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Packages beginning with letter T

t1lib-5.1.1-9.el5 PostScript Type 1 font rasterizer linux/i386
t1lib-debuginfo-5.1.1-9.el5 Debug information for package t1lib linux/i386
t1lib-devel-5.1.1-9.el5 Header files and development files for t1lib linux/i386
t1lib-static-5.1.1-9.el5 Static libraries for t1lib linux/i386
t1utils-1.39-1.el5 Collection of Type 1 and 2 font manipulation utilities linux/i386
t1utils-debuginfo-1.39-1.el5 Debug information for package t1utils linux/i386
tachyon-0.97-2.el5 Parallel / Multiprocessor Ray Tracing System linux/i386
tachyon-debuginfo-0.97-2.el5 Debug information for package tachyon linux/i386
tachyon-docs-0.97-2.el5 Documentation and example scenes for tachyon linux/i386
tachyon-gl-0.97-2.el5 Parallel / Multiprocessor Ray Tracing System linux/i386
tachyon-lam-0.97-2.el5 Parallel / Multiprocessor Ray Tracing System with OpenGL display linux/i386
tachyon-lam-gl-0.97-2.el5 Parallel / Multiprocessor Ray Tracing System with OpenGL display linux/i386
taglib-1.6.1-1.el5.3 Audio Meta-Data Library linux/i386
taglib-debuginfo-1.6.1-1.el5.3 Debug information for package taglib linux/i386
taglib-devel-1.6.1-1.el5.3 Development files for taglib linux/i386
taglib-doc-1.6.1-1.el5.3 API Documentation for taglib linux/i386
task-1.9.4-1.el5 A command-line to do list manager linux/i386
task-debuginfo-1.9.4-1.el5 Debug information for package task linux/i386
tayga-0.9.2-3.el5 Simple, no-fuss NAT64 linux/i386
tayga-debuginfo-0.9.2-3.el5 Debug information for package tayga linux/i386
tcl-mysqltcl-3.052-1.el5 MySQL interface for Tcl linux/i386
tcl-mysqltcl-debuginfo-3.052-1.el5 Debug information for package tcl-mysqltcl linux/i386
tcl-tclreadline-2.1.0-3.el5 GNU Readline extension for Tcl/Tk linux/i386
tcl-tclreadline-debuginfo-2.1.0-3.el5 Debug information for package tcl-tclreadline linux/i386
tcl-tclreadline-devel-2.1.0-3.el5 Development files for the tclreadline library linux/i386
tcl-tcludp-1.0.8-2.el5 Tcl extension for UDP support linux/i386
tcl-tcludp-debuginfo-1.0.8-2.el5 Debug information for package tcl-tcludp linux/i386
tcl-tclvfs-20080503-2.el5 Tcl extension for Virtual Filesystem support linux/i386
tcl-tclvfs-debuginfo-20080503-2.el5 Debug information for package tcl-tclvfs linux/i386
tcpick-0.2.1-16.el5 A tcp stream sniffer, tracker and capturer linux/i386
tcpick-debuginfo-0.2.1-16.el5 Debug information for package tcpick linux/i386
tcpreplay-4.1.2-1.el5 Replay captured network traffic linux/i386
tcptraceroute-1.5-0.2.beta7.el5 A traceroute implementation using TCP packets linux/i386
tcptraceroute-debuginfo-1.5-0.2.beta7.el5 Debug information for package tcptraceroute linux/i386
tcputils-0.6.2-2.el5 Utilities for TCP programming in shell-scripts linux/i386
tcputils-debuginfo-0.6.2-2.el5 Debug information for package tcputils linux/i386
tcpxtract-1.0.1-8.el5 Tool for extracting files from network traffic linux/i386
tcpxtract-debuginfo-1.0.1-8.el5 Debug information for package tcpxtract linux/i386
tdb-tools-1.2.1-4.el5 Developer tools for the Tdb library linux/i386
testdisk-7.0-1.el5 Tool to check and undelete partition, PhotoRec recovers lost files linux/i386
testdisk-debuginfo-7.0-1.el5 Debug information for package testdisk linux/i386
tetex-fonts-hebrew-0.1-12.el5 Culmus Hebrew fonts support for tetex linux/noarch
tex-simplecv-1.6-6.el5 A simple latex class for writing curricula vitae linux/noarch
tex-simplecv-doc-1.6-6.el5 Documentation for tex-simplecv linux/noarch
textcat-1.10-1.el5 Written language identification linux/noarch
tgif-4.2.2-1.el5 2-D drawing tool linux/i386
tgif-debuginfo-4.2.2-1.el5 Debug information for package tgif linux/i386
thunar-volman-0.3.80-2.el5 Automatic management of removable drives and media for the Thunar file manager linux/i386
thunar-volman-debuginfo-0.3.80-2.el5 Debug information for package thunar-volman linux/i386
thunderbird-lightning-3.3-1.el5 The calendar extension to Thunderbird linux/i386
thunderbird-lightning-0.9-4.el5 The calendar extension to Thunderbird linux/i386
thunderbird-lightning-debuginfo-3.3-1.el5 Debug information for package thunderbird-lightning linux/i386
thunderbird-lightning-gdata-0.32-1.el5 Lightning data provider for Google Calendar linux/i386
tidy-0.99.0-14.20070615.el5 Utility to clean up and pretty print HTML/XHTML/XML linux/i386
tidy-debuginfo-0.99.0-14.20070615.el5 Debug information for package tidy linux/i386
tidyp-1.02-5.el5 Clean up and pretty-print HTML/XHTML/XML linux/i386
tidyp-debuginfo-1.02-5.el5 Debug information for package tidyp linux/i386
tig-0.17-1.el5.1 Text-mode interface for the git revision control system linux/i386
tig-debuginfo-0.17-1.el5.1 Debug information for package tig linux/i386
timidity++-2.13.2-2 A software wavetable MIDI synthesizer. linux/i386
timidity++-debuginfo-2.13.2-2 Debug information for package timidity++ linux/i386
tinc-1.0.23-1.el5 A virtual private network daemon linux/i386
tinc-debuginfo-1.0.23-1.el5 Debug information for package tinc linux/i386
tinyfugue-5.0-0.6.b8.el5 A MU* client linux/i386
tinyfugue-debuginfo-5.0-0.6.b8.el5 Debug information for package tinyfugue linux/i386
tinyproxy-1.6.5-1.el5 A small, efficient HTTP/SSL proxy daemon linux/i386
tinyproxy-debuginfo-1.6.5-1.el5 Debug information for package tinyproxy linux/i386
tinyxml2-1.0.11-4.20130805git0323851.el5 Simple, small and efficient C++ XML parser linux/i386
tinyxml2-debuginfo-1.0.11-4.20130805git0323851.el5 Debug information for package tinyxml2 linux/i386
tinyxml2-devel-1.0.11-4.20130805git0323851.el5 Development files for tinyxml2 linux/i386
tiquit- A PHP5-compatible help desk incident tracking/knowledgebase system linux/noarch
tiresias-fonts-1.0-2.el5 Low vision fonts linux/noarch
tkcon-2.5-1.el5 Tcl GUI console linux/noarch
tkcvs-8.1-2.el5 TkCVS and TkDiff linux/noarch
tkinter26-2.6.8-2.el5 A graphical user interface for the Python scripting language linux/i386
tktable-2.10-12.el5 Table/matrix widget extension to Tcl/Tk linux/i386
tlock-1.6-1.el5 Terminal lock linux/i386
tlock-devel-1.6-1.el5 Development library for tlock linux/i386
tmux-1.4-3.el5.1 A terminal multiplexer linux/i386
tmux-debuginfo-1.4-3.el5.1 Debug information for package tmux linux/i386
tnef-1.4.12-2.el5 Extract files from email attachments like WINMAIL.DAT linux/i386
tnef-debuginfo-1.4.12-2.el5 Debug information for package tnef linux/i386
tnef-nautilus-1.4.12-2.el5 Provides TNEF extract extension for Gnome's Nautilus file manager linux/i386
tokyocabinet-1.4.33-6.el5 A modern implementation of a DBM linux/i386
tokyocabinet-debuginfo-1.4.33-6.el5 Debug information for package tokyocabinet linux/i386
tokyocabinet-devel-1.4.33-6.el5 Headers for developing programs that will use tokyocabinet linux/i386
tolua++-1.0.93-1.el5 A tool to integrate C/C++ code with Lua linux/i386
tolua++-debuginfo-1.0.93-1.el5 Debug information for package tolua++ linux/i386
tolua++-devel-1.0.93-1.el5 Development files for tolua++ linux/i386
tomcat-native-1.1.34-1.el5 Tomcat native library linux/i386
tomoe-0.6.0-28.el5 Handwritten input system for Japanese and Chinese linux/i386
tomoe-debuginfo-0.6.0-28.el5 Debug information for package tomoe linux/i386
tomoe-devel-0.6.0-28.el5 Tomoe development files linux/i386
topgit-0.9-1.el5 A different patch queue manager linux/noarch
toppler-1.1.5-1.el5.1 Platform game linux/i386
toppler-debuginfo-1.1.5-1.el5.1 Debug information for package toppler linux/i386
tor- Anonymizing overlay network for TCP (The onion router) linux/i386
tor-debuginfo- Debug information for package tor linux/i386
torque-4.2.10-9.el5 Tera-scale Open-source Resource and QUEue manager linux/i386
torque-client-4.2.10-9.el5 Client part of TORQUE linux/i386
torque-debuginfo-4.2.10-9.el5 Debug information for package torque linux/i386
torque-devel-4.2.10-9.el5 Development tools for programs which will use the torque library linux/i386
torque-docs-4.2.10-9.el5 Documentation files for TORQUE linux/i386
torque-drmaa-4.2.10-9.el5 Run time files for the drmaa interface linux/i386
torque-drmaa-devel-4.2.10-9.el5 Development files for the drmaa interface. linux/i386
torque-gui-4.2.10-9.el5 Graphical clients for TORQUE linux/i386
torque-libs-4.2.10-9.el5 Run-time libs for programs which will use the torque library linux/i386
torque-mom-4.2.10-9.el5 Node execution daemon for TORQUE linux/i386
torque-pam-4.2.10-9.el5 PAM module for TORQUE MOM nodes linux/i386
torque-scheduler-4.2.10-9.el5 Simple fifo scheduler for TORQUE linux/i386
torque-server-4.2.10-9.el5 The main part of TORQUE linux/i386
torsocks-2.1.0-1.el5 Use SOCKS-friendly applications with Tor linux/i386
torsocks-debuginfo-2.1.0-1.el5 Debug information for package torsocks linux/i386
touchcal-0.31-1.el5 Calibration utility for touch screens linux/i386
touchcal-debuginfo-0.31-1.el5 Debug information for package touchcal linux/i386
trac-0.10.5-3.el5 Enhanced wiki and issue tracking system linux/noarch
trac-git-plugin-0.0.1-6.20090628svn3369.el5 GIT version control plugin for Trac linux/noarch
trac-iniadmin-plugin-0.1-2.20071126svn2824.el5 Expose all TracIni options using the Trac 0.10 config option API linux/noarch
trac-monotone-plugin-0.0.14-1.20080208mtnb4dd178b.el5 Monotone version control plugin for Trac linux/noarch
trac-privateticketsplugin-1.1.1-0.2.svn5068.el5 Trac extension to allow users to view only related tickets linux/noarch
trac-spamfilter-plugin-0.2.1-0.3.20141115svn13321.el5 Spam-Filter plugin for Trac linux/noarch
trac-sumfields-plugin-1.0.1-1.20120227svn10482.el5 Sums specified fields in custom queries linux/noarch
trac-ticketdelete-plugin-1.1.4-1.20071126svn2825.el5 Remove tickets and ticket changes from Trac linux/noarch
trac-xmlrpc-plugin-0.1-0.3.r2892.el5 Allows Trac plugins to export their interface via XML-RPC linux/noarch
trademgen-1.00.2-1.el5 C++ Simulated Travel Demand Generation Library linux/i386
trademgen-debuginfo-1.00.2-1.el5 Debug information for package trademgen linux/i386
trademgen-devel-1.00.2-1.el5 Header files, libraries and development helper tools for trademgen linux/i386
trademgen-doc-1.00.2-1.el5 HTML documentation for the trademgen library linux/i386
trademgen-python-1.00.2-1.el5 Python bindings for trademgen linux/i386
trafshow-5.2.3-6.el5 A tool for real-time network traffic visualization linux/i386
trafshow-debuginfo-5.2.3-6.el5 Debug information for package trafshow linux/i386
transifex-client-0.10-1.el5 Command line tool for Transifex translation management linux/noarch
translate-toolkit-1.9.0-1.el5 Tools to assist with translation and software localization linux/noarch
translate-toolkit-devel-1.9.0-1.el5 Development API for translate-toolkit applications linux/noarch
transmission-1.34-1.el5 A lightweight GTK+ BitTorrent client linux/i386
transmission-debuginfo-1.34-1.el5 Debug information for package transmission linux/i386
travelccm-1.00.2-1.el5 C++ Travel Customer Choice Model (CCM) Library linux/i386
travelccm-debuginfo-1.00.2-1.el5 Debug information for package travelccm linux/i386
travelccm-devel-1.00.2-1.el5 Header files, libraries and development helper tools for travelccm linux/i386
travelccm-doc-1.00.2-1.el5 HTML documentation for the travelccm library linux/i386
tre-0.7.5-1.el5 POSIX compatible regexp library with approximate matching linux/i386
tre-debuginfo-0.7.5-1.el5 Debug information for package tre linux/i386
tre-devel-0.7.5-1.el5 Development files for use with the tre package linux/i386
trickle-1.07-7.el5.2 Portable lightweight userspace bandwidth shaper linux/i386
trickle-debuginfo-1.07-7.el5.2 Debug information for package trickle linux/i386
tryton-1.0.9-1.el5 Client for the Tryton application framework linux/noarch
trytond-1.0.9-1.el5 Server for the Tryton application framework linux/noarch
trytond-openoffice-1.0.9-1.el5 support for Tryton Server linux/noarch
trytond-webdav-1.0.9-1.el5 WebDAV support for Tryton Server linux/noarch
tsocks-1.8-0.5.beta5.el5 Library for catching network connections, redirecting them on a SOCKS server linux/i386
tsocks-debuginfo-1.8-0.5.beta5.el5 Debug information for package tsocks linux/i386
ttf2pt1-3.4.4-8.el5 TrueType to Adobe Type 1 font converter linux/i386
ttf2pt1-debuginfo-3.4.4-8.el5 Debug information for package ttf2pt1 linux/i386
ttywatch-0.14-7.el5.1 Log output of arbitrarily many devices linux/i386
ttywatch-debuginfo-0.14-7.el5.1 Debug information for package ttywatch linux/i386
ttywatch-devel-0.14-7.el5.1 Build modules for the ttywatch daemon linux/i386
tudu-0.8.2-1.el5 A simple, command line interface to do list application linux/i386
tudu-debuginfo-0.8.2-1.el5 Debug information for package tudu linux/i386
tunctl-1.5-2.el5 Create and remove virtual network interfaces linux/i386
tunctl-debuginfo-1.5-2.el5 Debug information for package tunctl linux/i386
tweak-3.02-1.el5 An efficient hex editor linux/i386
twinkle-1.4.2-11.el5 A SIP Soft Phone linux/i386
twinkle-debuginfo-1.4.2-11.el5 Debug information for package twinkle linux/i386
txt2man-1.5.6-1.el5 Convert flat ASCII text to man page format linux/noarch
txt2regex-0.8-3.el5 Regular expression wizard that converts human sentences to regexes linux/noarch
txt2tags-2.5-5.el5 Summary: Converts text files to HTML, XHTML, LaTeX, and other formats linux/noarch
typespeed-0.6.5-1.el5 Test your typing speed and get your fingers' CPS linux/i386
typespeed-debuginfo-0.6.5-1.el5 Debug information for package typespeed linux/i386
tzdata-java-2007k-0.3.el5 Time zone data for Java language linux/noarch

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