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RPM of Group Development/Compilers

aspectj-1.1.1-1jpp AspectJ aspect-oriented language extension to Java linux/noarchlinux/noarchlinux/noarchlinux/noarch
aspectj-installer-1.1.1-1jpp Installer for aspectj linux/noarchlinux/noarchlinux/noarchlinux/noarch
dresden-ocl-1.1-1jpp A compiler that generates code out of OCL expressions linux/noarchlinux/noarchlinux/noarchlinux/noarch
dresden-ocl-argo-1.1-1jpp Subset of dresden-ocl required for ArgoUML linux/noarchlinux/noarchlinux/noarchlinux/noarch
jasper4-4.1.30-1jpp Apache JSP Engine, RI for Servlet JSP 1.2 API linux/noarchlinux/noarchlinux/noarchlinux/noarch
jasper5-5.0.19-1jpp Apache JSP Engine, RI for Servlet JSP 2.0 API linux/noarchlinux/noarchlinux/noarchlinux/noarch
sablecc-2.18.2-1jpp Sable Research Group's Compiler Compiler linux/noarchlinux/noarchlinux/noarchlinux/noarch
tomcat6-lib-6.0.24-111.el6_9 Libraries needed to run the Tomcat Web container linux/noarchlinux/noarch

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