionality linux/noarch
jakarta-commons-lang-2.3-3.3.fc11 Provides a host of helper utilities for the java.lang API linux/s390x
jakarta-commons-launcher-1.1-3.4.fc11 A cross platform Java application launcher linux/s390x
jakarta-commons-logging-1.0.4-8.8.fc11 Jakarta Commons Logging Package linux/s390x
jakarta-commons-modeler-2.0-5.3.fc11 Model MBeans utilty classes linux/s390x
jakarta-commons-net-1.4.1-5.3.fc11 Internet protocol suite Java library linux/noarch
jakarta-commons-pool-1.3-11.5.fc11 Jakarta Commons Pool Package linux/s390x
jakarta-commons-pool-tomcat5-1.3-11.5.fc11 Pool dependency for Tomcat5 linux/s390x
jakarta-commons-validator-1.1.4-7.4.fc11 Jakarta Commons Validator linux/s390x
jakarta-taglibs-standard-1.1.1-10.2.fc11 An open-source implementation of the JSP Standard Tag Library linux/s390x
jcip-annotations-0-20060627.4.fc11 Java annotations for multithreaded software linux/noarch
jdepend-2.6-8.4.fc11 Java Design Quality Metrics linux/s390x
jdepend-demo-2.6-8.4.fc11 Demos for jdepend linux/s390x
jdom-1.0-6.5.fc11.1 Java alternative to DOM and SAX linux/s390x
jdom-demo-1.0-6.5.fc11.1 Demos for jdom linux/s390x
jlex-1.2.6-7.3.fc11 A Lexical Analyzer Generator for Java linux/s390x
jrefactory-2.8.9-8.7.fc11 JRefactory and Pretty Print linux/s390x
jsch-0.1.39-2.1.fc11 Pure Java implementation of SSH2 linux/noarch
jsr-305-0-0.3.20090203svn.fc11 Correctness annotations for Java code linux/s390x
jzlib-1.0.7-6.3.fc11 JZlib re-implementation of zlib in pure Java linux/s390x
jzlib-demo-1.0.7-6.3.fc11 Examples for jzlib linux/s390x
mx4j-3.0.1-8.9.fc11 Open source implementation of JMX Java API linux/s390x
mx4j-manual-3.0.1-8.9.fc11 Documentation for mx4j linux/s390x
objectweb-asm-3.1-6.1.fc11 A code manipulation tool to implement adaptable systems linux/noarch
puretls-0.9-0.3.b5.5.2.fc11 Java implementation of SSLv3 and TLSv1 linux/s390x
puretls-demo-0.9-0.3.b5.5.2.fc11 Demo for puretls linux/s390x
puretls-javadoc-0.9-0.3.b5.5.2.fc11 Javadoc for puretls linux/s390x
qdox-1.6.1-6.2.fc11 Extract class/interface/method definitions from sources linux/s390x
regexp-1.5-3.2.fc11 Simple regular expressions API linux/s390x
relaxngDatatype-1.0-4.2.fc11 RELAX NG Datatype API linux/noarch
rhino-1.7-0.3.r2pre.1.1.fc11 JavaScript for Java linux/noarch
rhino-demo-1.7-0.3.r2pre.1.1.fc11 Examples for rhino linux/noarch
rhino-manual-1.7-0.3.r2pre.1.1.fc11 Manual for rhino linux/noarch
velocity-1.4-8.4.fc11 Java-based template engine linux/s390x
velocity-demo-1.4-8.4.fc11 Demo for velocity linux/s390x
velocity-manual-1.4-8.4.fc11 Manual for velocity linux/s390x
werken-xpath-0.9.4-2.beta. XPath implementation using JDOM linux/s390x
ws-jaxme-0.5.1-3.4.fc11 Open source implementation of JAXB linux/noarch

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