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RPM of Distribution SUSE Linux Enterprise 10 (i586)

openldap2-2.3.32-0.27.osmosii.1.9.3.i586 The New OpenLDAP Server (LDAPv3) SourceForge
openldap2-back-meta-2.3.32-0.27.osmosii.1.9.3.i586 OpenLDAP Meta Back-End SourceForge
openldap2-back-perl-2.3.32-0.27.osmosii.1.9.3.i586 OpenLDAP Perl Back-End SourceForge
openldap2-client-2.3.32-0.27.osmosii.1.9.3.i586 The New OpenLDAP Server (LDAPv3) SourceForge
openldap2-client-debuginfo-2.3.32-0.27.osmosii.1.9.3.i586 Debug information for package openldap2-client SourceForge
openldap2-debuginfo-2.3.32-0.27.osmosii.1.9.3.i586 Debug information for package openldap2 SourceForge
openldap2-devel-2.3.32-0.27.osmosii.1.9.3.i586 Libraries, Header Files and Documentation for OpenLDAP2 SourceForge

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