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RPM of Group Development/Java

bsh-1.3.0-14.fc11 Lightweight Scripting for Java linux/s390x
bsh-demo-1.3.0-14.fc11 Demo for bsh linux/s390x
bsh-desktop-1.3.0-14.fc11 bsh integration for the desktop linux/s390x
bsh-javadoc-1.3.0-14.fc11 Javadoc for bsh linux/s390x
bsh-manual-1.3.0-14.fc11 Manual for bsh linux/s390x
castor-demo-0.9.5-4.fc11.1 Demo for castor linux/s390x
castor-test-0.9.5-4.fc11.1 Tests for castor linux/s390x
hsqldb- Hsqldb Database Engine linux/s390x
hsqldb-demo- Demo for hsqldb linux/s390x
hsqldb-javadoc- Javadoc for hsqldb linux/s390x
hsqldb-manual- Manual for hsqldb linux/s390x
jakarta-oro-2.0.8-5.2.fc11 Full regular expressions API linux/s390x
jakarta-oro-javadoc-2.0.8-5.2.fc11 Javadoc for jakarta-oro linux/s390x
javahelp2-2.0.05-7.fc11 JavaHelp is a full-featured, platform-independent, extensible help system linux/noarch
javahelp2-javadoc-2.0.05-7.fc11 Javadoc for javahelp2 linux/noarch
jlex-javadoc-1.2.6-7.3.fc11 Javadoc for jlex. linux/s390x
ldapjdk-4.18-4.fc11 The Mozilla LDAP Java SDK linux/s390x
maven-doxia-1.0-0.3.a7.2.10.fc11 Content generation framework linux/s390x
maven-jxr-1.0-3.8.fc11 Source cross referencing tool linux/s390x
maven-scm-1.0-0.3.b3.1.7.fc11 Common API for doing SCM operations linux/s390x
maven-scm-test-1.0-0.3.b3.1.7.fc11 Tests for maven-scm linux/s390x
maven-surefire-1.5.3-3.8.fc11 Test framework project linux/s390x
maven-surefire-booter-1.5.3-3.8.fc11 Booter for maven-surefire linux/s390x
maven-wagon-1.0-0.2.a5.3.5.fc11 Tools to manage artifacts and deployment linux/noarch
maven2-common-poms-1.0-5.4.fc11 Common poms for maven2 linux/noarch
modello-1.0-0.2.a8.4.4.fc11 Modello Data Model toolkit linux/noarch
objectweb-anttask-1.3.2-2.4.fc11 ObjectWeb Ant task linux/noarch
plexus-ant-factory-1.0-0.3.a1.1.10.fc11 Plexus Ant component factory linux/s390x
plexus-appserver-1.0-0.3.a5.2.8.fc11 Plexus Application Server linux/s390x
plexus-archiver-1.0-0.3.a7.1.2.fc11 Plexus Archiver Component linux/s390x
plexus-bsh-factory-1.0-0.3.a7s.1.9.fc11 Plexus Bsh component factory linux/s390x
plexus-cdc-1.0-0.3.a4.1.7.fc11 Plexus Component Descriptor Creator linux/s390x
plexus-compiler-1.5.2-3.3.fc11 Compiler call initiators for Plexus linux/noarch
plexus-i18n-1.0-0.b6.5.3.fc11.1 Plexus I18N Component linux/noarch
plexus-utils-1.2-3.2.fc11 Plexus Common Utilities linux/noarch
plexus-velocity-1.1.2-4.2.fc11 Plexus Velocity Component linux/s390x
plexus-xmlrpc-1.0-0.3.b4.2.13.fc11 Plexus XML RPC Component linux/s390x
regexp-javadoc-1.5-3.2.fc11 Javadoc for regexp linux/s390x
sac-javadoc-1.3-4.3.fc11 Javadoc for sac linux/s390x
simplyhtml-0.12.5-9.fc11 Application and a java component for rich text processing linux/s390x
struts-1.2.9-6.11.fc11 Web application framework linux/s390x
struts-webapps-tomcat5-1.2.9-6.11.fc11 Sample struts webapps for tomcat5 linux/s390x
tanukiwrapper-3.2.3-3.3.fc11 Java Service Wrapper linux/s390x
xmldb-api-0.1-0.3.20011111cvs.1.3.fc11 XML:DB API for Java linux/s390x
xmldb-api-sdk-0.1-0.3.20011111cvs.1.3.fc11 SDK for xmldb-api linux/s390x
xmlrpc-2.0.1-5.5.fc11 Java XML-RPC implementation linux/s390x
xmlrpc-javadoc-2.0.1-5.5.fc11 Javadoc for xmlrpc linux/s390x

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