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RPM of Group System/Services

gnep-1.0.0-1 GNU network event processor linux/i386linux/i386linux/i386linux/i386linux/x86_64
gnep-2.0.1-1 GNU network event processor linux/x86_64linux/x86_64linux/i386linux/i386linux/i386linux/i386
gnep-server-2.0.1-1 Server side of the GNU network event processor linux/x86_64linux/i386linux/i386linux/x86_64linux/i386linux/i386
watchcrond-0.90-eon.03 Service that periodically runs jobs Linux/i586Linux/i386Linux/k6Linux/i486
watchcrond-0.90-eon.02 Service that periodically runs jobs Linux/i486Linux/i586Linux/k6Linux/i386
watchcrond-0.90-eon.01 Service that periodically runs jobs Linux/i586Linux/k6Linux/i486Linux/i386
watchlogd-0.92-eon.01 periodically moves logs into a rotation before deletion Linux/i386Linux/k6Linux/i486Linux/i586

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