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compat-dapl-devel-1.2.19-2.el6 RPM for x86_64

From CentOS 6.10 for x86_64 / Packages

Name: compat-dapl-devel Distribution: Unknown
Version: 1.2.19 Vendor: CentOS
Release: 2.el6 Build date: Fri Jun 22 07:50:08 2012
Group: System Environment/Libraries Build host:
Size: 127450 Source RPM: compat-dapl-1.2.19-2.el6.src.rpm
Packager: CentOS BuildSystem <>
Summary: Development files for the dapl-1.2 compat libdat and libdapl libraries
Header files for the dapl-1.2 compat libdat and libdapl library.




GPLv2 or BSD or CPL


* Mon Jan 23 2012 Doug Ledford <> - 1:1.2.19-2
  - Bump and rebuild against new libibverbs (FDR link speed support)
  - Related: bz750609
* Fri Jul 22 2011 Doug Ledford <> - 1:1.2.19-1
  - Update to latest upstream release (1.2.15 -> 1.2.19)
  - Remove 3 patches rolled into upstream
  - Update exclusive arch to accommodate i686 arch
  - Related: bz725016, bz724896
* Fri Jan 28 2011 Jay Fenlason <> - 1:1.2.15-2.2.el6
  - compat-dapl-cleanup-cr-linkings-after-dto-error-on-ep.patch
    Resolves: bz635155
* Sun Aug 01 2010 Jay Fenlason <> - 1:1.2.15-2.1.el6
  - Include pipe-leak patch to close
    Resolves: rhbz619439 - OFED1.5.1: uDAPL - cma: memory leak of FD's (DB2 pureScale)
    This required some whitspace editing--apparently the patch was garbled
    somewhere in transit.
  - Include the cma-memleak-verbs-CQ-compl-chans-fix patch to close
    Resolves: rhbz619443 - OFED1.5.1: uDAPL handles close on forked child exit (DB2 pureScale)
* Sun Mar 07 2010 Doug Ledford <> - 1:1.2.15-2.el6
  - Fix various rpmlint wanrings in spec file
  - Version all of the obsoletes
  - Now that this is no longer part of the dapl rpm, it needs its own
    doc macro so that the license and whatnot are on the system when the
    package is installed
  - Related: bz555835
* Thu Jan 21 2010 Jay Fenlason <> 1:1.2.15-1.el5
  - Change sysconfig file to /etc/rdma/compat-dapl to match the change in dapl
  - Split out into separate source rpm from the dapl-2.0.25-2.el5.src.rpm
    Resolves: rhbz#557170 split compat-dapl into a separate srpm



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