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RPM of Group Desktop/KDE

automoc4-0.9.88-0 automatic moc for Qt4 linux/x86_64
frameworkintegration-4.100.0-0 framework providing components to allow applications to integrate with a KDE workspace linux/x86_64
gptfdisk-0.8.10-0 a text-mode partitioning tool that works on GUID Partition Table disks linux/x86_64
kactivities5-4.100.0-0 core components for the KDE's Activities Activity Manager linux/x86_64
kapidox-4.100.0-0 frameworks API documentation tools linux/x86_64
karchive-4.100.0-0 Qt5 addon providing access to numerous types of archives linux/x86_64
kauth-4.100.0-0 KDE authentication support library linux/x86_64
kbookmarks-4.100.0-0 web browser bookmarks management library linux/x86_64
kcmutils-4.100.0-0 utilities for interacting with KCModules linux/x86_64
kcodecs-4.100.0-0 plugins allowing Qt applications to access furthur types of images linux/x86_64
kcompletion-4.100.0-0 string completiono framework linux/x86_64
kconfig-4.100.0-0 backend for storing application configuration linux/x86_64
kconfigwidgets-4.100.0-0 widgets for configuration dialogs linux/x86_64
kcoreaddons-4.100.0-0 utilities for core application functionality and accessing the OS linux/x86_64
kcrash-4.100.0-0 graceful handling of application crashing linux/x86_64
kdbusaddons-4.100.0-0 convenience addons for DBus linux/x86_64
kdeclarative-4.100.0-0 integration of QML and KDE workspaces linux/x86_64
kded-4.100.0-0 central daemon of KDE workspace linux/x86_64
kdesignerplugin-4.100.0-0 integrating KDE frameworks widgets with Qt Designer linux/x86_64
kdesu-4.100.0-0 user interface for running shell commands with root privileges linux/x86_64
kdewebkit-4.100.0-0 integration of the HTML rendering engine WebKit linux/x86_64
kdnssd-4.100.0-0 network service discovery using Zeroconf linux/x86_64
kdoctools-4.100.0-0 create documents from DocBook linux/x86_64
kemoticons-4.100.0-0 convert text emoticons to graphical emoticons linux/x86_64
kglobalaccel-4.100.0-0 KDE global keyboard shortcuts linux/x86_64
kguiaddons-4.100.0-0 utilities for various user interfaces linux/x86_64
ki18n-4.100.0-0 internationalization framework for KDE linux/x86_64
kiconthemes-4.100.0-0 icon GUI utilities linux/x86_64
kidletime-4.100.0-0 reporting of idle time of user and system linux/x86_64
kimageformats-4.100.0-0 image format plugins for Qt linux/x86_64
kinit-4.100.0-0 helper library to speed up start of applications on KDE workspaces linux/x86_64
kio-4.100.0-0 transparent network for accessing files and data linux/x86_64
kitemmodels-4.100.0-0 set of item models extending the Qt model-view framework linux/x86_64
kitemviews-4.100.0-0 set of item views extending the Qt model-view framework linux/x86_64
kjobwidgets-4.100.0-0 widgets for showing progress of asynchronous jobs linux/x86_64
knewstuff-4.100.0-0 framework for downloading and sharing additional application data linux/x86_64
knotifications-4.100.0-0 desktop notifications for the Plasma desktop linux/x86_64
knotifyconfig-4.100.0-0 configuration dialog for desktop notifications linux/x86_64
kparts-4.100.0-0 plugin framework for user interface components linux/x86_64
kplotting-4.100.0-0 data plotting library for KDE linux/x86_64
kpty-4.100.0-0 interfacing with pseudo terminal devices linux/x86_64
kservice-4.100.0-0 plugin framework for desktop services linux/x86_64
ktexteditor-4.100.0-0 full text editor component linux/x86_64
ktextwidgets-4.100.0-0 text editing widgets linux/x86_64
kunitconversion-4.100.0-0 converting physical units linux/x86_64
kwallet-4.100.0-0 safe system-wide storage for passwords linux/x86_64
kwidgetsaddons-4.100.0-0 large set of desktop widgets linux/x86_64
kwindowsystem-4.100.0-0 KDE Window System linux/x86_64
kxmlgui-4.100.0-0 library for managing toolbar and widget actions linux/x86_64
netsharer-0.4.8-1 NetSharer----ç®æç&frac;ç»å±äº«å¨ linux/i686
phonon-4.7.2-0 multimedia framework for Qt linux/x86_64
solid-4.100.0-0 desktop hardware abstraction library linux/x86_64
sonnet-4.100.0-0 multi-language checking support for KDE linux/x86_64
threadweaver-4.100.0-0 helper for multithreaded programming linux/x86_64
txtreader-0.6.4-1mgc26 TxtReader(ææ¬é读å¨) for linux linux/i686
txtreader-0.6.4-1mgc25 TxtReader(ææ¬é读å¨) for linux

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