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drbd83-8.3.15-2.el5.centos RPM for i386

From Extras packages for CentOS 5.10 for i386 / RPMS

Name: drbd83 Distribution: CentOS-5
Version: 8.3.15 Vendor: CentOS
Release: 2.el5.centos Build date: Wed Mar 27 17:09:11 2013
Group: System Environment/Kernel Build host:
Size: 486339 Source RPM: drbd83-8.3.15-2.el5.centos.src.rpm
Summary: Distributed Redundant Block Device driver for Linux
Drbd is a distributed replicated block device. It mirrors a
block device over the network to another machine. Think of it
as networked raid 1. It is a building block for setting up
high availability (HA) clusters.

    Philipp Reisner <>
    Lars Ellenberg  <>






* Wed Mar 27 2013 Johnny Hughes <> drbd-8.3.15-2
  - upgraded to upstream version 8.3.15
  - added 5 patches from upstrem 8.3.x tree, at upstream git revision
    c7639c1afbe7019e6f05db19c7614ce5616aaeeb after patches
* Tue May 08 2012 Johnny Hughes <> drbd-8.3.13-2
  - Upgraded to upstream version 8.3.13
  - Added the following new files:
  -   /usr/lib/drbd/rhcs_fence
  -   /usr/lib/drbd/
* Sat Feb 11 2012 Johnny Hughes <>  drbd-8.3.12-2
  - set global_common.conf as a config file
* Sat Jan 28 2012 Johnny Hughes <> drbd-8.3.12-1
  - upgraded to upstream version 8.3.12
* Sat Jun 05 2010 Ralph Angenendt <> drbd83-8.3.8-1
  - upgraded to upstream version 8.3.8
* Thu Mar 18 2010 Ralph Angenendt <> drbd83-8.3.7-1
  - upgraded to upstream version 8.3.7
* Tue May 05 2009 Ralph Angenendt <> drbd83-8.3.1-1
  - upgraded to upstream version 8.3.1
  - created drbd83 branch to allow people to stay at 8.0/8.2
  - first packaging of this release
* Tue Jun 03 2008 Johnny Hughes <> drbd82-8.2.6-1
  - upgraded to upstream version 8.2.6
* Tue Feb 26 2008 Johnny Hughes <> drbd82-8.2.5-1
  - upgraded to upstream version 8.2.5
* Thu Feb 07 2008 Johnny Hughes <>
  - created a new branch named drbd82 to allow running drbd-8.2.x
  - added permissions changes if haclient exists in post section
  - allow upgrade from centos-5, conflicts and manual upgrade for centos-4
* Thu Dec 27 2007 Johnny Hughes <>
  - upgraded to upstream version 8.0.8
  - added drbd-8.0.8-inint64_t-include.patch to fix this issue detailed here:
* Mon Oct 22 2007 Johnny Hughes <>
  - upgraded to upstream version 8.0.6
* Fri Jul 27 2007 Johnny Hughes <>
  - upgraded to upstream version 8.0.4
* Fri May 11 2007 04:30:00 +0600 Johnny Hughes <>
  - modified to roll in kmod building by splitting out the modules to a
    seperate SRPM
* Tue May 08 2007 17:10:14 +0200 Philipp Reisner <>
  - drbd (8.0.3-1)
   * Fixed a race condition that could cause us to continue to traverse a bio
     after it was freed. (led to an OOPS)
   * Fixed a race condition that could cause us to use members of an ee, after
     it was freed. (led to various weirdness)
   * Language fixes for the man pages.
   * The drbdsetup commands (events, wait-connect,...) release the lock now.
   * Minor fixes and updates to the user land tools and to the peer outdater.
* Sat Apr 07 2007 21:32:39 +0200 Philipp Reisner <>
  - drbd (8.0.2-1)
   * Removed a bug that could cause an OOPS in drbd_al_to_on_disk_bm()
   * Improved the robustness of the UUID based algorithm that decides
     about the resync direction.
   * Fixed the error handling in case a the open() of a backing
     blockdevice fails.
   * Fixed a race condition that could cause a "drbdadm disconnect" to hang.
   * More verbosity in we can not claim a backing block device.
   * More verbosity and paranoia in the bitmap area.
   * On some vendor kernels 8.0.1 did not load because of kzalloc. fixed.
   * Fault injection can now not only be turned on or off, but can be 
     enabled on a per device basis.
   * Fixed the scripts and files needed to build drbd into a kernel.
* Sat Mar 03 2007 10:10:26 +0200 Philipp Reisner <>
  - drbd (8.0.1-1)
   * Fixed some race conditions that could trigger an OOPS when the loca disk
     failes and DRBD detaches itself from the failing disk.
   * Added a missing call to drbd_try_outdate_peer().
   * LVM's LVs expose ambiguous queue settings. When a RAID-0 (md) PV is
     used the present a segment size of 64k but at the same time allow only
     8 sectors. Fixed DRBD to deal with that fact corretly.
   * New option "always-asbp" to also use the after-after-split-brain-policy
     handlers, even it is not possible to determine from the UUIDs that
     the data of the two nodes was related in the past.
   * More verbosity in case a bio_add_page() fails.
   * Replaced kmalloc()/memset() with kzmalloc(), and a wrapper for older kernls
   * A fast version of drbd_al_to_on_disk_bm(). This is necessary for short
     (even sub-second) switchover times while having large "al-extents" settings.
   * Fixed drbdadm's array overflows (of on stack objects)
   * drbdsetup can now dump its usage in a XML format
   * New init script for gentoo
   * Fixed Typos in the usage of /proc/sysrq-trigger in the example config.
* Wed Jan 24 2007 16:10:09 +0200 Philipp Reisner <>
  - drbd (8.0.0-1)
   * No effecitve changes to rc2.
* Wed Jan 17 2007 17:30:23 +0200 Philipp Reisner <>
  - drbd (8.0rc2-1)
   * Added the well known automagiacally adjust drbd_config.h to
     make drbd compile on every by vendor's backports defaced 
     kernel. ( Linux-2.6.x only of course )
   * Fixed races with starting and finishing resync processes 
     while heavy application IO is going on.
   * Ported DRBD to the new crypto API (and added a emulation of the
     now API on top of the old one for older 2.6.x kernels)
   * Code to perform better on ethernet networks with jumbo
   * Bugfixes to our request code (race conditions).
   * Every error code that is returned by drbdsetup has a 
     textual description by now.
* Fri Dec 22 2006 15:19:10 +0200 Philipp Reisner <>
  - drbd (8.0rc1-1)
   * The drbd-peer-outdater got updated to work in multi node heartbeat
     clusters. (But we still not suceeded to get this into Heartbeat's
     repository accepted.)
   * Fixed resync decission after a crash in a pri-pri cluster.
   * Implemented the ping-timeout option for "sub-second" failover clusters.
   * Implemented all the "violently" options in the reconnect handling.
   * Updated man pages of drbd.conf and drbdsetup.
   * Removed the "self-claiming" on secondary nodes.
   * Fixed an uncountable number of bugs.
* Fri Nov 03 2006 15:20:54 +0200 Philipp Reisner <>
  - drbd (8.0pre6-1)
   * All panic() calls where removed from DRBD.
   * IO errors while accessing the backing storage device are now handled
   * Conflict detection for two primaries is in place and tested.
   * More tracing stuff
   * Lots of bugs found and fixed
* Tue Oct 31 2006 22:03:54 +0200 Philipp Reisner <>
  - drbd (8.0pre5-1)
   * The request code was completely rewritten.
   * The write conflict detection code for primary-primary is currently
     broken, but will be fixed soon.
   * drbdsetup is no longer based on IOCTL but works now via
   * drbd_panic() is on its way out.
   * A runtime configurable tracing framework got added.
   * A lot of effort was put into finding and fixing bugs.
* Tue Aug 01 2006 12:04:41 +0200 Philipp Reisner <>
  - drbd (8.0pre4-1)
   * Added the "drbd-peer-outdater" heartbeat plugin.
   * New ("cluster wide") state changes. (Cluster wide serialisation of
     major state changes, like becomming primary, invalidateing a disk etc...)
   * Write requests are now sent by the worker instead out of the process's
     context that calls make_request().
   * The worker thread no longer gets restarted upon loss of connection.
   * A testsuite developed by students of 'FH Hagenberg' was added.
* Fri Apr 21 2006 13:46:18 +0200 Philipp Reisner <>
  - drbd (8.0pre3-1)
   * Now it works on device mapper (LVM) as well as on "real" block devices.
   * Finally (after years) a sane "drbdadm adjust" imprementation, which is
     really really robust.
   * Fixes for 64bit kernel / 32 bit userland environments
   * Fixes in the sys-v init script
   * Renamed "--do-what-I-say" to "--overwrite-data-of-peer". Hopefully
     people now understand what this option does.
* Fri Apr 07 2006 17:53:56 +0200 Philipp Reisner <>
  - drbd (8.0-pre2-1)
   * removed the "on-disconnect" and "split-brain-fix" config options and
     added the "fencing" config option instead.
   * Updated all manpages to cover drbd-8.0
   * /proc/drbd shows the whole drbd_state_t, as well the logging of state
     changes shows every field of drbd_state_t now.
   * Deactivated most of the TCQ code for now, since it changed again
     in the mainline kernel.
   * Minor other fixes.
* Tue Mar 14 2006 11:37:56 +0200 Philipp Reisner <>
  - drbd (8.0_pre1-1)
   * Removed support for Linux-2.4.x
   * Cleanup of the wire protocol.
   * Added optional peer authentication with a shared secret.
   * Consolidated state changes into a central function.
   * Improved, tunable after-split-brain recovery strategies.
   * Always verify all IDs used in the protocol that are used as pointers.
   * Introduced the "outdate" disk state, and commands for managing it.
   * Introduced the "drbdmeta" command, and require the user to create
     meta-data explicitly.
   * Support for primary/primary (for OCFS2, GFS...)
   * Replaced the sync-groups with the sync-after mechanism.
   * The "common" section in the configuration file.
   * Replaced the generation counters (GCs) with data-generation-UUIDs
   * Improved performance by using Linux-2.6's BIOs with up to 32k per
     IO request. Before we transferred only up to 4k per IO request.
   * A Warning if the disk sizes are more than 10% different.
   * A connection teardown packet to differentiate between a crash
     of the peer and a peer that is shut down gracefully.
   * External imposable SyncPause states, to serialize DRBD's resynchronisation
     with the resynchronisation of backing storage's RAID configurations.
   * Backing storage can be hot added to disk less nodes.
   * Prepared for advanced integration to Heartbeat-2.0
   * Changed internal APIs so that missed writes of the meta-data super
     block are reported as they happen.
   * The sub project.
   * Rewrote the scanner/parser of drbd.conf. 10 times smaller/faster and
     easier to maintain.
   * Asynchronous meta-data IO [ Code drop from the DRBD+ branch ]



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