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RPM of Distribution Mandrake 9.1

grisbi-0.4.1-7gsb.mdk91.i586 Personnal finances manager SourceForge
grisbi-0.4.4-1gsb.mdk91.i586 Personnal finances manager SourceForge
grisbi-0.4.3-1gsb.mdk91.i586 Personnal finances manager SourceForge
grisbi-0.4.4-2gsb.mdk91.i586 Personnal finances manager SourceForge
grisbi-ug-fr-0.4.0-5gsb.mdk91.noarch The French Grisbi User Guide version 0.4.0 in HTML format. SourceForge
k3d- K-3D open-source 3D modeling, animation, and rendering system. SourceForge
klusters-1.4.1-mdk9.1.i586 Manual cluster-cutting application SourceForge
klusters-1.4.2-mdk9.1.i586 Manual cluster-cutting application SourceForge
klusters-1.5-mdk9.1.i386 Manual cluster-cutting application SourceForge
libk3d0- k3d libs SourceForge
neuroscope-1.2.3-mdk9.1.i386 NeuroScope is a viewer for neurophysiological data. SourceForge
xmule-1.6.1-1mdk.i586 Edonkey network client, fork of the popular eMule SourceForge

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