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I chose this enermax new box, because it can contain a large number of expansion slots (six 3"1/2 just below the power supply, four 5"1/4 in front of the case, and two 3"1/2 slots in front, but that only accept floppies, due to lack of drives HDD rails). Another interesting point with this case, is that the orientation of the motherboard is reverted compared to usual setup, which allows to have a plastic wind tunnel, that captures the heat from the processor. Some disks can also be mounted vertically, just below the fan of the power supply.

case partially filled

The inside of the case, before I insert of the 3ware controller cards. Two serial ATA drives will be used. Thanks to this technology, the cables are much more discret. The CPU is well isolated from the remaining of the case.


This is the first batch of identical 80gigs drives. Those are relatively slow, because old. I purchased them in 2000. I grouped them and built a RAID strippped array on the first 4 ports 3ware cards. I gained an appreciable throughtput thanks to the RAID, and if one of those four drives fail, I can obtain the same capacity, and the same speed with a recent model. So agregating them logically is not a big risk in case of hardware failure on this point of view.

some maxtor drives

The first batch of disks is installed in the case. There's some space left between each disk, and an airflow generated by the above fan of the power supply, so I expect that they'll stay relatively cool.

vertically installed drives

The four other disk are installed in the 5"1/4 slot, with adaptor rails, and specific rails coming with the case, that allows me to slide and fix them in their location with screws.

other drives

All disks are finally connected to their respective 3ware card. The legacy 3ware card has a long PCI form factor, that fits in the cae anyway.

two 3ware cards and their ribbons

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