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Packages beginning with letter M

mcs-0.4.1-3.el5.centos A configuration file abstraction library linux/x86_64
mcs-devel-0.4.1-3.el5.centos Development files for the mcs configuration system linux/x86_64
mcs-libs-0.4.1-3.el5.centos Library files for the mcs configuration system linux/x86_64
mhash-0.9.9-1.el5.centos Thread-safe hash algorithms library linux/x86_64
mhash-devel-0.9.9-1.el5.centos Header files and libraries for developing apps which use mhash linux/x86_64
mnemo-h3-2.1.2-1.el5.centos The Horde note manager application. linux/noarch
mock-0.6.13-1.el5_2.3 Builds packages inside chroots linux/x86_64
mod_mono-1.2.1-1.el5.centos A module to deploy an ASP.NET application on Apache with Mono linux/x86_64
mono-core-1.2.4-2.el5.centos The Mono CIL runtime, suitable for running .NET code linux/x86_64
mono-data-1.2.4-2.el5.centos Database connectivity for Mono linux/x86_64
mono-data-firebird-1.2.4-2.el5.centos Firebird database connectivity for Mono linux/x86_64
mono-data-oracle-1.2.4-2.el5.centos Oracle database connectivity for Mono linux/x86_64
mono-data-postgresql-1.2.4-2.el5.centos Postgresql database connectivity for Mono linux/x86_64
mono-data-sqlite-1.2.4-2.el5.centos sqlite database connectivity for Mono linux/x86_64
mono-data-sybase-1.2.4-2.el5.centos Sybase database connectivity for Mono linux/x86_64
mono-devel-1.2.4-2.el5.centos Development tools for Mono linux/x86_64
mono-extras-1.2.4-2.el5.centos Provides the infrastructure for running and building daemons and services with Mono as well as various stub assemblies linux/x86_64
mono-jscript-1.2.4-2.el5.centos JScript .NET support for Mono linux/x86_64
mono-locale-extras-1.2.4-2.el5.centos Extra locale information for Mono linux/x86_64
mono-nunit-1.2.4-2.el5.centos NUnit Testing Framework linux/x86_64
mono-nunit-devel-1.2.4-2.el5.centos pkgconfig for nunit linux/x86_64
mono-web-1.2.4-2.el5.centos ASP.NET, Remoting, and Web Services for Mono linux/x86_64
mono-winforms-1.2.4-2.el5.centos Windows Forms implementation for Mono linux/x86_64
mousepad-0.2.13-1.el5.centos Mousepad - A simple text editor for Xfce linux/x86_64

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