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RPM of Group Development/Languages

gccxml-0.9.0-0.25.20140718.gitab651a2.el5 XML output extension to GCC linux/x86_64New
php-mapi-7.1.11-1.el5 The PHP MAPI extension by Zarafa linux/x86_64New
php53-mapi-7.1.11-1.el5 The PHP MAPI extension by Zarafa linux/x86_64New
python-MAPI-7.1.11-1.el5 The Python MAPI extension by Zarafa linux/x86_64New
python-augeas-0.4.1-5.el5 Python bindings to augeas linux/noarch
rubygem-actionmailer-2.3.18-1.el5 Service layer for easy email delivery and testing linux/noarchNew
rubygem-actionpack-2.3.18-1.el5 Web-flow and rendering framework putting the VC in MVC linux/noarchNew
rubygem-activerecord-2.3.18-1.el5 Implements the ActiveRecord pattern for ORM linux/noarchNew
rubygem-activeresource-2.3.18-1.el5 Active Record for web resources linux/noarchNew
rubygem-activesupport-2.3.18-1.el5 Support and utility classes used by the Rails framework linux/noarchNew
rubygem-rails-2.3.18-1.el5 Web-application framework linux/noarchNew
rubygem-rest-client-1.6.7-1.el5 Simple REST client for Ruby linux/noarch

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