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Packages beginning with letter L

labltk-3.09.3-1.el5 Tk bindings for Objective Caml linux/i386
ladspa-1.12-8.el5 LADSPA SDK, example plug-ins and tools linux/i386
ladspa-debuginfo-1.12-8.el5 Debug information for package ladspa linux/i386
ladspa-devel-1.12-8.el5 Linux Audio Developer's Simple Plug-in API linux/i386
lasi-1.0.6-1.el5 C++ library for creating Postscript documents linux/i386
lasi-debuginfo-1.0.6-1.el5 Debug information for package lasi linux/i386
lasi-devel-1.0.6-1.el5 Development headers and libraries for lasi linux/i386
latrace-0.5.8-1.el5 LD_AUDIT feature frontend for glibc 2.4+ linux/i386
latrace-debuginfo-0.5.8-1.el5 Debug information for package latrace linux/i386
lbzip2-2.5-2.el5 Fast, multi-threaded bzip2 utility linux/i386
lbzip2-debuginfo-2.5-2.el5 Debug information for package lbzip2 linux/i386
lbzip2-utils-1.0-1.el5 Utilities for working with bzip2 compressed files linux/i386
lbzip2-utils-debuginfo-1.0-1.el5 Debug information for package lbzip2-utils linux/i386
lcg-infosites-3.1.0-3.el5 Command line tool for the WLCG information system linux/noarch
lcg-util-1.16.0-2.el5 Command line tools for wlcg storage system linux/i386
lcg-util-debuginfo-1.16.0-2.el5 Debug information for package lcg-util linux/i386
lcg-util-devel-1.16.0-2.el5 Headers and development files for lcg-util tools linux/i386
lcg-util-libs-1.16.0-2.el5 Shared library related to lcg-util tools linux/i386
lcg-util-python-1.16.0-2.el5 Python bindings for lcg-util linux/i386
lcg-util-python26-1.16.0-2.el5 Python 2.6 bindings for lcg-util linux/i386
lcgdm-dav-0.17.1-2.el5 HTTP/DAV front end to the DPM/LFC services linux/i386
lcgdm-dav-debuginfo-0.17.1-2.el5 Debug information for package lcgdm-dav linux/i386
lcgdm-dav-devel-0.17.1-2.el5 Development libraries and headers for lcgdm-dav linux/i386
lcgdm-dav-libs-0.17.1-2.el5 Common libraries for the lcgdm-dav linux/i386
lcgdm-dav-server-0.17.1-2.el5 HTTP/DAV front end to the DPM and LFC services linux/i386
lcgdm-devel-1.8.11-1.el5 LCG Data Management common development files linux/i386
lcgdm-libs-1.8.11-1.el5 LHC Computing Grid Data Management common libraries linux/i386
lcm-0.9.0-5.el5 Utilities for lightweight communications and marshaling linux/i386
lcm-debuginfo-0.9.0-5.el5 Debug information for package lcm linux/i386
lcm-devel-0.9.0-5.el5 Lightweight communications and marshaling development files linux/i386
lcm-java-0.9.0-5.el5 Lightweight communications and marshaling java artifacts linux/i386
lcm-javadoc-0.9.0-5.el5 Lightweight communications and marshaling java artifacts documentation linux/i386
lcm-python-0.9.0-5.el5 Lightweight communications and marshaling python bindings linux/i386
lcmaps-1.6.5-2.el5 Grid (X.509) and VOMS credentials to local account mapping service linux/i386
lcmaps-common-devel-1.6.5-2.el5 LCMAPS plug-in API header files linux/i386
lcmaps-debuginfo-1.6.5-2.el5 Debug information for package lcmaps linux/i386
lcmaps-devel-1.6.5-2.el5 LCMAPS plug-in API header files linux/i386
lcmaps-without-gsi-1.6.5-2.el5 Grid mapping service without GSI linux/i386
lcmaps-without-gsi-devel-1.6.5-2.el5 LCMAPS development libraries linux/i386
lcms2-2.8-2.el5 Color Management Engine linux/i386
lcms2-devel-2.8-2.el5 Development files for LittleCMS linux/i386
lcms2-utils-2.8-2.el5 Utility applications for lcms2 linux/i386
ldapdiff-1.4.1-1.el5 Tool for incremental LDAP directory updates based on ldif files linux/i386
ldapdiff-debuginfo-1.4.1-1.el5 Debug information for package ldapdiff linux/i386
ldapvi-1.7-17.el5 An interactive LDAP client linux/i386
ldapvi-debuginfo-1.7-17.el5 Debug information for package ldapvi linux/i386
ldb-tools-0.9.10-25.el5 Tools to manage LDB files linux/i386
lde-2.6.1-4.el5 Console-based disk editor linux/i386
lde-debuginfo-2.6.1-4.el5 Debug information for package lde linux/i386
ldns-1.6.16-1.el5 Lowlevel DNS(SEC) library with API linux/i386
ldns-debuginfo-1.6.16-1.el5 Debug information for package ldns linux/i386
ldns-devel-1.6.16-1.el5 Development package that includes the ldns header files linux/i386
ldns-python-1.6.16-1.el5 Python extensions for ldns linux/i386
leafpad- GTK+ based simple text editor linux/i386
leafpad-debuginfo- Debug information for package leafpad linux/i386
lfc-1.8.11-1.el5 LCG File Catalog (LFC) client linux/i386
lfc-devel-1.8.11-1.el5 LFC development libraries and header files linux/i386
lfc-dli-1.8.11-1.el5 LCG File Catalog (LFC) data location interface (dli) server linux/i386
lfc-libs-1.8.11-1.el5 LCG File Catalog (LFC) libraries linux/i386
lfc-perl-1.8.11-1.el5 LCG File Catalog (LFC) perl bindings linux/i386
lfc-python-1.8.11-1.el5 LCG File Catalog (LFC) python bindings linux/i386
lfc-python26-1.8.11-1.el5 LCG File Catalog (LFC) python bindings linux/i386
lfc-server-mysql-1.8.11-1.el5 LCG File Catalog (LFC) server with MySQL database back-end linux/i386
lhapdf-5.9.1-14.el5 Les Houches Accord PDF Interface linux/i386
lhapdf-debuginfo-5.9.1-14.el5 Debug information for package lhapdf linux/i386
lhapdf-devel-5.9.1-14.el5 Les Houches Accord PDF Interface - development files linux/i386
lhapdf-doc-5.9.1-14.el5 Les Houches Accord PDF Interface - documentation linux/i386
lhapdf-pdfsets-minimal-5.9.1-14.el5 Les Houches Accord PDF Interface - PDF sets linux/i386
lib3ds-1.3.0-9.el5 3D Studio file format library linux/i386
lib3ds-debuginfo-1.3.0-9.el5 Debug information for package lib3ds linux/i386
lib3ds-devel-1.3.0-9.el5 3D Studio file format library linux/i386
lib3ds-tools-1.3.0-9.el5 3D Studio file format library linux/i386
libAfterImage-1.15-2.el5 A generic image manipulation library linux/i386
libAfterImage-debuginfo-1.15-2.el5 Debug information for package libAfterImage linux/i386
libAfterImage-devel-1.15-2.el5 Files needed for software development with libAfterImage linux/i386
libEMF-1.0.3-3.el5 A library for generating Enhanced Metafiles linux/i386
libEMF-debuginfo-1.0.3-3.el5 Debug information for package libEMF linux/i386
libEMF-devel-1.0.3-3.el5 libEMF header files linux/i386
libHX-3.0-1.el5 General-purpose library for typical low-level operations linux/i386
libHX-debuginfo-3.0-1.el5 Debug information for package libHX linux/i386
libHX-devel-3.0-1.el5 Development files for libHX linux/i386
libRmath-3.3.3-1.el5 Standalone math library from the R project linux/i386
libRmath-devel-3.3.3-1.el5 Headers from the R Standalone math library linux/i386
libRmath-static-3.3.3-1.el5 Static R Standalone math library linux/i386
libUnihan-0.5.3-3.el5 C library for Unihan character database in fifth normal form linux/i386
libUnihan-debuginfo-0.5.3-3.el5 Debug information for package libUnihan linux/i386
libUnihan-devel-0.5.3-3.el5 Development files of libUnihan linux/i386
libUnihan-doc-0.5.3-3.el5 The libUnihan C API documents in Doxygen style linux/i386
libabiword-2.6.4-8.el5.2 Library for developing applications based on AbiWord's core linux/i386
libabiword-devel-2.6.4-8.el5.2 Files for developing with libabiword linux/i386
libapreq2-2.09-0.rc2.1.el5 Apache HTTP request library linux/i386
libapreq2-debuginfo-2.09-0.rc2.1.el5 Debug information for package libapreq2 linux/i386
libapreq2-devel-2.09-0.rc2.1.el5 Development files for libapreq2 linux/i386
libarchive-2.8.4-6.el5 A library for handling streaming archive formats linux/i386
libarchive-debuginfo-2.8.4-6.el5 Debug information for package libarchive linux/i386
libarchive-devel-2.8.4-6.el5 Development files for libarchive linux/i386
libasr-1.0.2-1.el5 Free, simple and portable asynchronous resolver library linux/i386
libasr-debuginfo-1.0.2-1.el5 Debug information for package libasr linux/i386
libasr-devel-1.0.2-1.el5 Development files for libasr linux/i386
libass-0.9.8-2.el5 Portable library for SSA/ASS subtitles rendering linux/i386
libass-debuginfo-0.9.8-2.el5 Debug information for package libass linux/i386
libass-devel-0.9.8-2.el5 Development files for libass linux/i386
libassuan-devel-1.0.4-3.el5 GnuPG IPC library linux/i386
libatomic_ops-devel-1.2-2.el5 Atomic memory update operations linux/i386
libbsd-0.6.0-1.el5 Library providing BSD-compatible functions for portability linux/i386
libbsd-ctor-static-0.6.0-1.el5 Development files for libbsd linux/i386
libbsd-debuginfo-0.6.0-1.el5 Debug information for package libbsd linux/i386
libbsd-devel-0.6.0-1.el5 Development files for libbsd linux/i386
libburn-1.4.6-1.el5 Library for reading, mastering and writing optical discs linux/i386
libburn-devel-1.4.6-1.el5 Development files for libburn linux/i386
libc-client2007-2007e-14.el5 UW C-client mail library linux/i386
libcdio-0.78.2-6.el5 CD-ROM input and control library linux/i386
libcdio-debuginfo-0.78.2-6.el5 Debug information for package libcdio linux/i386
libcdio-devel-0.78.2-6.el5 Header files and static libraries for libcdio linux/i386
libcgi-1.0-5.el5 CGI easy as C linux/i386
libcgi-debuginfo-1.0-5.el5 Debug information for package libcgi linux/i386
libcgi-devel-1.0-5.el5 Header files and libraries for LibCGI development linux/i386
libclaw-1.5.4-3.el5 C++ Library of various utility functions linux/i386
libclaw-debuginfo-1.5.4-3.el5 Debug information for package libclaw linux/i386
libclaw-devel-1.5.4-3.el5 Development files for Claw library linux/i386
libconfig-1.5-1.el5 C/C++ configuration file library linux/i386
libconfig-debuginfo-1.5-1.el5 Debug information for package libconfig linux/i386
libconfig-devel-1.5-1.el5 Development files for libconfig linux/i386
libconfuse-2.5-4.el5 A configuration file parser library linux/i386
libconfuse-debuginfo-2.5-4.el5 Debug information for package libconfuse linux/i386
libconfuse-devel-2.5-4.el5 Development files for libconfuse linux/i386
libcue-1.3.0-2.el5 Cue sheet parser library linux/i386
libcue-debuginfo-1.3.0-2.el5 Debug information for package libcue linux/i386
libcue-devel-1.3.0-2.el5 Development files linux/i386
libcutl-1.8.1-1.el5 C++ utility library from Code Synthesis linux/i386
libcutl-debuginfo-1.8.1-1.el5 Debug information for package libcutl linux/i386
libcutl-devel-1.8.1-1.el5 Development files for libcutl linux/i386
libdap-3.7.8-1.el5.1 The C++ DAP2 library from OPeNDAP linux/i386
libdap-debuginfo-3.7.8-1.el5.1 Debug information for package libdap linux/i386
libdap-devel-3.7.8-1.el5.1 Development and header files from libdap linux/i386
libdap-doc-3.7.8-1.el5.1 Documentation of the libdap library linux/i386
libdar-2.4.18-1.el5 Library providing support for the DAR API linux/i386
libdar-devel-2.4.18-1.el5 Development files for libdar linux/i386
libdc1394-2.0.2-1.el5 1394-based digital camera control library linux/i386
libdc1394-debuginfo-2.0.2-1.el5 Debug information for package libdc1394 linux/i386
libdc1394-devel-2.0.2-1.el5 Header files and libraries for libdc1394 linux/i386
libdc1394-docs-2.0.2-1.el5 Development documentation for libdc1394 linux/i386
libdc1394-tools-2.0.2-1.el5 Tools for use with libdc1394 linux/i386
libderiv-1.1.5-3.el5 A library for computing derivatives of electron repulsion integrals linux/i386
libdmtx-0.7.2-3.el5 Library for working with Data Matrix 2D bar-codes linux/i386
libdmtx-debuginfo-0.7.2-3.el5 Debug information for package libdmtx linux/i386
libdmtx-devel-0.7.2-3.el5 Development files for libdmtx linux/i386
libdmtx-utils-0.7.2-3.el5 Utilities for libdmtx linux/i386
libdnet-1.12-6.el5 Simple portable interface to lowlevel networking routines linux/i386
libdnet-debuginfo-1.12-6.el5 Debug information for package libdnet linux/i386
libdnet-devel-1.12-6.el5 Header files for libdnet library linux/i386
libdnet-progs-1.12-6.el5 Sample applications to use with libdnet linux/i386
libdvdnav-4.1.3-1.el5 A library for reading DVD video discs based on Ogle code linux/i386
libdvdnav-debuginfo-4.1.3-1.el5 Debug information for package libdvdnav linux/i386
libdvdnav-devel-4.1.3-1.el5 Development files for libdvdnav linux/i386
libdvdread-4.1.3-1.el5 A library for reading DVD video discs based on Ogle code linux/i386
libdvdread-debuginfo-4.1.3-1.el5 Debug information for package libdvdread linux/i386
libdvdread-devel-4.1.3-1.el5 Development files for libdvdread linux/i386
libdwarves1-1.9-2.el5 Debugging information processing library linux/i386
libdwarves1-devel-1.9-2.el5 Debugging information library development files linux/i386
libedit-2.11-2.20080712cvs.el5 The NetBSD Editline library linux/i386
libedit-debuginfo-2.11-2.20080712cvs.el5 Debug information for package libedit linux/i386
libedit-devel-2.11-2.20080712cvs.el5 Development files for libedit linux/i386
libesmtp-1.0.4-8.el5 SMTP client library linux/i386
libesmtp-devel-1.0.4-8.el5 Headers and development libraries for libESMTP linux/i386
libetpan-0.52-2.el5 Portable, efficient middleware for different kinds of mail access linux/i386
libetpan-debuginfo-0.52-2.el5 Debug information for package libetpan linux/i386
libetpan-devel-0.52-2.el5 Development package for libetpan linux/i386
libewf-20080501-6.el5 Library for the Expert Witness Compression Format (EWF) linux/i386
libewf-debuginfo-20080501-6.el5 Debug information for package libewf linux/i386
libewf-devel-20080501-6.el5 Development files for libewf linux/i386
libextractor-0.5.22-2.el5 Simple library for keyword extraction linux/i386
libextractor-debuginfo-0.5.22-2.el5 Debug information for package libextractor linux/i386
libextractor-devel-0.5.22-2.el5 Development files for libextractor linux/i386
libextractor-plugins-0.5.22-2.el5 Plugins for libextractor linux/i386
libextractor-plugins-base-0.5.22-2.el5 Base plugins for libextractor linux/i386
libextractor-plugins-exiv2-0.5.22-2.el5 The 'exiv2' libextractor plugin linux/i386
libextractor-plugins-ogg-0.5.22-2.el5 The 'ogg' libextractor plugin linux/i386
libextractor-plugins-ole2-0.5.22-2.el5 The 'ole2' libextractor plugin linux/i386
libextractor-plugins-pdf-0.5.22-2.el5 The 'pdf' libextractor plugin linux/i386
libextractor-plugins-thumbnailgtk-0.5.22-2.el5 The 'thumbnailgtk' libextractor plugin linux/i386
libfac-debuginfo-2.0.5-8.el5 Debug information for package libfac linux/i386
libfac-static-2.0.5-8.el5 An extension to Singular-factory linux/i386
libffi-3.0.5-1.el5 A portable foreign function interface library linux/i386
libffi-debuginfo-3.0.5-1.el5 Debug information for package libffi linux/i386
libffi-devel-3.0.5-1.el5 Development files for libffi linux/i386
libftdi-0.18-4.el5 Library to program and control the FTDI USB controller linux/i386
libftdi-c++-0.18-4.el5 Libftdi library C++ binding linux/i386
libftdi-c++-devel-0.18-4.el5 Libftdi library C++ binding development headers and libraries linux/i386
libftdi-debuginfo-0.18-4.el5 Debug information for package libftdi linux/i386
libftdi-devel-0.18-4.el5 Header files and static libraries for libftdi linux/i386
libftdi-python-0.18-4.el5 Libftdi library Python binding linux/i386
libgdiplus-1.2.6-1.el5 libgdiplus: An Open Source implementation of the GDI+ API linux/i386
libgdiplus-debuginfo-1.2.6-1.el5 Debug information for package libgdiplus linux/i386
libgdiplus-devel-1.2.6-1.el5 Development files for libgdiplus linux/i386
libgdither-0.6-1.el5 Library for applying dithering to PCM audio sources linux/i386
libgdither-debuginfo-0.6-1.el5 Debug information for package libgdither linux/i386
libgdither-devel-0.6-1.el5 Development files for libgdither linux/i386
libgearman-1.1.8-2.el5 Development libraries for gearman linux/i386
libgearman-devel-1.1.8-2.el5 Development headers for libgearman linux/i386
libgee-0.1.5-1.el5 GObject collection library linux/i386
libgee-debuginfo-0.1.5-1.el5 Debug information for package libgee linux/i386
libgee-devel-0.1.5-1.el5 Development files for libgee linux/i386
libgenders-1.22-2.el5 Genders libraries linux/i386
libgenders-devel-1.22-2.el5 Genders development libraries linux/i386
libgendersplusplus-1.22-2.el5 Genders libraries for C++ linux/i386
libgendersplusplus-devel-1.22-2.el5 Genders development libraries linux/i386
libgeotiff-1.2.4-3.el5 GeoTIFF format library linux/i386
libgeotiff-debuginfo-1.2.4-3.el5 Debug information for package libgeotiff linux/i386
libgeotiff-devel-1.2.4-3.el5 Development Libraries for the GeoTIFF file format library linux/i386
libggz-0.0.14-1.el5 Library for client-server games linux/i386
libggz-debuginfo-0.0.14-1.el5 Debug information for package libggz linux/i386
libggz-devel-0.0.14-1.el5 Development files for libggz linux/i386
libgsasl-0.2.29-1.el5 GNU SASL library linux/i386
libgsasl-debuginfo-0.2.29-1.el5 Debug information for package libgsasl linux/i386
libgsasl-devel-0.2.29-1.el5 Development files for libgsasl linux/i386
libgtextutils-0.6-5.el5 Assaf Gordon text utilities linux/i386
libgtextutils-debuginfo-0.6-5.el5 Debug information for package libgtextutils linux/i386
libgtextutils-devel-0.6-5.el5 Development files for libgtextutils linux/i386
libical-0.48-1.el5 Reference implementation of the iCalendar data type and serialization format linux/i386
libical-debuginfo-0.48-1.el5 Debug information for package libical linux/i386
libical-devel-0.48-1.el5 Development files for libical linux/i386
libident-0.32-1.el5 New LibIdent C library linux/i386
libident-debuginfo-0.32-1.el5 Debug information for package libident linux/i386
libident-devel-0.32-1.el5 Development files for libident linux/i386
libident-tools-0.32-1.el5 A small daemon that can be used to test Ident servers linux/i386
libidn2-0.16-1.el5 Library to support IDNA2008 internationalized domain names linux/i386
libidn2-devel-0.16-1.el5 Development files for libidn2 linux/i386
libimagequant-2.0.0-1.el5 Small, portable C lib for HQ conversion of RGBA to 8-bit indexed-color linux/i386
libimagequant-devel-2.0.0-1.el5 Development files for libimagequant linux/i386
libint-1.1.5-3.el5 A library for computing electron repulsion integrals efficiently linux/i386
libint-debuginfo-1.1.5-3.el5 Debug information for package libint linux/i386
libint-devel-1.1.5-3.el5 Development headers and libraries for libint linux/i386
libint2-2.0.3-2.644hg.el5 A library for efficient evaluation of electron repulsion integrals linux/i386
libint2-debuginfo-2.0.3-2.644hg.el5 Debug information for package libint2 linux/i386
libint2-devel-2.0.3-2.644hg.el5 Development headers and libraries for libint linux/i386
libiodbc-3.52.7-1.el5 iODBC Driver Manager linux/i386
libiodbc-debuginfo-3.52.7-1.el5 Debug information for package libiodbc linux/i386
libiodbc-devel-3.52.7-1.el5 Header files and libraries for iODBC development linux/i386
libiptcdata-1.0.2-1.el5 IPTC tag library linux/i386
libiptcdata-debuginfo-1.0.2-1.el5 Debug information for package libiptcdata linux/i386
libiptcdata-devel-1.0.2-1.el5 Headers and libraries for libiptcdata application development linux/i386
libiptcdata-python-1.0.2-1.el5 Python bindings for libiptcdata linux/i386
libisoburn-1.4.6-1.el5 Library to enable creation and expansion of ISO-9660 filesystems linux/i386
libisoburn-devel-1.4.6-1.el5 Development files for libisoburn linux/i386
libisofs-1.4.6-1.el5 Library to create ISO 9660 disk images linux/i386
libisofs-devel-1.4.6-1.el5 Development files for libisofs linux/i386
libisofs-doc-1.4.6-1.el5 Documentation files for libisofs linux/i386
libjoedog-0.1.2-1.el5 Repack of the common code base of fido and siege as shared library linux/i386
libjoedog-debuginfo-0.1.2-1.el5 Debug information for package libjoedog linux/i386
libjoedog-devel-0.1.2-1.el5 Development files for libjoedog linux/i386
libkate-0.3.8-1.el5 Libraries to handle the Kate bitstream format linux/i386
libkate-debuginfo-0.3.8-1.el5 Debug information for package libkate linux/i386
libkate-devel-0.3.8-1.el5 Development files for libkate linux/i386
libkate-docs-0.3.8-1.el5 Documentation for libkate linux/i386
libkate-utils-0.3.8-1.el5 Encoder/Decoder utilities for libkate linux/i386
libkdcraw-0.1.8-1.el5 A library for decoding RAW picture files linux/i386
libkdcraw-debuginfo-0.1.8-1.el5 Debug information for package libkdcraw linux/i386
libkdcraw-devel-0.1.8-1.el5 Development files for libkdcraw linux/i386
libkexiv2-0.1.7-1.el5 A library to manipulate EXIF/IPTC information linux/i386
libkexiv2-debuginfo-0.1.7-1.el5 Debug information for package libkexiv2 linux/i386
libkexiv2-devel-0.1.7-1.el5 Header files, libraries for libkexiv2 linux/i386
libkipi-0.1.6-2.el5 Common plugin infrastructure for KDE image applications linux/i386
libkipi-debuginfo-0.1.6-2.el5 Debug information for package libkipi linux/i386
libkipi-devel-0.1.6-2.el5 Development files for libkipi linux/i386
libkni3-3.9.2-12.el5 C++ KNI library v3 for the Katana 300 robot arm linux/i386
libkni3-debuginfo-3.9.2-12.el5 Debug information for package libkni3 linux/i386
libkni3-devel-3.9.2-12.el5 Development files for libkni3 linux/i386
libkni3-doc-3.9.2-12.el5 Documentation for libkni3 linux/i386
libkni3-examples-3.9.2-12.el5 Example applications for libkni3 linux/i386
libkni3-static-3.9.2-12.el5 Static libraries for libkni3 linux/i386
libldb-0.9.10-25.el5 A schema-less, ldap like, API and database linux/i386
libldb-debuginfo-0.9.10-25.el5 Debug information for package libldb linux/i386
libldb-devel-0.9.10-25.el5 Developer tools for the LDB library linux/i386
liblinear-1.94-1.el5 Library for Large Linear Classification linux/i386
liblinear-cli-1.94-1.el5 CLI-tools for liblinear linux/i386
liblinear-debuginfo-1.94-1.el5 Debug information for package liblinear linux/i386
liblinear-devel-1.94-1.el5 Development files for liblinear linux/i386
liblinear-doc-1.94-1.el5 Documentation files for liblinear linux/i386
liblinebreak-2.1-1.el5 A Unicode line-breaking library linux/i386
liblinebreak-debuginfo-2.1-1.el5 Debug information for package liblinebreak linux/i386
liblinebreak-devel-2.1-1.el5 Development files for liblinebreak linux/i386
liblockfile-1.08-9.el5 This implements a number of functions found in -lmail on SysV systems linux/i386
liblockfile-debuginfo-1.08-9.el5 Debug information for package liblockfile linux/i386
liblockfile-devel-1.08-9.el5 Development files for liblockfile linux/i386
liblrdf-0.4.0-13.el5 Library for manipulating RDF files describing LADSPA plugins linux/i386
liblrdf-debuginfo-0.4.0-13.el5 Debug information for package liblrdf linux/i386
liblrdf-devel-0.4.0-13.el5 Library for manipulating RDF files describing LADSPA plugins linux/i386
liblzf-3.6-2.el5 Small data compression library linux/i386
liblzf-debuginfo-3.6-2.el5 Debug information for package liblzf linux/i386
liblzf-devel-3.6-2.el5 Development files for liblzf linux/i386
libmad-0.15.1b-19.el5 MPEG audio decoder library linux/i386
libmad-devel-0.15.1b-19.el5 MPEG audio decoder library development files linux/i386
libmapi-7.1.14-3.el5 MAPI implementation and library by Zarafa linux/i386
libmcrypt-2.5.7-5.el5 Encryption algorithms library linux/i386
libmcrypt-debuginfo-2.5.7-5.el5 Debug information for package libmcrypt linux/i386
libmcrypt-devel-2.5.7-5.el5 Development libraries and headers for libmcrypt linux/i386
libmemcached-0.31-1.1.el5 Client library and command line tools for memcached server linux/i386
libmemcached-debuginfo-0.31-1.1.el5 Debug information for package libmemcached linux/i386
libmemcached-devel-0.31-1.1.el5 Header files and development libraries for libmemcached linux/i386
libmetalink-0.1.2-3.el5 Metalink library written in C linux/i386
libmetalink-debuginfo-0.1.2-3.el5 Debug information for package libmetalink linux/i386
libmetalink-devel-0.1.2-3.el5 Files needed for developing with libmetalink linux/i386
libmicrohttpd-0.9.22-1.el5 Lightweight library for embedding a webserver in applications linux/i386
libmicrohttpd-debuginfo-0.9.22-1.el5 Debug information for package libmicrohttpd linux/i386
libmicrohttpd-devel-0.9.22-1.el5 Development files for libmicrohttpd linux/i386
libmicrohttpd-doc-0.9.22-1.el5 Documentation for libmicrohttpd linux/i386
libmnl-1.0.4-1.el5 A minimalistic Netlink library linux/i386
libmnl-devel-1.0.4-1.el5 Development files for libmnl linux/i386
libmnl-static-1.0.4-1.el5 Static development files for libmnl linux/i386
libmp4v2- Library for working with files using the mp4 container format linux/i386
libmp4v2-debuginfo- Debug information for package libmp4v2 linux/i386
libmp4v2-devel- Development files for the mp4v2 library linux/i386
libmpcdec-1.2.6-1.el5 Musepack audio decoding library linux/i386
libmpcdec-debuginfo-1.2.6-1.el5 Debug information for package libmpcdec linux/i386
libmpcdec-devel-1.2.6-1.el5 Development files for the Musepack audio decoding library linux/i386
libmspack-0.2-0.1.20100723alpha.el5 Library for CAB and related files compression and decompression linux/i386
libmspack-debuginfo-0.2-0.1.20100723alpha.el5 Debug information for package libmspack linux/i386
libmspack-devel-0.2-0.1.20100723alpha.el5 Development files for libmspack linux/i386
libnc-dap-3.7.0-9.el5 The NetCDF interface to DAP-2 from OPeNDAP linux/i386
libnc-dap-debuginfo-3.7.0-9.el5 Debug information for package libnc-dap linux/i386
libnc-dap-devel-3.7.0-9.el5 Development files and header files from libnc-dap linux/i386
libnet-1.1.6-7.el5 C library for portable packet creation and injection linux/i386
libnet-debuginfo-1.1.6-7.el5 Debug information for package libnet linux/i386
libnet-devel-1.1.6-7.el5 Development files for the libnet library linux/i386
libnet10-1.0.2a-17.el5 High-level API (toolkit) to construct and inject network packets linux/i386
libnet10-debuginfo-1.0.2a-17.el5 Debug information for package libnet10 linux/i386
libnet10-devel-1.0.2a-17.el5 Development files for the libnet library linux/i386
libnfnetlink-1.0.0-3.el5 Netfilter netlink userspace library linux/i386
libnfnetlink-debuginfo-1.0.0-3.el5 Debug information for package libnfnetlink linux/i386
libnfnetlink-devel-1.0.0-3.el5 Netfilter netlink userspace library linux/i386
libnids-1.24-1.el5 Implementation of an E-component of Network Intrusion Detection System linux/i386
libnids-debuginfo-1.24-1.el5 Debug information for package libnids linux/i386
libnids-devel-1.24-1.el5 Development files for libnids linux/i386
libnodeupdown-1.14-1.el5 A cluster node up/down detection library linux/i386
libnodeupdown-backend-ganglia-1.14-1.el5 Ganglia backend for libnodeupdown linux/i386
libnodeupdown-backend-openib-1.14-1.el5 Openib backend for libnodeupdown linux/i386
libnodeupdown-backend-pingd-1.14-1.el5 Pingd backend for libnodeupdown linux/i386
libnodeupdown-clusterlist-genders-1.14-1.el5 Genders clusterlist module for libnodeupdown linux/i386
libnodeupdown-clusterlist-hostsfile-1.14-1.el5 Hostsfile clusterlist module for libnodeupdown linux/i386
libnodeupdown-devel-1.14-1.el5 Development headers for libnodeupdown linux/i386
libnss-mysql-1.5-6.el5 NSS library for MySQL linux/i386
libnss-mysql-debuginfo-1.5-6.el5 Debug information for package libnss-mysql linux/i386
libntlm-1.0-1.el5 NTLM authentication library linux/i386
libntlm-debuginfo-1.0-1.el5 Debug information for package libntlm linux/i386
libntlm-devel-1.0-1.el5 Development files for libntlm linux/i386
liboauth-0.9.7-1.el5 OAuth library functions linux/i386
liboauth-debuginfo-0.9.7-1.el5 Debug information for package liboauth linux/i386
liboauth-devel-0.9.7-1.el5 Development files for liboauth linux/i386
libodb-2.3.0-1.el5 Common ODB runtime library from Code Synthesis linux/i386
libodb-boost-2.3.0-1.el5 Boost ODB runtime library from Code Synthesis linux/i386
libodb-boost-debuginfo-2.3.0-1.el5 Debug information for package libodb-boost linux/i386
libodb-boost-devel-2.3.0-1.el5 Development files for libodb-boost linux/i386
libodb-debuginfo-2.3.0-1.el5 Debug information for package libodb linux/i386
libodb-devel-2.3.0-1.el5 Development files for libodb linux/i386
libodb-mysql-2.3.0-1.el5 MySQL ODB runtime library from Code Synthesis linux/i386
libodb-mysql-debuginfo-2.3.0-1.el5 Debug information for package libodb-mysql linux/i386
libodb-mysql-devel-2.3.0-1.el5 Development files for libodb-mysql linux/i386
libodb-pgsql-2.3.1-1.el5 PostgreSQL ODB runtime library from Code Synthesis linux/i386
libodb-pgsql-debuginfo-2.3.1-1.el5 Debug information for package libodb-pgsql linux/i386
libodb-pgsql-devel-2.3.1-1.el5 Development files for libodb-pgsql linux/i386
libodb-qt-2.3.1-1.el5 Qt ODB runtime library from Code Synthesis linux/i386
libodb-qt-debuginfo-2.3.1-1.el5 Debug information for package libodb-qt linux/i386
libodb-qt-devel-2.3.1-1.el5 Development files for libodb-qt linux/i386
libodb-sqlite-2.3.0-1.el5 SQLite ODB runtime library from Code Synthesis linux/i386
libodb-sqlite-debuginfo-2.3.0-1.el5 Debug information for package libodb-sqlite linux/i386
libodb-sqlite-devel-2.3.0-1.el5 Development files for libodb-sqlite linux/i386
libofa-0.9.3-11.el5 Open Fingerprint Architecture library linux/i386
libofa-debuginfo-0.9.3-11.el5 Debug information for package libofa linux/i386
libofa-devel-0.9.3-11.el5 Development headers and libraries for libofa linux/i386
libofx-0.8.3-4.el5 A library for supporting Open Financial Exchange (OFX) linux/i386
libofx-debuginfo-0.8.3-4.el5 Debug information for package libofx linux/i386
libofx-devel-0.8.3-4.el5 Development files needed for accessing OFX data linux/i386
liboggz-1.1.1-1.el5 Simple programming interface for Ogg files and streams linux/i386
liboggz-debuginfo-1.1.1-1.el5 Debug information for package liboggz linux/i386
liboggz-devel-1.1.1-1.el5 Files needed for development using liboggz linux/i386
liboggz-doc-1.1.1-1.el5 Documentation for liboggz linux/i386
libopendkim-2.11.0-0.1.el5 An open source DKIM library linux/i386
libopendkim-devel-2.11.0-0.1.el5 Development files for libopendkim linux/i386
libopendmarc-1.3.2-0.12.el5 An open source DMARC library linux/i386
libopendmarc-devel-1.3.2-0.12.el5 Development files for libopendmarc linux/i386
liboping-1.3.4-1.el5 C library to generate ICMP echo requests linux/i386
liboping-debuginfo-1.3.4-1.el5 Debug information for package liboping linux/i386
liboping-devel-1.3.4-1.el5 Development files for liboping linux/i386
libopm-0.1-9.20050731cvs.el5 Blitzed open proxy monitor library linux/i386
libopm-debuginfo-0.1-9.20050731cvs.el5 Debug information for package libopm linux/i386
libopm-devel-0.1-9.20050731cvs.el5 Headers and development libraries for libopm linux/i386
libotr-3.2.1-1.el5 Off-The-Record Messaging library and toolkit linux/i386
libotr-debuginfo-3.2.1-1.el5 Debug information for package libotr linux/i386
libotr-devel-3.2.1-1.el5 Development library and include files for libotr linux/i386
libpaper-1.1.21-1.el5.1 Library and tools for handling papersize linux/i386
libpaper-debuginfo-1.1.21-1.el5.1 Debug information for package libpaper linux/i386
libpaper-devel-1.1.21-1.el5.1 Headers/Libraries for developing programs that use libpaper linux/i386
libpqxx-2.6.8-13.el5 C++ client API for PostgreSQL linux/i386
libpqxx-debuginfo-2.6.8-13.el5 Debug information for package libpqxx linux/i386
libpqxx-devel-2.6.8-13.el5 Development tools for libpqxx linux/i386
libpri-1.4.13-1.el5 An implementation of Primary Rate ISDN linux/i386
libpri-debuginfo-1.4.13-1.el5 Debug information for package libpri linux/i386
libpri-devel-1.4.13-1.el5 Development files for libpri linux/i386
libpuzzle-0.11-5.el5 Library to quickly find visually similar images (gif, png, jpg) linux/i386
libpuzzle-debuginfo-0.11-5.el5 Debug information for package libpuzzle linux/i386
libpuzzle-devel-0.11-5.el5 Development files for libpuzzle linux/i386
libr12-1.1.5-3.el5 A library for computing integrals that arise in Kutzelniggâs linear R12 theories linux/i386
librabbitmq-0.1-0.2.hgfb6fca832fd2.el5 Client library and command line tools for AMPQ linux/i386
librabbitmq-debuginfo-0.1-0.2.hgfb6fca832fd2.el5 Debug information for package librabbitmq linux/i386
librabbitmq-devel-0.1-0.2.hgfb6fca832fd2.el5 Header files and development libraries for librabbitmq linux/i386
libreadline-java-0.8.0-24.3.el5 Java wrapper for the EditLine library linux/i386
libreadline-java-debuginfo-0.8.0-24.3.el5 Debug information for package libreadline-java linux/i386
libreadline-java-javadoc-0.8.0-24.3.el5 Javadoc for libreadline-java linux/i386
libresample-0.1.3-7.el5 A real-time library for audio sampling rate conversion linux/i386
libresample-debuginfo-0.1.3-7.el5 Debug information for package libresample linux/i386
libresample-devel-0.1.3-7.el5 Development files for libresample linux/i386
librsync-1.0.0-1.el5 Rsync libraries linux/i386
librsync-debuginfo-1.0.0-1.el5 Debug information for package librsync linux/i386
librsync-devel-1.0.0-1.el5 Headers and development libraries for librsync linux/i386
librx-1.5-8.el5 POSIX regexp functions linux/i386
librx-debuginfo-1.5-8.el5 Debug information for package librx linux/i386
librx-devel-1.5-8.el5 POSIX regexp functions, developers library linux/i386
libs3-2.0-0.5.20161104gita052a00.el5 C Library and Tools for Amazon S3 Access linux/i386
libs3-devel-2.0-0.5.20161104gita052a00.el5 Development files for libs3 linux/i386
libsamplerate-0.1.2-8.el5 Sample rate conversion library for audio data linux/i386
libsamplerate-debuginfo-0.1.2-8.el5 Debug information for package libsamplerate linux/i386
libsamplerate-devel-0.1.2-8.el5 Development related files for libsamplerate linux/i386
libscs-1.4.1-4.el5 Software Carry-Save Multiple-Precision Library linux/i386
libscs-debuginfo-1.4.1-4.el5 Debug information for package libscs linux/i386
libscs-devel-1.4.1-4.el5 Development files for libscs linux/i386
libsigc++20-2.0.18-1.el5 Typesafe signal framework for C++ linux/i386
libsigc++20-debuginfo-2.0.18-1.el5 Debug information for package libsigc++20 linux/i386
libsigc++20-devel-2.0.18-1.el5 Development tools for the typesafe signal framework for C++ linux/i386
libsigsegv-2.4-6.el5 Library for handling page faults in user mode linux/i386
libsigsegv-debuginfo-2.4-6.el5 Debug information for package libsigsegv linux/i386
libsigsegv-devel-2.4-6.el5 Development libraries and header files for libsigsegv linux/i386
libsigsegv-static-2.4-6.el5 Static libraries for libsigsegv linux/i386
libsmbios-2.2.26-3.el5 Libsmbios C/C++ shared libraries linux/i386
libsmbios-debuginfo-2.2.26-3.el5 Debug information for package libsmbios linux/i386
libsmbios-devel-2.2.26-3.el5 Development headers and archives linux/i386
libsndfile-1.0.17-8.el5 Library for reading and writing sound files linux/i386
libsndfile-debuginfo-1.0.17-8.el5 Debug information for package libsndfile linux/i386
libsndfile-devel-1.0.17-8.el5 Development files for libsndfile linux/i386
libspf2-1.2.10-5.20150405gitd57d79fd.el5 An implementation of the SPF specification linux/i386
libspf2-debuginfo-1.2.10-5.20150405gitd57d79fd.el5 Debug information for package libspf2 linux/i386
libspf2-devel-1.2.10-5.20150405gitd57d79fd.el5 Development tools needed to build programs that use libspf2 linux/i386
libspf2-progs-1.2.10-5.20150405gitd57d79fd.el5 Programs for making SPF queries using libspf2 linux/i386
libss7-1.0.1-3.el5 SS7 protocol services to applications linux/i386
libss7-debuginfo-1.0.1-3.el5 Debug information for package libss7 linux/i386
libss7-devel-1.0.1-3.el5 Development files for libss7 linux/i386
libssh-0.5.5-3.el5 A library implementing the SSH2 protocol (0xbadc0de version) linux/i386
libssh-debuginfo-0.5.5-3.el5 Debug information for package libssh linux/i386
libssh-devel-0.5.5-3.el5 Development files for libssh linux/i386
libssh2-0.18-10.el5 A library implementing the SSH2 protocol linux/i386
libssh2-debuginfo-0.18-10.el5 Debug information for package libssh2 linux/i386
libssh2-devel-0.18-10.el5 Development files for libssh2 linux/i386
libssh2-docs-0.18-10.el5 Documentation for libssh2 linux/i386
libsvm-3.18-3.el5 A Library for Support Vector Machines linux/i386
libsvm-debuginfo-3.18-3.el5 Debug information for package libsvm linux/i386
libsvm-devel-3.18-3.el5 Header file, object file, and source files of libsvm in C, C++ and Java linux/i386
libsvm-java-3.18-3.el5 Java tools and interfaces for libsvm linux/i386
libsvm-python-3.18-3.el5 Python tools and interfaces for libsvm linux/i386
libsvm-svm-toy-gtk-3.18-3.el5 GTK version of svm-toy (libsvm demonstration program) linux/i386
libsvm-svm-toy-qt-3.18-3.el5 QT version of svm-toy (libsvm demonstration program) linux/i386
libtalloc-2.0.1-7.el5 The talloc library linux/i386
libtalloc-debuginfo-2.0.1-7.el5 Debug information for package libtalloc linux/i386
libtalloc-devel-2.0.1-7.el5 Developer tools for the Talloc library linux/i386
libtar-1.2.11-14.el5 Tar file manipulation API linux/i386
libtar-debuginfo-1.2.11-14.el5 Debug information for package libtar linux/i386
libtar-devel-1.2.11-14.el5 Development files for libtar linux/i386
libtdb-1.2.1-4.el5 The tdb library linux/i386
libtdb-debuginfo-1.2.1-4.el5 Debug information for package libtdb linux/i386
libtdb-devel-1.2.1-4.el5 Header files need to link the Tdb library linux/i386
libtelnet-0.20-2.el5 TELNET protocol parsing framework linux/i386
libtelnet-debuginfo-0.20-2.el5 Debug information for package libtelnet linux/i386
libtelnet-devel-0.20-2.el5 Header files for libtelnet linux/i386
libtelnet-utils-0.20-2.el5 TELNET utility programs from libtelnet linux/i386
libtevent-0.9.8-7.el5 The tevent library linux/i386
libtevent-debuginfo-0.9.8-7.el5 Debug information for package libtevent linux/i386
libtevent-devel-0.9.8-7.el5 Developer tools for the Tevent library linux/i386
libtidy-0.99.0-14.20070615.el5 Shared libraries for tidy linux/i386
libtidy-devel-0.99.0-14.20070615.el5 Development files for libtidy linux/i386
libtidyp-1.02-5.el5 Shared libraries for tidyp linux/i386
libtidyp-devel-1.02-5.el5 Development files for libtidyp linux/i386
libtopology-0.3-1.el5 CPU Topology library linux/i386
libtopology-debuginfo-0.3-1.el5 Debug information for package libtopology linux/i386
libtopology-devel-0.3-1.el5 CPU Topology library development package linux/i386
libtunepimp-0.5.3-9.el5 A library for creating MusicBrainz enabled tagging applications linux/i386
libtunepimp-debuginfo-0.5.3-9.el5 Debug information for package libtunepimp linux/i386
libtunepimp-devel-0.5.3-9.el5 Headers for developing programs that will use libtunepimp linux/i386
libucil-0.9.10-1.el5 Library to render text and graphic overlays onto video images linux/i386
libucil-debuginfo-0.9.10-1.el5 Debug information for package libucil linux/i386
libucil-devel-0.9.10-1.el5 Development files for the ucil library linux/i386
libunicap-0.9.12-15.el5 Library to access different kinds of (video) capture devices linux/i386
libunicap-debuginfo-0.9.12-15.el5 Debug information for package libunicap linux/i386
libunicap-devel-0.9.12-15.el5 Development files for the unicap library linux/i386
libunicapgtk-0.9.8-1.el5 Library to build graphical widgets for the unicap library linux/i386
libunicapgtk-debuginfo-0.9.8-1.el5 Debug information for package libunicapgtk linux/i386
libunicapgtk-devel-0.9.8-1.el5 Development files for the unicapgtk library linux/i386
libuninameslist-0.0-7.20060907.el5 Library that provides Unicode names and annotations linux/i386
libuninameslist-debuginfo-0.0-7.20060907.el5 Debug information for package libuninameslist linux/i386
libuninameslist-devel-0.0-7.20060907.el5 Header files and static libraries for libuninameslist linux/i386
libunistring-0.9.3-5.el5 GNU Unicode string library linux/i386
libunistring-devel-0.9.3-5.el5 GNU Unicode string library - development files linux/i386
libusb1-1.0.9-0.6.rc1.el5 A library which allows userspace access to USB devices linux/i386
libusb1-debuginfo-1.0.9-0.6.rc1.el5 Debug information for package libusb1 linux/i386
libusb1-devel-1.0.9-0.6.rc1.el5 Development files for libusb linux/i386
libusb1-static-1.0.9-0.6.rc1.el5 Static development files for libusb linux/i386
libvdpau-0.4.1-1.el5 Wrapper library for the Video Decode and Presentation API linux/i386
libvdpau-debuginfo-0.4.1-1.el5 Debug information for package libvdpau linux/i386
libvdpau-devel-0.4.1-1.el5 Development files for libvdpau linux/i386
libvmime-0.9.2-0.9.20120406git.el5 Powerful library for MIME messages and Internet messaging services linux/i386
libvmime-debuginfo-0.9.2-0.9.20120406git.el5 Debug information for package libvmime linux/i386
libvmime-devel-0.9.2-0.9.20120406git.el5 Development headers for the libvmime library linux/i386
libvmime-static-0.9.2-0.9.20120406git.el5 Static library for the libvmime library linux/i386
libvmime07-0.7.1-4.el5 A powerful C++ class library for working with MIME/Internet messages linux/i386
libvmime07-debuginfo-0.7.1-4.el5 Debug information for package libvmime07 linux/i386
libvmime07-devel-0.7.1-4.el5 Development files for the libvmime library linux/i386
libvncserver-0.9.10-0.6.20140718git9453be42.el5 Library to make writing a vnc server easy linux/i386
libvncserver-debuginfo-0.9.10-0.6.20140718git9453be42.el5 Debug information for package libvncserver linux/i386
libvncserver-devel-0.9.10-0.6.20140718git9453be42.el5 Development files for libvncserver linux/i386
libvpd-2.0.1-1.el5 VPD Database access library for lsvpd linux/i386
libvpd-debuginfo-2.0.1-1.el5 Debug information for package libvpd linux/i386
libvpd-devel-2.0.1-1.el5 Header files for libvpd linux/i386
libvpx-0.9.6-1.el5.1 VP8 Video Codec SDK linux/i386
libvpx-debuginfo-0.9.6-1.el5.1 Debug information for package libvpx linux/i386
libvpx-devel-0.9.6-1.el5.1 Development files for libvpx linux/i386
libvpx-utils-0.9.6-1.el5.1 VP8 utilities and tools linux/i386
libwcs-3.7.0-1.el5 Libwcs shared library linux/i386
libwcs-devel-3.7.0-1.el5 Libraries, includes, etc. used to develop an application with libwcs linux/i386
libwhirlpool-1.0-1.el5 Whirlpool cryptographic hash function library linux/i386
libwhirlpool-debuginfo-1.0-1.el5 Debug information for package libwhirlpool linux/i386
libwhirlpool-devel-1.0-1.el5 Development files for libwhirlpool linux/i386
libwpg-0.1.3-4.el5.1 Library for reading WordPerfect Graphics images linux/i386
libwpg-debuginfo-0.1.3-4.el5.1 Debug information for package libwpg linux/i386
libwpg-devel-0.1.3-4.el5.1 Development files for libwpg linux/i386
libwpg-tools-0.1.3-4.el5.1 Tools to convert WordPerfect Graphics images linux/i386
libwsman-devel-2.2.0-5.el5 Opensource Implementation of WS-Management linux/i386
libwsman1-2.2.0-5.el5 Opensource Implementation of WS-Management linux/i386
libxc-2.1.2-3.el5 Library of exchange and correlation functionals to be used in DFT codes linux/i386
libxc-debuginfo-2.1.2-3.el5 Debug information for package libxc linux/i386
libxc-devel-2.1.2-3.el5 Development library and headers for libxc linux/i386
libxfce4menu-4.6.2-1.el5 A compliant menu implementation for Xfce linux/i386
libxfce4menu-debuginfo-4.6.2-1.el5 Debug information for package libxfce4menu linux/i386
libxfce4menu-devel-4.6.2-1.el5 Development files for libxfce4menu linux/i386
libxfce4util-4.6.2-1.el5 Utility library for the Xfce4 desktop environment linux/i386
libxfce4util-debuginfo-4.6.2-1.el5 Debug information for package libxfce4util linux/i386
libxfce4util-devel-4.6.2-1.el5 Developpment tools for libxfce4util library linux/i386
libxfcegui4-4.6.4-1.el5 GTK widgets for Xfce linux/i386
libxfcegui4-debuginfo-4.6.4-1.el5 Debug information for package libxfcegui4 linux/i386
libxfcegui4-devel-4.6.4-1.el5 Development tools for libxfcegui4 library linux/i386
libxml++-2.20.0-1.el5 C++ wrapper for the libxml2 XML parser library linux/i386
libxml++-debuginfo-2.20.0-1.el5 Debug information for package libxml++ linux/i386
libxml++-devel-2.20.0-1.el5 Development files for libxml++ linux/i386
libxradius-0.4.6-16.el5 Development files for libxradius linux/i386
libxradius-devel-0.4.6-16.el5 Development files for libxradius linux/i386
libyahoo2-1.0.1-1.el5 Library for the Yahoo! Messenger Protocol linux/i386
libyahoo2-debuginfo-1.0.1-1.el5 Debug information for package libyahoo2 linux/i386
libyahoo2-devel-1.0.1-1.el5 Headers and development files for libyahoo2 linux/i386
libyaml-0.1.2-8.el5 YAML 1.1 parser and emitter written in C linux/i386
libyaml-debuginfo-0.1.2-8.el5 Debug information for package libyaml linux/i386
libyaml-devel-0.1.2-8.el5 Development files for LibYAML applications linux/i386
libyaz-2.1.54-1.el5.1 Z39.50 libraries linux/i386
libyaz-devel-2.1.54-1.el5.1 Development files for Z39.50 Library linux/i386
libytnef-1.5-12.el5 TNEF Stream Parser Library linux/i386
libytnef-debuginfo-1.5-12.el5 Debug information for package libytnef linux/i386
libytnef-devel-1.5-12.el5 Development files for libytnef linux/i386
libyubikey-1.11-2.el5 C library for decrypting and parsing Yubikey One-time passwords linux/i386
libyubikey-debuginfo-1.11-2.el5 Debug information for package libyubikey linux/i386
libyubikey-devel-1.11-2.el5 Development files for libyubikey linux/i386
libyuv-0-0.12.20120727svn312.el5 YUV conversion and scaling functionality library linux/i386
libyuv-debuginfo-0-0.12.20120727svn312.el5 Debug information for package libyuv linux/i386
libyuv-devel-0-0.12.20120727svn312.el5 The development files for libyuv linux/i386
libzrtpcpp-3.2.1-3.el5 ZRTP support library for the GNU ccRTP stack linux/i386
libzrtpcpp-debuginfo-3.2.1-3.el5 Debug information for package libzrtpcpp linux/i386
libzrtpcpp-devel-3.2.1-3.el5 Development files for libzrtpcpp linux/i386
lighttpd-1.4.39-3.el5 Lightning fast webserver with light system requirements linux/i386
lighttpd-debuginfo-1.4.39-3.el5 Debug information for package lighttpd linux/i386
lighttpd-fastcgi-1.4.39-3.el5 FastCGI module and spawning helper for lighttpd and PHP configuration linux/i386
lighttpd-mod_geoip-1.4.39-3.el5 GeoIP module for lighttpd to use for location lookups linux/i386
lighttpd-mod_mysql_vhost-1.4.39-3.el5 Virtual host module for lighttpd that uses a MySQL database linux/i386
limph-1.9.4-7.el5 A PHP5-compatible network host/service poller with web interface linux/noarch
limph-common-1.9.4-7.el5 Common config file for Limph and Limph-hostagent linux/noarch
limph-hostagent-1.9.4-7.el5 A host agent for Limph, the network monitor linux/noarch
linux_logo-5.11-2.el5 Show a logo with some system info on the console linux/i386
linux_logo-debuginfo-5.11-2.el5 Debug information for package linux_logo linux/i386
litmus-0.13-5.el5 WebDAV server compliance test suite linux/i386
litmus-debuginfo-0.13-5.el5 Debug information for package litmus linux/i386
livecd-tools-013-8.el5.1 Tools for building live CD's linux/i386
lockfile-progs-0.1.15-2.el5 Command-line programs to safely lock and unlock files and mailboxes linux/i386
lockfile-progs-debuginfo-0.1.15-2.el5 Debug information for package lockfile-progs linux/i386
log4c-1.2.4-1.el5 Library for logging application messages linux/i386
log4c-debuginfo-1.2.4-1.el5 Debug information for package log4c linux/i386
log4c-devel-1.2.4-1.el5 Header files, libraries and development documentation for log4c linux/i386
log4cpp-1.0-4.el5 C++ logging library linux/i386
log4cpp-debuginfo-1.0-4.el5 Debug information for package log4cpp linux/i386
log4cpp-devel-1.0-4.el5 Header files, libraries and development documentation for log4cpp linux/i386
logcheck-1.3.13-6.el5 Analyzes log files and sends noticeable events as email linux/noarch
logserial-0.4.2-5.el5.1 Package for logging incoming bytes on asynchronous serial ports linux/i386
logserial-debuginfo-0.4.2-5.el5.1 Debug information for package logserial linux/i386
loudmouth-1.3.4-1.el5 Loudmouth is a Jabber programming library written in C linux/i386
loudmouth-debuginfo-1.3.4-1.el5 Debug information for package loudmouth linux/i386
loudmouth-devel-1.3.4-1.el5 Development files for loudmouth linux/i386
lout-3.36-1.el5 A document formatting system linux/i386
lout-debuginfo-3.36-1.el5 Debug information for package lout linux/i386
lrzip-0.616-5.el5 Compression program optimized for large files linux/i386
lrzip-devel-0.616-5.el5 Development files for Long Range ZIP library linux/i386
lrzip-libs-0.616-5.el5 Long Range ZIP library linux/i386
lrzip-static-0.616-5.el5 Static Long Range ZIP library linux/i386
lshw-B.02.12.01-1.el5 Hardware lister linux/i386
lshw-debuginfo-B.02.12.01-1.el5 Debug information for package lshw linux/i386
lshw-gui-B.02.12.01-1.el5 Graphical hardware lister linux/i386
lsvpd-1.6.3-1.el5 VPD/hardware inventory utilities for Linux linux/i386
lsvpd-debuginfo-1.6.3-1.el5 Debug information for package lsvpd linux/i386
lsyncd-2.1.4-4.el5.1.1 File change monitoring and synchronization daemon linux/i386
lsyncd-debuginfo-2.1.4-4.el5.1.1 Debug information for package lsyncd linux/i386
lua-5.1.4-4.el5 Powerful light-weight programming language linux/i386
lua-copas-1.1.6-1.el5 Coroutine Oriented Portable Asynchronous Services for Lua linux/noarch
lua-coxpcall-1.13.0-1.el5 Coroutine safe xpcall and pcall versions for Lua linux/noarch
lua-cyrussasl-1.1.0-1.el5 Cyrus SASL library for Lua linux/i386
lua-dbi-0.5-5.el5 Database interface library for Lua linux/i386
lua-dbi-debuginfo-0.5-5.el5 Debug information for package lua-dbi linux/i386
lua-debuginfo-5.1.4-4.el5 Debug information for package lua linux/i386
lua-devel-5.1.4-4.el5 Development files for lua linux/i386
lua-expat-1.3.0-1.el5 SAX XML parser based on the Expat library linux/i386
lua-expat-debuginfo-1.3.0-1.el5 Debug information for package lua-expat linux/i386
lua-filesystem-1.4.2-1.el5 File System Library for the Lua Programming Language linux/i386
lua-filesystem-debuginfo-1.4.2-1.el5 Debug information for package lua-filesystem linux/i386
lua-logging-1.1.4-3.el5 A simple API to use logging features in Lua linux/noarch
lua-loop-2.3-0.2.beta.el5 Class models for Lua linux/noarch
lua-loop-doc-2.3-0.2.beta.el5 Documentation for lua-loop linux/noarch
lua-lpeg-0.9-3.el5 Parsing Expression Grammars for Lua linux/i386
lua-lpeg-debuginfo-0.9-3.el5 Debug information for package lua-lpeg linux/i386
lua-lunit-0.4-2.el5 Unit testing framework for Lua linux/noarch
lua-md5-1.1.2-1.el5 Cryptographic Library for MD5 hashes for Lua linux/i386
lua-md5-debuginfo-1.1.2-1.el5 Debug information for package lua-md5 linux/i386
lua-posix-5.1.7-1.el5 A POSIX library for Lua linux/i386
lua-posix-debuginfo-5.1.7-1.el5 Debug information for package lua-posix linux/i386
lua-sec-0.5-4.el5 Lua binding for OpenSSL library linux/i386
lua-sec-debuginfo-0.5-4.el5 Debug information for package lua-sec linux/i386
lua-socket-3.0-0.10.rc1.el5 Network support for the Lua language linux/i386
lua-socket-debuginfo-3.0-0.10.rc1.el5 Debug information for package lua-socket linux/i386
lua-socket-devel-3.0-0.10.rc1.el5 Development files for lua-socket linux/i386
lua-sql-2.1.1-7.el5 Database connectivity for the Lua programming language linux/i386
lua-sql-debuginfo-2.1.1-7.el5 Debug information for package lua-sql linux/i386
lua-sql-doc-2.1.1-7.el5 Documentation for LuaSQL linux/i386
lua-sql-mysql-2.1.1-7.el5 MySQL database connectivity for the Lua programming language linux/i386
lua-sql-postgresql-2.1.1-7.el5 PostgreSQL database connectivity for the Lua programming language linux/i386
lua-sql-sqlite-2.1.1-7.el5 SQLite database connectivity for the Lua programming language linux/i386
lua-static-5.1.4-4.el5 Static library for lua linux/i386
lua-wsapi-1.3.4-4.el5 Lua Web Server API linux/noarch
lua-xmlrpc-1.2.1-1.el5 Lua package to access and provide XML-RPC services linux/noarch
luarocks-2.1.2-1.el5 A deployment and management system for Lua modules linux/noarch
lxsplit-0.2.2-4.el5 File split / merge utility linux/i386
lxsplit-debuginfo-0.2.2-4.el5 Debug information for package lxsplit linux/i386
lz4-r131-1.el5 Extremely fast compression algorithm linux/i386
lz4-debuginfo-r131-1.el5 Debug information for package lz4 linux/i386
lz4-devel-r131-1.el5 Development library for lz4 linux/i386
lz4-static-r131-1.el5 Static library for lz4 linux/i386
lzip-1.7-2.el5 LZMA compressor with integrity checking linux/i386
lzip-debuginfo-1.7-2.el5 Debug information for package lzip linux/i386
lzo-2.02-2.el5.1 Data compression library with very fast (de)compression linux/i386
lzo-debuginfo-2.02-2.el5.1 Debug information for package lzo linux/i386
lzo-devel-2.02-2.el5.1 Development files for the lzo library linux/i386
lzop-1.03-2.el5 Real-time file compressor linux/i386
lzop-debuginfo-1.03-2.el5 Debug information for package lzop linux/i386

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